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Ugh, time for round two. The "Everyone is a racist" debates live on CNN.com at 8 pm eastern.

Van Jones is excited to see Andrew Yang, said he is Yang Gang all the way. That's like the kiss of death, his presidential run is now over.
CNN keeps talking about how Sleepy Joe Biden is the guy to beat, I'll be interested to see if they treat Joe Biden tonight like they treated Bernie Sanders last night. Just all out trying to destroy him. I'm guessing yes.
"We'll hear more about Trump tonight"

"Race will clearly come up"

Of course it will, you literally have nothing left except for false accusations of racism.
The dumbest man in television is back.
Joe Biden tells Kamala Harris "Go easy on me, kid" lol I can't tell if it was a threat or if he was begging her to leave him alone but either way I'm sure it's not going to work.
CNN again making a huge show out of the national anthem and asking people to stand for it lol. The guy with the gun is back. Every Democrat is screaming at their television for the second night in a row 😂
No Tim Ryan tonight, everyone has their hand over their heart and are pretending to love America.
Everyone gets 1 minute to answer questions, 30 seconds for rebuttals, and 15 seconds if the moderators allow it. They claim they will take peoples time away again but they didn't last night so none of this matters.
Everyone hates De Blasio, literally everyone, what is he even doing there again lol.
😂 he came out attacking Joe Biden and Kamala Harris instead of Trump. Bold move.
De Blasio said that they will "tax the hell out of the wealthy" and someone in the crowd started screaming and protesting about something or other. Great start.
Michael Bennet is talking slower than I've ever heard anyone talk and said "Mr. President, kids belong in classrooms, not cages" another Senator that didn't do anything about immigration blaming President Trump for the crisis.
😂😂😂 Inslee decided to wear glasses this time to stand out more I guess.
Maybe the only person less likeable than De Blasio is telling a fake story about a fake person or something or other. She is awful.
Tulsi Gabbard is probably going to win the debate tonight again but her poll numbers won't change because the far left and the media don't like her at all.
This guy said that men should be able to have abortions last debate I can't wait to hear what kind of crazy nonsense comes out of his mouth tonight.
"If you've heard anything about my campaign....you've heard someone wants to give every American $1,000 per month" 😂 he cracks me up but he has no shot, Van Jones made sure of that.
"The opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man that likes math" Yang says, and he said that in the clip they played about him before the debate too. Must be his catch phrase. The crowd goes wild lol.
Cory Booker says that Trump attacked Baltimore and he got interrupted by a bunch of people screaming!! LOL. I don't' know what they're saying but they told him to stand by. That's twice already protesters have interrupted the Democrat debate.
Cory Booker is a weird dude and his eyes look in opposite directions half the time he is talking.
Kamala Harris says this is an inflection moment in our nation and we all need to look in the mirror and ask "who are we?" and she says we all know "we are better than this" I think she is talking about the type of person that would watch this debate lol.
"Mr. President, this is America, and we are strong and great because of this diversity Mr. President, not in spite of it" Joe Biden calling Trump a racist right out the gate but little does he know he's about to be called a racist himself all night lol.
"Kamala Harris, Joe Biden said your health care plan isn't reasonable" is basically the question, yep right out the gate the opening question is asking their favorite candidate to attack their least favorite lol.
Biden is tonight's Bernie for sure.
Biden is calling out the Medicare for All nonsense and how much it'll cost and how long it'll take. Kamala Harris says that he wants to leave 30 million people without health care and her plan will give everyone health care from day one.
Biden says that Medicare For All will cost $3 trillion and it'll take 10 years to implement and it'll force people off their health insurance from their employers. Kamala Harris says "the cost of doing nothing is more expensive" I am so freaking bored right now.
De Blasio says he doesn't even know what Biden and Harris are talking about he knows people that all want health insurance for free which is pretty much what Harris was saying so he just wasn't paying attention lol
Joe Biden: "Obamacare is working" "Build on Obamacare" 😂😂😂
Biden: "My plan costs $750 billion not $30 trillion" somehow he is the smartest person on stage. What a disaster the Democrats are.
Gillibrand starts telling a fake story about an emergency room visit and ignoring the question about how much Medicare for All will cost.
CNN asked Kamala Harris to respond to Gillibrand and instead she started arguing with Joe Biden again lol and he is loving it.
"The person who is enjoying this debate the most right now is Donald Trump" says Cory Booker lol he's right. None of these chuckleheads has any shot against Trump in 2020.
Cory Booker never answered the question about how he can explain supporting both Medicare for All and private health insurance 😂
Tulsi Gabbard just called out Kamala Harris and her crazy health care plan and Harris is really having a rough time tonight.
She started yelling at Biden again, the look on his face says it all 😂😂😂.
Michael Bennet says that running on Medicare for All will make it much more likely Trump is re-elected. He also called out Kamala Harris and her crazy plan and I bet she uses her rebuttal time to argue with Creepy Joe Biden again 😂
Michael Bennet said her plan will make employer health insurance illegal, Harris is stuttering and stammering and says nothing in her plan would make it illegal and starts getting into her prepared remarks again. She's being Rubio'd!!!
"We need to be honest about this plan" Bennett says, that it will ban employer insurance and tax middle class Americans. Boom!!
Kamala Harris says that he is using Republican talking points and she is falling apart on stage now lol.
😂 glasses is back. He says that it's time to give people adequate mental healthcare in this country and the crowd cheers because they all need it.
Yang says he supports Medicare for All so we can all have $1000 for free a month and free healthcare lol. I won't join the Yang gang until he promises me a free car though.
De Blasio says that Bennet is fear mongering and lying about taxes being raised for Medicare for All, so just straight up lying lol.
Michael Bennet is begging the people on the stage to stop lying to America but to no avail.
"This is not a Republican talking point, Republicans are trying to kill Obamacare" 😂😂😂 literally the only person on stage and in politics today pushing for Obamacare and it's only because he wants to associate himself with Obama as often as possible.
"I don't know what math you do in New York. I don't know what kind of math you do in California" and look at her, hands on the hips, she is freaking furious 😂😂😂
She is shouting at him and he isn't even looking at her this is pretty awesome lol.
"Open borders is a right wing talking point" says the guy that advocates for open borders.
"I disagree that we should decriminalize our border" how did Michael Bennet even get on stage? lol
Kamala Harris is back and she is stuttering and stammering and she is telling a pre-prepared story about climbing a ladder and looking over the border fence. Don Lemon is cutting her off at the end lol. She is really rattled.
Michael Bennet just claimed that no one on the stage would separate children from their parents on the border, forgetting that Joe Biden was Vice President when that policy was implemented by President Obama.
Don Lemon reminds everyone that Joe Biden was Vice President once and more people were deported in his first two years than in President Trumps first two years.
People in the crowd are shouting again, that's the THIRD TIME it's been interrupted by protestors 😂

The Democrats created these lunatics and now they have to deal with them. Awesome.
"If you cross the border illegally you should be able to be sent back" LOL did he just say "send them back"!??!

"I have guts enough to say that his plan doesn't make sense" Joe Biden came to the debates and is firmly planting his flag in the middle and rejecting the far left nonsense like open borders and medicare for all. He is going to win the nomination easily at this rate.
"If you go to a factory in Michigan you won't find wall to wall immigrants, you will find wall to wall machines" Yang blames the machines and is desperately warning us all about the robot uprising to come but no one is listening.
Cory Booker says it's all just Republican talking points again and wants to have it both way, make immigration illegal civilly not criminally he is so irrelevant he can't even come up with a firm position on literally anything.
"We can no longer allow a white nationalist to be in the white house" says glasses and the crowd cheers. Pathetic. And he just said there is a Muslim ban. He's just there to repeat Democrat catch phrases and wear glasses and somehow he is doing better than Harris is.
Everyone keeps talking about "undocumented immigrants" and Gabbard continues the trend. Well everyone except Joe "they should be able to be sent back" Biden lol.
Cory Booker just said some immigrants are from shithole countries 😂😂😂

What is going on on this debate stage!?
They went to Kirsten Gillibrand to respond and she shook her head and was like "what' and then my stream crashed and now we're at commercial. This debate really picked up steam after the first hour. Joe Biden is out for blood and Harris is shook.
Back to the loaded questions, getting one candidate to attack Biden like they did with Bernie yesterday but Biden must have watched the debates and he's ready to fight all of the people on stage.
Cory Booker says we have been dealing with mental health and drug issues by "locking people up and not lifting them up" and said that Joe Biden has been responsible for those laws while he was in government forever enacting them.
Cory Booker said we need to legalize marijuana federally. 420 Blaze it!! How Michael Bennet wasn't the first one to talk about that I don't know. Hickenlooper failed to do it yesterday too. Letting Coloradans down.
Joe Biden called Cory Booker the future President or something and Cory Booker laughed and said he just endorsed his Presidency lol.
Twitter desperately running damage control for Kamala Harris right now lol.
Cory Booker just destroyed Joe Biden for putting people in prison for life with his "tough on crime" policies and it's the first time anyone has laid a finger on him all night. And it was Spartacus somehow lol.
Seriously there is no reason either one of these people should be on stage right now, there are way too many people still in the race. Time for half of them to drop out so we can watch Biden and Bernie and Harris and Warren destroy eachother for two hours straight.
De Blasio is talking about the NYC Police again and I can't wait for them to destroy him on twitter like they did last time lol.
Yang said that he would trust anyone on the stage more than Trump and that they should stop tearing eachother down. Has Harris even spoken since the commercial break? They must be giving her a break to try to compose herself because she was a wreck in hour one.
😂 they just came to her for the first time and asked her to attack Joe Biden about bussing, so they're just trying to get her back to her best moment from the first debate to try to get her feet back under her.
She is saying that Joe Biden was racist or something and that if he had his way Barrack Obama would have never been President and she couldn't even get through that prepared speech without stuttering.
She then started talking about Eric Garner and somehow made it about Trump and then was just ranting and Don Lemon tried to cut her off and she refused to stop and then he finally got her to stop and asked Joe Biden to respond to her lol. Look at her! She's unhinged.
Gillibrand just WRECKED Harris, saying she put people in prison for marijuana then laughed when asked if she ever smoked it. The crowd went wild lol. Harris is getting destroyed tonight. I'm loving this.
She's super mad right now. Saying that she did work while other people are giving fancy speeches. Jake Tapper just cut her off.
Gillibrand just accused Harris of blocking evidence that would have helped people on death row that were wrongfully convicted. Said she owes them an apology. Oh snap.
Don Lemon just went hastily to Michael Bennet and asked him to denounce the President's "racist rhetoric" because CNN is desperate to get these people to stop destroying eachother lol.
Don Lemon is now going to glasses and asking him to denounce President Trumps racism and Inslee goes into a speech about white privilege. So I guess it worked to get the topic back on Orange Man Bad and away from Kamala Harris bad lol.
Now asking Yang how he would heal the "racial divide" literally a fake question and it's the only one they asked all candidates on both nights. CNN is freaking garbage.
Don Lemon just asked Castro to denounce "the Presidents racist tweets attacking Baltimore and Elijah Cummings"

This is CNN.
The question on the screen is NOT the question Don Lemon asked. Did he go off script?
Kirsten Gillibrand just said that she can explain to white suburban women that voted for Trump that their children's whiteness is what protects them from being shot. The crowd cheers. America weeps. This is pathetic.
Jay Inslee talking about climate change. Anything to give Kamala Harris a breather. They asked her every other question in hour one but she's been basically invisible this second hour. Outside of Gillibrand absolutely destroying her lol.
Joe Biden is asked to respond to glasses calling his climate crisis plan "middling" and Joe Biden talks about the Paris Climate Accord that he was backing lol. That was a softball for him and CNN is cutting him off because he wasn't rattled by it.
Andrew Yang says that everyone needs to move to higher ground and his plan to give everyone $1000 per month will help 😂
Joe Biden just said that he would eliminate fossil fuels and Inslee screamed at him about needing to eliminate fossil fuels.
Kamala Harris just said President Trump believes in "science fiction not science fact" and said that she would pick anyone on stage over Trump lol. She is waving the white flag now she clearly doesn't want to debate anymore.
Cory Booker just called the Paris Climate Accord "kindergarten" and that we need to go farther, in response to a question about the green new deal, which he didn't answer lol.
They just asked Joe Biden what he says to people like Elizabeth Warren that say his policies aren't progressive enough, and claimed that they need to be in order to beat Trump. Lol they literally don't understand that the progressive policies are what will cause them to lose.
This question is just psychotic lol. "What do you say to voters that think winning the election is more important than losing the election"
Cory Booker just said that Russians suppressed the African American vote in Michigan and that's why Trump won. No i'm not joking lol.
Kamala Harris is saying President Trump betrayed American workers and she is just going off on a prepared rant about the economy now. I don't think she even answered the question. She is in Rubio mode. Not even looking at other Democrats and sticking to Trump talking points.
COMMERCIAL BREAK! I hope this is almost over. I hope they don't go another 30 minutes like last night. I can't take much more of this garbage unless people start attacking Harris again lol. That's been the best part of the night.
"Wage growth is up" "Stock market up" "Unemployment near record lows for African Americans" is this still CNN? She just asked Democrats to answer a real question, how raising taxes won't destroy our economic gains.
Castro says that Obama is responsible for all of the economic gains lol. I should have seen that coming. Also he didn't answer the question.
How is this even a real question lol. Even Hillary Clinton went against the TPP at the end. That's how unpopular it is. Joe Biden says he wouldn't rejoin it as it was but he'd make a different version or something.
"NAFTA 2.0" says De Blasio, and asks Biden to oppose "the new NAFTA" and Biden says "yes"

De Blasio says "I consider that a victory"

Biden "I love your affection for me, you're spending a lot of time on me" 😂
They just asked Yang what he thinks about Kamala Harris wanting to tax companies that won't close their "gender pay gap" and she smiled, thinking she can finally get someone she can fight back against, but Yang didn't take the bait lol. He said he'd give women $1000 per month 😂
Kamala Harris says that not only are women getting paid less, she said that they're paid less based on their race too, she had that entire speech written before hand and CNN cut her off at the end. She's just in speech mode now. BORING
😂 Gillibrand is reading from some op-ed Biden wrote saying women working outside the home is deteriorating to American families or something and Biden said "he never believed it" that was a weird exchange.
Kamala Harris attacked Biden about abortion and she stammered her way through that attack even. He responded that he is all for abortions now. The look on her face says everything. She can't even process anything she is finished.
All of these candidates are saying they want to bring the troops home and that's Trumps policy so I guess they're all in agreement here. CNN was saying it was dangerous to do that just a few months ago though so I don't know what game they're playing.
Don Lemon just said that Robert Mueller said Trump can be prosecuted when he leaves office and asked Kamala Harris why she said she would prosecute him after he left office. She is now lying saying the OLC opinion is the only reason he hasn't been arrested.
Cory Booker just called for impeachment lol. So did Castro. They're all talking about Mueller and obstruction of justice now. So so sad. They must have heard all the talk about how ignoring it last night means it's over.
De Blasio says he's for impeachment but that they shouldn't be talking about it because people don't care about it lol. Said that the "best impeachment is beating him in the election"
Michael Bennet says that he doesn't want impeachment because it'd lose in the Senate and Trump would claim victory. Said they need to be smart "or they're going to give him a second term"
Castro says that they're making a mistake not impeaching him and that Muellers report says he deserves it, and that Trump will say they didn't push impeachment because he didn't do anything wrong. Which is literally true. That's why they won't impeach, they have literally nothing
Seriously this has to be almost over by now. They waited until the very end to talk about impeachment and Mueller when they know most people have tuned out by now so closing statements have to be next.
Biden didn't say anything about impeachment but Twitter just forced that to the top of their trends because twitter is absolute trash lol.
In case you were wondering, no, it's not just because it's about the debates, see the booker headline
De Blasio: Trump's a racist, also he's the real socialist. Says to go to "taxthehell.com" lol what
😂 what a maniac, it's a real website
Michael Bennet says that Trump is divisive, plugs michaelbennet.com which is way less catchy than taxthehell.com
Inslee: We're all going to die unless the next President stops climate change.
Gillibrand: Trump's a racist and is tearing the country apart.
Gabbard just called Trump a warmonger and said he is escalating tensions with North Korea so she's off her freaking rocker.
Castro: Thank you CNN, Donald Trump "has not been bashful in his cruelty" and just gave a speech about making America great again lol.
Yang calls out the media for talking about him not wearing a tie at the last debate and says that it's all a reality tv show and that's why we have a reality tv show president. He is auditioning for Last Comic Standing not President lol. Also, we all get $1000 a month 😂😂😂
Booker is giving some weird rambling speech about how beating Trump isn't the only thing and that we need to focus on eachother or something, I can't even follow it.
"We have a predator living in the white house" and three people clapped is all. She is just giving a speech about Trump "praying on people" "predators are cowards" and claims she can prosecute the case against four more years.
Kids in cages, predator, prosecute the case, she is just jamming a bunch of catch phrases into a rambling speech and she is really struggling to get it all out too. She had a horrible showing tonight. That was really bad.
"8 more years of Donald Trump will change America in a fundamental way." YES EVEN BIDEN KNOWS HE WILL GET A THIRD TERM!!
8 more years!!! 8 more years!!!
This is the only time Kamala Harris smiled all night except for when she thought she could argue with Yang lol. She is so relieved it's over. Her candidacy is over too. Even if she can recover from tonight she is not capable of securing the nomination, all buzzwords no substance.
Trump won the debate, Kamala Harris lost the debate.

Biden did nothing to lose any support he already has and probably gained a lot by calling out the insane left wing policies the others were pushing. Yang wants us all to have $1000. Taxthehell.com. Goodnight everyone
ADDENDUM: At one point I kept typing Gillibrand instead of Gabbard, I'm sorry, in my defense I was half brain dead from trying to listen to these people and put their words into coherent summaries in this 128 tweet thread.
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