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This post originally shared 12 months and Labour continue to flip-flops a year later. Labour is now an uninhabitable potting shed in the weed-infested corner of some ,soon-to-be-sold-off Parliamentary allotment. /1
Corbyn has thus lined up alongside an otherwise insecure Farage to prop up Brexit and Alex B. de Pfeffel Johnson and his band of electoral pirates and fraudsters. Tory High Command anoint their latest PM by pumping Facebook full of Johnson ads /2
an astonishing 554 versions of these things. Almost as if they're gathering data to rig an election using social media
Labour’s response? Keir Starmer Tweeted “At long last, they now have to take responsibility for their false promises. And when they fail, they have to go.” So Labours grand plan is to let the Johnson far-right cabal march the U.K. off a Cliff ?!? /4
“Shame that Labour has not tabled the essential VONC so it can be debated on 3/9/2019 and bring about a GE that can be completed BEFORE exit date.” Tweeted Fiona O’Leary
Labour also confirmed it’s not a Remain party to the dismay of remaining loyalists, and “Labour accounts including Diane Abbott have been laying into Swinson all week.” Tweeted Richard Milne
“Email”s showing Hoey & RMT Union at Vote Leave meeting with Cambridge Analytica using Labour membership data. - and Jeremy Corbyn allows Labour Leave (funded by Tory donor and entrepreneur JML CEO, John Mills....
Just like the Conservative ERG and Legatum Institute, Corbyn allowed a party-within-the-party. But with processing and operations funded by Arron Banks, with Leave.EU recently fined.” (Reply Tweet byLeftfootforward. org)
Another year on, and nothing’s changed in Corbyn’s Labour.

Sixty-four per cent of Labour voters want to remain in the EU; 82% of Labour members back a referendum on the terms of ...
... Britain's departure from the EU, with 87% saying Britain should stay in the single market. Most Leave voters did not expect to leave the single market. Jezza and the inners sanctum weren’t listening to ‘doubt’.
In 2016, Labour said that it’s “[Conference] recognises that many of those who voted to leave the EU were expressing dissatisfaction with EU or national policy and were voting for change...
...but believes that unless the final settlement proves to be acceptable then the option of retaining EU membership should be retained,” the motion says
“The final settlement should therefore be subject to approval, through Parliament and potentially through a general election or a referendum.”
But Labour's National Executive Committee subsequently stated that the motion was passed “due to an error in compositing” and “was not party policy.”
"Conference policy on Brexit has been misinterpreted in some reports as committing Labour to a second referendum on UK membership for the EU, so for the avoidance of doubt we want to make clear that it is not our policy.” Bizarre.
And so we have a ludicrous situation where 82% of Labour members back a second Referendum, 87% wish to retain EU membership but ...
...the NEC and Corbyn stonewall the whole party because of a rigged and marginal advantage on 23/06/2016’ which somehow magically overrides the ‘will of the people’ on any other day of any other year.
Even to imply that 34.73 per cent of the entire electorate voted to leave the EU is a logical fallacy. Here’s why...

Only 1.01% more of voters on one single day in 2016 voted to Leave the EU rather than remain. Most Leave voters did not expect to leave the single market.
They voted so for a variety of reasons, including misguided protest at the Government, in many cases without understanding the definitions of the slogans they were voting for, in the belief the UK was certain to remain in the European Union

Of those who could and did vote, the margin was an indecisive 3.80% in a once-and-forever , irrevocable & not consultative EU Referendum, frog-marched by Theresa May and rushed by Jeremy Cobyn past Parliamentary scrutiny due to her "will of" [the] (some) "people."
“Taking it forward” against the “will of the people” under such circumstances is preposterous. 17,410,742 voted to leave on 23rd June 2016.
47,589, 258 did NOT vote to leave.
The 51.9%/48.1% split, 26% of the population or 36% of the electorate, has more than reversed.
This is not, and will not, be over - democracy is in no way served by a binary choice followed by a sneering “should have read the small print;” a one-off jury-rigged land-grab.
... To let it be so would be a heist of Democratic Parliamentary democracy with roots extending back 200 years, a triumph for the tiny far-right cabal who rigged the referendum ...

...using undeclared funding, cross-campaign collaboration as well foreign nationals, foreign nation states and their money, all illegal under voting regulations.
The Star in the West Midlands, a formerly staunch Leave area until the Referendum results, recently declared a telling turnaround in local opinion, with 57% supporting a second Referendum.
Additionally, nearly three-fifths of people in Greater Manchester think we would be better off economically in Europe.
According to MEN, more than six out of 10 (61pc) said Britain should continue to be part of the single European market. ...
Almost nine out of 10 (86pc) think Britain is better off economically inside Europe, with just one in 20 believing leaving the EU will be a good thing for Britain’s finances. This was another former Leave voting area.
In Sunderland an on-line poll now shows 63% of 3,114 votes backing Remain, against just 37% voting Leave. ...
More than half of Devon now wants Britain to stay in the single market, according to a major new survey carried out by Devon Live - and 15 per cent of Leave voters would change their decision in a new referendum..
According to Business Insider, “ A majority of British people regret voting for Brexit.” “Those who believe Brexit was ‘wrong’ have been in the majority since late 2017, according to this tracking chart from Pantheon Macroeconomics.”
Overall 23/25 polls show a rejection of Brexit since September 2016 covering 394,614+ people in predominantly Leave-voting areas like the Manchester, the North East, West Midlands & West Country show people ever more gravitating to remain in the EU since the Referendum.
Many are polling significantly higher levels of anti-Brexit sentiment than were ever shown in support of Leave. These results are not reported by a pro-Brexit, pro-Tory BBC, just like the pro EU marches, and clearly not reported by the 75% right-wing press press.
However, any scanning of the regional and local press will prove the point; Labour and Conservatives could have researched this as well a we could..
Sixty-four per cent of Labour voters want to remain in the EU; who’s representing them? 82% of Labour members back a referendum on the terms of Britain's departure from the EU, with 87% saying Britain should stay in the single market.
So why the Brexit dogma by the Labour Leadership? The problem stems from the top. James Lipton by FB: ”Jeremy Corbyn voted for Britain to leave the European Economic Community (EEC) in the 1975 European referendum,
opposed the creation of the European Union (EU) under the Maastricht Treaty, speaking and voting against it in Parliament in 1993. He voted against the Lisbon Treaty in Parliament in 2008.;
in 2010, against the creation of the European Union’s diplomatic service. He voted for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU in 2011 (breaking the Labour whip to do so).
In 2011 he also opposed the creation of the EU’s European Stability Mechanism, which helps members of the Euro in financial difficulties (siding with right-wing Euro-sceptics hardliners such as Bone, Douglas Carswell, Cash, I Paisley Junior and Redwood.)
He opposed Britain’s participation in the EU’s Banking Authority in 2012.
“Since the European referendum on June 23rd 2016, Corbyn called for the immediate invocation of Article 50 – the two year notice to leave the EU – much quicker than May wanted. .. /42
In December 2016, he voted in Parliament in favour of the UK leaving the EU, for the process to start no latter than 31 March 2017.
Three times in February 2017 he voted in favour of the Prime Minister starting the process of leaving the European Union. During the 2017 general election, the independent Channel 4 Factcheck service found very little difference between Corbyn and May over Europe
In the summer of 2017, Jeremy Corbyn opposed Britain remaining in the Single Market. He even sacked from his team Labour MPs who voted in favour of membership of the Single Market.” Why?

John Mills is founder UK-based consumer products company JML, where he is currently Chairman and majority shareholder, and former chair of the cross-party Vote Leave (Johnson/Gove/Legatum/Moscow) campaign
He was also founder of Labour Leave, whose other key members included Labour MPs Graham Stringer, Kelvin Hopkins, Roger Godsiff, and staunch Europhobe Kate Hoey MP (who resigned in February 2016).
WIKIPEDIA : “Adam Barnett on the left-wing political blog Left Foot Forward wrote that Labour Leave's donors were the "two biggest funders Conservative Party donors, and its third biggest funder the official Brexit campaign group Vote Leave"
The Electoral Commission shows Labour Leave received £15,000 from the mostly-Conservative Vote Leave in February. Labour Leave also received £50,000 from Jeremy Hosking, a donor to the Conservative Party who has given the Conservatives £569,100 as of June 2016...
. Hosking donated £100,000 to the Conservative Party in April 2015 and donated £50,000 in March 2016 (the same month he gave £50,000 to Labour Leave)....
...Labour Leave took a further £150,000 in May from Richard Smith, believed to be the owner of 55 Tufton Street in Westminster (home of several key right-wing groups.)”
According to a retrospective in the New Statesman, Labour Leave activist Chilton, “to his surprise, found he liked Farage, David Davis and other right-wing Brexiteers. “They were perfectly nice, charming, lovely people,” he says. “The horns on their heads were not real.”
Labour Leave had a policy of not sharing platforms with racists, and on Facebook Huitson deliberately avoided focusing on immigration. But Farage also infamously stood in front of a poster depicting a long line of refugees with the headline “Breaking Point”.”
According to the pro-election-transparency activist group, Liberty.STRATCOM, “Data based upon demographics, class, finances and ethnicity....
...was used to identify core groups of Labour voters to be targeted with UKIP-led messaging and was instrumental in deciding where Nigel Farage appeared to speak during the Brexit campaign.”
Leave.EU, Cambridge Analytica, the RMT Union and Trade Unions Against EU, and Labour MP Kate Hoey – associated with Labour Leave – gained access to the information ....
...via Labour’s 2015 general election data guru before referendum campaigns were officially designated by the Electoral Commission.”
“Sensitive personal data of Labour voters was processed by a third party and shared with Arron Banks’s Leave.EU, Cambridge Analytica, and others associated with unofficial groups campaigning to leave the European Union in February 2016”
Data wasn’t stolen. It was handed over. To Labour’s existential enemies, to ideological racist and xenophobic Farage-led opponents for marketing purposes. To market to closet racists?What does Labour propose to do about it?
“Brexit as I'm sure you're aware is a prime example of neoliberal hegemony : it was engineered by the wealthy, including tech giants like FB, because the EU is in part a regulatory body protecting our rights therefore a pain in the ass for neoliberals ...
“Brexit was a collaborative effort between Mercer, Farage , Leave .EU, UKIP, Vote Leave, Tory and Labour donors ( John Mills) , Putin, FB , Cambridge Analytica. Those who stand to benefit from it are the neoliberal elite, and Corbyn is aiding that , not impeding it
“The irony is most democratic socialists” (Scandinavia)” in Europe are full EU members with capitalist economic systems. So actually the EU is anything but neoliberal, quite the opposite.”
By misunderstanding neoliberalism in a post-Millennium environment, Labour has reverted to outdated, cartoon 1970’s thinking about who the real culprits are. And in sticking with that, unfortunately, sealed it’s own fate.
Don’t take it laying down good people x
Tell your MP the basis for the Referendum was corrupted. Give them these statistics. Many are influenced by the volumes of correspondence they get on a particular iss
Tell Labour what you think of it’s Brexit stance, given that 64% of it’s core vote opposes it: open-britain.co.uk/tell_the_labou…
Above all, stay on it; stay active; stay involved! If you don’t tell them, they may well hold onto outdated notions of public opinion and kowtow to the party whip
Thanks to #Injustice

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