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Since it's the last day of @BronyCon— ever— it's time for me to spill some #SecretsOfBronyCon— now declassified! Don't worry, Lunar Solis, I won't disclose anything that will harm the Organisation, any VIPs, other cons, or the fandom in general. This is just fun stuff!
@BronyCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #1: Did you know that I had originally planned on establishing a '@BronyCon West'... in San Francisco? Luckily, a few years later, @BABSCon established an amazing con with its own California flair in that very city.
@BronyCon @BABSCon (Side note: I'm pretty sure I would still have named the main mascot Golden Gates, or possibly Golden Gate, though knowing my lack of creativity she would have simply been International Orange with misty fog-like hair. BABS's take on the concept is much cooler!)
@BronyCon @BABSCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #2: I've stated this one before, but at at least two points in history (both during my tenure), Hasbro put our VIP guests on hold due to reasons completely unrelated to BC itself. (e.g.: Someone leaked the 'Smile' song and they panicked and went full lockdown)
@BronyCon @BABSCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #3: I debated keeping the 'BroNYCon' capitalisation after the move to New Jersey— since we were still well within the NYC metropolitan area. However, I decided to go to simply 'BronyCon'.
@BronyCon @BABSCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #4: Speaking of the move to New Jersey, at the time it actually generated quite a bit of controversy! A number of people were very upset that the con was moving 7 miles west. Go figure!
@BronyCon @BABSCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #5: There was, as there is, a high demand for "after dark" materials in the #brony fandom. My proposal was that BC handle this in the same way as furry cons— censor bars, opaque covers, ID checking. This got shouted down, establishing BC as "family-friendly".
@BronyCon @BABSCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #6: Speaking of adult matters, there was ONE— count it, ONE— BronyCon event in 2011 that served alcohol, right in the con space! DEFINITELY "early installment weirdness". Also at this event, a lot of bronies actually camped out IN the con venue overnight. Odd!
@BronyCon @BABSCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #7: After the highly overcrowded BroNYCon January 2012 ("HallwayCon"), it became apparent we needed a bigger venue. Before finding the Meadowlands, we considered a space adjacent to Hotel Pennsylvania, as well as a large headhouse on a pier on the Hudson River.
@BronyCon @BABSCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #8: In my zeal to establish that #brony conventions could be A Thing, I didn't even wait to establish an organisation or company to run the convention (though it was always my plan to found a not-for-profit, as Lunar Solis did). This left my taxes a huge mess!
@BronyCon @BABSCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #9: The first step in BronyCon "growing up" into a more mature organisation was the establishment in early 2012 of The Council, a voting body made up of all dept heads & assistant heads, plus the chair & vice-chair. This body changed names in later years.
@BronyCon @BABSCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #10: During its exponential growth from June 2011 to early 2012, BronyCon was still not profitable. Expenses across my entire tenure were within a few thousand dollars of income; money taken in for each con was quickly eaten up by expenses for the next con.
@BronyCon @BABSCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #11: When we signed John de Lancie for BronyCon June 2012, we were offered another Star Trek alumnus, who could have served as emcee for the entire event. (Not naming names!) While as a Trekkie, I loved this idea, the Council quickly shot it down.
@BronyCon @BABSCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #12: Speaking of Trek, after we signed JdL, I floated the idea of a con theme— 'Ponies in Space!' Previous cons had used individual Mane 6 ponies as themes for branding only (e.g. September 2011 == Applejack; January 2012 == Rarity), but not true 'themes'.
@BronyCon @BABSCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #13: At first, some people referred to BronyCon June 2012 (in the Meadowlands, in New Jersey) as 'BroNJcon'.
@BronyCon @BABSCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #14: We didn't approach @JohnDeLancie about appearing at @BronyCon. One of his agents approached US! The rest was, as they say, history.
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie #SecretsOfBronyCon #15: It was at the @BronyDoc #VIP party prior to @BronyCon June 2012 that @TaraStrong taught @fyre_flye how to use Twitter. Lauren established her Twitter account that evening, and overnight she had many thousands of followers.
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye #SecretsOfBronyCon #16: When @BronyCon was established, bronies were mostly an online thing; even @meetup groups like @BroniesNYC were brand new. The goal was to establish that #brony cons could be 'a thing'. After each con, neighsayers said "this will be the last brony con!"
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye @Meetup @BroniesNYC #SecretsOfBronyCon #17: At early BronyCon events, the chair (i.e., me) spent much of their time simply running errands. It took a while to train up a good gopher squad, so I spent much of my time e.g. going for supplies, operating the reg desk, and running the con store.
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye @Meetup @BroniesNYC #SecretsOfBronyCon #18: The first Bronypalooza event took place at @BroNYCon September 2011. "Disco Discord" was the hot new meme at the time.
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye @Meetup @BroniesNYC #SecretsOfBronyCon #18: The first BronyCon (BroNYCon June 2011) didn't even have badges; it had LABELS, like a business convention! Badges didn't occur until September 2011.
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye @Meetup @BroniesNYC #SecretsOfBronyCon #19: At @BroNYCon September 2011, @goldenrusset (acting as the first show staff Guest of Honour, along with his wife Jocelan) presented the new episode, 'The Return of Harmony'. It was delivered to us in the form of a burned DVD!
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye @Meetup @BroniesNYC @goldenrusset #SecretsOfBronyCon #20: After @BroNYCon September 2011, #bronies (not just staffers— attendees too!) thoroughly cleaned the venue, while singing 'Winter Wrap-Up'. However, an inebriated staffer had tossed their cookies on a pillow and thrown it out, so the landlord got mad. Oops.
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye @Meetup @BroniesNYC @goldenrusset #SecretsOfBronyCon #21: Postcards from the first @BroNYCon didn't even SAY "BroNYCon"; they said "Bronies-NYC". At the time, BronyCon was run under the auspices of @BroniesNYC. BTW, one of these postcards will be in today's #charity auction for @CureSearch at @BronyCon 2019!
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye @Meetup @BroniesNYC @goldenrusset @CureSearch #SecretsOfBronyCon #22: BronyCon's first logo was shared with @BroniesNYC, and was designed by me. It came in both "nighttime" and "daytime" variants, and was sold on T-shirts and mugs at @BroNYCon September 2011.
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye @Meetup @BroniesNYC @goldenrusset @CureSearch #SecretsOfBronyCon #23: At one point in history (I won't say when), Hasbro was internally pondering taking over BronyCon, as they had BotCon (a Transformers fan-con). Obviously, it never happened, but I'd always figured it probably would. (I would have lost that bet!)
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye @Meetup @BroniesNYC @goldenrusset @CureSearch #SecretsOfBronyCon #24: A continent of #bronies met @goldenrusset and Jocelan Thiessen at the airport prior to his first #brony convention appearance. We even brought a special welcome sign with ponies on it. We were huge dorks in those days. (Only in THOSE days?)
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye @Meetup @BroniesNYC @goldenrusset @CureSearch #SecretsOfBronyCon #25: Speaking of VIP transport into NYC, when we were taking @AndreaLibman into NYC, she caught her first glimpse of the city skyline and spontaneously did a FlutterYay. It was heckin adorable.
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye @Meetup @BroniesNYC @goldenrusset @CureSearch @AndreaLibman #SecretsOfBronyCon #26: The first Guest of Honour at any @BronyCon was the guy who ran RainbowDash.Net. (Remember that?) He emceed a game of 'Jeapony'— pony-themed Jeopardy. The game was fraught with technical issues due to hardware faults. (Some things never change!)
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye @Meetup @BroniesNYC @goldenrusset @CureSearch @AndreaLibman #SecretsOfBronyCon #27: The first @BronyCon vendor hall (simply called Artists' Alley back then) had approximately 6 vendors.
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye @Meetup @BroniesNYC @goldenrusset @CureSearch @AndreaLibman #SecretsOfBronyCon #28: It cost over $50,000 to rent the Meadowlands venue, simply for space rental, pipe and drape, and union fees.

For the NYC area, this was CHEAP!
@BronyCon @BABSCon @johndelancie @BronyDoc @tarastrong @Fyre_flye @Meetup @BroniesNYC @goldenrusset @CureSearch @AndreaLibman #SecretsOfBronyCon #29: The first two @BroNYCon events had "con pamphlets" instead of con books. A set of these two pamphets— my LAST ONES— will be for sale at today's #charity auction at @BronyCon 2019!
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