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Thread: Harold Finch Comments on Today’s Mueller Farce

1. Harold Finch maintains a social media presence on Telegram and manages “The Library” there, which compiles important breaking news on a daily/hourly basis.
2. From time to time, he also posts threads there. Here is one of them – a timely assessment of the kabuki that is the Mueller testimony (or lack thereof), as well as the Democrats’ likely motivations for this hearing:

3. It’s all about #dirtycop #mueller and the House Democrats headlong plunge toward impeachment of @POTUS, regardless of public opinion polls opposing that.
4. The Democrats have been trying to oust the President for a while now but have nothing. Why continue? Why now? It’s so close to election; why would they not focus on that instead?
5. We know that impeachment IS NOT popular among anyone except for a very small fringe of people in the country. Yet Democrats persist. Some will argue it’s Trump Derangement Syndrome writ large. Okay, but I don’t think so.
6. They are focusing on trying to get impeachment done even though they lack the Senate. It’s an act of desperation not grandstanding.
7. They were and now again are all-in on a kangaroo court investigation run by a disgraced man known for protecting mobsters, pedophiles, and also the bank of choice for terrorists and drug cartels. Refer to this for more on “Bob”:…
8. What reason could they have to drive them to such desperate measures as this? Because something is coming. Something really, really damaging to them is coming.
9. I’m not talking about political blowback or PR here – I’m talking about something with serious of life-threatening/life-altering consequences for the Dems. The goal here is to unseat a sitting president & then remove his AG so they can avoid/kill investigations and indictments
10. *THAT* is what this is really about – not dirtying up Trump to cost him elections. NOTHING else is working for them, and this is ALL they’ve got!
11. The fact the Democrat-run House got a budget done was to avoid annihilation in Nov 2020, but the impeachment thing leads to that, too.
12. Look at the price Republicans paid for the Clinton impeachment, yet he was unquestionably guilty of sexual abuse in the White House, suborning perjury, and lying. Real crimes not imaginary ones like Weismann and Mueller made up.
13. The President is popular and so are his policies despite the propaganda the #leftwingliars and #MSM push out daily. Impeachment is an IMPERATIVE for the Left for some reason in spite of the political repercussions it will cause.
14. So, Pelosi, Schumer, and other Democrat leaders have decided electoral wrath is less bad than leaving this presidency in place for ANY length of time. That means they see him as an existential threat. And he is. Let;s look at all that’s ongoing at this moment in time:
15. #spygate investigations: AG Barr, US Attorney Durham, and DOJ OIG Horowitz all have multiple open cases – many of them criminal – that implicate Democrat members of congress and Obama and his White House in serious crimes.
16. #epstein #sextrafficking #indictment: How many Democrats and Democrat leaders are going to be implicated if that goes forward? Only Trump was willing to arrest him and deal with this travesty. That’s an existential threat to them because many of them will be implicated, too.
17. Sealing the border & dealing w illegal immigration: Stopping the flow and reversing it. ANY impact this has in 2020 or beyond is an existential threat to Democrats remaining viable in elections and retaking & keeping power.
17A. Deporting illegals. Purging voter rolls. Stopping mass importation of a new Democrat voting government subsidy-hooked voting bloc and removing key sections of it already here. That is an existential threat to the Democrats political future.
18. High-lighting and exposing Democrat treason: This related to the selling out of America out to enemies like China and Iran. That’s an existential threat to the Democrat party at large and and also MANY Uniparty “Republicans” like Comey, Mueller, Jeff Flake, and Justin Amash.
19. In short, *THAT* is why doddering old fool Mueller tried to have his Clinton-paid aide Zebley do the talking for him during the hearing! And that is why Mueller is being trotted out to try to give Democrats the talking points needed to keep their impeachment hopes alive.
20. And the Democrats are in a race against time to “Get Trump” before the President can bring cases on any of those existential threats to fruition. This is how today’s Mueller farce should be properly interpreted.

21. With the disclosure by his own attorney that Mifsud was operating as a government source whose job it was to set up meetings for Papadopoulos with “Russians,” it’s becoming clearing and clearing what’s coming, folks.
22. Dossier: farce. Premise for counter-intelligence investigation: false. Premise for various FISAs against US citizens: false. Premise for special counsel: false. Collusion (the supposed underlying crime: no evidence. Obstruction: none; no criminal intent. UK Spygate: uncovered
23. And on and on it goes. It ain’t gonna work out the way the Democrats think it will! They will experience Trumpenfreude directly, the likes of which they have no earthly idea! ///The end.
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