Allow me. I have been working to expose this one for nearly a decade. Everything Google+Facebook+Twitter= A secret Monopoly That runs the Internet. Combine that with the 6 TV networks & You get the Secret Super Monopoly that controls everything you see, think, want & buy. #Qanon
Have you never thought it odd how the news is always talking about who said what on Twitter? That is advertising & if it were not for that no 1 would ever have used Twitter. Why advertise your competition for free. You were either herded here or are hear because everyone else was
Why when you have to confirm your Twitter account do you have to agree to Googles terms & conditions? Doesn't Google have it's own social network? #wwg1wga #MAGA
What this drop is relaying is these companies are really just 1 big company far worse than any typical monopoly because people are not aware of it. How many people have quit Facebook because they don't like how they do business but still use Whatapp or Youtube or Twitter?
This is why they are so brazen with their Terms & Conditions. They are literally saying "What are you going to do about it? Where you gonna go? they know you can not go anywhere unless stop using the Internet completely.
Don't forget this 1 drop includes regular media as well. So how does the regular media help this #SecretMonopoly well things like this… The news outlets are full of them. Again why is this new outlet advertising Facebook for free? #QanonPosts
You have all been herded to the companies they control. And if by chance some company actually makes it through the anti-trust & gets big the #SecretMonopoly just buys them up Like whatsapp & Instagram which were both to of the priciest acquisitions in history. #freespeach
The #SecretMonopoly is one of the biggest psyops ever pulled on humanity. It is a fake world pulled over your eyes that covers what is actually really going on right under our noses. People have been trained to believe that they now have a voice. If you watch how people post...
It sounds as if they are speaking to the whole world. Just look for yourself. Just read the comments on 1 of @realDonaldTrump posts read the negative ones and look how many people are speaking directly to him? They actually think he is reading what they say. Because of...
social media people actually think that they can speak to the President of the United States. Does that not sound insane to you? Why would the #SecretMonopoly create such a system? Because they want to control your anger. They don't want you protesting or contacting your....
representatives. People want to say their peace, it is important to them if they give them a place to do that, that they control they won't do it else where. It is hard to hide 10's of thousands of people marching in the street but on social media it is easy & most people never..
never figure it out. Take shadow banning for instance. Try to find the word online before 2015. You won't. But it has been around for well over a decade & the reason no one knew is because that is how well it works.
Nothing gets big without the #SecretMonopoly & if it happens to get started by people with a lot of money they will destroy it. Let's look at a few examples. I want you to remember they are all working together. If it is big its them. try & open that link on any browser. You can't. Since most people only think the know about how the Internet works they would not think it odd. The only time a site does not open is if it is down or under DDOS attack or have to much traffic for the server.
None of those things apply here. If you try different browsers what you get will not be the same. How can that be if it is the same website. The browser is suppose to return what is put in. If you put it any browser you will get the same exact result. shut down in 2017 so why is the site still being blocked by the browsers? Because it was a competitor to Youtube & if it was not destroyed when Google started censoring & demonetizing would have put youtube out of business.
Why? Because people had another choice. That is not allowed in the #SecretMonopoly run Internet. Even without that given enough time would have ended youtube because it was a real way for normal people to make money.
See fake money making scams like youtube work if their is no competition but when there is & you can upload easily to both you see the difference & the people living the dream of one day I will make money on youtube will see themselves actually making money...
somewhere else& they will drop what does not work like a bad habit. Because the #SuperMonopoly controls the Internet & Mobile they were literally able to make the site & app not work to the end user it seemed like problems from the company but there was nothing... could do which brings us to our next multi-million dollar take down TSU a social media platform. It was the fastest growing SM in history. Why? Because it shared its ad revenue with its users. Well we can not be allowing that
This video explains exactly what happened with TSU. Our next example is Wow… I chose these 3 companies because they all have something it common. The use a concept created by me nearly 2 decades ago. The idea being that if you share your revenue with...
Your users it is only a matter of time before you become the biggest company in the world & if you do it the right way even if a competitor comes alone later since it is free no one is going to leave their already made income to do something else. Now Wow is different because...
It is still going. He is the reason why. I created the idea I also predicted how the Internet was going to change. Change being who would be the companies that truly change the world. Not Deepstate DARPA companies but actual companies. That these companies would be started by...
The young Geeks with no life experience using money they made while they gained it. There money. Not someone else's. The first 2 used investor money this war can not be won that way. Now the #SuperMonoply has done the same to them that they did to the other 2, but
It is his own money which means he does not have pressure from investors. When they have an issue they don't freakout they just fix it. Facebook blocks their links but they don't care. They share their revenue with their users & if they want to make more money they need to
share their link. Wow is not concerned with how they do that. It is not their job. Their job is to make a great product & come up with new ways for their users to make more money. That do that well. I am using them because you can check some of this stuff for yourself.
If you go to that link & download the web version you will see that their are ads there. Google ads specifically. But to see it you have to have joined. What you will see are ads for Wowapp. The only people who can see those ads are wowapp members who will think it is something
From the app and click it. Those ads are more likely to be clicked then anywhere else because people don't think they are ads. You don't click ads for something you are already a member of. And you won't see an ad for wowapp on any other site from Google ads.
#SuperMonopoly is not about to advertise their competition but they will take your money & make you believe they are. Google does this to their competition & they don't even know it. Now The only type of people who are going to spend money to advertise a free program are
professional marketers. There are tons of things they can market, that is how they make their money. When they see they are spending all this money on Google adwords & not getting any results they just assume no one is Interested and start promoting something else.
When you post your link on Facebook it appears to work but if you click the link you posted you will get an error so again the poster thinks no one is Interested. Now lets move on to downlaods, Views & likes created by the #SuperMonopoly to heard you where they want you to go.
They control those & they can block them & add them. They can even add comments as well as positive and negative reviews. Go to Google play or Itunes and find an app that you know is make by them and read the reviews. You will see their are far more negative reviews than the...
rating shows for example 4.3 stars but tons of negative reviews which would be impossible. Then read the positive reviews & you can see how fake they are. You are trained because their is so much info online to prejudge. It is has a lot or likes & downloads it is worth checking..
out if it does not then its not. Through this system they control all of humanity. This is literally the biggest Boom that #Qanon has dropped because it is something very few people know because those who know are silenced. How many Twitter accounts do you think I have had?
Most of what I say is seen by a hand full of people just enough to make it look like I am not shadow banned. In the same way that #Qanon has never trended on twitter. Because the #SuperMonopoly controls it all.
But the Fact that this has been dropped means it will be stopped.
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