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It’s been 5 yrs since the Yazidi community was attacked by ISIS
From today until Aug.3rd, we will commemorate the attack with a campaign in social media where the #EzidiTteam, with the support from our friends around the world,will share&highlight the Yazidi plight
ISIS terrorists attacked the Yazidi community in Iraq, killing and abducting thousands and forcing tens of thousands more into flight from their homeland, #Sinjar. The women and children who kidnapped were sold and sexually abused and raped.
@BrendaStoter @ma_al_k @Muradsalim1 @mumtazibrahm @KaffirC1_1 @Free_Yezidi @avinnaso @Yazidi_girl @Sagvansaleem @ky_dalal Five years later, the ISIS terror in Iraq has still left deep scars on the Yazidi community. Many of the women and girls, who escaped the captivity of the ISIS, are struggling to deal with the psychological aftermath of what a @UN commission has deemed genocide.
@BrendaStoter @ma_al_k @Muradsalim1 @mumtazibrahm @KaffirC1_1 @Free_Yezidi @avinnaso @Yazidi_girl @Sagvansaleem @ky_dalal @UN @TarekFatah @YazdaOrg @YESforYezidis @sallybecker121 @AldakhiB @94Qassim @HaskanyDilo @khalid_ELIAS197 @NbdyListeningVR @nadiainitiative "It was so humiliating. We were imprisoned; they wouldn’t feed us; they would beat us all even the small children; they would buy and sell us and do whatever they want to us. It is like we are not human to them." Nour a #Yazidi woman survivor of ISIS captivity.
Lamiya, was 15 when ISIS kidnapped her from Kocho, a Yazidi village in #Sinjar in Aug. 2014.
She enslaved by the ISIS terrorists for 20 months, sold 5 times in Iraq & Syria.
She tried to escape,but in her fifth attempt in Mosul, she was critically injured in a landmine explosion.
ISIS terrorists are committing ongoing genocide against the #Yazidis in Iraq and Syria.
According to the UN, women and girls, as young as nine, are being sold as slaves to ISIS terrorists who regularly beat them, rape them, re-sell them and if they try to escape, kill them.
Baseh was 38 when she was enslaved by the Islamic State terrorists. Raped, abused & sold 17 times among members of IS caliphate. One of them, a #Swede and another man, an #Albanian, stomped on her hands in his military boots, after she scolded him 4 buying a 9-year-old slave girl
Farha, 21, she was 17 when she was abducted by ISIS from #Sinjar. She was sold to a #Syrian man who went on to carry out a suicide operation for ISIS. His family then sold her to a #Saudi man who beat her savagely for trying to escape.
I thought I’d lost her, I told my son

“I don’t think your mum’s coming back, I don’t think she can make it to escape ISIS terrorists”.

I didn’t know where she was. She came after I lost hope. I'll support her & love her more than before. A #Yazidi waited for his wife for +3 yrs
"ISIS fighters systematically rape #Yazidi women and girls as young as nine. There is overwhelming evidence of such rapes occurring from survivors themselves, who display both physical and psychological wounds." @hrw
A Yazidi girl all her family members were killed by ISIS in front of her eyes.

The girl has got Hysteria and every time she heras "Allah u Akber", she screams: They'll kill us, run!

"A #Turkish ISIS fighter, who had bought a #Yazidi woman & her children, he was holding them in his family home, beat the woman’s 7-yr-old daughter because she was crying because she was hungry. The wives and children of the ISIS fighter would also beat Yazidi children." @UN_HRC
A #Yazidi girl, 13 years old, was held for 11 months in ISIS-controlled territory and sold multiple times. Sexually enslaved, she recounted also being forced to cook, clean and wash the clothes of her #Syrian terrorist and his family at a house in Raqqah city.
On August 3rd, 2014, the Yazidis had no time to pack up to flee.
They didn’t know they’d have to walk for days without food nor water.
The summer heat on Mount #Sinjar that can reach 50℃ in the summer took many lives of vulnerable children and elderly people.
“I wish I was dead. I wish the ground would open and kill me and my children, I don’t sleep, I don’t eat, my body feels very heavy.” A 27 year old #Yazidi woman, held for 17 months in ISIS captivity.
He said, “It’s ok our religion to take a 9-year-old”
I said, “Don’t tell me that, I don’t want to here it”

We were around 35 girls & 3 women, I’m 21 but I was the oldest
One guard was forcing a 9 yr old girl to go with him to the bathroom. A #Yazidi woman
Those are not tourists...
They are Yazidis when hundreds of thousands had to flee for their lives, and thousands became trapped while seeking shelter in searing August heat on Mount #Sinjar in 2014.
"The youngest girl I examined was 8 yrs old. And she was about eight months in the hands of ISIS. She was sold 10 times. That means in the period of 8 months she was raped hundreds of times.” Psychologist Dr. Jan Ilhan Kizilhan, a trauma specialist from #Germany
ISIS terrorist members joke around with each other as screams of a Yazidi girl/woman being raped in the background is heard. The ISIS rapist who was filmed laughing at the sound of a #Yazidi kidnapped girl from #Sinjar being raped.
As time passes, the suffering of the Yazidis will pass from the world consciousness if it hs not already. Where the IDP camp became home to 1000s Yazidis after ISIS terrorists attacked Sinjar, in what the embattled community remembers as its 74th Genocide
"Even if I had lost both eyes, it would have been worth it, because I have survived them": Lamia a Yazidi girl who escaped from ISIS captivity.
"They killed my father in front of my own eyes." A #Yazidi survivor from ISIS captivity
"We were not worth the value of animals.They (ISIS) raped girls in groups.They did what a mind could not imagine." A #Yazidi survivor of ISIS captivity.
"Each one of us, girls and children, has their own personal story of what we're been through with ISIS." A #Yazidi survivor of ISIS captivity.
Shami Murad, 61-year-old, was buried by ISIS terrorists in a mass grave with 80 other village women in the village of #Kocho in Sinjar in August 15, 2014.
"There was nothing they didn't do 2 me. I used 2 think I was the only 1 that was suffering from such a horrific experience. I thought I was the worst case,but being here with the other girls hs made me realize, I'm not the only 1 who suffered."A #Yazidi survivor of ISIS captivity
Note: the photo from the Yazidi photo gallery in Baghdad, it's not for the same girl. Just to explain what happened to Yazidi people.
"I didn't understand how cruel one man could be. Hajji Salman the worst man I had ever met and after he allowed his guards to rape me, I prayed to be sold. I didn't care to whom and I didn't care where they took me." A #Yazidi survivor of ISIS captivity
“We #Yazidis are a peaceful people. Never in our 5,000-year history have we fought and killed others. But our peacefulness has not served us well. We have faced 74 pogroms, often motivated by extreme interpretations of Islam...” Nadia Murad #YazidiGenocide
“The hardest part was when ISIS terrorists were selling us in the market at #Raqqa/#Syria, they would publishing our photos to sell us like sheep.” a #Yazidi girl abducted, when she was just 14, by ISIS from #Sinjar in August 2014.
Dilveen was 11 when ISIS raided her village, killed her father and stole her away. She was sold to a 65 year-old man, who planned to marry her, but she escaped. This is her remarkable story.
(1/6) #YazidiGenocide
Dilveen is a Yazidi. Her ppl hv lived in Iraq since it was called Mesopotamia. For 11 yr-od Dilveen, life was good on her family’s farm.She was a normal girl, played soccer with her friends, went 2 school&helped her father sell his vegetables in town
When ISIS invaded the region in the summer of 2014, everything changed. Dilveen witnessed the execution of her father, and became one of thousands of #Yazidi girls kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery.
(3/6) #YazidiGenocide
She was sold to a 65 year-old man, who planned to take her to #Syria for marriage. Dilveen hatched a daring escape plan that allowed both her and another girl being held captive to flee.
(4/6) #YazidiPlight #Sinjar #Iraq
She was reunited with her family and now lives in #Ontario with her mother and siblings. She hs started high school.
(5/6) #YazidiPlight
Through her courage and strength, audiences will come to better understand the atrocities the #Yazidi community continues to suffer through.
(6/6) #YazidiGenocide
ISIS terrorists has forcibly transferred multiple groups of between 50 and 300 #Yazidi women and girls into Syria by bus for sale to its fighters there. They were taken to an underground prison or security base in #Raqqah on 17 August 2014.
The attack by ISIS terrorists five years ago resulted in 2,745 children have become orphans, some them whose entire families were killed by ISIS terrorists are facing an uncertain future in an IDPs camps.
“My younger sister, who was just 13 years old then, was repeatedly raped in the adjoining room and her screams still echo in my ears...” Nihad a Yazidi survivor of ISIS captivity.
“It is true that an Arab family helped me, but when ISIS attacked us many of the Arab families around our home and even the Muslim Kurds in Shingal joined ISIS.” A #Yazidi survivor of genocide
“To be a #Yazidi is not easy, we found ourselves facing two choices; convert or die. We lost thousands of innocent lives between mass executions and enslavement...” Nadia Murad a Yazidi survivor of ISIS captivity.
“The Islamic State did not just come to kill us, but to take us as merchandise to be sold in markets.” Nadia a Yazidi survivor of ISIS captivity.
“They tortured us, tried to forcefully convert us. If we refused we were beaten… Sometimes they threatened to torture us with electricity.” A Yazidi woman escaped ISIS captivity.
“One night my baby was crying from thirst. I knocked at the door and saw all the guards sleeping outside. I took a bottle of water from them and I ran away with my baby and walked for four hours.” A Yazidi woman escaped from ISIS captivity.
“My family trusted you, and I am the age of your daughter. And today you are forcing me to be your wife, and trying to rape me.” A #Yazidi girl said to an ISIS terrorist, who kidnapped her from #Sinjar in August 2014.

ISIS commander:
▪️I killed and slaughtered about 900 people.
▪️I raped about 50 girls (15-16 year old).
▪️I raped over 200 women


"The Sheikh took me to his family for about a week. Whenever he wanted, he came & did what he wanted to do with me in front of his family. What he took from me, I am sure I will not get it back." Jilan Ismail, a #Yazidi child, was 12 when she was kidnapped by ISIS in August 2014.
20-year-old beautiful Yazidi girl was forced to take sleeping pills again and again

Then multiple number of ISIS terrorists, one by one, for many hours raped her in unconscious state

When this video captured by terrorist shown to her, she committed suicide 😭😭
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