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1/ #ElPasoShooting

I smell a few rats here and I'm not talking about Baltimore. Because these evil sick bastards use the same methods over and over again, it becomes easy to spot them.

[x] lone white guy shooter
[x] manifesto posted on 8chan
[x] 'brave minority rescued kids' story run on MSM
[x] social media bans for users giving live reports
[x] major discrepancies in number of shooters and casualties


[x] identity of lone white guy shooter already confirmed.
[x] security footage, portrait pic and name already circulating.
[ ] mentions of 33, 77 and fireworks.

[x] known crisis actor involved in similar false flag and close friend of VJ and BHO unwisely foreshadowing event.

Thanks @parabollocks for the heads up.
@parabollocks 5/

[x] massive discrepancies in the supposed timeline, including reports of the shooting appearing WAY before it actually happened.

@parabollocks 6/

[x] instantaneous calls for gun control from the Left.
[x] Twitter disabling major portions of its own functionality in order to halt the spread of information

h/t @hispeedtim2876
@parabollocks @hispeedtim2876 7/ I have @realhublife open in a column always so I have captured all of the tweets he made about the story before he was suspended. He has excellent intel sources and is adamant there were multiple shooters.

@parabollocks @hispeedtim2876 @realhublife 8/ More from @realhublife.

- multiple shooters
- Ft. Bliss on high alert
- seems to be a coordinated terrorist attack

@parabollocks @hispeedtim2876 @realhublife 9/ Last tweets from Brenden before he got memory-holed.

- media already changing the details of early reports

10/ Reliable eyewitness report of multiple shooters:



h/t @TheGnome70065 - thank you!
@TheGnome70065 11/ Cuckservative weighs in on the tragedy. The manifesto is a crock of shit.

Anyway, it's pretty clear at this point that there were AT LEAST four shooters in AT LEAST two different locations. So a lone shooter manifesto doesn't apply here.

h/t @REYP_again
@TheGnome70065 @REYP_again 12/ The distinct smell of crusius, sorry crisis actors in the wind. This is allegedly the sister of the supposed shooter asking for donations to a GoFundMe that looks like a shooting drill...

@TheGnome70065 @REYP_again 13/ Alleged shooter's Twitter was only created on July 19th and the last tweet was just a couple of hours ago, long after he was arrested.

Very believable.

@TheGnome70065 @REYP_again 14/ Shooter changed his Faceberg profile pic while in custody. This must be an addition to Miranda that I've missed somewhere along the line.


Don't know who that picture is of and neither does the tone of this square with the manifesto -> two different groups involved in handling the social media preparation. Don't outsource it to Israel next time.

@TheGnome70065 @REYP_again 16/

"Sir, we can post the manifesto to 8chan but there's no way to connect the patsy to it. Remember the Tarrant debacle? "

"Hmmm, yes. OK, put his name in the filename of the PDF."

"Yes sir."

@TheGnome70065 @REYP_again 17/ Can anyone confirm that the shadows of the vehicles in the background are in the correct position for the time the shooting happened? Something is seriously wrong about the timeline but I can't put my finger on it yet.

18/ Another eyewitness who saw a man in all black.

19/ I'm seeing 22 dead and 20+ wounded, nearly as many casualties as Brenton Tarrant inflicted. Remember how many weapons he had? How many times he changed mags?

Then how come this guy has just the one mag for his AK?

20/ Shooter's father has a mind control background, surprise surprise.

21/ So: a lone white guy with a two week old Twitter account whose family is connected to a creepy cult posted a manifesto to 8chan, drove 600 miles and then shot more than 40 people with a 30 round magazine before ambling off to a cop car.

22/ THIS. John Lennon's shooter was pure MK Ultra and coincidentally, or perhaps not, the doorman was an old colleague of Frank Sturgis.

23/ Users on Voat's #GreatAwakening #qanon subverse predicted today's events with extraordinary accuracy:


Thank you @AussieComitatus

24/ The El Paso shooter and the Gilroy Garlic shooter look very related. This confirms what I've suspected for a while - these sorts of shootings often come in pairs using the same players.

Thank you @DriverX_ and @lucyblu65130939.

@DriverX_ @lucyblu65130939 25/ Oops - let me actually attach the pic so you can see for yourself!

26/ If POTUS doesn't move against this quickly it's for a very very good reason.

Let's say this was a Soros-funded terrorist attack by Antifa with multiple goals. There is a plan for Soros but taking him down may depend on something else being completed first.

27/ That something might be the Democrats ceasing to exist on Nov 6 next year. That's a while to go still. But arresting Soros now would topple other dominoes which would threaten global stability. No I'm not kidding.

Geopolitics is slooow and sucky.

28/ But there's plenty of things you can do now:

- hold the media's feet to the fire about this
- if you have any evidence like personal videos, post it.
- spread this information
- educate yourself about The Cult That Runs The World, Pizzagate and Q.

29/ Thanks to @B4661N5 for picking up on the Luciferian aspect. Aug 3 is in the satanic calendar as a festival of revelry and it seems there was some going on during the shooting:


@B4661N5 30/ The Voat thread that predicted all this cannot be accessed if you don't have an account - there's been very good #Epstein digging there this week and it's been restricted because of a DDoS. Here's a screenshot.

31/ Now the media has a horrible dilemma: continue to push the lone white guy narrative and risk being severely embarrassed by updates from POTUS - or they can start reporting the truth which is anathema to them of course.


32/ Patrick meekly ambles along with a single officer towards a cop car after his capture. Real solid procedure for someone who's just shot 50 people.

33/ The Christchurch massacre in March was almost as sloppy as this operation, which was why the New Zealand government was so desperate to pull Tarrant's video:


34/ One the major goals of these false flags is to shut down any site that support freedom of speech.

Exhibit A:

35/ This is the sloppiest false flag operation I have EVER seen.

36/ This still of Crusius supposedly from surveillance footage is a forgery. Apart from the obvious black lines around his figure, the parking lot in the background does not match the Wal-Mart in the #ElPasoShooting.
37/ There are two possible entrances he could have come in with blue bollards out front. NEITHER have stop signs painted as visible there in the supposed video capture. You can see this for yourself on Google Street View.


38/ Fox News announcer about to announce #ElPasoShooting but realizes that it hasn't happened yet!


Reminds me of the long segment the BBC did on Building 7's collapse when it was still visible behind the correspondent.

Fake and gay.

h/t @easlerson
39/ CORRECTION: Shooting was in the morning of course - she can't be referring to it not happening yet obviously when the time is 2:37pm. She's talking about a tweet that is supposed to go out at 3pm and hasn't yet. Apologies.

Thanks @Rane_Deynolds for the correction.
40/ Nothing particularly suspicious about this - politicians schedule statements on Twitter for a certain time and give the networks advance warning of the time.

Unlike GEOTUS who tweets for maximum disruption to the daily news cycle - hehe.
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