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(1) The #RosensteinParadox:

"Killing random civilians to spread a political message is terrorism .... domestic terrorism .... Many of the killers are .... losers indoctrinated to hate ...."

So Rosenstein, if the #FBI and #JTTF were using #SoftKill methods to ....
(2) covertly "eliminate" (kill) innocent Americans via a classified program, that was say, like a combination of of a tech-enhanced #COINTEL Program, combined with a vicious & lethal counter-terrorism protocol, would you consider that to be #Terrorism?
(3) What if #OperationHammer had never been discontinued Rosenstein & was being coordinated in part thru #DHS-funded #ThreatFusionCenters, with the assistance of classified "pre-crime" technology against hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans who had been denied due process?
(4) Would you consider that to be #terrorism Rosenstein?

What if the #FBI and #JTTF were using bogus dossiers to get #FISA warrants against innocent people to provide a "legal" (/sarcasm/) basis for their targeting, and then incited entire communities ....
(5) to anger & potential violence against said citizens?

Would you consider that to be #terrorism Rosenstein?

What if the "targets" constitutional rights were essentially suspended, their on-line accounts subverted, their monies stolen & their attorneys threatened, as they ....
(5) were literally gang-raped for their reputations, careers, families & life by #FBI & #JTTF personnel, who simultaneously encouraged violence against their persons by neighbors, co-workers and family - just like Islamic terrorists; would you consider that #terrorism Rosenstein?
(6) What if law-abiding Americans had been targeted for their political views, for being outspoken, or for blowing the whistle on corruption - and then without any due process, had their constitutional rights secretly suspended as they were labeled as domestic "#terrorists?"
(7) What if "Libya-Slave-Market-style" contracts were then offered to private security companies (domestic, US-based mercenaries) by #FBI #DOJ #DHS to monitor, track, harass, maim, threaten, assault, rob & clandestinely kill said Americans?

Would that be terrorism Rosenstein?
(8) What if cells and networks of civilian vigilantes or "federally-funded straw-men" were created, whereby innocent, American-civilian targets, unconstitutionally designated as #terrorists by #DHS #FBI #JTTF were subject to stalking & violence on a daily basis ....
(9) would you consider that #terrorism Rosenstein?

What if said American targets were subject to highly advanced, frequency-based weapons systems - the same kind deployed against our diplomats in Cuba and China, as a form of cruel & unusual punishment or ....
(10) as a covert and painful Active Denial "control mechanism," by #FBI #JTTF personnel and private contractors, would you consider that #terrorism Rosenstein, just like the "Islamic terrorists" - to use your terminology?
(11) What if the #FBI and #DHS personnel followed innocent Americans abroad and falsely relayed to foreign governments that innocent Americans - who had never been given due process - were "terrorists" in an effort to have them incarcerated, injured, lynched, maimed or killed?
(12) Would you consider that #terrorism Rosenstein; because that is how the #FBI and #DHS currently operate.

You see Rosenstein, I am a target of this illegal program, here in the United States & while I lived abroad at the hands of #FBI #JTTF and #DHS personnel.
(13) Rosenstein, this program constitutes state-sponsored, domestic #terrorism - and you know all about it.

Indeed, the #FBI has exported it to every inhabited continent on earth.

Neither you, nor Comey, nor the #FBI has any room to lecture America on #terrorism.
(14) So Rosenstein, "just like Islamic terrorists," the #FBI and #JTTF use the civilian population to create neighborhood "cells" and "networks" to target innocent people without due process, to isolate them, to assault them, to loot their wealth, and destroy them.
(15) Would you consider that #terrorism Rosenstein, or because the #FBI #JTTF constitute America's violent secret police does that make it "all okay?"

Your tweet fails to reference state-sponsored #terrorism here in the United States Rosenstein - that the #FBI facilitates.
(16) This illegal citizen-targeting-and-elimination protocol is done with the full knowledge of #DOJ and #DHS, and funnels hundreds of billions of dollars to a clandestine, black market, mercenary network (AKA "private contractors" or "private intel agencies") here in the US.
(17) The intel community refers to this extrajudicial approach as the "5Ds:"

Deny, Degrade, Disrupt, Deceive and Destroy.

Hey Rosenstein, sounds like you & your ilk are not "just like Islamic terrorists," for indeed - you have surpassed them & made it a bloody business venture.
(18) This illegal protocol is killing thousands of Americans Rosenstein. You know it, and so do many in the IC.

It uses tenets from COINTELPRO, #OperationHammer, #Stasi tactics (Zersetzung), and the Phoenix Program - which was utilized against bona fide enemies - not Americans.
(19) So Rosenstein, simply because IEDs and incendiary devices are not being used against Americans to clandestinely destroy and kill them, wouldn't you consider this to be #terrorism, "just like Islamic terrorists," who also kill innocents who don't go along with their agenda?
(20) Let's visit your original tweet one more time Rosenstein:

"Killing random [American] civilians to spread a political message is terrorism .... Many of the killers are ... losers [FBI JTTF DHS personnel] indoctrinated to hate ... just like Islamic terrorists."
(21) The #RosensteinParadox.

You very deftly delineated terrorism Rosenstein, employing catch-phrases like "losers indoctrinated to hate" and "Islamic terrorists."

This may be the most important of all of your revelations to the public Rosenstein ....
(22) for you let us no, in no uncertain terms, that the protocol presently employed by the #FBI #JTTF and #DHS, i.e. "Killing random civilians to spread a political message is terrorism. [The] FBI classifies it as domestic terrorism ...."
TYPO: "For you let us *know,* in no uncertain terms ...."
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