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Thread: What is the significance of July among the occult and Pedo Elite?
While researching for my Epstein Black book dig, I came across a rabbit hole I just had to go down. In order to present this properly, I need to give you some background on our current calendar.
The more I dig, the more connections I make to how much influence the Roman Catholic church had in shaping our culture. Rather than rehashing a previous dig on the history of the occult and how it infiltrated Christianity, I am linking my previous dig.
In fact, they even structured our current calendar.
Roman information

a.d. XI Kal. Avg. or a.d. XI Kal. Sex. 
11 days before the Kalends of August 
Month: Quintilis or Quinctilis or Ivlivs or Julius
Below we have the Roman Julian Calendar and then what it evolved in to.
(Note the similarities between the Julian Calendar and the Q clock.) The a.d. XI Kal.designation means ante diem or eleven “days before” the Kalends (first day or New Moon) of the next month.
When counting days, the Romans included both the start and end day (in modern Western culture, we skip the start day). When the Romans switched to a solar calendar, they continued to use the lunar day names.
The Roman month of Quintilis (or Quinctilis) is named for quin, because it was originally the fifth month of the Roman solar year.
In 45 BCE, the Roman Senate renamed the month Julius (July), for then Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. July was sacred to Jupiter (Ivppiter), Roman King of Gods.
The earliest Roman months were lunar. According to Roman mythology, the ten month solar calendar aligned to the vernal equinox was introduced by Romulus,
the founder of Rome, around 753 BCE. In Romulus’ calendar, Quintilis (the fifth month) had 31 days. Numa Pompilius, the second of the seven traditional kings of Rome,
added two more months, for a 12 month year. In Numa’s calendar, July had 31 days. Gaius Julius Caesar, as Pontifex Maximus (supreme bridge-builder, a religious title), reorganized the calendar on the first day of 45 BCE.
In Caesar’s calendar (the Julian Calendar), July had 31 days. Caesar’s calendar was calculated by Sosigenes, an Egyptian astrologer/astronomer.
The Roman Senate changed the name of the month Quintilis to Julius (July) in honor of the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.
In 8 BCE, Augustus Caesar fixed errors by pontiffs after Julius’ death and made other minor modifications, resulting in the modern Western calendar.
The modern Gregorian Calendar, named for Roman Catholic Pope Gregory the Thirteenth, was a realignment in 1582. So the question becomes, why did they need to add the month of July..
Other names for the month include the Anglo-Saxon names Haymonath and Maedmonath. The old Japanese calendar (before 1185) called July (approximately) minazuki The month of No water.
It's not hard to miss the fact that there are so many "Independence Days" in the month of July. This can lead one to suppose that it's a good month for work relating not only to independence and overcoming oppression,
but also to the formation of groups or organizations (and nations) for the benefit of its members.
Algeria, July 5th 1962.
Argentina, July 9th 1816
Bahamas, July 10th 1973
Belarus, July 3rd 1944
Belgium July 21st 1831
Burundii, July 1st, 1962
Canada, July 1st 1867
Cape Verde, July 5th 1975
Columbia, July 10th 1861
Comoros, July 6th 1975
Flanders, July 11th ?
France, July 14th 1789
Hong Kong, July 1st 1997
Kiribati, July 12th 1979
Liberia, July 26th 1847
Malawi, July 6th 1964
Maldives, July 26th 1965
Netherlands July 26th 1581
Peru, July 28th 1821
Rwanda, July 1st, 1962
Sao Tome and Principe, July 12th 1975
Slovakia, July 17th 1972
Solomon Islands, July 7th 1978
Somalia, July 1st 1960
South Sudan, July 9th 2011
United States, July 4th 1776
Vanuatu, July 30th 1980
Venezuela July 5th 1811
Do you think it's a coincidence that all of these Nations gained their independence and established their new governments in the month of July? #DarkToLight Are you ready for the first Boom?
Let's take a look at the Satanic rituals for the month of July. Cross reference those with the dates of independence. But oh, there's much more!
#DarkToLight #QAnon
Anons and Woke Normys know that you don't make it big in Hollywood, the Music industry, Modeling, Professional sports etc, unless you literally sell your soul to [THEM]. You literally make a deal with the devil. #DarkToLight #QAnon
The harsh reality is, the men and young boys get sodomized and the women are passed around to their rich friends. They are forced to partake in the rituals etc. But what happens to those that enter the industry, but when it comes down to it, they can't partake in the sacrifice
And won't drink the blood or eat the flesh? (This is NOT a conspiracy theory.) Yes that is Lady Gaga being carried on that stretcher. #DarkToLight
They get eliminated! This is the Yuge boom! I decided to look up mysterious notable deaths during the month of July. Keep in mind, this is ONLY in 2018!!! And I only included those at a young age to prevent skepticism from the sheep.
There is too much typing involved to list them all manually, so I am going to post some in of them in a series of screen shots. The bottom line is, if you don't go with the flow you're eliminated. Take note to all of the causes of death. Think pattern. #DarkToLight #QAnon
July 1st, Awtar Singh, 52, Afghan politician, loya jirgarepresentative for Paktia, bombing.
Takahiro Satō, 41, Japanese manga writer. No cause given.
Donovan Webster, 59, American journalist. No cause given.
Vlatko Ilievski, 33, Macedonian pop singer and actor. No cause given
Clifford Rozier, 45, American basketball player (Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors, Minnesota Timberwolves), heart attack.
Seiichi Endo, 58.Tomomitsu Niimi, 54. No cause given.
Alexander Bogomolny, 54, Israeli-American mathematician. No cause given.
Some may be legit
But I'm listing them all.
William Dunlop, 32, Northern Irish motorcycle racer, collision during practice
Tyler Honeycutt, 27, American basketball player (UCLA, Sacramento Kings), suicide by gunshot.
Tazir Kariyev, 29, Russian footballer (FC Angusht Nazran), shot.
Billy Knight, 39, American basketball player (UCLA Bruins), suicide by self-inflicted blunt force trauma. (SAY WHAT?)
Dave VanDam, 63, American voice actor and impressionist (David Letterman, Barack Obama), member of the Wack Pack. No cause given
Wang Jian, 56, Chinese businessman, co-founder of Hainan Airlines and HNA Group, fall.
Donovan Webster, 59, American journalist. No cause given.
Ed Schultz, 64, American broadcaster (The Ed Show, The Ed Schultz Show, News with Ed Schultz) and political commentator. No Cause
Ron Lollar, 69, American politician, member of the Tennessee House of Representatives(since 2006), heart attack
Clifford Rozier, 45, American basketball player (Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors, Minnesota Timberwolves), heart attack.
Piratita Morgan, 49, Mexican professional wrestler. No cause
Kavi Kumar Azad, 45, Indian actor (Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah), heart attack
Queen Worlu, 58, Nigerian diplomat, Ambassador to São Tomé and Príncipe(since 2017). No cause
Haroon Bilour, 48, Pakistani politician, bombing.
Edvin Hodžić, 23, Austrian footballer. No cause
Pat Swindall, 67, American politician, member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Georgia's 4th district(1985–1989). No cause
Alain Fauré, 55, French politician, Deputy(2012–2017), Mayor of Les Pujols (2001–2014). No cause
Siraj Raisani, 55, Pakistani politician, bombing.
Harold Covington, 64, American political activist. No cause
Claudia Griffith, 67, American politician, member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives (since 2014), heart attack.
Ronny Fredrik Ansnes, 29, Norwegian cross-country skier, drowned.
Dave Dave, 42, American conceptual artist, subject of David. No cause Ray Emery, 35, Canadian ice hockey player (Ottawa Senators, Philadelphia Flyers, Chicago Blackhawks), drowned
Robin Jones, 64, American basketball player (Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets, Olympique Antibes). No cause
Gabriel Rivera, 57, American football player (Pittsburgh Steelers, Texas Tech Red Raiders). No cause
Mollie Tibbetts, 20, American student (University of Iowa), multiple sharp force injuries.
Denis Ten, 25, Kazakhstani figure skater, Olympic bronze medalist (2014), stabbed.
John Vigilante, 33, American ice hockey player (Milwaukee Admirals, Syracuse Crunch, Plymouth Whalers). No cause
Garen Bloch, 39, South African track cyclist, traffic collision
Christoph Westerthaler, 53, Austrian football player (Linz, national team) and manager (SV Horn), heart attack
Garen Bloch, 39, South African track cyclist, traffic collision
Bernardo Ribas Carli, 32, Brazilian politician, member of Legislative Assembly of Paraná(since 2011), plane accident.
Vitaliy Balytskyi, 39, Ukrainian football player and manager. No cause given
Luis Gneiting, 50, Paraguayan politician, Governor of Itapúa (2013–2017) and Minister of Agriculture and Livestock (since 2018), plane crash
Sergio Marchionne, 66, Italian-Canadian automotive executive (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ferrari, Maserati), heart attack.
Glen Roven, 60, American composer, conductor and producer. No cause
Ellie Soutter, 18, British snowboarder (Team GB), suicide by hanging
Simegnew Bekele, 53, Ethiopian engineer and public administrator, shot.
Aloyzas Kveinys, 56, Lithuanian chess grandmaster, heart attack
Bongani Mayosi, 51, South African cardiology professor (University of Cape Town), Order of Mapungubwe recipient (2009), suicide.
Nick Raynes, 33, American film producer. Suicide
Enrique Verástegui, 68, Peruvian poet, physicist and philosopher, heart attack
Kalia Kulothungan, 40, Indian footballer (East Bengal, Bhawanipore), traffic collision
Hans Kristian Amundsen, 58, Norwegian politician and newspaper editor (Nordlys), State Secretary in the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs (since 2011). NO cause
Brian Christopher, 46, American professional wrestler (WWF, TNA, USWA), suicide by hanging
Sam Mehran, 31, American musician (Test Icicles), suicide
Vibeke Skofterud, 38, Norwegian cross-country skier, Olympic champion (2010), jetskiing accident.
Vibeke Skofterud, 38, Norwegian cross-country skier, Olympic champion (2010), jetskiing accident.
Damian Worrad, 43, English cricketer. No cause. This upcoming series of screen shots, all took place in july throughout history.
Okay. I apologize for so many tweets of just names, but what are the odds that all of those prominent people died in the same month, of the same year, all from the same few causes of death; or no cause was given at all? Now for the Next Boom!
If you look back at the occult calendar of rituals for July, it states that the 1st of july is the date of abduction, to hold them for sacrifice.
Every 40 seconds a child goes missing somewhere in the United States. There are more than 460,000 missing children each year. However, the powers that be claim that only 1,500 are kidnapped. That equates to 0.326%. Do they expect us to belive the other 99.674% r runaways?
I decided to go to the FBI website and look at their list. Much to my dismay, there were only 88 names total. When I searched 2018, I got 5 names! WTF? When I searched the month of July overall I got zero. 460k kids a yr, and not 1 in july and only 88 total?
The reality is, [THEY] are not looking for the children. Next I went to Sir Branson's NCFMEC website. It listed 395 all from Texas. Here's where it gets twisted. #DARKTOLIGHT #QAnon
Look at the 1st girl on the list and ask yourself one question. How does anyone know she is missing if there is no name, DOB ETC? How would they know where a Jane Doe is from? These people are stupid! #DarkToLight #QAnon
You're entitled to your own opinion, but it is my belief that it isn't a center for missing children at all. It's an online catalogue for children right out in the open, and each child was assigned a product number.
I am taking a break and will resume later.
Okay, back to the NCMEC website. Think logically. You're a parent How many pictures do you have of your kids? Which ones do you keep handy? The best ones with the nice clothes and big cheesy smiles right? Your child is missing. Which pic are you going to give to authorities?
Go to this website and look at each picture. How many are smiling? How many have the same backgrounds? How many look more like mug shots? It's obvious some are legit for optics n u can tell the difference. #DarkToLight #QAnon…
This rabbit hole led me back to Sir Anthony Branson. If you read my book dig, I covered him earlier, but never got to The Storm Modeling Agency he owns. I believe that too, is an online menu for female sex slaves. This time you get the unredacted book page. #DarkToLight
This time go this page and look at the girls. What's wrong? Most are not smiling and they all have that sad vacant look in their eyes. #DarkToLight #QAnon…
Now take a look at a normal agency. What do you see? This is how models are supposed to look.…
I just want to ask a question: how many coincidences does it take until it's mathematically impossible? I attached a music video. If you pay attention, they tell the story I brought to light in this dig. Stand against [THEM] and your eliminated.
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