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The motion is weak and the basis is LOLable, but my suspicion is that the judge will grant it (though likely for less than 3 weeks)

Defendants will argue the burden is on Plaintiff to show good cause (the motion doesn't do that), plus ongoing harassment

Positive for the Defendants. He gives their attorneys lots of usable material

A good rule of thumb as y'all see an assortment of "bUt ThEy LiEd UnDeR oAtH" tweets from conVics is that they're typically projecting – accusing others of the things they themselves or R.Broly have done

Consider these excerpt from the R.Broly deposition...

And contrast with this video of R.Broly that was recorded the day before the rumor panel being discussed in the deposition

Not only is R.Broly's own testimony self-contradictory – he'd never heard of them then he had, he did it to dispel rumors then it was never marketed that way – he flatly tells a different story than what he said live at the con

We call those "prior inconsistent statements" and they're used to impeach a witness's credibility in briefs and in any potential trial 🙃

I represent street pharmacists. They don't really follow Twitter threads about pedo voice actors

I refuse to scroll up to understand what this is about 😂

I just got @'d by one of them, that's funny af

"Updated 4 years ago"... so where's the recent one? 🤔

Clearly I'm bankrupt *because* I'm buying social media followers (when I'm not buying Super Lawyer memberships and such)

Idgi man

Especially when we've talked about the random follower spikes over the years as they've happened 😂

Meanwhile I'm trying to figure out whytf someone ran an audit on me back in early 2015 🤣

About 300ish. I was at 29.7Kish when it started, just over 30.1ish now

They never think before they tweet


And yet here you are, along with hundreds of other conVics

Every day

This would make for an entertaining party 😂

I can probably build a graph based on the Twitter Analytics site, let me see what I can export

Your understanding of Chapter 13 seems comparable to your understanding of female anatomy. No wonder you rely on your pillow for satisfaction

Oh snap I'd forgotten all about this, now I just need to figure out what I named the file and we're in business! 😂

You seem pretty well-versed in the intricacies of Twitter bots, tell us more

Kinda strange that Nintendo's hang-up wasn't the abuse but instead the breach of the nondisclosure agreement though

The folks at ANN have been reading through the R.Broly court documents, and @ann_lynzee has several pieces linked in the embedded tweet here:

Wait. TUGgy filed Chapter 7, twice, while e-begging for money to draw his trademark-infringing comics, but still somehow spends his spare time doxxing himself, playing a perpetual victim, and talking sh*t?

F*ckin' yikes

Apparently TUGgy's a twice-bankrupt e-begging perv self-doxxer, I'm not terribly bothered by his weak attempts at trash talk tbh

The question is whether @CapcomUSA_'s attorneys pay attention to Twitter

Pretty slick grift on TUGgy's part though

Given his drawings, poorly-done knockoffs seems to be a theme

But enough about TUGgy

Let's marinate on Percy

Why weren't there any emails between counsel attached to his Motion to Continue, like there were on his Motion to Compel Discovery? 🤔
Percy asserts in his motion that he begged the big bad defense lawyers for more time, but they told him he couldn't sit with them

Surely this was done by email and not by phone call, right?
I cant help but think there's something incriminating in those emails...
And does Percy really need more time to review documents when he had time to draft that LOLable Motion to Strike?

Maybe he wants more time to draft a Motion for Sanctions we speculated about on Day 52? 🤔

Or is this all just to make sure Percy's got more time to bill the GriftForMe account?

He's such a sh*t LOLyer it's hard to tell tbh

But there's a reason he didn't include those emails...
It's a possible motive but unlikely; professional courtesy would take priority over coordinated third party harassment

I think it's more likely they'll point to things like Percy dicking around on Screech's show when he could have been reviewing docs

Idk if it's common to do a written response or not for something so minor

Given Percy desperately begging the Court for more time to prepare for the TCPA hearing like a desperate beta LOLyer...

...new Twitter banner, courtesy of @Emm_Initiative
If the judge denies the Motion to Continue, he'll just have to pray he can salvage his case by August 8th

They can, I just don't know if it's a customary thing or not

I don't think there's enough time for that regardless. Even at the longest timeline for TCPA consideration – 120 days – they'll still have to go through the process of domesticating the subpoena in Minnesota and responding to Screech fighting it

No, but he at least needs to make a valiant effort to avoid being mocked even more thoroughly by basically everyone

This is why I generally avoid all @'s that have double digits in the "and XX others"

Probably not. But no harm in trying 🙃

Head over to @shane_holmberg's pinned tweet with the Google Drive. I tried digging through the @'s to find it but threading is broken af now 😂

No he won't, he doesn't want me on record elaborating on how wildly incompetent he is 🙃

It's "deposition" btw, no s

Hopefully they were a bit more diligent with you 😂 They still haven't figured out I haven't had a Hyundai in three years, even though I told them over a month ago

But at least you can look forward to getting @'d w/ screenshots of their legal "analysis"!

It's not tortious interference with contracts, and it only "opens you up to a lawsuit" when there's a LOLyer filing it

You are, in a word, wrong

They have to be included with the petitions or the case gets dismissed; they don't have the option of producing them later

In re Lipsky, 460 SW3d 579 (Tex 2015)

➡️ Libel

➡️ No it doesn't

➡️ He won't have the money to sue anyone else after this case is over anyway 🙃

This is plausible. Unethical af, but plausible

Pretty sure we covered that on Day 1 😂

Currently 8/8, but Percy is begging the court for more time so it may be a couple weeks after

Whenever it is, the case will be dismissed within 30 days after that

Well yes, Percy definitely loses regardless because he filed a LOLsuit for libelslander in an anti-SLAPP state on behalf of a well-documented sexual predator

In terms of reasons for dismissal, we call that a "target-rich environment"

I Wonder if they know how soundly the Defendants are going to sleep when R.Broly is stroking a check for their attorney fees 😂

Are those... tears?

Because they look like tears

I bet they're delicious

➡️ *you're

➡️ Desperate for what? 😂

That's what happens when you never leave Mom's basement I guess

These are the same ppl who thought in June 2019 that I still had a dog that died of lung cancer in October 2017, and their proof was *a memorial Christmas ornament the vet hospital made for me*

Mensans, all of them

(With the requisite apologies to any actual Mensans who are less insufferable than the median Kiwi 😂)
Are you... crying?

Because it looks you're crying


He evidently felt sensitive about your criticism, he's now changed his @ to remove the numbers 😂

Oh sh*t! They've got affidavits from the twins R.Broly propositioned for twincest – and, it turns out, also assaulted 😱
Affidavits from *both* twins
"R.Broly" ended up being a more apt descriptor than we imagined 🤢🤮

For folks unfamiliar with "child grooming," brush up on it here before reading the twins' affidavits

Calling it "the Mignogna Effect" works for me

Same with being a cop. The stories of abusing police power for sex are routine

Yep. Anger, embarrassment, shame – similar explanations, 30 years apart

Unlikely. It sounds like the statute of limitations to prosecute has passed for most of R.Broly's victims

In fairness to Vic's counsel, Percy Tyrone Beard, he's also an idiot

Forgot to share the file-stamped PDFs, sorry!

Filed ~2.5 hours ago (cc: @shane_holmberg)

Here's the Rial/Toye Supplement with the twins' affidavits:

And here's Funi's written response objecting to the Motion to Continue:


(cc: @shane_holmberg)
(Were I a gambling man, I'd expect to see Rial / Toye and Marchi responses to the Motion to Continue later today as well, or maybe tomorrow)
Yes, that's correct. But with most states this sort of thing is only a misdemeanor, and misdemeanors tend to have short SOLs (2 years or less typically)

Is this the latest talking point? 🤣

"ok yes Vic Mignogna's a pedo but so are you for pointing it out"?

Cry moar

Yeah I was kinda disappointed that wasn't included 😂 But Volney seems very straight-laced

I'm not taking the Texas Bar Exam. It started today, and I'm currently very much in Durham.

The text of the CDA doesn't make that distinction. It's a solid argument based on case law in other jurisdictions (@questauthority is livetweeting it now I think), and Texas is known for its textualism

Hope the NYPD SVU is providing extra security

Except she didn't contradict Faisal's affidavit at all

Reading is FUNdamental

In light of R.Broly's pedophile tendencies – asking a 5-year-old dressed as Wonder Woman what she's doing later, asking a prepubescent girl if she wants to be his slave, today's twincest affidavits – we have a new Twitter banner, courtesy of @Emm_Initiative
Also note: Vic Mignogna forcibly frenching twin girls happened in Tennessee, where doing so is a crime

Courtesy of @popelizbet: "Unconsented to kissing has been (a)(3) assault since 2001. State v. Smiley, 38 S.W.3d 521 (Tenn 2001)"

Case is here:
And a 16-year-old...

And two 14-year-olds...

And a 12-year-old, on video...

And a 5-year-old, on video...

So... you're basically confirming Vic Mignogna will try to f*ck anyone, and his "age is just a number!" line was a sincerely-held belief

Weird flex, but ok

Yep. Too much R.Broly skeeviness coming out today to not make the change

And what did the 5-year-old do that he "misread"?

I don't need their affidavit, we all saw the video

So what did the 5-year-old little girl do that Vic Mignogna "misread"?

Or are you going to take the Nick Rekieta angle and insist she was "flirting"?

Oh dear, it looks like Percy Ty Beard lied to the Court in his Motion to Continue filing 🤔

We now know why he didn't include his emails with the motion...
Here's the Rial / Toye Objection to R.Broly's Motion to Continue

Percy's emails are in this one

And so is his appearance on Screech's show 🙃

No matter how bad you think it is, it's definitely worse

Disregard that earlier tweet @sadogre, I pasted in your tweet by accident 🙈
Compelling defense to soliciting twincest 👍👍

TL;DR: the R. Kelly of the anime world filed a lawsuit against two of his victims, claiming they ruined his reputation when they said publicly that he assaulted them

It's been a steady parade of ppl saying they too were assaulted by him since

"He only assaulted 5 women!" isn't the own you think it is

Oh his lawyer is LOLbad. Can't recall seeing one less competent, and I've defended people in bar hearings

There's a phone hearing on 8/1 regarding his request to continue the dismissal hearings. Whatever date is set, case will be dismissed 30 days later

But are any of us *really* all that surprised that the same Texas probate attorney Ty Beard (@TyBeard10) whose law firm was sanctioned for fake subpoenas in Goughnour v Patterson would also personally lie to a judge in a totally different case? 🤔

The dude asked a doxxing website to "make my life miserable" as a "personal favor" because I called his LOLsuit bumptious

The Venn diagram of folks who would respond that way to a third-party non-litigant and folks who would lie to a court is a circle

Not for malpractice: Vic has to prove he could have won with a less-incompetent lawyer, and he can't

Definitely opens Percy and BHBH up to sanctions though

Idk, copyright/trademark is way outside my skillset. I tag in @tara_aaron on those questions

Makes you wonder about that state senator he partners with 🤔

I can't remember who, but one of the lawyers mentioned this possibility early in The Threadnought

It's a colorable argument, but I think the claim he met with 2 other attorneys beforehand undercuts it

Still possible, yes

There's a nonzero chance the judge intends to dismiss the case, and will grant a brief continuance (probably 1 week or so) to reduce the possibility of being overturned on appeal

Basically taking the approach of giving Percy some procedural latitude before f*cking him on the substance
You know this affidavit hasn't actually been filed anywhere, right? So far it's just a screenshot Screech has put up for you?


Maybe they'll file it later, but as of today the Dahlin Affidavit (that didn't even say anything important) doesn't exist

It's all about fundraising and keeping the conVics screeching

You seem to have me confused with someone else, I had no clue who Rial or Toye were before June 6th 😂


Oh dear

(N.B.: @popelizbet is a domestic violence attorney in Tennessee, where R.Broly was at the time he forced himself on the twins)


Volney is the diversion, Lemoine drops the nuke, Johnson plinks off any stragglers left

Texas Citizens Participation Act §27.006(a)


Are those... tears?

Because they look like tears

I bet they taste delightful

You should leave the fan art to @Jak_oh_LAN_Turn. At least he's good at it

Affidavits count. But at this point there's been mounds of those, plus at least a half-dozen videos, plus Vic's own testimony where he admits to doing quite a bit of what's alleged

Weren't you just tweeting not too long ago that GFM donations were a sign of popular support? 😂

I've been actively telling folks to mute or unfollow me until it's over. It's like we're all hostages and I just want y'all to be free 😂

I didn't think it was possible to be grossed out by one of @Emm_Initiative's Threadnought banners...

...but the next iteration is 🤢🤮-bad
You're doing me a favor here, so I happily accept that deal 😂

File this under "Rejected Threadnought Banners"

No, they didn't. This is what we call "wishcasting"

Ohhhh R.Broly won't have the cash or stomach to sue anyone else after he eats 3 dismissals, plus 3 sets of sanctions, plus 5 sets of attorneys fees 🙃

Toye's entire TDMA letter was scanned and released publicly. Percy even helpfully wrote on the first page "this is not a complete list"...

...because he's never litigated before, and doesn't know what he's doing

All 3 of the TDMA letters Percy sent – typos and all (e.g. every single letter has "@RonToye" as the originating account) – are available here:

The idea that Percy is anything more than an inept bumbler obliviously nuking R.Broly's case is laughable

Fairly certain that describes the bulk of conVic @'s the past two months

I'll care about your perspective on emojis when you care about sexual assault 🙃

His ex did come forward

She signed a very lengthy affidavit, under oath, that was filed by the Defendants as Exhibit L here: drive.google.com/file/d/1grB0V9…

Tweet less. Read more.

Are you crying about people posting court documents? 😂 The ones about a guy who's spent months talking sh*t about everyone else when he was actually a twice-bankrupt e-begging perv self-doxxer the entire time?? 🤣


One particular cartoon voice actor, who spent 30+ years sexually assaulting multiple women, then filed a LOLsuit for libelslander against his victims

And you're busy crying about one of his defenders being outed as a hypocrite. It's adorable tbh

Find yourself fantasizing about others' sex lives often, eh?

Sounds like a "yes" to my question 🤢🤮

::roughly a dozen victims provide sworn testimony detailing how they were assaulted by Vic Mignogna::

🤡: "I'm neutral"

You're trying to apply logic to this. It won't work

Yes, you have that right actually

Objection letters to the judge – cc'd to opposing counsel and submitted via ECF – are quite common

It's hilarious to me that the very first time WokeYeti actually gets the law right, he insults @questauthority because he can't believe it's true 😂

We need a BespokeYeti who's a little more perceptive...
No one has come forward to refute anything. The few held up by you conVics were already debunked days / weeks / months ago

Just admit you support a sexual predator, there's no need for the dog and pony show

Of course it was. The guy who doesn't practice, not understanding how objections are routinely made.

I'm shocked (shocked!)

RT @AkivaMCohen: "It's Nick. From last night. Same thoughtprocess as 'if you complain to the bar by email, it's not privileged'"
1️⃣ R.Broly's the Plaintiff; the burden to provide evidence is on him, because he chose to sue.

2️⃣ Literal mounds of evidence have already been produced by the Defendants anyway.

3️⃣ "Malice" and "actual malice" are different things. So no.

Who among us has sexually assaulted several women and sexually harassed dozens more? 🤔

*an "I don't remember" affidavit that hasn't actually been filed

Can you redo it to make the glasses clown-sized?

Probably because R.Broly filed the LOLsuit... 🤔

We've all seen the entire TDMA letter. 3 of them. 2 months ago.

They're all deficient

No, it was a community poll we did to find a nickname that adequately encompassed Victor Joseph Mignogna's decades of sexual assault and pedophilic tendencies

Testimony is evidence btw 🙃

(Also, you should definitely *not* RT that prior tweet because if you did you'd be protected by §230 of the federal Communications Decency Act and Percy would be very upset any lawsuit he'd file against you for it would get dismissed)

Percy was/is abjectly terrified that the Defendants' responses exposing his deficiencies will be persuasive to the judge during the telephone hearing tomorrow

Waiting on Shane to toss it on the drive, then I'll RT

This is so good! 😂

J Sean Lemoine is a savage AND I AM HERE FOR IT

How does Percy Tyrone Beard (@TyBeard10) not know what "ex parte" means??

Do you even litigate bro?

(Actually, don't answer that. We already know the answer is "Yes, poorly")

("Ex parte" is Latin for "from." An ex parte communication is one coming from only one party, not providing any notice to the other party. Basically the opposite of a letter copied to opposing counsel, filed publicly, and served via the electronic filing system.)
It is quite literally impossible to overstate how fantastically dumb Ty Beard's "ex parte" characterization is

To any minimally competent attorney, it screams "this guy doesn't know what he's doing"

But alas, your tweet is gibberish

His own signature was fine. But @marchimark's attorney said, in effect, "If Percy's gonna feed you bullsh*t at least make him swear to it under oath"

AND HE DID IT. Because he's a moron who thinks it's totally cool to lie to the Court

A normal attorney – one who doesn't lie to the Court for YouTube and KiwiFarms asspats – would have taken that line in Sam Johnson's letter to mean "ok let me come clean and fix the lie that was originally included"

Percy Tyrone Beard said "f*ck it, I'll affirm this lie is true"
It's in his objection letter filed yesterday: dropbox.com/s/ob1g1l1w95q3…

There is no statutory requirement to verify a motion to continue a TCPA hearing. Johnson said it to see if Beard would be dumb enough to take the bait.

(Narrator: "He was.")

No, they're having a telephone hearing tomorrow on the MTC

Look at it like this: lying to the court is one of a small number of things you can do that would get your license suspended

Beard did it, *in writing* (after his other writings that contradict it), then **swore to it under oath**

I still think there's a possibility, primarily so the case can be set on a day when the Court has more time (everything is currently set for only 1 hour on 8/8)

*and confirmed he'd already reviewed all the Exhibits, since he articulated what he wanted to strike and why


If Beard realizes what he's done, he'll beg the Defendants' attorneys for a Rule 11 agreement on the TCPA hearings, so the telephone hearing tomorrow can be cancelled

Defense counsel has enormous leverage right now

Idk, I have zero doubt that Beard and Rekieta both monitor LawTwitter regularly. They have to know Percy stepped on a rake here

Unlikely *as of today*

It takes a lot of f*cking up to get disbarred. But the trendline has been going in that direction lol

I don't think either of them have the self-awareness to be performance artists. They really are just that incompetent.

His firm has been sanctioned at least twice, including for creating fake subpoenas. But so far as I'm aware Beard himself has not been sanctioned

Discovery abuse, in In Re Beard et al: search.txcourts.gov/SearchMedia.as…

Separate case from Goughnour v Patterson, which was also discovery abuse

You don't seem to understand what an ad hominem fallacy is

Google it, then rejoin the conversation

Remember that Dawson's Creek meme of James Van Der Beek crying? This reminds me of that

Screech invited Percy. His family is mega-wealthy, Screech himself is a trust fund baby, and Percy was a family friend who got rich by handling the estates of their dead rich friends

So Screech set up the GFM, then told R.Broly that Percy was the guy

The real question is "how many weeks did it take them"? 😉

Affidavits aren't used in court until a witness's in-person live testimony says something different (at which point an affidavit can be used to "impeach" their credibility)

Until then, they're considered evidence and weighed alongside everything else

Presumably they'll include it with their written TCPA responses as an "aha!" moment. Idk, it's tough to game out potential strategies when one team is this comedically inept

Exhibit 1: writing a TDMA letter that's so laughable you become an international punchline

I have not

$20 says his "surprise motion" is a motion to strike the Rial / Toye supplement with the twinffadavits, for reasons

This morning we have a new letter from Funi's counsel John Volney, outlining the parties efforts to resolve the Motion to Continue

Percy continues to look incompetent

Based on this, my guess is Judge Chupp will likely adopt the Defendants' proposal

The hearing is in about an hour via telephone, at 11:00am CDT

Presumably Percy will ensure Screech has a recording, so they can raise some money off it tonight
Yes, but the way Volney has presented it helps crystallize the issues and provides a useful guide to structure the hearing. Most judges appreciate that sort of thing

Main thing I remember from Torts we're 3 cases back-to-back-to-back about people slipping on banana peels at train stations

And I remember wondering "howtf does this even happen?"

Agreed. It's nice to see 3 sets of competent attorneys in action, so it's at least not a total sh*tshow 😂

He won't consider anything in the Motion to Strike yet. Today's hearing is solely on whether he's proven sufficient prejudice to merit continuing the TCPA hearing

It's a trade for cushion time to respond to whatever shenanigans Percy may come up with. Current TCPA statute allows hearing-by-ambush; coupling a delay with filing deadlines helps the defense

Wouldn't be surprised to see more affidavits too tbh

There truly is no lower boundary to his incompetence

Literally every attorney involved in the case not named "Ty Beard" or "Nick Rekieta"

Sounds like extra time to gather more affidavits

I hope you're still this cheery when the TCPA motions are granted ❤️

You've mentioned the delay in the TCPA hearing

Telling that you haven't mentioned any filing deadlines

Why is that?

And when are the other filing deadlines? 🤔

You should probably notify the Texas Bar then

Percy wanted the TCPA hearings delayed; he got that

Defendants' attorneys wanted set filing deadlines for things like his TCPA responses. We don't actually know the result on that, because the conVics conspicuously aren't mentioning it

They already are

I've never seen people so excited over a continuance! 😂

Wait, are you outing Percy on Twitter? That's not very nice

Percy gets his TCPA delay, Defendants' attorneys get the 7 day response time they wanted


If Beard hasn't procured his clear and specific evidence by now, it's unlikely the month will help

But now Defendants are protected from hearing-by-ambush

Yep. It takes "inadequate time to respond" off the table as a basis for appeal

Percy and Screech need to keep these kids thinking there's still a chance of winning, so they can keep donating to the GriftForMe account

"This proves Chupp likes the Plaintiff!" is one way to do that

"Transparently run up the bill" seems like a good choice

We won't know until the order is filed. But Screech has indicated Friday 9/6 for the hearing, and 8/30 as Percy's filing deadline

And I really wonder what he thinks I'm doing to Screech

Really f*cked up that you would expose Percy to that kind of danger by outing him on Twitter. You should apologize to him

So did the Defendants get the 7-day cushion on Percy's filings that they wanted or no? 🤔

You'll never run past the totals if you have Screech doing fundraisers every week or so 😉

I've been on Twitter 9 years. I'll still be here after a cartoon voice actor who spent his career assaulting women and girls has his libelslander LOLsuit thrown out 😘

(And the guy bringing it up isn't even gay, he's just playing one at the moment so conVics can coordinate flagging my account to get it suspended)

Happy to do it 👊

You will never find so many people so happy for a routine continuance ever again 😂

Percy managing expectations like an expert

I guess Stan decided pretending to be gay wasn't funny anymore? His tweet magically disappeared

And pretty much everyone on LawTwitter said as much yesterday, that the continuance was likely to be granted

In honor of @NickRekieta and the conVic's total elation over a routine continuance being granted, a new Twitter banner courtesy of @Emm_Initiative
I learned back on June 6th that some strains of idiocy are impervious to logical explanations

I'm curious what you think "cases on record" means?

I was just in Law360 for one of those cases earlier this week 😂

"The DVD is a nice touch 😂" was verbatim my response to @Emm_Initiative when he sent it lol

It's all about the PR narrative, nothing more

Yep. Had a similar experience with the client who pulled a gun on me

That excerpt a couple tweets up was from our Courtroom Chronicles on Gerard btw

He'd have hit my shoulder before catching 17 rounds. I was predestined to be here for when the TCPA motions are granted and you all shriek away to the next controversy ❤️

Totally different than how I expected it to go tbh

Maybe one day, I've gotta get back in the habit of a routine podcast production first 😂😑

Judge wanted it set for 8/29, but it was bumped out to 9/6 to accommodate the trial schedule of one of the Defendant's attorneys

So looks like the only part I was remotely wrong about was "less than three weeks" was instead "exactly three weeks"?

The defense bar jokes about it often. You mostly tend to see it from lawyers who mostly plead out and/or the ones putting on a show for the gallery rather than trying to win their case

Which of my "former places of employment went under"?

This is a new one, I'm eager to learn more

It's super easy! I've got some Kiwis convinced I get paid $25/tweet

It's weird: Percy opposed giving Defendants 7 days to respond to his filings, and Percy opposed handling his Motions to Strike via submission instead of oral argument

Yet the Defendants got both of those 🤔

You don't litigate much, do you?

It's funny, we've gone from watching the conVics screech "Vic is gonna win everything and the Defendants are going TO JAIL!!1" to "well Vic's LOLyer got what he wanted in a hearing where the Defendants' lawyers got what they wanted. YOU ARE SO OWNED!"

In just two months 😂
Diminished expectations FTW
The Motion to Strike Funi's is filed. The "surprise" Motion to Strike Rial's / Toye's has not been filed yet

Sounds like you don't have a GFM to bill against 😉

Where did I say Percy wouldn't get an extension at all?

Feel free to share a URL, all my tweets are in the thread

We're waiting on a final signed order, but that's my understanding of what the judge ruled

The letter from Funi's attorney filed yesterday lays it out well. Here are screenshots of the 3 issues in contention: Ds got what they wanted on the first two, neither got what they wanted on the 3rd (Percy gets more time, but Ds get 7 days to respond)

My understanding is no, it will be handled via written submissions

Typically the parties hash out the wording then submit it to the judge

There's always a chance they're fighting over that...

They can't even grasp the difference between Chapter 13 bankruptcy (mine) and Chapter 7 (TUGgy's x2). They will never understand Chapter 11 (business)

Email fighting between Percy and the Defendants' attorneys, yes possibly

I doubt anyone's on the phone with the judge yet, I'm saying the attorneys may be arguing back and forth to finesse the final wording of the order

It would definitely tick off the judge, but it happens. Typically in that scenario the parties each submit their own proposed orders and the judge picks one

That was the word choice I used for R.Broly some days ago, yes

The motions will still get made, they just have to be filed 7 days before the TCPA hearing and will be decided via submission rather than oral argument

(The "none" refers to Ds not having a proposal to address it, not that no such motions could be filed)

You don't seem like the type who pays attention

Kinda weird you'd take that view on an 18yo kissing a 17yo, but not on a 50+ yo man hitting on a 5yo child

Gross dude

I definitely intended it to mean pedo

Haven't used the comp sci variant in nearly a decade

Kinda sad I never heard back on this tbh

The fun part is that vid only had a couple thousand views not too long ago

But conVics like you feel compelled to defend it, and we're at 20.4K now

Thank you for your service 👊

This is false; see TCPA §27.001(a)(6) and §27.009(a)(1)-(2), highlighted below for your convenience

The Defendants will be getting allllllllllll of their attorneys fees since the initial TDMA letter

From Vic 🙃

"Reasonable attorney's fees" would be $300-$500/hr for all hours spent working the case

Today's hearing on Percy's Motion to Continue? Vic will be paying Defendants' attorneys around $1K for it 🙃

It does actually, that's why I gave you the statutory definition of "legal action"

Feel free to provide the names of any Texas appellate cases that ruled it meant something else

You think a 5-year-old is "of age"??

F*ckin' YIKES

For a private figure, willful ignorance is sufficient to satisfy negligence and he would lose

For a public figure, it's a viable defense and he would win

I mean they could have asked for more or for less, but 7 is the standard in Texas (applied to both summary judgment motions and the revisions to the TCPA taking effect later this year)

You're not making the point you think you're making.

Try again. Do better.

How someone is smart enough to notice Texas Rules of Evidence §803(5), but somehow miss 803(3) and 803(21), is quite a feat
The two 14-year-olds Vic had in his hotel room without their parents weren't legal age

But I know you know that already. You sound like a guy with some experience justifying these things...


➡️ The two Yost twins were in their 20s when Vic had them in his room at Anime Blues Con in 2015

➡️ The three unaccompanied 14-year-olds were in Vic's room at Tekkoshocon in 2007

The confusion is understandable, given how often he does this

Idk why they @ me wanting a few minutes of fame, then run away when they get it

I'm sure you passed 👊

But happy to offer evidence pointers any time, I learned them backwards and forwards back when I was coaching trial teams at UNC and NCCU

I pondered it briefly, but then realized I'd need a fresh shower after every couple entries 🤢🤮🤮🤮

I take it you don't realize the judge adopted the Defendants' proposals?

All evidentiary motions considered via written submission rather than oral argument at hearings, and all of Percy's filings due at least 7+ days before the TCPA hearing

Oh it keeps getting worse, you're not even caught up to yesterday yet 😂

Congrats on finishing the bar exam btw!

Well damn, I stand corrected – you had Percy pegged 😂

Please see the cashier for your LOLbux

Turns out @BettikMartin knew Percy's Motion to Continue was forthcoming days before it was filed 🤣

This is from Day 49:

If we can make it 24 hours without a dozen CHUDs in my @'s, I'll happily end the thread

I wouldn't get your hopes up though

This would be a more effective burn if we hadn't already posted screenshots of what each side wanted and identified who got what

You're wrong of course 🙃

The idea that a LOLyer who doesn't know what "ex parte" means, or "read and sign," or "hearsay," somehow wanted all his motions heard via written submission instead of orally is just silly
If we were the ones getting destroyed, you'd think Percy would be happy we keep shining a light on his brilliant legal acumen 🤔

I'm in private practice, but mostly lower-income criminal clients

The irony is that my law firm is profitable though. Has been ever since I started.

If you're gonna be a parody account, you need to do better. This sounds like the same caliber of gibberish from any other conVic

Gotta put his continuance time to good use, raising more GriftForMe dollars

Are they still having trouble understanding AWOX applications? 🤣

You sound insufficiently equipped to make that sort of judgment

It would be amusing if it weren't sad

I love Percy's shirt 😂 I wonder if I can get him to autograph one for me after he loses the case 🤔

Are you still hung up on a 17-year-old participating in a comedy skit with an 18-year-old? But somehow totally ok with a 50-year-old man propositioning a 5-year-old child?

F*ckin' YIKES

Anyone telling you Percy was already standing when Judge Chupp told him he should be standing is lying to you 😉
Let's assume for the sake of argument this is entirely true, and not more conVic-fabricated bullsh*t like everything else you've tweeted

How does this help R.Broly again? It's clear and specific evidence of which element of which claim?

I find it endlessly fascinating that you people invest enormous effort into making things up, and can't even make up something that matters

If you want to impress us, fabricate a text message proving actual malice or something
None of these tweets say what you claim they said. So you confirmed that your talking point was bullsh*t, as I suspected

Now run along and let the adults talk in peace

No, she didn't "admit they were 14." This is more conVic-fabricated garbage that y'all repeat until the less-perceptive people accept it as being true

Of course it's still about the comedy skit

Show them video of their hero propositioning a 5yo, then doing the same to a preteen 20 minutes later, and their only response is "this unrelated abuse victim is a pedo!"

It's gross

A portion of Fsck #94 (fsckemall.com/2019/07/mini-p…) discusses the origins of The Threadnought

The first few tweets after my pinned tweet has key docs on the case itself

Sounds like there are going to be some fun developments with the Vic Mignogna LOLsuit this weekend... 🙃
This is officially one of the dumbest things I've read on Twitter

And I've read some of your other tweets, so that's quite an accomplishment

🤡: "Percy isn't incompetent for sending a TDMA letter that didn't meet the requirements of the statute! He sent 370 individual letters to the same person (when he only need to send 1) instead!"
It's 10:49am; the weekend is now 25% over

This is my 4th tweet

Why are you crying?

Yes, it's crying

You just didn't expect to get called out on it, so now you're couching it as advice


It won't affect this case. I think Lemoine spelled out the changes on the TCPA blog he runs

Oh Percy and Screech have Streisand'd the hell out of this case

Can you imagine how many more people will learn about Vic Mignogna's predator tendencies now?? Dallas Morning News has ~1M subscribers, it's one of the biggest papers in the country

It's almost like Ty Beard and Nick Rekieta were more interested in getting famous than in winning Vic's case... 🤔
As long as he doesn't comment about it, his @'s should be fine 😂

At this current point in time, there are only 2 replies to this @dallasnews tweet

I've included a screenshot of them so you have a gauge of the median conVic's intelligence 🙃

Percy is going to be regarded as the Larry Klayman of Texas

It's too bad really: if Percy had the cajones to file that Motion for Sanctions he threatened via email – or even the ability to answer the reporter's phone calls – there'd at least be a counter-narrative available

Poor Vic Mignogna

I still have a hard time believing he's a lawyer tbh

Nah, I think Ty Beard is just inept and doesn't know how to effectively talk to media that isn't slobbering-on-his-🍆-level friendly like Nick Rekieta's livescreeches

I suspect the Kiwis and conVics are gonna learn that their online commentary isn't nearly as effective in the real world 🙃


Now I don't know @RonToye, but I suspect if he'd actually gotten 370+ individual letters he'd have spread them out on a table just for a "look at this sh*t"-style picture

Oh we don't want that all. I 100% want R.Broly, Percy, and Screech to keep talking even more.

Pulling stuff out of his @$$. The entire quote is a compilation of things that didn't happen.

More importantly: definitely a public figure now, and definitely an issue of public concern

Good luck with that "second wave" of LOLsuits 🤣

Speaking of #TimesUp, didn't GoFundMe make a big and well-publicized donation to them last year?

And now GoFundMe is bankrolling attack litigation against a sex pest's victims? 🧐

The case against Faisal Ahmed was dismissed (called a nolle prosequi in Georgia apparently). It's available through the Gwinnett County Courts website

Here are some screenshots:

The case being covered in a major newspaper is it for this weekend. There will probably be more supplementations later.

Gotta spread them out over the next month

I'm sure it's already been done. @SharonFGrigsby was a Pulitzer finalist for her coverage of the Baylor scandal, she's used to this I suspect

The one from @LawSchoolTruth is a joke, albeit so well-done it's hard to tell

Fees are against the Plaintiff, TCPA sanctions are against the Plaintiff, but the court has inherent power to sanction the attorneys too if it concludes they engaged in misconduct

I get the impression they don't care as long as they get their slice of that quarter mil

We've come quite a long way from their "The First Amendment doesn't apply in Texas!" arguments 😂

Oh dear

@dallasnews made the Vic Mignogna story by @SharonFGrigsby the lead on their homepage

Can you imagine how many tens of thousands of people are now going to see this who previously had no clue what was going on? 🙃


Please reply more, so even more people can see the tweets you're responding to 🙃

Yeah Percy loves having potential witnesses doxxed on his client's behalf, he's been encouraging it for months now

Oh I'm not trying to prove anything at all. It's R.Broly's LOLsuit so the burden of proof is on him.

I'm just making sure folks who find that tweet in the days ahead have some videos to help them make up their own minds 😉

Define "stupid"

Because you're the one replying to a tweet you don't want people to see, thereby ensuring more people see it

(Gotta love algorithms!)

You should definitely tell all your friends about the good news, and encourage them to retweet the @dallasnews story

Unlikely IMO, but that would be amazing! 😂

But I agree with Screech, I think the Dallas Morning News should *definitely* do another piece after they've interviewed him 🙃
Sounds like someone missed the #Law140 about how statements made based on undisclosed facts can be defamatory 🙃

It's not, that's why I don't think Percy would be dumb enough to try it

But I also didn't think Percy was dumb enough to not know what "ex parte" meant, so we'll see

Unlikely the judge will see anything about the case unless the lawyers put it in front of him

I am sure the broader public will totally see a 50-year-old man asking a 5-year-old child "what are you doing after the show?" as totally fine

You should definitely comment more so even more people can see how clearly right you are

Screech is a journLOList though, that's different

It's definitely a conspiracy! You should spread the word!

Indeed. Feels like an eternity ago now

Thursday's hearing was devastating for the Plaintiff. We talked about it days ago.

Nothing's been "falsified," the videos and photos are plain as day

Vic's a pedo as well as a predator

A typical Threadnought tweet gets more views than Screech's stream

And the Dallas Morning News gets more views than both of us combined

I'm good here 😘


There won't be a "Round 2," the Dallas Morning News just made sure of that 🙃

You see him crying this afternoon because a mainstream news outlet quoted his livescreech but didn't call him?

I'm not sure why you think a lawyer would go debate a journLOList about law stuff on a barely-watched livestream, but whatever helps you sleep at night ❤️


The burden is on R.Broly to prove @marchimark's statements were false by clear and specific evidence, and he *also* has to prove Marchi knew they were false by clear and convincing evidence

He can't do either of those things b/c he confessed

Do you often fantasize about others' sex lives? 🤢

Are those... tears?

Because they look like tears


"Like a screeching alcoholic with a high schooler's understanding of the law"

Of course, did you see @SharonFGrigsby's mentions? At least a dozen conVics asking her how much she was paid to write the piece

Legit LOL

I'm impressed they think I have that kind of reach, while at the same time insisting I'm irrelevant


I applied to be a Texas lawyer, so I now have minimum contacts to be sued down there 😱 Don't let Percy know!

"Reckless disregard for the truth" is having serious doubts about the truth of a statement but saying it anyway

I sincerely believe Vic's a pedo, I assure you

R.Broly should *definitely* sue the Dallas Morning News too

And who do you think is the accuser in this case? 🤔

They get cranky when mom takes too long heating up the pizza rolls

There is no evidence that "shows the Defendants are lying" 🙃

None of it's true, just regurgitated Kiwi talking points all debunked elsewhere mid-Threadnought

Debunked by the author @ANN_Lynzee awhile ago, it's a totally different girl

R.Broly's lawsuit said he was a public figure, that was never in doubt

This is just to make sure more people know about it 🙃

How do you think Chapter 13 bankruptcy works?

Anyone ever ask him how that domestic violence charge turned out?

For the current case, it won't have much effect

For any future cases, this is now a matter of public concern and Vic is an at-least-limited public figure. He'll have to prove actual malice for every single future Defendant in perpetuity

Oh dear, the Defendants' lawyers are going to be so mad at me now

"Innuendo," by definition, can never be defamatory per se. It's defamatory per quod, meaning nothing is presumed

You should ask him why his bank job didn't work out. That may offer some clues 🙃

I missed the conversation, looks like the account you were replying to go suspended


Oh Screech is a trust fund baby, his family is mega-mega-wealthy

Oh it's well-documented on the web. Here's a pic to get you started though. Happy birthday!

We're collectively trapped near the end of Billy Madison

And didnt Percy say on an old livescreech that Screech was instrumental to the plaintiff's strategy?

What context do you think should be added there?

An 18-year-old kissing a 17-year-old in a comedy skit isn't pedophilia, no matter how delusional you are

And Jaime's
And Robin's
And Kara's
And Michelle's
And Lynn's
And Whitney's
And Neysha's
And Kelly's
And Elizabeth's
And Theresa's

I appreciate you confirming you don't know how old they are

Which isn't a surprise, since they were 17

Now shoo and let the adults talk in peace

Nah they've bounced around. It started at 16 and got down to 13 before staying at 14 for awhile. 15 is inching back up.

They like to move the age around to suit their narrative. It would be more compelling if it wasn't obvious everyone was getting their talking points from Kiwi Farms

You have to have sex before you can have kids, and odds of that happening for you are slim.

Someone needs to notify the news, they'll be fascinated to know a waifu pillow can be impregnated

Just Tyler noting that getting people to go on record via affidavit is tough, and having a dozen+ is usually a sign the allegations are true and the opposing side is an asshole

There's no real assumption being made here 😂

One of the conVics tagged Percy, Percy's daughter, and Screech in a quote-tweet of me calling R.Broly a pedo

I replied "We'll be in touch"

I'm not sure I understand the debate. Regardless of its origins, the First Amendment applies to speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition. Even in Texas.

Crazy af that the same organization that donated $$$ to @TimesUpNow is now being used to bankroll litigation against an abuser's victims

The convention was in Illinois, with two 17-year-olds and an [18 or 19]-year-old

Why are you sharing Florida law?

Part of me respects the hustle tbh 🤣

If you've got a bunch of ppl dumber than a bucketful of used condoms willing to give you their allowance money, may as well grift what you can I guess

It's also weird that they obsess over it when there was no sex involved. Very overactive imaginations

Careful, according to Percy you've just committed defamation

I will legit pay you a per-troll fee if you can successfully convince them to do this 😂

I may see if I can get one autographed 😂

More accurately he was already a public figure before, because major metro newspapers don't do front page stories like this on private figures

But it's also now definitively an issue of public concern, which helps any theoretical "Round 2" defendants

Dahlin's affidavit hasn't been filed. It was signed and notarized in Georgia, but R.Broly / Percy / Screech have never actually filed it in the case; its release was a publicity stunt

Search for yourself here: research.txcourts.gov/CourtRecordsSe…

It's free

Which of the 4 Defendants are pedophiles?

Because them plus R.Broly are the only two "sides." It's a lawsuit, not a team sport.

What part of "its release was a publicity stunt" did you not comprehend?

The *entire* court file – every document ever filed in it – is here: research.txcourts.gov/CourtRecordsSe…

Where is the Dahlin Affidavit in the court file? Which entry?

Oh I'm sure Percy will file it later, now that he's been exposed for never filing it at all. Dude's easily goaded

Yep, plus his petition and amended petition and motion to continue and amended motion to continue and unheard motion to strike, to the extent any of those have contained "evidence"

He'll file a trio of written TCPA responses by 8/30

A YouTube link is not the court's file

This is the court's file: research.txcourts.gov/CourtRecordsSe…

Where is the Dahlin Affidavit in the court's file?

Percy got more GriftForMe donations, Screech got more superchats, and R.Broly got whoever does the writing at Bounding Into Comics suckered into writing a puff piece on it

It accomplished the intended objectives

"iF vIc WiNs, ThAt MeAnS i CaN aSsAuLt WoMeN tOo!"

So if someone posts a screenshot with the case caption, that says "Affidavit of Bob Smith" and is signed and notarized, you will believe everything in it even if it's never filed? 🤔

Are those... tears?

Because they look like tears

I bet they're delicious

You must not know many attorneys. We get the seats in the front row so we can have our phones out

The three counties I'm usually in are fine with the gallery having their phones as long as the ringers are off. They learned it helped reduce vandalism to the benches

My l33t h4x0r skillz have been exposed! 😱

It's an intimidation tactic, plain and simple. They think they're helping the case by e-terrorizing anyone who speaks out.

They're sad ppl, I pity them tbh

There are -0- affidavits filed by the Plaintiff




Their heroes LOLsuit is now getting some real world attention and they don't like it, so they amp up the vitriol

I mean have any of y'all ventured over to @SharonFGrigsby's mentions a day later? F*ckin' YIKES

I wonder if any of them will write letters to the editor like they've comment-spammed the online story 🤔

Oh it's tedious af, but boredom is a powerful motivator 😂

It was impressive how quickly they turned on TUGgy once he doxxed himself. I almost felt bad for him. Then I remembered he's an asshole.

It was never filed. It was waved around on a livescreech to convince the donors it was real

I'd forgotten about that one guy who sent me the Rhode Island court rules on cell phones 🤣🤣🤣

Do any of us *really* think Screech will have the testicular fortitude to show up to the TCPA hearing in person? 😂

Ignore me, by replying to my tweets

You know that video only had 20K views a couple days ago? Y'all brainlets keep replying to it though, so more people get to see Vic Mignogna's pedo tendencies

Next in-person hearing is Friday 9/6 at 10am, when they will argue over the TCPA motions

Court's ruling will happen within 30 days after that

There will be plenty of filings. Percy's gonna file at least 2 more Motions to Strike, might file a Motion for Sanctions, and will file 3 responses to the respective TCPA motions

Just Got DM'd a screencap, apparently the Kiwis are lowering expectations because they expect a dismissal 🤣🤣🤣

Do we think this account is Screech, Beard, or one of Beard's kids?
Re the prior tweet, remember: Percy said the dumbest lawyer in Texas could win R.Broly's case

KiwiFarms is arguing I inspire terrorism now?

That's... sad

When he's paying for it with other people's money so it's a no-lose proposition

Your error is thinking Percy's firm had integrity

Remember: they've already been sanctioned in 2 different cases for discovery abuse, including one case where they fabricated subpoenas

I'm trying to determine the extent of my powers. Yesterday I was able to compel a major metro newspaper to cover this random LOLsuit, today I'm inspiring terrorists. I wonder what tomorrow will bring 🤔

To gain an advantage in the suit. That was Goughnour v Patterson, we talked about it somewhere mid-thread

I don't know if he was or not, I don't slavishly monitor the 30K+ accounts who follow me

I do know Judge Chupp is gonna give less-than-zero f*cks over who did or didn't follow my Twitter account when
Nah. Most of the ✌️400+ tweets✌️ were never at issue anyway because they weren't included in the petition. The fact they were never TDMA'd is just added confirmation they were never in play, to use when Screech / Percy / conVics lie about them

No. The only think Screech has murdered is a bottle of Fireball and his credibility.

Idk about you, but I slept great. Weeb fairy tales don't keep me up at night 😂

Definitely enjoyed waking up to more people tweeting out that Dallas Morning News article though 🙃

No, I just happen to live in the real world. You should venture outside mom's basement some time, it's a fascinating place!

You misspelled "getting blown the f*ck out"

This tweet is gibberish

Try again. Do better.

Quite well, slept like a baby last night ☺️ Thanks for asking!

Kinda gross to slather up in the blood of dead bodies to make a "point" about a cartoon voice actor tbh

I'd say "do better" but I doubt that's possible with you people

Except Vic is a pedophile. Tell him to stop hitting on 5-year-olds and there won't be videos of him hitting on 5-year-olds, pretty simple really

It's as fascinating as it is bizarre

ConVics are sad

True, but I'm more bemused than horrified. It's like a dividing-by-zero level of pathetic, my mind is literally unable to comprehend it

It definitely would

It's a pity Percy doesn't have the cajones to do it though. And once the TCPA motions are granted, R.Broly won't have the money 🙃

Not sure what any of this has to do with using mobile phones in court. Are you feeling ok?

No, this is false. R.Broly needs to prove each and every allegedly defamatory statement was false by a preponderance of the evidence, and was made with actual malice by clear and convincing evidence

Then he has to prove the damages caused by each

Whether it makes sense to you or not is immaterial, I'm explaining to you what the law requires: falsity + actual malice + damages

Screenshot what you want. Meanwhile, any women seeing your tweets will know you think spastically hitting on them is totally OK and very normal because "free speech"

You may want to look up "indecent assault" in Texas's penal Code

Here's a screenshot from Day 11:

What do you think "suing for defamation per se" means, in your own words?

Di... did he just pick some random rule numbers?? 🤣

I'd be interested to know how he thinks Texas Rule of Evidence 408 on compromise offers would come in to play...

Not sure what would be a 404 prior bad act, or how it would apply in a defamation context. Or how the play would be evidence of 405 habit or routine practice – do they reflexively defame someone after every show?

It's total gibberish

For those who missed the tweet a couple up before it was deleted, @questauthority apparently gravely offended this guy
Why are you sharing a document that hasn't been filed in the case and pretending it has? 🤔

"Out a month" and yet somehow not in the court's file?? 🤔

Must be for when you're stoned
What's the opposite of marbleous? 🤔

In theory yes but practically no. Assume he could: how would he apportion damages such that it was all the other statements that damaged him and not the non-defamatory ones?

Smaller still: only those statements identified in the amended petition

He's not "opening himself up to being sued" at all. Legal commentary is First Amendment-protected speech.

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
🤡: "jUsTiCe SeEkErS dOn'T tWeEt AbOuT iT"

👴🏼: ::looks at @'s::
More people are convinced Vic Mignogna is a sexual predator now than before he filed 🙃

But he assaulted her "playfully"! And you don't have proof he whispered anything to her!

More like the "there's no non-photoshopped evidence it's true and the account's been suspended so it can't be verified but if you want to talk about a non-issue try to do it when everyone else did" defense

It's funny as hell because they really thought the initial wave of @'s was going to get me to shut up about it 🤣

They're like a dog barking at a passing car, and then not knowing what to do when they actually catch it

Either the case needs to be dismissed for lack of damages, or they're totally lying (in which case it should be dismissed for other reasons)

This video is from Con-Nichiwa in 2010

Vic Mignogna pulled @marchimark's hair in 2011, a year later. It's in her affidavit; have a screenshot

You're terrible at this

It's a miracle they don't drown every time they take a drink tbh

I 👏 deserve 👏 better 👏 enemies 👏

Same with folks confusing the 3 unaccompanied 14-year-olds found in his hotel room with him grooming the twins for years before having them unaccompanied in his hotel room

F*ckin' YIKES

They remind me of that cartoon about the MAGAt and the overcooked steak


And the conVics make an appearance! 👀
Waiting on @shane_holmberg to upload them to the Google Drive then I'll RT
This is why you don't file meritless Motions to Strike weeks ahead of your TCPA hearing

Remember, this was me on Day 49 about why Percy was filing a Motion to Strike so early. Notice the reason why it would be a bad strategy

So Funi's gone ahead and added *even more* detail to their affidavits 😂

F+ckin' geniuses, Percy and Screech...
Gonna be at least 2 more months before it slows down 😞

That talking point already came out when the answers were filed, and Funi's noted that it had no control over the individual Defendants' social media accounts

The depths of 💩 I've been tagged in, all because I called a LOLsuit "bumptious"...
Nah. It's been enjoyable watching the collective curbstomping of two utter dogsh*t attorneys and their career predator of a client

I'll still be grateful for the day my Twitter @'s go back to normal 😂

Is the pastor represented by Ty Beard? 🤔

Sooo... we were right? And what Screech said was bullsh*t?

I am shocked (shocked!)


What was the "conflict of interest"? 😂

Speaking of @SharonFGrigsby, hopefully y'all saw her tweet a couple days ago with the lengthy news piece on Vic Mignogna being a predator

If you haven't, go here:

Wait wait, are you arguing that her following me on Twitter is a "prior relationship"? 🤣

You realize she started following me when she was researching for the piece, right? Did you notice when the article said there was an in-person interview July 24th?

Y'all are *terrible* at this...

100% certainty for Funi b/c the petition doesn't make the needed allegations to show agency / respondeat superior

100% certainty for Marchi b/c R.Broly confessed to grabbing her hair in his deposition (with a helpful gesture as an example!)

I personally argue 100% certainty for Rial / Toye, based on their respective depositions and R.Broly being unable to prove actual malice; other #Threadnought lawyers are less bullish. No dispute they have the hardest of the 3 TCPA motions.

If the TCPA motion is denied, it's going to end up on appeal for months on end. Assuming the appeal is denied, they'll win on summary judgment (but won't get the mandatory attorney fees + sanctions)

0% chance R.Broly actually wins a trial against any of them. It's just a question of how early in the case he loses.

I just had a criminal district trial and a civil superior hearing both yesterday, so the "D" seems a smidge misplaced 😉

Screech definitely does not have a better trial record 🤣

Of course not, he's a trust fund baby born into a mega-wealthy family 😂

Do ask him how his last bank job turned out though, and how he ended up in law school

His email to BuzzFeed was also far more specific:

That was from Day 8 when Screech tried the Elon Musk argument

Does this qualify as the fastest goalpost move to-date?

10 minutes from "you don't practice" to "yeah well you're in court so much because you suck" 🤣

Howtf you would settle a criminal case "outside of court" is beyond me
The Texas lawyers who weighed in agreed with us btw 🙃

There won't be a Round 2, that's the great part about that Dallas Morning News article 🙃

I choose to take a charitable approach and look at it as they believe in recycling 😉

That's not how public figure analysis works 😂

They *never* think before they tweet!

Figured we'd give @Emm_Initiative a break for a couple days, and go with a new Twitter banner courtesy of @MichaelToole
Volume. More tweets creates a still-small-but-slightly-more-likely chance 1+ of them survive dismissal

Yes, and yes

TCPA §27.008 provides for an expedited appeal by whoever loses the TCPA hearing

And Tex Civ Prac & Rem Code §38.001 makes appellate fees mandatory if they were also mandatory at trial level. Ventling v Johnson, 466 SW3d 143, 154 (Tex 2015)

Worth noting though, @LanyardT, that a party doesn't have to 100% win a TCPA motion to still get partial attorney fees / costs

If Judge Chupp finds most of the Rial / Toye tweets aren't defamatory, they still get $$$$$ from R.Broly
Not quite; the court is only looking at the tweets by Rial/Toye that were both 1️⃣ properly ID'd in the TDMA retraction letters and 2️⃣ are ID'd in the amended petition

So the universe of applicable tweets is a dozen or so, vs ~2 for Funi and ~2 for Marchi

Different set of kids. You seem to be missing the 3 unaccompanied 14-year-olds R.Broly had in his hotel room

We've got them too, but still requires court approval to enter and to confirm compliance

Wrong affidavit genius

I know it's hard to keep track given the sheer volume of people who have come forward to say Vic Mignogna perved on them, but at least try to keep them straight

Not just a conflict of interest, but an *impeachable* conflict of interest!

Percy is going to cross-examine the f*ck out of that sheet of paper!

If my math is right, the offsets are:

June: -5
July: +25
August: +56

So that means Tuesday would be Day 62

Apparently I have to wait until ✌️Round 2✌️

What context do you think makes it appropriate for a 50yo man to ask a prepubescent girl if she wants to be his sex slave? 🤔

This is entirely false

Affirmative defenses are listed in the Answers. The Defendants' TCPA motions show the LOLsuit concerns First Amendment speech / association, then Plaintiff has to show clear and specific evidence the statements were false to win

If the Plaintiff can pull that off – he can't btw – then the Defendants have the option of providing that same caliber of evidence for their affirmative defenses
Against public figures or in issues of public concern, yes

Welcome to America

I'm sure that will be in the back of the judge's mind, but officially it is only for deterrent purposes

That clip was taken from a video of the whole segment. It's the same one where he propositions the 5yo in the Wonder Woman costume

Must really frost your Wheaties that a bankrupt human thumb knows the law better than you, your pedo hero, and your pedo hero's LOLyers 🤣

Defamation per se presumes damages. It doesn't presume malice.

We covered this over a month ago now...

The burden of proof is on the party bringing the action. That's the same regardless if it's criminal or civil, the only distinction is the quantum of evidence that has to be produced

LPPF – a Limited Purpose Public Figure – is treated identically as a general public figure. The individual has to prove any defamatory statements were made with actual malice, and has to prove it by clear and convincing evidence

How does a lawsuit "die in filing"? 🤣

Good for you finally acknowledging @marchimark is going to win though. Just a couple months ago y'all conVics were adamant she was gonna lose everything and end up in jail to boot

If someone has a legal claim involving the same situation against someone suing them, they're required to file what's called a counterclaim (none here)

But there's no general lawsuit for the loss of defending against one. That's why anti-SLAPP laws exist

Nope. The *motion* was filed on time. Supporting evidence can be filed at any time so long as it doesn't constitute an unfair surprise (so basically up until the day before the hearing, unless the parties agree or court rules otherwise)

"Ordinary defamation" doesn't require malice at all; it requires negligence

Defamation of a public figure, whether it's per se or per quod, requires actual malice – which is different from "regular" malice, and never presumed

That's not what "pass the witness" means

"Pass the witness" means "I'm done, your turn." Not "I'm gonna redepose him later!"

I knooooooowwww, it's very sad. Lowkey jealous of @Dominique_Skye for being on a conVic murderboard

So Ty Beard decided to take a complaint about him calling for the harassment of third party non-litigants, and share it so third party non-litigants can be harassed?

He's a sharp one

Let's do a mini-thread of some of Ty's greatest hits

Here's Ty Beard (@TyBeard10) talking about his close relationship with Kiwi Farms

"Our friends at Kiwi Farms ... have absolutely armed us to the teeth"

Here's Ty Beard (@TyBeard10) asking Kiwi Farms to be his personal army and dox me

"Would the Farms be so kind as to, you know, find out about this guy for us?"

Here's Ty Beard (@TyBeard10) asking Kiwi Farms to make things "miserable" for @AkivaMCohen and me, as a "favor"

"I'm asking the Farms for help. I'm asking them for help! Make these people miserable, please. I would consider it a personal favor."

The reason this matters, of course, is that this sort of treatment of non-litigant third parties by an attorney – esp in a case where online harassment is a primary weapon used by Ty Beard's client – is that it violates Rule 4.04 of the Texas Rules of Professional Conduct

I'm assuming the @StateBarOfTexas has seen those 3 videos already, or will as part of it's investigation

I do wonder if @SharonFGrigsby has seen them

Anyhow, feel free to share any greatest hits you have of Percy violating the Texas RPCs for clout!

Careful, since he is not physically refuse you have just committed defamanation against him!

Percy is dumber than a bucketful of dryer lint. It's impressive really

I doubt it. State Bar's don't seem to care much unless you're stealing money, f*cking a client, or falsely advertising you're an expert

Percy's only got exposure on 2 of those


This isn't the defense you think it is

Which do you think a regulatory agency – or a court one day – is going to find more likely:

1️⃣ a video admission about his "friends" who "armed us to the teeth" with evidence?


2️⃣ your tweet?

Good! Lots of assets to pay the Defendants' attorneys fees and mandatory sanctions after their TCPA motions are granted 🙃

Which do you think a regulatory agency – or a court one day – is going to find more likely:

1️⃣ three tweets with embedded videos of Ty Beard doing exactly what @AkivaMCohen alleged in his complaint?


2️⃣ your tweet?

And the biting will be spread out over time, because I'm waiting to submit my compilation until after he's done losing this case 🙃

Coming in strong with the literary reference!

So given last night's livescreech, it seems pretty obvious Percy is shook and lashing out

What fantastically dumb thing will he do next?
How does he envision TCPA §27.006(b) works then?

A defendant can't ask for leave to conduct discovery until their TCPA motion is filed. So if the court allowed that discovery, how would the things discovered then be brought before said court? 😂

Oh dear. Here's a splice of Ty Beard (@TyBeard10) lying about his earlier conduct, and then at the very end he's helpfully explaining how he's intentionally putting some bullsh*t in his response to the @StateBarOfTexas

This isn't the defense you think it is

Compared to when he was a layperson, do you think Percy's "First Amendment rights" are 1️⃣ broader or 2️⃣ narrower now that he's a lawyer?

Yes, @AkivaMCohen filed a complaint that has triggered an investigation. Percy had to prepare a response, and determined it would help if he went on a livescreech to mock it

So you think the Rules of Professional Conduct he swore an oath to uphold only apply when he's "talking about a case"?

Define "without any publicity"

Feel free to consult Google before responding

Talked about it a smidge back on Day 37, but there's basically an infinite amount of supplementing allowed until a time where it constitutes a "surprise" upon opposing counsel

That's it. The Defendants didn't have to do anything more than file a document saying "we're making a motion under TCPA §27.003"

Everything beyond that is surplusage

Totally shocked (shocked!) a LOLyer who dresses in blackface would also use "chimpout"


Example: f*cking a client. Totally legal, but often ends in disbarment

Screech is the physical embodiment of @Popehat's Rule of Goats

Those of you who picked "Second Motion to Strike" in the Percy Poll can see the cashier for your LOLbux
Waiting for @shane_holmberg to add the PDF I sent him to the Google Drive, then I'll RT

(I stopped using my separate Dropbox b/c it dilutes who goes where. I want y'all going to Shane for the filings repository so we don't end up with them spread out everywhere 😂)
I'll give you a taste of how dumb it is though

Percy doesn't understand the difference between a motion (TCPA §27.003(b)) and the supporting affidavits separate from the motion (TCPA §27.006(a))

The man does not know what he's doing and it's hilarious
Yep. Not just today, but in response to questions earlier this month too

It's always possible Percy is just making work so he has an excuse to drain the GriftForMe account... 🤔

Correct, plus the Rial/Toye filing with the twins' affidavits and the TCPA defense

The background music is ::chef's kiss:: 🤣

The lawyers and others aboard the Threadnought are, yes

The LOLyers though? No

Oh Screech will call it some of the greatest lawyering he's ever seen, and oh btw please donate because all this LOLyering is hard work

Always highly likely, but he's also so bad at what he does it's hard to think incompetence doesn't factor in heavily

Here's the full Second Motion to Strike

I've seen better work from 1Ls

Yes, it's one of several points Defendants can raise. It only applies to pleadings – which is a term of art that typically doesn't include motions – but it stands to reason the same principle would apply to motions too

That's on top of the simple point that TCPA motions are entirely separate creatures from TCPA affidavits

You could even shorten it to "Without a clue"

I wonder if any of the defense attorneys will include them with their response 🤔

Judge Chupp indicated during the telephone hearing that he's going to provide a checklist at the start of the TCPA hearing showing what was granted or denied

Of course. Screech was previously famous for being the #blackfacelawyer

It doesn't. It's gibberish, and arguably frivolous

Nah, the judge gave them until 8/30 so if I were them I'd wait until then to file it

Of course he doesn't mention me on his Twitter, he's too busy talking about me on his livescreeches 😂


The giveaway that we live in his head rent-free was when he started using "Screech" and "Percy" himself

Because Percy is a literal moron who doesn't know what he's doing

Fact Check: Literally True ✅

What day was it when Screech did that? Day 2?

Day 3, I was off slightly

Screech tried to "prove me wrong" with a case where the Plaintiff lost and had to pay $$$$ to the Defendants 🤣

I suspect all of the Defendants' attorneys will strongly push that exact same argument

Counterpoint: is there any better catchphrase for Percy's frivolous filings than "But wait, there's more!"?

He said he was gonna file a TCPA against the TCPA too

I'll believe it when he's dumb enough to actually file it

Screech will share the whole thing regardless of what the Judge says. If Percy gets mollywhopped, he'll use it to explain to his audience that he's just a fair and balanced journLOList and please don't leave when the case is over

"i think" is doing a lot of heavy lifting here

Already addressed this back on Day 51 when y'all tried to bring it up 😂

It's a pic from law school. We had quite a few students from diff African countries (mostly Nigeria but a few from Eritrea, Cameroon, etc) so they formed an African Law Students Association, that pic was from their first "A Night in Africa" event

ConVics are all projection, all the time

I'm told Kiwi Farms has already doxxed the judge

More like that was what they'd picked out for me, I was asked to be one of the models for the fashion show portion of the program 😂 The young lady to the right of me in light blue was my runway partner

Percy is concerned about @AkivaMCohen's complaint to the Texas State Bar, so Screech is gonna bring null on to explain how Percy didn't do anything wrong and Kiwi Farms is totally autonomous and not a personal army and etc etc etc

The whole thing was exceptionally well done 🤣

No clue on the accuracy, I don't venture over there b/c the brainworms are contagious 😂 But I get DM'd screenshots on occasion

The screenshots I got sent had the judge's bar card, photos, religion, etc. I don't know if they've gone for his home address or anything yet; I was told they had, but no screenshot confirmation

Has anyone asked Screech when Percy is going to calendar his 2nd motion to strike for a hearing?

I can only imagine the lulz that will ensue since Percy signed a Rule 11 agreement that they'd be done via written submission, and then violated the agreement days later 🤣
Third item on their Rule 11 agreement from a couple days ago said that oral argument on motions to strike would be up to the court only, and would have to be heard on 9/6

This Rule 11 is Texas-specific, basically lets the parties enter into written contracts the Court is required to enforce, covering things like hearing schedules and filing deadlines and etc

The agreement Percy signed with the Defendants' lawyers a few days ago laid out the filing schedule, the Defendants won't violate it

Percy is trying to bill every last dime of the GriftForMe account

Guarantee he leaves R.Broly holding the bag on attorney fees and sanctions (unless the conVics give more allowance money ASAP)

Nil. He can't manufacture a mistrial for his clients

Typically attorney fees + sanctions take the form of a civil judgment. I would be skeptical of any judge's order purporting to block payment from an otherwise-legal source

The money's already in Percy's IOLTA account, GFM doesn't keep it. Court won't know how much hasn't been billed away by Percy, so unlikely it'll direct any amount to charity. Judge will set sanctions and it'll get paid to the Defendants

And if R.Broly doesn't pay it or file for bankruptcy, Defendants will be able to seize his property and have it sold at public auction to satisfy the debt
In honor of the unending sewage coursing through the assorted subthreads of the #Threadnought today, @A_lethe_ia has offered up our newest Twitter banner!
1️⃣ Texas homestead provisions don't prevent judgment liens on primary residences

2️⃣ They also only exempt the homestead and $60K of personal property from seizure – supposedly R.Broly is worth $4M

Sure, but he won't. He'll let Percy file whatever he wants, then issue a long and carefully-phrased dismissal so it's harder for Percy to win on appeal

It just cracks me up he went through the effort of creating a whole new sock puppet, just for his first tweet to be 1️⃣ to me, and 2️⃣ wrong af

My words were: "if R.Broly doesn't pay it or file for bankruptcy, Defendants will be able to seize his property and have it sold"

His options are 1️⃣ payment or 2️⃣ bankruptcy or 3️⃣ seizure

No, I said R.Broly groomed the twins "for years"

You then assumed I was referring to the three 14-year-old children he was also grooming, and did an "aha!" that didn't actually make sense

English better please

I appreciate the sentiment, but no. I filed for bankruptcy because I used my personal money to pay my staff when things slowed down rather than lay them off, and used my car payment money to pay for my dog's chemo before he died of lung cancer

Talked about it on the podcast ~1.5 years ago:

Actually let me retract that. *Given the subject matter,* it's actually not bad
I can't really be mad at them on this though tbh. R.Broly molested so many women and girls it's tough to keep track of them all!

No, he died the day after I filed bankruptcy 😭

Car repo'd on Wednesday 10/25, bankruptcy on Thursday 10/26, Samson died Friday 10/27, had to be in court 3 hours away on Monday 10/30

October 2017 was a trash month

They never make it that far. The retort is either "hE's LyInG!" or "iF hE wAs A bEtTeR aTtOrNeY tHiS wOuLdN't HaVe HaPpEnEd!"

Here's the blog post I wrote about Samson back then

Later that December we had a fundraiser in his honor for the Durham APS where I adopted him

Mike had to cut out part of it b/c I lost it midway through

Pffft, I'm demanding my $25/tweet plus bulk rate bonuses for RTs and Likes

What do you think the "they" is referring to? And what do you think "happened" means?

1️⃣ "Malice" and "actual malice" are different concepts

2️⃣ Defamation per se does not mean either form of malice attaches

3️⃣ You are very, very wrong. Still.

The Blacklist is a fantastic series, James Spader is an *amazing* actor, and I would love to have him play me in a real-life adaptation of The Threadnought 🤣

False. Damages are presumed, literally nothing else


Wholly misinformed and still very wrong though

If you're in North Carolina, yes. No real tracking method outside the state though, except for the handful of federal and appellate cases I've had that show up on WestLaw / Lexis

And Twitter, of course. I tweet about my cases pretty often 😂
Only for our appellate courts (where I'm 2-2 with 2 pending) and our special Business Court (where I'm 1-0)

Trial courts have a GUI glommed on to an old green-screen interface, where there's a field for attorneys of record but it's not searchable

R.Broly filed the LOLsuit, so the burden is on him to prove the claim is false by a preponderance of the evidence, and was made with actual malice by clear and convincing evidence

After he does that, Toye has the option to prove the statement was true

The challenge for R.Broly, of course, is that "100+ women" reads like rhetorical hyperbole. Which is 1A-protected speech.
(Although given the 20+ affidavits submitted by the Defendants so far, it may very well be true!)
Doesn't matter, the affidavit is perfectly acceptable to the court unless the case made it to trial (at which point Denbow would testify live)

All the conVic screeching about "I wAnT mOaR eViDeNcE bUt OnLy In A fOrMaT i LiKe" means nothing

The fascinating part is them pretending like your use of a charcoal cleaning mask is dressing in blackface

I don't know whether to laugh or cry tbh

For those who don't want to wade through the subthreads (good choice), this is what I'm talking about in the prior tweet

True. And given conVic bathing habits, I suppose it's unsurprising none of them know what a charcoal cleansing mask is 😂

There's an old saying in politics to listen to a candidate's actions instead of his words

Their desperation to make everything blackface, or to paint everyone else as racist, means they know that attack hurts Screech (and them by association)
Haaaaa I think it was @shane_holmberg who mentioned a similar idea back around Week 1 of the Threadnought (2 months ago now 😭) -- I'm up for it!

I'm trying to figure out how to get an XL one without them realizing they're sending it to me 😂

R.Broly doesn't have to "prove a negative," he has to prove a positive: that his claim Toye lied about him is true

TCPA §27.005(c). Here's a screenshot.

Oh dear. Nick Rekieta's community manager just accused Vic Mignogna of perjury 🙃

We've all figured this all out months ago now. We're waiting on you to catch up

You've conveniently ducked behind insults because there are neither statutes nor cases supporting your position

Also a weird flex when the GFM text said point blank I was too poor for regular insurance but too rich for Medicaid

I don't expect conVics to know how to read though tbh

What I thought was an unrelated thread that turned out to be a related thread is here:

Correct. And if their live testimony ends up being different from what was in their affidavit, you can bring up the affidavit to impeach their credibility

This is a portion of the Code on damages. That's it.

The damages section has nothing to do with the standards on the substantive law, that have to be proven before damages ever come in to play.

I missed this earlier, I salute you! 🤣

Vic Mignogna is a sex predator, not an "innocent man"


Of course. They think it's intimidating


When he was 17? Are you really harping on dumb things done by juveniles? 😂 Yikes

Is that what this is? It was gibberish, I couldn't decipher it

That was my thought. Totally cool with a middle-aged man molesting some teens today, but holy f*ck someone saying "being a pedo is bad" got arrested once!

Must really piss you off that a Cracker Jack Box Lawyer knows the law better than Percy and Screech combined


Quite a few attorneys have criminal records too

My God, @TennesseeWaster is Photoshopping block screens now 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

You should ask the guy who deleted his tweet when he realized ppl noticed he Photoshopped a block screen 😉

Dude's desperate for attention, it's amazing 🤣

Definitely defamatory. They should totally sue me.

I've already said I'll end the thread if we make it 24 hours without weebs @'ing me

None of them have taken me up on the offer though

Oh he's been going out of his way to emphasize that he's Definitely Black, for months now

So why did you delete your tweet with the "evidence" / photoshop? 🤔

This doesn't appear in any of the filed court documents 🙃

They never think before they tweet. Not even once.

You photoshopped a block screen, didn't even get the text correct, deleted it before people could call you out on it, and you're now spastically spamming everyone to insist you were the one who was blocked

You're *terrible* at this

Y'all have been the ones @'ing me for over two months now

If you actually thought I was doing this for clout, the easiest way to f*ck me over is to not be in my mentions ❤️

Easy solution to prove everyone wrong is to just do what @dagger0621 suggested and take a video showing us that @questauthority blocked you

You're using the Twitter web app so it's obvious you're on a computer, should be easy

Weird way to spell "all to cover up that I was lying" tbh

You've @'d me 7x in the last two hours.

The first time was directly to me.

You're terrible at this.

So much effort put in to it too 😂

I 👏 deserve 👏 better 👏 enemies 👏

Or they'll go with "aRe YoU tOo ScArEd To @ mE??"

Probably. They're so bad at it it's hard to tell though tbh

It's weird, because @ljmontello's affidavit mentions the 2004 (Paragraph 6), 2007 (Paragraphs 7-8), and 2009 (Paragraph 9) conventions

She never claimed to be at Tekko 2010. Why are you lying?

This is actually correct btw, from a legal standpoint

For driving offenses and certain other crimes when committed by a licensed person, yes: it's a tradeoff in exchange for the license

It doesn't exist, at all, in the realm of sexual assault

This isn't the riveting defense you think it is

Try again. Do better.

If 1% of the people R.Broly touched didn't give consent, then he loses his LOLsuit

You're terrible at this

1️⃣ I'm in North Carolina

2️⃣ You said "99% were ok" – that means 1% were not. Because, you know, math

3️⃣ 1% not being OK means the allegedly defamatory statements about R.Broly are substantially true

4️⃣ You're terrible at this

Are you... crying?

Because it definitely looks like you're crying


I don't need to prove it. Vic filed the LOLsuit, the burden of proof is on him 🙃

This doesn't say what you seem to think it says

Try again. Do better.


Being mocked by people who don't understand the meaning of words doesn't really bother me though, esp when R.Broly is still going to lose his LOLsuit 🙃

He could've been gored by a unicorn too. All sorts of things could have happened that didn't actually happen.

You're making excuses for a moron who was desperate for some clout and did an inept job trying to get it. Sounds like mission accomplished.

"Making excuses for him that he doesn't deserve" is pretty standard conVic behavior though tbh

It's weird because I don't see any screenshots of her affidavit that was submitted to the court under oath.

Here, have some:

People like Blain are why birth control exists too tbqh

Yep. Or could have just filed it standalone.

But it's harder to raise money off it that way, apparently

Turns out he actually *was* crying 😂

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
In fairness to Percy, he could just be so incompetent he doesn't understand the difference between singular and plural

I'm impressed really, esp given how many of them think blocking is a sign of losing rather than house-cleaning

They never stop. Every hour, more weebs in the @'s.

Here are some updated Twitter analytics; arrows are pointing to Day 1. Even on days I barely tweet, the weebs are out in force

Sounds like at least some of the conVics realize Vic is going to lose and owe $$$$$$$$ to the Defendants

The broader public won't follow the "He LoSt BeCaUsE oF a LoOpHoLe" argument btw

They're going to assume Vic Mignogna lost because he's a sexual predator

That's generally how "being a teenager tweeting at a guy in his late 30s" works, yes

More like "Ty Beard is the Alex Jones of Larry Klaymans"

Yes, generally if laws were "the other way around" the people who normally lose would instead win

You're not making the point you think you're making though

Try again. Do better.

You don't seem to understand what a strawman is, and apparently have trouble with linear time as well

Plausible. You're gonna need to be treated for brainworms after scrolling his TL now though 😱

Are those... tears?

Because they look like tears

I bet they taste like a rainbow 🤤

Already debunked that tweet hours ago, with screenshots to boot

You're terrible at this. You should probably go shop a block screen

While we're on the topic of filed affidavits destroying R.Broly's case, how's his autograph-signing-in-random-hotel-room going today?
Will $1500 even cover R.Broly's airfare and hotel rental after taxes? 😂
Well let's keep in mind he also said during his deposition he doesn't give a sh*t if his fans get fleeced

Even Screech himself isn't dumb enough to let him on the show after that

ConVics are *very* sensitive about making fun of his not-at-an-actual-con-for-liability-reasons appearance in NYC 😂

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
Good for him! Glad they can pull a 100 or so weebs in a city of 8,600,000+

Probably a bad choice to opine on others' intelligence when you spell "too" with one O, use "for" next to itself, and don't understand the difference between prosecutors and defense attorneys ❤️

Percy never argued R.Broly was a private figure – the contents of the petition show otherwise

The private figure argument has always been random gibberish that Screech put together

Better enemies would be a public service for all of us 😭

Not knowing the difference between prosecution and defense is a bit more than a "linguistic mistake" champ

Why would her "entire affidavit" depend on a convention not mentioned anywhere in her affidavit?

You're terrible at this

And I'll gladly stop being unprofessional when they stop @'ing me 🙃

No dispute there. It's a rare day when the client is more competent than his LOLyers

No one's "seriously salty" about the GFM. It's going to be the source of a great many lulz when the TCPA motions are granted

Oh Screech would never "speak for" Vic, that would be a terrible idea

The guy who fabricated a screenshot of him being blocked so he could get some clout is *also* lying about what's in someone's affidavit?? 😱

"dOeSn'T iT pIsS yOu OfF tHaT hIs NaMe Is In ViCtOrIa?"

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
It's Exhibit D attached to the Rial / Toye TCPA motion

Percy is a literally-global laughingstock. No one is concerned about being humiliated by him.

Who is Vic Moron, and why do you want to kick him? 🤔

This would be a more compelling insult if one of my cases hadn't just been in the news a week or so ago 😂

Give it time, he'll photoshop a screenshot claiming you blocked him the other guy talks about how dumb you are

Start here:

I'm just trying to help you look like less of a moron, you can believe what you like

Thank you for confirming Vic Mignogna is a public figure!

These pics will be great for the Defendants 🙃

It's not just you. Presumably the lack of new filings has increased the stupidity factor

This case will certainly be over, yes

TCPA §27.005(b)

You're terrible at this

But we're now up to 2 conVics just today who've conceded the Defendants are going to win their TCPA motions though

Progress! 🤣
He's going to lose the appeal, and end up having to pay attorney fees x5, plus sanctions, plus appellate attorney fees

He won't have any money for lawsuits after this one 🙃

Even *winning* this one makes any future ones impossible to win. Every future Defendant will have scads of sworn evidence to reference

Does it "count" if they get themselves suspended instead of blocking us? 🤔

The story from the beginning has been that there's an Enemies List of Future People to Sue for Libelslander. That's what they've been referring to any time you see "Round 2" or "2nd wave" LOLsuits

It's wishcasting

He could file the lawsuit, but he'd lose (and could even get TCPA'd). I'll see if I can find the subthread where we talked about it

None of this says what you seem to think it says. And in at least one spot, says exactly the opposite (ACen == Anime Central Con != Tekkoshocon)

In your own words, how do you think voir dire works?

In my last jury trial, selection alone spanned 2 days b/c it took that long to find sufficiently unbiased people acceptable to both sides of the case

The idea you'll get a jury with even 1 person who has strong opinions on Ford/Kavanaugh or Smollett or etc is delusional af 😂
Excused *for cause* so I don't have to burn a peremptory strike

We really should take nominations for the best-worst takes in those whole online drama 🤣 That guy was a trip

Admitting to assault on camera! And then doing a demo! The humanity! 😂😂

You'd be surprised. Quite a few perfectly intelligent people are focused on living their lives vs current affairs.

The only thing that was surprising was the sheer number of them who'd had a home invasion at some point

You don't want to sit on a jury, trust me 😂 Unless you're comfortable sitting stock-still for hours on end

But yes you're entirely correct

🤡: ::shares blurry af "screenshot"::

👤: "Hey, uhh... this is totally illegible."

🤡: "Hang on, I got you!"

🤡: ::shares even more blurry af "passport"::

Grand juries don't do much. It's "more interesting" in the sense you'll get to hear inadmissible evidence I guess?

@Popehat, what say ye? Is a regular jury or grand jury more interesting?

You're assuming this is a change in behavior, and not him thinking the woman in the picture just isn't f*ckable enough

Since @LindseyPaigeB put in the time, I'll go with whatever she thinks is an appropriate title 😂

She won't be, Vic won't have the money to sue after he's done losing this case <3

I'm saving the en masse blocking for after the case is done. Until then, it's an effort to see how much time we can get them to waste 😉

Cheated on his fiancée with sex workers at that: he paid actual money to disrespect her

That's pretty normal these days. See, e.g., Jerry Falwell Jr's poolboy

In a TDMA letter? Yes. It's written in the statute itself. See, e.g.,

Notice the text of TDMA §73.055(d)(3)-(4)

Certainly feels like it at least 👴🏼

Literally true

(Surely we've got commenters from S America and/or Africa and/or Antarctica to boost that number even more!)

The Defendants Vic is suing are innocent until proven otherwise, yes

This is false. Testimony is evidence until it's both 1️⃣ objected to and 2️⃣ excluded.

1️⃣ The First Amendment applies in Texas

2️⃣ Every single US Supreme Court opinion on defamation applies in Texas

3️⃣ I learned the relevant Texas laws months ago now, along with all the other attorneys weighing in 🙃

Also 4️⃣ the Texas Rules of Evidence are substantively identical to the Federal Rules of Evidence
We're now up to -5- continents @mystervui!

(@WD_Frosty, my Fall 2018 intern was from Eritrea – she was shocked I knew where it was 😂)

How a "standard Texan" thinks about the case doesn't matter, because there will never be a trial on it

But he knows how Texas courts work Rich!

Discovery is done; TCPA §27.003(c)

What evidence has been unearthed to suggest Toye knew his statements were false when he made them?

And got more chances than a typical Plaintiff, because the Defendants provided initial discovery answers and let themselves be deposed

They don't. The only other lawyers who've weighed in on their side were one of Percy's friends who ran away and one of Screech's friends who admitted he hadn't ready anything in the case

At least now we've got a strong likelihood that kid's in the UK, no?

No he doesn't. If he did, Screech would have shown it by now so he could raise money off of it

What portion of Vic's contract did that breach?

Keeping in mind Vic's entire contract has been produced and shared on here

Not possible I'm afraid. Vic was required to bring all causes of action he had against Funi when he filed suit against them; anything he hasn't brought has now been waived

These are super-basic civil procedure concepts that every first-year law student gets taught

You can't "split" causes of action arising out of the same nucleus of facts, filing one suit for defamation and then a later suit for wrongful termination that happened at the same time
1️⃣ This doesn't say what you seem to think it says

2️⃣ None of the paragraphs are initialed; where's R.Broly's actual contract?

3️⃣ If Rial broke her contract w/ Funi then Funi could sue her; it has no bearing on R.Broly at all

4️⃣ You're terrible at this

Yeah well just you wait you're *definitely* gonna get sued in Round 2 Mr. SoyCuckHat!

You're the one claiming it's his contract, with conspicuously missing initials. I'm not gonna do your homework for you.

I wish I were so lucky!

Twitter says you've @'d me 284 times since this started. I don't think you can resist tbh.

They're desperate for attention. If they just prove how much they do for the team, maybe Screech will RT them and they can become the cool kids

And Vic's admission in his deposition, complete with a demonstration for the camera

Speaking of humorous libelslander LOLsuits, keep this one handy: courtlistener.com/recap/gov.usco…

It's based in Nevada, but the 9th Circuit precedents apply in Arizona and California too

You've gotten literal dozens of them, complete with screenshots, for literal months now

🤡: "I rEpLiEd To YoU tWiCe"

👴🏼: ::shares URL with dozens of replies, both to me alone and others to a group::

🤡: "yEaH wElL iN tHiS oNe CaSe YoU wErE aLrEaDy TaGgEd, LeArN tO uSe TwItTeR"

So you're admitting that the goal we've said multiple times since Day 1 – getting you idiots to waste your time that would otherwise be spent harassing victims – has been wildly successful

Good to know

That's another Top 10 entry for sure

Doesn't matter how long they've been doing it, you're still predictable af

For example: you made another appearance after I noted y'all were desperate for attention

I had a loan to help pay for the treatment, that's how credit cards work

How much do you think chemo costs?

I'm sure having Mommy pay for all your living expenses is nice, but some of y'all really should venture out into the real world 😂
Your opinions are therefore worthless Byron, surely you could've just gotten on Mom's insurance!

I've been on Twitter since 2010, I'm not gonna leave just because a sexual predator didn't have his case immediately dismissed 😂

And do you think that makes it 1️⃣ easier or 2️⃣ harder for Funi to get rid of him?


Percy's already spent all the GriftForMe money though. So Vic will be paying out of pocket from the sounds of it

This was already debunked weeks ago. Catch up.

The money isn't "all there," Ty Beard spent it all

The fair market value of Percy's legal services will be considered imputed income for R.Broly, yes

But since Percy is incompetent, that's gonna be hard to measure

Money in an IOLTA account is considered "in trust" for the benefit of a particular client

Any leftovers at the end of the case would either be given to the client, or donated elsewhere by agreement

What law is broken when a 19-year-old kisses a 17-year-old as part of a pre-planned skit everyone is voluntarily participating in?

Please cite the applicable Ohio statute, since that's where this took place

Literally no one opposes the right to bare arms

Did he nuke the account? Or just change the @?

The GFM money ends up in Percy's pocket because he's billing against it (and having to declare it as his own income)

Percy won't consider his services to R.Broly a gift, because it would mean both 1️⃣ less GFM billing and 2️⃣ Percy owes the gift tax

IOLTA is just a designation for a type of account that holds money belonging to a client

It's an acronym for Interest On Lawyer's Trust Account, b/c the interest banks would pay on the deposits are instead donated to nonprofits that help indigent ppl

IOLTA money could be for all sorts of things. I use mine primarily for holding court costs that clients have paid me in advance, but I've also got a quarter mil sitting in it that is settlement $$$ for a client who hasn't deposited their settlement check yet

Also common to see IOLTA accounts used for things like holding $$$ for real estate purchases, business acquisitions, etc

Key point is that it holds money that does not belong to the lawyer. If the lawyer dies tomorrow, it would get sent to the client

We don't know the amount in Vic's IOLTA account; I suspect there's actually not much in it at all, b/c Percy is undoubtedly billing it furiously

The only way anyone would know is for Vic to request an accounting and release it

Vic has to pay it out of his own pocket

Theoretically possible, but I doubt it. Were I in that position, I'd argue the account info is privileged and it could only be disclosed to the client

I listened to a few seconds of it but his voice grates on my ears 😂

Sounds like Percy and Screech are the perfect lawyers for him then

He got *really* upset over me sharing 4 screenshots of Vic's depo 🤣

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
The R. Kelly of the anime industry (but with less talent) filed a defamation lawsuit against two of his victims, one victim's fiancée, and his former employer

I tweeted that the case was going to lose

So weebs have been bombarding my @'s for two months

If you want to venture down the rabbit hole, @rick_hennig, this tweet and the two after it have the key details

There was also a lengthy front page news story in the Dallas Morning News last weekend

We're gonna need rules on how many Top 10 entries a single @ can have

The grifters. They can always explain away the loss, and all the kids will be right back on board with their allowance money for the next grift

If I wanted that type of income I'd just go work for a firm 😂 Not really aspiring to Screech's dancing monkey routine where he lies to y'all about the law to get your allowance money

Exactly. They act like being a scammer is cognitively difficult

It really is a pedo's argument. "It's ok because I love them" 🤢🤮🤮


FOR EVEN MORE TIME THAN TY WANTED [because of Lemoine's trial schedule]!

If we have enough nominations, we can always do bracket-style polls 😂

Unlikely. They'd have to be a regular and ordinary business expense to qualify as a deduction

If the TCPA motions to dismiss are granted, the case is dismissed. It only continues for a limited time to determine how much $$$$$$$$ R.Broly will have to pay to the Defendants.

Then Screech can start a GriftForMe campaign for the losing appeal

That's not how it works. The Plaintiff – Vic Mignogna aka R.Broly – has until August 30th to provide clear and specific evidence of each element of each claim

If he doesn't do that, game over

Screech has already started the spin, by arguing that the TCPA is inherently unfair

It's funny as hell that Percy's law partner – the state senator – was one of the sponsors on the bill revising the TCPA

You'd think he could've given Percy some practice pointers 🤣
So I need y'all to do me a favor:

1️⃣ Do a Google search on Ty Beard

2️⃣ Let me know if this is your #2 result
So in light of the previous tweet, you should *ABSOLUTELY NOT* click this one below and retweet or like it

Percy would be very upset and we don't want that

"[F]*cking moron" and "appears to be insecure" are both First Amendment-protected opinions based on disclosed facts

He can file the LOLsuit. Hell he might even be dumb enough to do it.

But he'll lose. 🙃

While @radiophonicpop is listing the things you should definitely not do, you should also absolutely not reply to Percy's tweet with anything like "oof #howembarrassing" with a screenshot of his Google results

We all have. They were shared literal months ago, and are included here:

They're also not a basis for a tortious interference claim

I wish I could take credit, but this is all strictly Ty Beard owning himself

I had no clue back on Day 1 that his most-liked-ever tweet would be embedding my summary of him 😂

Yeah, he scurried away once he got called out for confusing malice and actual malice

Did he actually say "children need to be touched"? 🤢🤮🤮🤮

Isn't that the same movie he mentioned in his earlier apology to fans?

Dude really has his pedo talking points well-rehearsed 🤢🤮

There's apparently a list of his deficiencies then 😂 The malice / actual malice mix-up is here:

You should definitely encourage all your friends to retweet it then. High engagement helps Google rankings!

I apologize for being so insensitive! 😂

I'm sure folks would have noticed it sooner, but no one's Googling Ty Beard like that

Well, until today anyway 😂

Beard never called me. It's for the best, because I'd be compelled to tell him how utterly incompetent he is.

Kinda weird that you're so bent out of shape over some Google results... 🙃

Now they're all piling in to respond to this tweet, ensuring it will have even higher engagement and cementing the Google results 🤣🤣


"I never said Percy was a litigator" is not the defense you think it is 🤣

Witty though!

Was it something I said? 😂

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
A serial sexual predator and pedophile – think Harvey Weinstein, but for cartoons – filed a lawsuit against two of his victims, one victim's fiancée, and his former employer. Using a lawyer who is comically inept.

I tweeted they were going to lose 😂

They're a real estate developer. I assume this is just a rounding error for them 😂

I'm pretty sure you can't just pay Twitter for more followers 🤣

Also kinda weird that so many conVics would be so invested in dunking on a guy whose followers were fake? 🤔
I get the impression Yeti has never heard of the Turing Test

So I bought followers... but only bought 4,000?

You kids are so funny 🤣
So you "wouldn't be surprised" I bought 4,000 followers?

What objective do you think that would accomplish?

Not being hostile, I'm genuinely curious!

Your friend Yeti says I buy followers; the site you shared indicates I must have bought ~4,000 of them

So why just 4K? Do real people follow the fake accounts and then follow me by association? How does it work?

Is having 30K followers seen as being dramatically "better" than just 26K? If it is, why not buy up to 40K?

And do you buy all the Fake followers at once? Or do you spread them out in chunks of a few hundred at a time?

Do the fake followers tweet? Or just sit there?
It's amazing what a trust fund can buy these days 😫

It can't be that many, because I had 29.7K followers before all this drama started

I'm gonna see if I can find the old chart later tonight and update it using the Twitter Analytics data

Didn't a conVic mention Arpaio's suit back in the Threadnought's early days? As proof R.Broly's case was a winner?

I know they mentioned the LOLsuit by the smirk MAGAt from Kentucky or wherever the f*ck it was
That got dismissed too, about a week or so ago

Thanks for engaging with my tweet, and helping keep Percy's at such a high rank on Google! ❤️

Also kinda weird that that he thinks the @indyweek profile from 2016 is somehow a net-negative 🤣

I was on their front cover for an entire week...

They're dumber than a bucketful of chewed bubblegum

A three-ring clown circus that goes on for 2+ months 🤣

You got 2 out of 5 right I guess?

Very strange that you're so triggered by someone who's such a failure 🤔

I lost count of the number of days weeks ago

Witty! I've also compared Vic Mignogna to R. Kelly and Jeffrey Epstein too 🙃

I get the impression there are quite a few things that are beyond you...

There's an unresolved circuit split on this issue. 1st and 9th Circuits allow them, DC Circuit does not, I don't think any other circuits have weighed in yet

Kids just need to be touched!


Idk if they did it because of Russia, I assumed they did it because of the IPO and fake accounts masks their true growth rate

Molesting women and girls without their permission isn't really "behaving like a human"

Just remember: it's not defamation if it's true 😉

Already been provided. You've even commented on several of them.

Are you... crying?

Because it looks like you're crying


Well yes, if he was suing you for defamation that would be accurate

You're not making the point you think you're making

Try again. Do better.

I really wanted to use the scowling Sphinx cat but the gif of not-Percy raging was just too on the nose
You evidently don't "know what I'm doing with this" or you wouldn't have thought it was such a revelation that it was my tweet 🤣

I really don't know 😂 I think @renfamous uses the term "bootyblasted." All I've got is "LOL yikes"

The conVics must be really upset, they've gone back to the prank voicemails that all come from 606 numbers
It really is a pity I never see them 😂
It's worked well for me, both for the Kiwis & conVics and for plain telemarketers

You probably shouldn't use words you don't understand

Like "understatement"

Not at all surprised a pedo has given serious thought to the needs of touching children

Tough call. Given the intended targets, I've gotta go with the pedo-fantasizing

Unless you hire him first, at which point getting f*cked comes standard

Was "college dropout" supposed to be an insult? 😂

It was obvious from the deposition that Ty Beard did nothing to prepare his client

Given that baseline, it's unsurprising he hasn't told his client to STFU either

I wear a Cone of Shame to work every day because of it

Idk man, given how many times Ty Beard's firm has been sanctioned (with sanctions affirmed on appeal!), it seems like they're pretty adept at f*cking clients of all income levels 😂

They don't have the impulse control to go 24 hours without @'ing me

It's the same reason they defend R.Broly: if he can suffer consequences, they can too.

I tend to believe people when they admit to committing crimes, like R.Broly did during his deposition

But *I'm* the one with too much time on my hands 🤣

What is a "college dropout of a lawyer"?

That seems to be the new talking point, but I don't understand what it means tbqh

Remember, I live in a backwoods hut but I'm also a cuck leeching off my gf who had to buy a house for me because I'm bankrupt

Sure. That doesn't answer the question though.

In your own words, what is "a college dropout of a lawyer"?

Yes. You still haven't answered the question though.

Without asking irrelevant questions, and your own words, what is "a college dropout of a lawyer"?

You used the phrase, surely you thought it meant something...

Is it obvious though? That guy seems to have some issues understanding words 😂

You've helpfully shared the front page IndyWeek profile of me from 2016, calling me a "must follow" on Twitter

But you seem to have missed the "in your own words part"

So in *your* own words, what is "a college dropout of a lawyer"?

No, you haven't answered the question.

You asked if I knew you could Google me, then asked if I was supposed to be a professional, then shared a random link

So, in your own words, what is "a college dropout of a lawyer"?

Are you... are you crying, Brave Sir Robin?

Because it definitely looks like you're crying

🤡: "You're an X!"

👴🏼: "What does X mean?"

🤡: "Did you know I can Google you?"

👴🏼: "What does X mean?"

🤡: "Aren't you a professional?

👴🏼: "What does X mean?"

🤡: "::random link::"

👴🏼: "What does X mean?"

🤡: "StOp GoInG oUt Of YoUr WaY tO rEpLy To Me @'iNg YoU! 😭😭😭"
He already blocked me awhile ago, and then unblocked me for this apparently

Exile blocked me back on Day 24. I guess he thought he was missing out on the fun.

Something mildly hilarious about a pussyboi who blocks others when he can't handle basic questions, suddenly whining about being blocked himself

I'm jealous of the guy who gets both the gun *and* a sword though tbh 😂

Aside from being offensive, it's just bizarre really. Back in the day, folks telling you that you "married up" was supposed to be a compliment 😂

Did Screech drop out? I thought he just "resigned" from his bank job ad decided to go to law school?

"Just tragic" explains a lot of these conVics tbh

If that were *actually* what's going to happen, you people wouldn't be spastically talking about it 😉

No one checking Google for me will even see Percy's tweet tho

I've repeatedly offered to totally end the Threadnought if I can go 24 hours without a Kiwi or conVic @'ing me

The current max is ~10 minutes

This isn't the defense you think it is 🤣

Vic should *definitely* use this argument with the judge

Percy: "Your Honor, my client just likes sex!"

The defense attorneys, before playing clips of Vic Mignogna propositioning a 5-year-old girl, asking a prepubescent teen if she wants to be his sex slave, giving a pedo "children need to be touched" speech at a signing event, etc:
I noticed the videos too 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Yep. Maybe younger, we don't know

Nick Rekieta says she was "flirting"

ConVics make sh*t up as they go. Just like when they were trying to claim the three 14-year-olds in his room were the same as the twins he was grooming for years, to show a "contradiction"

It's strawman all the way down

Is that what you think is happening? 🤣

He was totally unprepared for his deposition. Which is unsurprising, because Ty Beard had never done a deposition before.

Everything people said about him in high school was true

And given the "1994" in his name, presumably he turns 25 later this year

F*ckin' YIKES 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Let us know where that tiny part is

So we can kill it

Easy: people call and offer me money

Sadly I think you're overoptimistic. Their command of the English language suggests they spend most of their schooldays tweeting anyway

Probably. But with better navigation 😂

Yep. They've realized their hero is going to lose his LOLsuit, so they cycle through about a half-dozen or so insults thinking it gets them some clout with their fellow conVics

It's weird b/c I don't recall Kirk ever propositioning a 5-year-old

*Definitely* go with that argument in court though

Percy: "Your Honor, my client's not a pedophile! He just cosplays as one!"
1️⃣ That's not blackface

2️⃣ We already covered this months ago

There's an entire cottage industry of them dedicated to me at this point

It's endearingly pathetic

Correct. Vic's LOLsuit for libelslander was going to lose regardless; whether he's ever charged criminally doesn't make a difference

Negligible. In most states where the stuff has happened, the statute of limitations has passed. And most victims aren't going to be willing to endure the sort of coordinated harassment that conVics have been doing here

I'm sure he is, because he's certainly not spending his time winning Vic's LOLsuit 😂

Another Top 10 entry
(And by "in weeks," he means he's @'d me 110x just in the past 24 hours: twitter.com/search?q=%40gr…)

The current rebuttal is "yes I @'d him but I wasn't *talking to him* your logical is terrible lulz"

Idk why Exile has such a terrible opinion of Kim Kardashian though

Are those... tears?

Because they look like tears

I bet they're delicious


I haven't kept count, but we're definitely going to need some bracket-style voting to whittle them down

I hate y'all 🤣
Because I dumped my Twitter Analytics data into a plot... and I'm not really seeing it tbh

Maybe some of the other lawyers are getting rekt. How about you @questauthority?
That, and it takes certain resources to do a not-sh*t video that most of us don't have

Normally? Wrecked / destroy / obliterated

In this particular instance? F*ck if I know

I could maybe do that when we're in studio, but otherwise you'd be getting the wall behind my dining room table 😂

I don't have a story to believe, since I'm not part of this

Whether you believe Monica's / Jaime's stories are irrelevant

Vic's LOLsuit is still going to end up dismissed

I watch very little on YouTube 😂 Mostly just how-to videos and @ERBofHistory

Are you... crying?

Because it definitely looks like you're crying


Not at all. It's why so many of them had a meltdown when the Dallas Morning News story went live

Another speech from R.Broly on Saturday

Dude has been terribly ill-served by his attorney that he thinks public comments like this are wise

Easy solution for that is for the conVics and other Vic enablers – you, for example – to just stop @'ing me 🙃

🤡: "You only do this for attention!"

👴🏼: "I'll stop as soon as you people stop @'ing me."

🤡: "You're so childish!"

👴🏼: "I'll stop as soo..."

🤡: "And you're calling people clowns!"

👴🏼: "...n as you st..."

🤡: "So childish!"
You'd think some of these "adults" would spend some time chastising the ppl doing the coordinated harassment 😂

Must be too busy watching their own kids whenever Vic's around...
Unless LOLbux count as "clout." If so, I'm definitely doing this for the clout 😉

Oh this sounds very interesting! How was @SharonFGrigsby "lied to / manipulated by" me?

All true, but I really want to know how I've "lied to / manipulated" someone I've quite literally never talked to 🤔

Powerful enough to control the press *but also totally irrelevant / e-begging / CPAP-using / Hyundai-driving / college dropout / super lawyer

"Actual studies" have been done on touching kids you're not related to without consent?

I'm skeptical

Probably a good thing the burden is on Vic to prove things are false then

And all sexual advances by a 50yo man to a 5yo girl and a 12yo girl are gross af, regardless of what any "actual studies" say


You sure do it quite a bit

I know, it's gross 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

You're talking about a movie quote used by Vic Mignogna to justify his behavior

I'm talking about Vic Mignogna propositioning a kindergartener and a prepubescent teen within 20 minutes of each other

That you think *I* have the problem is... telling

We're going with the R.Kelly defense now?

F*ckin' YIKES 🤢🤮🤮🤮

The twin assault victims "think about themselves only"? After being assaulted by a pedo old enough to be their father, I'd indulge them on that tbh

🤡: "Vic *had* to assault them! He has needs! His victims think about themselves only!"

"Come to my room, I've got a video to show you"

Good talk 👍👍

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
Fastest transition from "It's a movie quote backed up by actual studies" to "Vic has needs! His victims shouldn't have just been thinking about themselves!" that I've seen yet
We do not. I don't want to add even more onto @LindseyPaigeB's plate 😂

Apparently the "[citation needed]" was too much 😂

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
Oh I know, I'm saying that's Vic Mignogna's pattern. It's mentioned by several of his victims

If Dahlin can't remember, then how does he know that's not how it happened? 🤣

You kids are so funny...

And in a prior apology

His excuses for being a sexual predator are well-rehearsed

I'm curious: what crime or tort does Screech think Vic committed that would be revealed by the fee agreement?

And since Screech set up both the funding mechanism and the LOLyer (Percy), does that mean Screech is complicit too? 🤔

Sorry, didn't see it until just now 😑 My @'s are flooded with a collective circle jerk of conVics talking amongst themselves

I was gonna do a "ZING!"... but this is too accurate

30 years, technically 🤢🤮

I'm debating whether to start a betting pool on how many witnesses they produce like that

I half-expect Percy to file at least a dozen affidavits from fans averring that Vic treated them just fine and never molested them

I don't know whether to laugh because this is an incorrect statement of the law, or laugh because it's two conVics fighting with each other 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
Nah, it's just usually cached in my app when someone points out it's deleted

Agreed, because that was definitely a Top 10 entry

I'm not a Republican, fake or otherwise. My standards are too high.

100% of the filings in the case are available online here: research.txcourts.gov/CourtRecordsSe…

Which one is the Dahlin Affidavit?

He did. Marco did too, before switching to one of his sockpuppets

I suspect he's going to hate learning about the Substantial Truth Doctrine

Consent doesn't have to be verbal, correct. A head nod would suffice for example.

You still have to have consent though. Before molesting them, not after.

But something tells me you're a molest-first-and-ask-permission-later kind of guy...

How long did it take you to come up with this gibberish?

You wrote a whole @$$ blog post in tweet form, couldn't even thread it properly, and sound wholly incoherent

Oh I didn't even see this

This is... this is amazing


Sounds like Screech has been in search of a grift for awhile 😂

Knew that was coming...

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
So when Vic's case is thrown out for being a SLAPP – a lawsuit intended to abridge someone's freedom of speech – does that make him a terrorist? 🤔

I thought conVics don't dox people? 🤔

Sounds like I'm definitely f*cked on my next job interview 🤣😂🤣


Apparently true now, he's been playing up his journLOList bona fides ever since he realized his story about the GFM doesn't line up with what Vic said in his deposition

Less than Vic's, and Screech's, and Percy's 🙃

You're half right at least. Progress!


They also believe I've only ever had 3 cases in 7 years, and lost all 3 of them

There's no logical reason for them to believe that of course. But that's what Screech said so it must be true

We don't talk about him, he's a real @$$hole

Yep. The guys facing years in jail are definitely concerned about whether I use emojis in my tweets, I always have to tread carefully

There were actually multiple typos in that one tweet, so I re-did it 😂

You heard the man, @wqsaves has agreed to accept your Top 10 Worst ConVic Takes entries for a future Yeti Cup bracket!

Evidently she didn't like the conspiracy gif 😂

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
Apparently this one has been talking sh*t behind a block today, but I have no clue who they are so ::shrug::

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
A growing realization among conVics that R.Broly's LOLsuit is going to lose, so they've been recycling all their old arguments about how all those eeeeeeeevviiill b*tches are lying and such

Oh and a total meltdown over Dallas Morning News running a story

Speaking of stories, Vic Mignogna's perving is in this week's Indy for those who want to pick up a copy 🙃

I think @jeffreybillman would fire me if a bunch of conVics ended up commenting on the piece and raising its Google ranking 😱

Well the comments are moderated, so there likely won't be any for awhile given how much trouble conVics have with basic English ❤️


I've been reliably informed from people with anime avatars that I lose all my cases


Just helping Vic be famous is all, don't mind me

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
That's surprisingly quick for them tbh

You seem awfully upset over an insignificant worm. Is it nap time over there?

Oh *IIIII* know that, I just want to help more people know that 😉

They're gonna go nuts when they find out the editor follows me though 😱

Not surprised you came back and unblocked me tbh. You thrive on the drama.

It's pathetic really

That was him. He's impressively dumb.

Thankfully @BespokeYeti stepped in on behalf of his species

Didn't one of y'all use the "you're not a clown, you're the whole circus" line not too long ago?

These conVics are terribly unoriginal
I see @basher_delete hasn't gotten any smarter with time either 🤣
Indeed ☺️ Credit goes to @renfamous (or whoever she got it from lol)

They're SO MAD 🤣🤣🤣

I haven't seen the conVics this upset since Vic totally f*cked up his deposition

I thought there was a rule against passing laws that only apply to 1 person? 🧐


Except SLAPPs are filed by Plaintiffs.

Vic is the Plaintiff.

You are the weakest link, good bye 👋

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
That's why I said "hopefully" 😂 God willing I won't be covering the appeals because Vic won't have enough money to post the appellate bond

Indeed. Voters don't like bankruptcies, but they *really* dislike thieves

Indeed. He was a teller at Wells Fargo and then at Thrivent.

Until he needed his parents' intervention. At which point they dipped into the trust fund to bankroll his law school

You can be the new Threadnought captain at that point 😉

His banking jobs are on his LinkedIn profile; his abrupt career change has been discussed on Twitter

🤡: "WoRk On YoUr SpElLiNg BeFoRe AcTiNg LiKe A sMaRtAsS"

🤡: ::misspells "redundant"::

#oof #howembarrassing

Seriously though, have y'all ever seen people as @$$blasted as conVics?

Go scroll the @indyweek feed and look at the # of replies on the different tweets 🤣

You'd think people with such assurance their hero's case was going to win would appreciate the publicity...

It's just their latest rhetorical shift, #TeamBrainworms trying to lower expectations because they know Vic's LOLsuit is going to lose

Sadly no. I'm inclined to go ask the Defendants to file something to at least spice it up a little 😩

The amazing part is that the column *isn't about Vic*

None of them are literate enough to read it though, so they don't understand that

Nothing. Now that the deadlines for filings and responses are fixed by the Court, their best approach will be to wait until the last possible minute to upend Percy's apple cart

I suspect any more affidavits from victims will be held in reserve on the infinitesimal chance the TCPAs fail

I'd be interested to see an affidavit from someone who learned about the case via Screech though, blaming Screech/Percy for Streisanding it 🤔

This would mean motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment are unconstitutional too though

I'm sure you think you've shared something relevant, but there's no Victim Olympics here

Vic Mignogna is a well-documented sexual predator and pedo, and @chriswb71's tweet – that we can either mock you or just call you enablers – is entirely correct

This entire tweet is gibberish

Brush up on your English, then get back to us

Good talk 👍👍

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
We'll have to figure out the rules later. But Screech has so many entries we'll likely have to restrict him to one quadrant, yes

Looks like he got bored and re-blocked me again 🤣

Bullllllllsh*t are they really???


More plausible than I think anyone wants to admit

He's also extra-special-sensitive when talking about his abrupt career change, his LOLyer pedigree, and the GFM... 🤔

Slight tweak: he has to prove *causation*

The conVics will rebut you by insisting "it's defamation per se so damages are presumed!"

They still can't get grok causation, which is why the defense has Bos v Smith from the TX Supreme Court in its TCPA

Sadly I've gotta head to bed. After the 6 dismissals this morning, I've got 3 more cases on deck tomorrow.

In my absence, take a part of your evening to enjoy the veritable waterfall of conVic tears in response to this IndyWeek column highlighting him 😂

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
And this guy, whoever he is 😂

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
Kinda weird that conVics would be such fans of safe spaces, given their hero's penchant for invading them without permission... 🤔
Gonna have to bulk it up for sure, right now it's just spam accounts and an occasional MAGAt. Mariell33207698 is the most recent, so we have a reference point when this is done 😉

They think they're "winning," because paralegals in the US are much more heavily restricted than in Canada

Your caseload looks like Screech's in terms of what you handle

I'm not married

And my son is 21

You're a very strange person

R.Broly confessed in his deposition tho 🙃

Fair point. He's been on his own since he was 19, I can see why that may be a foreign concept to these folks

What bar exam did I "fail at"?

Sure sounds like an objectively verifiable statement of fact you're asserting here... 🤔

Every word of this tweet is false, including the conjunctions


Appreciate the confirmation you didn't read the article though

It's not really "alleged" after Vic admitted to it under oath in his deposition 😂

But yes, due process is for everyone. It's why his LOLsuit is going to be dismissed

Fantasize about folks' balls often, eh?

You seem very normal. Definitely the type of upstanding person to typify Vic Mignogna's fan base 👍👍

I mean if Vic's not a public figure, surely I'm not a public figure either

(But yes, we're both public figures)

We're now up to -93- reply threads full of conVics being @$$mad about *an opinion column on why North Carolina should have an anti-SLAPP statute* 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Not only are the conVic tears delectable, their collective rabidness help illustrate how inviting Vic Mignogna to your con is a security threat

Hope your liability insurance is paid up!

Oh idgaf if it works on you

It's 100% going to work on the judge ❤️

I *really* want to see someone do an affidavit to this effect, confirming they never knew about Vic Mignogna before Screech said something

Can you imagine the sh*tstorm if the Defendants designate Nick Rekieta as a Responsible Third Party?? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Was he called out or nah?

Was the subject of the callout his perving or nah?

English better

Screech's subscriber numbers were in the toilet before this, I don't think he brought anything with him but the talent for grifting kids out of their allowance money

And has to prove, by clear and convincing evidence, that she knew it was a lie when she said it

The person who files the lawsuit always has to prove the claims made in the lawsuit

Vic filed a lawsuit claiming Marchi / Rial / Toye / Funi lied about him. So he has to prove the statements made were lies.

It's one reason why his suit was a dumb idea

Maybe, idk. But tactically why would they? If Vic doesn't already have evidence to show they were lying about him, they win automatically

Vic filed the suit, so Vic bears the burden

For those of you on Facebook, my @indyweek column on anti-SLAPP statutes is live there too ☺️

Seriously, anyone who knows anyone who's been investigated by the police knows that the veracity of the statement triggering the investigation rarely matters
A grand total of -0- have commented so far

They prefer their Twitter anonymity

Day 71

I've offered to end the thread if I can make it 24.0 hours without a weeb in my @'s

Thus far they've made it about 0.167 hours

As empirically true as that may be, I kinda miss being able to tweet about rampant police f*ckery

I'd need a counterpoint with more than a fleeting relationship with sobriety

It's amazing how much conVic expectations have been lowered in just 2 months!

Back in June they were telling me it was such a slam dunk that Funi was gonna strike a multimillion settlement check and Marchi / Rial / Toye were going to end up destitute

Now you see most of them admitting that both Funi and Marchi are going to win hands down, followed by desperate wishcasting that Rial / Toye stay in, and general whining about how unfair the TCPA is 🤣
You should take some logical thinking classes, because this is a painfully dumb take

"Rabid fans call him 'Vic'" != "Everyone calling him 'Vic' is a rabid fan"
Speaking of Vic, I need y'all to do me a favor

1️⃣ Do a Google search on Vic Mignogna

2️⃣ Let me know if these 3 items are your "Top stories" results:
Here's a not-yet-conVic-despoiled version of the @indyweek tweet

We'll see if they all pile in to this one too 😂

His name is Percy Beard, not Neckbeard. You shouldn't be so mean to him.

20 shares and 53 reactions later, one of the weebs finally sacked up to comment on the Facebook post – and is about as adept at persuasion as the ones on Twitter 🤣🤣

Any of y'all remember which conVic it was who was like "OnLy TwO sHaReS nO oNe CaReS"?

Because I wanted to @ him on this but I can't find him anymore 😞
I couldn't believe it was a real pic, I actually checked Google for the dates and locations of the conferences

And *of course* it's real because 2019 🤣

Nope. Truth is always an absolute defense to defamation

Yeah this talking point got debunked minutes after it was posted. You're behind.

Try again. Do better.

No self-discipline

Averaging 1 conVic @ every 3ish minutes or so

Deep down, I think they like amplifying that Vic is a sexual predator and pedo

1️⃣ It wasn't a "misunderstanding." That talking point got debunked minutes after it came out.

2️⃣ Doesn't matter whether she called him a pedo or not. After reviewing the lawsuit and all its filings, plus assorted video on here, Vic Mignogna's a pedo

Which part(s) of the deposition transcript is inaccurate?

Because the entire thing is publicly available...

Haha no, he did a search on pedophilia first, then typed Vic's name in the search box before taking the screenshot

I wrote the column gratis. The LOLbux from you kids has been worth it

He doesn't seem like the type to improve his tactics over time

🎶 "Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, 🎵
🎵 and another one gone.
Another one bites the dust!" 🎶
1️⃣ Johnny Depp hasn't "won" his lawsuit; it's still pending

2️⃣ Virginia doesn't have an anti-SLAPP statute and there was no anti-SLAPP motion

This are the same people who were popping champagne over a routine continuance 🤣

Did anyone ask Percy why he's b*tched out on filing the Motion for Sanctions he drafted?

Apparently Percy is going to challenge the constitutionality of the TCPA 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

For those who want to do some light reading before he files it, check out the memorandum op in Combined Law Enforcement Ass'ns of Tex. v. Sheffield, No. 03-13-00105-CV (Tex. App. 2014)
Also read through In re Lipsky, 460 S.W.3d 579 (Tex. 2015), which we've talked about before 😉
I can't wait for the end of the month 😂
Got this in my DMs, this is amazing 🤣

Screech has been moving the goalposts fast af, he's now admitting he thinks Percy's chances are no better than flipping a coin 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Gotta keep the rubes believing you still have a chance, so they'll keep donating to your case

Supposedly it came straight from the Percy's mouth on last night's livescreech 🤣🤣🤣

It is impossible to overstate the extent of Percy's stupidity. Literally impossible.

But this is what happens when you spend 20+ years as a transactional LOLyer and then decide you want to try and litigate
Those two cases upholding the constitutionality of the TCPA? I found them in less than a minute

Do we think Percy even tried looking for them? Or just didn't understand what they meant?
I think he's genuinely that stupid, and because of it he's become a performance artist who plays an asshole to grift people

Is that Screech's explanation for his sudden career change? 🤣🤣

The 2nd and 3rd pictures *are* "after that." You'd know that if you read the deposition

You're terrible at this

Nothing happened after everyone started watching him like a hawk? I'm shocked (shocked!)

Folks tend to gloss over him contacting Rial after Sony told him not to contact her too

Can't believe a guy who takes indecent liberties with women and girls would also ignore boss's orders 😱

Not at all without clear and specific evidence of actual malice

Total gibberish. Including, but not limited to, the fact that TCPAs are only used "IN TEXAS" (the T in TCPA stands for Texas)

While we're on the topic of the constitutionality of the TCPA, add in Mem'l Hermann Health Sys v Khalil, No. 01-16-00512-CV (Tex App 2017) to your reading

Facial challenge based on the "right to sue for defamation" that Percy mentioned

The appeals court LOL'd
I've got like a dozen cases and/or statutes and/or constitutional provisions on why Percy is going to get smoked on his constitutionality argument

But I can't share them publicly until after he files what he's going to file

Someone remind me of this tweet on September 1st
I've been sharing them in the super-secret SuperLawyer forum we've been using to coordinate our civil conspiracies though, so there are timestamps of it 😂
Let this be a reminder of something we've been saying for months now:

Percy Tyrone Beard has never litigated a defamation case before this one, and he does 👏 not 👏 know 👏 what 👏 he's 👏 doing 👏

For you Kiwis and conVics who don't understand why that clip is so amazing: defamation requires a *false statement of objectively verifiable fact* published to a third party that causes damage

Truth is an affirmative defense, *but the Plaintiff still has to prove falsity first*
If it's true, by definition it's not false

If it's not false, by definition it's not defamatory

Ergo if it's true, it's not defamatory
I'm so fucking astonished rn 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

I mean can you imagine going through 3 years of law school, passing a bar exam, practicing 20+ years as a lawyer, and a quarter million in a retainer, *and you still don't understand how defamation works*??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
And if he still doesn't understand how defamation works, what are the odds he understands how the TCPA works? 🤔
I don't even want to risk the brain worms to ponder the question 😂

He emailed her an apology directly IIRC

It's Friday. Court closed up at 1pm. I'm currently in my ridiculously swank corner office using my office WiFi.


No. The basis of the TCPA hinges on Percy having clear and specific evidence of defamation, which includes clear and specific evidence the defamatory statements were false, and clear and specific evidence Marchi / Rial / Toye / Funi knew they were false

This is the best I can do at the moment 😂

After the deadline has passed for Percy to file things, I'll gladly go through from the beginning and explain what I would've done

Not before then though, because I enjoy watching the trainwreck

$1K / misdemeanor plea, $5K / felony plea, trials +$$$$$$, $300/hr for transactional work

Depends on whether or not I like them 😂

I mean technically *I* pay *y'all* for that 😉

I created a Foundation that does 5-6 charity fundraisers a year. During the summer, we crowdsource a school supply drive for @C2CDurhamNC to help school teachers have enough supplies for their school kids.

There's a separate thread floating around on it

Sure, as long as you pay the balance in cash 🤣

*I'm* a Mensan, I habitually check things precisely because I don't want to risk being overconfident 😂

*Especially* if you're taking a high-profile high-dollar case in a practice area you've never practiced in before, and your sherpa is a trust fund baby LOLyer who's only in law because his parents made him go to law school after he cratered his bank job

Well as best any of us can tell, he's going to argue the TCPA violates the *Texas* Constitution rather than the federal one

We won't actually know that of course – or which provision he thinks it violates – until he files his response on 8/30

I can only imagine the insouciance you face every day from those around you, that you can only find satisfaction in zealously tracking how someone else uses their free time

Your waifu pillow still loves you though


I could get it past the TCPA for sure, and maybe MSJ too. Still likely lose at trial but maybe after the MSJ is denied a settlement gets worked out

There's a standing offer: I'll end the thread if I can go 24 hours without a weeb in my mentions.

They're averaging 1 every 3 minutes. I think the max has been 10, and that's when they were busy making fun of TUGgy for doxxing himself.

Funi would require a better petition, and Marchi would've required not letting my client get deposed before TCPAs were filed

Had my client given the answers Vic did at his depo, you're right I don't think I could salvage either of them lol

I love that this video of Ty Beard's incompetence is at ~20K views 😂🤣

"A true statement can be defamatory. The definition of defamation has nothing to do with truth ... So if I call someone a pedophile, even if it's true: that statement is defamatory."

I feel like @renfamous would want us all to vote for her tbh 🤔

Funny thing is one of my client's kids actually made that comparison in court a year or two ago 😂

Are you... crying?

Because it definitely looks like you're crying



This is wrong. The Texas Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that falsity is an element the Plaintiff must prove, regardless of anything the Defendant might respond with. See both In re Lipsky and D Magazine v Rosenthal, two cases we've discussed before

I wasn't kidding when I said this video is an ode to Ty Beard's incompetence. The guy is arguing his own Supreme Court's rulings are wrong, and have been wrong since WFAA-TV v. McLemore In 1998

Because Beard 👏 doesn't 👏 know 👏 what 👏 he's 👏 doing 👏

The answer to "if he ever stopped and thought" is always "no"

Motivated reasoning. These Kiwis and conVics have invested themselves in the righteousness of their beliefs, sometimes with actual cash. They can't accept one of their heroes is an idiot.

Screech: "They say that him [Dahlin] not remembering is not the same as him saying it didn't happen."

Percy: "Actually, legally it is precisely the same. Because you can't actually testify that nothing happened. That's proving a negative."


Let's take Ty Beard's wildly incompetent analysis line-by-line

"Actually, legally it is precisely the same."

No, legally it's very different. This is why if you don't recall doing something, you say "I don't recall" instead of "I didn't do it." One is true; one is perjury.

"Because you can't actually testify that nothing happened."

No, people testify that "nothing happened" in courtrooms all over the country every day courts are open

The key issue is that *they've observed and recall that particular moment in time*

"That's proving a negative."

No, that's proving the witness has a recollection of that particular moment in time, and the purported event didn't take place

But let's assume that's *not* what it actually means – it's quite easy to "prove a negative" under the Texas Rules!

If, for example, you establish a thing regularly happens you can "prove a negative" by showing the absence of the thing happening

See, e.g., Texas's hearsay exceptions on regularly conducted activities

That's why, for Dahlin's still-not-filed affidavit to have any legal effect at all whatsoever, he would need to aver that he had a habit or routine practice of noticing when women are in distress

Turns out that sort of thing is in the Rules 😱

You'll be shocked to know we actually already talked about that very aspect of it back on Day 44

These are über-basic evidentiary issues that any lawyer trying actual cases in real courtrooms has faced many, many, many times

Ty Beard would know that, if this wasn't the very first defamation case he's ever litigated in his career

But he doesn't know what he's doing

The evidentiary issue is whether you walked in and observed the Defendant at the time of the purported Wagner-serenaded anal probing

If you don't remember walking in, nothing else after that matters

If you *do* remember, your "I don't recall that happening" matters, but your "I'd remember if it had" still doesn't

If you testify that you have a habit of walking in on the Defendant (and/or witnessing Wagner-serenaded anal probes generally), your "I'd remember if it had" would then be relevant to the weight of the evidence

Not far, but it's based on another video clip of Percy saying outlandishly wrong things so you'll want to scroll up for the context anyway 😉

Except Fields admitted he intended to kill people. Hence his guilty plea to 29 hate crime charges and his conviction on first-degree murder charges

But you can tell him your theories, he's not going anywhere for the next life + 419 years

I doubt it. He spent his career as an estates lawyer, do they even go into courtrooms? Maybe he had a probate hearing once ::shrug::

Basically. If you're in front of a jury, it's not unusual for an attorney to switch to "Well what -do- you recall?" and go from there

Dahlin's affidavit says "I have no memory of the events" – that means everything after that is irrelevant

If he'd instead said "I remember that particular day / time / location, but don't recall asking Monica if she was ok" it'd have at least some weight

Alternatively, if he said "As the con director I habitually pay close attention to the demeanor of all guests and have training to know when they're in distress and routinely notice that distress when it happens, and I don't recall it here" then that would work too
That's the current state of the testimony, yes

(Well, sort of anyway – Dahlin's affidavit still isn't filed so his line is more like "...")

They're fundamental in litigation too 😉

But Percy doesn't know that, because he's never litigated a case before

The same ppl who like Nazis also like pedophiles? Idk

Don't forget everyone aboard The Threadnought, this has been a team effort 👊

No he could totally redo the affidavit and file the different version

But if the case ever got to trial, the signed-but-unfiled affidavit could be used as a prior inconsistent statement to attack Dahlin's credibility

It's why trying cases on YT is dumb

In terms of usability it just needed his signature, but swearing to it definitely makes it a more potent weapon to bludgeon him if he changes his story

Yep. Plus a great many people will focus on the oath aspect of it

More accurately, ~1,000 to ~5,200 in about 12 hours on 23 February 2016

Pretty steady since then. This anime sh*t has actually slowed things down 😂

Given the other side, need one like "Bathing"

Yep, confirmed via Texas Supreme Court cases a few tweets up from here. Look for In are Lipsky

On a street not wide enough for donuts, with pictures showing there were no donuts despite the officer's written statement? Yes, that's the one

It looks like the poor social media person at @indyweek has finally approved the two dozen comments on my anti-SLAPP column

They're every bit as unhinged and Vic-centric as you'd expect – and one of them's gonna report me to Percy! 🤣😂😉😂🤣

And this Arnold Schiller guy on the Facebook page is very normal

"wE'rE dOnE pLaYiNg NiCe"



The 10+ weeks of near-constant crying have been worth it though, their tears are delicacies

No, it's because my client was a black boy who was friends with the white daughter of the guy who called 911

They're a potent combination of being dumb and being misinformed

It's why I apologized on Thursday 😂
It was February 23rd, but yes one of my threads went viral and was turned into a Twitter Moment:

Then another one went viral three months later:

It's mid-afternoon on a Saturday, some of us have the ability to take weekends off

I think I hear your mom calling you btw, she says your pizza rolls are ready

Did that back when I was a college dropout, I remember it well lol

(And tbh I'm still "working," breaking down all the boxes that folks shipped)

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