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ARKANCIDE ATTEMPT Jeffrey Epstein found injured in New York City jail cell after possible suicide attempt: report

Nicholas Tartaglione Questioned About Epstein ‘Suicide Attempt’. He’s is a former cop arrested in Dec 2016, accused of killing 4 in a cocaine distribution conspiracy, burying their bodies in his yard.

Dirty murderous cops are a favorite to do dirty work
Epstein and Tartaglione were cellmates, two sources told NBC 4 New York. Tartaglione's attorney confirmed they shared the same cell block.

An illicit cellphone was confiscated from Tartaglione while he was in federal custody awaiting trial.
Safe to say this is one guy who would happily kill again to reduce his sentence or get better prison conditions.
Correction officers took the phone from Tartaglione on July 3, 2019 in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Facility in lower Manhattan.

Federal prosecutors said that Tartaglione claimed his cellmate had tossed it to him as officers approached.
The confiscation of the cellphone was revealed Friday in a letter from Tartaglione’s lawyer, Bruce Barket, to Judge Kenneth Karas, claiming “privileged material” could be on the phone and asking that federal prosecutors on the case NOT have access to it
Which means this was highly likely a setup from Day 1. The SDNY is Soros and Clinton’s corrupt playground:
I think someone called or texted that phone and offered him life vs death penalty if he killed Epstein.
OR it was a message to Epstein, since clearly Tartaglione could have easily killed Epstein: DONT TALK OR YOU WILL DIE.
Likelihood this was a Clinton warning...95%. I’m surer now than ever Hillary will announce for 2020 and this is a loose end they DON’T want unraveling. Cuz Americans probably don’t want to have serial rapist pedophile Bill Clinton living in the White House as First Man.
This, combined with yesterday’s filing by Soros/Clinton controlled SDNY to force a gag order on Epstein’s defense attorneys to keep them from disclosing other pedophile names all points to Epstein’s rollup being a Clinton operation:
Plus with the new evidence surfaced yesterday via new drone footage of Epstein’s island showing a massive operation to destroy evidence, it’s clear Epstein is a major liability for the Clintons and has been hard at work cleaning up:
And don’t forget that the evidence-rich Lolitta Express plane was gutted and sold just weeks before Epstein’s arrest.
Jeffrey Epstein is in danger of being murdered before his trial says victims' lawyer, who questions if alleged suicide attempt was actually a hit put out on pedophile by a powerful friend
Jeffrey Epstein dead by suicide, found in Manhattan jail cell

“Hanged himself” while under suicide watch. If you believe this you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years. The Clinton killing machine has awoken for the 2020 election season. All evidence of Bill Clinton’s pedophilia now gone. Hillary prepping her 2020 announcement.
Message to other potential Bill Clinton witnesses: you talk, YOU die too.
BWAHAHA. LOOK at the lacerations on Epstein’s face. He fought for his life!
From the facial lacerations you can even tell his attacker was RIGHT HANDED.
Pictures of Nicholas Tartaglione, Epstein’s killer are disappearing off the Internet in front of my eyes
Source for Epstein photos: nypost.com/2019/08/10/pho…
Chances of a “suicide” of Epstein killer Nicholas Tartaglione just skyrocketed. He won’t last the month.
So first Epstein beat himself up to the point of unconsciousness, THEN he hung himself and had a cardiac arrest. Clinton’s are really desperate for that White House, clearly. Guess that happens when you accept $2B of foreign money for P2P favors and DON’T WIN.
We live in a banana republic. There’s no other way to say it.
NEW: FDNY EMS radio recording reveals Epstein’s body was cold to touch: which means he had been dead for at least 4 hours. EMS arrived at 6:33am so Epstein likely died sometime midnight-2:30AM. They claimed he looked like he was sleeping. lauraloomer.us/2019/08/10/aud…
So riddle me this: how does a guy on SUICIDE WATCH with hourly checkin and constant video surveillance COMMIT SUICIDE? Nobody saw anything. AND he had clear serious lacerations from a fight on his face being wheeled into the hospital.
FBI “investigating” BWAHAHA. The FBI, where Clinton evidence goes to die.
Recall it was FBI agent Peter Strzok who showed up in a panic to DATO Systems to collect servers and the CEO when Grassley revealed DATO had backup copies of Hillary’s server? cc: @HousatonicITS
And now Strzok is going back into the FBI just as Hillary Clinton prepares for her 2020 announcement:
Nothing to see here. Move along. Official story is now suicide. “Nothing suggests any foul play”. Holy crap these people are unbelievable.
Why would someone who fought so hard for bail take their own life? Not a chance this was suicide. ZERO.
Official Prisons statement: if someone intended to claim Epstein died of heart attack/natural causes in his sleep they just screwed up. Prisons statement clearly states “INJURIES”.
Epstein offered $500 MILLION for bail but ended up DEAD in Federal custody from "suicide" 2 weeks after a first suicide attempt, an assault linked to a dirty serial killer cop caught with a cell phone. You just can’t make this shit up. You’d be fired in Hollywood for trying.
Barr Statement: “I was appalled to learn that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead early this morning from an APPARENT suicide while in federal custody. Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered. In addition to the FBI’s investigation...
“...I have consulted with the Inspector General who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death’”
So EVEN AG BARR doesn’t trust the Crooked FBI to investigate this. Good for him for being awake at least. In case you didn’t catch that: he’s opening TWO investigations: FBI and Inspector General.
It’s now a battle of wits. It’s the “Clinton Killing Machine” VS. “Lone Lawman Barr” and his few trusted IG insiders. The Clinton killing machine is EXCELLENT at what they do. People in all the right positions, coroners office, DA, police, local and state and federal gov.
I’ve studied the Clintons work over the years and I must say I am VERY impressed with their thoroughness and efficiency. Their attention to detail is unmatched. They learn from every mistake. Really really professional stuff. Barr will be up against a very formidable foe.
And the stakes couldn’t be higher: if the Clinton Killing Machine has made even ONE mistake this tine it would torpedo Hillary’s Chance at the Whote House for 2020, which I assure you is in their plans. They took a big chance Arkaciding this one.
Which means planning for this hit likely began at least a year ago.
Twenty years ago John F Kennedy Jr’s plane went down off Martha’s Vineyard. Hillary Clinton believed he stood in the way of her Senate Campaign. Late last year I investigated the JFK Jr plane crash. Here’s what I found:
Whenever there’s a threat or obstacle to Clinton’s gaining power, people die. It’s my strong belief that’s what we’re seeing with Epstein’s killing today. Bill Clinton in 1991 announced for President VERY late. I believe HRC 2020 is planned.
Here’s a research thread I put together on Epstein’s mad dash to destroy evidence leading up his arrest. Gutted and sold Loita Express, rebuilt Epstein Island using heavy equipment (drone photos of destruction of evidence), jetted frantically around world:
Clearly Epstein was terrified of someone. I think it was the Clintons. They had him clean up ALL evidence of Bill’s pedophilia then they killed him. Also serves to send a message to anyone else with dirt on Clinton’s: talk and you’re next.
With virtually every false flag mass casualty event or Clinton killing, there’s post-incident false info planted on the chans. This is called “flak”. It’s purpose is to plant half truths and fake info to discredit researchers who pick it up. Classic CIA disinformation.
And here we go: to gain credibility one poster claims (perhaps true) to have had foreknowledge of the Epstein mode of death:
This Chan fake “white hat” poster will likely return in coming days to plant fake bombshell info supposedly supporting a killing VS suicide. Exact same thing as past false flags and virtually ALL Clinton killings. Same people.
When the info turns out to be demonstrably false, the researchers will be throughly discredited for repeating it in Democrat press as conspiracy theorists and dismissed. This is how it works every single time. Don’t fall for it.
All this means is Clinton’s have professionally trained PsyOps operators on their payroll.
Exhibit 2:
Let’s check in on what the Hillary Clinton reporters are publishing....
They’re now claiming from their bunker deep in Signal land that Epstein could commit suicide because ... he wasn’t on suicide watch after all. BWAHAHA. The narrative changes before our eyes when inconvenient truths arise after the fact. Classic Clinton killing machine.
Deflection: NYT reporter blames Barr/DOJ for Epstein not being on suicide watch:
Side note: The world’s pedophile Elite are now indebted to the Clintons for “fixing” their problem:
TWITTER HELPS OUT: Twitter Removes #ClintonBodyCount with 84,000 Mentions from Trending List After Epstein Death - Replaces with Trump, Barr Hashtags thegatewaypundit.com/2019/08/what-c…
Something every high profile pedophile and Clinton bunker has to be sweating right now:
Deep State NBC reporting 1 hour ago that “officials” claim Epstein was taken off suicide watch “sometime in the last two weeks”. Signal is getting a workout today as the killing machine works on getting its story straight.
Deep State now days Epstein was killed because the prison was short staffed. And to prove it we filed a complaint with the union a while back. See? It’s actually YOUR fault for not paying enough taxes. Viva socialism!!
Alright let’s play along. MCC New York’s warden would have had to sign off on removing Epstein from suicide watch. Who’s that? Shirley Skipper-Scott.
Shirley has some kind of lawsuit against Eric Holders DOJ that settled. She’s a self-described “Mercedes Benz girl”, and used to live in Puerto Rico. She also subscribes to the very unBiblical TD Jakes “prosperity gospel” (name it and claim it):
This woman agreed to take Epstein off suicide watch after an attempt on his life in her facility. WHY? And who initiated the change? Her or someone else?
Or perhaps it’s all BS, she was kept in the dark and knew nothing about it. OR. It never happened. OR. She was frightened by the people involved and signed off. OR. She was incompetent, signed whatever paperwork crossed her desk blindly. Many many questions.
NEW: Jeffrey Epstein told prison guards and fellow inmates that he believed someone had tried to kill him weeks before his death, a source has revealed to DailyMail.com. “He was found hanging in his jail cell on Saturday morning”
LEAKED: Soros ShareBlue talking points just issued from Soros HQ to all Democrats and social media bot farm controllers:
Corrupt SDNY issues statement calling for more Epstein victims to come forward to him because ... NOTHING will happen to them. Promise. Scouts honor.
(Which is really a warning to keep their mouths shut or they too will feel suicidal).
Official story now being refined by CNN:
Worth noting: anyone who was hoping to get a good deal by cooperating against Epstein has lost that opportunity. But I think it’s a good bet this whole affair will disappear back down the rabbit it came from. ASAP.
Reuter’s reporting “At the MCC, two jail guards are required to make separate checks on all prisoners every 30 minutes, but that procedure was not followed overnight.” More fingers pointing at the warden. reuters.com/article/amp/id…
Goes without saying that with the prime witness then care of, the victims are now in dire danger. Any victims of Bill Clinton in particular should run for their lives, exit the country and assume new identities ASAP. Arm themselves and their families ASAP. Install security.
Limit risky behavior, never take private flights, avoid being alone in high crime areas. Create a “dead man’s switch” with an sworn affidavit and copies of any evidence you have. It’s believed Bill Clinton travelled aprox 27 times on Lolitta Express. That means up to 27 victims.
Bill Clinton for sure has the real names of his victims and knows where they are right now. It’s a decent bet some have already been murdered.
Rod Rosenstein weighs in: Epstein’s suicide is totally normal.
Let’s play a game. Let’s pretend ol’ Bill & Hill WERE using Twitter to signal GO/NOGO on Operation Suicide Jeffrey. You could read this as “We have delayed long enough. If you don’t want Epstein’s photos and videos of you (and us) with children coming out we need to ACT NOW”
Interesting that Hill’s tweets came 12 hours almost to the minute it’s believed Epstein died, around 12-2AM ET.
Ah, but that’d be crazy talk right?
Clintons Are All Smiles in Illinois Hours After Bill Clinton's Pal Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead

Someone even scrawled “XOXO, Hillary + Bill” in blue chalk outside of Epstein’s Manhattan mansion.

Complete List of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously or Committed Suicide Before Testimony, Including Jeffrey Epstein.*

*Does NOT INCLUDE JFK JR and others who were in the way of Clinton’s obtaining power. #ClintonBodyCount thegatewaypundit.com/2019/08/here-i…
NEW: MCC conducted interviews with Epstein’s fellow inmates and discovered Epstein had asked for their account numbers, presumably to put money in their accounts for protection:
Doesn’t sound like a suicidal guy to me.
A look at Epstein’s cell where he was found dead:
One MCC ex-con said it would have been “impossible” for someone to take their own life in units Epstein was staying in.

“Between the floor and the ceiling is like 8 or 9ft. No way for you to connect to anything”.

“There’s immovable steel bed frame & no light fixture, no bars.”
The Daily Beast, where Chelsea Clinton is a board member offered this explanation for why MCC guards skipped rounds checking in Epstein: it was his own fault. He has too many requests and they stopped checking on him. Thanks for helping mom and dad Chelsea. Good girl.
The MCC guards will undoubtedly be fired in shame, etc etc. But ALL their electronics must be seized immediately, and those of all their family members and a deep web search for bitcoin transfers to accounts tied to them found. Offshore accounts must be found.
Charging the guards with every crime possible, including murder might also make them crack, to use a Mueller Team tactic. Plus, 5AM raids on everyone they know.
NEW: Chelsea Clinton’s Daily Beast claims serial killing cop Nicholas Tartaglione, “claims to have saved Epstein during the earlier possible suicide attempt.” Narrative of Nicholas Tartaglione claiming to “save” Epstein previously is new.
Likely because evidence will come out Tartaglione had physical contact with Epstein. thedailybeast.com/after-his-suic…
Keep a close eye on The Daily Beast. It’s basically Bill and Hillary’s “get ahead of the facts with our own narrative” publication.
Autopsy Results for Jeffrey Epstein Expected Sunday Afternoon: Medical Examiner. You can be sure the fix is in. REMEMBER: A hit like this takes up to a YEAR of careful meticulous planning. NOTHING is left to chance. nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Aut…
FUN FACT: Epstein underwent a psychiatric investigation after the July incident, which found he COULD be taken off suicide watch and was NOT SUICIDAL. Watch the pretzel logic explaining this one away. nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Aut…
While we await the tour de force and masterful work of art that will be Epstein’s autopsy, let’s take a look at who runs the NY Medical Examiners Office: Barbara Sampson. Appointed in 2014 by NY Mayor and Soros puppet Bill De Blasio:
A new theory emerges: Epstein, who was not suicidal, PAID to have someone HELP HIM commit suicide, because the jail is so corrupt. Uh huh. How about: the jail is so corrupt someone PAID to have a serial killing dirty cop let into his cell at 2AM?
AUTOPSY COMPLETE Dr. Barbara Sampson released a statement: "The ME's determination is pending further information at this time.” In other words: “i’ve sent the report to the Clintons for final editing”.
“Lawyers for Epstein’s alleged victims said he had 'cheated justice' and expect the criminal investigation to focus on British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell”. She’ll be next on the Arkancide list.
Fox News now reporting Jeffrey Epstein was "considering cooperating in naming names that’d reduce his sentence."

The motive for a hit is slapping us in the face.

Ghislaine Maxwell is very probably being hunted by a Clinton assassination squad throughout Europe right now or is already dead.
Epstein’s UNREDACTED little black book PDF is disappearing off the Internet. Can no longer be found using Google. Here’s copy for now. This will likely disappear shortly. Archive it ASAP. coreysdigs.com/wp-content/upl…
Jeffrey Epstein kept secret diaries which could come back to haunt every Epstein-connected pedophile.

What are the chances Hillary and Bill are documented in there?
NEW: AG Barr said investigators are learning of "serious irregularities" at New York jail where Epstein was found dead over the weekend.

"We are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation"
He continued: "Let me assure you that this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein. Any co-conspirators [LIKE BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON] should not rest easy. The victims deserve justice and they will get it."
NEW: Here's an OCR-d version of the Epstein UNREDACTED black book PDF. Which means you can SEARCH for names and numbers. HAVE FUN.

BWAHAHA. GUESS WHO is now going after Epstein’s $550M fortune? HILLARY CLINTON’S HIRED HITWOMAN SHE USED TO ATTACK TRUMP — LISA BLOOM! So Bill and Hillary Clinton rape and molest dozens of children, THEN kill the witness, THEN go after all his assets in name of #MeToo. Brilliant!
Some folks think Epstein made an escape with a body double. I personally think chances Epstein’s sipping a margarita someplace is low single digits. When you have dirt on the Clintons in an election year your chances of survival are < 1%.
Seriously, if Gloria Allred now gets involved in lawsuits “for the children”, minus her “fees”, going after Epstein’s $550M in booty, chances of Clinton involvement in Epstein’s death TRIPLE.
President Donald Trump today: "I have no idea" if former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were somehow involved in the death of Jeffrey Epstein. But there’s a very good chance, I’m sure he believes.

And here it is: the ACTUAL Clinton-baked narrative to exonerate the guards to let them off so they can spend their millions in bitcoin: Jail guards assigned to watch Epstein were “sleeping” before his death. They were overworked and just very, very, very sleepy. Uh huh.
The great thing about fixed cameras in a low traffic area from an assassination perspective is the footage is SUPER easy to splice and replace with a chunk of footage from earlier in the recording. It’s just the timestamp that needs to be kept from the original.
Using the powerful masking features in today’s Non-Linear Editirs like Adobe Premier makes this a very simple 5-10 minute job on a laptop.
The assassin (likely former cell mate serial killing cop Nicholas Tartaglione, awaiting trial and facing the death penalty), is easily erased going into and leaving the target’s cell. All that’s needed was to get Tartaglione in and out of Epstein’s cell.
Nicholas Tartaglione claimed through his lawyer yesterday he heard “nothing” though he was just a few cells away, yet others reportedly heard “screaming and yelling”, supposedly from the guards as they discovered Epstein. This is a discrepancy that shouldn’t be overlooked.
The physical hard drives used to store the video feeds must be acquired QUICKLY to preserve evidence. It’s possible assassins used secure-delete software like Linux Shred to evade FBI forensics when replacing video file but maybe they missed something tecmint.com/permanently-an…
In fact ALL computers, devices and storage in the ENTIRE facility should immediately be taken into evidence, and a team of FBI forensics analysts hand picked by Barr, reporting DIRECTLY to Barr with team of IG analysts literally watching over EVERY FBI shoulder needs to happen.
The facility should be disconnected from the Internet immediately. All firewalls and routers acquired and entered into evidence with the AG IG.
This assassination was planned for about a YEAR, based on my experience analyzing Clinton-linked deaths. Only a razor sharp and completely paranoid and squeaky clean investigative team has any hope of really cracking this.
The cameras themselves from the ENTIRE facility should also all be acquired immediately and entered into evidence. Modified camera(s) could also have been placed strategically I hallway and entry/egress points: internally remotely controlled circuits can be installed...
With a click of a button a recording of footage begins onto an internally installed flash drive, recording video for however much time is needed to get the job done. On command all cameras switch to sending that video downstream to the central recording machine as if it’s live.
Time stamps would present normally if the circuit board was installed correctly in partaken with the CCD image capture component internally. The camera itself wouldn’t have any idea it’s data feed was coming from the flash drive.
Key to this approach would be to exfil and replace the modified cameras to avoid detection. The ideal time for that if you can pull it off safely? DURING THE INVESTIGATION. Get a dirty FBI agent in there to swap the modified cameras for the originals during transit of evidence.
WRT the guards BOTH falling asleep for 3 hours, I think we have to entertain a few possibilities: paying people off is possible, but it’s messy. They have to be able to withstand intense scrutiny. Payments have to be masked and hidden carefully. Which are all possible. But...
An easier, safer and frankly CHEAPER option would be to just PUT the guards to sleep for 3 hours.
Given the level of sophistication demonstrated in this assassination, I’d say it’s entirely possible a gas was used to render the guards (and perhaps the entire floor/wing) unconscious for 3 hours to create the needed window to safely execute the plan.
Clandestine services have this odorless, invisible stuff in their arsenal for similar spec ops and other operations. Short lasting, undetectable, easy to use and disperses with normal ventilation leaving no trace.
Which brings us back to motive: who would have this level of sophistication AND so desperately want Epstein dead?
I think it’s clear the planners and executioners had state-level intelligence training and tools to pull this off with enough confidence to get away with it.
Looking at this objectively, I think there’s two main possibilities for motive for one of the boldest assassinations in US history: 1) a state-level Intel org wanting to protect “sources and methods” or 2) a private co-conspirator wanting to protect themselves from incrimination.
And three main possibilities: 1) active US intelligence formally using Epstein as a honeypot, 2) Mossad, 3) former intel working for a co-conspirator such as the Clintons. My money’s on (3).
The tools these agencies have developed for assassinations are really quite impressive. #Vault7 published by WL have us a small peak at some of these, including extensive computer forensic false flag tools and even remote hacks into automobiles for undetectable assassinations.
It’s believed reporter Michael Hastings was assassinated by Brennan’s CIA using Vault 7 tech to remotely access vehicle electronics and control basic systems to effect untraceable assassinations. Hastings was working on an expose of Brennan when he died.

With Epstein’s assassination, could we be looking at another of Brennan’s handiwork, using allied former CIA assets who are still “WithHer” to clear the way for Hillary’s 2020 bid, gain favor with His Queen and help ensure Epstein/Clinton don’t come back to bite during campaign?
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