El Paso Congresswoman believes the shooter chose the location for a specific reason.

Based on the manifesto widely published, I would agree (if it’s not a FF).

What is missing here, is the ROOT cause, of this shooting, and others.
Anyone who kills out of hate, does so usually based off of false beliefs. Those beliefs form from what they hear, and what they are taught.

Hear = Media
Taught = Schools / Home

Have we lost honest media reporting? Have we lost honest history / sociology instruction?
Hate also stems from a distorted view of one’s self!

- Have we taught our children to have a proper self-view of themselves?

- Are they really all “winners?”

- Have we taught them people are different and have different strengths / weaknesses?

Think about that ...
By not teaching our kids it’s OK not to be the best at everything, that not every kid will be the star quarterback, dancer, actor (fill in any activity kids participate in here) it will be OK... they will eventually excel at SOMETHING.

Parents today don’t do this largely.
“Us versus Them” mentality... it’s everywhere.

Social Media
The news

If you can’t see this as a problem, then you are MISSING the root cause of HATE.

And more shootings will happen.

#ItsNotTheGun it’s all of US not listening, or having empathy
“Hate” is a learned behavior, and is not normal generally.

YES —> parents, family members, school teachers and professors, and news media, what you TEACH our kids, determines if they HATE.

If they hate, then mass killings will continue.

#BreakTheCycle It starts with YOU.
We see it repeatedly in the news:

“President Trump is a racist”
“The President is putting babies in cages”
“Trump supports White Nationalism”

All unfounded garbage, and all DESIGNED so that HATE is allowed to set in.

I’m focusing on the news because it INFESTS our lives 24/7.

Go on social media, that’s all you see.

Turn on a TV, that’s all you see (unless you are like me and watch “Christmas in July” on Hallmark or “Law & Order” marathons routinely.

The news media has let Americans down.
If people pick up their phone or turn on the TV and the only thing they see are distorted versions of the truth, WHAT DO YOU THINK THE OUTCOME WILL BE?

Do you think impressionable minds will be able to think critically and figure out what is a lie and what is true?

What about on Social Media?

The top posts on most social media sites are those from “VERIFIED” users; those with the most influence.

But often, those verified people are uneducated actors / musicians / performing arts folks.

WHY do we listen to any of them?

We have become a society where VERIFIED STATUS makes a person an “expert” when they are anything BUT an expert... on anything really.

Hell, most musicians don’t even write or produce their music; it’s done for them. So what are they “experts” on?

Again, nothing really.
We have “journalists” (many of whom) that are “verified” users, and therefore, supposedly more believable.

The reality is they work for major media companies that dictate what their opinions will be. What the narrative is. What lies they will push this week.

It’s all a facade.
We have major tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Yahoo, that filter what you see... which shapes your opinions on things that matter.

Social media like Twitter & Facebook throttle down opinions that don’t fit the narrative.

“Fact Checkers” like Snopes that lie.
Americans will NEVER be able to make an informed decision when tech, and media, decide what you should know, and when you should know it, and from who you should hear it from.

Again, it’s a facade.

It isn’t real.

And you are being lied to. Over and over and over again.
So that brings us to eduation. Both elementary and higher learning.

How can students make informed decisions and use critical thinking skills if they aren’t taught about critical thinking? Or aren’t taught by politically neutral professors.

They can’t.
Students taught by extremely liberal (or extremely conservative for that matter) professors are only getting portions of an equation.

Bad data in, means bad data out.

College kids without critical thinking skills and highly biased / opinionated professors will form bad opinions
We shouldn’t blame students however for their misinformed opinions; that rests squarely with their instructors.

And their parents.

But now, more than ever, parents are getting the same bad data in... from the media, from their schools, and so on.

It’s an closed-loop System
We need to stop the:

- “Us versus Them” mindset
- Radical education system
- Media outlets with political ties
- Loss of “Critical Thinking” skill set
- Baseless accusations from government officials
- Lack of accountability for bad behaviors
- Endless wars;creates war mentality
Weapons, even the most expensive ones, don’t just load and fire themselves outside of the military.

It requires a human to do that.

We can blame guns all day long; at the end of the day, it is the HUMAN that is responsible.

There is a reason we’ve gone off the rails.
We keep seeing Hate Hoaxes. False Flags. False accusations.

These are done by design. They want you confused. Because confusion and misinformation BREEDS HATE.

Hate helps stir fears.


I’ve given you the tools. The rest is up to you.

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