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Anyone that hates their life and wants to waste two hours worth of the precious minutes they have on this earth can watch the Democratic Debates on CNN live here at 8 PM Eastern.

For those that don't, I'll be doing a live thread here.

They're all arguing about progressives VS moderates now and who is electable and who isn't. Spoiler alert, no one on that stage is electable.
I've only been watching for five minutes and the CNN anchors keep talking about needing a candidate that can "punch Donald Trump" lol. What a bunch of losers. These people claim to be unbiased still right?
I already took two tylenol in anticipation of the headache I'm about to have after listening to this shrill voiced maniac scream nonsense for two hours. The media will claim she really separated herself from the pack tonight and her poll numbers will fall tomorrow.
😂 who is this chucklehead?
I challenge anyone to find a stupider group of people than these three right here.
Wait, this group is dumber.
😂😂😂 the left really really wants you to think they don't hate America. Jake Tapper just asked everyone to stand for the national anthem. How many Democrats are now screaming at their television in horror? Look that guy even has a gun!
Whoever this dummy on the left is wants you to know he will be courting the un-American vote tonight. No hand over the heart, for shame!
CNN just said they will reduce peoples time if they interrupt eachother lol what?
Who is this guy and where did he even come from?
Marianne WIlliamson just called for America to rise up against an amoral economic system, a false God she says, she's already off to a roaring start lol.
😂 there's no way to take a screenshot of this weirdo without his face looking like that, I'm sorry.
Tim Ryan says America is great but I just watched him refuse to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem so I dunno what he is trying to pull here. I don't think even he knows.
Hickenlooper the other day was bragging about being at 2 percent in the polls so that's pretty much all you need to know about him.
This woman used a comb as a fork to eat a salad she is UNQUALIFIED to be President!!
Klobuchar is the first one to call President Trump a racist and she used part of her opening statement to do it. Elizabeth Warren is fuming
Robert Francis O'Rourke is stuttering and stammering like a fool already, can this guy not talk normally? He is also shaking and waving his arm around like a maniac.
Alfred E. Neuman says that we're all going to die of climate change in 12 years and that America is in a crisis already because Donald Trump was elected by us.
Elizabeth Warren just called Donald Trump a disgrace to the office of the Presidency and promised to help campaign for anyone else on the stage if they beat her, which is the way a loser talks lol. She must be auditioning for Vice President tonight.
Bernie Sanders is literally just screaming about giving people free stuff and how much he hates corporations.
He just said they need to take on President Trump's racism so that's a good preview of where this is all going tonight.
CNN just came out of the gate attacking Bernie Sanders, just like MSNBC did, attacking him as unelectable for supporting Medicare for All lol. The crowd is full of Bernie Bro's they're all cheering.
"We're the Democrats we're not trying to take away health care from anyone, that's what the Republicans do" this maniac screeches.
Elizabeth Warren both interrupted others and went over her time but CNN has already abandoned that rule and are just going to let her keep talking lol. She looks unhinged.
😂😂😂😂 THE CROWD LAUGHED AT HER. She said "This isn't funny!" that really just happened.
"My 12 year old son had a heart attack" he is super happy about it lol who is this weirdo?
Everyone is being asked if they'll raise taxes on middle class Americans to provide Medicare for All and none of them are admitting that is exactly what would happen.
Robert Francis just straight up said no, middle class Americans wouldn't pay more in taxes for Medicare for All lol just straight up lying. At least the other people had the decency to obscure their answers and not say either way.
The new guy decided he is going to be the one to destroy weak old Beto tonight lol. Beto can't even look at him. He is just looking at the ground like a weirdo nearly the entire time. He is such a weirdo!
Jake Tapper just asked Klobuchar if she unwilling to fight and I swear she looks like she wants to punch him in the face right now for even suggesting it lol.
Crazy Bernie just called out Jake Tapper for using Republican talking points and said CNN will be airing advertisements for health care companies tonight and Jake Tapper said his time was up 😂
Elizabeth Warren is a freaking psycho
Just loud screeching noises coming out of an angry pelican woman
Marianne Williamson is talking about how she loves everyone on stage and she understands the Republicans talking about Medicare For All and she just spent two minutes saying she understands everyone's point of view. Jake Tapper cut her off at the end but she wasn't going anywhere
😂😂😂 look at her freaking face it's like how Peter Strzok looked when he thought the camera wasn't on him.
Crazy Bernie is just yelling and going nuts and attacking people and the crowd is going wild lol, they freaking love it. CNN keeps trying to cut him off. This isn't going the way they hoped.
CNN: "Alfred, you are on record saying you want to get rid of the law that makes it illegal for immigrants to come here illegally, why won't that encourage illegal immigration"

Alfred: "It'll still be illegal when I'm President"

lol what
CNN just called him out saying he raised his hand with everyone else and Alfred said all that hand raising stuff is what's wrong. "We're not doing that here" says CNN lol. This is a disaster
What is wrong with this woman lol? She's nuts.
Hickenlooper calls out all the people in congress on stage with him that keep talking about wanting to fix the immigration system when they have over 100 years combined experience not fixing anything. Nice!
Crazy Bernie says Donald Trumps racism is the reason we have an immigration crisis. The crowd cheers wildly. These people are morons.
Steve Bullock just called out the people on the debate stage wanting to decriminalize illegal immigration which made a lot of sense but then he blamed Donald Trump for causing the immigration crisis and completely destroyed whatever point he tried to make lol.
"We need to fix the crisis at the border" Elizabeth Warren says and then blames Donald Trump for creating the crisis. Steve Bullock says that she is wrong, she is playing into Trumps hands, and then blames Trump again for immigration issues lol. None of this makes any sense
"It's shameful what's happening, but it's Donald Trump that's doing it" says Ryan while saying that everyone on stage that is saying decriminalizing immigration is making a mistake. Apparently all of their plans for immigration consist of saying it's a problem then blaming Trump
Marianne Williamson goes even farther and says everything that everyone is talking about on stage is what's wrong with politics and they let her talk for one minute only and cut her off lol.
The dumbest man on television, Don Lemon, is allowed to ask a question now and he asks what they're going to do to fix the problem with gun violence other than just offering condolences. Alfred is giving some weird speech and not giving any answers lol.
"We know what to do and it has not happened" he says while again not saying what we should do to fix it lol.
Klobuchar and Bulluck blame the NRA for gun violence
Marianne Williamson says that the NRA is the cause of gun violence and that health insurance companies are the problem with health care and what is to blame is money in politics. Bernie's crowd cheered for her lol. Elizabeth Warren wanted to chime in but they went to commercial
Halfway through this debate has been even more worthless than the last one and CNN keeps trying to crash my computer with their 50 freaking trackers they have running at all times. I had to unblock everything to get their video player to work.
Jake Tapper quotes Hickenlooper saying socialism will re-elect Donald Trump and uses the start of hour two to turn another candidate against Bernie Sanders lol. They really are out to get him. MSNBC did the same thing. The DNC must want him out of the race and fast.
😂😂😂 look at that question. "Do you believe Senator Sanders is too extreme to beat President Trump?" like they could make it any more obvious that they are out to attack Sanders.
Sanders is screaming crazily about how it's all going to be fine he can beat Donald Trump while Hickenlooper is trying to stifle his laughter this is hilarious.
"Tim Ryan will you attack Bernie Sanders now please, thank you" lol basically how this is going
😂😂😂 CNN is literally going down the line of candidates, Beto and now Bulluck, asking them to talk about how Bernie Sanders can't beat Trump.
😂😂😂😂 "Senator Warren, by calling yourself a capitalist are you trying to convince voters you are a safer choice than Senator Sanders?"
I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. Every single person is being asked to just slam Bernie Sanders by the moderators.
Elizabeth Warren got sick of it and started screaming again and shaking her fist. Delaney looks unsettled by this and so does everyone that is watching this maniac.
Bernie Sanders said that our trade deals almost destroyed Detroit for good and then instead of saying how he'd do a better job than Trump he started talking about how he is going to give young people free college and forgive their student loan debt 😂.
Klobuchar said that we shouldn't give free college to rich kids lol. She is actually one of the least insane people on the stage but she has no shot of winning because she ATE A SALAD WHILE USING A COMB FOR A FORK
Elizabeth Warren said that she would spend $2 Trillion on climate change research!? WHAT?!?
Hickenlooper just basically called her crazy and now she is screaming at him and saying her policy is a real policy lol.
😂😂😂 CNN now asking people if they're concerned about Crazy Bernie trying to make gas powered cars illegal or something this is so freaking blatant. Bernie Bros are going to be so mad when he loses again they'll help us re-elect Trump in droves.
Bernie voters main complaint about the 2016 election was that it was stolen from him and they were right to complain, the media was all in for Hillary and now they're just repeating the same freaking mistake again. I love it lol.
Bulluck called out the Democrats for attacking the fossil fuel industry and alienating the workers there. Bernie Sanders assures him that all those workers will just magically have new jobs and more money somehow don't worry lol. The crowd cheers.
He literally can't talk without his entire body shaking and convulsing Beto is a MESS!!
Alfred E. Neuman just keeps giving hypothetical speeches or something about everything it's really freaking weird and I can't follow any of it but I know enough to know he isn't answering any of these questions lol.
Amy Klobuchar said she would put $1 trillion, with a T, into fixing the Flint water crisis and other stuff literally none of these people think money is real at all.
"What do you think about the Flint water crisis?"

"Flint is just the tip of the iceberg..."

"If you think any of this wonkiness on this stage is going to deal with the dark psychic force..." LOL what!??!?!
Don Lemon just asked Beto how he is going to deal with Trump's racism and Beto is shaking and drooling and saying there's a Muslim ban and a bunch of other nonsense he's as hard to follow as Marianne Williamson
There is no "racial divide" in this country, the question is disgusting and racist and the entire stage is full of people that push identity politics and try to scream that everything they disagree with is racist. Disgraceful.
CNN now claiming falsely that there's a rise of white supremacy going on right now, this a few weeks after they put Richard Spencer on air to give his take on Trumps tweets, disgusting.
"Hey white guy, how can you convince African-Americans that they should vote for you?" this is the level of discourse going on right now on a national debate stage.
"What do you say to Trump voters that are racists as long as the economy is good" is basically the question and Amy Klobuchar says that people that voted for him the first time aren't necessarily racist but if we do it again that means we are racists.
Marianne Williamson now talking about how much reparations should be paid out and that it should be $200-$500 billion and the crowd is going nuts for her. They love this insane nonsense.
"Bernie Sanders what do you say to 73 percent of African-Americans that disagree with your policy on reparations" lol that number is fake and that question is just another chance to call out Bernie. This debate is a disgraceful disaster. CNN living up to their reputation.
This debate has been absolute trash, just the worst of all things media and left wing nonsense, I really miss Eric Swalwell. Why didn't we donate? This is on us.
Don Lemon now lying about tariffs hurting our workers and Tim Ryan says that Trump has the right idea about going after China lol.
Tim Ryan just got laughed at by Don Lemon for spending 3 minutes saying that he agreed with Trump but then saying Trump is messing everything up lol.
😂😂😂 Delaney just said he supports the Trans Pacific Partnership after he took a moment to call Trump a racist (they missed him on the last round of questions about that I guess)
Elizabeth Warren just said she would bring unions and human rights activists to the negotiating table with China and literally just babbled incoherently about nonsense and gave no real plan on what she would do better than Trump.
Crazy Bernie tried to chime in, Don Lemon cut him off and said "Please let Senator Warren respond" and Sanders said "Oh, I'm sorry" and the crowd LAUGHED again at Elizabeth Warren 😂

She's having a rough night. The media will say she hit a homerun.
Beto said that we will get the EU to help us negotiate with China 😂
Hickenlooper is cracking me up. He just keeps looking like he wants to laugh but is stopping himself while everyone else is saying the most insane or nonsensical thing that comes to their mind.
Elizabeth Warren now babbling about how the USMCA is just a ploy by the pharmaceutical industry to charge Americans, Mexicans, and Canadians more money or something, it's nonsense, Hickenlooper looks like he wants to laugh again lol.
Alfred E. Neuman just called out "so called Christian senators" against a minimum wage increase and his anti-Christian bigotry was applauded by the crowd and that's another example of where the left is right now as a party.
She seriously looks psychotic the entire time.
Elizabeth Warren just promised free childcare for everyone and free school for everyone and just continues to talk about how money isn't real and has no value and we can just print trillions upon trillions of dollars with no consequences. She'd bankrupt our country in six months.
I'm not paying for your horrible life decisions, I don't have $100,000 in student loan debt and I'm not paying for yours.
Marianne Williamson says her economic policy is based on good times and helping people thrive and anything that does that is smart economics 😂
She just called out the Democrats on stage and said they were fake Democrats and should be talking about the government helping everyone that needs help and the crowd cheered. OMG she is going to get really far in this election the left is that insane. Please please let her win!
Klobuchar saying that there should be a reasonable plan like helping people pay off loans if they go into teaching and other fields of need and she got cut off by Jake Tapper and there is no way she will get the nomination.
They're back to attacking Bernie again and look at that freaking question 😂😂😂. "Bernie, you and Trump have said" this is hilariously ridiculous.
CNN now using a debate stage to attack President Trumps greatest achievement in foreign policy by preventing a nuclear war with North Korea. Seem to want the candidates to promise that they'll get back to the way things were before, because they're ghouls.
Didn't CNN just attack President Trump for wanting to withdraw all the troops from Syria, spending weeks saying it would cause a rise in ISIS all over again? And Afghanistan? Saying it was too quick? What the heck is this?
Jake Tapper just asked Elizabeth Warren why she supports a policy that says the US would never use nuclear weapons in a pre-emptive strike and she says that it would make the world safer lol. What an idiot.
Seriously what is wrong with this woman? Look at her. She's unhinged.
CNN just asked Alfred E. Neuman if voters should take into consideration a candidates age when voting then cut to a shot of him standing next to Bernie Sanders 😂😂😂
Alfred E. Neuman just said that Republican Senators need to call out Trump's racism, just nonstop pushing these false accusations, everything is racist, everyone's a racist, except for Democrats. Didn't you know you're a racist? It's true. Just ask them.
☹️ don't worry there's more to come tomorrow.
"We need a plan to solve institutionalized hatred" and she said that we need to get past political games and "wonkiness" 😂 this wacky maniac is on a debate stage and she got the second most applause out of anyone there other than Bernie Sanders. The absolute state of the left.
She sounds like a cult leader. "Love each other, love our Democracy, love future generations" "I'm the one to bring it forth" no wonder these maniacs love her lol.
"Thank you, and what a night, I loved it" and I swear I heard Don Lemon start to laugh before his mic got cut 😂
Amy Klobuchar accurately says the Democrats need to nominate someone that can win but after she heard all the applause tonight for Marianne Williamson she knows that isn't going to happen. The left are going to elect the craziest person they can and they'll lose big league
Our economy is going great and that's a problem says Alfred E. Neuman because that means the climate is going to kill all of us, also, we're all racists.
Elizabeth Warren is talking about Native American reservations right now I AM NOT JOKING 😂
Bernie Sanders just called President Trump a racist, a sexist, and a homophobe so we're just going to end the night with more lies and more screaming about free stuff. Which is about what I expected.
He just plugged his website and asked for people to volunteer, yes, please do, I miss in 2016 when all you losers gave your last $20 to Bernie Sanders instead of buying groceries.
And mercifully it's over, I'll be back tomorrow night to do another live thread and it'll be even worse than tonight because we won't have the wacky cult leader lady and the goofy faced muppet man to give us any sort of levity whatsoever.
Thanks everyone for reading and sharing and responding, I wasn't able to look at any replies while I was doing it because CNN's website is garbage but I'll try to get to them now.
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