I am starting a new series which will include all the unsubstantiated claims of Mullahs and I'll add every tweet in this series by serial no. With title "Mullalogy "


उंगली पर लगा #पाखाना तीन बार चाट लिया जाए तो उंगली पाक हो जाती है

●In Islam there is no such thing as marriage, it is a contract.

●Your women are your "kheti"
You can enter in your wife from anywhere you want like your farming fields.

Sura 2:223
#Mullalogy #mullahlogy

●Your women are your "kheti"
You can enter in your wife from anywhere you want like your farming fields.

Sura 2:223
#Mullalogy #mullahlogy


Jannat ki hooren koi showpiece thode hi hain, jaise chaahe istemaal karo daba ke.😉


"Paani ke duniya me aane ka ek hi rasta hai wo hai barish"😲🤔

Watch full to understand funny context.
Mullalogy 06:

Earth neither rotates nor revolves.
There evidences in Islamic literature.

The strongest evidence is Prophet Nabi is rest on earth. So everything revolves around on earth due to him.


Credits and copied from


रसूलुल्लाह को पेशाब लगा तो कटोरे में करके रख दिया, रसूलुल्लाह ने सुबह कटोरा खाली देखा तो सबसे पूछा, बेगम ने बताया कि प्यास लगी थी तो पी लिया !! अब रसूलुल्लाह बोले तेरे पेट में कभी दर्द नहीं होगा !!
Copied and credits @shuklapinku

Mullalogy- 8

Economist Mullah master plan to fix pakistan's dwindling economy.

Mullah recommends exporting sick street dogs from Pakistan to China and earn healthy revenue.
#Mullalogy #Mullahlogy


Mullalogy- 9

Every wish of momins will be fulfilled in jannat, he can also do farming there if he wants, his seeds would be like mountains.

Momin can even produce kids in jannat without any limit on numbers of kids.
#Mullalogy #Mullahlogy

Mullalogy- 10

Even if you are pedophile, rapist, murderer or do these activities on daily basis but performs namaz 5 times a day then allah will forgive you from all your crimes.


Mullalogy- 11

Who was khwaja moinuddin chisti?
What was his stature ?
To know listen to this maulana.


Camel urine is halal in Islam and very good medicine for stomach



In islam you can marry every kind of
Aunts after your uncle gives talaq to them.
Very progressive #Mullalogy


In islam alcohol is halal if you use certain ingredients mentioned by this maulana.



To choose an imam whose head is large and whose reproductive organ is small.
As per this maulana Tiktok is halal

This is the maulana of the #JamaMasjid of #Delhi, it keeps on giving fatwa to others, making obscene videos on others and on their own.

Humbistari ke samay bibi ki sharamgaho ko chho skte hai
Lekin dhoodh pina sharia ke khilaf hai.


Aaurat passive hoti hai
Mar active hota hai
Esly aaurat ka aadmi ko dekhna halal hai
lekin aadmi ka aaurat ko dekhna haram.


Mobile Phone is haram as per sharia
burn mobiles all android mobiles😲🤣🤣

West Bangal, North 24 parganas..


There is punishment of 100 kode(flagellation) for pre marital sex as per Quran.

Mullalogy- 21

Allah ne Shauhar ko haq diya hai ki wo aurat ke sath zabardasti kar sakta hai, Aurat Allah ki raza mankar momin ki har khwahish puri kare, Hambistari ke mamle me Allah ne aurat ki marzi ko Haram mana hai.

According to this maulana
Earth ss fixed and doesn't move it is in our Quranic texts and makes sense there are ample Quranic verses to prove that earth is flat and fixed with examples.

Mullalogy- 23

Halala allah ki den hai aur iska inkar karne wali musalmaan aurat kafir ho jayegi.

Mullalogy- 24

As per this maulana quoting Al bukhari touching your finger which got sullied in your faeces with tongue will make it clean and pak (Pure)
and muslim women can clean their cloth sullied of menstruation with saliva to make it pure.

Mullalogy- 25
Mullah shouting ...

"We will destroy America;
We will destroy Great Britain.."
We will destroy everything you built
We will establish sharia
We will establish Islamic state

Mullalogy- 26

Indian Mullah selling penis-enhancement jean-busting aphrodisiacs in Old Delhi. Claims it's a family secret oil that has been around for 900 years.
Mullalogy - 27

As per this maulana if any shauhar next morning to suhagrat finds that his bibi is not virgin then marriage will be void and mehar can be returned.
Kyun @zainabsikander @iratrivedi
So much progressive ??


Mullalogy- 28

Angel Gabriel can turn infertile farming fields into fertile.
Credits. @NabiFaizah
Mullalogy- 29

मोमिनो की अकल का खतना करता हुआ मौलाना।।🤣🤣🤣

Einstein Theory of relativity failed in front of Quran and speed of Buraq

Mullalogy- 30

Mulla justifying marrying of 9 years girl with 53 year man even if it is forced marriage.

Credits: @roflmohd
Mullalogy- 31

Nabi said that if once any husband has given talaq ko his wife until/unless that women performed halala , will not be halal for his first husband
Credits: @NabiFaizah

Mullalogy- 32

Islamic cleric tells his congregation that as Muslims their relationship with non-Muslims should be one of necessity just as a person's relationship to the toilet or latrine when they need to defecate
Mullalogy- 33

Process of wife beating

Credits @Dr_FarhatHashmi

Mullalogy- 34

Man will get 72 hoors in jannat
What women will get, answers this mullah

For example Strong man with pen#s that never bends etc.

Mullalogy- 35

Love Story of Rasulullah and Trunk of a tree.😅

Mullalogy- 36

Kaun se baal katne ukhadne aur nochne chahaiye

Full process sharia certified

@khanumarfa @zainabsikander
@Shehla_Rashid ka to jannat ka ticket cancle ho gya.😂😂

Credits : @anilaryaji

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