There is nothing liberal about Mike Pompeo or those of his brethren who claim to be defending ‘Western Liberal Values’. Pompeo is an evangelical "Christian" with all the known extremist & oppressive tendencies of such a beast. Mike Pence also of course...

How many of those who would like the world to think they are staunch defenders of so-called ‘Western Liberal Values’ are like Pompeo & Pence, using this same myth as a fig leaf to cover their lawless attacks on other nations?

This fakery about 'Western Liberal Values' consists of multiple layers of lies. Nothing new in politics of course & especially not in the field of geopolitics. However, much if not all of mainstream media treats all the lies involved largely as Holy Writ.

The reality is that the elites of the western world know their time of patrician dominance is ending & with it their ability to strongarm nations to their will. Their economic power over others is faltering. They cannot conceive of a world not run by them.

In recent years we have seen how the West has deemed that it its duty to use its ability to threaten weaker nations, via its economic & military might to expand its reach & orbit of dominance. Its elites have built an entire self-serving myth around this.

The economic reality is that the USA & its allies now see that despite its past ability to dominate others, the use of military means was a very blunt tool that created a great many more problems than it ever solved.

And at enormous cost...

Now soft power is seen as the way forward for the western elites. This sounds quite mild, but in reality it is not. take the example of sanctions on Venezuela.

An estimated 40,000 Venezuelan civilians have died as a result.…

Soft power was used against Iraq before the infamous & illegal hard power seen later. During sanctions on Iraq for doing something it wasn’t doing, harboring weapons of mass destruction, an estimated 500,00 children died.…

We can see that this concept of ‘Western Liberal Values’ can cause mass death & the fragmentation if not destruction of entire nations. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria & soon... Venezuela & Iran?

If these are values in action what then are vices?

Pompeo’s sophism is classic smoke & mirrors obfuscation, the extension of public relations into warfare by other means. All this fakery via the concept so beloved of neocons, the 'Believable Lie’. WMD in Iraq. Venezuela as oppressive 'narco state’ & so on.

If the mass murder of civilians & wanton destruction of nations is part of what constitutes ‘Western Liberal Values’ then you do have to question just how liberal in the true sense of the word those advocating it are.

A vital distinction must be made between progressives & liberals in the West. Progressives by & large are open to facts approximating reality. So-called Liberals tend to shore up the establishment status-quo at all times, including its propensity for war.

We are at a watershed moment in the history of the planet. Western elites are fighting to maintain their ability to dominate those nations not held within its orbit. These nations are rising & threaten this goal. China & Russia are predominant among them.

The so-called liberal elites of the West have been willing to countenance any dirty trick to attain their goals. The bugging of UN Security Council members before the vote on war against Iraq is only one example. New film shows it:…

These "liberal" elites will do anything to maintain what they conceive as their necessary supremacy & ability to manipulate & dominate others. Absolutely ANYTHING. Therefore there will be no end to pressure on Russia, Venezuela, Iran or China anytime soon.

The fight to the death struggle of these so-called liberal elites to maintain their dominant patrician position is based on the myth that they alone can hold the world together & guarantee "freedom" & "democracy".

The power-junkies are losing their fix.

How many of the so-called liberal elite actually believe the myth that only they can protect the world & the "freedom" & "democracy" they claim to uphold? Quite likely very few. It is certain the vast majority are not that naive or so unworldly.

The goal of the so-called liberal elites, those such as Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence & other neocons have another goal, not the upholding of ‘Western Liberal Values’ but the continuation of western dominance.

And by whatever lawless means they deem necessary.
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