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1. In this thread I am going to share why I believe FRIDAY, JUNE 28th, 2019 will be a very significant day! Approx 2wks ago I kept bumping into a # & it continued for days. I watched, played w/ a few thoughts & it revealed some highly fascinating details! It lead me to 6/28/2019
2. What will happen FRIDAY, JUNE 28TH, 2019? I have no idea! 😂LOL Nothing may happen💁‍♀️, but then again, it may & that would be pretty incredible considering what I have here!😮 I will line up some interesting coincidences.… or are they?
3. Parts of this may be a big pill for most to swallow but I’m not asking you to believe anything here. I am only laying out what I found that coincides & could be very related & . Only time will tell! Here goes…
4. Thoth, scribe & keeper of the Emerald Tablet, was called the god of 8 who reported to the 8 commanders of the 8 deities from Hermopolis. 8+8+8
5. Why is it called the "Emerald Tablet"? Because it is an Octagenic Stone and an emerald is an Octagon = 8 sides. If you are new to the Emerald Tablet, you can listen to it here:
Or save to read here: crystalinks.com/emerald.html
6. In Greek Hermopolis was called the City of 8 and named after Hermes, who the Greeks identified AS Thoth, because the city was the main center of Thoth.
7. Hermopolis (Greek) is the site of ancient Khmun and is located near the modern Egyptian town of El Ashmunein Khmun, the ancient Egyptian name of that city means "Eight-Town" after the Ogdoad, a Group of 8 deities who was said to have represented the world before creation.
8. So Thoth was the Lord of 8 in Hermopolis, which presided over the Temple of 8, and over the Emerald Octogenic stone which is 8-sided. Thoth was an said to be an Egyptian deity, the god of Wisdom, The Recorder, The Atlantean, The Thrice Born. See the consistency yet? 🤔😉
9. To the Egyptians the ultimate form of creation was the 8th. "I am the 1 that transforms into 2, I am the 2 that transforms into 4, I an the 4 that transforms into 8." Known as the Egyptian Octad.
10. Did you know that the name of "Jesus" in Greek is Iēsous (Ἰησοῦς) and the numerical value is 888.
11. In Revelation 3:14 Jesus is referred to as the “AMEN.”
Also this verse happens to be: 3+1+4 = 8!
12. In the Emerald Tablet, Thoth enters into the Halls of AMENTI. (there's lots more on that but I want to stay on track here.) "Amen"ti.
13. In the Emerald Tablet interpretation it is said that The Great Pyramid was built by Thoth, not Cheops, & everyone used to think it had 4 sides. It does not! It is actually concaved therefore it has 8 sides, which can be viewed from above w/ correct lighting! Remember @FLOTUS
14. The Mayan calendar and it's wheel of 8 points, predicting a time of "The Great Shaking," 12/21/2012… which many believe is a time of cleansing; NOT the end of the world that Pedowood has promoted.
15. NASA Astrophysics Data Systems Logo is an 8 spoked wheel. [They know.]
16. NASA says we are now at center of Super Nova1987A.
Rev. 14 All of the 7 angels (angles, energy centers) thrust into the Earth a sickle. When you turn the Super Nova1987A on its side you get the Number 8! The eye of the Hourglass Nebula is exactly like an eye. You get an 8.
17. Was the Super Nova1987A the 7th seal of the book of Revelation? (7 seals or candlesticks as the 7 energy centers aka chakra’s raising concsiousness of the world for those that have eyes to see?) Hhhmmm
18. D. Fiedler wrote about a Coptic Key Jesus gave Egyptians Gnostics. An 8-spoked wheel, the sign of 8. Described in the first book of IEOU. GUESS what the cipher (also cypher) is?! It’s 4555! @realDonaldTrump is 45th President! ...55... might it also coincide w/ the 5:5? 4555.
19. We are familiar w/ Revelation 5:5 for searching 5:5 with Q. But take a look at the different translations. The NLT states "One of the TWENTY FOUR ELDERS…" 8+8+8 = 24. Other versions remove the #. But the 24 elders are also referenced down in Rev. 5:8.
Here the 24 Elders (8+8+8=24) is referenced in Revelation 5:8 translations
20. So I thought, what the heck, I’ll do an internet search for 4555. Why not right? LOL
I found something in… SPACE.
NGC 4555 which is a solitary elliptical galaxy surrounded by a "HALO" of hot gas. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NGC_4555
21. There is also an SCP-4555 (A or B). A for Advanced Intelligence. B is a CUBE. (remember the cube symbolism). scp-wiki.net/scp-4555 "SCP-4555 is a species of sapient, extra-multiversal intelligences, which created the initial conditions for the formation of our multiverse."
and more from that site for SCP-4555....
22. Nassem Haramein is known for his research & findings in fundamental geometry of hyperspace, theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, anthropology & ancient civilizations and studies on “Unification Theory.” Awarded the “Best Paper Award.”
23. Make note of what is in Thoth’s right hand. The Tetrahedron. 8-points. A star Tetrahedron is made from 8 tetrahedrons pointing out; a cube octahedron by 8 tetrahedrons pointing in. Nassem Haramein’s work found that basically, everything boils down to a Tetrahedron.
24. Even water has a Tetrahedron geometry. #watchthewater “The biogenic strength of the living water in our body, in assoc. w/ the geometry of the minerals… will determine the perfection in our DNA, protein & mucopolysacaride structures…” More on Nassem Haramein's work...
25. So I thought for kicks & giggles, what day will @realDonaldTrump be in office 888 days?
Well what do you know?! According to Tickcounter, FRIDAY, JUNE 28th, 2019 will be day 888! 😱
I couldn’t believe it was coming right up in front of us! This week! No coincidences. 😉
26. Then watch this: June 28th, 2019, Trump’s 888th day in office calendar looks like this: June is the 6th month. SO: 6+2+8+2+0+1+9 = 28! The 28th of June lines up to the 28th. Also ff he tweets w/ an 8# in the time that will put 3-8’s. 888! I'll be waiting & watching!
27. W/ everything going on lately the climax may be pointing to a big event Friday, June 28th, Trump’s 888th day in office & seems possible. A #Declas maybe? Important details released? Arrests? QDrop2987 highlights July 4th, 2019. Why? Maybe this is why?! It’s Happening?!
28. Another fascinating coincidence is that next week July 4th, 2019 is the day the moon is in the zodiacal sign, Leo and Qdrop mentions July 4th, 2019 in Qdrop 2987.
29. So I searched QDrops for delta June 28, 2018 but there are actually too many Qdrops to post here at this time. So feel free to check and tweet below if you find anything interesting that coincides.
30. I did quick search of QAnon drops for “888” & the 888th drop.
WOAH! Check out Drop 1830 on 8/9/2018 (which indecently is 8+9+2+1+8 = 28!) WT_!
"THE CLINTON FOUNDATION (888)373-7888" Always multiple meanings! Did that just confirm my 28th day theory as 888 days for POTUS?!
31. And also the NK deal and “Iran Next” and in light of recent events. WOW! No coincidences.
32. As you know the infinity sign/symbol is an 8 on its side.
33. There’s more to this! But keeping short. Time will tell if @realDonaldTrump’s 888th day in office will be as significant as ancient references to this #, history, God & the cosmos tells us. If nothing happens my feelings won’t be hurt. It’s all still pretty Qool!
34. Xtra: During my studies I was abbreviating Emerald Tablet to E.T.
I thought of Spielberg's "E.T. Extra-Terrestrial" movie.
[They] know. Right in front of our faces! Is it Emerald Tablets?! E.T.! ET comes to Earth, he's kind, loving, he heals, he teaches, he radiates photons
35. More on Nassem Haramein research and the Tetrahedron and cosmic conscounsness that I forgot to add... 😉
The @FBI releases FOIA report on #12Tribes cult. The name of the town caught my attention #Hiddenite, North Carolina. Oh Look😳 it’s known for its #Emerald mines😲 I admit, The timing is really creepy! Is it related to my #EmeraldTablet to Trumps 888th day in office thread?!👆🏻
Moar keeps coming! QDrop date on Iran equals 24! In other words: confirming @realDonaldTrump 888th day in office. 💥
💥18th Annual Trafficking in Persons Report RELEASED FRIDAY, JUNE 28th, 2019💥 👇🏻

24 MILLION PEOPLE 8+8+8=24 😳Just sayin!😳

So I posted these pics the other day noting #JFKJr pic in April 2019 edition. Btw #Q likes watches 😉
I realized after, the watches are ALL SET TO AN “8” DATE 😱
Significant?🤔💭🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t know yet. But I keep seeing 888 EVERYWHERE as you can see in above thread 🤯🤩🇺🇸🎇🎆
#QArmy This Incredible 888 decode is from @paulacblades001 😱👏🏻👏🏻 Remember @realDonaldTrump visiting #Arlingtoncemetary. Look👀 at the #tombstone of #JesseWadeStites. The #infinity symbol! Which is an 8 on its side AND #gematria 2094 & Jesus Christ double AND TRIPLE 8’s = 888’s!
Somewhere around #39 in this thread 🤷🏻‍♀️ Anywho! Check out the Triple 8’s in these coordinates by @TS_SCI_MAJIC12!!!! #888 😳🤩 What will it mean? Is it connected to my 888 decodes? Time will tell! 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿
#HappyFourthOfJuly2019 #4thofJuly

40. Mkay! So this happened at last night’s 4thofJuly in Washington, DC.😲 Do you see the lights in the sky?! Upper right & upper left. Yeah, There’s no emoji for that 🤷🏻‍♀️😳😂 LOL WOW! I’ll update as moar is found GOD BLESS AMERICA & ALL THE WORLD!🌎 #888 #TripleEights #Emerald
41)🚨I’m making a call to you all for moar eyes on this👀 See my📝 in pic describing moar connections to #TripleEights #888. #Decode #ringoffire 🌋 #watchthewater #EasterIsland #Chile #PacificOcean #QArmy #QAnon2019 #EmeraldTablet #SolarEclipse #MantaRay
ThanQ to @voeljegoed 🙏🏻
42) I’m going to plop some moar photos here👇🏻 for references to the tweet above👆🏻 & thread #TripleEights #888 #ringoffire 🌋 #watchthewater 💦 👀 #Emerald #PacificOcean #QArmy #QAnon
43) #Qdrops👇🏻 I believe relating to info in my thread here👆🏻 on #TripleEights #888 (enlarge pics to see red notations😉) #AreWeAlone #NASA #ClintonFoundation #BillCooper #BeholdAPaleHorse #Orion #EmeraldTablet
ThanQ & #enjoytheshow 🍿🍿🍿🍿 #DigitalSoldiers #citizenjournalist 🕵🏻‍♀️
👉🏻 @threadreaderapp PLEASE WORK THIS TIME! Unroll please 🙏🏻
44) I happened to be re-watching @DrStevenGreer’s #Unacknowldged docu. 2day w/ fresh 👀 from a while ago. Then I heard it. A name! I took a double take b/c THIS name... I JUST read it in connection to the Earthquake epicenter by China Lake Acres, Ridgecrest CA! 😳 #VanneverBush
45) 👉🏻#VannevarBush👈🏻 (spelled incorrect above🤦🏻‍♀️) has a YUGE resume! Too much to note here. So def look 👀
Notable 📝 including “The China Lake Way created in 1940’s through the leadership of VANNEVAR BUSH.”

(Does not appear to be related to the Presidents Bush lineage)
46) Do you want to know what else caught my attention about the Earthquake epicenter SO close to the China Lake Acres “area”? Look👀 at the Mainshock details (7.1&10.7&17.0) #TripleEights #888 😲 (ps not sure why there’s 2 ‘depths’ listed but there are & that’s TRIPLE EIGHTS! 🙌🏻
47) 💥💥Ridgecrest CA Earthquake right at China Lake Acres = Naval Base. 💥💥
See attached tweets for details!

48. Interdasting that Q”+” makes an appearance tonight AND there’s a #TripleEights #888 in the time stamp. 😏 🤩 😯
#ForHumanity #ForGodandCountry #GodWins
50. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
I can’t believe it! 😃🤯😂😂 “A WEEK TO REMEMBER” Q
#TripleEights #Infinity
Absolute Perfection! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
51. That’s yet another 1 uncovered today!👇🏻 😲 I just can’t with this 😱😂🤷🏻‍♀️. It is what it IS! #TripleEights #Infinity #Lionsgate #LionofJudah
53. I’m going to share full thread from @Ascension_Guide here b/c w/in it relates #TripleEights 888 & #Infinity. All info is very important & connects #LionsGate #Orion #Sirius #Leo Hope you enjoy as much as I did! ThreadReader 👉🏻threadreaderapp.com/thread/1150918…
54. OMG. I’ve been over target 🎯 with #888 #TripleEights #infinity #Epstein #pedoisland #tetragrammaton 😱 Right in front of us! They pervert ebpverything that is true & holy & good.
55. Watch this interview with Bill Barr here regarding Robert Mueller 👉🏻

💥L👀k in the background! Ah! That’s a #TripleEights #Infinity #888! L❤️VE IT!
56. So I’m having trouble deciding which part of the thread by @paulacblades001 to start & drop in my #TripleEights b/c it’s ALL SO IMPORTANT & it relates!💥So be sure to see all the thread #jacobsladder #Solomon #dayofatonement also = 888!
57. #TripleEights 👉🏻888👈🏻 during #Epstein dig into the cremation diamonds 💎 from human ash. Yes you read that right. 😷 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
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