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The #DemDebate starts on CNN and cnn.com in 30 minutes. Tonight is Debate 2 Night 1: Delaney, Williamson, Warren, Sanders, Buttigieg, O’Rourke, Klobuchar, Hickenlooper, Ryan and (for the first time) Bullock - replacing Swalwell.
A lot of the press and pundits have expressed a lot of interest in two match-ups: Sanders vs. Warren and O’Rourke vs Buttigieg. Williamson is perceived to be doing her own thing and Bullock hasn’t been in these debates but the rest are perceived to compete for the centrist lane.
In the previous debate Klobuchar did much more poorly than I expected and Tim Ryan did better than expected, so I’ll be especially interested in how each of them perform - though moreso with an eye towards a VP slot than a POTUS one, unless polling changes.
#DemDebate CNN feed: Right now DNC Chair Tom Perez is on stage speaking. Very high energy. Sort of a hype man or opening act for the main event. The crowd’s pretty responsive right now. Lots of applause and cheering.
#DemDebate Perez just left the stage. Big applause and cheers for Baltimore and Elijah Cummings.
#DemDebate Starting momentarily- they are doing the intro voiceover.
#DemDebate Tapper, Bash and Lemon introduced themselves as the moderators. Candidates are taking the stage.
#DemDebate Tim Ryan had the strongest opening so far. On to Hickenlooper
#DemDebate Did anyone hear what Hickenlooper said he started? It sounded like brewpub but I couldn’t quite make it out.
#DemDebate O’Rourke has the most effectively poetic opening so far. It will be interesting to see if people respond more to his poetry or some others’ prose.
#DemDebate Buttigieg has a very interesting opening. Very immediate, confrontational and urgent.
#DemDebate Warren frames it as a fight. Strong opening.
#DemDebate Sanders contrasts homelessness with high corporate profits and other similar pairings. Could make it easy to remember structurally.

“What do you say to Delaney?”
Sanders: You’re wrong.
#DemDebate Sanders uses Canada as an example that his M4A idea can work.

Delaney frames it as losing current insurance.
Sanders says that losing insurance is already a problem when switching jobs etc.
Back and forth.
Warren says the Democrats are not about taking away insurance.
#DemDebate Warren is facing a question about raising taxes for M4A. Warren moves to a personal example to indict the private insurance industry model.
#DemDebate Bullock just got his first question. Very short time.
#DemDebate Buttigieg is pushing “Medicare for all who want it” not “Medicare for all.” He frames taxes vs. premiums as a distinction without a difference.
#DemDebate O’Rourke labels it “Medicare for America.”
#DemDebate Bullock “we pay more for prescription drug prices anywhere in the world with nothing to show for it.”
#DemDebate Klobuchar’s first question. Pushes the public option. Makes reference to Sanders and it goes split screen while Sanders is drinking out of a cup.
#DemDebate Sanders is talking about current insurance often having deductibles too high to use. Pushes his not having deductibles.
#DemDebate Warren: insurance companies do not have a God given right to suck $23 billion in profits out of the economy.
#DemDebate Delaney and Hickenlooper... also talked.
#DemDebate This format is a little difficult to follow. They get some short times to talk.
#DemDebate Warren, Williamson, Sanders and now Ryan. Ryan is the first to cite stats in this volley.
#DemDebate Ryan: You don’t know that.
Sanders: I do know, I wrote the damn bill.
#DemDebate Ryan is going hard on framing this as a pro-union issue.
#DemDebate Delaney says that Sanders plan will lower quality of care due to the payout rates/costs covered.

Sanders says he’ll save a lot in reduced administration costs. Attacks Delaney’s insurance background.

Delaney says Sanders’ math is wrong and hospitals would close.
#DemDebate Now on to immigration law. Buttigieg is talking about switching border crossing from a criminal to a civil infraction - unless fraud is involved.
#DemDebate O’Rourke seemed to be on a similar page.
#DemDebate Warren frames it as an urgent moral issue. Says she would move it to civil (I think) by decriminalizing.
#DemDebate Hickenlooper, Warren and Klobuchar go in rapid succession. Hickenlooper and Klobuchar seem to be wanting a more nuanced legislative approach as opposed to simple decriminalization.
#DemDebate Twitter “Rate limit exceeded” so lost my last tweet.
#DemDebate Strong debate on immigration. Re-watch this section later.

Now gun violence framed by the 3 recent mass shootings. Starts with Buttigieg. Leverages his military background in talking about gun control.

Hickenlooper talks about passing gun control in a purple state.
#DemDebate Klobuchar frames herself as a fighter against the NRA. “I will not fold.”

Buttigieg is only a few years older than me. He’s talking about being part of the first school shooting generation.

Goes back and forth between Klobuchar and Buttigieg.
#DemDebate Moderator confronts Bullock about only recently changing his position on guns last year. Bullock talks about being a gun owner and framing this as a public health issue, not political.

O’Rourke compares and contrasts with other countries. Goes after PAC funding.
#DemDebate Sanders talks about his D- from the NRA and that he’d probably have an F in office.

Buttigieg talks about ending the electoral college, amending the constitution and going after Citizens United. Talks about prohibition back and forth as an example of quick changes.
#DemDebate Bullock talks about change as governor.

Williamson talks about public funding and independent candidates etc. Uses the wording “same old yada-yada-yada.”

#DemDebate Hickenlooper: Trump is malpractice personified.

Sanders is making an electability argument based on polling showing him beating Trump in many states.

Hickenlooper says you can’t just spring a plan on the country without preparation and expect it to succeed.
#DemDebate Sanders looks at the 54 history of Medicare. Says his plan is not radical.

Ryan pushes for a more moderate approach.
O’Rourke talks about going bold in Texas as a battleground state.
Bullock takes it into the context of the economy.

Warren talks about past victories.
#DemDebate Warren:Democrats win when they figure out what they believe in and get out there and fight for it.
Delaney is pushing practicality. He’s outclassed on the stage.
Warren: I don’t know why anyone goes to the trouble of running for office just to say what we can’t do.
#DemDebate Delaney says Warren’s ideas are DOA.
Warren indicts the current system.
Sanders talks about Detroit’s decline. Talks about how to win (energy, young people, canceling student, debt, etc)
Crowd cheers.Klobuchar about who she thinks is making promises just to get elected
#DemDebate Klobuchar: we are more worried about winning an argument than winning an election. Talks about her election record.

O’Rourke talks about VA in El Paso.
#DemDebate Goes to Delaney about climate about the Green New Deal.

Delaney says his plan goes to net zero by 2050, talks about how it had bi-partisan support - and carbon capture machines.

Warren co-sponsored Green New Deal. Talks about producing 1.2 million manufacturing jobs.
#DemDebate Hickenlooper talks about how the Green New Deal puts in extraneous things that are a distraction. Talks about the US providing a template for the world.

Warren pushes back strong on the idea that she’s suggesting pipe dreams.
#DemDebate Ryan is going into nuts and bolts - including sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Really different.

Sanders and Ryan are going back and forth. Ryan is doing better tonight than last time.

Sanders talks about the urgency: take on fossil fuels.
Bullock and Sanders back and forth.

It’s slightly annoying seeing them compete to see who is the most pro-worker.Bullock wants it to be scientist driven.
O’Rourke talks about how we only have ten years to solve this.
Buttigieg says plans are similar - they need to win
Klobuchar gets question about preventing another Flint, Michigan. Klobuchar talks about her infrastructure plan. Contrasts with Trump’s inaction.

Goes through a flurry of policy ideas quickly. Definitely stringer than 1st debate.
#DemDebate Williamson talks about environmental injustice. The crowd roars. Crowd roars again when she finishes.

O’Rourke gets a question about healing the racial divide in America. He goes hard on defending Omar and the squad and presents aspirational image of diversity.
#DemDebate Hickenlooper tackles it more in policy than poetry.

Warren gets asked about white supremacy. Warren calls it domestic terrorism. Lists a litany of racism. Talks about acknowledging the past. $50 billion into HBCUs.
#DemDebate Buttigieg gets tough question on his background. Goes at it by taking ownership for both his failures and his efforts to address them. Proposes national plan to help mayors.

Addresses racism in terms of black women being taken seriously in hospitals.
#DemDebate Klobuchar says there were some people that voted for Trump that weren’t racist and are now horrified - says she can win them.

O’Rourke talks about slavery forming the economic foundation that built the nation’s wealth. Supports Sheila Jackson Lee’s reparations plan.
#DemDebate Williamson $500 billion reperations plan - frames it as a debt we owe. Figures that number as politically feasible.

Sanders does not favor reparations as cash payments. Sanders say he favors Clieburn’s plan to focus on addressing it at the community level.
#DemDebate My fiancée says the format is really distracting because of how little time they have. She says Beto is being penalized the most by the format because he speaks in paragraphs.
#DemDebate Ryan gets asked about steel tariffs. Ryan talks about beating China - but through out-competing them. Talks about creating clean energy jobs and winning that market. Says he would re-evaluate Trump tariffs and create a long-term plan.
#DemDebate Delaney goes pro TPP and trade agreement.

Warren talks about the history of trade policy with a corporate bias. Want to bring a different coalition to draft an agreement.

Delaney tries to tie himself to Obama. Tries to portray Warren as anti-trade.
#DemDebate Warren talks about forcing other countries to raise their standards through agreements.

O’Rourke is the first to directly address tariffs. Says they are a mistake. Speaks broadly of the trade agreements.

Sanders goes hard against previous agreements “Warren is right”
#DemDebate Hickenlooper says Delaney has a point. Says there is no historical example of a trade war with a winner - always only losers. Anti-tariff.
Warren talks about longer exclusivity for pharma in trade deals as an example of skewed interests.

Bullock talks about how we’re losing hundreds of thousands of dollars every time Trump tweets. Says he partially agrees with Warren.
Buttigieg talks about plant closures, putting workers first, re-training and the changing economy. Proposes allowing gig workers to unionize. Increase union membership. Pushes for raising minimum wage - quotes the Bible.
#DemDebate Delaney talks about wealthy Americans needing to pay more in taxes and raising capital gains rates. Roll back Trump’s tax cut for wealthy. Says Warren’s wealth tax is unworkable.
Warren makes the case for the $50 million wealth tax.
Delaney agrees with goal not method.
#DemDebate Buttigieg asked why he doesn’t support Sanders’ college debt forgiveness. Says he wants to focus on for profit colleges and predatory lending as a start.
#DemDebate Sanders emphasizes that massive wealth gal between the very top and everyone else. Calls for political revolution.

Williamson talks about how tax cuts to the wealthy don’t stimulate the economy. Says getting people out of debt stimulates the economy.
#DemDebate O’Rourke limits where it can be applied but wants to cover more of the costs (room, board, etc.)

Klobuchar emphasizes not paying for college for rich kids.

Sanders call Trump a pathological liar and says that he tells the truth. Contrasts his foreign policy.
Hickenlooper talks about constant engagement internationally “we need to be talking to everyone.” Says trade wars are for losers.

Ryan talks about de-militarizing foreign policy. Talks about the work away from the cameras and his foreign policy experience in congress
#DemDebate Klobuchar calls Trump’s failed foreign policy the “Go it Alone Doctrine.” Emphasizes American interests and having a plan.

Buttigieg gets question about Afghanistan. Says he’ll withdraw all troops from Afghanistan in his first year. Talks about the length of war.
#DemDebate Buttigieg says that AUMF will have to have 3 year sunset from now on.

O’Rourke says gets them out in first term but not first year.

Hickenlooper says it will be a humanitarian disaster if we fully withdraw - emphasizes for women.
#DemDebate Warren pushes to sign into law that the USA will only allow nuclear weapons as a counter-measure - that there will be no nuclear first strike. Says it makes the world safer.

Bullock says he wants to keep first strike open - but hopefully we’ll never have to use it.
#DemDebate Warrem frames it as a way of impoving foreign policy.

Bullock says that he wants to keep first strike as a deterrent against towards dictators.

Buttigieg age question (37) vs Sanders (77). Buttigieg says he doesn’t care about age. Talks about NZ PM’s age.
#DemDebate Buttigieg talks about taking on Trump’s racism and enablers in contrast. Says to GOP members in Congress that this is what history will remember: whether they stood up to Trump’s racism or not. Crowd cheers him.

Sanders agrees with Buttigieg about vision vs age.
#DemDebate Back from commercial break. So far this debate has been a LOT more intense. Closing statements.

Bullock talks about going from delivering papers as a kid to being a governor.
Williamson talks about radical truth telling on healthcare, racism etc. Uses phrase “corporate overlords.” Wants to “speak to the heart.” Talks about atoning for mistakes and loving each other.

Delaney says “I’m the only one on the stage talking about...” (He’e not).
Ryan starts off talking about punditry and that he hopes he captured your imagination instead of a lane. Emphasizes new and better. Talks about coming together to fix things “us” not a savior. Pretty powerful.
Hickenlooper talks about his business, mayor and governor track record. Compares it to wanting an experienced dr.
Klobuchar talks about the late Casey Jo and her opioid death. Talks about being able to bring in more red places, and her prosecutor and senate experience
#DemDebate O’Rourke talks about being in congress and his strong senate wrong being stonger than any Dem sen. candidate in years.

Buttigieg presents vision of how we can present a vision for our future children if we walk away from what hasn’t worked.
Warren talks opportunity and who gets it - and moving it more to the working class and away from the wealthiest. Being the party of structural change - and a grass root movement. Talks about making real change in 2021 after she wins
#DemDebate Sanders calls Trump a racist, sexist and a homophobe. Talks about the staggering medication cost gap for insulin.

And it’s over.
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