#Sheith Months ago I was telling server folks about an au idea I had where Keith was a professional Dom at a dungeon and he had a group of friends who met up at the yarn store that Allura worked at and they had like, kinksters knit and crochet time.
So naturally, Shiro wanders in because his doctor recommended picking up knitting to improve his manual dexterity and Allura invites him to the group because Keith has been single for too long and she knows he needs some of that.
Anyway, this is ridiculous and self-indulgent, but does anyone besides me want this au?
Okay so #sheith bdsm club & stitch 'n bitch au | #nsfw, dom keith, sub shiro, pining, ridiculousness
Keith and Allura both work at the same BDSM club. Keith decided to go back to school in his mid twenties and having a job that required him to work only nights and only a few days a week was perfect for him.
Allura had been working at the same yarn store for ages but part time just wasn't cutting it. They met for the first time on Leather night and hit it off instantly.
They're hanging out one day after Keith gets out of class and Allura brings him by the yarn shop. Keith isn't sure what to expect, he didn't even realize there were stores that *just* sold yarn. The place is small but the space is utilized so creatively. The yarn is displayed in
in vintage furniture and there's art all over the walls. Marianne, the owner, suggests that Allura teach Keith to knit, and Keith scoffs at first because like he has time for a hobby in between working and studying. But he ends up leaving with two skeins of red and maroon yarn.
Keith is terrible at knitting. But after he gives up on what was supposed to be a scarf, they realize he's not half bad at crochet. The next time Keith shows up at the shop, its for the weekly meetup. Allura calls it a stitch n' bitch, but Marianne says she can't put that on the
shop website. After six months of enduring small talk with straight ladies in the 40's and 50's, Keith talks Allura into asking Marianne if they can have their own night, just the two of them. Allura is her best employee so of course she agrees. And that's how Thursday nights end
up being the kinksters yarn meetup. Over the next few months they collect a few more folks from the club. The group isn't as large, but Allura brings a bottle of wine and sometimes Keith bakes cupcakes and everyone is committed to buying their yarn exclusively from Marianne.
Shiro's been single for a few months now and Matt keeps telling him he needs to get back out there but the idea of going out to a club after work or physical therapy just makes him tired. His doctor recommends he pick up a hobby to help improve his manual dexterity.
Some of his other patients have taken up needlepoint or knitting and its helped a lot. So after Shiro leaves the doctor's office, he types "knitting" into his gps app and makes his way to Knits & Pearls. As he approaches the door he's actually not even sure they're still open.
There's an older woman with bright red hair behind the counter. She looks up when the bell on the door rings.

"If you're closing soon I can come back," Shiro says.
"You've still got ten minutes, dear," the woman says, "But if you'd like to stay for the knitting group I'm sure they wouldn't mind."

Shiro doesn't think he's at all ready to try to do this (and probably fail) in public, so instead he just thanks the woman and looks around.
He picks out a few colors that he thinks will looks good together. There are so many options and he doesn't really know where to start. He grabs a how to book off the shelf and a pair of needles and goes up to the register.
While he's in the middle of checking out, a tall girl with long platinum hair come up a staircase Shiro hadn't even noticed.

"Marianne," she says, "Do you need any help closing up?"

The woman behind the counter, Marianne, apparently, looks back and smiles.
"No dear, but thank you for asking." She turns back to Shiro. "Did you want to stay for knitting group?"

"Uh," Shiro says. "I'm really pretty new at all this --"

"All the more reason for you to be surrounded by good teachers," the girl says. She holds out a hand. "I'm Allura."
"Hi," Shiro says, "I'm Shiro."

"What brings you by our little shop?" Allura asks.

"My doctor said it would help with my dexterity," Shiro says. He raises his prosthetic hand and wiggles his fingers. "It's been almost a year and I'm still have trouble with fine motor skills."
Allura walks around to the front of the counter and inspects his choices. She picks up the book and the knitting needles.

"If I can make a suggestion, you'd probably be better off with crochet as a starter. Especially if youre just looking for something to keep your hands busy."
Shiro doesn't miss the way Marianne raises an eyebrow at Allura but she doesn't say a word.

"If you want to get going, I can ring him out, Marianne," Allura says.

"That would be lovely, dear."

Allura turns back to Shiro and smiles.

"Let me show you my favorite book."
Ten minutes later, Shiro has managed to spend $45 on yarn and supplies and he's following Allura down a spiral staircase with his purchases. There's a small group sitting in a circle, most of them with red solo cups in hand and projects in their laps.
"Everyone, this is Shiro," Allura announces. "Shiro, this is everyone. Hunk, Acxa, Romelle, and Keith." She gestures to each of them as she lists of their names. Shiro's gaze lingers when she says the name Keith. He's pale with with long dark hair framing his angular face.
His purple eyes are rimmed in black eyeliner. Shiro's fingers clench and unclench at his side. That boy is /gorgeous/ and Shiro is so gay.
Keith is not expecting a fucking /Greek god/ to come walking down the stairs behind Allura, but there he is, and Allura is of course acting like it's not big deal.

"Why don't you go sit by Keith," she says. "He's a good teacher."

She winks at him as Shiro walks over.
Keith can't decide if he wants to thank her or die on the spot. He scoots over his chair to make room for Shiro and takes a sip of his wine.

"So," he says, trying to find some of the confidence he uses at the club. "You're a newbie?"
"Yeah," Shiro says. He pulls a skein of deep blue merino yarn out of his bag. "Doctor recommended it. I really have no idea what I'm doing."

He laughs -- and oh no, his smile is /beautiful/. He reaches into the back again, searching around and eventually pulls out a silver hook.
"So, uh, where do I start?" Shiro asks.

Keith pushes down his horny thoughts and tries to focus on the task at hand. Shiro is asking for his help and if there's one thing Keith is good at, it's telling people what to do.
"Okay, so," Keith says. "Everyone want to start off making a scarf or a hat or something, but you're gonna suck at it first. That's just how it is."

Shiro looks a little crestfallen but Keith continues on.

"You don't need to be great right away, you need to learn the basics."
Keith puts his project -- a new pair of fingerless gloves for the winter -- aside and takes out a different ball of yarn from his backpack.

"So first we're going to do a chain stitch," he says. He shows Shiro how to make a slip knot, and then the first stitch.
It takes him a bit to get his tension right, but eventually he gets it. By the end of the night, Keith is stone cold sober and Shiro has a string of chain stitches almost the length of his body -- which is saying something.
"So what should I do until next week, teach?" Shiro asks with a grin.

Keith takes a moment to center himself, because thoughts of Shiro as an eager schoolboy are /not/ what he needs right now.

He pulls out his phone.

"There's a couple good YouTube channels I can send you."
"What's your number?" Keith asks. Shiro gives it to him and he sends two links.

"Thanks," Shiro says. "I'll definitely check those out."

"You'd better," Keith says. "Or it's detention for you." The words are out of his mouth before he can stop himself. Shiro's cheeks go pink.
Keith is mentally kicking himself. He's usually so good at keeping his boundaries in check. Shiro ducks his head and laughs nervously. He gives Keith a sideways glance, a small smile pulling at his lips.

"Yes, sir," he says.

Keith pales. /Fuck./
He doesn't know much about Shiro but he knows he wants to put him on his knees and make him beg.

He's startled out of his daydreams when Allura puts a hand on his shoulder.

"Are we gonna take this party to the bar or head home?" she asks.
"I gotta get home," Shiro says, dashing all Keith's dreams of taking him home and spreading him out in his bed. "But I'll definitely be back next time."

He gives them both and awkward wave and disappears up the stairs. Keith slumps down in his folding chair.

"Fuck my life."
"Did you get his number?" Allura asks, taking the seat next to him and resting her hands on his thighs.

"Yes," Keith says. "But, fuck, Allura, did you /see/ him?"

"Why the hell do you think I invited him to hang out? You've been single too long, babe. You need a piece of that."
Keith covers his face with both hands and groans.

"He's gorgeous and polite. There's no way he's kinky too. He's totally gonna be scared off when he finds out what I do."

"You don't know that for sure," Allura says. "He seemed pretty attentive when you were instructing him."
Keith groans. "Don't remind me."

Allura curls a hand around Keith's chin and turns his head to face her.

"Listen to me," she says. "I can smell a sub from a mile away and that beefcake /needs/ you."

They stare at each other in silence for several seconds before cracking up.
"Beer?" Keith asks.

"Beer," Allura agrees.

She locks up the shop and they head out to their favorite bar. Keith doesn't have class on Fridays and it's possible heads back to his apartment more than a little drunk.
He wakes up around noon and finds a text from Shiro. It's a picture of a crocheted circle. He can't tell if Shiro was following a doily pattern or if he was just winging it, but either way it looks halfway decent.

"Looking good 👌" Keith texts.
He rolls onto his back and scrolls through his Instagram feed. Shiro's response comes quicker than he would have expected.

"Thanks. I got some stares when I was working on it on the commute to work today."
Keith is half swooning at the thought of Shiro breaking out his crochet on the train. He doesn't know what Shiro does for a living, but he's imagining him in a tailored business suit. What Keith wouldn't do to have him tied up like that -- slowly removing his tie and unbuttoning
his shirt. He'd leave Shiro's pants around his ankles. Reach into his underwear and tease him. He bets Shiro's voice gets even deeper when he's turned on. Keith could listen to that voice beg for hours. He's never played with a sub for that long before but he'd make an exception.
Keith already had morning wood and this train of thought isn't helping it any. He taps out a quick response before he can think better of it.

"I like a man who's not afraid to break out the yarn in public."

He gets a blushing emoji in return and nothing else.
He sets his found aside and reaches down to shuck off his boxer briefs, curling a tight hand around his cock. He returns to his previous fantasy and it doesn't take long at all before he's coming, a vision of Shiro behind his eyes.
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Keith works on a paper he has due next week on and off for the rest of the day. He receives sporadic texts from Shiro and discovers he works for a marketing firm. It sounds dull, but at least Keith was correct about the suits. He can only hope he gets to see Shiro in one sometime
He has work in the evening and finally drags himself out of his room and gets his things together. When he shows up at the club around 8 o'clock, Allura is already there.

"So?" she asks, her eyes wide.

"So, what?" Keith says.
Allura rolls her eyes.

"Don't give me that, have you texted Shiro? Has he texted you?"

Keith ignores the heat rising in his cheeks as he heads for the dressing room. He unzips his bag and Allura follows him inside.

"I had a text from him this morning," Keith says.
He strips out of his hoodie and t-shirt and pulls his leather harness on and fastens the buckles. "It was a picture of something he was working on. I guess he figured out how to crochet in the round."

"And he wanted your approval?" The excitement in Allura's voice is too much.
"Something like that," Keith mumbles. He digs through his bag for his eyeliner.

"/Please/ tell me you're going to ask him out."

"Maybe the next time he comes to the shop," Keith says.

He watches Allura groan in frustration through the mirror and shakes his head.
"You wanna braid my hair?" he asks when he's done with his eyeliner. He knows it always puts her in a good mood.

"Yes," she says with a pout. "Sit down and give me your brush."

When she's finished, Keith has an intricate braid crown circling his head, and more importantly,
keeping his hair out of his eyes.

"We should get you some fake flowers for next time," Allura says. "That would totally add to your aesthetic."

Keith considers it for a moment and he's not totally opposed to the idea.

"Hmm, maybe."

"Oh my god," Allura gasps.
"You can teach Shiro to crochet flowers at the next meetup."

The idea isn't completely without merit, but Keith just gathers his things and heads out to put them in the coat room with the rest of the employees belongings.
He grabs his favorite flogger and crop and waits for the doors to open. Folks trickle in and he watches Acxa give a demo on suspension bondage with Romelle before opening up her skills to those on the floor. Romelle gets lead away by another Dom and Keith catches her grinning as
he attaches her wrists to a spreader bar. Keith wanders the floor, flogger hanging off his belt and crop in hand and chats up a few folks. The night is young and no one has worked up the courage to ask him for what they really want.
Finally, Keith gets approached by a floppy haired brunette. He's good looking and Keith is almost certain he's played with him before. If he's remembering correctly, the boy is a screamer.

"Hi," he says. "The last time I was here -- you, um." He gestures at the crop.
Keith taps the crop against his palm and looks him in the eyes.

"Gave you a good beating?" he says. He gets a nod in return. "I remember. What's your name?"

"James." His voice is soft and there's a blush creeping over his cheeks.
Keith drags the head of the crop up James' arm and along his jaw.

"Follow me," he says. And like a good sub, James obeys. "The cross is currently occupied, do you want the stocks or the bench?"

"Stocks," James says nervously.
Keith has him strip down to his underwear and then fastens his head and hands into the stocks. It's not a piece of equipment that often gets used and they're already starting to draw a crowd. Keith yanks James' underwear down and taps the crop lightly against his ass.
"Be a good boy and count for me," Keith instructs.

James nods and Keith goes to town. His memory was in fact correct and James cries beautifully as he counts. He makes it up to thirty before tapping out and the crowd -- which had doubled in size -- slowly disperses.
Keith rubs lotion onto the welts and pulls his underwear back up before unlocking him and helping him stand up. He drags a thumb over James' face, wiping away the tear tracks and leads him over to a cushioned bench.

"You did wonderful," Keith says. "Sit with me a while."
He eases James' head down into his lap and strokes a hand through his hair until his breathing evens out. When James sits back up, it takes a moment for him to meet Keith's eyes.

"Thank you," he says softly. He slides a hand up Keith's thigh and slowly meets Keith's gaze.
"Can I suck you off?" he asks.

"Sorry, gorgeous," Keith says. "I don't have sex with my subs."

James doesn't hide his disappointment and Keith brushes his knuckles over James' cheek.

"I think I know someone who can take care of you though," he says.
He takes James by the hand and walks him across the club to where Ryan is finishing up a shibari demo. He pulls Keith into a hug when he sees him.

"How's it going?"

"I've got a boy here who needs some extra attention," Keith says. He turns to James. "What do you say, James?"
James lifts his head, meeting Ryan's eyes and Keith can already see he's brought Ryan a new regular.

"Please, sir," James says.

Ryan takes him by the hand and leads him off to one of the private rooms.
Keith takes a few subs to the cross over the course of the night and when the club finally closes it's almost 2am. He walks down to a 24hr iHop with Hunk and Allura and orders himself a feast of breakfast foods.

"Did you two have a good night?" he asks between bites of waffle.
"You could say that," Allura says with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Keith raises an eyebrow and turns to Hunk, who has a dreamy expression on his face.

"You know that twink that Allura is so fond of?"

Keith nods. He thinks the guy's name is Lance and he's completely
smitten with Allura.

"We took turns flogging him for the crowd and then took him for a private session."

"Damn," Keith says, impressed. He didn't think the guy had it in him.

"I knew he had a humiliation kink but Hunk brought a whole new side of him." Allura sighs happily.
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"Congrats," Keith says.

"How was your night?" Hunk asks.

"Pretty good, I had a repeat who brought in a crowd." He thinks about James crying for him as he counted off Keith's strokes and sighs. "But he wanted to blow me afterwards so I handed him off to Kinkade."
"The uptight looking one right?" Hunk says. "You should have taken him up on it."

Keith snorts out a laugh at Hunk's description.

"He's got a crush on the new guy who came to stitch and bitch," Allura says with a grin.

"We've texted a bit," Keith says. "It's not a big deal."

"I'm just saying," Allura says, gesturing with her fork. "I get big sub energy from him."

"I can see it," Hunk says.

"Okay, okay. I'll ask him out if he comes to next weeks meetup, are you happy?"

"Yes," Allura says.
When Keith gets home and finally checks his phone he's got a text from Shiro.

/Hope you had a good evening. Looking forward to seeing you again./

It would seem the flirting has become a little less subtle. That opens all kinds of doors.
/It was wonderful, but it would have been better if you were there./

Keith knows that Shiro won't understand the implication, but it puts a smile on his face regardless.
Shiro never manages to sleep in on weekends despite his best efforts. He wakes with the sun and reaches for his phone to check the time. It's almost 7:30 and technically, that /is/ sleeping in for him. He has a text from Keith though, and that's a good start to his day.
He doesn't have any real plans, aside from doing laundry and going grocery shopping. He keep going back to look at Keith's text.

"It would have been better if you were there." That's pretty clear, right? Shiro takes a breath and types out a response.
/If you're not busy tonight, do you want to get dinner?/

Shiro does his best to busy himself so he's not checking his phone every five minutes, but he mostly fails. It's well after noon by the time he receives a response.
/Well, I was going to ask you out the next time I saw you but I guess you beat me to it. I'd love to get dinner./

Shiro thinks he's probably too old to be getting butterflies when a cute guy agrees to go out with him, but he decides he doesn't care.
They hash out plans over a few more texts and Shiro ends up cleaning his entire apartment in an attempt to pass the time.

He meets Keith outside his favorite thai place at 7 o'clock and damn, he looks good.
He's wearing an oversized sweater and tight skinny jeans, ripped at the knees. His hair is down, falling around his face and Shiro wants nothing more than to push it out of his eyes and kiss him. He can only hope he gets the chance before the night is through.
They end up talking nonstop, about everything from Shiro's high school roadtrip to Keith and Allura yarnbombing their neighborhood last year.

It's the end of the night and Shiro decides as he's walking out the restaurant door that he doesn't want the night to end.
"Do you wanna come back to my place?" Shiro asks and immediately realizes how that sounds. He's in the middle of adding, "I didn't mean it like /that/," when Keith interrupts.

"Yes," he says.

"Okay," is all Shiro can respond.
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They walk back to Shiro's apartment hand in hand and Shiro can't keep the smile off his face. He fumbles with his keys as he opens the door and finally welcomes Keith inside.

"Wow," Keith says, turning around to look at the place. "Your apartment is gorgeous."
Shiro laughs awkwardly.

"There's got to be some perks to working for the man." He wanders into the kitchen and opens the fridge. "Do you want a beer or something?"

"Beer would be great," Keith says. Their hands brush as Shiro hands over the bottle. Keith twists off the cap and
takes a long pull. It's impossible for Shiro to take his eyes off Keith's mouth, his lips wrapped about the neck of the bottle. Keith smirks at him as he sets the bottle down on the counter and Shiro looks away, cheeks flushing.

"Hey," Keith says.
He takes a step towards Shiro and slides his hands up Shiro's chest.

"Can I kiss you?" Keith asks.

"Yeah." Shiro nods. Keith pushes himself up on his tiptoes and Shiro bends to meet him. Keith's mouth is soft against his, his hands curl around the back of Shiro's neck, pulling
him closer as his tongue presses against the seam of Shiro's lips. Shiro opens his mouth, welcoming the deepening of the kiss. He's surprised to hear Keith moan into it -- Shiro's felt like the desperate one all night long.

"Fuck," Keith whispers, leaning back to take breath.
"You're a good kisser."

"Thanks," Shiro says. "You too." His hands find Keith's waist and he backs him up against the kitchen counter as he bends his head to catch Keith's mouth again.
Keith nudges his knee between Shiro's leg, grinding against his thigh and Shiro gasps. He presses his forehead to Keith's and takes a moment to catch his breath.

"I swear I didn't invite you up just for this," Shiro says.

"I believe you," Keith says.
He hasn't stopped the rocking of his hips and now his hands are sneaking down into the back pockets of Shiro's jeans.

"Keith," Shiro groans. "We should -- we should slow down."

"Should we?" Keith says. He presses soft kisses to the hollow of Shiro's throat.
"I -- I don't know," Shiro says.

Keith tips his head back, looking up into Shiro's eyes.

"We can stop," Keith says. "If you're not sure."

He presses a kiss to Shiro's chest and threads their fingers together.
They stand in the kitchen in silence for a long moment. Shiro curls his hand along Keith's cheek and takes a deep breath.

"You're beautiful," he says. Keith laughs and ducks his head, as though he doesn't believe it. "I'm serious."
"You're so sweet," Keith says. "I'm -- not used to sweet."

"I guess that means we should spend more time together," Shiro says, finding his confidence again. He leads Keith over to the couch and they pick a movie to watch. Cuddling feels natural. And when Keith encourages him to
put his head in his lap so Keith that feels natural too. He runs his fingers through Shiro's hair, over and over, and Shiro loses interest in anything that isn't Keith's fingernails scratching across his scalp.
Shiro doesn't remember falling asleep. He doesn't even remember closing his eyes. When he wakes up it's dark in his apartment. There's a blanket on top of him and a throw pillow tucked under his head. He rubs his eyes and reaches for his phone. It's nearly 3am.
There's no sign of Keith and Shiro doesn't exactly blame him. He wanders into his room and collapses onto his bed. He'll have to text Keith an apology in the morning. Right now he's still too sleep addled to think about anything but going back to bed.
Keith scheduled all his classes between Monday and Wednesday so he could have a five day weekend every week. Which seemed like a good idea in theory, but he's learned having three jam packed days leaves him desperate for Thursday's meetup at the yarn store.
He and Shiro have been texting non-stop, but neither of them have proposed a 2nd date yet. With the amount of flirting happening on both sides, he knows it's going to happen eventually. He hasn't told Allura the "juicy details" of their date yet, not that there was anything
particularly juicy about it, but the memory of having Shiro's head in his lap, listening to the soft moans he made as Keith scratched his head were enough to fuel more than one jerk off session. Keith is dying to put him on his knees and make him obey.
After his last class on Wednesday, he stops by his favorite local coffee shop, sits down with latte and breaks out his laptop. He's halfway through his reading for his Lit class when Shiro texts.

/ Hey, where are you?/

/Doing homework downtown where are you?/
/Knits & pearls but there's no one here from last week/

Oh no. Keith rubs his hands over his face and sighs. Thursdays are his and Allura's night, but Wednesday afternoons is when Marianne holds the knitting group for the general public. If Shiro called the store and asked when
the next meetup was, Marianne would have definitely told him Wednesday. He closes his laptop and texts Shiro back.

/I'm on my way over now/

He makes it with ten minutes to spare, not that it matters since he doesn't have any of his yarn with him anyway.
The grandmas and suburban housewives have /clearly/ been doting on Shiro all afternoon. He gives Keith a small wave when he spots him coming down the stairs.

"Keith," Suzanne, a grandmother of six who tried to set Keith up with her newly divorced daughter waves him over.
"We haven't seen you or Allura in ages, honey." She squeezes his hand and pulls him down into a seat to her left. Shiro is on her right.

"School is killing me this semester," Keith lies.
It's not that they're not /nice/ ladies. There's just only so much heteronormativity Keith can handle.

"What are you working on?" he asks Shiro, spotting the project on his lap.

He holds it up.

"I'm not really sure?" Shiro says.
"That's okay, sweetie," Suzanne says, patting Shiro on the shoulder. She turns to Keith. "His stitches are beautiful. Can you believe he's only been crocheting a week."

A blush creeps across Shiro's face.

"Can I see?" Keith asks.

Shiro hesitates a moment before handing it over
Shiro's managed to make something that currently looks like a small bowl. Keith has no idea what he was going for, but Suzanne was right, his stitches are beautiful and his increases are even.

"Do you play D&D?" Keith asks.

"Not since college," Shiro says. "Why?"
"You could turn it into a dice bag, if you wanted." Keith shrugs. "I made a couple as christmas gifts last year, I could show you how if you want."

Suzanne coos over their new found "friendship" as she packs up her things.
"Straight people are wild," Keith says, once it's just the two of them. Shiro laughs and shoves his yarn into a messenger bag.

"Yeah," he says. "So I guess Thursday is the queer knitting night?"

"Um," Keith says, scratching the back of his head. "Something like that."
"So," Shiro says. "Are you doing anything tonight?"

He knows he probably should go home and finish his reading, but he has time yet for that.

"Not really," he says.

"You want to try that movie again?"
They fail at movie night again, but this time Shiro doesn't mind at all. Half way through the movie, Keith made a dumb joke and Shiro couldn't help but kiss him. He'd meant it to be a quick kiss, but that single kiss turned into two, and then three.
Shiro's lost track of how long they've been making out, but he knows the movie ended at some point. His hands are threaded in Keith's hair as Keith grazes his teeth over Shiro's earlobe.

"Keith," he moans, grinding against Keith's thigh.

"Yeah?" Keith whispers in his ear.
Shiro wonders if Keith is purposely trying to drive him crazy with his slow teasing. If this is his way of getting Shiro to make the next move. But right now kissing with no destination feels like a luxury that Shiro has forgotten he could have.
"Come here," Shiro says. He feels the soft puff of warm breath against his neck as Keith laughs.

"I'm literally on top of you," he says. "I don't think I can get any closer."

"I meant come here so I can kiss you."

Keith obliges and Shiro kisses him slow and lazy.
"We should get dinner at some point," he says between kisses.

"Leaving this couch is overrated," Keith says.

"We could order in."

"Hmm, I guess."

It's a while longer before they manage to stop long enough for Shiro to pull up his delivery app on his phone.
By the time their Thai food arrives 45 minutes later, Shiro has a hickey blooming at the base of his throat and Keith is /uncomfortably/ hard.

He's also starving and he's not about to jerk off in the bathroom with there's still the possibility of getting off with Shiro.
They eat at Shiro's kitchen table and Keith can't remember the last time he had a proper sit down meal.

"Do you like wine?" Shiro asks. They're half way finished with their food but Keith nods. "I have a bottle of white in the fridge."

"You don't have to open it just for me."
"I don't mind," Shiro says.

Keith opens his mouth to protest but Shiro is already twisting the bottle opener into the cork. Keith watches his hands at work. He thinks about how beautiful they would look tied up and sighs. The pop of the cork brings him back to the present.
"You okay?" Shiro asks as he hands Keith a glass.

"Yeah," Keith says.

He takes a sip. The wine is crisp and cold on his tongue. If Shiro were anyone else, Keith would have him on his back and he'd be licking the wine off his chest. But Shiro is just so /sweet/ and Keith can't
bear the thought of scaring him off. He's okay with taking things slow for a little while.

They finish their meal in relative silence. As Shiro cleans up their dishes -- staunchly refusing to let Keith help -- they talk make small talk about what brought them to the city.
Shiro doesn't say much about the accident that cost him his arm, just that he was out of work for six months and when he came back he'd effectively been replaced. If he wanted to stay with the firm, he'd have to transfer to another branch.
"That sucks," Keith says. He's leaning against the counter and he plays with the rocketship magnets that are stuck to the side of the fridge.

"It was better than being unemployed," Shiro says. He doesn't sound bitter about it, merely resigned.
Shiro dries his hands on a dishcloth and tosses it on the counter. His large hands settle on Keith's waist and Keith's breath catches in his chest.

"I was wondering if you wanted to -- stay the night?"

Shiro's cheeks are flushed as he says it and Keith doesn't know if he's more
charmed or horny.

"We don't have to do anything --" Shiro starts to say. Keith pushes himself up on his tiptoes and kisses him hard.

"Yes," Keith says when he leans back. "Yes."

"Oh, um, okay, good."

Keith can hear the nervousness in Shiro's laugh.
He slides a hand underneath Shiro's t-shirt and rakes his nails through the hair on his stomach. Shiro's fingers tighten around his hips.

"I know I said I wanted to take it slow," Shiro says. "But I really want to blow you."

"Fuck," Keith says. "I want that too."
Shiro bends to kiss him and his lips trail down the side of Keith's jaw. Keith tips his head back and closes his eyes. Shiro's mouth is so soft, so gentle. Keith wants to absolutely ruin him.

"Do you want to go to the bedroom?" Shiro whispers in his ear.

"No," Keith says.
Shiro straightens, looking him in the eye, his eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

"I want you to do it right here," Keith says. "So every time you walk into this room you remember."
Shiro stares at him for a long moment and Keith starts to worry that he pushed too far, too fast.

"Fuck," Shiro gasps. He presses his forehead to Keith's and Keith can feel his hot ragged breath against his skin. He whispers, "Okay," and then drops to his knees.
Shiro undoes Keith's jeans with sure, confident hands, pulling them down to his ankles and nudging his legs apart as far as the fabric will allow. He pushes Keith's t-shirt up and presses hot kisses to his stomach. Keith reaches out to run a hand through Shiro's hair.
Shiro looks up at him, grinning, more sure of himself than Keith has ever seen him.

"Tell me how you like it," he says.

"You need some more instruction?" Keith asks. He means it as a joke -- mostly.
Shiro drags his tongue up the length of Keith's hard-on and sucks at the head through the fabric. Keith's fingers tighten in Shiro's hair and his free hand grips the counter.

"I don't think I /need/ it," Shiro says. He hooks his fingers under the elastic of Keith's underwear.
"I've spent a fair amount of time giving head in my life." He pulls Keith's briefs down and his cock springs free. "But I want to know what /you/ like in particular."


"How about I show you?" Keith says.

Shiro kisses his hip and smiles up at him.

"Sounds good to me."
Keith releases his grip on Shiro's hair and curls his fingers around Shiro's chin.

"Open up." He guides his cock towards Shiro's mouth, slowly pushing in. Shiro's eyes flutter closed as his lips wrap around the head. He moans softly and Keith has to take a breath to steady
himself. He pulls back and taps his dick against Shiro's cheek a few times, just to see his reaction.

Shiro's eyes open and he tries to turn his head, but Keith's hand keeps him still.

"Say please," Keith says. It feels like the defining moment for them.
Keith could walk on eggshells for a few more dates, pretend that he doesn't know exactly what he wants from Shiro. But if Shiro isn't into it, this really isn't going to work. He wants to be with someone who loves submitting, not someone who puts up with it to please him.
Shiro meets his eyes and holds his gaze for several seconds.

"Please," he whispers. "Can I suck your cock?"

His flush goes all the way down his neck and but the look in his eyes is one that Keith is /very/ familiar with.
It tells Keith that not only does Shiro like it, but that he'd just learned this fact about himself at the same time Keith did. And there's /nothing/ Keith likes more than helping someone realize their submissive side.

"Yes," Keith says.
He pushes his cock back between Shiro's lips and releases his hold on his chin. Shiro clearly wasn't kidding when he said he'd done this a lot. He sucks Keith like a goddamn champ and Keith is more than content to let him go to town.
When he's close, he fists both hands in Shiro's hair and pulls him in, fucking his face ruthlessly. Shiro doesn't even gag, just takes and takes and when Keith comes with a groan down the back of Shiro's throat, Shiro takes that too.
Keith feels him swallow and when he finally pulls back he licks Keith gently until he finally goes soft.

"Wow," Keith says. He laughs breathlessly and looks down at Shiro. "Look at you."
Shiro's mouth is swollen and his chin is covered in spit. When he reaches up to wipe it away, Keith tugs at his hand.

"Let me," Keith says. He slowly drags his thumb over Shiro's bottom lip and then his chin. He bends down to kiss him and Shiro moans into his mouth.
"Did you like that?" Keith asks. "When I made you ask for it?"

Shiro nods. He still looks a little embarrassed about it but he's not so ashamed that he doesn't lean in to kiss Keith again.

"Do you wanna come?" Keith asks between kisses.

"Fuck, please," Shiro pants.
Keith yanks up his underwear and jeans and urges Shiro back until Keith can kneel in front of him. He unzips Shiro's pants and reaches inside his underwear. Shiro breathes out a shaky sigh when Keith wraps his fingers around him.
Keith supposes he shouldn't be /quite/ so surprised by the size of Shiro's cock -- he's well over 6 ft and build like Captain America. If this wasn't only their second date he'd drag Shiro off to bed and ride him until sun up. That fantasy will have to wait for now.
"Ask me nicely," Keith says, leaning in to kiss the hickey at Shiro's throat.

"Please, Keith," Shiro whines. "/Please./ You've been driving me crazy all night."

"Oh?" Keith says and jerks Shiro a little faster.

"Yes. Just kissing you, having you on top of me -- fuck."
Keith rubs his thumb in small circles and listens to Shiro moan and whimper.

"That's good, Shiro," Keith murmurs. "The sounds you make are beautiful."

"Please," Shiro begs. "Please, can I come?"

Keith's heart almost skips a beat.
"Yeah, baby," Keith says. "You've been so good. Come for me, let me hear you."

He tightens his fist and Shiro fucks up into his hand a few more times before spilling hot over his fingers. Shiro's hips still and he wraps his arms around Keith, burying his face in Keith's neck.
Keith kisses the side of his head and after a moment Shiro finally lifts his head. He gives Keith a tired smile and a soft kiss.

"Let's go to bed," he says.

"Okay," Keith says.
Shiro changes in the bathroom and returns to the bedroom shirtless and wearing a pair of flannel pajamas pants. He offers Keith a toothbrush and a shirt to sleep in. Keith -- having already stripped down to his underwear -- takes him up on the first, but not the second.
He wants to be able to feel as much of Shiro's body pressed up against him as possible. He returns from the bathroom minty fresh and climbs into Shiro's enormous bed.

"Hey," Shiro says, rolling onto his side to face him.

"Hey," Keith says.
"I had a good time tonight," Shiro says. He strokes his fingers over Keith's cheek, brushes a piece of hair behind his ear.

"I'm glad," Keith says. "So did I."

Shiro yawns and rubs a hand over his eyes.

"Sorry, it's past my bedtime," he says with a small laugh.
"I have to get up at six for work, but feel free to stay as long as you want, okay?" He yawns again. "There should be some kind of breakfast food around."

Keith smiles and leans in to kiss him and reaches for the lamp besides Shiro's bed.

Shiro wakes up two minutes before his alarm goes off. Keith is dead to the world, his face mashed into the pillow and one hand clutching tightly to Shiro's comforter. Shiro would like nothing more than to curl up behind him and go back to bed, but unfortunately that's not in the
cards for today. He takes a longer than usual shower, jerking off to thoughts of Keith's hands on him, the sound of his voice. He's still breathless when he wraps a towel around himself and steps out of the shower.
He gets ready for work quickly and grabs a protein bar on the way out the door. He pauses, his hand still on his keys, giving one last thought to the idea of calling out sick and climbing back into bed with Keith. He shakes his head and puts his keys in his pocket.
Work seems more monotonous than usual. The knowledge that he'll get to see Keith again at the yarn store than evening is the only thing keeping him going. When he arrives back at his apartment, he's surprised -- albeit pleasantly -- to see Keith in his underwear, sprawled out on
the couch. He has one hand tucked lazily behind his head and he's using the other to scroll through his phone.

"Uh, hi," Shiro says.

Keith drops his phone onto the couch and smiles.

"Hey," Keith says. He pushes himself up and wanders over towards Shiro.
"I hope you don't mind that I'm still here," he says. "I woke up late, and then I had breakfast and then I was just going to do some homework for a little while --"

Shiro is listening to him, honestly he is, but he also can't help admiring Keith's current state of undress.
"See something you like?" Keith asks. He's smirking when Shiro's eyes find their way back up to his face.

"Yeah," Shiro says.

Keith takes a step closer and guides Shiro's hands around his waist and down to his ass.
"Anyway, by the time I finished it was almost 4 o'clock so I figured I'd just say and wait for you."

"Good idea," Shiro says.

"You look fucking hot in that suit," Keith says.

Shiro shrugs. It isn't anything special.
But Keith must think so because the next thing Shiro knows Keith is winding his fingers around Shiro's tie and pulling him down until he can reach Shiro's mouth. He sucks on Shiro's bottom lip and drags his teeth across it slowly.
"You think we could have a repeat performance before we go to knitting group?"

Keith's breath is hot against his face and Shiro leans in, closing the small distance between them for a proper kiss. He pulls Keith forward, hands still gripping his ass and grinds against him.
When he finally breaks the kiss, Keith laughs and leans in to kiss his throat.

"I assume that was a yes," he murmurs. His fingers are working at undoing Shiro's tie. Once it's undone, he slides it off and winds it around his own neck. "Does it look good on me?" Keith asks.
"It'll look better if it was the only thing you were wearing," Shiro says.

He expects Keith to laugh at him for such a cheesy line, but Keith just smiles and takes a step back. He hooks his thumbs under the waistband of his underwear and tugs them down just far enough that
Shiro can see his pubic hair.

"Be good and get on your knees."

Shiro goes without question. His dick started taking interest the second he walked through the door and saw Keith waiting for him. He's /more/ than ready to get his mouth on him again.
Keith walk around him and settles his hands on Shiro's shoulders. He eases his jacket off, tossing it onto the couch and unbuttons his dress shirt. Keith kneels down in front of him and runs his hands across Shiro's chest. He stops to tug on Shiro's nipples, teasing lightly
at first, then harder when a low groan makes its way out of Shiro's mouth.

"You like a little bit of pain?" Keith asks.

Shiro can feel his cheeks burning. He closes his eyes and then nods.

"Yes," he says.
He doesn't know what it is about Keith -- they barely know each other but Shiro knows he can trust him. He and Adam were together for years and he never once asked for anything close to what he really wanted.

"Don't be embarrassed," Keith whispers. "I'll take care of you."
Shiro nods, his eyes still closed. Keith's mouth brushes against his.

"Open your eyes," Keith says. When Shiro does, Keith stands up. He skims out of his underwear and curls a hand around his cock, stroking himself lazily. Shiro's mouth waters.
"What do you say?" Keith says, taking a step closer. He's almost within reach but not quite.

"Please," Shiro says, "please, can I suck you?"

Keith doesn't answer, but he looks pleased as he guides the head of his cock inside Shiro's mouth.
Shiro's hands slide up to Keith's ass and he holds on tight, pulling Keith in as he fucks Shiro's mouth. It's hard and messy and makes Shiro's eyes water. Shiro can't remember the last time he was this hard.
Keith has been whispering soft encouragements the entire time, but now as Shiro feels his thighs begin to tremble, Keith's voice becomes deeper. His words are clipped and he groans as his fingers dig into the flesh of Shiro's shoulders.
He cups the back of Shiro's skull and holds him there as he pushes his cock deeper.

"Fuck," Keith growls. He spills down the back of Shiro's throat in hot spurts and Shiro swallows, gasping for breath when Keith finally lets him up.
"/Fuck/," Keith repeats, his voice softer now, more wrung out. "That was so good, baby."


The name sends lightning down Shiro's spine and makes warmth pool in his belly.
"Can -- can I?" Shiro says, his voice ragged. He's not even sure what he's asking for but Keith is already helping him to his feet. He leads Shiro into the kitchen and pulls out a chair from the table. Shiro sits down and Keith sinks his knees.
He squeezes Shiro's cock through his pants and reaches for his zipper.

"Don't want to make a mess of your nice clothes," Keith says.

Shiro lifts his hips and Keith drags down his pants and underwear to the floor.
He kisses up the inside of Shiro's thigh, teases his tongue over the head of his cock and stands up. Pulling the tie from around his neck, Keith holds it out between both his hands.

"Put your hands behind the chair," he says.

Shiro feels his body flush all over.
The silky fabric winds around his wrists and he feels Keith slip a finger underneath, testing the tightness.

"Is this okay?" Keith asks, his fingers trailing up to Shiro's shoulders.

"Yeah," Shiro says. His heart is racing and he takes a few deep breaths to calm himself.
"You sure?" Keith says, walking back around to face him.

Shiro nods.

"It's way /more/ than okay," he says.

Keith grins and leans forward, bracing his hands on Shiro's thighs as they kiss. Shiro knows he sounds desperate as he moans into Keith's mouth, but he doesn't care.
"At some point," Keith says as he kisses his way down Shiro's chest, "I'd like to ride you like this." He settles at Shiro's feet and curls a hand around his cock. "But I really don't think we have time for that today."

And then his mouth slides down, hot and wet and perfect.
Keith is deceptively strong. He holds Shiro's hips in place as he sucks him, keeps him from bucking up into Keith's mouth. He sucks Shiro hard, teases him with his tongue and after everything that's happened since he walked through the door, Shiro is surprised he's lasting this
long. When he can't take any more, he starts begging.

"Please, Keith," Shiro whimpers. "Please, please. You feel so good, please."

Keith pulls off and Shiro watches him wipe off his mouth with the back of his hand.

"You want to come in my mouth, baby?"
Shiro nods, making a pathetic whine.


"Okay," Keith says. "But only because you sound so pretty when you beg."

Keith swallows him down, nose pressed into Shiro's pubic hair, one hand between Shiro's legs, tugging on his balls.
Shiro comes with a shout and Keith keeps sucking him, long past the point where it should have been too much. Shiro doesn't tell him to stop. He doesn't even notice that he's shaking until Keith finally pulls off and rubs his hands over Shiro's thighs.
"It's okay," Keith whispers. "I've got you." He undoes the tie from around Shiro's wrists and climbs into his lap. "I've got you."

Shiro winds his arms around Keith's small waist and buries his head in his neck. Keith strokes a hand down the back of his neck.
He kisses the top of Shiro's head and whispers, "You were so good, baby."

Shiro doesn't know why the praise makes him feel so good. He didn't do anything special. He just sat there while Keith got him off. But his limbs feel like jelly and he feels like he just ran a marathon.
"You okay?" Keith asks softly.

Shiro finally lifts his head.

"Yeah," Shiro says. "I'm great."

Keith grins before kissing him.

"I think we have enough time for a shower before we leave."
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Keith shoves his shirt and underwear into his bag with his school supplies like it's no big deal. Shiro grabs his bag of crochet supplies and they head out hand in hand.

"Babe," Keith says looking down at the plastic bag in his hand. "We gotta get you a proper project bag."
"Oh," Shiro says. "Sorry, I guess I didn't think --"

Keith laughs and leans against him.

"It's fine," he says. "But at some point if you make something bigger you're gonna want a proper bag. Maybe that's what I'll work on tonight. What are your favorite colors?"
"You don't have to make me anything," Shiro says, blushing for what feels like the 100th time since he walked through the door of his apartment.

"I /want/ to," Keith says. "Plus, my other stuff is home. Did you figure out what you're making?"
"I think I'm gonna go with dice bag, like you said. I don't really play anymore, but maybe I can give it to my friend Matt for Christmas or something."

"Yeah, until Hunk sees it and drags you into his campaign."
The yarn shop is a short walk from Shiro's apartment. Marianne waves when Keith walks through the door and her smile widens when she sees Shiro following after.

"Shiro!" She comes out from behind the counter and gives him a hug. "I'm so glad you've decided to stick with us."
"Wow, um, thanks," Shiro says. Marianne gives his arms one last squeeze and hurries back behind the register to help another customer. "Yeah, I like it here."

Keith bumps his shoulder and Shiro bites down on his bottom lip.
"Allura is already setting up downstairs, Keith," Marianne says as she makes change for the college aged girl buying an entire bag of bright green yarn.

"Cool, I gotta buy something first." Keith turns to him. "You didn't tell me what colors you like."
"Oh, um. I wear a lot of black and grey for work?"

Keith rolls his eyes.

"You're not at work. This is for fun." Keith tugs him over to the cotton yarn display. Shiro runs his fingers over the different colors.

"This one maybe? With some black in there somehow?"
He hands Keith a ball of a variegated turquoise and Keith pushes himself up to kiss Shiro on the cheek.

"I can do that."

Keith grabs four balls of the turquoise and another three of black and heads to the register.
As he's digging for this wallet in his back, Shiro hands Marianne his credit card. She gives him a knowing wink and slides his card into the chip reader. Keith makes a face at him when he realizes what Shiro's done.
"You didn't have to do that," Keith says as they make their way downstairs.

"You're making it for me," Shiro says. "It's the least I could do. Besides, isn't it my job if you're going to be my kept boy?"

Shiro means it as a joke, but to his surprise, Keith's cheeks go pink.
Allura spots them then and a huge and knowing grin spreads across her face. Shiro doesn't know how much Keith has told her about their dates, but he's pretty sure they're close.

"Nice hoodie, Keith" she says. "And here I thought you went to the College of Marmora."
"I have friends from /all over/, Allura," Keith quips.

"Friends, huh?" Allura raises an eyebrow. "Okay."

Shiro had gotten stuck on that word as well. But now probably isn't the best time to start a conversation about the nature of their relationship.
Tonight is apparently the night that Keith learns that Shiro is a lightweight. His random circle turned diced bag was coming along great until his second glass of wine -- at which point Keith suggested maybe Shiro take a break from his project for a little while.
But with his hands unoccupied, he ends up finishing his third glass of wine twice as quickly. And Allura isn't helping the situation in the /least/. She fills up his glass when Keith refuses and when Hunk asks how /things/ are going with them Shiro pulls Keith into his lap and
buries his face in his neck.

"That good, huh?" Hunk says.

Keith can hear Allura barely stifling a laugh. It's just the four of them tonight. Keith thinks Acxa mentioned something about practicing some new shirbari techniques for a demo tomorrow night
"We're trying to take things slow," Keith says and he knows that neither of them are going to fucking believe him. They might not have fucked yet, but slow went out the window the second Shiro got on his knees in his kitchen and sucked Keith's brains out through his dick.
Hunk nods slowly. "Right."

Allura sips her wine and says nothing. Fuck it, Keith thinks if they're going to make fun of him anyway, he might as well reap the benefits. He turns around, straddling Shiro's thighs and cups his face in both hands.
"You're a little tipsy, aren't you, baby?" Keith asks, his nose brushing against Shiro's.

"Haven't eaten since lunch," Shiro says. "I meant to when I got home but --" Shiro's eyes dart over to where Hunk and Allura are sitting. "-- you were there. Waiting for me."
Keith thanks his lucky stars that tipsy Shiro is tactful enough to not mention their pre-knitting group sexcapades.

"I'm gonna have to take you out to dinner after this and sober you up, aren't I?"

Shiro's hands slide into the back pockets of his jeans and squeeze his ass.
"I should be taking you out," Shiro says. He kisses the corner of Keith's mouth and follows it with soft little pecks along his jaw. "I wanna treat you so good," he whispers in Keith's ear.
As much as Shiro's words are turning him on he really hopes that the others didn't hear or he will never, ever hear the end of it. They both know Keith has a little bit of a /thing/ for older guys and he's been teased mercilessly in the past about how he just needs to find
himself a sugar daddy and he'll never have to worry about work or rent again. And honestly, that /would/ be great -- but Keith really likes Shiro. /Really/ likes him. It's only been two "dates" but the last thing he wants is Shiro to think Keith is only hooking up with him for
his money. Keith pushes his anxious thoughts to the back of his mind. He guides Shiro's face back to his and kisses him, just enough to be a tease. Of course, Hunk and Allura have seen him do much more graphic things than makeout before, but he doesn't know where Shiro's stance
on PDA falls and now is no time to be asking.

"Wait right here," Keith says. "I'm going to see if we have any snacks in the pantry."

"Okay," Shiro says. He sounds a little dejected and Keith tries not to let it bother him.

"Why don't you drink some water, buddy," Hunk says.
The "pantry" is more or less a storage closet that Marianne started keeping snacks in when knitting group became a more regular occurrence. Keith pulls on the string and the dim lightbulb above his head turns on. There's a case of water bottles at his feet.
On the shelf there's a bottle of champagne leftover from last year's Christmas party -- that's the last thing they need -- and a box of goldfish crackers. Keith shakes the box and it sounds mostly empty. Dinner it is then. It's not like letting Shiro buy him dinner is going to
be a hardship. He just hopes Shiro's not embarrassed by anything he said or did.

The pantry door opens.

"Hi," Shiro says, a bashful grin on his face.

"We tried to stop him," Allura calls.

Keith isn't sure, but he thinks hears Hunk say, "Not very hard though."
Shiro steps inside the pantry and closes the door behind him.

"Am I making a complete ass of myself?" he asks. He's still a little tipsy but definitely better than before.

"Aww, babe," Keith says. "No, I'm sure they think you're adorable."

Shiro hides his face in his hands.
"I'm sorry," he mumbles. Keith pries his hands away and rests his chin on Shiro's chest. "I've always been a handsy drunk."

His cheeks are flushed and Keith isn't sure if it's from the wine or embarrassment.

"I didn't mind," Keith says.


"I never mind you touching me."
"No?" Shiro repeats.

But now his hands are sliding up the back of Keith's (Shiro's) hoodie. Keith shivers when his cold metal fingers walk up his spine.

"I feel like I can't get enough of you. I've never -- even with my ex-boyfriends, it didn't feel like this."
Keith closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He hasn't dated a lot in his life and the few boyfriends he's had have been whirlwind romances. He's been trying to be a little more level headed since going back to school, but damn if Shiro doesn't make him feel like he wants to
dive into the deep end with both feet.

"I -- I feel that way too," Keith says. He hopes it wasn't a mistake -- hopes Shiro isn't going to tell him something different tomorrow.

"Keith," Shiro whispers. "Fuck, I want you."
He pulls Keith closer, grinding against him. If they were anywhere else -- literally anywhere -- Keith would drop to his knees right now and suck him off.

"Shiro," Keith whines. Shiro's mouth has found his neck and he's sucking gently at the tender skin beneath Keith's ear.
Keith grinds back because he can't help himself. He feels Shiro moan against his skin.

"Shiro," Keith pants. "We -- we can't. Not here. Okay?"

Shiro lifts his head, nodding.

"Yeah." He's still breathless. Keith can't take his eyes away from Shiro's mouth as he licks his lips.
"Sorry," Shiro whispers. He presses his forehead to Keith's.

"Don't be," Keith says. "I want you too, I just." He laughs. "I'd never be able to look Marianne in the eye again."

There's a banging on the pantry door Allura's voice on the other side.
"I /know/ you aren't fucking in the pantry where we keep the communal snacks," she says. The door swings open. Shiro's arms are still around him but that's hardly scandalous. "Huh, you actually aren't. Okay, continue your makeouts, I guess."
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The four of them end up at a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. Shiro scarfs down a burrito the size of his head. He's a little embarrassed once he sobers up but no one else seems to mind. Keith's had his hand on Shiro's thigh underneath the table the entire time and it seems
silly to get flustered about it now. Hunk and Allura won't let him pay for their meal, but he manages to get Keith to cave in.

After they part ways with the others, Shiro walks Keith to the bus. He takes a seat underneath the shelter and Keith climbs into his lap.
"Hey, there," Shiro says.

"Hey," Keith says. He curls his fingers around Shiro's jaw and nibbles on his bottom lip.

"You could always -- come back to my place again..."

"As much as I'd like that, I really need to work on my homework," Keith says.
"And maybe put on some clean underwear." He laughs and rocks his hips down against Shiro's.

"Fuck," Shiro whispers. He remembers now that Keith isn't wearing any thing under his jeans and he's even more disappointed that he won't be bringing Keith back to his apartment.
Keith's forehead is still pressed against his, Keith occasionally pressing light kisses to nose or mouth or cheeks. Shiro slides his hand down the back of Keith's jeans and squeezes his bare ass.

"Are you thinking about me riding you?" Keith says. "Because I am."
"/Keith/," Shiro groans.

"Am I getting you all worked up, baby?"

"Yeah," Shiro breathes. He leans in to kiss Keith and Keith leans back, just a fraction of an inch, making Shiro chase his mouth.

"Good," Keith whispers. He lets Shiro close the distance between them.
Shiro curses the bus for showing up on time for the first time ever and Keith kisses him goodbye. The bus is barely out of sight when Shiro's phone buzzes in his pocket.

//think about me when you jerk off tonight 🍑 //

Shiro laughs. It's anyone's guess if he even bothers
making it all the way to his bedroom. He has so many fond memories of the kitchen, after all.
Keith wakes up to two texts. The first one is from Shiro, wishing him a good morning and good luck with his homework. It's almost 1:30, but Keith appreciates the sentiment anyway. He sends back a kissy face emoji. The second text is from Allura -- apparently she wasn't
kidding about the flowers in his hair. There's three photos underneath her text and he chooses the deep maroon and dusty pink ones. He shoves a couple of pop/tarts in the toaster and sits down at his kitchen table to work. After several very long but thankfully undistracted hours
all of his assignments are finished. The thought of having his weekend free to spend with Shiro might have spurred him on just a bit. Instead of his harness, he chooses a slim fitting black button down. He rolls the sleeves up to his elbows and digs out his leather fingerless
gloves. He throws some makeup in his bag and leaves to meet Allura.

"Oh shit," she says when he unzips his hoodie. "I thought you were gonna wear the harness tonight but this is so much better."

Keith reaches into his bag and pulls out two shades of lipstick.
"Do you think lipstick would be too much?"

"No, let me see!" Allura's eyes practically have cartoon hearts in them. "This one, I think," she says, choosing the darker shade. "It'll match the flowers."
She sits him down in front of the mirror in the dressing room and sets to work on his hair. Afterwards, she does his makeup, even though he insists he's perfectly capable, thank you very much.

"Things seem to be going well with Shiro," she says casually.
"They are," Keith says. "You -- might have been right."

Allura raises an eyebrow at him, eyeliner pencil poised in one hand.

"Go on."

"We haven't --" Keith pauses. It's stupid to be shy about this considering where they both are -- but Shiro feels like something special.
Someone he should treat with tenderness. "It's just been some fooling around so far. But it's been good."

"No, no, no," Allura says. "I don't need the spicy details, but you're not going gloss over the fact that I was right about him being a sub."
Keith sighs.

"Okay, yes. Your sub raydar was on point once again. He's definitely into being told what to do and he likes at least a little pain."

Allura beams.

"Close your eyes so I can make you look even hotter than you already do."
Keith gets his first surprise of the night when James approaches him. Ryan had texted him his thanks after last week so Keith assumed they were headed towards something more serious.

"Back for more?" Keith asks with a smirk.

James pushes his floppy bangs out of his face
and nods. Keith gives him a once over and raises an eyebrow. James is wearing a black silk robe. And if he's not mistaken, it belongs to Ryan.

"I assume Ryan knows about this?"

James nods again.

"He, um, yeah he knows."

Keith drags the head of his crop up James' chest.
He presses underneath James' chin and tips his head up.

"Is that all?" Keith asks.

James' eyes dart around the room, searching. Keith spots Ryan leaning against a wall, his arms crossed over his chest.

"He wants to watch," James says.
"And then he's going to take care of me after."

"And what am I supposed to do to you?" Keith asks.

"Whatever you want, Sir," James says. There's a small quiver in his voice, whether from nerves or excitement Keith can't tell.

"Follow me," Keith says.
He leads James over to a stage with cuffs dangling from the ceiling. If Ryan wants to watch, Keith is going to make sure he has a good view.

"Take that off," Keith says.

James' cheeks flush but he shrugs out of the robe without a word. He's wearing only a small black pair of
panties, with lace around the edges. The outline of his dick is clearly visible and if he gets even a little hard, Keith isn't sure they're going to be able to cover him. He buckles James into the cuffs and gets a good look at the back of the underwear -- or lack there of.
Instead if fabric, they're held on by four thin ribbons across each cheek, with a dainty pink bow in the center.

"Don't you look pretty," Keith says. "Did Ryan buy those for you or are you trying to impress him?"

James' face flushes deeper than before.

"He bought them for me."
"I'll try not to ruin them," Keith says. "I'm sure he'll want to fuck you in them when I'm done with you."

James whimpers and his eyes dark over to the crowd, seeking out Ryan. Keith curls a hand underneath his chin.

"Your eyes stay on me, boy," Keith says, his voice low.
"I'm the one giving you what you asked for right now. His time is later. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir," James says.

"Good boy." Keith chooses a paddle to start with. "You remember how to count for me, right?"
James is a beautiful mess when Keith is done. His face is streaked with tears and as Keith predicted his tiny panties are barely covering his very hard dick. His ass and thighs are bright pink, striped with marks from multiple toys.

"That's a good boy," Keith murmurs.
He holds James' chin in two fingers and presses a kiss to his forehead.

"Ryan is coming for you now," he says. "I bet he's so proud."

James sniffs, finally turning his head when to meet Ryan's eyes when he steps onto the stage.

"How's my boy?" Ryan asks.
"He screamed beautifully for me," Keith says. He trails his fingers down James' chest, lingers over an abused nipple and listens to James hiss.

He remembers the sound Shiro made when he did the same thing only a day earlier. What he wouldn't give to have Shiro tied up like this.
Ryan glides a hand down James' spine, cups his ass and spanks him hard -- just once -- but after the beating Keith gave him, once is enough. James cries out, loud enough to draw back the attention of the crowd that had started to wane.

"Please, Sir," James sobs.
"Please let me come."

Keith steps off the stage and leaves them to their play.

His second surprise comes at the end of the night as he's on his way home. He turns his phone back on while he waits for the train and finds a text from Shiro.
//I really wish you were here with me tonight //

Keith smiles down at the message. The train pulls into the station and he takes a seat, tapping out a response for Shiro to see in the morning.

//I finished my homework so I'm yours all weekend if you'd like //
Keith isn't expecting his phone to buzz in his pocket as he walks through the door to his apartment at almost 2am.

//I would like that very much //

He sets down his bag and kicks off his shoes before responding.

//Holy shit why are you awake this late?//
//Bad dreams. Couldn't sleep.//

Keith frowns at his phone. He's still keyed up from work, but getting to Shiro's apartment on public transit at this time of night would be miserable at best.

//I'm sorry, baby. Wish I was there too.//

He pauses and sends a second text.
//If it wouldn't take me an hour to get there I'd come over now.//

He definitely isn't expecting Shiro's response.

//I can send a l/yft to your place?//

Before Keith can let himself think about what it means that Shiro wants to see him in the middle of the night or that he's
willing to pay for a car to get him there. Keith texts back yes. He sends Shiro his address and throws some clothes and his phone charger into an overnight bag. The car shows up a few minutes later and it's not quite 2:30 when Keith arrives on Shiro's doorstep.
The door to Shiro's apartment swings open and Keith's barely through the door before Shiro's arms are around him.

"I'm sorry," Shiro whispers into his neck. "I just -- needed you."

"It's okay," Keith says. "Shiro. It's okay."
"Thank you," Shiro says. He presses his forehead to Keith's and both of them are silent for several breaths. Keith kisses him softly and feels some of the tension in Shiro's shoulders release.

"Let's go to bed, okay?"
Shiro nods. They climb underneath the blankets and Keith spoons up behind him, curling a protective arm around Shiro's waist. It isn't long before he hears the soft snuffling of Shiro's breathing as he drifts off to sleep. Keith doesn't let go for a while longer.
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Shiro wakes up groggy, not sure if it's from too much sleep or too little.

"Morning," Keith says.

He's sitting up against the headboard scrolling through his phone. He reaches out and cards his fingers qthrough Shiro's hair. Shiro rubs his eyes and rolls onto his back.
"What time is it?" Shiro asks. His mouth feels like paste and tastes even worse.

"Almost 11," Keith says. He scoots down and rolls on to his side, facing Shiro. "How are you feeling?"

"Ugh," Shiro says. "My body isn't used to sleeping this late."

Keith laughs.
"I can't remember the last time I got up this early." Keith curls up alongside him and slips a hand underneath his t-shirt. His fingers draw circles across Shiro's abdomen. "You up for leaving the bed?" Keith asks. "I thought I might make something brunchy."

"Yeah?" Shiro says.
Food sounds really good right now. But first he needs to brush his teeth. And shower. He'd woken up in a cold sweat last night, god only knows what he smells like.

"Yeah, I'm actually a pretty decent cook," Keith says.
"But if you don't want to leave the bed we could always order in -- and I have some idea of how to pass the time while we wait."

There's a mischievous spark in Keith's eyes and Shiro feels heat curl in his stomach.

"Yeah?" Shiro says again.

Keith pushes himself up on one arm and drapes himself across Shiro's chest. He presses soft kisses to Shiro's jaw and Shiro feels him sigh against his skin.

When Keith leans into kiss him on the mouth, Shiro turns his head.

"What's wrong?"

"My mouth tastes like death."
"Consider me warned," Keith says. He puts a finger to the side of Shiro's chin and turns his head back to face him. Keith's mouth is soft against his, lips a little chapped, but gentle as he kisses Shiro again and again and again. "So what's it gonna be, big guy?"
"Wanna shower with me?" Shiro says.

"Did you really think I was gonna say no?"

Keith doesn't fuss over him like the last time they showered together but he is fairly insistent on washing Shiro's back.

Once they're back in Shiro's bedroom, Keith pushes him back onto the bed.
He straddles Shiro's hips and bends down. The kiss isn't gentle this time. It's wet and messy and Shiro rocks his hips up against Keith and moans into his mouth.

"Do you want to get off now or after breakfast?" Keith asks.

Shiro doesn't have enough blood left in his brain to make that kind of decision. His hands find Keith's tiny waist and his grinds up against his ass. Keith laughs.

"Should I take that to mean now? Or wait until you remember how to use your words?"

"Now, please," Shiro gasps.
Keith kisses him one more time and climbs off the bed. He tugs Shiro's towel open and drops his own to the floor. Shiro pushes himself up on his elbows, he watches Keith lick his palm and loosely curl his fingers around his half hard dick. It doesn't take more than a few pulls
before Shiro is achingly hard.

"/Keith/," Shiro whines. "Please."

"Please what, baby?" Keith purrs. "Doesn't my hand feel good?"

"It does -- but I need more."

"Be patient, baby. I'll get you there."
Keith rubs his thumb across the head of Shiro's cock on the upstroke and Shiro bites back a whine. He doesn't know why he bothers -- Keith already knows how desperate he is.

After several more torturous minutes Keith pushes his knees apart and stands between his legs.
It's not much, but its something.

Shiro reaches for him and Keith takes a step back. He misses Keith's hand on his dick as much as he misses his own hands on Keith's skin.
"You can touch me after breakfast," Keith says. "How does that sound? Getting on your knees for me? Sucking me off at the kitchen table?"

"Fuck, Keith," Shiro groans. "I want you."

"I know, baby," Keith coos. His hands are sliding up Shiro's thighs now and Shiro watches him
drop to his knees.

"Be good for me now and I'll give you anything you want later. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes," Shiro says. He doesn't know if its true but he wants it to be. He wants to be good for Keith, wants to make him happy in whatever way he can.
"I knew you could, Shiro," Keith says. There's such softness in his voice, such pride -- Shiro's breath catches in his throat. His fingers curl into fists at his sides as Keith's tongue glides down the underside of his cock. He wants to watch, wants to burn every last detail into
his memory. But looking makes him want to touch and that's the one thing he isn't allowed to do. He lays back down against the mattress, tucking his hands behind his head and closing his eyes. Keith finally -- finally -- starts to suck him in earnest and Shiro know he won't last
long now.

"Keith, /fuck/, your mouth." If Shiro were allowed to he'd have his fingers tangled in Keith's long hair, soft strands slipping through his fingers as Keith reduces him to a quivering mess.
He hears the slick pop as Keith pulls off and the soft sound of Keith's chuckle.

"You like the way I suck you, Shiro?" Keith asks. "It's been a while since I've had a cock as nice as yours to play with."

The sound of Keith's voice -- casual and playful, as if he isn't utterly
destroying Shiro right now -- its sends shivers down Shiro's spine.

"Please make me come," Shiro whimpers.

"Okay, baby," Keith says. "You've been so good -- taste good too. You can come in my mouth."
Keith works his hand tight around the base of Shiro's cock and bends back down to suck him. Shiro's toes curl against the carpet as his orgasm builds. He spills hot into Keith mouth, his hips canting up off the bed.
Keith pulls off, stroking him through it and Shiro wishes he could have seen Keith's face, watched him swallow. Maybe next time -- fuck he hopes there's a next time. They still haven't put a name to what it is they're doing. They tried taking it slow and ended up here.
When Shiro finally opens his eyes, Keith is standing between his legs, looking smug and satisfied. Shiro's eyes drift down to his dick, still hard and flush up against his stomach.

"Roll over," Keith says.

Shiro does and Keith's fingers press down at the small of his back.
He feels Keith's cock slide against the cleft of his ass, his precome making a mess of but Shiro doesn't care. Keith ruts against him, hands keeping him pinned down. Shiro's spent cock is trapped between his body and the bed, oversensitive as Keith plays at fucking him.
Keith comes without ceremony, a soft groan is all the warning Shiro gets before he feels the warm, wet splash against his ass. When Shiro turns to look at him over his shoulder, Keith drags a finger through the mess and reaches up to push it into Shiro's mouth.
Keith's come is bitter but not bad, Shiro's certainly tasted worse.

"So good for me," Keith whispers.

Shiro feels like he might float away at the praise. Keith disappears back into the bathroom and returns with a washcloth, cleaning them both up.
He helps Shiro roll onto his side and curls up in front of him. He wants to tell Keith how good everything he does feels, how he never knew sex could be like this, but he can't find the words for any of it. Keith seems to understand. He kisses Shiro softly and slowly -- silently.
Shiro kisses back until he feels tethered to the Earth again. Even then the only thing that comes out of his mouth is a quiet, "Keith."

He feels Keith smile against his mouth.

"You ready for that breakfast?"
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Keith makes chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and frankly Shiro is shocked that he even had all the ingredients. Afterwards, Keith keeps his promise. He lets Shiro suck him off underneath the table, his strong hands gripping Keith's thighs as Keith moaned and told Shiro how
good his mouth felt. Keith bends down to kiss him while he's still on his knees, licks away the remains of his come from Shiro's mouth. He leads Shiro into the living room and sits him down on the couch so he can return the favor.
They sprawl out on the couch afterward, Keith's weight on top of him a comforting presence.

"Do you wanna talk about last night?" Keith says finally

Shiro heaves a heavy sigh. Part of him wishes they could pretend it never happened.
But Keith came when Shiro needed him, of course he'd be concerned.

"I have nightmares sometimes," Shiro says. Keith's face is buried against his chest, but Shiro stares up at the ceiling regardless. "About my accident. I know they're just dreams but they feel so real."
"I'm sorry, baby." Keith voice is soft, gentle -- like he's soothing a startled animal. His kisses against Shiro's neck are soft too. "Is there anything I can do?"

Shiro smiles as he closes his eyes.

"You're already doing it."
"Okay," Keith says. They're both silent except for the steady sound of their breathing. It smooths of the wrinkles of anxiety in Shiro's mind and he gives Keith a gentle hug.

"Mmm, yeah?" Shiro says sleepily.

"This probably isn't the best time to ask this but."

Keith trails off. Shiro's eyes fly open. He pushes himself up on his elbows and tries to gauge Keith's expression.

"Hey, it's okay." Keith puts a hand to Shiro's cheek. "Don't freak out."
Shiro takes a breath and tries to relax. Keith rubs his thumb back and forth against his cheek.

"I just wanted to know if you wanted this to be something serious?" Keith voice is unsure in a way Shiro isn't used to. "I know we haven't known each other very long but --"
"Yes," Shiro says, cutting him off. "Sorry, I just. Yes. I want that. I want that with you."

Keith surges forward and Shiro slides a hand into his hair as they kiss.

"Did you think I was going to say no?" Shiro laughs between kisses.

Shiro sits up and pulls Keith into his lap, his legs braced on either side of Shiro's hips.

"You gonna tell all your yarn friends I'm your boyfriend?"

Keith laughs. "Yarn friends?"

Shiro shrugs. "It seemed appropriate."

"Yes," Keith says.
"Allura is going to want every single detail."

Shiro grins at the thought and slides his hands underneath Keith's sweatshirt and scratches his back softly. Keith makes a contented sound.

"One last thing, okay?"

Shiro leans in a kisses Keith's neck. He loves the way Keith sighs as his lips press against tender skin.

"How much do you know about BDSM?"

Shiro goes still.

He feels his cheeks flush with embarrassment but with Keith on his lap there's nowhere to hide. He rubs the back of his head nervously.

"Not much?"

"Hey, it's okay. I was just wondering because you seem to like the things we've been doing. And I want us to be safe."
"What we've been doing?" Shiro repeats. "But that's not -- you've just been telling me what to do."

A grin spreads across Keith's face. He pushes Shiro's bangs away from his face and kisses him softly.

"Because I'm a Dom, babe. Telling people what to do is my thing."
"Oh," Shiro says. "I thought it was -- more than that."

"It's not all whips and chains, I promise."

Shiro's face is still hot. He's not sure what to say.

"We can put this conversation on hold if you want, I just wanted to make sure that you liked what we're doing."
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“I like it,” Shiro manages.

He doesn’t know why he’s so embarrassed now that Keith’s put a name to what they’re doing. It was less than an hour ago that Keith had him on his knees, making him beg for the privilege of sucking his cock.
The thought of it still makes Shiro hot, but the reasons behind it are a mystery.

“I’m just -- not sure I understand why.”
Keith’s hands cradle his face and he leans forward, rubbing his nose against Shiro’s before kissing him softly.

“That’s okay,” he says. “I can teach you.”

Keith spends the next hour showing Shiro all his favorite beginner kink websites. Whenever Shiro gets overwhelmed or confused, he stops and plies him kisses. They talk it out before continuing on. Keith prints out a yes-no-maybe list and they fill it out together.
Shiro’s blush hasn’t faded and Keith isn’t sure if it’s from embarrassment or desire. He’s kind of hoping it’s both. When they reach the end of the list, Keith climbs back into Shiro’s lap.

“Anything you want to try out tonight?”
He can feel Shiro’s cock getting hard underneath him as he shifts.

“Fuck, Keith,” Shiro gasps. His hands settle on Keith’s hips and he grinds up against him. “There’s so many things.”

“It’s okay,” Keith says. “We have all weekend.”
Just as he’s thinking about how nice it will be to spend two whole days with Shiro -- no papers, no work -- when he realizes he’s neglected something -- something important.

Shiro doesn’t know about his job.
And his job is the type of thing he really needs to tell the person who is now his boyfriend about. Shiro must feel him tense up, because he brings a hand to Keith’s cheek, a concerned expression on his face.

“Is everything okay?”
“Yeah,” Keith nods. He turns his head and presses a kiss to the center of Shiro’s palm. “Everything’s good. Do you feel like leaving the apartment at all today?”

“We could do that,” Shiro says. “Did you have anything in mind?”
“There’s a great feminist sex shop we could go to,” Keith says.


The look on Shiro’s face is priceless. Keith laughs and sucks Shiro’s index finger into his mouth.
He takes him as deep as possible, moaning as he bobs his head and by the time he pulls off, Shiro is definitely hard. So is Keith.

“Quickie before we leave?” Keith asks.
Shiro flips him onto his back and yanks down Keith’s sweats. Keith watches Shiro settle himself between his thighs, a grin on his face at the thought of Shiro being so eager. He threads his fingers through Shiro’s long bangs and tugs his head.
“Ask nicely,” Keith reminds him.

“Please,” Shiro says, just a hint of desperation in his voice. “Can I suck you?”

“Of course, baby.”

Shiro keeps looking down at Keith's hand in his. It's a surreal feeling, to suddenly have a boyfriend after being single for so long. Especially when he's known Keith such a short amount of time.
But there's just something between them, something he'd be stupid to ignore just because it makes him a little nervous. He played it safe with Adam and look where that got him. Dumped and stuck in a boring job.
They're waiting for the walk signal when Keith pushes himself up on his toes and kisses him on the cheek.

"What was that for?" Shiro asks.

Keith shrugs.

"Because I can."

Shiro squeezes his fingers and kisses him back. The light changes and Keith leads him down the block.
Shiro supposes he shouldn't be so surprised when they approach the shop. The sign out front reads "Come As You Are" and the window display is filled with pride flags.
The girl behind the counter greets them and Keith drags him towards the back corner. Shiro can feel his face going hot at the sight of the paddles and leather bondage gear.

"What exactly are we looking for?" he asks nervously.
"Anything that interests you," Keith says. "Don't look so scared." He grins up at Shiro and rests his chin on Shiro's chest.

"I, um. I liked it when you tied me up with my tie," he says quietly. The shop girl doesn't need to know the intimate details of their lives.
"Mmm," Keith says. He closes his eyes and smiles as if remembering it. "Let's get some rope."

He inspects the bundles hanging on the wall in front of them, rubbing his fingers against the fibers. He hands a blue one to Shiro.

"Wow," Shiro says. The rope is soft in his hands.
"I didn't think it would be so -- nice."

"Like I said, safety first." Keith gives him a quick kiss on the cheek. "What do you think?"

Shiro runs his fingers over the other offerings. He stops when he finds a silky skein in a deep red.

"This one," he says.
"Bamboo," Keith reads off the tag. "You've got expensive taste, babe."

"I don't care," Shiro says. He can't remember the last time he bought something frivolous. "This is the one."

He can already imagine holding his hands out for Keith, the cord sliding over his skin.
A shiver runs down his spine.

"Okay," Keith says. "Let me grab some shears."

Before they leave, Keith also picks out a black blindfold and a small candle in a silver tin. Shiro adds them to his items and pays for the lot.

"You didn't have to do that," Keith says.

"I know."
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