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(1) The #RosensteinParadox - Part II

"The FBI ... has identified fringe conspiracy theories as a domestic terrorist threat, according to a .... bulletin from the [FBI's] Phoenix field office ....
(2) [It] describes 'conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists,” as a growing threat .... [and] assesses these conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve ... driving both groups and individual extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts ....'"
(3) So Rosenstein, the FBI has identified #ConspiracyTheories as a domestic #terrorist threat.

Does that apply to everyone, or only the individuals & groups that the #FBI #JTTF & #DHS want to target?

What if the "theories" are based on actual facts or probabilities ....
(4) versus falsehoods Rosenstein? Who decides whether hypothesizing on social media or by other means is a "theory" comprised of facts yet to be proven or theories based on falsehoods?

So then anyone hypothesizing is a potential "terrorist?"

Does that include the #FBI too?
(5) I have a question for you Rosie.

What if a group of people, employed by the taxpayers - like the #FBI and #JTTF were involved in making up "conspiracy theories," based on falsehoods instead of facts?

Imagine for a minute that #FBI #DHS #NSA #JTTF had illegally placed ....
(6) some three million Americans on federal watch-lists - based on their religion, political views, belief in border walls or the 2nd Amendment.

Then imagine that nearly all of them had never engaged in any crime nor #terrorism, nor had ever shown any proclivities to engage ....
(7) in such acts.

Imagine that the FISA process was abused in order to target them with vicious and lethal counter-terrorism tactics, and that the #FBI #JTTF - along with coerced local law enforcement began to circulate propaganda about these innocent citizens. Propaganda ....
(8) which was meant to isolate them, destroy their families and careers and facilitate violence against them.

Imagine if #FBI #JTTF #DHS used taxpayer funds to approach several thousand people in every location where these individuals lived, and spread conspiracy theories ....
(9) and lies about them being "threats to the community" and "domestic terrorists," all in order to extrajudicially target them with violence & ruin.

So Rosenstein, would you consider this "Domestic Terrorism," if such a protocol existed and was run through #DHS-funded ....
(10) #ThreatFusionCenters with collusion of #DHS #FBI #JTTF #NSA and #DOJ?

As u know Rosenstein, the protocol run through #ThreatFusionCenters, which combines tenets of #Stasi tactics, #COINTELPRO & #OperationHammer - the one you & your cronies refer to as "#TheProgram ....
(11) in which conspiracy theories based on outright lies - are circulated throughout the country as a mechanism to take down anyone the #FBI pleases - with no due process; ain't that #terrorism Rosie?

What was it you said Rosenstein?
(12) "Killing random civilians to spread a political message is terrorism .... domestic terrorism .... Many of the killers are .... losers indoctrinated to hate ...."

Is that a confession Rosenstein?

Isn't the #FBI now worried about political messages which could be based ....
(13) on truth & yet still refers to said theories & hypotheses as "a new domestic terrorism threat?

So Rosenstein, if we examine what the #FBI says about these theories & then examine your statements about "killing random civilians ... to spread a message," what then is ....
(14) #TheProgram but a state-funded, domestic #terrorism protocol, which you & .@comey, damn well know has killed thousands of "random civilians to spread a political message" by "losers indoctrinated to hate," to use your words.

That is state-sponsored #terrorism Rosenstein.
(15) The #FBI #DHS #JTTF #NSA are not "protecting" Americans, indeed you are targeting them for assassination as the population slumbers.

The #FBI #JTTF have an entire citizen-elimination protocol based on conspiracy theories - Kompromat based on outright lies, which they ....
(16) utilize to destroy tens of thousands of innocent Americans.

Could it be that the #FBI fears theories based on truth because they carry more weight than #FBI-created conspiracy theories based on outright lies?

If a theory based on facts & truth is a "#terrorism threat" ....
(17) then how about the conspiracy theories and #zersetzung protocol being used to kill and destroy innocent Americans thru the collusion of thousands of federally-employed "law enforcement" personnel?

That is state-sponsored domestic #terrorrism Rosenstein.
(18) Be honest with the public Rosie.

The citizen-elimination program generates hundreds of billions for private security contractors and their entourage of citizen-snitch hirees.

#COINTELPRO gained new feet after the #PatriotAct and the #NDAA, but ....
(19) it has become an out of control beast, grotesquely augmented by the incorporation of psychological torture, advanced tech & terrorist tactics embedded into the protocol.

#COINTELPRO + #OperationHammer is now called #TheProgram in the IC & as you know Rosenstein it is ....
(20) domestic, state-sponsored #terrorism, that effectively uses bullshit conspiracies to ruin lives, 1 by 1.

If one examines your statements regarding "random killing of innocents" and the #FBI's comments regarding the utilization of false information to incite violence ....
(21) then a watertight case can be made that you and your cronies have been targetinginnocent civilians with the very type of domestic #terrorism you are warning us about.

You & .@Comey can take your treason & holier-than-thou attitudes and stuff them where the sun don't shine.
(22) In summary, your statements regrading the random targeting of innocent citizens "by losers" and the #FBI's "concern" (/sarcasm/) regarding "conspiracy theories" and domestic #terrorism set the precedent for a damn good argument that you and your racketeering cronies ....
(23) have declared a war on the civilian population through the use of deceit, conspiracy theories and tactics which equate to torture & state-sponsored #terrorism.

Rosenstein, there is no difference between you, your ilk & radical, punk-ass imams - or "losers" as u called them
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