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1. Welcome to a special edition of the WH Daily #shadowbriefing Mueller hearing day. It you have twitter and can read you know where @realDonaldTrump is doing this morning. Multiple tweets this morning repeat all of his deep state talking points, sliming Mueller and his team
2. and setting a high bar--no obstruction and no collusion. That's what today is about. If you've read the report, you know that's not even close to the truth. But the White House team and their allies on the Hill hope to create such a circus show that no one focuses on the
3. what's in the report. Here's a shadow briefing prediction at the outset. Most people will be disappointed with the hearing, some even enraged. Republicans who eat only Fox News info are sure he's a victim. Dems think he's a lowlife criminal. Mueller won't satisfy either.
4. But today is critical to those in the middle who are trying to make up their mind. For a few hours they'll hear from Mueller who only deals in facts. No twitter, no pundits, not even members on Congress get to decide for them. They will be hearing the report for the
5. first time in detail. And guess what? These are the people of who will decide the next election. So while frustration may run high today, voters are going to get a chance to hear the facts about @potus and make up their own minds.
6. First order of business at the White House today is who and how quickly to distance themselves from people in the report. Remember the President doesn't really know Manafort, Flynn and has never really liked or respected his son Don Jr. Eric is the one he likes, for now.
7. Quick reminder, Mueller is a career public servant, not a partisan and a decorated veteran. @realDonaldTrump has bone spurs. I draw no conclusions from that but remember most who criticize him today had their own version of bone spurs.
8. damn its like I saw Nadler's opening statement before he gave it. shadow briefing magic.
9. Nadler focusing on pre-butting the GOP attacks on Mueller and his staff. Will be interesting to see how GOP members react.
10. Mueller doesn't seem pleased with either side is characterizing his report. Let's see if that has any impact on him. Collins is indicating that he won't go after Mueller but will focus on rogue FBI agents. And of course how Russia impacts letting rapists come over the border
11. Might be a good idea if all the questioners were also sworn in.
12. When Mueller said he made limited remarks as he closed SC office he means I made remarks to clear up the bullshit that Barr put out on my report.
13. Barr has green lighted the GOP to go crazy on the origins of the report and is prohibiting Mueller from addressing it. So get ready for some tin foil hat speeches about Steele etc and no pushback. Banana Republic Department of "Justice"
14. Translation --the President is a liar.
15. Translation--the President obstructed justice. In less than five minutes, Mueller has negated everything @realDonaldTrump has said in public about this investigation.
16.wow...Collins got him to admit he's not special counsel anymore. Stop the presses.
17. Collins got him to deviate from the report. Not sure why that's important, but I think we're going to find out in subsequent GOP questioning.
18. I've never been in a book club before, but is this what it's like. Everyone reads from the book and the author says yes I wrote this and no I didn't write this?
19. The Republicans are making a big mistake pushing the unfairness of the process to @realDonaldTrump it is the system, process and DOJ rules that kept him from being indicted. He may not be guilty, but he's not a victim. Plus, first mention of Dems being socialists. Drink.
20. Sensenbrenner--just defined shall provide. I guess that means Trump will now have to turn his tax returns over to the House. Shall has been defined.
21. republicans are literally arguing that you shouldn't have investigated the President because he couldn't be indicted. It doesn't get more crazy than this. POTUS by their own definition is above the law.
22. GOP is playing with fire when they push Mueller on why he didn't recommend impeachment. Mueller's reticence signals clearly that he thinks this is an issue that only congress can deal with because @realDonaldTrump committed crimes.
23. Only Bill Barr could make Jeff Sessions look good. But he's done it. Mueller tacitly saying that an unrecused AG can do harm. and that person is Barr.
24. Chabot forgets that Dems were disappointed in Barr's characterization of the Mueller report, not the Mueller report.
25. One small historical note. Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS was a Wall Street Journal investigative reporter during the Clinton impeachment era and broke more than his fair share of scoops. Republicans loved him then
26. Chabot is the first GOP member to put on a tin foil hat.
27. I've never seen a more restrained and disciplined performance from members of congress on either side. Dems are not making speeches, they are getting Mueller to confirm his report which is devastating to to @realDonaldTrump This is a bit of a surprise
28. Buckle up everyone it's crazy Louie's turn.
29. if anyone has a decoder ring on what Louie is going after can they please send it to me? Ok now I get it. Mueller is corrupt, Trump can obstruct all he wants if he's being treated unfairly. They should have led with this. Devastating Louie. People actually vote for you?
30. Why did the President of the United States want Mueller fired. Hey @realDonaldTrump twitter is still working...can you answer that one..or maybe @PressSec could hold a briefing..Now I'm wearing the Tin Hat.
31. Wow...the Russians don't like this line of questioning...scramble the picture now.
32. I need the decoder ring again. Rep. Roby has a point, but we may never understand it.
33. I get it now. Roby thinks it's ok for Barr to distort the report but wrong for Mueller to correct the record. In short, it's ok we if we lie and it's wrong if you tell the truth. Do they actually have a strategy here?
34. I'm in awe of how prepared the Dems are. Not sure how this will play with the public, but they have a strategy and are executing it perfectly. The Republicans are all over the map.
35. Mr. Jordan forgot his jacket. He didn't forget his tin hat. @seanhannity you better book him tonight before OAN gets him. He's killing it. Lucky he wasn't sworn in at the beginning. Under his theory, He should go to jail because he's lying. And other things too.
36. Well it took awhile but we got the full Republican crazy from Jordan. Not an ounce of truth in anything he's saying, no truth in what Trump says but this is the GOP, who needs the truth. It's overrated.
37. the verdict is in from the right wing media. Mueller is low energy. No real pushback on the fact that the President obstructed justice. People focusing on process are people on the wrong side of a winning argument.
38. Is there a more obnoxious human being in the galaxy than Rep Gaetz?
39. It's like these Republicans forgot what James Comey did to Hillary Clinton.
40. GOP is currently leading with their chin. They are making the point for Mueller, that the difference between volume 1 and volume 2. On Russia, there was not evidence to indict the President, on Obstruction there was. Very simple. GOP is making that point clearly.
41. Rep. Biggs is has established a blockbuster fact--Mueller made decisions before writing his report rather than after. WOW.
42. Wherever you come down on impeachment, the last two hours have demonstrated that @realDonaldTrump is unfit to be President and can not be reelected President in a fair election.
43. GOP is making a clear comparison here. Do you believe Robert Mueller or do you believe @realDonaldTrump That is about as stupid a strategy as you can pursue. Bronze star vs. bone spurs.
44. It's good to know that the Republican backbench is just as dumb as their leadership. Rep. Lesko, you're going places in this Republican Party
45. What's the over/under on how many Republican members on this committee actually have read the report. My guess is you can count on one hand and a few fingers left over.
46. You would think a member of Congress would no it's Congress not the President but Congress that legislates, that writes the statues. So saying it was the Clinton Administration allowed the statue to expire is just dishonest and ignorant.
47. Calling Robert Mueller Un-American is the legacy of this Republican Party. There is no limit to their shame and their adherence to the immorality of their leader @realDonaldTrump
48. Simple question to be put to every Republican elected official and all Trump supporters. Do you believe Robert Mueller is Un-American. Please justify this position.
49. It's rich of the Republicans to complain about what Mueller can not talk about when it's their partisan AG Bill Barr who put the restrictions on. Maybe the third internal review of the origins of this investigation wasn't such a good idea.
50. GOP just got Mueller to admit that Steele dossier was not the basis for FISA application only after the bludgeoned into saying it. Good work guys. He just blew their whole theory about Carter Page.
51. Thank you for also reminding us once again that it was AG Barr who put the restrictions on Mueller's testimony. That's not playing so well with the GOP backbenchers. Maybe someone should have explained the strategy to them.
52. Questioning Mueller's integrity about as smart as questioning his patriotism.
53. Looks like Jr. said he'd take the 5th.
54. Dems smart to use the last few minutes to highlight the character assassination the GOP perpetrated against Mueller.
55. Rep. Dean gives a good summary of what Barr did and how the President lied about this from the beginning.
56. some general thoughts as the wrap up the morning. There was something in this for everyone. Nadler nailed it in the beginning by confirming that the President has been lying about what the Mueller report found. NO exoneration, some collusion and obstruction.
57. The Republicans had their tried and true conspiracy theories given a national forum which I'm sure they loved. Dems were prepared and disciplined. GOP opened a few doors they wish they didn't and foolishly attacked Mueller's character. Mueller was shaky and at was not
58. a strong narrative witness. GOP will love that. But as I said at the beginning, no partisans minds were changed today. But much more importantly those in the middle had a chance to hear what really happened, the crimes that were committed and cut through the bullshit
59. from the @potus and his allies. That's the real service of this hearing. The people who will decide the next election now have a much fuller view of what the President and his AG and team are really all about.
60. We're back for round 2. Schiff is off and running with two themes, this is about disloyalty to the country and the reason why--money. In the end when it comes to Trump it's always about the money.
Hard for the GOP to argue what the stakes are this afternoon=--the future of our elections but they will led by @RepDevinNunes
For context, Fusion GPS was originally hired by Republicans opposing Trump in the primary. Also, Nunes knows full well that the Steele dossier was not the basis of the Fisa warrants. The lies start early and often
61. Is there a @devinnuneslochnessmonster yet?
62. Is there a point when you can stop listening to an open statement, after 5 lies, 10 lies, 15. asking for a friend.
63. A good timely reminder that Devin Nunes shutdown the Russia investigation in the House intel when he was chair and was caught sharing committee work with the White House. And he's suing someone about a cow.
64. Mueller cleans up this mornings testimony. He's not saying he would have indicted Trump absent OLC, he's saying he's not saying. But he gave us all the evidence for others to decide
65. Strong opening from Schiff. Establishing that everyone one in the Trump orbit, including the POTUS, lied at every turn about Russia. Expect them to build on this.
66. Nunes has borrowed Gohmert's tin foil hat. there is no conspiracy or collusion except when it comes to everyone outside the Trump orbit. All those people are in a conspiracy against Trump.
67. The big question is will any Republican acknowledge at any point in this hearing that Russia attacked us and they did it for Trump. My guess is that they will stick to weird conspiracy theories and not to the threat to our country
68. He's back. what will Ratcliffe throw this time?
69. The Republican strategy is a bit unusual. They generally deny the Russians interfered with our elections except in the context of what they told Christopher Steele. Seems like they're looking at the wrong end of the horse.
70. They lie effortlessly. The four FISA warrants did not rely heavily on the Steele dossier. It's been established, but the truth is an inconvenience.
71. OK, three Republicans have had a chance to express concern about an attack on our democracy. Three have taken a pass choosing to focus on conspiracy theories against Trump not the United States
72. Wow this is great use of props...sarcasm is always a way to deal with national security. A great discussion of semantics about just how guilty Trump is.
73. again, not a single concern expressed from a Republican about Russian attacks on our Democracy
74. Quigley just drew out from Mueller that Trump's encouraging of Wikileaks as problematic as an understatement coming from Trump himself. avoiding agreeing that it was aiding an enemy but didn't dispute.
75. Once again, the real scandal here for Republicans is not Russia attacking our elections its all about GPS-Fusion without ever mentioning that they were originally hired by right wing Republicans opposed to Trump.
76. I know that I'm repeating myself, but it is almost impossible to believe that not a single Republican has expressed any concern about an enemy of our country interfering in our elections. Its all about crazy conspiracy theories to protect the POTUS. Talk about disloyalty
77. WOW. A Republican asking a serious question about national security. One Republican who actually recognizes his responsibility to his country not his party and President
78. Sean Maloney getting at the important question of why not insisting on subpoena. Mueller's answer very revealing here. balanced decision means he felt he had a enough evidence and it wasn't worth the delay. Very important.
79. between Maloney and Demmings Dems have established that the President's written answers were worthless. They got Mueller to indicate that he thinks that generally the President wasn't honest or truthful in his answers.
80. Stong close by Schiff reminding us all what this is about. Republicans have abdicated their commitment to our country by siding with this President at all costs. Anyone who watched today who has an open mind can not support this President any longer.
81. At the end of the day, Mueller made clear justice was obstructed, he was disgusted by Trump's Russian interaction and he expects Congress to take care of this. Some will be disappointed that impeachment doesn't start tomorrow. I'll stick with my original view that
partisans were never going to change their minds. The people who will decide this election if they watched today they learned a lot about just what kind of man and what kind of President Donald Trump is. That will be decisive at the ballot box.
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