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Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio, who attended Unite the Right, works closely with Roger Stone + directs Latinos for Trump in #Florida, is behind the petition to label 'antifa' a 'domestic terrorist group,' which has been picked up by Ted Cruz + Trump. itsgoingdown.org/proud-boy-lead…
On Wednesday, Enrique's White House petition to label “Antifa a domestic terrorist organization” expired, failing to meet even half the requirement of gaining 100,000 signatures. H/T @jgcOCANADA
@jgcOCANADA Tarrio took credit for creating the petition over the Proud Boys' Telegram account, famously used to harass and coordinate campaigns against journalists, activists, and those critical of the far-Right group. The petition is also signed, ET. H/T @AntiFashGordon
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon Tarrio stated the petition was co-authored by Jacob Engels, described by @willsommer as "Roger Stone's mini me." Engels is Proud Boy leader who worked closely with Stone in Florida to organize against vote recount efforts during midterm elections in 2018. itsgoingdown.org/florida-proud-…
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer Ironically, Tarrio's petition is the second antifa = terrorist petition to be put forward in the last two years. A similar petition was started by white nationalist troll "Microchip," which received three times the signatures + was released right after the Unite the Right rally.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer Being that this petition got over 100,000 signatures, it garnered a response from the Trump White House. The response was brief, simply stating that the State does not police ideology and that people who break the law will be prosecuted under the existing legal framework.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer Tarrio's petition is also largely a re-write of a 2016 petition to label the #BlackLivesMatter a terrorist organization. Both petitions make false claim that both movements are involved in “influenc[ing] in the killings of multiple police officers." mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-wo…
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer Despite a similar petition already having been answered by the Trump White House in 2017 and a leader of the Proud Boys having authored the latest incarnation, it was endorsed by Republican Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer Together, both Senators used the Proud Boy produced petition to draft a non-binding resolution. As @transform6789 pointed out: "The resolution is wildly inconsistent...[it] refers interchangeably to “antifa,” those “affiliated with Antifa,” and “left wing activists.”
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 As National Observer reporter @RVAwonk stated: “They’re trying to criminalize dissent. They want to call you a terrorist for opposing the Trump administration too strongly or loudly.”
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk At Daily Kos, @DavidNeiwert wrote, "[The anti-antifa resolution is] so loosely written that it could readily be misdirected to bring about the arrests of any kind of anti-Trump protester, as well as any journalists who objectively report on the activities of these groups."
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert Always an opportunist, Cruz doubled down at a Senate Judiciary Committee while speaking to the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, demanding that ‘antifa’ be prosecuted under RICO charges, using ironically a petition created by a violent far-Right group as his baseline.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert Sticking to FBI talking points, Wray stated that the FBI does not police ideology but as @DavidNeiwert wrote, "Warned his agency was seeing a dramatic upsurge in white supremacist criminal activity—having recorded nearly 100 cases related to the [far-Right’s]…violent acolytes."
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert Libertarian outlet @reason wrote of the hearing: "None of us, no matter our ideologies, will be better off with more demands for corrupt and partisan investigations, nor from increasing pressure to make guilty-by-association the rule of law."
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason Cruz ended hearing by stating he would send out letters demanding RICO investigation. @transform6789 wrote: "The letter itself, which Cruz posted on Twitter, is filled with wild inaccuracies...paints the far right as the real victims..."
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason That weekend, Trump amplified Cruz’s push to label antifa along with MS-13 as domestic terrorists by tweeting he was “looking into” it along with such nonsense as the claim antifascists, not those on the far-Right, beat defenseless people over the head with baseball bats.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason Ironically, Alex Michael Ramos, a member of the Proud Boys, did participate in an attack against a young African-American man in Charlottesville, along with neo-Nazis who beat him with clubs. He stated, "Yeah, I'm glad I got to stomp some ass out there."
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason As we speak, Proud Boys are facing charges for attacks on random members of the public in Portland and against anti-racist protesters in New York. Of course, you won't hear about this actual violence in Right/pro-Trump media. portlandmercury.com/blogtown/2019/…
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason Moreover, as @RightsDissent pointed out, there physically no list of "domestic terrorist groups." Meaning, those on the Right are calling for something to be put into place that simply, does not exist. rightsanddissent.org/news/no-donald…
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent An attorney that worked on the J20 trial that talked to IGD stated: "In short, when the government bans beliefs and political views, rather than focusing on specific criminal acts, it violates our rights to free speech."
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent Cruz's resolution comes at a time when the GOP and the Trump administration are solidifying its connection to the far-Right - especially groups like the Proud Boys. This is coupled with a denial and downplaying of the rising threat of far-Right and white nationalist violence.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent The same weekend Trump tweeted about antifa, a #Sikh temple + priest near Modesto were attacked, a white nationalist shot up the #GilroyGarlicFestival killing three, a drive by shooting happened outside of a #Florida synagogue + another received violent anti-Semitic threats.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent As @DavidNeiwert wrote: "This week a report by the Center for the Study of Hate + Extremism at Cal State San Bernardino, titled Report to the Nation: 2019, underscored how deep the incoming tide of white supremacism has become, along with the horror of its terroristic violence."
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent Another recent study found: "US counties where President Trump held a campaign rally saw a 226% increase in reported hate crimes over similar counties that did not hold, political scientists at the University of North Texas said in an analysis published in The Washington Post."
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent In Washington State, a hotbed of Proud Boy, militia, and white nationalist activity: "The number of hate crimes...is skyrocketing...a 78% rise over the past four years."
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent This is why far-Right and social media grifters like Andy Ngo, Candace Owens, and Tim Pool are so important for the larger Right. They help push the line that such violence doesn’t exist and more importantly, point the finger back at anyone who stands up to oppose it.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent This is also happening while Trump invites far-Right talking heads to the White House, gives front row seats at rallies to militia members, shares white nationalist content on social media, pardons far-Right figures, and makes common cause with authoritarians around the world.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent Just this week, it was announced that Sarah "Huckster" Sanders will speak at a pro-Trump conference alongside conspiracy theorists, far-Right media personalities, Qanon die-hards, and even flat earth proponents in #Florida at a Trump hotel. thedailybeast.com/the-ultimate-f…
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent Some of strongest links are those that aren't always seen, as the GOP strives to develop a working relationship with the far-Right and pro-Trump street gang the Proud Boys, who have now filled the void left by the Alt-Right as the champions of violent street confrontations.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent New York Times reporter @tripgabriel stated that: "From a disillusioned GOP operative: ‘The Trump campaign is well aware of the organized participation of Proud Boys rallies merging into Trump events. They dont care. Staff are to treat it like a coalition they can’t talk about.’"
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel But this unspoken coalition is coming more out into the open everyday. Last December in New York, then Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes spoke at an official GOP event. Afterwards, Proud Boys beat protesters and now face charges. usatoday.com/story/news/pol…
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel In #Modesto, local GOP organizers who are pushing a white nationalist themed "Straight Pride" rally have specifically called on the Proud Boys to attend. itsgoingdown.org/modesto-straig…
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel In #Indiana, a GOP group attempted to invite the local Proud Boys to speak at one of their events, however the event was shut down after community pressure. indyweek.com/news/wake/wake…
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel In #Florida, Proud Boys worked closely with the Republican Party to counter protests demanding a vote recount in the midterms. They also participated in protests which surrounded a DNC event, where Proud Boys + rank-n-file Republicans chanted "Communists!"
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel The leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, now even has an official title within the Trump 2020 campaign, as he now works as the "Director" of Latinos for Trump in Florida. From Unite the Right to Trump 2020. latinosfortrump.us/team-trump
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel This is not to mention the connections that Ted Cruz had made to the Proud Boys and other far-Right groups over the years. Not long ago he appeared on 'Louder With Crowder' along side Proud Boys founder, Gavin McInnes.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel Cruz has also taken photos along side current Proud Boys leader, Director of Latinos for Trump in Florida + Unite the Right in Charlottesville attendee, Enrique Tarrio. Later, Tarrio petition on labeling 'antifa' a 'terrorist group,' would form the backbone of Cruz's resolution.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel Moreover, Cruz has also appeared at rallies alongside members of the far-Right militia the Oath Keepers, who are best known for declaring their support for a violent civil war against a host of imagined conspiratorial enemies about every three minutes.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel While the Alt-Right has fallen off the streets since Charlottesville, the Proud Boys have grown, largely due to their relationship with Trump and establishment politics. But they also have made it clear they remain part of a united front against the Left which includes neo-Nazis.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel The Proud Boys have also gone out of their way to brand themselves as multi-racial + open to gay members. However they also often explain that their politics are very much in line with the Alt-Right, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis. A unity that helps them fight common enemies.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel So while the Proud Boys may claim to be "anti-racist" and just as much against "neo-Nazis" as "ANTIFA," in reality, again and again in their own words, they are very much open to working hand in hand with white nationalists and the Alt-Right.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel There is a growing pipeline between far-Right activists, Trump, and the Republican Party. The GOP is mining the far-Right for talking points, activists, and ideas to blow up in the media. The party needs this especially to distract from everyday realities.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel As @transform6789 said: "The Right is desperately trying to depict the radical left as doing what the far right itself is actually guilty of: engaging in murderous violence with deliberate indifference from the highest levels of the government.”
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel There's a reason for this: from West Virginia teachers, to people fighting ICE deportations, pipeline blockaders, to antifascists pushing back against far-Right violence; social movements from the grassroots are growing and gaining steam, outside of DNC and non-profit control.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel While Democrats attempt a strategy of recuperation + channeling anger back into elections, the GOP instead is criminalizing, attacking + demonizing popular movements, as State governments pass laws against everything from teachers strikes, freeway blockades + pipeline protests.
@jgcOCANADA @AntiFashGordon @willsommer @transform6789 @RVAwonk @DavidNeiwert @reason @RightsDissent @tripgabriel Attacks on antifascists are just one more reason to build robust, autonomous + self-organized movements that fight for interests of poor + working people, while also realizing the grave threat of far-Right violence + terror that the current government is directly connected to.
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