Thread on the “Coming Ice Age”, “Manmade Global Warming” & then “Climate Change”

Many of the same people have been paid to push these false alarming, apocalyptic warnings & the scientists aren’t paid nearly as well as the elites but they ARE PAID to produce desired results
The following article discusses the coming man caused Ice Age & potential catastrophic global cooling. It was pushed by then NASA scientist James Hansen, who conveniently has been behind the cooling & warming “scares”.

The article from 2007 & the “scare” came in the early 70’s.
James Hansen first predicted catastrophic global cooling using his new designed modeling program and a few short years later was slamming George W Bush for not taking global warming seriously.

Why would anyone take James Hansen seriously? What do you think motivated his 180?
Before the Paris Climate accord, there was the failed Copenhagen Accord. Same tactics, same manipulated data, threats, blackmail etc. if the data was so convincing why would we need to spy, cheat and buy these “participants” off?…
“The confidential cable records a blunt US threat to Zenawi, sign the accord or discussion ends now. Zenawi responds Ethiopia will support the accord, but has a concern of his own: that a personal assurance from Obama on delivering the promised aid finance is not being honored.”
Shocker! Obama promises pallets of cash to get smaller nations on board & this time he didn’t deliver. The Copenhagen Accord falls apart is repackaged & advanced as the Paris Climate Accord. Same players, same manipulated data & it’s about one thing - Hint - it’s not climate
The guardian is about as left as it gets but in making other points on climate - exposed what the true driving factor was behind climate initiatives…
“In June 2009, the embassy in Brasilia has identified a "clear opportunity to nudge the development of Brazil's negotiating position in a more positive direction", according to a cable, and ONCE AGAIN MONEY is the potential lubricant.” (I capitalized for emphasis)
But how would they get China on board?

Ever wonder how China stole our intellectual property in broad daylight?

Well, they didn’t steal it, they were given it.

@realDonaldTrump is correct when he said we had the dumbest (I would argue evil) people negotiating these deals.
China’s Li on what they needed to “believe” the science

“Li seized on Kerry's proposal for deeper co-operation on green technology research, calling this 'immediately realistic'," a cable reports. Li says: "China wishes the US would lift high technology export restrictions"”
“A move that would benefit China's manufacturers but terrify some intellectual property holders.”

Ya don’t say?

Kerry would negotiate a deal on Obama’s behalf that would hurt American workers and companies and make China, Biden and Obama tons of money?

YEP! 🤬
Obama had also promised CASH to Ethiopia to participate and had not delivered the cash as a result, on his promises to Ethiopia either.
“The pair were concerned at how the $30bn was to be raised and Hedegaard raised another toxic subject – whether the US aid would be all cash. She asked if the US would need to do any "creative accounting"

Connie Hedergaard was the EU comissioner on climate change
Why creative accounting, why giving away cash, why spying on other leaders for leverage using our CIA, why giving away technology to China if the science is real and the the “science” undeniable?

Finally, then why the need to manipulate data?
Never in the history of science has it been left to a vote. A theory is given & then facts are used to prove said theory as law

Ask how much grant $ the scientists who don’t agree with the bogus climate science or BS narrative have gotten in comparison to the climate alarmists
Ewert uncovered 10 different methods NASA used to alter the data. The 6 most often used methods were:

• Reducing the annual mean in the early phase.
• Reducing the high values in the first warming phase.
• Increasing individual values during the second warming phase.
• Suppression of the second cooling phase starting in 1995.
• Shortening the early decades of the datasets.
• With the long-term datasets, even the first century was shortened.…
Watts wrote: "Two years ago during the scorching summer of 2012, July 1936 lost its place on the leaderboard and July 2012 became the hottest month on record in the United States. Now, as if by magic, and according to…
NOAA's own data, July 1936 is now the hottest month on record again. The past, present, and future all seems to be 'adjustable' in NOAA's world." [See his blog post here:]
The real data, Booker said, "show that the US has actually been cooling since the Thirties, the hottest decade on record."
Finally this!

@va_shiva will take down Liz Warren when she loses the primary.

Watch him explain the hoax.

The elites buy carbon offsets & still polute & we lose cars, buses cows & plane travel.

This alone should tell you it was never about climate

There is sooo much more and I will try and add later.

The bottom line is that this isn’t science at all. It’s a money grab and a power grab and they play on your emotion.
I think we should be great stewards of the mother earth and do things as cleanly as possible.


We have been lied to and there are still many people who are blindly following a climate movement they know nothing about. Minimal research brings about a thread like this
I want to thank #Qanon & @realDonaldTrump because I wouldn’t have bothered before. I would I’ve spoken out but not taken the time with citations to expose the hoax for all to see.

Our MSM would never ask these questions b/c they know the answers show them as complicit liars
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