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Revelation is Testimony of God, the last of original 49 Books deemed as “Inspired Text” (66 books today are Man’s division of scripture) delivered via the Holy Ghost to John the Evangelist 96 AD, some 70 years after His Crucifixion on Passover Eve 27 AD at age of 33.
The Holy Ghost is the “Light” God called “Day”, He separated from “Darkness” on Day 1; Gnostics call this Deus (Zeus/Jupiter), the mythical son of Saturn the “Black Star” or “Primeval Sun”. This has nothing to do with the “Lights” of the Sun, Moon or Stars He created on Day 4.
Jesus is the Holy Ghost (1 Jo 5:7 KJV) & the sole source of all Scripture. Jesus’ Name is “The Word of God” Rev 19:13. Textus Receptus is the Inspired Scripture, used in the Authorized Bible (KJV).
JESUS is I AM (Spirit), I Am He (Flesh), Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem & Priest of most High) Gen 14:18, Shiloh “He whose it is; Master of the House; Landlord) (Gen 49:10). JESUS (Mat 1:25 KJV) is JEHOVAH (Exo 6:3) & JAH (Psa 68:4 KJV), the sole Covenant Name between Man & God.
Revelation is the only book in Scripture promising a blessing to those who read & keep the prophecy. “The Law and Prophets were until John” Luk 16:16; all prophets since John are False Prophets.
Revelation is a Chronological outline of the 1260 Day, 42 Month, 3 1/2 Year Great Tribulation culminating in rebellion to God at Armageddon, Body Resurrection of believers in JESUS & the 2nd Coming at the 6000th Year of Creation as promised in 2 Pe 3:8.

The Millennium follows, culminating in the final Rebellion against God “Gog & Magog”, New Heaven, New Jerusalem, & New Earth.
Revelation is Chronological Prophecy (Pre-written History)
Rev 1-7 are Warnings of the upcoming Great Tribulation; Jesus opens the “Lambs Book of Life” by removing the 7 Seals. These are restraints on the Beast Kingdom being removed.
Rev 8 describes the 1st 4 Trumpet Warnings; these Warnings are not God’s Wrath. Followers of Jesus will, if alive, go through these warnings.

Rev 9 describes the final 3 Trumpet Warnings aka Woes! The 5th Trumpet/1st Woe lasts 5 months (150 Days); the 6th Trumpet/2nd Woe! lasts 1 Year, 1 Month, 1 Day & 1 Hour (391 Days) Satan is cast to Earth at the 5th Trumpet/1st Woe (Rev 9:11).

Rev 10 is a detailed description of the 7th Trumpet/3rd Woe! Body Resurrection believers in Jesus Christ will be taken, both dead & alive to Heaven ahead of God’s Wrath at the sound of the Trumpet (1 Co 15:52); this is the Trump of God (1 Th 4:16-17).

Rev 11, 12, 13 & Daniel 12 are summaries of the Great Tribulation; Rev 11:2 Rev 12:6 Rev 13:5 & Daniel 12:6-7 all describe the same 1260 day, 42 month Great Tribulation.
Revelation takes 3 different perspectives: Heaven, Signs in the Heavens viewed from the Earth & the Earth. This is a world ruled by Antichrist & False Prophet “Beast” system, ending at the 7th Trumpet Warning (Rev 11:15-19).
Rev 14 describes the victory of Jesus Christ, rebellion against God at Armageddon, fall of Babylon & Resurrection of Saints.

Rev 15 is a description of God’s Wrath; this is a prelude to Rev 16.

Rev 16 is a description of 7 Vials of God’s Wrath poured out on the Desolate (Earth Dwellers are people who have rejected God & taken the Mark of the Beast).

Rev 17 is a detailed description of MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. The CAPITALIZED spelling represents the SPIRITUAL “BABYLON” aka Beast. This is Gnosticism aka Witchcraft not the Roman Catholic Church.

Rev 18 is God’s view of the fall of “Babylon”. Bab=Gate + On=Saturn/Satan aka “Black Sun”.

Rev 19 is a description of the Wedding of the Lamb, 2nd Coming, the doom of Satan chained in Bottomless Pit for the Millennium, Antichrist & False Prophet consigned for eternity to the Lake of Fire & Brimstone.

There are no words used here to describe Armageddon; those rebelling against Jesus are destroyed instantly.
Rev 20 is a description of the Millennium, Gog & Magog, Great White Throne of Judgment, 2nd Death, & consignment of Satan & his followers to the Lake of Fire for eternity.

Gog & Magog is the final rebellion against God & occurs 1000 years after Satan is chained in the Bottomless Pit, released & consigned to the Lake of Fire for Eternity with his followers.
Rev 21 is a description of New Jerusalem, New Heavens, New Earth. Eze 40-48 describes the Temple built in Heaven by God arriving after Gog & Magog; again, no words are used to describe man fighting God.

Rev 22 is a description of Eternal Paradise & a warning not to change anything in the Word of God.

None of the bible is open to Private Interpretation or alteration, & in God’s view, all these events have already happened.
Prophecy is pre-written history; Prophesy is the God given ability to understand scripture. I am not a prophet of any sort.
Revelation is God’s testimony via the Holy Ghost 66 years after the Crucifixion.
Jesus Christ is God in flesh; He says “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy”.
Way too often I have heard pastors say they don’t spend much time in Revelation; I say if that’s the case, they are wasting your time.
This is the only of 66 books to promise a special blessing on those who read it (Rev 1:3).

Jesus gave this to John saying “I am Alpha and Omega”. This one statement means Jesus created universe & will see His creation through toend. He is in spirit form now, which is why John also had to be in spirit (Rev 1:10) to receive this direct Revelation

Jesus has the keys of hell & death Rev 1:18.

7 Church warnings: “Laodicea” is the 7th & final warning; it means “Luke Warm”; the warning is “DO SOMETHING” stop sitting on your keister hoping things are going to improve; they aren’t. All we can do is get right with Jesus & warn others to do the same.
“Deeds of the Nicolaitans” Rev 2:6,15. Nicolaitans elevated a clergy above the laity in order to conquer them; Nico=Conquer + Laity.

Jesus “HATES” Wolves in Sheep’s clothing teaching Satanic lies to His Church eg 7 Year Tribulation, Pre-Trib Rapture, new Dispensation for Israel, Gog & Magog before or coincident with the 2nd Coming are ALL Lies.
“Satan’s seat” Rev 2:13 The Throne of Pergamon aka Satan’s Seat is in Berlin awaiting placement in the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. Satan is real & there are people who keep his seat “Sedes vacante” (Vacant Seat) ready.

“Thyatira” is basically a warning to the Roman Catholic Church. “I will put upon you none other burden”. Stop blaming Catholics for being the only apostate church; Jesus didn’t.
“Sardis” is a warning to Protestant reformers. “I have not found thy works perfect before God”. Some of them were good, some bad; if they were all good the 30 years war wouldn’t have happened.
“Philadelphia” is a warning to imposters. “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews and are not, but do lie” Rev 3:9

People who claim to be Jewish are Germanic Ashkenazis, Sephardics ie Babylonian, Medean, Canaanite; Samaritan & Edomite imposters. They illegally fill the Levite Priesthood which Jesus now fills.
The Six Pointed Star of Saturn is the Chaldean STUR, the Mark of the Beast “666” & most likely the Mark of Cain.
Jesus calls Jerusalem “Spiritual Sodom and Egypt” Rev 11:8.

“Dwell upon the earth” Rev 3:10. It also appears as “Earth Dwellers” many more times.

Heaven, the dimension of angels & Jesus is in a 4th dimension Paul called “Height” Eph 3:18.

Earth dweller does not mean “Left Behind” (like Kirk Cameron)from some sort of “Rapture” which is not in the bible.
Earth worship, Sun, Moon & Star worship; Zionism, money, fame, power, carnal thinking, patriotism, pleasure seeking which causes sin.
Paul warned not to worship & serve the Creature rather than the Creator.
Earth Dwellers are the spiritual offspring of the serpent which God made to eat dust for seducing Eve.
“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him…” Rev 3:20

Religion has nothing to do with finding Jesus. Church is your “Prayer Closet” (Mat 6); Jesus is available to anyone, just ask!

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