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#SecretsOfBronyCon #30: After the first @BroNYCon— BroNYCon June 2011— we led around half of the ~100 attendees a block or two to Madison Square Park for a group hangout session, including this photo by @JustKelly. A giant print of this photo will be in today's #charity auction!
@BronyCon @justkelly #SecretsOfBronyCon #31: Due to a lack of venue rules prohibiting food vending, at @BroNYCon September 2011 we were able to provide in-venue meals— pizza! We placed a massive order for pizza and sold meal tickets for a few dollars. This model was later backported to @BroniesNYC.
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC #SecretsOfBronyCon #32: At first, BC lacked any dedicated computers. Con posters were printed on a laser at my job (though I brought my own cardstock & toner), and I used my work laptop for con work. I eventually bought a laptop with con funds, which was (somehow) controversial.
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC #SecretsOfBronyCon #33: Speaking of computers, we DID have a few very old laptops (unsuitable for anything but Internet browsing) which we used to attempt to provide an 'Internet cafe' nook at the very first BC event. Onsite connectivity was awful— a staple of conventions.
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC #SecretsOfBronyCon #34: At one point, a high-level BC staffer (not me) had the wacky idea that #brony conventions could make enough money to pay their staffers salaries.

You may now commence laughing.
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC #SecretsOfBronyCon #35: BronyCon's first storage facility was in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY. It was around 10 feet by 10 feet and was shared with @BroniesNYC.
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #37: Bronypalooza was directly inspired by the custom of holding dance events at #furry conventions.
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #38: @BronyCon ran the first, second, and third #brony conventions in history.
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #39: I floated the idea of creating mascots for the convention in early 2012, but the idea was voted down.
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #40: One of the early (2011-2012) BC events nearly lost a key Guest of Honor because their agent didn't believe they were interested in attending, even though they'd told us— via another VA— that they were interested.

(This wasn't any of the well-known agents)
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon #SecretsOfBronyCon #41: I was musing the idea of special effects to simulate, or at least evoke, the "Q effect" through stage lighting, trap doors, lifts, and clever blocking, so that @JohnDeLancie could appear to "poof" his way on stage at BC June 2012. (Art by droakir on dA)
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon @johndelancie #SecretsOfBronyCon #42: During a crisis in which I was incapacitated due to overwork and lack of sleep, my staff took over running the con for several key hours. But they weren't alone: Ohio #bronies aided them, including some who went on to staff @TrotCon. (Art by ShinePawPony)
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon @johndelancie #SecretsOfBronyCon #43: Supporting artists was always extremely important to me. I personally intervened to financially assist at least one artist/vendor after they made poor sales at a 2011 event. They later made FANTASTIC sales at BC January 2012!
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon @johndelancie #SecretsOfBronyCon #43: Sponsor badges debuted with @BroNYCon January 2012, and were instrumental in funding that and future events. January 2012 also saw the debut of reserved sponsor seating in the mane hall!
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon @johndelancie #SecretsOfBronyCon #44: At one point, several high-level BC staffers attempted to seize control of the con; I nearly let them. I'm glad that I didn't, though. They went on to start another event in a different state— that folded after one single (albeit successful) con.

@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon @johndelancie #SecretsOfBronyCon #45: In the early days, DHX / Studio B would sometimes send @BroniesNYC and @BroNYCon screener DVDs of pony episodes to show at events.
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon @johndelancie #SecretsOfBronyCon #46: The first @BroNYCon had three tiny panel rooms, one small main hall, and a teensy vendor hall. Despite this, it pioneered the basic format of pony conventions to come, and even attempted innovations such as video streaming main events into the vendor hall!
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon @johndelancie #SecretsOfBronyCon #47: @BroNYCon September 2011 featured an "old-school" area where @MintamenaPie showed vintage previous-gen pony content, as well as a panel featuring a speaker who worked on the G1 pony animations!
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon @johndelancie @MintamenaPie #SecretsOfBronyCon #48: During @BronyCon June 2012 (the one in the Meadowlands), the lease was still in my name, despite @zebranky being chair. At one point, I left something important at my booth. I was able to retrieve it by showing the venue's security personnel the lease. 😆
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon @johndelancie @MintamenaPie @zebranky I'll close this list with a very personal one.

#SecretsOfBronyCon #49: There was a LOT of drama behind the scenes in 2011-12. It deeply stressed me & threatened my health. But it was ALL worth it. The con grew up. It made tens of thousands of ppl happy. I'd do it all over again.
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon @johndelancie @MintamenaPie @zebranky If you appreciated this thread, stop by the @SeaBronies booth at @BronyCon today— booth 215— and say hi. I have a bunch of vintage @BronyCon posters that I'm blowing out for a mere $20 each, and I'll happily sign any (appropriate) BC thing you want free. Hugs are also available.
@BronyCon @justkelly @BroniesNYC @TrotCon @johndelancie @MintamenaPie @zebranky @SeaBronies And please, please, *PLEASE* attend @BronyCon's final #charity auction today, benefiting @CureSearch. I am SO jazzed that they chose a cancer research charity. As a small child, I lost my baby brother to a brain tumour. Please, attend the auciton, and bid generously!!!
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