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This is my thread on JEFFREY EPSTEIN & Little St James Island.
Grab something to drink, sit down and hold on! This is a ride you won't forget-EVER.
*WARNING-PLEASE BE AWARE- You ill not be able to UN-SEE or UNLEARN What you are about to find out. The implications are WORLDWIDE.
Let's start with Epstein himself. He started out teaching at Dalton School in New York City in the 70's. Some students remember him as a caring teacher; others remembered him as a louse & a creep. Seems to have been a brilliant mathematician.
This is some of the inside of the private Dalton High School where Epstein taught. Notice the symbolism? If you don't yet, you will. After we finish this thread, your new eyes will be installed and you won't be able NOT to SEE it.
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon Epstein taught at a prestigious New York prep school where he was hired as a teacher in the seventies without so much as a college degree. Young boys & girls. Epstein had no college degree when he was hired to teach. HOW does that even happen?? He was 20 years old.
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon Not much else is known about his earlier years as he has "flown" under the radar because Epstein has spent the bulk of his adult life cultivating relationships with the world’s most powerful men. Of course now NO ONE wants to admit that they hung out....
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon and flew around with him on the LOLITA Express to Little St James, etc. His plane comes complete with a bedroom. Flight logs show that from 2001 to 2003, Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s private plane, dubbed “The Lolita Express” by the press, 26 times.
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon #7 The flight logs reveal many many interesting names. The lists below are NOT all of them.
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon #8 Off they went- Up in the Wild Blue Yonder, where no one can see or hear or record anything-Yes, back b4 everyone had a phone! Notice the destinations. Notice the duration & Notice who was involved-Even the US State Department plane connected to Epstein at times!
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko #9 Sometimes they flew to his private island in the Virgin Island chain, Little St. James. VERY interesting place. Let's go for a ride. Rusty Shackleford on youtube has some of the best drone footage I have seen. Take the time to go explore it from the air.
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko #11 There are as of July 25, 2019, over 30 videos of varying lengths that really explore the island. They are an amazing collection of video "Rusty Shackleford" dropped for anons to find and dissect! #WHO #WHAT #WHEN @WHERE @WHY & #HOW youtube.com/channel/UCGF4c…
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko @WHERE @why @Honey9Robin #12 Back to Epstein, business was SO GOOD, he bought ANOTHER 165-acre island nearby, Great St. James, for $18 million. and he often hosted powerful people He had planned to build a complex of buildings there that include an amphitheater and and had started construction until-
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko @WHERE @why @Honey9Robin #13 last December came and a stop work order was issued after US Virgin Islands authorities found that Epstein was doing unauthorized construction like
“underwater office & pool” & GOD only knows what else!
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko @WHERE @why @Honey9Robin #14 It is rumored Disney is planning a Magical Kingdom Disney Cruise Line.Former Walt Disney Company executive Michael Laney was sentenced to 81 months in prison for 4 counts of 1st degree sexual abuse against a 7-year-old girl. Disney is not a good company. Subliminal messaging.
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko @WHERE @why @Honey9Robin #15 Back to Little St James where there is a temple painted with blue and white stripes and topped with a golden dome along with other interesting architecture
on the island.
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko @WHERE @why @Honey9Robin #16 Mystery of Epstein's Temple Bird Statues

The golden birds on top of Epstein's temple probably represent sulfur-crested cockatoos. More research into the Epstein Island symbology demonstrates that the symbols around the island seem strongly connected somehow to the stars."
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko @WHERE @why @Honey9Robin #17 On Little St John Island, St. Thomas, a Google Map search shows two SNAILS with an E between them on a building. SNAILS in myth are revered by pagans and thought to be evil by early Christians. They are-
2-Cannabalistic &
3-Are fully male and fully female sexually.
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko @WHERE @why @Honey9Robin This does not appear to be a regular Sun Dial. There are 13 benches set out on the "Sun Dial" in assorted pastel colors.

Witches have 13 in a Coven.

Could this be a Moon Dial? There are 13 constellations now.


Their need for Symbols WILL be their DOWNFALL.
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko @WHERE @why @Honey9Robin More Symbolism at the Temple.


A race of Centaurian sea gods with the upper body of a human, the lower front of a horse, the tail of a fish.
The two best-known Greek Ichthyocentaurs were Bythos (Sea-Depths) and Aphros (Sea-Foam).
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko @WHERE @why @Honey9Robin "The association between centaurs and sexuality is very common, but in the case of the centaurs that sex is almost always violent. The most famous example stems from the myth of Nessos attempting to rape Deianeira, Hercules's wife.
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko @WHERE @why @Honey9Robin Note the symbols used at this hotel. Consider this a call to Dig Anons. Nessos not only attempted to rape Deianeira but then convinced her that a mixture of his blood and semen would serve as a love charm to secure the affections of Heracles, which it did not.
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko @WHERE @why @Honey9Robin A connection between centaurs, sexual assault, and semen is what is written about throughout Greek Mythology.

Symbols. They just can't help themselves, can they?
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko @WHERE @why @Honey9Robin The Cockatoo could be an analogue for Quetzalcoatl- feather serpent associated with human sacrifice. All of these secret societies believe in Atlantis.
@Savedangel61 @QDAnon @cutterko @WHERE @why @Honey9Robin Tecciztecatl is an Aztec moon god (Mexico). He was depicted snuggled up in a snail’s shell in ancient relics and Aztec art. In this culture, the snail is symbolic of the moon, and its phases. The spiral of the snail’s shell is also symbolic of the moon and its cycles.
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