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🔥For the week of 8/5-8/12🔥

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Combine your sun, moon, rising, mars, venus, & mercury for a personalized reading! 😁💕

What are your placements? I want to know! Respond below!💞

Let’s begin!
#aries : LMAO I see y’all straight up NARUTO RUNNING straight towards your goals & dreams this week. It looks like this week will be a time where you get clear on one of your big goals & know that it’s time to HUSTLE to get it. Y’all are done playing small.
It doesn’t matter WHO or WHAT is in your way this week...you’re done being small or “too nice” in order to be liked by the masses, you’ve realized it’s time to be the real you, & this version ppl might be intimidated by. Maybe you’ve blamed yourself for being too intimidating b4
But this is THEIR problem...if they are intimidated by who you are, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT. Let them be jealous. Let them talk their shit. Weak people talk about people. It’s time to shine, Aries.
#taurus I’m seeing that some of you might be feeling a bit stuck this week, & you’re showing me the image of u trying to run to move forward but there’s this obstacle...& it’s only in front of you. And if you’d just take a step back & get some distance, you’d see the obstacle
It looks like there’s a repeating pattern that will show itself for u this week, Taurus. A blind spot that u keep running into. This week, you’re going to have the awareness to step back and observe the obstacle & move out of a perhaps self sabotaging/toxic pattern
This might be an abrupt change, or some sort of upheaval that FORCES you to change, bc the universe knows how much u resist change 😂. From here, you’re going to be able to move forward with ease, & gain a much clarity
#gemini y’all are showing me the image of your energy being pulled in all different directions...by different people, stressors, social commitments, etc. your energy looks very scattered & like you’re trying to balance too much at once.
Because your energy is in all of these different things & not in your body, it can make life seem a lot more hectic & out of control than it really is. You’re an amazing multitasker, Gemini. Just make sure you’re taking a breather & doing these things from a grounded place.
This will help you be more effective, not wear your body down, and make life & doing these things more enjoyable! For you guys, sleep/diet/groundedness will be very important for your success this week. Have fun & do it all!!! 😁
#cancer the lionsgate portal is bringing up big emotional releases for you guys this week. I’m seeing if you’re a bit more sensitive than usual, don’t feel alarmed-it looks like old childhood wounding is being brought up to the surface so that it can stop playing out in your life
This week, notice if you go into the STORY of something, instead of the reality. For example-If your partner missed a call and it reminds you of how all your exes missed your calls & your dad never picked up the phone & doesn’t care about you etc etc...that’s a STORY
Notice when the story comes into your head, take a few breaths, and allow yourself to release it & create a new story. Reframing your mind will help you ultimately change your reality & stop these situations from playing out & help you relate to others from your truth
I believe in your ability to create a reality where you get to experience true, authentic love, cancer. Whether this be received from a beloved, a friend, or community.
#Leo HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am seeing you guys outstretched basking in the sunlight of your authentic truth this week. You’re fearlessly allowing the sun to shine on parts of you that you kept hidden for years-parts of u that u learned were unnattractive/unlovable
You’re allowing yourself to be seen, Leo-not just the spectacular parts of you, but the shadow parts of you. You’re allowing them not to exist in the shadows anymore. The light feels so good on your skin & soothing to your body. It feels so good to be seen & loved for who u are
From this space, i see you all bringing in more authentic love, & shinning even brighter because you’re allowing yourself to be fully human. It’s beautiful to witness, and others can’t help but fall in love with your light 💞
#Virgo there has been so much improvement to your being, Virgo. This week, you’re finally beginning to witness all the work you’ve done on yourself & appreciate the fruits of your labor. Also, you’re beginning to just love yourself for where you’re at
Instead of where you want to be or where you SHOULD be. Being able to have yourself where you are is allowing you to love yourself on a deeper level. You’re beginning to feel the love you would have for you if you accomplished “x” thing or had a bf/gf right NOW.
It’s from this place that you’ll actually manifest what it is that you want. By embodying the feelings you’d feel if you already manifested what it is that you desire, it comes to you easier. It’s beautiful to witness you loving you for just being you, Virgo.
#libra : you guys are so cute 😭 y’all just showed me the image of you running & hugging Leo who was basking in the sunlight, & Leo being so happy, & then you guys continuing to just hugging all the different people in the zodiac 💞 it looks like love & community are on the mind
For you guys this week, it’s like you have so much love within you, you feel like you could burst!! this week, you’re going to be noticing the really wonderful qualities about almost every person you meet, or developing a deeper level of intimacy w/ those already in your life
You can love others to the extent you can love yourself, Libra. Enjoy loving others but also know that it’s because of this new place of self love you’ve reached within yourself. 💕
#Scorpio : it looks like some resentment might be coming up this week, perhaps thinking about a person that did you dirty, & maybe spying on them from afar. (Very on brand lmao) wishing the people who did you wrong ill will never really works out, Scorpio.
Revenge never really makes the pain go away-it just makes more sadness. Sometimes, people are assholes. Sometimes, we are assholes. Life happens & sometimes it’s painful-y’all know that better than anyone. Give yourself permission to feel the pain, but also permission to let go
When we hold onto resentment in our bodies, all it does is actually hurt US. If can cause physical issues, energetic blockages, & have us repeat the same pain. Letting go is the best revenge, because it will ultimately help you become more successful, Scorpio.
#saggitarius this week, I see you all having a lot of fun getting GROUNDED, and enjoying the physical plane. Sometimes it’s fun to budget! It’s fun to make money! I see you guys making a game out of structuring your lives & enjoying the process of building a solid foundation
The beautiful thing about you, Saggitarius, is that y’all are so good at incorporating PLAY into any activity. Being grounded & stable doesn’t have to be boring. Being grounded & stable helps you have the funds & foundation to enjoy life more. Keep up the great work!
#capricorn I see you guys organizing little refrigerator magnets with words on them into small phrases that say “have a good day” or “you’re beautiful!”

You look like you’re making these messages with such love & affection, you guys are getting more in touch with your feelings
And beginning to show your feelings to those around you more, in little ways. They aren’t giant gestures of affection, but for you, even going out of your way and doing small things for people is a big step in allowing yourself to show more love
I see you guys allowing yourself to feel more “mushy gushy” feelings this week, & allowing yourself to receive love from others. You deserve to be so loved, and those around you will notice & appreciate your efforts
#Aquarius after the last few weeks go constant upheaval/upleveling of consciousness, I see this week you are beginning to integrate everything. Things are slowing down so that your body has time to process all the change that happened recently
Allow your body the time it needs to rest this week. Sit outside with no phone & just be. Take naps. Although our society disagrees, sleep IS a productive activity. I’m seeing after this week things may take off for y’all again, so enjoy the down time while it lasts
I mean “take off” in a good way. This year, I really see aquarian placements upleveling consciousness at extreme speeds. Really embodying their truth. Use this week to be ready for more downloads.
#Pisces : so much is going on in the world all the time. You are so empathetic, Pisces. You deserve to cry your own tears, and not cry for the world. This week, I see you guys out in the ocean gasping for air as other ppl’s emotions try to drown you
Its so important to ground in these situations. If you can, go outside and walk barefoot. Sit next to a tree. Notice your breathe and begin to breath more deeply. This will help you guys not take on so many emotions
You have been crying for others for far too long. It’s time for you to get out of the ocean of other people’s emotions, and enjoy land. Grounding & breathing& saying NO this week, putting up strong BOUNDARIES will help you stay afloat.
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