@realDonaldTrump⁩ Just wait a F’ing minute can anyone with a brain see the damned setup going on here for a mass gun grab. Democrats are so damned desperate & they don’t care how many people have to die to push their agenda to take our 2A #FakeFlags apple.news/AaEO7hbxGQIOeO…
You can bet all the dogs running for Dem Candidates in the 2020 race had a hand in this. Notice how quickly they all jumped to blame @POTUS the #DeepState is behind this crap & need to be taken down now before they succeed in taking down America #DeclassifyEverything #2ARights
The left has tried to take down @POTUS for the past 926 days actually longer since they tried to prevent his election to begin with. Attempted coup, lies, blaming him for things Obama did, the #FakeNewsCNN #MSMLies aimed at destroying the best President ever #DemocratsWantPower
They publish these #FakeManifestos & try to tie the crazed lunatics the left uses to commit these horrible crimes to our President but their lies fall apart because Patriots refuse to accept the lies of MSM & dig deep to expose the left. The Democrats have tried #RaceBaiting
And fueling hatred to divide America. They use their “Brown Shirts” #AntifaTerrorist to commit acts of terror. It’s time for our AG Barr & IG Horowitz to loose the hounds once & for all & remove these internal Traitors from our Government in order to keep America a free Republic
Obama is just a puppet of Deep State Globalist but until he/his minions are stopped these horrors will continue to happen costing more American lives. They must disarm us or they cannot invoke their Socialist Agenda upon us. All these #JussieSmollettHoax & other race-baiting lies
Americans don’t be foolish in thinking the Democrats have anything good in store for you because they don’t They want us all poor & dependent upon the government in order to control us but even the people of Venezuela have awakened to the horror of Socialism they actually voted 4
#WakeUpAmerica these power hungry Democrats take all we’ve earned & hand it to those who won’t calling it equal distribution of wealth as they wallow in their own which will not be redistributed as the laws they make never apply to them Remember they exempted themselves Obamacare
Democrats have been trying to sell us out to Globalism for years & their plan would have been finalized with the election of Hillary but against all odds @realDonaldTrump was elected by the grace of God to give us a chance to #AwakenToTheEvil that is the #DemocraticSocialistParty
Have you not noticed that the people of Venezuela are rising up to now fight against what they allowed to happen 🙄#WeThePeople must stand against the #RiseOfSocialism or face the absolute hell that will befall us if Democrats ever gain full power against America #DontBeStupid
You have the #POWER to #VoteLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt & it does #VoteRedToSaveAmerica #EducateYourself don’t allow yourselves or your families 2 be #Indoctrinated research Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030 you may have to look hard because Google has probably buried it deep ask yourself why
Have you noticed it’s the leftist Democrats trying to remove God from everything in our lives even to the point of no longer saying “So help me God” when someone is swearing to tell the truth. They have attempted to remove God, His Picture, the cross His Name from public view
It seems that OUR GOD is offensive to only atheist & only one other “cult” that is trying to overtake our nation & swears daily to destroy both Jews & Christians but don’t think for one moment they won’t destroy all other religions under NWO their will be only 1 if we allow it
#RiseUpAmerica don’t let Democrats steal our country & rob us of our freedoms #DontBelieveLeftistLies don’t lay down & let them take from us to give to those who want everything for free. America has given its very lives to remain free 🇺🇸Did they give them in vain for us to cower
We are in a spiritual battle as never before & evil is trying to overpower good. A Nation divided will fall. #WeAreAmericans & must stand together as one to save our precious country. Don’t let Democrats divide us with cries of racism & hate as they are the only ones using this
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