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Some very interesting facts coming to light on Obama. I thought I'd put in one place.
1) TY for link @IAmRubyMag1
3) The Real Obama- Indonesian Muslim Socialist Puppet
4) The Story of Obama-All in the Company
6) Kenyan Born Obama All Set For US Senate
7) Birth Certificates.
8) Real
9) Obama Hand Picked by Elites Long Before Voters
10) Obama a Muslim Brotherhood Member
11) cont.
12) Are these really even his kids after all that is coming out?
I mean Bio kids? We know Michael is not the Mother.
13) What of this Family?
Many I'd call interesting company
14) Big Tech types, celebrity, scandalous,
15) Very Interesting connections being made
16) Connections to many scandals. Through politicians and celebrities there are child trafficking connections. HRC connections.
17) So many Iran connections.
Cummings sealed it all for him.
19) Remember the Dems called a meeting with Brennan with no Republicans present?
20) Obama Officials caught advising Iran
21) Many have Iran connections
24) Why did Schumer and Pelosi high five after @POTUS said he was going to strike Iran? Then he called it off,
25) DiFi caught having secret meetings with Iran a few days before Brennan called before Dems.
26) Great thread here by another Patriot on Obama ties, and PA explosion
27) Great info on the things happening now to our Country. Many of these figures have Obama and FraudSquad ties.
28) Soros is totally involved with Obama and Using Islam to destroy America.
29) Gigi went into McCain, Blumenthal, Keith Ellis ties. Here are some more.
30) It is not just Iran... but radical Islam that so many in this Country are into.
32) Omar, Talieb, Pressley
35) Obama was C_A asset. He finished what GHWB started. He was the one that brought all the Islamist here. They weren't allowed before. Until some in Congress got it worked out quietly.
36) Obama was bringing them in. Our southern border is still a gateway for them to get in. The Globalist have been implementing Communism slowly over a long time to achieve their NWO.
37) So many ties. I haven't even touched on HRC yet. There are so many ties from Obama, Islamist, Communist, C_A, HRC, and the CHILD/HUMAN, DRUGS, AND WEAPONS TRAFFICKING and then all back to Russia Hoax. They all needed to cover up all these corrupt treasonous acts.
40) Qatari is involved in Russia Hoax. Amazing polly's vid shows connections between them and Steve Bannon working for Kwatinetz who handles Smollett, dealt with Michael Cohen,Geragos and Avenatti are connected. Then Kwatinetz daughter's godfather is Nbc/Msnbc News John Heilemann
41) Kwatinetz is also connected to many stars doorknob suicides. As she shows.
Back to Qatari
43) Are you starting to see how deep, wide, far and long this all goes? Think of the border. El Chapo, NXIVM and Epstein.
44) Amazing Polly has great ties. They run through all of this.
49) Keep in mind that NXIVM and EPSTEIN have HQ in MEXICO.
53) So NXIVM, Epstein, Bronfman, and Rothschild all have ties to each other and Mexico. Now this explains the ties to Chicago from our southern border. The Islam,Communist,Socialist work together using churches for the caravans and Soros.
54) This brings us to and excellent video about Clinton's, UN, Red Cross, Africa and Az connections. As well as Haiti, TX and Libya Plus BOXES OF CASH MARKED RED CROSS.
Oh Epstein is NEW MEXICO ties. Southern Border and Polly makes the connections again. Watch. Smollett case ties.
56) So our southern border also brings us to the Q drop about Devin Nunes.
57) I looked up Ducks Unlimited. Something didn't feel right with the events. The kids events. IDK but my Spidey Senses went off. So I don't know how unless God is helping me this is where it took me
58) Which caused me to look that up. Now Cibolo is 33k acres of wilderness 100 miles from Mexico border. (i did note the 33)
64) So Obama wanted Scalia Dead. He awarded Cibolo Ranch owner medals. John Poindexter. Who belongs to a secret hunters society from 1600's. St. Hubertus
65) Yeah none of that is creepy. But it brings us to the Guests
Also looked up Marfa Texas, what pops up but a pic I remember seeing in Rachael Chandler's pics. The Prada Sculpture. They call it art.
67) Marfa also known for the Marfa Lights. Also many deaths just across the border. So the secret society has gatherings all over the world. Ducks Unlimited don't know about those connections. I haven't figured out what circa 2001 is in the Q drop. Unless it is that Ranch in 2001
A member and Guest at Cibolo Ranch Dick Cheney among many. But it is so intertwined with these people. This is just the start I'm sure of the connections and they span everything.
69) I'll end with giving you 100's of links to info on Obama. Open your mind. Think for yourself then research. Also please help spread the truth. We need to wake up the sheeple before it's too late. Just click on a chapter to go to it.
70) Today's explosion at the Kentucky Natural Gas Pipeline reminds me of the PA explosion at the refinery. The Deep State gets mad and creates something to clog up the news. Just a thought.
71) OK now for the scariest. As if Pedogate, Russiagate and Communism for the NWO wasn't scary enough. This story I confirmed all but the Nukes off the coast of SC, although I did confirm seismic activity.
72) This one took me by surprise but I believe it. As I know the FEMA CAMPS are real.
74) ok this story I've confirmed seal team 7 coming home. I don't believe it was because of drinking. I've confirmed seal team 10 drug charges. Which may or may not be true. I've confirmed the 16 Marines from Camp Pendleton arrested.
75) The Isis smuggling sounds plausible to me. As a few have been found coming in with the caravans.
79) This is why so many Anti Trumpers don't want the wall. It is about Money. They are going to try to take him down because he is draining the swamp and interrupting their NWO plans and cash. They get money for child/human trafficking, drug trafficking, and weapons. They get
money from Corps to keep cheap labor flow so wages stay down. They get money from organ harvesting, (illegals and children) They get money from gov for population in welfare and aid moneys, they get votes, because they have license attached to voter registration. They get
more for the electoral college count. The big Globalist Donors give them money to keep the status quo and stick to the plan. This is extremely serious and we are literally fighting GOOD v EVIL. THESE SATANIST want us as slaves. They want to depopulate. Trump is fighting back.
needs us. Every vote. Spread the Truth. This is the Fight for Our Existence. Socialism/Communism will never work. They know open borders and free everything won't work. They know the Green New Deal won't work. They want to DESTROY AMERICA.
83) This is why they want no law enforcement. No guns. No way to protect ourselves. This is why are kids are being taught such stupid stuff. 1% maybe of the pop is gay or what not but all of us are being forced to be PC. The whole world is fighting back against this Liberal Evil.
There is a HUGE ATTACK ON CHRISTIANITY. But they take kids in school to Mosques and have them dress in the headwear?
But no prayer in schools for us? Conservatives being silenced? Because there are more of us than them. They will lose. Stay together. We are not racist. That
85) is a lie. That must be taught. Love is natural. It must be nurtured.
So we have in this thread 2 separate plots involving Obama Admin. and Isis getting into our Country through the southern border. Plus the plot concerning the nukes. These are just a sampling I'm sure. Maybe that is why we now have this:
Remember the continuity of Government. Remember who would be in charge if @POTUS and @VP were taken out. Then consider her actions as of @POTUS winning the election. Then look at her dist. in SF. That is what they want for ALL AMERICA.
Please take the time to read all the articles and links. This is a war that is on America's values, way of life and the very core of what makes us unique in the World. The Globalist effort to make us a communist nation that THEY control is in full swing. Inform all Americans. Re:
So with all the attacks on #2A, and the Walmart shootings. I started looking up history of Walmart Shootings. It is extensive. Seems since about 2010 or 11 these increased in numbers. But I also ran across this article of a couple of mass shooting extremist. They are Antifa type
anarchists that look for like minded folk to carry out attacks. Like the violent attacks we use to hear about from extreme environmentalist groups. Same group, different name. El Paso shooter was one of these types. So this gal says that there are a number of them that plan to
attack, synagogues, churches where FAMILIES GATHER. Also bars and plans for gas line explosions. BOOM! It hit me. Here is one of the articles there are many.
So in my Smith-Mundt thread I list attack in Brooklyn, a park where they have a Old Timers Community Festival. Similar to the Gilroy shooting. Only this one happened after the event. Police said it was gangs, but what if it was like minded peeps with the ideology that is common
With El Paso, Gilroy, Dayton shooters? It is not @POTUS or #MAGA peeps. These are Liberals, Satanists, Racists, and organized peeps that are trying to blame the right. Here is PA refinery fire
Again here is link to KY gas line explosion.
More on the couple that found another that would join them in a synagogue shooting.
We are not hearing about these so much. Why? Yes because the libs love Antifa. Antifa is made up of Libs. Here the couple talk about it just being role playing until fantasy turned to reality.
Here is link to the tracking of Walmart Shootings from 2012. In 2006, Walmart stopped selling guns in two-thirds of its stores, but resumed sales of rifles, shotguns, and ammunition in 2011.
The news is not saying what is true. Left-wing incitement, intolerance could fuel domestic terrorism. The Dayton shooter had ideologies of Antifa.
There are reports of Antifa dressing as Maga and Police to carry out attacks and blame both conservatives and police. This also pushes the #2A assault. Further they will pretend to be white supremacists and post everywhere to further the assault on #1A. This is to silence our
voices especially before the 2020 elections. The Coup is not over. It has expanded and is Global. The coup is not just against @POTUS but all conservatives Christian and Jewish. @realDonaldTrump just proved that he will FIGHT THE DEEP STATE SWAMP, AND THE GLOBALISTS. HE HAS
INSPIRED OTHERS WW. Between #MAGA #KAG and #QAnon conservatives are speaking up and out against #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder.
Undercover brave souls go inside to expose them:
On Judge Jeanine Matt Schlapp talks about Antifa problem worldwide. He is being asked to come speak by many conservative groups WW to help to discuss:
Another clip from the show talks about #1A assault on @senatemajldr.
The left is organized. Like most of what the do, they portray the issues as they are about freedom, tolerance, women's rights, concern for children, racism, the environment, etc etc etc. But their actions show they are about POWER, MONEY, CONTROL, DIVISION AND KEEPING IT. The
WE THE PEOPLE are under attack. WE THE PEOPLE need to spread the word. RT share the articles with others. Do your own thinking and research. Watch though, google, and even duckduckgo to an extent now are biased. #KAG #QAnon #DrainTheDeepStateSwamp @POTUS #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
For the Q researchers. @GenFlynn had a tweet I said at the time was a message. @POTUS made a "slip" and said Toledo in his tweet instead of Dayton. Refer above to the couple in Toledo and their intent to blow pipelines, mass shootings etc. The guy's name is Vincent Armstrong.
Were @POTUS and @GenFlynn trying to tell us? His shadow looks like a compass. We know what the Y is for. The missing letters are i e. SURF 4 LYF, ZULU TYM. Any thoughts? Please share. These are the end times. This is a fight for our lives. Research, dig, expose and SHARE!🙏🇺🇸❤️
@POTUS @GenFlynn I believe @GenFlynn was dropping a crumb here. Then @POTUS. They are also trying to remind us to stay alert. See Something Say Something. Stay Safe! Stay Together. We are Stronger Together. SURF THE WEB. DIG UP THE TRUTH. FUTURE PROVES PAST should help wake up others with PROOFS.
@POTUS @GenFlynn Here is an excellent thread with some history that ties to Obama, CNN's Mika's Daddy that was Obama's Admin, and Proj. Paperclip
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