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Less than a month is left to the commemoration of the #HitlerStalinPact, that opened gates to the Second World War in #Europe! Those two bastards created hell on Earth or #Bloodlands to use @TimothyDSnyder term. #NeverForget theguardian.com/world/from-the… via @guardian
@TimothyDSnyder @guardian The neglected history of the #WarsawUprising. "Churchill & Roosevelt wanted to keep Stalin happy, thus they endorsed his lies about @katyn1940. Roosevelt apologized to Stalin when the exiled 🇵🇱 govmt. demanded @ifrc investigation of the crime!" wsj.com/articles/how-h… via @WSJ
Cannot answer to @A_Pushkov try to rewrite the WW2 history because he has blocked me. One is clear, however, if Russian senators are endowed with such "knowledge" the time for the Kremlin's #powervertical is running out! m.vz.ru/news/2019/8/2/…
@A_Pushkov Bolshevism and Nazism are two sides of the same coin. While Nazism was defeated, bloody Bolshevism is still roaming freely in Europe. Without #Nurenberg2.0 against Bolshevik butchers there cannot be peace on the continent!
@A_Pushkov "Relations between Berlin and Moscow –which have determined European history almost as much as Franco-German relations– have gone through various phases, but they are one of the constants, often less emphasised in Europe’s development." blog.realinstitutoelcano.org/en/the-molotov… via @rielcano
@A_Pushkov @rielcano @Roger_Moorhouse @SlawomirDebski @lostson_ @jgotkowska @AndisKudors @nickfshort @lennutrajektoor "The Soviet double-cross of the Western democracies eventually ended up almost destroying Russia, which bore the brunt of an empowered Germany. [....] Add this all up & in some sense World War II really started on Aug. 23, 1939, 80 years ago this summer."
Indeed, fascism (nazism) & Soviet Bolshevism are two sides of the same coin!
#Kremlin fascists on lying spree again with their propaganda offices spreading utter nonsense across the 🌍 Dear comrades @OSCE 🇷🇺 office - none of the treaties you mentioned contained secret protocols & even USSR government declared them null&void!🤦‍♀️
#TruthAboutWW2 All 🇷🇺 propaganda offices today are out and spreading their lies about #HitlerStalinPact! Be careful not to be mislead European, North American and other citizens in 🌍 democracies! 🇪🇺🇺🇸 windowoneurasia2.blogspot.com/2019/06/putin-… via @PaulGoble1 #STRATCOM
@PaulGoble1 #TruthAboutWWII Revisionist #Kremlin is on the lying spree, again, basing its "facts" on the cooking book produced by the @SaskanaOnline MP N. Kabanov, and "omitting" academic scholarship... #FAIL stratcomcoe.org/gatis-krumins-… via @STRATCOMCOE
@PaulGoble1 @SaskanaOnline @STRATCOMCOE #TruthAboutWWII "At the Treaty of #Rapallo in April 1922, Germany & USSR normalized relations. The following summer, the Reichswehr and Red Army held a series of secret summits during which they crafted the framework for military coop." warontherocks.com/2016/06/sowing… via @WarOnTheRocks
@DanKaszeta @Politics_co_uk @IntlCrimCourt @guardian #TruthAboutWWII Well argued @kolga! "Unholy alliance between Stalin and Hitler was deeply unsettling even to Stalin’s former Bolshevik colleagues, who labeled the period following the signing as the “midnight of the century.” torontosun.com/opinion/column… via @TorontoSUNPromo
@DanKaszeta @Politics_co_uk @IntlCrimCourt @guardian @kolga @TorontoSUNPromo #TruthAboutWWII Glory to the Soviet soldiers who were forced to give their lives on altar of two bastards, Hitler&Stalin, who started #WorldWarII. There in no need to falsify the history dear comrades from Russian MFA!
#TruthAboutWWII The truth cannot be a casualty, while 🇪🇺🇺🇸🇨🇦🇯🇵 short sightedly appease a legal successor of a bastard regime = anti-civilization born by WW1! Until international socialists misrule 🇷🇺, there cannot be a reconciliation with a civilized 🌍! theguardian.com/world/2019/aug…
Indeed, rather often people in 🇪🇺 & 🌍 forget the #TruthAboutWWII. Those were actually words of Lennart Meri!
@PaulGoble1 @SaskanaOnline @STRATCOMCOE @WarOnTheRocks #TruthAboutWWII 80 years ago OTD, as agreed in the #HitlerStalinPact & secret protocols, a Nazi army attacked #Poland and was followed by the USSR 17 days later. Shall never forgive totalitarian inhumanity, thus hopefully ideas of war on 🇪🇺 continent are getting extinct!?
@PaulGoble1 @SaskanaOnline @STRATCOMCOE @WarOnTheRocks @LT_MFA_Stratcom @Roger_Moorhouse @SlawomirDebski @lostson_ @AlexKokcharov @kvoneggert @TetySt @MarcelHVanHerpe @RebHarms @kurt_obruny @Leusenko_Oleg @mfa_russia @guardian #TruthAboutWWII К сожалению, но правда... [Эта война не закончилась 2 сентября 1945 года — она идёт до сих пор, благодаря России.] / unfortunately, but its true ...[#WW2 did not end on September 2, 1945 - because of Russia it continues until today]
#TruthAboutWWII Historian Mark Solonin joins Boris Sokolov destroying #Kremlin revisionist lies about #HitlerStalinPact, good! novayagazeta.ru/articles/2019/… via @novaya_gazeta
@novaya_gazeta #TruthAboutWWII "Fascists became our friends" or how the Soviet comrades told their populace about dividing "the loot in #EUrope" . Newly revealed documents from the KGB archives in Kyiv, #Ukraine. svoboda.org/a/30135383.html via @SvobodaRadio
@novaya_gazeta @SvobodaRadio #TruthAboutWWII Russian revisionism of Stalin' s criminal regime is not particularly quiet lately... . And September 17 is approaching! npr.org/2019/07/08/739… via @NPR
@novaya_gazeta @SvobodaRadio @NPR Informative THREAD on #TruthAboutWWII. Just painful to see an utter inability of HE the Russian Ambassador to empathise with a view that is not from the Orwellian #Kremlin mythology ... #facepalm / @SlawomirDebski @Roger_Moorhouse @sakkov
Signing under every word, and September 17 is approaching! #BlackRibbonDay
#TruthAboutWWII BTW, it is #September17th tomorrow & various parties from @PES_PSE still have problems to face the TRUTH ... telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/… via @Telegraph
#TruthAboutWWII How does @PACE_News @coe @EmmanuelMacron @Elysee @HeikoMaas want to reset relations with 🇷🇺, if it is ruled by neo fascist regime that denies simple truths? / @SlawomirDebski @MarcelHVanHerpe @Roger_Moorhouse @esmolar @jgotkowska interfax.ru/russia/676611
@EtoBuziashvili #TruthAboutWWII 80 years ago the Red army fulfilled its obligations of the #HitlerStalinpact & occupied #Poland. It is unacceptable behaviour of a @UN SC member to whitewash such crime & for @PACE_News @Elysee not understand it! enrs.eu/en/news/882-17… &
@EtoBuziashvili @UN @PACE_News @Elysee @AlexKokcharov @MarcelHVanHerpe @esmolar @BSchmeitzner @RebHarms @Euan_MacDonald @UmlandAndreas @lennutrajektoor @TetySt #TruthAboutWWII Bullseye @edwardlucas - "the real question for the Kremlin should be this: if you truly liberated Eastern and Central Europe, why are these countries so ungrateful? Was there perhaps something else you did?" cepa.org/arise-o-prague via @cepa
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