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So I have been talking about this on Instagram a lot but it's time to bring it to Twitter. #Greenwashing. Particularly coming from white women influencers on Instagram. Cut that shit out, immediately. WE ALL SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
The thing is, up until about last year no one wanted to talk about #sustainability and god knows no one was paying you talk about sustainability or wear sustainable clothing. So those of us who did so were pretty much willingly making a choice to not take the money.
I mean if we're honest ... the big bucks for "influencer marketing" still isn't coming from sustainable brands. Not yet. But the thing is ... that's the future. Fast fashions numbers are in the hole. The days of H&M and Inditex making upchecked billions are behind us.
I mean it's already happening. The government of Norway is actually challenging H&M's sustainability claims and that has me LOLing. It's about time someone held them accountable here.…
Talking about sustainability didn't make you money. It wasn't sexy. Brands actually actively disliked you for it. You weren't making friends. But now eveeeeeeerybody wants to claim they're sustainable including the people who have been selling you unsustainable options.
Not selling fast fashion was a deliberate choice for a better world. So I am insulted by the amount of people who have made good money (we're talking properly salaries) from our unhealthy buying habits who are now lane switching like THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Cut it out white women.
But the audacity are the people who are still selling fast fashion but trying to paint it as sustainable. Shame! Shame! Shame!…
There is nothing sustainable or ethical about ANY high street store. Not one of them. This is not to shame you for having fast fashion. I have it too, most of us do! But wearing something a lot doesn't magically make that worker a fair wage. What piping hot bullshit.
It's another sneaky way that white women try and do epic pivots so they can profit off the work of others. They haven't pushed this conversation in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. But now that we all know what the future looks like, they're stepping on others to be the spokesperson.
Fast fashion will never ever ever be sustainable until brands like H&M and Inditex slow down their production line, make less things and ensure that workers are compensated fairly. Until that happens, stop manipulating the facts. That stuff ain't ethical.
I went to the Copenhagen Fashion Summit and not a SINGLE big wig of a fast fashion company could ensure that ALL of their garment workers were paid a fair wage. NOT ONE. That means ... IT'S NOT ETHICAL. Let's all stop lying to ourselves about conscious this and sustainable that.
I get it. You don't have a ton of money. One small way that you can shake things up is just buy from a smaller brand. Often high street stuff isn't even that cheap. They've just tricked you into believing that they're the only ones you can afford.
If you can afford a $69/£69 dress from H&M or Zara you can actually afford a ton of independent designers on Etsy who don't charge that much more for their creations. That's one small way to buy ethically. It requires more effort but it's worth it cuz the current system is shit.
No one wants to willing aid in the oppression of others.
So let's stop.
Let's stop listening to people who tell us to shop without thinking. Let's stop listening to folks who are driving us closer to the brink of destruction with our ... buying habits.
Fast fashion accounts for 10% of carbon emissions. Everything about climate change is man made but literally if we just stopped consuming so much we could take care of 10% of the problem. Don't you want that? Because I want that SO BADLY.
But as far as the ethical and sustainable chat goes I'm going to need white ladies to stop taking up space if you KNOW you haven't been doing the work. If you've been taking money from brands connected to the Dhaka Factory Fire or Rana Plaza collapse, you don't get to lead here.
If you've been doing great these last 5 years because selling fast fashion has been your paycheck, you can have several seats right now because you have swiftly helped climate change along as you've encouraged folks to buy products which we all know are harming the planet.
I'm not saying influencers are to blame solely because we all gotta have some freewill when it comes to this stuff but what I AM saying is that the people who lead the fast fashion movement (#sadtrombone) don't get to lead the sustainable revolution. Pass the mic white ladies.
Also about white ladies and their swift pivots ... all the while I was making zero dollars over here telling people to be more thoughtful in their consumption, I was never once criticizing the way white influencers were making their money.
But now that there's a dollar to be made from sustainability, they seem to believe that should be theirs as well. And thus we have #whitefeminism and the whole "There's plenty of room for us all" when they know damn well there was no room for people like me in their circles.
Also if you're a brand and you're working with instagrammers who sell fast fashion next to your "ethical" clothing I'm not buying from you anymore. Yes, you @Everlane. Because you're revealing to the world that you have no moral backbone and want to be popular at any cost.
@Everlane Since we're on the topic @Everlane, you seem to be aiming for world domination (which is honestly no more sustainable than H&M ... same old capitalism), but the fact that you only carry up to a size 16 as a company that is growing bigger every day means you're fatphobic AF.
@Everlane My sustainability movement is not fatphobic. We can't have a truly ethical future excluding entire parts of the population. But has your pivoting influencer ever publicly pushed a company to do better? No? Oh yeah, it's cuz they're just about trying to line their pockets.
@Everlane If white lady influencers with 100K followers just publicly took a stand and stood up to fast fashion, we could transform the fashion industry overnight. They have power. They just refuse to use it because the paycheck is too alluring. That's #whitefeminism in a nutshell.
@Everlane So yes, I do mind if you ride on the shoulders of my YEARS OF UNPAID LABOR. Yes I do mind if you hold that sustainability talk while continuing to take paychecks from unsustainable businesses. YES I VERY MUCH MIND. Stay in your lane. Shit or get off the pot.
@Everlane I thought I was done but I'm not. Do you know how many stores H&M owns? Cos, & other Stories, Arket, Monki and Weekday. Influencers love to site Arket as sustainable because H&M puts those lies out there. They talk about their fine fabrics with nary a mention of the labor.
@Everlane Even if Arket were doing everything sustainable and ethical (paying it's workers well, something they're unclear about), there's only 18 Arket stores but over 4,000 H&M stores. Arket accounts for less than 1% of the H&M brand. So yeah, ROLL OUT THE #greenwash PR brand!
@Everlane Here's an article hinting at exactly what I'm saying. The details are still pretty foggy here:…
@Everlane Everyone loves feminism. Feminism is a buzzword that fast fashion brands love. Ethical and sustainable fashion is a feminist issue. If you're buying clothing made by underpaid women and you can afford to buy better, your feminism is shit.
@Everlane The garment industry is something like 80% women. Where is the feminism there?
@Everlane Anyway, if we want a truly ethical and sustainable future, it doesn't look like our sustainability movement being lead by able bodied, cis gender, affluent (from selling fast fashion), standard size white ladies. That's not a future I'm willing to get behind. #MicDrop.
@Everlane If you want to learn more about this topic and get daily updates about how we're gonna turn this industry on it's head and decrease that 10% of carbon emissions, I have a Patreon.
@Everlane (Patreon supports my work since I don't want them fast fashion bucks.)
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