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"But Labour have no policies."

I've heard this statement recently on more than one occasion.

It's time to set the record straight. Welcome to the Labour Party policy megathread.
Before I get started, I want to quickly mention my reasons for writing up this thread. I can only speak for myself, but I've felt that my activism has been too reactionary recently. Responding to whatever story we're being hit with by the media and being distracted because of it.
I've started to consider the effects of this, and I've come to believe that we've lost sight of what a Labour government, under Corbyn, would truly mean for the United Kingdom.

We know getting rid of the Tories is good. But why is replacing them with Corbyn better?
We need to remember that #WeAreHisMedia. That's not just a hashtag - there's serious truth in it. And as such, the discussions we have are important. If we're simply reacting all the time, that's going to get lost.

As a movement, we need to get back to what makes us strong.
So without further ado, let's get into the policies that could change Britain and offer a genuine alternative to the lies and misdirection of the far-right. In no particular order - let's have a wild ride.

Over 100 policies #ForTheMany, not the few.
1 - End Post Office Closures/New Post Office Bank

As a former PO employee, this excites me. Only Labour have a daring plan to not only save this important institution, but make it viable in decades to come. Straight off the bat, a stone cold winner.

2 - Plans to fit 1.75m solar panels on socially housed or low income homes

As part of the Green Industrial Revolution, these plans could save households participating an average on £117 a year on bills, with any spare power put into the National Grid.

3 - Additional health visit for every baby in England

Hard to argue with this.
4 - Overhaul of the BBC

Corbyn's approach on the BBC is similar to my own, and I love that. I don't want to see the BBC scrapped. I want to see it made fit for purpose.

Only Labour have anything close to a plan for making it happen.

5 - Full inquiry into the Battle of Orgreave

Diane Abbott has promised a full inquiry into Orgreave if Labour get into power - something that Amber Rudd disgracefully ruled out in 2016. You've all seen this picture. Time for the truth, on all of it.
6. Bring rail into public ownership

Nationalisation of rail is a popular policy and for good reason. Profiteers have destroyed the service and privatisation has proven a complete failure.

Time to bring it back to the people, for the people.

7. Declare Climate Emergency

Labour pushed hard for this in May. The Tories dragged their heels relentlessly. And now we have Theresa Villiers as Environment Secretary. So it continues.

The Conservative Party are the real Climate Emergency.

8. Abolish the House of Lords

I. Wonder. Why. So. Many. Lords. Dislike. Jeremy. Corbyn.

And yes, let's do this. I've had enough of unelected peers.

9. Safe standing at Premier League and Championship matches

Labour's position on safe standing has come from consultation with various parties. It's a discussion that's been ongoing for years and in my opinion, high time safe standing was introduced.

10. Recognise Palestine

A popular policy, certainly on the left. And for good reason. The far-right Netanyahu government has committed atrocities on the Palestinian people.

As always, Corbyn's position on foreign policy is right on the money.

11. Stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia

This is just a no-brainer. The complicity of the Tories in their dealings with Saudi Arabia has been utterly abhorrent.

We have to draw a line in the sand over Saudi Arabia, and only Corbyn has the guts to do it.

12. Restore the bursary for nurses

As many of you know, I work in healthcare. I can see first hand what Tory cuts have done. Only Labour can possibly turn the tide and save our NHS with the care and investment it needs.

13. Tackling childhood obesity

Labour will seek to take measures on childhood obesity.

I can't wait for the cries of "NANNY STATE" from the type of people who think that education is a form of oppression. 😂

14. Tougher limits on online gambling

I've seen the ill effects of gambling addiction. If it was up to me personally, I'd think about banning the lot of it. But I'll certainly support Labour bringing in proper limits and controls.

15. Labour push for more free to air sporting events

Labour want to bring sporting events back to our televisions for free, and plan to push further in the future on this.


"Ugh, these policies are getting a bit less spectacular now..." I hear some of you mutter internally.

Heh. Onto number 16. ;)
16. Labour to raise 26bn through Robin Hood tax

As well as making anyone earning £1 million a year file their tax returns publicly. And I completely agree. It's time to redress the balance in this country, in favour of the MANY.

17. Rate of Corporation tax to rise to 26%

Again, agree with this for the same reasons. 26% shouldn't even be a controversial figure and is comparable to other countries in Europe. The Tories resist it because they must. Bring it on.

18. £10 an hour minimum wage for all ages

Are you sixteen? Sixty? It doesn't matter. Under a Labour government, you'll earn a minimum wage of £10 an hour.

A policy that will genuinely make a difference to millions. I'm thinking of those younger workers.

19. End zero hours contracts

Pretty self-explanatory! Labour will end zero hours contracts and ensure that every workers gets a guaranteed number of hours each week.

As someone who has worked zero hours contracts, yes please.
20. End in work poverty

Labour have also pledged to end in work poverty within five years.

This may sound ambitious. But when you look at it combined with the rest of the policies, it begins to look much more realistic.

21. Mandatory alcohol labelling

Labour will bring in new mandatory alcohol labelling, taking self-regulation away from the alcohol industry.

I'm a recovering alcoholic. I can only support this. The alcohol industry, unsurprisingly, has failed.

22. Bringing abortion rights and same sex marriage to Northern Ireland

Here's one we won earlier. I'm delighted that the Labour Party had the stomach for this fight. As a Northern Irishman, I felt we'd never get to this point. Fantastic stuff.

23. NHS safe staffing

“Labour will ensure that finances never again take precedent over patient safety.”

So said Jon Ashworth in 2017 to the Unison Health Conference. Labour will bring in measures to ensure staffing levels are at a safe level.

24. Labour to extend the Freedom of Information Act

Labour will extend the FoI Act to include private contractors running public services.

I'm sure that's a popular policy amongst the establishment.

25. Renationalisation of Energy

Labour will renationalise energy in order to take control out of the hands of private shareholders in a bold bid to fight climate change AND end fuel poverty.

So at this point, I have to take a break unfortunately. I'm in full swing too! But I have a real life too and I have things to do this afternoon.

I'll be back in the late afternoon, and we'll continue. So see you all then ;)
So time for Part Two! I hope you're all ready for a few more lashing of fantastic Labour policy?

I know I am. Let's get to it.

#JC4PM2019 #ForTheMany
26. Free bus travel for Under 25s

Straight back with a corker. Free bus travel would make a huge difference to young people in a number of ways and encourage more people to use public transport - again, considering climate change. Love it.

27. £1.3bn for thousands of new bus routes

Jeremy Corbyn - “Bus networks are essential for towns and cities and for tackling rural poverty and isolation, which is why Labour is committed to creating thriving bus networks under public ownership.”

28. Labour to end Sure Start closures

The Tories at their worst, cutting to pieces a service that has benefited disadvantaged children for over two decades.

Labour will end the Sure Start closures and invest 500 million pounds in it.

29. Scrap the Bedroom Tax

Self-explanatory. Simple. Popular.

Labour will scrap the bedroom tax. No ifs, ands or buts.
30. Lower the voting age to 16

The answer to the question below is "Yes".

16 year olds can work. They can pay tax. And they get the vote in Scotland, coincidentally.

It's time for votes at 16.

31. 8,000 homes for rough sleepers

The political choice that was austerity has led to thousands more on our streets. We can all see it.

Labour will take action to provide homes and save lives.

32. Labour pledges £100 million a year to aid rough sleepers

This plan would put the money into a cold weather fund which would also pay for support workers who would aim to get rough sleepers off the streets and into homes.

33. Equal rights for gig economy workers

Labour have managed to push the Tories on rights in the gig economy - as have the workers themselves.

But Labour will go further and ensure that gig economy workers have equal rights to their counterparts.

34. Stop the badger cull

Tories and the environment, ugh.

Labour will halt the inhumane badger cull, which there is frankly no justification for.

35. Renationalisation of Royal Mail

Another popular policy! Royal Mail should never have been sold off in the first place, and Labour will bring it back into public ownership.

36. New Commissioner for violence against women

Glad to see Labour taking steps to deal with the level of violence towards women.

37. Creating the National Education Service

Labour will create the NES which will promote life long learning and provide resources to the general public to do just that. It will also link in at all levels of education.

Attlee levels of revolutionary.

38. Ban fracking

This is why the appointment of Theresa Villiers as Environment Secretary is truly abhorrent.

Make no mistake. Johnson is trolling you, and sticking two fingers up to the #ClimateEmergency

Labour will ban fracking. End of.
39. 3,000 new firefighters

Labour will look to employ an extra 3,000 firefighters in order to bolster frontline numbers. Fire deaths under the Tories rose for the first time in 20 years.

Labour will ensure a well funded and supported fire service.

40. Free school meals for all primary school children

Means testing has meant that almost a million children are now missing out on a free school meal.

Schools should be backed up to provide a nutritional option, free to the child. Labour will do it.

41. Four new public holidays

...Who doesn't want this?


42. An end to hospital car parking charges

"It's wrong to charge people to visit loved ones in hospital and the staff who care for them," Corbyn said.

As someone who works in one, I couldn't agree more. Fantastic Labour policy.

43. Creation of the National Care Service

And we're not done emulating Attlee's Labour.

We aim to invest £8bn across our five years in Parliament with an extra £1bn in our first year in the NCS in order to provide for every single one of us if needed.

44. Give workers a third of seats on company boards

I told you, didn't I?

They're afraid of us.

Labour will legislate to put power back in the hands of workers. Public and private companies of over 250 employees will be required to do this.


45. No new free schools or academies

You know, I'll admit I didn't know a huge amount about free schools before researching this.

After learning that they can basically rewrite the National Curriculum, I quite agree with Labour's position.

46. A new Clean Air Act

Labour have promised a new Clean Air Act which will aim to tackle rising air pollution - another legacy that comes with nine years of Tory rule.

47. Free childcare for lower income families

Jeremy Corbyn has already guaranteed that families will get 30 hours of childcare. But he has also said even more will be available if Labour do get elected.

48. 5% of Premier League cash to be spent on grassroots

Corbyn of course is a passionate Arsenal supporter. But he understands the need for investment in the lower leagues.

Under Labour, 5% of Premier League cash will flow downwards.

49. £250 million fund for children's health

I can't add much to this one. Quality.

50. Victims of domestic violence to be entitled to paid leave

I didn't know about this one. But it's fantastic.

I love it. A truly compassionate policy which will give victims some of the support they need.

So... we've hit fifty!

I have news for you all.

We're not even halfway yet.
This is unsurprisingly taking longer than any of my threads thus far. So on that note, I'm going to call time on tonight.

Part 3 (51-75) will be coming on Thursday morning. Apologies it can't be sooner, but I'm working the next couple of days.

Thanks for reading this far!
It's Thursday morning.

I've had eight hours of sleep, two cups of coffee, I'm clutching a cigarette for dear life and my brain is swimming in policy.

Let's hit it.

#JC4PM2019 #GTTO #ForTheMany
51. Home help for 160,000 more people

Labour are planning to spend £2.8bn on ensuring that local authorities have the cash to provide home help to 160,000 who are currently going without.

52. Labour's five pledges to the Armed Forces

Five policies in one, almost. Labour will seek to give the rank and file solider a greater voice, end privatisation and greater support for the families of those serving in the forces.

53. War Powers Act

Labour will bring in a War Powers Act that will enshrine in law that government must seek Parliamentary approval before committing to planned military action.

Feels like a very Jeremy Corbyn policy, this one.

54. Labour's five demands to tackle the prison crisis

And another five policies in one.

Labour want to make prisons safer, better staffed and better equipped. Sounds good to me.

55. Labour will subsidise onshore wind farming

Currently, the Tories are blocking subsidies for onshore wind farming.

Labour will end it. Taking the #ClimateEmergency seriously.

56. Stop NHS privatisation

A massive one. There's a reason it's a Labour policy. Because despite the lies of the Tory government, it is happening before our very eyes.

The ONLY chance to save the NHS at this point is a Corbyn and Labour government.

57. Labour will increase ESA to £30 a week

Labour will achieve this through a new Social Security bill in their first year in office.

58. Rogue landlords database to be created

How many Tory MPs could this effect, I wonder?

Labour will seek to call out rogue landlords on a public database in a move designed to protect renters.

As a long time renter I can only say that this is great.

59. Labour to double paid paternity leave to four weeks

...And we'll also increase paternity pay.

60. Restore legal aid

I remember growing up and my parents explaining to me what legal aid was. And I thought it was amazing.

It absolutely staggers me that it has been allowed to slip through the cracks of this Tory government. Labour will restore it.

61. Restore EMA

Labour will restore the £30 a week EMA for 16-18 year olds in further education.

Since the Tories scrapped it in 2010, students have missed out on over a grand in support over the course of a year.

62. Scrap tuition fees

But unlike the Lib Dems, we really mean it - this is what a left wing Labour Party does.

Labour will scrap tuition fees and seek to address student debt.

63. Labour will introduce "fat cat levy" aimed at excessive pay

Labour will force businesses to pay a levy if they offer pay packages in excess of £330,000 a year of 2.5%, and a 5% for pay packages above £500,000 a year.

64. Labour commit to zero emissions target by 2050

Labour have committed to the 2050 target - but have also said that they may seek to bring that date forward.

65. Labour will scrap SATs

"We will end the regime of extreme pressure testing."

So says Jeremy Corbyn. I entirely agree.

66. Leveson 2

The sequel to end all sequels. The Levesoning.

The Tories have resisted Leveson II. What a shocker.

When Labour are in government, they'll make it happen.

67. Labour to introduce oligarch levy

THIS is why I get so annoyed at the Russia/Corbyn smears.

Corbyn is committed to fighting corruption and has no problem fighting Russian corruption.

And here's the proof, laid out in our policy.

68. 50p tax rate for those earning above £123,000

As someone who doesn't earn £123,000, never will and doesn't believe that anyone should earn anywhere close to that level of income, I believe I support this policy.

69. £1bn "culture fund" to be established

If you're involved in the arts or simply enjoy them, Labour have you covered. This will be combined with an end to cuts in local authority funding.

70. Labour to break up the "Big Four" accountancy firms

The BEIS Committee in Parliament recently called for the breakup of the Big Four accountancy firms.

Labour agrees, citing lower standards and the Big Four acting "like a cartel".

71. No tax rises for those earning less than 80k a year

Labour have committed to this for five years. A welcome break for those who have suffered most under the Tories and their austerity agenda.

72. Build it in Britain commitment

Labour have committed to building in-house, citing France and Germany as successful examples.

I remember when Corbyn launched this. They tried to conflate him with the far-right. Ahh, memories.

73. Labour to create new Social Justice Commission

"Labour will put social justice at the heart of everything we do."

We'll shift from the idea of social mobility to social justice - "giving every child the chance to flourish, not just a lucky few."

74. Labour's five point plan for the high street

Labour will ban ATM charges, halt post office and bank closures, deliver free Wi-Fi to town centres and establish a register of landlords who hold onto empty shops in each local authority.

75. Labour to establish the right to an infinite tenancy

Based on the system in Germany, Labour will force landlords to offer "tenancies of indefinite length" in order to protect renters and provide more security.

So that's Part 3 done people! Thanks for staying with me. But we're far from over yet.

Part 4 - Sunday morning. I'm working tomorrow and I want a lie in on Saturday if I'm completely honest!

Hope you enjoyed this instalment. I'll be back on Sunday with more policies #ForTheMany
Apologies for the wait. I needed two lie ins to compensate for my being utterly shattered. Been looking forward to this though.

Welcome to Part Four of the Labour Megathread - many, many policies #ForTheMany, not the few.

#JC4PM2019 #GTTO #100LabourPolicies
76. A public inquiry into the financial sector

Yesterday's news - literally.

McDonnell has called for a twelve month public inquiry to "reveal and root out corruption" and argues that the City of London has failed to reform since the financial crash.

77. Renationalisation of Harland and Wolff

Labour have called for Boris Johnson to bring Harland and Wolff, Europe's largest shipyard, back into public ownership.

Johnson's response upon coming to Northern Ireland was to refuse to meet with workers.

78. End the UK Office Conversion Clause

The UK Office Conversion Clause allows businesses to convert offices into housing without the permission of the local council. In many cases the housing is substandard.

Labour will end the practice.

79. Return of student maintenance grants

This has been Labour policy for years.

As such, I've included this link of Theresa May conceding the political argument and agreeing that student maintenance grants should be restored.

80. Implement the findings of the Parker Review

The Parker Review looked into the level of diversity in UK boardrooms and made recommendations to encourage an increase, including greater transparency and fairness which Labour will implement.

81. Labour will reverse cuts to Capital Gains Tax

Labour will reverse the cuts made to Capital Gains Tax, which most commonly effects stocks, bonds, precious metals and property.

82. Crossrail for the North

Labour are campaigning hard for Crossrail in the North, combined with their renationalisation strategy.

A revolution in rail.

83. Create Minister for Mental Health

Barbara Keeley is currently the Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Social Care. Here's a handy link to the Shadow Cabinet.

84. Labour to repeal Lobbying Act

This'll be popular.

Labour will lift the "gagging law" imposed upon charities by the Tories in 2014 which fifty charities labelled in a letter to The Guardian as "chilling" and argue is stifling democracy.

85. Commitment to second Brighton Mainline

The next stop along the way in our Rail Revolution.

A second Brighton Mainline aims to reduce road traffic, create jobs and ensure economic prosperity for the South Coast.

86. 20bn Scottish investment bank

The SNP have pitched a 2bn investment bank.

Labour want to go much, much further.

87. 45p rate of tax for earners between 80k and 150k per annum

Something I feel I should point out.

95% of earners will face no rise in tax.

There's a reasonable chance that's you. I know I am. Me, I mean.

88. A like for like replacement for Trident

Ugh. Okay.

Here's one I don't agree with. I want to see an alternative to Trident. Here's an article from the CND I found interesting.

Hey, you can't agree with everything. Pretty sure that's what cults do.

89. Register of Beneficial Ownership

Here's a Labour victory! Our calls for a Register of Beneficial Ownership with a view to tackling tax avoidance were adopted by the government.

However, Labour would go further again.

90. Break up the Treasury

Labour will seek to break up the Treasury and move part of it to the North, in a move John McDonnell believes will help to tackle regional inequalities.

91. Commitment to 2% of GDP spending on Defence

Labour have committed to spending at least 2% of GDP on Defence, a target set by NATO.

Labour will seek to refocus finances to provide greater support to the rank and file soldier.

92. Overseas Loan Transparency Act

Labour will create the Overseas Loan Transparency Act which will require all lenders from the UK to disclose loans to foreign governments.

93. Interest free loans for homeowners

Homeowners will be offered interest free loans under a Labour government in order to improve their properties.

94. Repeal the Trade Union Act

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside ;)

Labour will repeal Cameron's Trade Union Act. I would see us go further. But it's a start.

95. End the public sector pay cap

"But Chris!", some of you cried. "Didn't this actually happen last month?"

Chris turned his head, sighed and went "Hmmmm..."

The fight for public sector pay is far from over.

96. New Tax Enforcement Unit

Labour will create a new Tax Enforcement Unit, which will... well, see for yourselves.

97. No public contracts for those convicted of tax avoidance

And from the same document.

Again, I repeat.

98. Labour to give local bus contracts to not-for-profit operators

And it's not just rail.

Labour will seek to break the dominance of the "Big Five" local bus operators who own 72% of the market in England.

99. Abolish the Vagrancy Act 1824

Labour will abolish this antiquated and draconian piece of legislation.

Gotta love the truly compassionate policies.

100. Labour to introduce Future Generations Well Being Act

Based on similar schemes in Wales and New Zealand, Labour will legislate to put a new duty on local health services to reduce health inequalities and link health measures to our climate goals.

So wow. We've finally hit #100LabourPolicies.

But if you think I'm stopping there then you'd be very badly mistaken.

Watch out for Part Five within the week, where we'll do our best to hit 125 Labour policies.

I think it's doable ;) Thanks for reading!

#JC4PM2019 #ForTheMany
Good morning! So, I think I could have been forgiven for leaving it at 100 policies. But then you'd be missing out on all these. And with a General Election looming, there's no excuse not to make this comprehensive.

Welcome to Part 5, another 25 policies #ForTheMany
101. Labour to remove asbestos from existing schools

Labour have pledged a number of safety measures for schools. The National Audit Office has said that it'll take £6.7bn to bring every school building up to the proper standard.

Labour will spend 14bn.

102. Rail Electrification

Labour have pledged to electrify the rail network in order to combat long term costs, decrease pollution and make services more reliable.

103. "First right of refusal" for workers when their company fails

Love this. Absolutely love it.

The article refers to Scottish Labour but this policy is across the board.

Just one policy that could make a huge difference in the workplace.

104. Illegal for banks to close branches that provide a local need

Labour will make it illegal for banks to close branches if doing so will adversely affect the local community.

This is pretty big.

105. Cut VAT

A pretty simply policy, and of course an absolutely huge one.

See what I meant when I said stopping at 100 policies would be a disservice?

Labour will cut VAT in order to take the burden off the poorest in our society.

106. Reintroduce Small Profits Rate of Corporation Tax

So Labour might be planning to raise Corporation Tax to 26%. But did you know they're also planning to protect small businesses that make less than a £300,000 profit a year?

They'll cap at 21%.

107. Public Inquiry into blacklisting

Here's another one that I have a feeling MIGHT be popular.

I'm certainly behind it. Blacklisting is a disgusting, anti-democratic practice and it definitely goes on.

Labour will hold a public inquiry.

108. Labour to spend 90mil on schools based counselling

As someone who has trained as a counsellor, I have all the time in the world for this.

I remember school well, and the pressures involved. A compassionate Labour policy.

109. Ministry of Labour

We'll establish a new Ministry of Labour which will work with the trade unions in order to ensure employees are getting a fair deal at work.

110. Abolishment of the Swedish Derogation

Nobody expects the Swedish Derogation!

Bad jokes aside, this was actually an exemption to equal pay for agency workers. And this is a Labour win, because May's government sought to scrap it early this year.

111. Public contractors forced to recognise trade unions

Under a Jeremy Corbyn government, public contractors will be forced to recognise trade unions leading to greater protections for employees in the public sector.

Bread and butter.

112. Labour to give equality reps statutory rights

What it says on the tin. This is an excellent and long called for policy. The article attached is a great example as to why.

113. No sell off of the Land Registry

There might not be much left to sell off, but by gum if there is you can expect the Tories to go for it.

Luckily they've failed so far to sell off the Land Registry. Labour will ensure that doesn't happen.

114. End privatisation of disability assessments

All disability assessments will be brought into public hands under a Labour government.

After the harm the privateers have caused, I'd have a raised eyebrow for anyone who thinks this is a bad idea.

115. Superfast Broadband

Obviously this article talks about 2020, but the plan is still the same.

Labour will aim to provide superfast broadband across the UK within three years of being elected.

116. Digital Ambassador

...And in order to ensure that the rollout of superfast broadband goes smoothly (amongst other things), Labour will appoint a Digital Ambassador as part of a ten year digital plan.

117. Schools to be accountable to local councils

Labour will change it that most schools are democratically accountable to their local councils.

We COULD go further and bring all academies under local control. Let's hope we're brave on it.

118. Insulation for four million homes

oh just a small policy no big deal really HOLD ON A WHATTING MINUTE?!

Yup. Labour will provide insulation for four million homes in a bid to decrease heating bills for those involved by as much as £270 a year.

119. Support for Tidal Lagoon projects

A tidal lagoon is a power station that generates power from the rise and fall of the tides (I had to look it up myself!)

After looking into them, I'm all for it. This is a great policy. #ClimateEmergency

120. Reinstate School Support Staff Negotiating Body

See, this is how I know that when Corbyn backs up the Bradford NHS support staff, he's deadly serious.

This body was ended by the Tories in 2010 to loud protest. Labour will bring it back.

121. New 20:1 pay ratio in the public sector

Labour will seek to narrow the gap between executive pay and the ordinary worker's wage.

I'll let @RLong_Bailey explain.

@RLong_Bailey 122. Reduce school class sizes

We'll guarantee smaller class sizes in primary schools, ensuring that teachers stay in the profession and children get the learning experience they need.

@RLong_Bailey 123. Ban "umbrella" companies

This mainly affects agency workers - umbrella companies usually work in tandem with recruitment agencies.

Labour claim they “create a false structure to limit employers’ tax liabilities and limit workers’ rights.”

@RLong_Bailey 124. Labour's National Transformation Fund

Labour have pledged £250bn over 10 years in order to invest in infrastructure across the country.

@RLong_Bailey 125. Apprentice Levy on schools to be scrapped

And finally (well, for this part at least) Labour will scrap the Apprentice Levy on schools, saving them around £150m across the board.

@RLong_Bailey So that's Part V finished! (Using roman numerals now, they do look cooler).

There's definitely a Part VI to come. And with a General Election round the corner, you won't have long to wait.

Looking forward to next time, when I'll have another 25 policies #ForTheMany! #JC4PM2019
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