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GREED, CORRUPTION AND FEAR: A tale of two men.

Rabbit holes, shells and election interference, essentially lead to two men: Robert Mercer and Vladimir Putin.

Both obsessed with Hillary Clinton—her clear-eyed knowledge of who and what they are—clearly threatened their interests.
1/ TOP TWO MOST WANTED: From bankrolling Cambridge Analytica to waging information warfare, the top two rogues.
4/ T’AXES TO GRIND: How a bank that was fined for laundering money for Russians devised a tax-avoidance scheme used by Mercer’s hedge fund and when the IRS cried foul, he bot right wing payback.
mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-… @McClatchyDC
5/ FREAK ACCIDENT: At the end of McClatchy’s Mercer exposé in #4 is this item on the investigative article’s co-author:

“Scott Christianson is a McClatchy special correspondent.”

He was fatally injured two weeks later.
timesunion.com/news/amp/Scott… @timesunion
6/ THUG LIFE: To understand why Russian intelligence is waging electronic and information warfare on democratic nations, you’ve got to understand its KGB-trained leader. Start here:
7/ UNDECLARED DATA DONATION: “Mercer..helped to finance the Trump campaign and was one of the owners of Breitbart, directed Cambridge Analytica to provide advice to the Leave campaign on how to target swing voters via Facebook.”
theguardian.com/politics/2017/… @guardian @carolecadwalla
8/ INFORMATION WARFARE: So while the Mercer-bot “full service propaganda machine” (see #2–9)—a subsidiary of a military contractor—is targeting voters with weaponized disinformation, Russian intelligence is targeting voters with weaponized disinformation.
9/ COINCIDENCES: Mercer’s yacht spotted by the yacht of the oligarch who overpaid for a Trump property ($95 million for a $40 million tear-down, which authorities called money laundering). The oligarch is alleged to be a courier for Putin.
palmbeachpost.com/news/national-… @palmbeachpost
10/ EW/IW: We are a target nation of electronic and information warfare—a mind virus spreading by Russia and the Trump campaign’s disinformation machine, which uses former Cambridge Analytica hacks. @KeirGiles (see #3) says to stop asking binary questions.
11/ MEANIES TO AN END: So much of the focus is on Trump, the ill-equipped bully Mercer backed when Ted Cruz flopped. But Mercer spent millions of dollars to bash Clinton, back Bannon, CA, Breitbart, Bolton and Cruz, as well as funding deniers.
theatlantic.com/politics/archi… @TheAtlantic
12/ FEAR FACTOR: Easy to figger Mercer, like Putin, is just another billionaire who doesn’t want the IRS or sanctions to get in the way of business. But what if business includes telling puppet boy to inflame hatred toward immigrants for profit?
pogo.org/investigation/… @POGOBlog
13/ PRISON BOUND: In the @POGOBlog investigation, we learn how Mercer financially benefits from the burgeoning industry of detaining brown people and stoking fear. I urge you to read the entire article even though you’ll need a shower.
pogo.org/investigation/… @POGOBlog @YahooNews
14/ MISOGYNY UNDERCOVER: So let’s circle back to the @Channel4News undercover sting, which led to Cambridge Analytica’s bankruptcy, and recall the joie de vivre of execs as they boasted of dooming Ms. Clinton with catchphrases.
15/ WEAPONS GRADE PSYOPS: So there were parallel psyop attacks blitzing minds in the 2016 election: financed by Mercer, the Russian military and Kremlin kontractors. Cambridge Analytica’s former director used military language when describing its effects.
16/ FAMILY TRADITIONS: wsj.com/articles/trump… @WSJ
17/ HE MENS: So before we get on with weapons grade information warfare bot by Mercer and Putin, let’s pause for a quick three, four character bits. Like that time Mercer bought a badge for a truck—allowing him to carry weapons in all U.S. states
bloomberg.com/news/articles/… @business
18/ GLITTERING STEEL: “Mercer, a gun enthusiast, built a private pistol range. (He is also a part owner of Centre Firearms, a company that claims to have the country’s largest private cache of machine guns).”

Ya that’s not weird.
newyorker.com/magazine/2017/… @NewYorker @JaneMayerNYer
19/ WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION: So Mercer’s not just into financing the weaponizing of our data, he’s harboring profoundly disturbing machines of brutality.
20/ BRAWLERS, SHOT-CALLERS, BALLERS: Meanwhile back in the streets of Leningrad, a he-man develops a sucker punch philosophy.
21/ ALT🤷‍♀️: “2003, she married..Sylvain Mirochnikoff, a managing director of Morgan Stanley. They had 4 children and bought a 28-million-dollar property—6 apartments joined together—at Trump Place, on the Upper West Side. Now..divorcing Mirochnikoff”
heavy.com/news/2018/01/r… #heavy
22/ Meanwhile back in Russia, as @KeirGiles reminds me, the cyber attacks are ongoing—in times of peace and war.
23/ PUPPET STALKER: So while Mercer is funding smear campaigns against Ms. Clinton using data copped from Facebook, Putin’s bros are waging an electronic and cyberwarfare to doom her presidency (see #8). And the thing is, she knew and she warned all of us.
24/ CURIOUSER AND FURIOUSER: So recall how Mercer dumped cash into Citizens United and...

“The changes to our campaign finance laws created an avenue for Russia to influence our elections. There are holes in our firewall not on the internet.”

dallasnews.com/opinion/commen… @dallasnews
25/ BLOODY HELL: A billionaire machine gun nutter who assaults minds with psyops has the same agenda as the leader of a nuclear armed wreck of a nation who assaults minds with psyops. One profits off caging immigrants, the other profits off our bloodshed.
26/ FUNDING DENIALISM: So a billionaire gun nutter who financed the weaponizing of data to impact elections has another thing in common with the war criminal who targets nations with weaponized information wars: they both deny climate science
buzzfeednews.com/article/zahrah… @BuzzFeedNews
27/ GERIANDERTHAL: Lowlights from Mercer’s generous giving to organizations that promote climate misinformation, denying climate science and eschewing facts that “fossil fuels drive global warming or that climate change has potentially dire impacts.” See #26 for full story link.
28/ ANOTHER GERIANDERTHAL: In my “Zero Days to Waste” thread on the GOP’s culture of denialism I noted Putin is also a climate science denier. When a nuclear armed wreck of a nation’s GDP based on corruption and oil, one must protect one’s assets
france24.com/en/20170331-ru… @FRANCE24
29/ FOSSILIZED SET: Gerianderthals pay for denialism so they aren’t forced to deviate from ye ol oil+war economy. Gee, so many parallels between Mercer and Putin it’s starting to get creepy. We’ve got zero days to waste to oust a regime they helped install
30/ DATA ACCESSED: ”Facebook data gathered by Cambridge Analytica was accessed from Russia,” said @DamianCollins “So is it possible...Russians learned from Cambridge Analytica and used that knowledge to run ads during 2016 presidential election?”
theguardian.com/technology/201… @guardian
31/ #30 con. “University of Cambridge professor Aleksandr Kogan passed on information to CA and others after launching a Facebook app called thisisyourdigitallife. It is alleged the information was used to target US voters during Donald Trumps 2016 presidential election campaign”
32/ #30 con. “Kogan, who has also worked at St Petersburg State University, denied handing Facebook data to any Russian entity, telling CNN: ‘I don’t know what could have happened to the data once I handed it over to Cambridge Analytica so it is difficult for me to speculate.’”
33/ OIL + DATA. DA.
“Lukoil—now on the US sanctions list—saw a presentation in 2014. It began with a focus on voter suppression in Nigeria, and Cambridge Analytica also discussed ‘micro-targeting’ individuals on social media during elections.”
theguardian.com/news/2018/mar/… @guardian
34/ #33 con. “Kogan, the Cambridge University academic who orchestrated the harvesting of Facebook data, had previously unreported ties to a Russian university, including a teaching position and grants for research into the social media network, the Observer has discovered.”
35/ #33 con. “Cambridge Analytica, the data firm he worked with – which funded the project to turn tens of millions of Facebook profiles into a unique political weapon – also attracted interest from a key Russian firm with links to the Kremlin.”
36/ A TALE OF TWO MEN: So we see Mercer and Putin with same agendas: defeating Ms. Clinton, weaponizing our data to impact elections, profiting off fear, racism, denialism, weaponry, and lo, a Russian proxy comes along and gives more data to oligarchs.
37/ DEVIL’S BARGAIN: So I assume a fair bit of knowledge from readers when writing these threads—most of you are fellow docunerds—but recaps prove useful. Mercer, like Putin, spent big to interfere with the truth about Ms. Clinton & MSM muled it.
theguardian.com/commentisfree/… @guardian
38/ PARASITIZING: So how does one pollute the bloodstream with disinformation while still appearing legit. Let’s recap some old Soviet tactics that Mercer’s troops used: peppering propaganda with just enough facts to seem plausible.
39/ ACHTUNG: Oddly same bank busted for laundering billions for Russian oligarchs and bankrollin bankrupt Trump also “sold financial products to Trump mega-donor Mercer’s hedge fund that helped it avoid a tax bill the size of Somalia’s GDP.”
thedailybeast.com/mueller-subpoe… @thedailybeast
40/ DARK CORNERS: So why would Mercer invest in a data company whose parent company—a military contractor using weaponized data warfare to impact global elections—was seeded by this guy.
timesofisrael.com/cambridge-anal… @TimesofIsrael
41/ COINCIDENCES PART DEUX: Recall Russian whose yacht spotted by Mercer’s in #9. His plane turns up at Trump rally, his yacht in Croatia when Kushners there and he’s same guy who paid $95 mill for mouldy Trump property. Surely, another choirboy.
theguardian.com/world/2017/oct… @guardian
42/ SLOUCHING TOWARD SETTLEMENT: Imagine being a master of your domain and one day, Uncle Sam shows up, and says you owe billions in client cash. What if your clients are... not so nice. What would you do.

What wouldn’t you do.
43/ A TALE OF TWO MEN: In many ways, this story of throwing elections was never about Trump, but always about two billionaires with the same grudges. More shall be revealed as investigations are ongoing.
44/ THE ATTACKS ARE ONGOING: Plz reread #2, #3 & #8, which detail how affiliates for Mercer and Putin use weaponized information warfare against the hearts and minds of entire populations. Don’t let their proxies near you or your data.
businessinsider.com/cambridge-anal… @businessinsider
45/ MUELLER 2011: “They are capitalists and entrepreneurs.. master criminals who move between the licit and illicit worlds..They may provide logistical support to hostile foreign powers. They may try to manipulate those at the highest levels of government”
46/ HEDGING BETS: Recall in #39 those pesky subpoenas of Deutsche Bank financials. Ach du liebe. Washing oligarch coin prolly ain’t what it used to be.
bloomberg.com/news/articles/… @business
47/ CRICKETS: Guessin’ crushing democracies with a $60 million dollar war chest funding infowars that paralleled Putin’s and backing a pageant perv wasn’t so awesome. Just try to go gently into that dark night. We see you. We know what you did.
vanityfair.com/news/2019/06/w… @vanityfair
48/ DEVIL’S IN THE DETAILS: Recall #14, Cambridge Analytica execs boasting about creating the “Lock Her Up” catchphrase to doom a qualified woman. What they failed to note is the catchphrase was recycled after it was used to doom a woman leader in Ukraine.
49/ RENTECH BOT RUSSIAN TELECOM: ”Hedge funds doubled down on Russian stocks..despite increasing turmoil in Ukraine..Renaissance Technologies bought shares of VimpelCom (VIP) and Mobile TeleSystems (MBT), two Russian telecommunications firms.”
money.cnn.com/2014/05/19/inv… @cnn 2014
50/ DEJA VU: So Mercer’s RenTech invests in Russian telecom during runup to Ukraine attacks (see #49).

“Nikolai Legkodimov, a Russian partner at KPMG global auditor, warns that authorities could misuse the big data for political campaigning.”
themoscowtimes.com/2019/03/04/rus… @MoscowTimes
51/ KORPORATE KICKBACKS: Two years after RenTech buys shares in Vimpelcom, lo:
“VimpelCom made massive revenues in Uzbekistan by paying over $100m to an official with significant influence over top leaders of the Uzbek government”-SEC enforcement
theguardian.com/world/2016/feb… @guardian
52/ KORPORATE KICKBACKS PART DEUX: Two years after RenTech invests in Russia’s Mobile TeleSystems, lo:
justice.gov/opa/pr/mobile-… @TheJusticeDept
53/ TIES THAT BIND: So let’s revisit #40: Mercer finances “full-service propaganda machine” seeded by a guy who does business with an oligarch tied to Manafort who until last week was repped by Michael Cohen’s lawyer on racketeering charges.
54/ APB: Two days after I put out an APB on Mercer’s yacht in Seattle in 2017, he announced he was stepping down as co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies and handing Breitbart over to the kids. He remains at RenTech, which bot into Russian telecom. See #49.
55/ KAYAKTAVISTS: The notoriously private super villain prolly didn’t appreciate “kayaktivists” sidling up to his yacht with a bullhorn demanding he pay his back taxes. Be sure to watch the video of democracy at work
thestranger.com/slog/2017/09/0… @TheStranger @elijsanders @ramondompor
56/ STRONGER ANGELS: A Q & A with the author of the definitive investigative piece on oligarch cash injected into the GOP (see #24).
57/ BREITBOTS: So Mercer installs Bannon into Trump campaign and Russia pushes Breitbart, which Bannon headed and Mercer paid for... kinda like the data-thieving Cambridge Analytica deal. Is the picture becoming clearer.
58/ ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE: So while Trump plays president*, and Mercer plays businessman*, Putin plays dictator. In #6 I recommended viewing the @frontlinepbs doc on his rise to power. Here is a thread on the film revealing a prisoner of his own making.
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