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Bob Mueller arrived with heavy security at the Rayburn House Office per Catherine Herridge
Aaron Zebley being called a "personal attorney".
2 chairs set up at the witness table—NOT standard.
3 P's: Policy Politics & Procedure
Pay attention to House Rule 11 subsection 2

It went downhill from there🙄

@replouiegohmert The democrats are past clown show, this is $40M worth of criminal activity beyond imagination...
@replouiegohmert Good to see Sen Graham's watching this Schitt show. He has an appointment this afternoon in the Senate if Mueller can remember to show up. Oh my gawd..thread:
@replouiegohmert c-span.org/video/?c480963…

Rep Guy Reschenthaler *GR:
Thank you, Mr Chairman. Mr Mueller. I'm over here. Sorry. Are you familiar with the now expired Independent Counsel Statute? It's the statute under which Ken Starr was appointed.
@replouiegohmert Robert Mueller *RM:
That Ken Starr did what? I'm sorry.

GR: Are you familiar with the Independent Counsel Statute?

RM: Are you talking about the one we're operating under now or previous?

GR: No, under which Ken Starr was appointed.
@replouiegohmert RM: I'm not but I'd be happy to take your question.

GR: Well, it was allowed to expire after Ken Starr's investigation. The final report requirement was a major reason why the statute was allowed to expire.
@replouiegohmert Even President Clinton's AG Janet Reno expressed concerns about the final report requirement. And I'll quote AG Reno. She said "On one hand the American people have an interest in knowing the outcome of an investigation of their highest officials.
@replouiegohmert On the other hand, the report requirement cuts against many of the most basic traditions and practices of American law enforcement. Under our system, we presume innocence and we value privacy.
@replouiegohmert We believe that information should in most cases be made public if there's an indictment or prosecution, not any lengthy and detailed report filed after a decision has been made not to prosecute. Under out system, we presume innocence and we value privacy.
@replouiegohmert We believe that information should in most cases be made public if there's an indictment or prosecution, not any lengthy and detailed report filed after a decision has been made not to prosecute.
@replouiegohmert The final report provides a forum for unfairly airing a target's dirty laundry. It also creates another incentive for an Independent Counsel to over-investigate in order to justify his or her tenure to avoid criticism that the Independent Counsel may have left a stone unturned.
@replouiegohmert Those are AG Reno's words. Didn't you do exactly what she feared? Didn't you publish a lengthy report unfairly airs the dirty laundry without recommending charges?

RM: I disagree with that.

GR: Did any of your witnesses have the chance to be cross examined?
@replouiegohmert RM: Can I just finish my answer on that?

GR: Quickly.

RM: I operate under the current school not the original statute. So I am most familiar with the current statute.

GR: Did any of the witnesses have a chance to be cross examined?
@replouiegohmert RM: Did any of the witnesses in our investigation?

GR: Yes

RM: I'm not going to answer that.

GR: Did you allow the people mentioned in your report to challenge how they were characterized?

RM: I'm not going to get into that.
@replouiegohmert GR: Given that AG Barr stated multiple times during his confirmation hearing that he would make as much of your report public as possible, did you write your report knowing it would likely be shared with the public?

RM: No.
@replouiegohmert GR: Did knowing the report could and likely would be made public, did that alter the contents which you included?

RM: I can't speak to that.

GR: Despite the expectations that your report would be released to the public, you left out significant exculpatory evidence.
@replouiegohmert Evidence favorable to the President, correct?

RM: Actually, I would disagree with you. I think we strove to put into the report exculpatory..

GR: Where you said — you said there was evidence you left out.

RM: You make a choice as to what goes into an indictment.
@replouiegohmert GR: Isn't it true that on page one of volume two, you state when you're quoting the statute, the obligation to either prosecute or not prosecute.

RM: Generally that is the case. Although most cases are not done in the context of the President.
@replouiegohmert And in this case you made a decision not to prosecute, correct?

RM: No, we made a decision not to decide whether to prosecute or not.

GR: So essentially what your report did was everything that AG Reno warned against.

RM: I can't agree with that characterization.
@replouiegohmert GR: Well, what you did is compiled a nearly 450 pages of the worst evidence you gathered against the target of your investigation who happens to be the President of the United States and you did this knowing you were not going to recommend charges
@replouiegohmert and the report would be made public.

RM: Not true.

GR: Mr Mueller, as a former officer in the United States JAG Corps, I prosecuted in a Baghdad courtroom and for our Navy SEALS. So I'm very well versed in the American legal system. The drafting in the publication of some of
@replouiegohmert the information in this report without an indictment, without prosecution, frankly flies in the face of American justice. And I find those facts of this entire process un American.

GR: I yield the remainder of my time to Jim Jordan.
@replouiegohmert Jim Jordan (JJ): Director Mueller, the third renewal happens a month after you're named special counsel. Did that deal with —

RM: I'm not going to answer that.

Time has expired.
@replouiegohmert Walking back THE SOUNDBITE heard round the world millions of clicks and will be quoted more, Lieuser times..

@replouiegohmert Mr President if this weren't so despicable? I'd be laughing my Obama off at how feeble and incompetent all these people are..
@replouiegohmert I'm going to ask a favor of anyone who see's this. Please read (there's a video within) this thread. An Important reminder that will take 2 minutes of your time ~
@replouiegohmert Turns out Aaron Zebley was kept VERY busy — turning pages..
@replouiegohmert We now know the answer Mr President, @TheDemocrats and NeverTrumper's are guilty of elder abuse..Bob is senile.
@replouiegohmert @TheDemocrats Mueller had the option to not comply with the subpoena. He should've taken AG Barr up on the offer.

Trey Gowdy: "The person who learned the most about the Mueller Report today was Bob Mueller."

@replouiegohmert @TheDemocrats America got rode hard and put away wet, and charged $40 M and 2 ½ years of the Nations time.
@replouiegohmert @TheDemocrats I don't know what anyone was thinking. Really evil people set him up. Looking at you Nitwit Nadler and little Adam Schitt.
@replouiegohmert @TheDemocrats ❤️🇺🇸 President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure

via @YouTube
@replouiegohmert @TheDemocrats @YouTube ❤️🇺🇸 Can you imagine what we can accomplish in the next 6 years without the Witch Hunt Hoax Collusion Delusion? #MAGA 🗳️❤️🇺🇸 #TRUMP2020Landside

@replouiegohmert @TheDemocrats @YouTube 🎩TIP @mizdonna I can't leave my Representative, THE Gentlemen from Georgia🍑 ~ Doug Collins ❤️🇺🇸
@replouiegohmert @TheDemocrats @YouTube @mizdonna ❤️🇺🇸 Always remember these are the men who saved our Republic ~ THANK YOU @DevinNunes
@replouiegohmert @TheDemocrats @YouTube @mizdonna @DevinNunes 🎩TIP @ScottTBrower1 for coming to the rescue ~ If you never heard the unlikely beginning of President Trump and Devin Nunes? You're welcome ❤️🇺🇸🌹

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