#taekookau Autocorrect NSFW Au 🔞or Jeongguk, the top crime boss, lording over all other gang leaders to warn them touching Tae means war. (mention of death threats and blood. idek, i can’t sleep. just a drabble) 🐯🐰
The message tone of Jeongguk’s phone cut off Park Bogum’s presentation and the head of the Hongkong group looked back in annoyance as Jeon fished his phone from his pocket and took a sip from his scotch without care. He was surprised as well as offended at Jeon’s lack of respect.
It was an annual meeting attended by top gang leaders in Asia. Bogum knew that Jeon would usually never answer his phone during a meeting and put it on silent mode. He had heard it buzz in his pocket before too but it was always ignored until the end of the meetings.

Guk took his time unlocking his phone. His angel had texted and everything could wait. He took a drink as he tapped open the message with a small smile playing at his lips before he awkwardly choked on his scotch.

He started coughing to clear his throat as he gasped for air.
"Jeongguk?" Next to him sat Jimin, another powerful leader from North Korea. They were good allies. Jimin gave Guk a concerned look and smacked his back to clear the man's airway.

Jimin glanced at Guk’s phone curiously. “What happened?”
Unbothered by the others eyes on him, Guk threw his phone on the table as he struggled to breath easier. His throat still burned from the scotch.

Jimin raised an eyebrow and picked up the phone, feeling excited to see what made Guk react like that.
He looked at the screen and he visibly froze as his sleepy mind processed the words he’s reading.

He put a hand to his mouth as his body shook from laughter.
Jimin wheezed as his laugh died down. He glanced at Guk who was drinking water like he’s suddenly feeling hot and a smirk curled on his lips.

He tried to stop himself from laughing again as he tapped at the keyboard of Guk’s phone, unbothered by the judging eyes of the others.

Taehyung’s phone buzzed on the table beside him. He’s currently on his art studio and it’s almost time to go home.

He put his paint brush down to grab his phone.

Only to have his face blowing into flames as he read the reply from his boyfriend.
Tae looked up at his previous message and he dropped his phone in horror. He slumped into his chair with a pitiful whine as he whacked his head into the table.

His arms circled his head as he tried to hide himself from the world, embarrassment making his skin flushed all over.
He wouldn’t be this much affected but he’s never been forward like this before, autocorrect or not.

They’ve been official for only 4 months and he knows he’s in big trouble now because Guk is insatiable in bed.

He would never let me live this down, tae thinks to himself.
He lifted his head when his phone buzzed again. Oh no. He had to set this straight immediately or Guk really would have a cock waiting for him when he got home tonight.

But the new message just got him more flustered. He’s lucky Hobi’s busy with a customer to see his red face.
Tae gripped his phone hard and he started to type furiously at the screen to correct his awful, embarrassing mistake.

Jimin laughed loudly again when Tae’s reply came back, he could imagine his best friend, struggling with his embarrassment and the unavoidable knowledge that he'd already signed away his evening to Guk’s ministrations.

He could already see Guk’s eyes shining.
Another series of reply came from Tae and Jimin laughed more.

Tae’s ass going to suffer, no doubt.
Guk impatiently reached out for his phone but Jimin turned away from his grasp. He texted back with a sly smile on his face.

All eyes were on them in the room but neither cared.

Jimin was having fun teasing Tae and Guk wanted his phone back so he could tease his boyfriend too.

Taehyung groaned in defeat reading the reply. He’s doomed. He knew Guk would not let him go that easily no matter what he say anymore.

He was getting fucked tonight.

You'd think he'd run out of steam eventually. But no! His boyfriend could go at it until dawn.

“Jimin, my phone if you don't mind,” Guk snapped, hand held out for Jimin to drop it into his palm.

With a dejected sigh, Jimin gave up the phone and watched Guk smirk darkly as he read the texts and typed another reply.

Poor Tae.

Taehyung read the new set of messages once and slumped forward onto the table again, dropping his phone.

"Nooooooooooooo~” he whined and Hobi ran to his side.

“What’s wrong?

“Trust me. You dont wanna know.”

Everyone could see Jeon’s smug triumph as he locked his phone and tucked it into his jacket pocket. He turned to Bogum, who had been glaring at him throughout the distraction, and nodded at him with a sly smile.

"Please continue, excuse my sudden interruption.”
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Guk didn’t show any remorse at all; they all knew he wasn't sorry for interrupting. He didn't care at all.

His eyes glinted with amusement; beside him Jimin was still trying to hold back his laugh while imagining Tae’s face.
Neither seemed to give a single shit that offending someone during this meeting could result in a war between their groups.

Each leader in the room was miffed by the disrespect from the leaders of South and North Korea.
Bogum picked up where he left off, glancing at Guk and Jimin with irritation every few seconds. The two didn't seem to be stopping their chat any moment soon.

Jimin subtly tapped Guk’s arm and leaned forward again before he spoke in low tones. But really not that low.
"Is Tae always so forward? Or did you poison his mind? He wouldn’t just come right out and say that."

Guk didn't even try to lower his tone when he replied and he turned to Jimin completely.

Bogum was boiling in rage at Jeon’s apparent arrogance.
Was he not worthy of the great Jeon Jeongguk’s slightest attention? Just because the meeting is in his homeland?

Did he not see the Park group as a strong enough enemy to show even the smallest sliver of respect for him?

He'd prove their power if he had to. In any way possible.
"Tae will not be so forward after tonight, he will learn his lesson,” Guk answered with an evil smirk and his deep voice was loud enough for the others to hear.

Plus his voice carried an intimidating tone to it, that people would automatically listen to the moment he spoke.
Bogum stared at him, his rage overflowing the room.

"Perhaps it is you who should learn his lesson Jeon. One in manners. I'm sure Tae would happily offer himself for the task."

“Uh-oh,” Jimin answered as he whistled in more amusement.
The tense atmosphere created by Jeon’s interruption earlier escalated in an instant as his smile turned cold and a vicious, a protective glint burning in his sharp eyes at the mention of his lover’s name.

Jimin sipped on his scotch with an excited smile.
“I would very much enjoy watching you try Park. Among the living only Jimin can tell you how that will end as it almost ended him." Guks voice was darkly polite.Murder dripped from his words as they were all suddenly reminded as to why Jeon was the most feared man in the room.
Jimin raised an eyebrow as the memory of what happened hit him. He was bored one time and jokingly set up Tae to a blind date because Jeon was being a pain and messing his weapon deals.

He didn’t expect for the guy to be an asshole and tried to get his hands on Tae forcefully.
Jeon was livid and he almost put a bullet on Jimin’s forehead.

If Tae didn’t get in between them, an unnecessary drama and war could have erupted between North and South korea’s top gang leaders.

But Jimin apologized to Tae because he didn’t really mean to put him in danger.
The public knew North korea as a stronger fortress where deadly weapons were secretly built but all the gang leaders in the room knew the real deal. Jeon owned half of North koreas underground activities and Jimin the rest. If you put the two leaders together, they’re invincible.
So Jeon was unafraid of publicly announcing a male lover because he’s 100% sure that he could protect him or bring down the fires of hell upon any who wish to harm his precious Taehyung.

Many gangs had been wiped out by Jeon in the past months.
He’s always on a warpath when his darling was targeted.

Tae, though known to be Jeon’s lover and a relatively easy target after he'd slipped away from his guards for the day, remained untouchable least one had a death wish filled with torture and agony.
Bogum began to get nervous. Jeon stared him down ruthlessly, daring him to make another threat against himself and Tae. Bogum lowered his head in surrender.

"I did not mean any harm Jeon. Just a warning."

"Heard loud and clear, now listen intently to one of my own."
Bogum swallowed audibly, eyes stuck gazing into the icy depths of Jeon’s cruel stare.

Jimin smiled darkly when he also noticed the others fidgeting in nervousness, like they were all at fault for waking up the dragon within Jeon.

They just don’t learn their place, huh?
“Should you ever see fit to threaten Taehyung’s safety again you will find yourself on the wrong side of my mercy. After I send your loved ones to you in pieces with their eyes burned from their skulls and violated in every way I can possibly think of.”
”And I will do it slowly, take my time. I will make you watch every, last, scene of them screaming in agony for mercy that shall never be awarded, under my watchful gaze before I do the same to you and put you down like the dog you are."
The cold delivery of his threat drove it home all the more solidly. Everyone held no doubts that the threat pertained to all of them in the room.

The warning was delivered, loud and as clear as it ever could be

Do not touch Tae or it means war. A war they couldn’t possibly win.
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I decided to make a sequel. Please bear with me 😌
Crime lord AU part 2:

“Make no mistake." The voices of the underworld would whisper. "Heads will roll. Dont try and poke the dragon no one has the power to contain. Never touch his lover, Taehyung. The first one to move even an inch the wrong way will end up paying the price."
* OT7 characters
* Mafia au so it contains quite disturbing details at some point. I’ll put trigger warnings.
* Possibly nsfw sometimes.
* side ship: namjin
Yes, im starting with the nasty because im picking up where I left off on the first part of the au. Please read that first to better understand. Or not. Just jump in by all means. 😏✌🏻but pls do read the first part above. 👆(Jeongguk is older than Tae by the way. Let me live.)
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2. A few moments later 🔞
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5. One Monday morning 🤭 .... (mention of torture/violence and death ⚠️⚠️⚠️)
6. ⚠️⚠️⚠️
7. ⚠️⚠️⚠️
A/N: This story is a fantasy, a guilty pleasure. I don’t condone to violence or anything related. Just a fanfiction to satisfy my thirst for a mafia/gang au world. If you're looking for a story with a healthy and wholesome plot, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU, sorry✌🏻😉
Everyone has a story to tell...
will look back on their first meeting on next updates. 💜
9. Taehyung @ 18 years old 💜⏮
10. Jeongguk @ 18 years old 🖤⏮
A/N: Ignore the name of places and schools and extra characters. 😅 just a glimpse of taekook’s past. Will update more flashbacks tomorrow night. 💜💜💜 all background pics I used represent the texts too 😌
11. Taehyung @ 19 years old 💜⏮ (vhope)
12. Jeongguk @ 19 years old

(disturbing details) ⚠️⚠️⚠️
13. ⚠️⚠️⚠️
14. ⚠️⚠️⚠️
15. Jeongguk @ 19 years old ⏮
16. A/N: Im not familiar with hacking or computer terminologies so just pretend im making sense below. SKSKLLKL .

17. It was around midnight when Jeongguk sent his first text. He knew the girl would still be awake.
18. Next try...
19. ‘Please let this work this time’ Guk whispered as he waited in anticipation. His phone buzzed after an hour and Guk almost jumped in joy at the reply.
20. Jeongguk waited patiently for a reply because it seemed that the girl was having a hard time processing everything he revealed. He would be too if he’s in her situation.

It was 30 minutes later when another reply came. And this time, the girl was ready to believe Guk.
21. 😅
22. Poor girl 🙁
The 2nd part of the plan was solved way easier than Guk imagined. He spent a lot of time browsing through all members of the police force before but he found it hard in him to trust anyone. It would be risky to involve a total stranger so he needed to choose the right person.
And Shinye actually suggested one man when he asked for her opinion.
A/N: That’s it for today. Tae’s dad had caught the attention of Jeongguk for his next plan. And Taekook’s connection started from there. Not directly but you will understand soon. To my 3 readers, thank you 😅💜
A/N: number 15 update should be Jeongguk @ 20 years old guys. Not 19. ✌🏻
24. (A/N: remember tae is 2 years younger so when this happened, Guk was 20 and Tae was 18 and still a graduating student in high school at the time)
And so Jeongguk looked at other profiles to get more options. He was not in a rush anyway. He was still gathering data from the Head Boss too.

He made a final decision not to involve the Kim family anymore. It just didn’t feel right and he didn’t know why.
It was the month of August when fate started to let the life of 7 men crossed. (OT7 yay!)

People all over South Korea were celebrating because of two reasons.
25. First reason ....
And his popularity instantly caught the attention of someone.

Somewhere in Seoul, Jeongguk smiled knowingly as he watched the President award the police officer on the evening news.
26. Guk texted Shinye right away to share the progress.
27. And the second reason of celebration.... ft. Namjin
28. Jeongguk @ 21 ...

Guk smiled as he watched the morning news.
29. His private tutor gave him an hour break as he checked his test papers in the library and he used the time to update his sister right away.
30. After his tutor left for the day, Jeongguk also sent a message to the detective who had been solving cases after cases since last December, the time he contacted the man.
31. Then later that night, Guk received the text he had been waiting for. It actually took them longer to reach out to him than expected but he still smiled darkly at the messages. ⚠️⚠️⚠️
32. 🤝
The underworld didn’t know Jeongguk’s identity at all no matter who they hired to track his number back. He was only known as Golden, and that’s it. They never talked about it to anyone too because gansters started to lose trust in each other.

They didn’t dare anger Golden.
33. 1 month later ..... ft. Jimin 🐥
34. 2 months later .....

Jeongguk sighed tiredly as he closed his eyes. Another gang leader was trying his patience.

He texted Detective Yoongi right away. They would be begging for him to spare them after this.
35. Good luck...
36. Taegi 😌
Detective Yoongi offered Taehyung a ride when he went back to Seoul and the latter agreed.

They spent the entire travel time getting to know each other and the detective even dropped Tae in front of his apartment even if his destination was the other way.
Fate said it’s time. And there’s no going back anymore. 🤧
37. Jeongguk @ 22 👨🏻‍🎓
What if Guk was lying about everything? What if he only comforted her because he was feeling guilty of what’s about to happen?

And as if Jeongguk could feel her internal struggles, Shinye received a text from him just when she was about to break down again.
38. 😣
39. Midnight ... ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
Guk probably passed out from so much crying because he couldn’t remember how he got to his bed.

He didn’t want to remember anymore. ☹️
40. Options .....
41. So he figured he could try and get the detective’s opinion at least.
42. welcome to underworld
43. Goodluck yoongi ...
Yoongi needed to be extra careful because if they even caught him spying or near the area, they won’t hesitate to kill him.

And these gangsters would find joy in torturing him and maybe send his detached head to the headquarters as a warning.
But it seemed that fate had another idea in mind too.

2 days before Yoongi went back to Daegu for this mission, he received a text from Taehyung.
44. package...
45. 👀👀
46. Yoongi took out the letter from the box and read it fast.
Yoongi was used to getting threats like this ever since his promotion but to have Tae involved, that’s downright alarming.

His heart was thumping so fast and he didn’t waste time to text Jungkook about it.
47. Uh-oh
Jeongguk’s eyes went wide as soon as he read the detective’s reply.

It couldn’t be!

48. 100 guards 💅
49. hyung. lmao
50. it’s the start of something new 🎶
51. 🙃😉
And the most alluring for Guk was the boxy smile. It was so precious and Jeongguk found himself smiling like an idiot too.

Oh yes.

He’s keeping Kim Taehyung safe for sure. 😏
52. overdoing it guk?? But better to be safe ...
Though Yoongi still had to be in disguise and use another car in leaving Seoul to sidetrack any stalker he had on his tail.

And Jeongguk was glad that he was prioritizing the mission again and being careful about it all.
But as if luck was playing with them both, Yoongi was in for a very big surprise as soon as he arrived at Nam-gu later that afternoon.


Not. 😪
53. Sigh
54. Oh no ...
55. The Plan ...
56. Same yoongi. Same.
57. taehyung is crying 😭
A sleeping dragon stirred inside Jeongguk’s soul and who knows what would happen if it fully woke up.

We could only hope that day won’t come.

It would be a dangerous era for sure.
58. Back in Daegu...
59. Case solved
And by checking the director's deleted emails, Jeongguk found out the exact address of the meeting at midnight and told Yoongi right away.

A productive night indeed.
The next day, Taehyung woke up to good news. His father had texted him saying he would be back to work soon but he wouldn’t tell him how because it's confidential.

Tae didn’t care how. He was ecstatic.

He was crying in so much joy and he texted Hobi right away.
60. VHOPE 🥰🥰
61. A/N: hobi had just graduated in college this year too. Just like Guk and Jimin. #potterhead
62. Ohhh clubbing it is...
Jeongguk got an update from the Head guard monitoring Taehyung after he got out of the shower that night.
63. A fEw MoMeNtS lAtEr ... Guk, relax.
64. Fun night!!!
65. oopps. Not so fun i guess ....
"Who was that?" Hobi asked from behind him.

"I dont know. But I'm glad he took that sick pervert away," Tae muttered and Hobi ushered him back to the privacy of their table to take a breather.
A/N: I’ll be using the guard's pov right here. He's a secondary character and would remain as tae's personal guard up to the present.

And guess what's his name. Right. Park Seo-joon everyone. But younger, around 28. Kslsldk let me live. ✌🏻
66. guk snapped ... but
Seo-joon could see that the man was telling the truth so he handcuffed him to a nearby post and texted his boss right away. ••••
Jeongguk was typing away on his laptop when he received another text from Seo-joon.

He still felt angry from his report earlier about the man touching Taehyung so if it's another bad news, he would probably lose it.
67. tell him...
Jeongguk's eyes went wide. What's going on?

Could it be that he had been discovered?
68. Guk in action...
69. What time is it?
70. 10:30
71. 👀
72. guk is smart in real life too yk....
73. okay. Story time next....
74. ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
75. ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
76. ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
77. ⚠️⚠️ let it sleep guk
78. proposal...
79. 🤝
80. Oh no namjoon 😣
81. Good job guk ...
82. Time’s up ..
83. Sobeon dont give him any ideas smh
And Jeongguk somehow got it. The emotional pain from his death would be nothing compared to the abuse and torture his sisters would suffer from the gang.

Such was the cruel life of anyone who ventured close to the underworld.
84. Back to Yoongi in Daegu ..
85. guk is stressed ☹️
86. Ohh. NAMJIN meeting soon ft. yoongi
87. A fEw dAyS LaTeR ....
88. seokjin is screaming ... in his mind ....
89. Im yoongi sksksl
90. legends only ✊
91. im still yoongi...
92. *Seokjin left the chat
93. illegal is an understatement...
"This informant of yours is actually the scariest of them all," Joon whispered after some time.

"I stopped questioning who he is a long time ago. He scares me most of the time. He's younger than us yet he holds so much power and connections," Yoongi agreed solemnly.
"But thanks to him I'm alive and my family is safe. Tell him I'll be in his service if he ever needs it. I owe him my life," Joon commented and Yoongi nodded with a smile.

“We all do,” the detective agreed.
94. Head Boss VS. grandson
95. ☹️
Jeongguk just needed more time to strike and bring down as many mafia groups as he could.

But alas, time was not on his side. 😣
Something big happened that finally woke up the dragon sleeping inside Jeon Jeongguk's soul.


The most powerful and true Crime Lord would be unleashed soon.
96. 1 MONTH LATER .... Guk needs a break ..

97. A little look at namjin’s progress ft. yoongi yet again. sksks

Im yoongi.

You see, for the one month that Joon had to be in hiding, the three of them became close. Joon was bored at the penthouse and so Yoongi and Jin would always visit to entertain him.
Jin accidentally admitted his more than 6 years crush on Joon one time they were drinking but he seemed to not remember saying it the next day.
98. Yeah joon? What’s stopping you?

Yoongi really cringed while reading the texts from Namjoon but he was smiling too.

He texted Seokjin next with a smirk. 

And Jin, seeing the chance to send a text to the other man, really did ask Joon. He sent a screenshot of his conversation with Yoongi and Joon choked on his drink.

For the first time in his life,Namjoon had the urge to use his shooting skills in killing one particular detective.

It was on a fated Saturday night when #Taekook finally met for the first time. In a very interesting way.

Jeongguk already called off the guards following Tae because he deserved his privacy too. Plus the threat to his life had been neutralized.

At least for now.
Half of the tickets were offered for sale to business representatives and the other half went on general sale. All the tickets sold out so Jisoo and all the volunteers were particularly buzzing in excitement. 

It was for a great cause and Taehyung was proud to be a part of it.
102. Around 4pm... the beauty arrived..

“What can I help you with noona?” Tae asked to change the topic and Jisoo smiled knowingly. 

“It's all under control but you can roam around and see if any of our guests need something,” she answered before they part ways.
But Jisoo was right. Everything was all taken care of properly. The staff of the hotel was very accommodating to everyone. 

And they were expecting three VIP guests tonight too.
103. Park Hyung-sik in the house everybody..

104. And so the auction started shortly after ft. a Pervert ...

107. Oh taetae you baby bear with big heart 💜

Jisoo finally agreed after some time.

"Alright, then." She pressed her hands together, at last allowing the excitement to take over for organizing another event.
But then Tae glanced at the other side and that’s when he saw the prime minister’s son ogling him excitedly.

Sh*t. He totally forgot about him! What if he outbid Hyung-sik and won? 

That would be a big no-no.

But it was already too late to back-out.
Hyungsik finally joined after some time and dropped a whopping 800,000 won as his first bid, making the others give up right away.

But the prime minister’s son, Mark, also broke his silence and outbid Hyung-sik, bidding 1,000,000 won right away.

Oh sh^t.
Even Hyungsik was shocked to see the new challenge.

The bid went on and the hall went silent. 

Hyungsik: 1.2 million

Mark: 1.5 million

Hyungsik: 1.8 million

Mark: 2.5 million
Taehyung’s heartbeat was going wild, praying for Hyung-sik to never give up even if he had to pay him back. He’d never go out with that perverted man!

He also caught Jisoo’s worried eyes as the bidding continued over the hushed hall.
Taehyung didn’t want to blame anyone though. He stupidly forgot about that man. He should have Jisoo escorted him out first before they announced the bachelor auction. 

The bids went on.

Hyungsik must have seen the worried look Tae had been shooting the other man.
Hyungsik: 3 million

Mark: 3.5 million

Hyungsik: 4.5 million

Mark cursed silently before shooting a glare at Hyungsik. 

“15 million!” he shouted with confidence and Hyungsik looked at the man in panic.
Taehyung felt like crying too because there’s no way the actor would bid more than that for just one dinner.

The hall was filled with the sounds of people murmuring, clearly surprised at how huge the amount too.
Hyungsik looked so determined as he tried to speak to his manager but his manager shook his head and sent him a warning glare. 

Taehyung’s eyes slid closed.

It was a horrific amount of money for the charity but he didn’t feel uncomfortable all of a sudden.
All the items from earlier only sold up to 6 million in total and now his bid was double that amount.

That’s crazy. 

He had to make a decision. The thought of going anywhere near that man almost made him throw up. ‘If only Hobi was here’ - Tae thought desperately.
"Going once!" the commentator called out, ringing with a warning. The hall was completely silent. 

"Going twice!"

Taehyung felt his legs shaking. 

Oh no 😣
"One hundred million won," a new voice announced somewhere from the back of the crowd and everyone turned their heads to look at the newcomer at the same time. 

Taehyung wanted to shout in joy but the bid amount made him speechless.

He turned around to see who bid for him and he felt his heart beating more wildly than before.

The new face belonged to a very handsome young man, perfectly fitted into his expensive suit.

Tae had never seen someone looked so powerful and intimidating by just standing still.
And he felt drawn to him for some reason. Like they’re two magnets being pulled to each other as their eyes connected.

Tae didn’t hear the commentator announced the winner anymore because his heart was beating so loud against his chest.
He only got distracted when Jisoo ran up to him and hugged him so tight. The audience also stood up and clapped happily.

The volunteers began to commend Taehyung for being brave and considerate. 

100,000,000 won was no joke!
Taehyung didn’t know what to do. His heart was being abnormal again.

115. Guk let the baby bear breathe!!

Taehyung finally looked up at Jeongguk in utter disbelief. He tried to search the man’s face for any sign that he was just joking or throwing cheesy pick up lines but the sincerity in his intense gaze stunned Taehyung to the core. 

He was telling the truth.
Taehyung’s face was still heated in an undying blush and no proper sentence came out his mouth even if he tried to.

His brain malfunctioned.

And he hated himself because he found his confessions HOT and sweet instead of creepy and cringy.
Plus it didn’t help that the man had a husky and rough voice, the type that could attract anyone, male or female.

“I - wha- why - i mean - are you - date? - but - who——“


Let me present a BROKEN TAEHYUNG. 

Poor baby.
A very dominant Jeongguk, with eyes and voice that screamed power and authority, was the last person he expected to meet that night. 

Two opposite people collided in the most unexpected way and fated to start their own love story. 💜
And Taehyung realized something that night. 

Jeongguk had another side of him that he put behind his intimidating mask. There’s a softer side of him that would accidentally show up every time he smiled and laughed a little.
Those simple actions made him look like his real age and not someone who had been forced to mature quickly. 

Jeongguk with the mask was powerful and hot. 

Jeongguk without it was bubbly and cute. And Taehyung liked that better.

Later that night, Taehyung got out of the shower and debated with himself if he should text Jeongguk or not.

The older man typed his phone number on his phone before he dropped him off at his apartment.
‘I guess it’s too early to text him. Maybe I’ll wait until tomorrow’ Tae thought to himself as he turned off his bedroom light. 

But his fingers seemed to have their own mind because he found himself typing a text message not long after.
Taehyung’s heart skipped a beat again. What was he going to say this time?

Tae didn’t know if he could take another confession but he was curious too.
Taehyung stared at his screen for a long time, trying to process what he just read. He couldn't understand how this man was so straightforward in saying things like this?

But he was smiling like an idiot too.
121. There’s no stopping guk, really..

Taehyung might or might have not shouted into his pillow before reading the rest of the text.

He definitely did. 💜
123. Baby taebear omg sksksj

124. 7 MONTHS LATER ••••

A new year with bigger challenges.

126. Meanwhile in the North... here’s an update on our dear Jimin ... 

They know Jimin had every right to be angry at them right now. He had made it clear that he didn’t want to be part of their underworld activities.

His adoptive brother was more than happy to take his place as the next leader but everyone knew Jimin was the real heir by blood.
Their enemies would always go after him. 

He had been involved since his birth.

And there’s no running away from that no matter what.
It felt like there was a heavy chain tied around his neck.

No matter how hard he tried to live his life to the fullest, the truth always pulled him back to the harsh reality that he was Park Jimin.
The true son of the strongest mafia group in the North and that alone made him a favorite target.

He wanted to disappear.

But fate was already planning to drag him to the underworld with every intention to create a mafia boss out of him.

A very, formidable crime boss too.

It’s been a week since Jimin arrived in New York but he still felt angry about being there. He wanted to go home so bad but his guard would never let him near the airport.

There’s just no point.
His message tone disturbed his thoughts and he grabbed his phone closer.

It’s from his father.
Jimin sighed tiredly. He didn’t want to argue anymore.
No matter what, Jimin loves his parents and no argument could change that.

His parents were both business-minded and they enjoyed investing that’s why the family acquired a building in New York too. His dad bought a friend’s company which was on the verge of bankruptcy -
along with all the shares from the investors. And under his dad’s expert management, it became a very successful one.

Then his mom renamed the company to his nickname and it became Chim Corporation.
let them pass by...
Oh no...
10 million dollars...
I sense danger...
But his fear happened.

Lik the sound of death, his f^cking phone buzzed out of all times. And in the silence of the restroom, it sounded loud.

"Who's there?" one of the men asked, pushing the doors open, one by one.
new employe...
"So you heard everything?" the larger man growled, advancing towards Jimin with clenched fists.

Jimin took a step backward and found his back touched the wall. There wasn't any place to run, considering he was hiding in the last cubicle.
Noooooo... 😫
second buzz....
The two men stared at the unconscious body on the floor before one of them crouched to retrieve Jimin’s phone. “Whoever this is, they won't be seeing him again."

"He's not dead yet. What do we do with him?" The finance manager thought long and hard.
“We'll hide him somewhere. When office hours are over, we come back, finish the job and dump him."

The other man didn't look like he liked the idea but for the lack of a better option, he agreed.
“Where should we bring him? We cannot carry him out like this! There are security cameras everywhere."

The manager grinned sadistically. "Not everywhere. The cameras were supposed to be installed in every corner but I changed the -
working papers last month so that we can have our private meetups in this restroom from now on. The nearest camera is located about five feet from here and this restroom is out of its coverage."

The other man finally smiled too. “Let’s get going then.”
jiminie baby 😭
where is the guard! 🤬
“Walk. The Boss wants to see you,” he said before pushing him outside the room.

The two men left after they transferred him to a nearby office and the man sitting behind the table floored Jimin.
Already weak from his head injury; Jimin could only stay still and stared into a set of familiar eyes.

Park Wobin.


His adopted brother stared back at him.
you 🤬🤬🤬🤬
ticking bomb ....
“Why are you doing this?” Jimin asked. He didn’t recognize his brother anymore.

He looked like a wild animal.
ultimate plan ...
When Jimin managed to sit up, his brother kicked him on the back, knocking the air out of his lungs as he fell on his face and lost consciousness once more.

Wobin called someone back home right away. “We have to reschedule the plan tomorrow night.”
“This is ridiculous. Why are you calling at 2am?” the sleepy voice answered. (timezone difference)

“Shut up and listen,” Wobin snapped and explained briefly what happened in New York.

“Are you sure we are ready?” the man on the other end asked in surprise.
“What part of our situation don’t you understand? Jimin is lying in my office right now, bloody and beat up. His father is not stupid. He would notice his son has been taken by tomorrow. We have to act fast. I’ll fly back after this call,” Wobin answered in an angry tone.
“Okay. Fine.”

“Now, what’s the update on Jeon Jeongguk?”

“Nothing much. He went to the apartment of Kim Taehyung again and they played video games.”

Wobin laughed bitterly. “He’s just like Jimin. Both heirs to great mafia —
groups but they’re both weak and soft. Why don’t we show them how the underworld really works. Send a beautiful gift to that Taehyung boy. You know what to do.”

“This is all going too fast.”

“Everything will be okay. Now. Let the war begin.”

The next day in South Korea:

Taehyung was still at the outreach center when he received a text from Jeongguk around 7:30. It was already dark but he wanted to stay and help more.
After the success of their first auction event, the workload doubled too. But Tae didn’t mind, it felt rewarding being able to help others.
Tae smiled at the thought of seeing Jeongguk soon even if they saw each other yesterday.
go home kids .. skskdkf

Tae was walking back from Hyuna’s house when he received a text from Hobi.
that escalated quickly .. ⚠️
don’t hurt him you 🤬
“That’s all I have. Please,” Tae said while wrapping his hands around himself protectively.

"Your necklace!"

Tae shook his head. It was special.
Jeongguk gave it to him on his last birthday so no, he won’t give it up just like that.

“Oh, so you’re going to play huh? I don’t want to hurt that pretty face,” the man sneered with a laugh and he reached into the back of his waistband.
Kim Taehyung! Give him the necklace!
you’re so dead mugger ....
tae baby 😣
damn guk. Flex on us why dont you..
"Are you trying to devalue it? Scratches are costly." Jeongguk carefully stepped forward as he unbuckled his watch. "Here."

The mugger inched forward, keeping his grip tight on Taehyung while he shuffled them within reach, then snatched for the watch.
Everything was a blur after that.

#taekook 💞💘
Tae couldn’t remember how he got back to his apartment. He was so shaken.
Jeongguk was very patient with him as he removed his shoes and gently tucked him into bed.

“Stay,” Tae whispered in panic when Jeongguk stood up. “Please don’t leave me.”
“I’ll stay Tae. I just need to talk to someone then I’ll be back okay?” Guk whispered.
Jeongguk was mad as hell but he tried to calm down to comfort Taehyung.

The younger needed him.

It was not the first time that Jeongguk stayed the night there.
But that night was the first time Tae kissed his cheek tenderly after thanking him for saving his life.

Tae also held onto his hand the entire night. And Jeongguk brushed Tae’s hair using his fingers until the younger fell asleep.

This happened the same night while Taehyung was being mugged.
The tip-off was about a meet up between some top shot police officer and a mafia dealer from the North.

Very dangerous people, indeed.

Tae had been long asleep but Jeongguk couldn’t sleep. He felt restless for some reason. He had a bad feeling in his gut.

Like something more would happen and it’s just getting started.
oh no..
oh no no no ...
“Follow him but don’t let him see you. Find out what’s the investigation about and if it’s connected to the mugger,” he ordered.

“Noted Sir.”

Back to Yoongi ... ⚠️
good job Yoongi ...
Mission accomplished.

Yoongi was about to quietly leave the warehouse through another exit when he noticed something.

He nearly gasped in shock when he saw the men dragging a bloody man out of the car.
The captive was a man and he was shouting and struggling but he could barely stand, probably from too much loss of blood.

His body was covered in it.
Those 🤬
There was no time, Yoongi had to act fast.

He squatted down, took a small mirror he happened to have in his camera bag and slowly pushed the mirror out, watching their actions through the image in the mirror.
One of the men pointed the gun at the captive man and the director crossed his arms, looking as if he was enjoying the show.

Yoongi pulled his gun out too. He knew he was outnumbered but he didn’t care.

He took a deep breath and stepped out from his hiding place.


Yoongi was about to shout at the hostage takers when a series of gunshots were fired, making him crouch down to protect his body.

Who the hell was shooting now?
call an ambulance ...
ooh 👀
this again 🤦🏻‍♀️
Yoongi wanted to argue more but he’s right. The man was losing too much blood.

He finally agreed and the two men helped him carry the man to their car. He laid the injured man on his lap and the driver drove away with double the safe speed limit.
Yoongi pulled out his own phone and called his informant.

“You better explain this. Your men just shot three people down. Do you know how many police code I’m breaking for following your orders again,” he demanded.

“I’ll explain everything later hyung.”
“Who is this guy? And I need the truth,” Yoongi asked while glancing at the pale man. He was alive but his heartbeat was deteriorating slowly.

“Park Jimin,” he heard the other answer. His tone sounded worried too.
“Well, who is Park Jimin?” Yoongi asked with a deeper frown.

“Someone important enough to trigger a big war across Asia.”


“This is bad Yoongi-hyung. This is really bad. Blood will flow like lava fire soon.”
When Jeongguk made sure Taehyung was sleeping peacefully already, he stepped out the bedroom and started calling a lot of people to try and take control of the unexpected situation.

It was turning into the worst night possible.
He called Hobi first.
He called Seo-joon next.
‘Is everything okay?’
say it guk
tae is right..
“Oh. Are you worried about me now?” Guk tried to joke around to lessen the tension.

“Yes. You’re acting tense and I’m worried,” Tae answered directly and Guk felt his heart skipped a beat. Well, he didn’t expect the younger to be straightforward like that.
But then Tae was also blushing after his answer so Guk smiled fondly.

Tae was just too adorable.

“I’ll be careful Taetae. See you,” Guk answered with a smile before disappearing into his waiting limo.

Jeongguk called Yoongi again after he instructed the driver to go back to the mansion and left 5 of his men to secretly monitor Tae’s apartment.
lost it...
danger level: high
He couldn’t just trust anybody at this point.

If the people behind the kidnapping were brave enough to even touch Park Jimin, it meant they had been planning for a long time too.

No one was safe.

Meanwhile.. meeting of traitors...🙄
running out of time....
More head boss arriving..
new proposal. wobin sweetie.. 🙄
New order...
very ambitious indeed 🙄
celebrity police 😎
Oohh 👀
fun times...
part of the plan... 👀👀
sadistic b^stard 😤🤬😡
first offensive ...
“What does that mean?”

“I can’t tell unless you agree with my deal. I will be waiting for your answer, just give me a call when you make up your mind.”

Without saying another word, the two Head Boss left the room.
warning bells..
But his private doctor greeted him with very bad news.
Hang in there jiminie 😭
thanks guk 😭😭
can’t have that at all...
no more hiding...
Besides, it’s the only way he could unleash his full potential.

So he spent the next hour calling all his most trusted allies and men while revealing his identity for the first time.

He affirmed their loyalties to him and made sure they were ready for anything.
He sent some of his best operatives and tactical team to North Korea to find out the situation over there.

Everything seemed to be under control but nothing could have prepared Jeongguk when he received a phone call from Hobi.
what happened?
something was not right...
not home ... 😟
Jeongguk cursed out loud and he instructed his men to try and locate them. Find any clue around the house.

This couldn’t be good. Why would they go after the Kim family all of a sudden?

It had been quiet for almost 8 months!
oh no taebear..
safe house...
I need you to be safe 💞
Jeongguk entered the apartment again and looked for Taehyung’s phone in the bathroom.

He opened the messages and his temper escalated.
But before Jeongguk could call the detective, a commotion from outside the apartment caught his attention.
yoongi is SHOOKy.. (see what I did there? 😉)
a lot at stake...
aww guk 🤧
Jeongguk was clearly stressed in his effort to control the situation.

“Okay, I’ll do it. Just do whatever you can to save all of them Jeongguk. Please. I don’t know what I’ll do if something happens to my parents. They’re all I have in life.”
“I’m the reason they were involved hyung. I will save them with everything I got.”

“I trust you, you know. But I don’t want you to get killed too. Will you be okay? I don’t feel good sending you alone.”
“I have enough men left. If something happens, get my sister out of the mansion and hide her hyung. She’s my only family too.”

“I will save her with everything I got,” Yoongi answered, imitating Guk’s promise earlier.

And that’s the last thing they said to each other that night

2 A.M.
namjoon got abducted again. 😤
very observant joon ✊
The sea breeze didn't smell that fresh, mixed with diesel and other manufactured scents. The rough concrete they were at carried its own stink too.

They were at an industrial dock.

And aside from the man sitting on the chair, there was no one else around. But the atmosphere felt dark and heavy, like a lot of invisible eyes were looking at them.

The tense silence was broken when an electronic beeped from the table and a bulky man appeared.
“We spotted a black BMW nearby Boss.”

"Already? Sooner than expected," the man answered with a bit of surprised. “Scan the area and checked if they brought men.”

“Yes, Sir.”
The man smiled with a triumphant look before looking at Namjoon.

"Judgement time," he announced. "I believe our guest of honor has arrived."

lezz get it. 💪
intimidating. Yes.
Hodol stepped out of the car without care and opened the door for his boss. And when Jeongguk came out, he had put on a very deadly look that even Hodol cringed fearfully inside.

The gunmen moved closer to them but didn’t make any further actions. Probably waiting for an order.
you better not touch him boy.. 💅
he’s scarier..
digging your grave wobin 🤦🏻‍♀️
aw namjoon. it’s okay. 😌
playing dirty wobin. Smh
namjoon first...
oh wow..
chief taehon left...
“Okay. Last one Jeongguk. Are you sure you have more to bargain for him?” Wobin asked him with an infuriating smirk.

“Jeongguk. Please. You’ve said enough,” Hodol whispered next to him desperately.
The chill wind whistled between the cargo containers as Jeongguk took a deep breath.

“Head Boss of China and Hong Kong,” he finally answered and Hodol closed his eyes in defeat.

Damn it. 💀💀
Wobin’s smirk was wiped off his face immediately. “E-excuse me?” he asked with a trembling voice.

“Xi Lao and Lam Chen,” Jeongguk answered with a frown. “I’m sure you know them.”

“Of course I know them!” Wobin answered angrily.

He was suddenly fuming and restless. 🤡🤡
wobin you baka
Park Wobin 🤬
Not long after, a timer started beeping from the laptop.

“5 minutes,” Wobin announced as he pulled a small and round device from his pocket with a dark smirk.

He was also holding the remote to set the bomb off earlier if he wanted to by pushing that button.

Probably the moment he stepped off the pier.
All the guards started to retreat backward too but with their guns still pointed at Jeongguk’s group.

“Fine. You can say your final wishes to your wife,” he mocked.

But it wasn't his wife that he spoke to.
“Jeongguk. If you hurt my son, I will haunt and kill you,” he said and looked at the younger man straight in the eyes.

“What?” Guk asked back in complete surprise.

He didn’t expect that at all.
“My wife and I have heard so much about you from Taehyung every time he came home. That kid adores you.” Jeongguk stopped breathing. “I don’t get what’s going on now but you get them out of here, do you understand?”
Comprehension swept Jeongguk’s face and he didn’t like what it meant. The chief would handle Wobin to give him enough time to get everyone off the dock before 5 minutes ends.

Oh no.

“Answer me,” the chief commanded and it distracted his wild thoughts and heartbeat.
“I understand,” Jeongguk finally answered with a trembling voice.

3 minutes...
Wobin drew the chief back towards the edge of the dock and Jeongguk moved forward to them by instinct.

Hodol, on the other hand, had been hiding behind his shadow and whispering rapidly on a mouthpiece that Jeongguk passed him earlier in secret.
Then everything happened so fast after that.

The moment Wobin finally stepped away from the chief, Jeongguk heard a series of loud hiss from bullets being fired.

Their back-ups finally found the right opportunity.
All his snipers didn’t miss their target and the 7 gunmen fell flat on their back all at the same time, a single bullet hole on each forehead.
But that distraction was what Jeongguk exactly needed. There was no other way! He got enough time to get everyone out by then.

He and Hodol both screamed at the others to run as soon as the gunmen dropped. Namjoon picked up Mrs. Kim and they all jumped into the water.
Five minutes ran out not long after and 3 C4 detonated along the entire length of the pier.

Violent shockwaves of the explosion shattered the entire place into ruins, leaving scorching flames across the dockyard.
The whole platform caught fire as it light up the night sky in a reddish glow.

And the fire hungrily wrapped around the scattered and dead bodies of Wobin’s outer guards like garbage.

Meanwhile at the mansion. Around 3am.
An attack 🤯
what on earth? 😨
yoongi c^rsing when in panic sksks
yoongi fighting back...
Shinye started throwing up in the grass as she cried uncontrollably. The dead bodies were piling up in the front yard too.

More attackers were coming in from the damaged gate so Yoongi had no choice but to pull the crying girl inside.
People were fighting in every corner with weapons that ranged from shovels to submachine guns, screams and gunshots echoing all around

Shinye finally collapsed from seeing so much blood. Yoongi picked her up and threw the girl over his shoulder

He promised to take care of her.

Somewhere in Seoul... this happened at 3 am too. During the attack at the mansion...
oh they plotting something.. 👀
final answer pls...
"You know what, fine,” the Hong Kong leader finally conceded, after a tired shrug.

“I hope this plan of yours won't drag both of our organizations into the mud. I’ll take care of his headquarters.”

With the faintest smirk, Lam Chen watched as the other man bowed respectfully.
"Excellent,” he said, at last, returning the gesture with a bow of his own after getting up as well. “How much time do you need to gather your men?"

"How much time can you give me?"

“You’re so impossible.”

"Be quick. Aren’t you dy^ng to k^ll someone?“ Xi Lao said before he went out of the room, his laugh trailing off at his own pun.

Meanwhile... 👿
serves you right....
Jeon Dongwon was hesitant to confront this mysterious informant for long because of situations like this. He didn’t know the enemy.

But Wobin was such an confident kid that he wanted to give him a chance for at least 24 hours before he got rid of him.
But it took that stupid brat just one night to ruin everything for him!
“Then f^cking call our allies from other countries!”

“I already did Sir. The nearest ETA is 2 hours,” the secretary answered while avoiding his eyes.

“And Sir, our men spotted detective Yoongi at the mansion protecting Shinye from the shoot-out.”
Jeon Dongwo felt his heart stopped.

The tense silence made him realized the truth. Like a hard slap on his face.

Jeon Jeongguk was the informant all along.

That ungrateful brat!
“Call the men at the mansion to capture Shinye! Get her no matter what! She needs to be here in an hour or face the consequences!”

“Y-yes Sir.”

that was close Yoongi!
Then he heard Shinye screaming before he saw the men holding her as they dragged her out the mansion.


“They got the girl! You have to save her!” Yoongi shouted as he fought the pain.
“What girl? You’re seriously bleeding. I need to get you out of here!”

“I’m fine! Get the girl. She’s Jeongguk’s sister!”

The stranger’s eyes widened.
But judging by the fear and worry on the other man’s face as he looked at his body, the pool of blood had probably suffered a significant increase in size

“I can’t feel my legs,” Yoongi whispered, feeling his entire body covered in sweat and finding it hard to remain conscious.
“Hold on, buddy,” the stranger replied, his voice shaky and quiet. “We’ll get you out of here.”

“Tell Guk…” Yoongi whispered, his voice so low it was barely audible, “...im..... so...sorr... sorryy...”
His eyelids were far too heavy for him to keep his eyes open, so he let himself be embraced by darkness.

It was not that bad, after all.


no more pretending... 😤
His words elicited a bitter, unnerving chuckle.

“I should have killed this girl the moment I laid eyes on her,” the man finally said, and there wasn't a single thing about him that didn't make Jeongguk’s stomach turn.
He had never wanted to kill someone so much until now.

“You are not the winning party in this negotiation Jeongguk,” he added. “There is no negotiation.”
5 minutes 😭😭
Jeongguk felt his own heart had been stabbed when his sister wailed in pain.

He put down the phone to breathe, each intake of air burning his throat as he blinked back the tears that had filled his eyes again.

He had to be strong.
ticking bomb ...
“You promise?” his grandfather asked. He didn’t look like himself and he sounded distant. And people who were cornered like him were the most dangerous.

“I promise. Lower your guns down! Now!” Jeongguk bellowed and his men followed his order right away.
The operatives from the North looked at the one in charge first for permission.

Jeongguk looked at him in the eyes until he signaled for his men to lower down their weapons too.

“See? No one’s going to hurt you abeoji. Lower your gun down and let Shinye go,” Guk tried again.
“Okay,” his grandfather agreed.

“Okay,” Jeongguk repeated, releasing the breath he hadn’t even noticed he was holding. “I will get you out of here.”

“H-hyung,” Shinye was trembling because his grandfather didn’t let go of her neck yet and the gun was still pointed at her head.
“Thank you for everything. You’re the best brother in the world. I’m so proud of you. I owe you my life hyung. I love y—-“

Jeon Jeongguk would never hear the end of that sentence.
Even though everything seemed to be unfolding painfully slowly before his eyes, the truth was that it all happened very fast.

Too fast.

He saw the moment his grandfather pulled the trigger and the bullet entered one side of Shinye’s head and left through the other.
He saw it when her body hit the ground, and still in slow motion, he saw how his grandfather grinned like a maniac.

No sign of remorse at all.

Jeongguk shouted so loud and the rest of the men stepped backward in shock as he pulled his beretta out and fired his first shot.
They all watched in horror as Dongwon fell flat on his back, with a perfect shot in the middle of his forehead.

But Jeongguk was like an untamed beast at this point.

His eyes were burning like hellfire.
He hovered over the old man’s dead body and emptied all the remaining 14 bullets on the man’s face and neck until his blown up head was detached from the body.

Blood was gushing out from the headless body of the former crime lord like a faucet without a tap.
Jeongguk dropped the empty magazine and reloaded but the command leader from the North finally stepped in and held his arm. “He’s gone.”

Jeon Jeongguk turned around and pointed the gun at the man’s head.

And everyone trembled at the look on his face.
His dark eyes seemed to liquefy into a pool of fire.

“Touch me again and I’ll blow your head off next,” he whispered, and his voice was so distant he could barely recognize it as his own.

His tone dripped with poison as he addressed all the men in the room.
“Spread the word that I’m declaring another war starting today. Anyone who chooses to defy me will experience hell before they even die. Pain is imminent and death is certain.”

A dragon. It was an honest to fuck dragon that came alight in Jeongguk’s eyes with golden flames.
At that point, Jeongguk’s mind had already entered a realm dominated by images of the most repulsive, cruel punishments that could be inflicted upon a human being.

The atmosphere was thick and tense as they waited for him to lower his gun.
And when he did, his gaze had already dropped back to the pool of blood surrounding Shinye’s head on the floor.

Feeling numb and detached, Jeongguk bent down and gently picked up his sister between his arms.

Then he looked down at the beheaded corpse of Jeon Dongwo.
“You want me to get involved in the underworld that much? So be it. I will show everyone the true meaning of being a Crime Lord.“

The silent audience all gasped in unison when Jeongguk turned around and stared at them.
Oh ho ho.

Now the messed up underworld had done it for real. It had given birth to an ancient beast and provoked it out of his lair.

The dragon in Jeongguk’s soul was finally awake.

Excited to fly and burn down everything.

And the world would suffer the consequences.
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@ 7 am that day...
hottest topic ..
People started speculating different conspiracy theories. Some say it was political and some business rivals acted out to get rid of the competition.

Or that the businessman could be profiting from illegal means too and it was a result of a deal gone wrong.
If only they knew.

Meanwhile, the SKBI director and the Minister of Defense were in high stress and pressure.
And after the cleanup, the director and minister were summoned to attend a secret meeting with their client. Except it was Hodol who met with them because the Boss was not available.

He informed them Jeongguk was not to be contacted all day today.
The guard had given them evasive answers about the real reason the Boss was absent.

And anyone who participated in the war was tight-lipped about what exactly happened too.

After Hodol was done presenting Jeongguk’s escape plan to the two officers.
only family ....
“This is a tough call,” the minister finally answered.

“I know. I’ll give you an hour to choose sides. If you decide to cut off ties today, then you are free to go. But if you decide to stay, then there’s no going back anymore,” Hodol said before leaving the two alone.

After an hour..
The director already assigned a chosen team to handle the case but this cleanup mission was easier said than done too.

Anything could happen.

And that was proven before the director gave his official statement to the public for the evening news.
He received a call from the Governor of Daegu where two of the explosions happened.
Pathetic ...
another 🤡
watch and learn 😏
And as expected, he was able to own the interview. It helped that he was an articulate and charismatic man who could convince anyone easily.

Jeongguk was very specific with the escape plan he came up with. And he needed to follow everything.

No more.

No less.
The interview was aimed to kill more than two birds with one stone.

And the director was impressed with Jeongguk. The man was really smart and more experienced than anyone his age.
Jeongguk’s escape plan 1...
Jeongguk’s escape plan 2...
Jeongguk’s escape plan 3...
and lastly....
At the end of the conference, the director managed to divide the public’s attention to the different scenarios he shared on thenews.

And with the attention of people divided, all the bureaucratic complications would be a breeze for him to solve.

The night was indeed productive.

Meanwhile, at Jeongguk’s private hospital.
vhope finally met Seokjin 😌
the evening news...
Jin looked around when he heard Hobi and Taehyung gasped at the report of Jeon Dongwo’s murder.
call him...
No answer.

He dialed again.

And still no answer.
“I have to go see him,” Tae gave up with the phone and immediately stood up.

“Taehyung!” Jin and Hobi shouted at the same time as they scrambled to follow his trail.

Tae was running like crazy but he didn’t reach that far.
They saw him lost his balance and dropped to the ground.

“Taehyung!” Hobi shouted as he reached the man first. He cradled Tae into his lap as Seokjin kneeled beside him to check Tae’s pulse and temperature.
“He’s fine but we have to confine him and feed him nutrients in drips,” Seokjin muttered as a nurse approached them and they brought Taehyung to his own hospital bed.

Let’s take a look at where Jeongguk disappeared to...
His heart was broken beyond repair and his soul was becoming black with poison with all the negative thoughts attacking his mind at once.

It’s like the world was closing in on him and he couldn’t breathe.
And now she’s finally visiting the place. But not in the way Jeongguk wanted her to see it.

He wanted his sister to be jumping in joy and running around at the thought that she owned her favorite place.

Not like this. 😭
Jeongguk took his time strolling around as if to show Shinye all the beautiful sides of the valley.

But as he neared the cabin, he felt his eyes watering again.

It was a small place good for two people.
An intended place for them to spend the night once they visited, not a permanent resting place for her ashes. 😭

He walked up to the porch and opened the unlocked door with trembling hands.
He already had someone come here before him to clear the area from the pieces of furniture and other things, leaving it bare except for one table.

The door opened and Jeongguk’s breath hitched when he saw the beautiful flower arrangement adorning each corner of the empty cabin.
He was paralyzed by fear and guilt and misery and so much more. He blamed himself so much. He hated himself.

He was losing it.

His grip on reality, his control over his own emotions, his clarity of mind.

He was losing it all, fast.
empty... 🥺
i love you’s 😭😭
But he knew that this valley was the best place for Shinye to find peace. She never liked the city.

Soon the remains of her mother would be transferred here so they could be near each other again.
And Jeongguk didn’t want the urn to be near him for the following days to come because what he was about to do would be something Shinye would definitely not approved of.

But it’s inevitable.
Jeongguk closed his eyes tiredly. And when he opened them again, his eyes screamed death and fire as he stared at the disappearing sun.

He had personally summoned the beast in his soul to show up and dominate his entire being this time.
And yes, the dragon was still weak from its long sleep but it’s not only awake now.

It had risen to claim its rightful throne.


A few moments later...
no tresspassing...
Jeongguk was eerily quiet.

The energy around him was dark and dangerous.

Hodol felt scared. Not for his life but to the unfortunate people at the receiving end of Jeongguk’s wrath.

He felt his throat going dry so no one said a word until they arrived back in Seoul.

Back at the private hospital..
Namjin 🤧
more important...
Joon dropped a kiss on top of his boyfriend’s head lovingly. “I’ve missed you.” Jin was his personal source of strength to be honest.

Jin pulled away to kiss him on the lips in response. 💜

Jin had already fallen asleep in Joon’s arms when the latter received a text.
Namjoon started to get nervous for some reason. Why would Jeongguk who had been MIA the whole day text him past midnight?

He carefully adjusted Jin in his arms so he could type a reply.
Joon felt his heart going wild at that reply. Jeongguk was personally reaching out to him in secret?

That could only mean one thing.

He was about to get involved in the underworld too whether he liked it or not.
2 hours...
no turning back...
The only way he could properly protect Jin from any danger in the future was to stick with Jeonguk and be under his influence

Maybe he had been fated to this the moment he fell in love with guns. If he could help Jeonguk, why not?

If not for him, he would have been long dead 2
Joon gently nudged Jin on the shoulders. “Wake up babe.”

“What happened?” Jin asked with eyes still closed. He looked really tired but it had to be tonight.

“We have to talk.”
He would tell Jin everything first before he faced Jeongguk. His boyfriend deserved to know the truth, from the story of his first kidnapping up to this point.

Then it’s up to Jin to decide if he was still worth all the danger or not. 🤧

Meanwhile, Jeongguk started to get busy while waiting for Namjoon ...
Jeongguk smiled, if it could be called that because the curved on his lips promised only judgment and suffering.

Diyoh tried to regain his composure quickly and found himself staring at a familiar pair of deadly eyes.
“Do you know what I see when I look at you? Your father’s monster face. I clearly remember the way he smiled after he pulled that trigger. And I’m not satisfied with the way he died. So you will receive his punishments instead.”

Diyoh paled and started to tremble from fear.
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⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ (did i do it right now?)
“Sir. What are your plans for Park Wobin?” Hodol asked after a while. The sniper had intentionally shot Wobin on his leg to keep him alive at the pier.

“Is the doctor keeping him healthy?” Jeongguk asked in a cold voice.

“Yes, Sir. He’s alive and well.”
“Good. He’s mine to handle. But I want to wait for his brother to wake up from his coma. I’m sure Jimin has something he wants to say to him before I torture him for days. Make sure to keep him alive so I can slaughter him in my satisfaction when the day comes.”
“Yes Sir.” Hodol gulped by simply imagining it.

Jimin would be awake soon. The neurosurgeon attending to his care had reported tremendous progress in his health.

And once he opened his eyes, Wobin would regret being born.

Jeongguk was already back at the penthouse and was busy signing important documents when Hodol appeared with his newly charged phone.

He didn’t have the time to check it all day. He didn’t want to. He even used Hodol’s phone to text Namjoon earlier.
“Sir. You received a lot of messages and missed calls.”

“Delete everything.”

Hodol was hesitant. “But- “

“Delete. Everything,” Jeongguk repeated in a more demanding tone and Hodol shivered as his boss looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
As if daring him to try his patience and suffer the consequence.

“Yes, Sir.”

But before Hodol could step away, the phone buzzed again. Someone’s calling.

Jeongguk slammed his iPad down and looked at his phone in annoyance.

“Who is it?” he snapped.
Hodol didn’t know what to answer so he simply put the device down in front of his boss.

And Jeongguk froze as soon as he saw the caller ID.

Jeongguk took a deep breath before canceling the call. Then he quickly erased all traces of messages and call logs on his phone.

He didn’t want to read anything.
But another set of messages arrived as soon as be emptied his inbox and he braced his heart and soul as he read on.
Jeongguk felt his heart breaking after reading all the text.

So he quickly typed his reply before his mind gave in and actually call the younger man.
Jeongguk felt his face getting wet from his tears as he typed every word.

But he had to cut off his ties with the younger man if he doesn’t want Taehyung to end up like Shinye too.

He didn’t think he could handle another death of someone special to him.
He couldn’t even protect his sister.

So Taehyung was better off without him.

Jeongguk shouted to let out his frustration before smashing his phone against the wall. And Hodol stared at his boss with wide eyes as the phone was shattered beyond repair.
Jeongguk felt his heart breaking for the second time that day. So he allowed himself to cry one more time. He couldn’t breathe.

After he calmed down, he wiped his face from any trace of tears.

And when he spoke again, he sounded like a different man.
“Get me a new phone and number. And don’t give my contact to anyone until I tell you to.” He ordered Hodol.

“Yes Sir.”

Jeongguk closed his eyes as he leaned back on his leather chair.

After his meeting with Namjoon, he would move on and face a new beginning.
He had been awake for 24 hours now but the rush of adrenaline in his blood was still active and overflowing.

There’s no saving his dark soul anymore.

And the dragon in him was restless.

The only thing that could calm it down is a killing spree of all their enemies.
—— THE END..........

of part 2. Sksksk.

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Crime Lord AU part 3:

“The mafia world will be his playground. The storm of dark fury is lethal and potent. Kneel and submit or be wiped out. But one person can tame the dragon. The ‘only one’ who can make it sleep.”
A/N: I’m baaaaccckkk 😭💜🥰

And I’m picking up exactly where I left off in part 2... am soo excited for Part 3 so let’s go and enter the mob world again....

⚠️ - this is a trigger warning for torture and graphic scenes.
Tragic demise.. please 🙄
justice had been ...
Let the games begin....

10 days after the bombing incident....
something was off...
“I’ll talk to him tonight,” the choreographer finally concluded and they decided that’s for the best before the young man exploded from hiding his true emotions.

After half an hour of his routine check-up, Jin asked Taehyung to join them for dinner and he -
noticed his hesitation about the idea. Like he knew Hobi was planning to talk to him tonight and he wanted no part of it but he desperately needed to be with a friend to feel better too.

He looked conflicted and that only pushed Jin to insist on going out, away from Tae’s mom -
for a while so he could be more comfortable in case he decided to talk. He knew Hobi would not pressure him in anything but they could try and open a chance for Tae to be out with it.

He was clearly distressed about something and he’s failing to hide it and pretend he’s okay.

love quarrels...
“Taehyungie?” Hobi whispered gently to not startle him.


“You can always talk to us, you know that right?” Hobi answered and Tae finally looked up to meet their eyes. He was quiet for a while before he nodded.
“I know hyung. It’s about Jeongguk. We haven’t talked to each other since the kidnapping,” Tae finally admitted and his eyes immediately teared up by the simple mention of it.
“I have decided. I’m going to see him tomorrow,” Tae said and Hobi looked at him with uncertain eyes.

“Taehyung —“

“I need to see him Hobi-hyung. I’m so worried about him. He’s all alone to deal with everything now,” Tae answered urgently.
Hobi sighed in defeat because there’s no stopping Taehyung anymore once he had set his mind on something.

Especially when it came to Jeongguk too. The bond between them was very special and mutually reciprocated.

A perfect balance of a give and take relationship.
jin omg...
Stan Jin ✊💜
“But won’t you get in trouble? Your license is at risk for doing this hyung,” Hobi reminded the doctor worriedly.

“Pfft. I’ll be fine. I’m more worried about Tae. This meeting may not end with good result but he deserves to get his closure. This is part of growing up Hobi.“
“Yeah. I just don’t want him to get hurt.”

“Well like they said, it’s not love that hurts. What hurts is being hurt by someone you love.” And Hobi could only nod before Tae arrived with a smile.

His boxy smile was too precious that hurting Taehyung felt like a crime. 🐯💜

The next day.... the codes below are important because I’ll be using them often from now on.

legal and illegal...
This was how Jeongguk was coping with his sister’s death and it’s looking bad.

He wanted to keep busy to forget but there was a limit to how much Jeongguk could work without collapsing.

For a second time, that was.
oh guk 😣
Namjoon and Hodol had even come up with a code, using colors to describe their boss's mood so they could inform the men on how to act around the new crime lord.
🐉 code...
The whole of Asia’s underground did their best to avoid Jeongguk going into the dragon mood again. It had already happened a few times since the incident at the mansion and it was too much.

The first time it happened, the first mafia group who underestimated Jeongguk -
and accepted his declaration of war got annihilated.

No survivor.

And when not in war, the mood Jeongguk had was code Red most of the time so everyone seemed to be treading on thin ice.

But the ultimate taboo was the name Shinye.
Some of the enemies they captured had tried taunting the boss by mentioning his sister’s name, not knowing that‘s the ultimate trigger for Jeongguk.

The name was a direct link to a code dragon and anyone who said it died in a very inhumane way.

Around 6pm that same day. Im giving you a little peek on what goes on during secret mafia meetings ...
go big or go home...
oh hoo hoo ...
rumors 👀
“Fine. Whatever,” the Russian said and Jeongguk narrowed his eyes, waiting a few tense seconds before releasing the blonde and putting away his gun.

“Geez, are you pent up or something?” Alexie whispered as he watched Jeongguk exit the place without another glance.
“Where to, sir?” Hodol asked as Jeongguk emerged from the club with an angry scowl.

“The penthouse,” the crime-lord said and Hodol gave a nod before steering the car away.

tense and nervous...
tae be like 🥺

5 minutes later ...
living room.. 😨
Taehyung 👏🏻 focus 👏🏻
He missed him and that’s one thing he won’t lie about, okay?

“What are you doing here?” Jeongguk’s cold voice interrupted his brief reverie and he stared at him with wide eyes.


“I w-wanted to see you,” Tae answered as he tried to step closer to the table.
Jeongguk had really been acting differently.

“I thought I already made myself clear when I sent you those texts Kim Taehyung,” Jeongguk answered as he leaned back on his chair and that made Tae stopped.

He felt something crack inside his chest as he stared at the older man.
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Taehyung shook his head as fresh tears escaped his eyes.

Only then did Jeongguk release him. “Get out Taehyung. Just get out,” he whispered in a very tight voice before he turned around and entered another room.
Taehyung slid down the wall and cried more, wrapping his arms protectively around his shaking body.

And when he finally had the strength to leave, he still glanced back, hoping for Jeongguk to stop him and tell him everything was a lie and he didn’t mean it.
But his presence was nowhere.

And the penthouse felt dark and empty.
watch out...
“You can go back hyung. I’m waiting for my ride here,” Tae told him.

“I have orders to follow,” Hodol only answered.

“What orders?”

No answer.


But Hodol refused to answer and the awkward silence dragged on for 3 minutes.
thank hobi 💜
Taehyung’s love for the man was stronger and bigger than anything.

And it wasn’t like he was going to stop caring for Jeongguk just because of one big fight so he might as well wait and see how it all played out.
Taehyung knew he had signed himself up for anything when he realized he had fallen in love with the young billionaire.

Now it was just a matter of seeing how much he could handle. Yes, Jeongguk made him cry for the first time tonight but Taehyung still -
hoped that Jeongguk would be okay, no matter what the situation was.

Because every fiber of his being knew Jeongguk was hiding something and he will do everything to find out about it.

After Taehyung left the penthouse... 🥺
It pained his heart to push Taehyung away like that. He was too fragile and trusting. Too precious and underserving of the emotional pain he caused.

But he also knew that Taehyung would be dragged to hell if he stayed with someone drenched in blood and crime like him.
So he would simply keep him protected in secret as he dealt with the consequences.

Very severe consequences.
Hodol was there when Jeongguk first met Taehyung and he witnessed how their relationship developed into something deeper.

He would always drive Jeongguk to the student’s apartment no matter how tired he was from the office so he could spend some time with him.
And if there’s one thing Hodol was sure of was that Jeongguk had obviously fallen in love with Taehyung.

Fast and hard.
“Make it double,” he answered darkly, gaining another uneasy glance from his guard.

“Understood, sir,” Hodol complied without questions, though he was already trying to figure out how many broken bones their private doctor was going to have to cast in after.

1 month later... I’m gonna show you the extent of Jeongguk’s power at this point to set the setting for the upcoming important events.
And that’s how Namjoon found himself standing next to Seo-joon in warehouse 3 while Jeongguk sat on a single chair, flanked by Hodol and a few others by his side.
Jeonguk narrowed his eyes. "And the first one? Were there any problems?"

"No Sir, everything was in order," the secretary answered. "Sir, if I may, this Chinese group – " Hodol’s statement was halted by the sound of the metal doors opening.
The guards slid their hands into their black coats and closed their hands around their guns automatically, awaiting orders.

And Namjoon started to panic. He was the only one without a gun and even if he didn’t need it, he still felt out of place.
Slap the proof to his face... sksksk
This old man just dont get it...
Namjoon shook his head nervously as he witnessed how Jeongguk’s mood switched from code Red to Black immediately.

This is bad.
Jeongguk’s rules are absolute...
⚠️⚠️ 2 days...

Good news ✊
“How about detective Yoongi?”

“Not yet but Jin said he is stable now and there’s nothing to worry about Sir.”


Jeongguk needed the detective back in the field again or he won’t ever forgive himself.
“Hodol-hyung, I’ll visit the hospital after midnight. Make the preparations and make sure I’m not seen or disturbed,” Jeongguk said before closing his eyes.

“Yes Sir,” Hodol answered while hoping that Taehyung was out the hospital by then.
The art student just started his last year in college and got a part-time job so he had not been staying long at the hospital the past week.

And Jeongguk knew everything.

He had been keeping watch from afar.

Meanwhile.. this is what happened at the hospital that day...
Jin sksksks
“What was that?” Hobi whispered, being the easiest one to scare out of them.

No one moved and said a thing as soon as they realized it was only the hospital bed behind them. No way. And when another groan disturbed the tense silence, they all scrambled up and ran to the patient.
“Dad?” Tae happily whispered as he held his father’s hand tightly. The man had his eyes closed but his lips were moving!

“Honeybear?” Mr. Kim whispered and Tae cried.

“I’m here dad. I’m here,” Tae answered as he dropped a kiss to his father’s cheek. “Welcome back.”

Meanwhile at the other VIP room……
He tried to shake his hand and that movement caused something to start beeping. And not a minute later, a lot of faces came into his view.

“Chimmy,” a woman’s voice said and he tried to move his head around.


“Hi baby,” the familiar voice of his mom answered with a sob
“I’m thirsty,” Jimin answered with difficulty, voice strained. And that prompt the doctors to take over and make sure Jimin was comfortable and not feeling any pain.

It was a memorable day at the hospital because two patients woke up on the same day.

Very interesting indeed.

After midnight at the hospital….
Taehyung exited his father’s room and he passed by Yoongi’s to say his goodnight.

He would always visit the detective too whenever he was at the hospital.
Jeon Jeongguk.

The man who had always been stunning but in the one month they have not seen each other, he seemed to be even more staggering, a veritable sex god in human form if there ever was one.
Tae blushed because out of all the things he should think about, his traitorous brain had to think that.

They seemed to be caught in a trance as they stared at each other. Jeongguk still had his arms around Tae, holding him up against one hell of a solid chest...

Hot damn.
omg these two 🤦🏻‍♀️
Jeongguk’s eyes narrowed, making his heart double thump.

“Indeed," he answered in a very serious voice and Tae began to get nervous because he remembered what Jeongguk said. That the next time he saw him he would tie him up and f---

Oh my god.
Surely he had forgotten about that, right? Jeongguk took one step closer to him and he automatically stepped back. Guess not.

One step closer. One step backward.

And that continued until Tae felt his back collide with the wall.

back-up 😂
I can’t skskss
Jeonlous acting out sksks
Namjoon stared at Hodol with wide eyes.

“Good luck,” Hodol whispered at him in sympathy as they stood outside the closed door.

Joon massaged his forehead tiredly before typing a message to his boyfriend.
sorry jin..

1 hour later...
oh hoo hoo
“But not until the detective wakes up.”


“Yeah. I want to stay here and be with him. He saved my life too,” Jimin answered with a thoughtful look.

“That’s fine. I’m not in a rush.”
“Then I’m looking forward to doing business with you Jeon Jeongguk,” Jimin said as his visitor stood up.

“Welcome back to the underworld Park Jimin,” Jeongguk answered and they both nodded at each other.

“Wait,” Jimin called just before the other man could open the door.

“I’m really sorry about what happened to your sister.”

Jeongguk’s heart twitched painfully as he nodded.

He really missed Shinye too.
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•••• the next day

Somewhere in Asia... enemies plotting..
(Do Ji-han will be an additional mystery character.. and Jeongguk’s strong rival for Taehyung’s heart.

Time to scare Jeonnguk .... 😈 A rival between a police officer and a crime lord sounds fun 🙃 but which side is he really on? 😉)
Meanwhile at the hospital.... confused Tae...
felt wrong...
Hobi skssks
drink your milk....
It took a minute for Taehyung to finally get it and he blushed in horror. “Hyung! TMI!” he shouted in alarm.

Hobi and Jin tried to catch their breath as their body shook in silent laughter. They would probably be wheezing on the floor now if they were not in a hospital room.
Tae was just too good to tease sometimes.

But the three of them froze when the door opened and it revealed someone they didn’t even expect to see.
*cough cough*
*awkward laugh*
“Well, he saved my parents too,” Tae answered that made Jimin looked at him again. He opened his mouth to say something but decided to stop.

“He’s a good guy. And a cute one too. Do you know if he likes men?” Jimin said which made the other three giggled.
“Detective Min Yoongi is as straight as they come,” Jin answered, being the closest to him.

“Well, not on my watch. I’ll prove to you my charm once he wakes up,” Jimin answered with a cheeky smile.

“Goodluck with that.”
“Now go and rest my love. Your father has a visitor arriving soon,” she said and helped him get up.

“Who?” Tae asked with a frown because it would be past visiting hours in 10 mins. Except for him because he had a special pass from the director to stay anytime.

“Jeon Jeongguk.”
Taehyung whipped around and looked at his father who looked somehow restless. His heart was beating so fast as his mind raced.

“Dad? Why are you meeting with him?”

His parents were not oblivious. They must have noticed his crush on the guy since he always talked about him—
every time he went home.

“We have some unfinished business to talk about,” his dad simply answered. And Tae didn’t get further explanation anymore no matter how many times he asked.

The meeting would not be a problem if they parted on good terms but this is a different story.
He was also surprised Jeongguk agreed to meet after not visiting his dad during his coma state.

What unfinished business could that be?

Wait. So his dad and Jeongguk had an encounter before this too?

There were so many questions.
And Taehyung went home that night with a troubled mind and heart.

He just hoped Jeongguk would not act the same way he acted at the penthouse.

He didn’t want his parents to hate him.

And more importantly, he didn’t want to leave Korea.

He had to do something about it.

2 days later ....
They had known Jimin for 3 days but he was acting clingy already. In an adorable way.

He was really fond of them and the affection worked the other way around.

Jimin even created a group chat for them yesterday.
Yass 🙌🙌
that was close .....
omg sksksks
“Yoongi, your thoughts are clearly jumbled. You are definitely single and —” Jin stopped explaining when the detective closed his eyes because he fell back to sleep right away.

Jin turned around to face Jimin but he was too busy smiling at the video Hobi recorded.
“I’m banning you from seeing Yoongi again, you hear me?” Jin hissed before Yoongi’s parents came back into the room.

“Told you my charm will work,” Jimin mouthed smugly and Jin could only sigh in defeat. The doctor silently praying for the man to go home in North Korea soon. 😋

After Jimin left the hospital...
“Then the only way to completely cut Taehyung off from your life is to stop protecting him Jeongguk. Why can’t you see that? Taehyung is not a kid anymore. He can decide for himself if you only give him the chance to hear your side of the story,” Jimin said.
Jeongguk ended the call after that.

Just like he always did every time Jimin brought up Taehyung too much.

He sent one last text to Jeongguk that night, knowing he won’t answer his call anymore.
Jimin sighed as he typed his reply.

It was risky to test Jeongguk’s patience because he knew he won’t spare him if he pissed him off but Jimin couldn’t care less.

He would keep bugging Jeongguk until he realized that he was still worth fighting for.
And he knew Taehyung had a high chance of breaking the wall he built around his heart now.

Jeongguk needed saving before his bloodthirsty dragon consumed his heart and soul completely.

There was still time.

Jeongguk’s POV after receiving Jimin’s call that night.
working too much... 😪
result..... 😐😐
second ....
it’s for the better...
“First, beginning today, you will stop taking your sleeping pills. We will need those nightmares to show their ugly faces.”

Jeongguk swallowed.

The image of Shinye getting shot and Taehyung’s crying face showing up immediately to haunt him.
He was not sure he liked that recommendation, but he was really pressed for time and would not let his nightmares stand in the way of his own recovery.


Time to face his inner demons.

But the dragon inside him was not pleased.

The next day...
superintendent general
Yoongi just shook his head in amusement but he was determined to repay Jeongguk in any way so he would accept the promotion this time.

The higher he was on his position, the better.

Time to play hide and seek in the underworld too.
well he owns it jin lol...
“Press play whenever you’re ready,” Tae told him as he dropped his phone on his hands.

Yoongi didn’t know what to expect but he regretted watching the video.

It was horrifying!

“Park Jimiiinnnnnn!” Yoongi shouted in frustration as he almost crushed Tae’s phone in a hard grip.
Jin couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the red face of Yoongi while Tae desperately tried to save his phone from receiving the detective’s anger

“Give me his contact! Now!” Yoongi demanded with clenched fists and Tae gave it to him right away but he too was laughing like crazy.
It would be worse if Hobi was there because the man would be rolling on the floor by now.

With flared nose and red face, Yoongi typed furiously on his screen.

crucial information.. 👀
a hit... 👀
uh-oh ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
“I am quite sure you were looking forward to saying that, weren't you?” Jeongguk said, his voice low and calm as he put on his leather gloves and picked up a pair of pliers from a silver tray. But Hodol and his men knew better.

That calmness was deceiving.

It was a code dragon.
⚠️⚠️⚠️ jimin 😨
“I will be the only thing left to you. I will be your worst nightmare. My name alone will bring you terror. And who will mourn you? Who will remember you?"

His lips thinned in a cold smile again. “Not a soul."

Jeongguk was looking in satisfaction from his chair.
Now that’s a true Crime Boss in the making too.

"Shall we begin?"

Jimin flicked the kn^fe airborne, caught the handle blade down, and slammed it into Wobin’s th|gh with a messy savage twist to tear muscle fibre and grind the b|ade against the femur.

Screams filled the air.
••• 6 hours later

No one looking at Guk and Jimin as they emerged from their hotel rooms that they had just left a butchered and headless man behind.

The hotel was owned by Jeongguk and they stopped by to take a shower and get rid of all the bloodstains and the stench.
They had recorded Jimin’s torture activities to send to all their allies as a warning in case anyone was still thinking of betraying them.

And it was a good way to introduce Jimin’s name to the underworld.

A weakling Head Boss would be looked down upon.
By the time they watched the video, they would not doubt that Jimin was one Boss not to trifle with.

Especially if he combined forces with Jeongguk.

They just hit two birds with one stone.

It was a productive day indeed.

2 days later....
blind date 😳
even hobi thinks he’s hot... 🙊
uh-oh 😬
ohhh 😨

(what happened to those victims is significant to the plot so take note)
spare room..
“Holy,” Tae hissed through gritted teeth. “Is this guy made of steel?”

“He's strong, yeah,” Jin replied, with a smirk. “Lean, but very strong.”

“He sure is ripped…” Tae added, stealing a quick glance at the man’s toned stomach abs when his shirt rode up.

Behave Taehyung!
“Yeah, and soon he'll be sleeping two feet away from your bedroom,” Jin replied with a teasing wink. “Aren't you lucky?”

“I am lucky my bedroom has a lock, that's what…” Tae muttered, ignoring the sudden heat in his blushing face.

Because yes, the guy was very attractive too.

It was way past two in the morning when Taehyung eyes shot open, the familiar squeaking whistle of the kitchen pipes piercing his ears.
take 2....
“Can...Can I kiss you?” the detective asked, his body way too close for comfort.

“T-That's actually my cue to leave,” Taehyung replied, trying to ignore the scorching gaze that was slowly dropping from his eyes to his lips, and from there to who knew where.
He would not hang around to find out.

Tae’s eyes grew wide when Ji-han cupped his face gently. “You're blushing.”

“Don’t touch me!”

“You're very cute taetae…”
he snapped lol

Later that morning.. 5am
Realizashun ....
target 👀
“Ugh…” he covered his mouth when bile rose in his throat, letting out a relieved sigh when he managed to control the nausea.

He needed something to sober up, then a shower, find a way to make up to his hosts for his ridiculous behavior.
He should probably start by drying up the kitchen… The reason why there was water everywhere was not exactly clear to him, but as it was, he was quite sure it had been his fault as well…

He had to redeem himself if he wanted Taehyung to trust him..

another dominant guy 😏
Ohoho 🙃
“I left my contact on the kitchen counter, call me,” the voice grew distant as the door closed.

“Yeah, right…”

Taehyung huffed and puffed when the door finally clicked shut and shook his head when his eyes fell upon a business card near the pile of food.
“What a clown,”he whispered, staring at the card and wondering if he should lost it or just leave it there in case he got in trouble and he wanted someone to help him.

But the truth was, Tae had been trying to be dismissive because Ji-han made him feel flustered easily too. 🤭

Meanwhile that same morning... 👀
so many complications 😖
And now the ugly truth was beginning to dawn on him too.

He really wasn’t ready to see Taehyung with another guy.

And that if the gap between them widened, Tae would not want him back in his life no matter what anymore.
Part of him was willing to prevent that from happening, even if that meant dragging the younger man to hell with him so that he would never leave his side.

But another part of him, one that he wished he could silence, was telling him Tae wont be happy with him.
Either way, there were things he needed to say and that Taehyung needed to hear.

And to make that conversation happen, he would spare no effort.

He couldn’t ignore it any longer.

He will talk to Taehyung tomorrow.

The next day.. 🙊
see you... 😶
“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“But why hyung?” Tae asked, with a confused frown.

“Jeonnguk would like to talk to you,” was the man’s simple and self-explanatory response. “He assigned me to drive you to his office today.”

*insert hyung. Lol
Ok 🙈
No! 🤯
“Get out of the car, put your hands where I can see them.”

Taehyung’s eyes went wide.

He knew that voice.

When he looked out of the window, he saw the familiar blue jacket, the sleek hair covering light brown eyes that seemed to be shining with fierce murderous intent.
“Detective Ji-han?!” Tae stuttered.

The man didn't even blink.

Neither did Namjoon, for that matter, although Taehyung could see his left hand moving dangerously close to the gun concealed under his seat.

Namjoon 😱
omg 🤦🏻‍♀️
undisclosed status 👀👀
*momo without the bangs*
“F^cking Jeon Jeongguk. I will bring you down,” Ji-han whispered angrily, tucking his gun back into its holster before glaring at the spot where the car had been minutes before.

Now he also understood why his Boss wanted him to monitor and get close to Taehyung.
Taehyung was somehow related to Jeongguk.

But judging by his surprise reaction to what happened, it was obvious that he didn’t know about the real Jeongguk just yet.

Ji-han smirked. “And I’ll save Taehyung from you,” he whispered again before spitting blo0d in the trashcan.

Meanwhile... 🙃
Hobi was not an option to meet too because he was out of the country for some tour.

“Taehyung?” a familiar voice interrupted his thoughts as he walked around with no particular direction in mind.

He turned and sighed in relief when he spotted Jimin in front of a restaurant.

A shoulder to lean on. “Hi hyung.”

“Why do you look out of breath?” Jimin asked worriedly as he approached the younger.

“I’ve been running.”

“Are you in trouble?”

“I hope not.” Tae remembered Guk. Would he be in trouble too? “I really hope not,” he repeated.
Meanwhile .... 🥴
most eligible... 🙃
*talk to him ... 🥴
tea 🍵
.... going back to the two...
Oh no 😓
“Taehyung.” His tone is different this time, softer and almost shy. What?


No answer.

“Hyung, are you still there?”

“Yeah. Sorry. It’s nothing,” Jihan answered after an awkward laugh. ”See you tomorrow Taehyung. And thank you for doing this.”
“Don’t mention it hyung. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Tae.” Taehyung raised an eyebrow at the shortened name but the cop ended the call before he could say anything.

‘You’re one mysterious guy Detective Ji-han,’ Tae thought to himself before joining Jimin in the living room again.
A few moments later..
Jimin 🤣
“Hyung, do you also own a black limo?” Tae asked right away. Tae knew the guy had a white one because he saw the car picked him up at the hospital before.

“Yes. Why?” Jimin answered, clearly confused.
“Oh. Nothing, I thought I saw your car outside,” Tae answered, disappointment clenching his heart. Why did he even expect anything?

Jimin wanted to say that his black limo was at home in North Korea but stopped when he saw Tae’s expression.
“Sorry to disturb you, hyung. Night,” Tae whispered before leaving.

Jimin angrily grabbed his phone from the nightstand.
too trusting ....
hodol, this is serious.. lol
multi-language huh...
nam-gu 👀
Wait a minute ....
He tried to call the saved number immediately.

Number not in use.


“Sir? They ended the call and asked for your call-back if you need anything else,” Hodol said from the open door and he looked up distractedly.
“Hyung, send our best team to Canada tonight and have them look for Sodeol.” Hodol’s eyes widened as realization dawned on him too.

“Right away Sir,” he said before making the necessary calls right away.

Jeongguk sighed deeply as he leaned back on his chair.

A/N: On that same night, a convo between enemies.. remember the same guys who gave Ji-han his mission...
“I already sent our best team.”

“Good. Talk to Jihan tomorrow. He’s becoming sloppy with his job. I thought he deleted all the footage of his stay at the hotel.”

“I’ll make sure to remind him of his mission.”
“What’s his plan tomorrow?”

“He said that he’s bringing Taehyung to the orphanage.”

“Nice move. But remind him not to be sidetracked by that kid’s pretty face too. He can’t afford to be distracted.”

“Well, Taehyung is a pretty boy. I won’t blame him.”

“He’s prettier if dead.”
blue haired vmin are superior
MODEL of all models...
thanks Yuri 😌
yes. him. Lol
and i ooppp..
His heart.

That part of him belonged to someone else.

“Um, Ji-han hyung, you’ve been very nice to me so I think I should be honest with you too,” Tae whispered.

He forced himself to draw in a long breath, raking his fingers through his hair as he shifted on the seat.
“There's someone else,” he said, his eyes dropping to the bracelets on his wrist again. “We are not..... together but I haven't forgotten him,” he added, his voice slightly shaky as he chuckled. “I don't know if I ever will."

The short answer made Tae looked at the detective’s face but it’s so hard to read his expression. “He’s a lucky guy. I hope he knows that,” Jihan finally added and he glanced at Tae with a tight smile.

Taehyung looked away.

He didn’t even know if the guy felt the same way.
But like his mom always said, “Love is a gamble, not a game. You are supposed to take some risks, not play.”

And he definitely didn’t want to lead the detective on and play with his heart.

But is Jeongguk worth the gamble too?


Yes, he is. 💜💜
Much, much later that same night....
and you shall...
oh hohoo
sorry jin sksksk

The next day ... 🥴
oh. Thanks i guess lol
I take it back.. no thanks..
That escalated... 👀
Bring reinforcements... lol
stop calling tae! 😤
oh. Pls proceed with the call.
When the call ended, it was already too late to rush for his first class but he found that he didn’t regret it as he picked up his keys from the ground.

No regret at all.

He smiled as he sent a text to his friends.
i cant change the group name lmao
now or never...
STAAAN JIN i said 😤
good call Tae... 🤦🏻‍♀️
uh-oh... 🥴
Yes Jimin! Beat them as$
I'm so stressed..
Go go go go
YESSSSSSSS!!!!! THE REUNION but not in an ideal situation lol
OH SH^T...
thank you Kanji 🙌
good as dead..
oh no hobi 😔
oh no tae 😔
stan Hodol
low tolerance ..
General yoongi.. 😏
go get em
jimin is still venting..
oh nooooo
warning 🤭
oh no 😔
*dont touch me*
But Jin and Hobi certainly did not expect to get the biggest surprise of their lives too when they helped Tae back on the bed and they saw the scattered pictures around.

“Omygod,” Jin and Hobi gasped at the same time as they viewed the pictures one by one.
Secrets are finally out.

A small portion of the truth, yes. But the impact of five graphic pictures was already too much for them they could barely breathe.

They would have to brace themselves for the whole truth.

Ayumi who??
omg 👀
Sodeol’s last words
10 answers ...
three guests..
foul play. 👀
His heart started pounding so hard after he managed to pull up a phone number, with a Seoul area code. And when he ran it and found a match, his eyes went wide in shock.

“Fucking Do Ji-han,” he whispered in anger. “What are you trying to hide? Why did you have Sodeol killed?”

A/N: Hi guys... I’m still on vacation and I barely have time to check my phone but I try to write something before I sleep.

Please be patient with me. 😔💜

I dont have a lot of time.
We’re in the city for a brief moment so I’m updating what I have while I still have wifi. But I’ll be out of internet range again in an hour.

You can leave me any cc or feedback I can read once my vacation is over. I’ll be back on October 5 💜💜

•••• back at the penthouse
Namjoon is in trouble tehehe
jin fighting 💪
Ji-han stob it 🤭
shinye 😭
yay 🥰

Back at Warehouse 11
change is coming 🤭
Taehyung, yes!
Jeongguk, slow down!
Jeongguk’s actions were becoming more erratic whenever it concerned Taehyung or the man’s safety.

And Taehyung was practically clueless how much influence he had over the most powerful Crime Lord in Asia.

If only Taehyung knew.
One word from him and Jeongguk would reduce an entire empire to ashes.

He could only hope that the student would be able to put that influence into good use by taking care of Jeongguk.

Jeongguk deserved affection and love too. 🥺💜
tae, you sly babybear lol
it’s happening. For real. 🥴
no turning back 😤
secret room 👀
*the last sentence*
“Before we proceed, I’ll give you time to step out of this room Tae. Step out and never look back. The photos you saw and this room are just the beginning of my truth,” Jeongguk warned.

Taehyung remembered the dead men from the pictures again and his legs shook. Oh god.
What could be a worse revelation than that?

Taehyung closed his eyes and he tried to steady his breathing.

Jeongguk waited patiently.

When Taehyung opened his eyes, he walked over to the door without looking at Jeongguk.
Choose wisely: 🥴👉👈
A/N: am laughing so hard. My poll failed epically 😂😅 it didnt mean anything serious, am sorry. I literally wrote this in my notes. Forgive me 😂
Taehyung is not leaving 🥰
painful storytime 😭
A/N: Now I actually feel relieved that I dropped the flashback earlier in the story because I don’t have to narrate everything anymore. Yey! So just imagine Guk telling Taehyung everything, okay? I was very detailed on what happened to his life so I hoped you did not forget. 😉
aww 😭😭😭
A/N: now,remember what i said in part 2? This one right here?👇That Tae ran far away. That’s the next scene but not a big deal. I shouldn’t have worded it like that. Tae would simply asked for a timeout for soul searching if u may. But fate will interfere. U will understand soon.
That’s it for today. 💜💜

But you know what this also means? We’re ALMOST at the end of the flashback and we’ll be finally connecting to the first part of the AU where they are already boyfriends! after 1234859594 years. Yay! 😭😂 thank you for your patience... 🥺💜
Please leave me any feedback. Qoute or cc, anything will do loves.. 🥰

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