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1-”The truth would put 99% of people in the hospital”

Follow me down if you dare. 🕳🐇

This is a story called ”Imagine”.

#TheGreatAwakening #WeThePeople #Qanon #WWG1WGA
2-First of all, this thread should be seen as fiction/sci-fi/philosophy.
An exercise in ”expanding your thinking”.
Not a serious ”dig” or ”research”.
Purely hypothetical.
A philosophical journey inside your mind.
3-A great story should be based on truth mixed with a bit of fiction. Or based on fiction mixed with a bit of truth.
Think Da Vinci code.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, so to understand truth, we must first know how to understand and play around with the word fiction.
6-Are [they] farming entire underground societies?
Some children ”disappears” for rituals & sacrifices, the rest get to live their lives inside the bunker as a part of an industrial human farming complex to make sure they keep reproducing?
7-Remember the China Lake ”earthquakes” just a couple of weeks ago?
Of course you do.

By that time excerpts from this book floated around Twitter ⬇️

8-On the bottom of page 26: ”Thousands of cages housing little children from ceiling to floor.”

I’m not saying it’s true just because it’s written in a book.
All i’m saying is there is this book, and this text is written inside.
9-If it’s possible to paint a picture inside your head just by reading words, it’s possible that it’s been made in reality somewhere.

Evil has no boundaries, neither do your imagination.
10-Ever thought about killing 650 people and take a bath in their blood?
That would be a bizarre train-of-thoughts.
Nobody else can possibly have thought about such horrendeous acts?
And done it?



Gives the word ”bloodbath” a new definition.
11-So... how many secret bunkers like this exists?
Just imagining one is disturbing and mindblowing.
Follow me here for a wild ride... 🕳🐇
12-Imagine being born in one of those bunkers. Never allowed to go above ground. Only being allowed to go where it’s safe for [them] to let you go. Everything you know, is taught by authorities (school) inside. The world as you know it is only being experienced inside the bunker.
13-Other children & adults lives there so you know you’re not alone. This is normal life. The only life. Everyone inside think it’s normal because they know nothing else and they’re being taught this by the authorities.
14-Imagine a real life version of Platon’s ”Allegory of the cave”.

15-So you live in a tiny bunker-world surrounded by walls. People outside are watching it all with hidden cams. You can’t escape but it’s fine. You don’t know any other way of living so trying to escape isn’t an option. You don’t even know it’s an option because it’s impossible.
16-This movie from 1997 is great. (Cube)

17-Feeling sick yet?

Now it’s time to expand your thinking.

Change the map scale.

What about ”planet earth” and Platon’s allegory?
18-Do we know any other way of life?
Can we escape from here?
Do we know if life exists outside ”our own world”?
Can a group of people (authorities) walk among us who knows how to escape?
What’s a secret society?
Are we being watched?
19-Why did John Kerry fly to Antarctica DURING ELECTION NIGHT 2016?

”The goal was to see firsthand the place that perhaps more than any other has climate scientists worried about melting ice and rising sea levels.”

Ok? Nothing going on that date anyway?

20-Couldn’t reschedule?
Seems like it was very important to be there at that exact time.

Any other prominent names been there recently?
Buzz Aldrin?
Just 3 weeks after Kerry?
What a coincidence.



21-I will end the Antarctica theories here.

If you’re here reading this, you probably already know there’s a ton of citizen research out there so there’s no need for me to change the direction of the thread from philosophy to facts.
22-Is there another way of life outside our earth bunker?
Did they lose control of our chains on election night 2016?
Instead of screaming it out, putting 99% in a hospital, we get to experience #TheGreatAwakening slowly & carefully to disclose the truth embedded in cotton?
23-If that was the case, try to fathom how privileged we are to live through this right now.

Everything said & done by previous generations, every breath and decision taken has lead up to this.

For us to live through.
24-With this philosophical standpoint, are you really sure the earth is a round sphere?

Have you seen it with your own eyes from ”space”? Or have you just been told so by the authorities?

Is there a difference between what you KNOW and what you’ve been TAUGHT?
28-Imagine you’re born in a room and never get to leave it.
You’re chained to the wall and it’s impossible to break free.
At some point you’ll start wondering what’s outside the walls, floor & roof.
29-Imagine being stuck all alone in a house with 10 rooms.
The house is locked from the outside.
You can’t escape.
At some point you’ll start wondering what’s outside the house.
30-Imagine being stuck all alone in a ghost town with several houses and a big wall surrounding the town.
The wall is somehow impossible to overcome.
At some point you’ll start wondering... you get this by now.
31-We can go bigger and bigger in scale and it’s safe to say that human nature makes us wonder what’s behind the wall if we don’t already know the answer, no matter how big the room is inside of the walls.
32-You know anything lacking natural walls and edges?
A floating sphere? 🌎
33-If we all could just be convinced that we live on a sphere shaped object, nobody would ever question what’s outside the walls.

No walls. No edges. Just the sky and ”space” above.
34-Luckily, we’re learning early that we got the best of the best people working to find out on behalf of all of us.

Only the best and smartest people can get a work at NASA, right?

So great to have them in our team.
35-With that luxury, it’s probably for the best to let them work it out and not think about it too much yourself.

Just trying to figure out the definition of the words ”infinity” & ”eternity” could make you go insane.

36-Am i saying the earth isn’t sphere shaped?
Am i saying the earth is flat?
Once again, no.
I’m not stating anything.
That’s not the point.
Just playing with words and your imagination.

This is a journey inside your mind.
A story.
37-Because after all, how could i possibly KNOW since i haven’t been in ”space”:

38-Hope you enjoyed the journey.

Thank you for being right here, reading this, right now.

Everything happens for a reason.

#TheGreatAwakening #WeThePeople #Qanon
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