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Both Bushes, McCain, Romney, after the fierce intense blowback from the political elite class for DARING to bring up how Democrats like Cummings have completely failed Baltimore, would be curled into a sobbing ball at this point.


Trump is still focusing that laser pointer on how Democrats have utterly failed Baltimore and now the media will again spend all day talking about it while facts about how bad things are there will keep surfacing.

Unlike GOP or "Conservative Inc." or Never Trump, who often only **pretend** to be picking a fight with the Democrats/Progressives & radical activists out there undermining our cities & our institutions, Trump is an actual outsider who came to DC to kick their asses.

Trump segues to the condition of San Francisco, which under Dem control now has a huge homeless problem, plague and all kinds of issues from rats/feces/needles on the streets.

When I first heard about the "Shit Map" in San Francisco, I thought it was a parody, a joke.

NO WAY would a modern city **descend** to the point so many people are literally crapping and urinating on the streets.


Yes, thanks to harebrained Democratic management of the once beautiful cities of LA and San Francisco, would you be SURPRISED to learn that the BUBONIC PLAGUE is making a comeback?

Democrats who have turned American cities into LITERAL SHITHOLES filled with large homeless populations, feces on the streets, rampant crime and urban decay think they are JUST THE KIND OF PEOPLE who need to be running policy for THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.
And what has been the Democrat's method of escaping responsibility for what they've done to these large urban areas they've had control off for decades, many times longer than I've been alive [I'm 55]?

To point the finger at REPUBLICANS & Conservatives. "It's THEIR fault!!!"
Yes yes, somehow the Democratic machines that have run these cities for decades have kept themselves in power - so they can KEEP RUNNING THESE CITIES INTO THE GROUND - thru blaming their failures on "those guys over there".

Also vote fraud. Lots and lots of vote fraud.
It's who **counts** the votes. We watched Democratic partisans in the midterms last year in Florida and Georgia get caught engaging in the usual shenanigans.

In CA. they managed to overturn the results of literally EVERY SINGLE CLOSE RACE to hand it to the Dems.
Wictor told me just how much EFFORT the powers that be in CA will go to in order to disenfranchise a SINGLE GOP VOTER in the district he lived in.

It was mind numbing.
Seeing this stat on Fox News right now. Homicides in Baltimore up a staggering 34% over last year...and we're only HALFWAY through 2019.
Both Cummings & Pelosi are trying to use the old playbook on a guy that the old playbook doesn't WORK on.

Screaming "racist!" doesn't WORK on Trump.

Democrats over decades implemented policies that FAILED these cities and it's LONG past time they were held accountable for this.

"But Trump isn't the guy to..." "But the way Trump does it...."

Spare me.

Don't wanna hear it.

I could care less.
Yesterday, right after Trump began calling out the failures of Cummings & other D leaders who have driven Baltimore straight into the ground, I saw the usual Never Trump Brigade doing it's usual knee-jerk reaction.

"He's doing it wrong."

He's doing what you Never Trump failures and your Jeb! candidates would NEVER do. He's actually fighting these political elites FOR REAL. For KEEPS. To change things.

So spare me the handwringing over how you'd TOTALLY have a better strategy for this.
They **still** don't understand who they're dealing with.

Watch who blinks first.

It ain't gonna be Trump.
Trump'll WRING a confession from both Cummings and Pelosi, especially after what was found in those FBI/IRS raids in Baltimore's are made public.

"It's true I could have done a better job for my city."
REDO: Trump'll WRING a confession from both Cummings and Pelosi, especially after what was found in those FBI/IRS raids of Baltimore's city hall, the mayor's office & the mayor's home are made public.

"It's true I could have done a better job for my city."
I"ve been waiting since APRIL for it to be rolled out what those raids were all about.

As I said yesterday, TRUMP KNOWS SOMETHING. He knows something's coming, something is about to drop.

For **decades** the corrupt politicians in power in these cities engaged in open blatant corruption & people actually got BEATEN DOWN because nothing ever happened to them. Everybody **knew** the fix was in.

Reformers never got anywhere, the D machine defeats them easily.
You LITERALLY can't fight the corruption in places like Baltimore because the D machine that runs things protects itself. Both locally & nationally in the politicians it sends up to DC.

The local police are compromised. The local court/justice system is also compromised.
Trump plays the long game and he is a very, very patient strategist.

A lot of people buy into the persona that Trump just impulsively does stuff with no real thought, like when he starts tweeting at Elijah Cummings how bad things are in his district.
Trump & Sessions & many others have spent over 2 1/2 years getting ready for what I believe you're about to see unfold in places like Baltimore, Chicago, LA and San Franciso.

As I mentioned last night, federal task forces were sent to these cities to play multiple roles.
Trump expects one bomb after another to be dropped on top Democrats who run these corrupt cities **while he's running for reelection** against a field of Democrats where many of the top candidates are from these cities &/or endorse the policies that decimated them.
It's been known for a long time now that the local LEO/Court systems in places like Chicago & Baltimore have been rendered dysfunctional by decades of failed policies that the Democrats will simply NEVER GIVE UP ON.
So the only way to save these cities is to REMOVE THE DEMOCRATS FROM POWER.

That's a **pipe dream**, you say?

It's starting to look to me like this guy has spent **years** planning this out.
As just one example of what Trump/Sessions were doing during those two years where the curtain got pulled back:

A federal task force [FTF] was sent to Chicago to literally TAKE AWAY prosecution of violent gun crime from the local LEO/court system.
Look what happened to violent gun-related crime in the city of Chicago in the first year that FTF was there essentially TAKING OVER from the locals & filing FEDERAL CHARGES against repeat offenders:

The revolving door created by local politicians in Chicago that let violent criminals repeatedly back out onto the streets began to be slammed shut.

When you get hit with FED charges & convicted, you will NOT be paroled. You get sentenced to 8 years, you'll DO 8 years.
The feds had to come in and take over from the dysfunctional local system, and I'll bet while they were doing that these federal agents were taking notes about what they were seeing in their dealings with the corrupt local system.
How bad had things gotten in Chicago by 2016?

Read THIS.

Yes, the ACLU literally got the homicide rate in Chicago to climb to historic proportions. Plenty more minority people were murdered, but at least the police were under control!
What you are reading there is a testament to the utter and complete FAILURE of the local political policies to the point the crime & murder rates keep going up.

Why would they do that, you ask?

Because here in the Democratic machines that run these big cities, you see the perfect union of corruption, ideology and incompetence together in one powerful combination.
Back when I wrote for Breitbart, I did 2 articles where I explained why and how this happens in relation to gun crime. Rather than admit their polices don't work & do the hard work of fixing policy failures, it's FAR EASIER for the Democratic Machine to blame the GOP & the NRA.
Here's the first article I wrote for Breitbart about this, way back in 2013:

" They’d rather people keep an eye peeled for Bull Connor in a pickup truck instead of wondering why the city government can’t seem to lock up truly dangerous repeat criminals. "
Here's the followup I wrote later:

When there is not a recent enough outrage case to use as distraction, politicians like Mayor Emanuel in Chicago learn to use another scapegoat to keep attention off themselves. That is to proffer guns & the National Rifle Association as the cause of your city’s violent crime.
Here's where I explain how a dysfunctional system keeps perpetuating itself:
The tragic Parkland shooting in FL is a **perfect example** of this kind of dysfunction at work.

County & school authorities implemented a host of bad policies that resulted in a **truly dangerous person** never being removed from the MSD campus.
And after their dysfunctional policies resulted in a mass murder by a teen who'd literally had the police called to come deal with him & his out-of-control behavior over 35 times, what did Broward County officials do?





at that absurd town hall on CNN.
Instead of engaging in any self reflection, contrition and beginning the task of fixing their broken dysfunctional system, the Broward County officials like School Super Runcie & Sheriff Israel decided to DOUBLE DOWN on their failed polices, defend them, & attack the NRA.
This led to the absurd spectacle of Israel, who's officers NEVER arrested the killer despite 30+ calls about him & 4 of who's officers didn't go into the school during the attack sitting there on TV self-righteously trolling @DLoesch & blaming HER & the NRA for his failures.
Failed policies that can't be changed.

Years and years of watching this, it simply BEATS PEOPLE DOWN to the point they just accept it.

Anyone who rocks the boat gets called a racist or worse.
People lose hope.

Then the same Democrats who've PUT these people in that terrible situation keep right on with their VILE CHARADE about how hard they are 'workin' for tha PEOPLE!'

And people don't even complain about it any more. It won't do any good.

Just roll their eyes.
And then a miracle happens.
An OUTSIDER somehow gets into the White House.

Somebody who spent DECADES becoming **intimately familiar** with all the corrupt D machine politics, incompetence & failed ideology that drives this dysfunction in these big blue cities.
Some people still believe that the **only reason** Donald Trump ran for President is because he was bored and he has this huge Mt. Everest-sized ego & he loved the idea of everybody standing when he came into the room and all the ego-related trappings.

Let me tell you why Trump ran for President.

He saw what these corrupt leaders do to REAL PEOPLE and it pissed him off to the depths of his soul.
Wictor is right. I agree with his theory that Trump spent **decades** game planning out in his head what he would do if he was President.

He spent years seeing all this corruption up close. They thought HE was one of THEM.
He saw what these corrupticrats were doing to America and people who think Trump is just conning everybody when he talks about his love for America are wrong.

He **means** it. You saw it at that 4th of July parade.
I believe he's spent much of the past 2 1/2 years since coming into office quietly getting ready for what you're about to see unfold, starting in Baltimore.

NONE of this is spontaneous or off the cuff.

You are seeing a plan unfold.
He is...literally...about to let people in cities like Baltimore, who have lost ALL HOPE...know that THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE.
Somebody knows.
Somebody has been listening.
Somebody cares.

And he's taking ACTION to bring change to a city that they have given up on until now.
People who've been beaten down by the corruption & the incompetence & the dysfunction, who've been told they are STUCK forever with the political machines that control their cities are about to wake up and find out a real LEADER is coming to fight FOR THEM.
And this leader is **literally** the last person they would have EVER believed was coming to help them. That bigoted billionaire racist in the White House, Donald J. Trump.
So you go right on yelling 'racist!' at this President, Democrats.

Keep using that old playbook that doesn't work any more.

Trump is NOT going to stop.

He's going to fully expose the corrupt, incompetent & dysfunctional Democrat machines that have run these cities down.
And there isn't a thing you can do about it.

Because the Democrats who abused their own constituents for all these years while keeping up this vile charade they were doing their BEST for the people?

They DESERVE what they are about to get.


There's ANOTHER THING those federal task forces have been doing for 2 years now:

preparing a crackdown on sanctuary cities.

Trump & Sessions spent TWO YEARS warning these corrupticrats this was coming.
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