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1. #QAnon's last drop on Aug 1,
"The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT.
You have more than you know.
2. Within mins came Yahoo publicizing a January FBI field office memo titled "Conspiracy Theories Very Likely Motivate Some Domestic Extremists to Commit Criminal, Sometimes Violent Activity". #QAnon was mentioned in the report as a "conspiracy theory". news.yahoo.com/fbi-documents-…
3. The prior day, July 31, #QAnon gave a
"[24hr Warning]
Be vigilant.
See something.
Say something.
Know your surroundings at all times.
4. The Aug 1 Yahoo campaign on Jan Phoenix FBI Field Office memo w #QAnon, came one day after news that the IG had criminally referred former FBI Director Comey to DOJ for illegally leaking CLASsified intel, & DOJ not going forth w that short of Durham. #Q
5. In less than [24 hours] came calls for social media companies to censor #QAnon "conspiracy theories". hnewswire.com/fbi-conspiracy…
6. And that brings us {24 hrs] later to this unhappy day. El Paso Walmart shooter Patrick Crusius. "I’m not really motivated to do anything more than what’s necessary to get by,” he writes, “Working in general sucks", w a purported manifesto on 8Chan. heavy.com/news/2019/08/p…
7. #QAnon'd dropped Feb 18 links





"Have any recent [shooters] received therapy in the past?" #Q
8. Adriana and her two children were inside the El Paso Walmart near the cash register when the shooting started. She says she saw 3 or 4 men in black as shooters, "not police".
9. Video of witness' daughter, Brittney, who says her mom told her at the time that she saw 3 armed men dressed all in black, running in the El Paso Walmart shooting, as mom was telling her to "get down".
10. Sometimes eyewitnesses give different accounts, here, masked, again, dressed in black. Another one from the El Paso Walmart shooting:
11. El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius listed as registered Democrat.
Governor tells ANTIFA to stay away from Texas and directs the Rangers to "Find the truth by any means necessary"...
12. Correction: FBI has taken over and is now the lead agency in the El Paso shooting, no longer the Texas Rangers?

FBI invites all media be submitted here:
13. H/T to @JGunderlock sharing a #QAnon coincidence in the tragic El Paso shooting.
14. Also, the El Paso shooter's bio's been changed back and forth. Everyone wants to claim him for the other side.

H/T to @GeorgeRonson1
15. Meanwhile, re FBI, Aug HEAT, & FFs, "The ?s about Mifsud won’t go away...although..traveled..to Russia &..contacts w Russian academics, his closest public ties are ..C𝟙A, FBI and Brit intel.. Mifsud’s approach to Pap..a counterintel sting."

realclearpolitics.com/articles/2019/… #QAnon #Q
16. Second horrible mass shooter within [24 hour] period. Quickly shot dead before he could enter crowed bar to inflict even much greater casualties. vox.com/2019/8/4/20753… #QAnon #Q
17. #QAnon [24hr Warning]: 2 mass shootings in a "[24hr..]" period, 2nd as Dayton shooter, Connor Betts kills his sister & 8 others at random. LE dispatched him quickly. Betts..“wrote about killing people...planning .. something like this for a while.” yahoo.com/entertainment/… #Q
18. The local reporter researching the Dayton shooter got an "eery feeling" when Conner Betts' acquaintances told her that they were "not surprised" that he was
"off a 'little bit", "bullied in school", had "trouble in school before", & was "kicked out at one point". #QAnon #Q
19. A little over a year ago, #QAnon'd responded to an anon's query about shooters, with reference to "Weak minds" that are "Controlled" and that Gina "Haspel..knows", and "must find &" terminate classified program." #Q
20. "While a Bellbrook student, Conner Betts was suspended for causing a lockdown by writing a “hit-list” on a bathroom wall...A woman who went to high school with Betts recalled the hit-list.“He had a plan to shoot up the school.” daytondailynews.com/news/local/bel… #QAnon #Q
21. Those who follow #QAnon's drops read last year re such shooters that "The key = therapist" (above, 19.). #Q wrote Jun 28, 2018 "Each shooter has one.."
22. Perhaps more of #QAnon's double meanings re "Spooks" (fig above, 21.):

"Spooks" is slang for spies.
"Spooks" is slang for psychotherapists.
Spies can be hard to find, but ordinarily one wouldn't think that
psych's'd be hard to find. #Q
23. Not for the FBI anyway.
"FBI doesn’t know this?
..Dream to reality."
24. When a "woman who went to high school with Betts..first heard about the shooting, she said Betts’ name came to her mind. 'I guessed it might’ve been him'..". He “got some help" & afterward seemed “pretty normal”, but, “I remember sensing a dark energy around him.” #QAnon #Q
25. #DaytonShooter Connor Betts was a self-described “Leftist,” writing he would happily vote for Elizabeth Warren, praised Satan, & was upset about 2016 election, writing, “I want socialism, and -i’ll not wait- ..” #QAnon #Q heavy.com/news/2019/08/c…
26. The Midnight-Mass Satan-hailing Democrat Dayton shooter who had received such "help" praised "Amphetamines", shared posts about “concentration camps” at the border, supported the D squad & railed against #QAnon "conspiracy theories". #Q
27.#QAnon So WHO was it that gave the "help" to Conner Betts that left him with such hatred, tweeting "to 'white people', 'Imagine if we did the thing you liked, but in a way that totally ruins what you liked about it! Wouldn’t that be fun? Ha ha'"

Mother's FB page, "Stop the..
28. El Paso shooter being billing as a #MAGA-supporter has so-called “manifesto" supportive of “a basic universal income,” to “prevent widespread poverty & civil unrest”, & "universal healthcare”, saying America “is destroying the environment". sebgorka.com/the-el-paso-sh… #QAnon #Q
29. #QAnon'd been telling us since the beginning to trace a Shooter's background & family. Focus on Father. But that discoveries must be originated organically before going into the Hive-mind. #Q
30. From Dayton shooter's father we get idea promoted from his facebook page. Could it not have affected his Satan-Hailing son to so turn? I guess Satan can do that w/o his father, if not even better so. #QAnon #Q m.facebook.com/story.php?stor…
32. Please unroll this latest #QAnon thread update.
33. What are odds a reporter w key role revealing somehow mass murder reported to psych a wk b4 happens, & 7 yrs later publishing a 3 mo. old FBI warning of new Domestic threat just 2 days before 2 more mass murders would leave 30 dead, & thanking Isikoff?
34. #QAnon Was the "universal health care" "guaranteed income" "America is ruining the environment" #8chan-manifesto-writing El Paso shooter alone despite witness accounts? Second armed man marked dead and released unharmed? #Q
35. Satanist Dem Dayton shooter:

• bizarre x years; reported to police
• pulled gun at friend’s head
• Using drugs & “definitely not right”
• scoped bars to do gun damage
• Police took Connor Betts into custody from school bus one morning

whio.com/news/local/fri… #QAnon #Q
36. After 40 years of mushrooms, Vicodin, and quaaludes, El Paso "eco-terrorism" shooter's father a "licensed therapist" offers pseudoscientific new age occultic "treatments", "Fractal Third Eye Activation", "Earth Resonance", "Grid Energy Therapy", etc. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7…
38. Could exposure to this occult narcissistic psychobabble drive a person off their rocker after decades of neglect? #QAnon #Q #elpasoshooter h/t @dariaschooler
39. #QAnon has mentioned Alice & Wonderland 28 times. Psychobabble leading to an acting out of extreme frustration? #Q #elpasoshooter h/t @qanon76
40. Jim Watkins, owner of 8chan, regarding recent events: El Paso shooter -DID NOT- upload his manifesto to 8chan....Listen carefully...4:00 (:56 of excerpted clip here). Did El Paso shooter write his "manifesto"?
#QAnon #Q

Watch the whole 7.5 min here:
41. W no 8chan presently, today, a young white male, appearing to be in his twenties had loaded rifle, handgun & body armor w 100 rounds of ammunition inside south Springfield Missouri Walmart, stopped by off-duty ARMED firefighter. ozarksfirst.com/local-news/spr… #QAnon #Q
42. Within [24hr] 8chan was attacked and de-platformed uniformly, in coordinated fashion, as its ISP'd been preparing for an IPO, and all alternatives were SJW'ed into fascist lock-step otherwise. But, "Attempts..will fail" #QAnon #Q
43. ...because "Nothing can stop what is coming." #Q
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