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Blood in the Streets:

Mormon religion is Freemasonry.
Jon Huntsman (George Soros Color Revolutions began in Tiananmen Square when Huntsman was Ambassador to China) resigned from his post as Ambassador to Russia on Aug 6, 2019.

Mitt Romney (Iran Contra money launderer) was elected Utah Senator in 2018; he is on a mission to save the Constitution. The Mormon White Horse Prophecy states the Constitution will nearly be destroyed & hanging by a thread when elders of Mormon Church will step in to save it.
Jon & Mitt are the 4th generation of Mormons Oath Sworn to the 4th generation in the Nauvoo Endowment to avenge the death of Joseph Smith by spilling the blood of every American Gentile.

Think Zion Gov Huntsman & Senator Romney are aware of this?
This thread is not intended to judge Mormons; it’s simply a wake up call to the truth.
Many in Joseph Smith’s day called him “Mormon Muhammad” & for good reason; the Book of Mormon & Quran were allegedly delivered to Joseph Smith & Muhammad by Angel Gabriel; since Gabriel is the Messenger Angel in Scripture, this is a Lie, or at least in opposition to Word of God.
Term Mormon Muhammad is not casual, Quraysh (Koreish) of Mecca are Arab bedouins descended from Korahites in Num 16:32; 26:10, Alternative Priests who worshipped Azazel, ie Satan as the Scapegoat rather than Jesus, the real Scapegoat upon whom Sins of Congregation are placed;
God swallowed 250 Korahite priests in the sand for this reason. Muhammad was a Quraysh bedouin.
Book of Mormon claims Jesus visited their Jaredite ancestors in 2000 BC in the land of Nimrod (Babylon) & instructed them to travel to the Americas in Wooden Submarines, taking Ishmaelite women ie Canaanites with them.
The Korahite Priesthood was made up of Midianites (Moses’ wife Zipporah’s father was Midianite Priest), Ishmaelites & Edomites, together termed Amalekites (Exo 17:16) at War with God from Generation to Generation ie forever.
The Mormon Church, especially for America is a very big deal!
Donald Trump is the 44th person selected US President as King Zedekiah was Israel’s last king.

The Scots-Irish Kings from whom Trump claims descent began as the Mormon Church did by myth of Zedekiah’s sons/daughter escaping the Chaldeans to Ireland with the prophet Jeremiah. This is a Lie!

Mormon Blood Atonement states the shedding of the blood of a person is necessary for remission of Sins of Blasphemy such as against the Mormon Prophets.

Mitt Romney has been told since 1979 he is the Rider of the White Horse, faithful & true, clothed in light to usher in the 2nd Coming” Not of Jesus Christ but the Antichrist.

Note: Salt Lake City is named after the Slime Pits of the Salt Valley used to build the Tower of Babel (Gen 11:3) SLC is Zion, Mormons worship El (Saturn) & are the Sons of El aka Elohim.

SLC will fill the blood in the Streets Prophecy before the arrival of the Antichrist, not Jesus Christ! Mormons will make the move to Jackson, MS aka Adam-ondi-Ahman.

“Howbeit the Most High dwellers not in Temples made with hands” Acts 7:43; 17:24; Mat 18:20
The Mormon Church is all about the building of Temples made with hands.
The Salt Lake Mormon Temple was built with 6 Spires, Mormon Church dedicated the Rome Temple Mar 8 the Mormon Prophet/Apostle Russell M. Nelson claiming “Rome is the land where Apostles Peter & Paul blessed the land”.
In Romans, Paul admonished the people of Rome; Peter was never in Rome, nor the source of any Apostleship. “Jesus Christ is the Chief Cornerstone of our mutual Faith”. Don’t fall for these lies.
Peter was never in Rome, nor the Rock of the Christian faith; the Divinity is Jesus is the Cornerstone of Christian faith (Mat 16:18).
Apostles are ordained by the laying of hands by Jesus Christ; the original 12 by Jesus before the Crucifixion; Paul after the Crucifixion on the road to Damascus. Claiming any other visitation by Jesus is myth.
The Book of Mormon is “Another Testament of Jesus Christ”; no person can have 2 Testaments; it’s either the Word of God, written by Holy men moved by the Holy Ghost, the Inspired “Textus Receptus” which became the Authorized Bible, KJV or some other man-made alternative.
The reason for Mormon unity with Rome is to declare the Roman Catholic Church Rev 17 “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT” & the US Rev 18 “Babylon”; the Messiah coming after both are destroyed will be Antichrist.
God does not dwell in man-made Temples “Howbeit the Most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands” - Acts 7:48
Prophet/Apostle Russell Nelson met with Jesuit Pope Francis; Jesuits swear oaths to kill Protestants, Catholics, & Jews.

“The law and prophets were until John”- Luk 16:16
Not Jesus, so who will be in that Temple? Mormons claim Jesus made Joseph Smith & Apostle in Spirit; all Mormon Prophets therefore claim Danite lineage with roughly 80% of Mormons claiming Ephraimite lineage; these are only 2 Tribes Jesus does not list as “Saved” in Rev 7 KJV.
Pope Francis signed a Universal Peace Document based on Catholic Brotherhood with Sunni Islam Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb, & adopted a Cross & Crescent logo joining Catholicism, Mormonism & Islam.

“Having a personal relationship with Jesus is harmful & dangerous, being Christian is being a Church member”
Well, there you have it, the Jesuit Apostle & Vicar of Jesus is joined to Mormons (Mormo is the God of the Living Dead) who rely on illegitimate Prophets & Apostles & Sunni Muslims who rely on Muhammad as the prophet of Allah, the Arab moon god “Sin”.
It won’t get more obvious than this! Having a personal relationship with Jesus is the only path to Salvation!
Mormo is one of Satan’s “Infernal Names”; the Greek “Terrible One” a 2300+ year old name of Satan found in “The Distaff” poem of Erinna; a Hideous She-Monster, & epithet of Hecate, the Greek goddess of Witchcraft, called the “Cosmic World Soul”; Siriusly!
In the Satanic Bible, Mormo is “King of the Ghouls” ie “King of the Graveyards” & “God of the Living Dead”.
In Chinese Mormo means “Gates of Hell”; Mormon Jon Huntsman, Ambassador to China under Barack Obama & Russian Ambassador under Donald Trump initiated the George Soros’ (Schwartz György) Color Revolutions.
Mormon “Embryo Souls” originate from the Gnostic doctrine “Indestructibility of the Soul” & “Transmigration of Souls”; they are said to originate from Kolob, the Arab “al-Qalb” is the “Star of Isis” aka “Sirius”, the “Dog Star”.
The Heliacal rising of Sirius begins the annual Flooding of the Nile at the end of the 40 “Dog Days” of Summer; the beginning of the Egyptian New Year & so this Cycle used to elect Pharaohs.
Aug 11 is the anniversary date of the Mayan Calendar; Aug 11, 2019 is Tisha B'Av the anniversary of the destructions of the 1st & 2nd Temples, start of WWI & WWII, Bar Kokhba revolt, Alhambra Decree & Gulf Wars 1 & 2.

Aug 11, 2019 is the Heliacal Rising of Sirius aka Star of Isis
Isis is the consort of Saturn, called “Black Virgin”;
Isis means “Throne”, specifically the Throne of Saturn “Black Star” or Chaldean “STUR” (Gematrically 666) is Satan who will inhabit an Alternative Messiah “Antichrist” enforcing the Mark of the Beast (666).
“Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward.” Gen 49:17
Dan means Judge; the Tribal Standard of Dan was changed from the Serpent to the Eagle to hide this prophecy; the Serpent is the Devil, Satan & Dragon which has deceived the entire world (Rev 12:9).
The Assyrian Nisroch is Saturn depicted as an Eagle (2Ki 19:37); the Six Pointed Chaldean Star is the Ensign of Saturn/Nisroch.
Dan will Judge Israel as one of the Tribes but Dan is not listed as “Saved” in Rev 7 because the Tribe of Dan set up Golden Calf altars to Saturn at Beth-El “House of Saturn” & Dan.
Today, the Golden Calf Shamash occupies the center candle of the Hanukkah Menorah & like Dan is associated with the Scales of Justice just like Lady Justice, the Black Horse (Rev 6:5-6) & Libra, the name of the Cryptocurrency controlled from Switzerland making its debut in 2020.
Mormon Prophets are false Prophets “The law and prophets were until John” Luk 16:16; 80% of Mormons claim lineage from Ephraim; Mormon Prophets from Dan; neither tribe are listed among the Saved tribes in Rev 7 for a reason; the Mormon Eagle Gate is the Gate of Saturn.
Avites aka Hivites descend from Canaan & brought worship of the Dog Star Sirius “Prince” to Israel with the Dog Idol “Nibhaz” (2Ki 17:31), the god of the Hivites.
The Belt Stars in Orion like the Pyramids of Egypt point to Sirius; in China (Cathay=Sons of Heth), the land of the Hittites where Santa originated call Sirius the “Wolf Star” or “Celestial Wolf”.
Mormons are indeed “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes”!
“Howbeit the Most High dwelleth not in Temples made with hands” Acts 7:38; Mormons are Temple Builders.
Mormons are Elohim, the plural of El, the Canaanite Creator El is Saturn, seen in BabEl “Gate of El” or BabylOn “Gate of Osiris/Heliopolis/Saturn”.
Roughly 80% of Mormons claim descent from the Tribes of Ephraim (Israel) & Dan (Judge), the only 2 tribes not listed as “Saved” in Rev 7 KJV.
Mormon Prophets claim descent from the Tribe of Dan; Dan will become Judges (Gen 49:16-17) at the Great White Throne of Judgment at the end of the Millennium (Eze 48) as a Tribe of Israel.
Mormon “Prophets” chosen by God ended with John the Baptist’s beheading; Jesus (God in Flesh) gave Prophecies in the New Covenant personally, with Revelation, Prophecy of the future Great Tribulation, Armageddon, 1000 Year Millennium, Gog & Magog & Eternal Temple via Holy Ghost.
Mormon Prophets lead “Apostles”; an Apostle is one ordained by the laying of hands from Jesus Christ. Apostleship ended with the death of the last Apostle John; all other followers of Jesus Christ are “Disciples”.

“Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do. 1 Ti 1:4
The Mormon Church is obsessed with genealogies, falsely promising its members descent from Tribes of Israel (Ephraim, Manasseh, Dan) & Priesthoods (Aaronic ie Levite & Melchisedek).
Baptisms for the Dead

“Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? why are they then baptized for the dead?” 1Co 15:29
Baptism of the Holy Ghost is required for Salvation.
Jesus is God of the Living not the God of the Dead “He is not a God of the dead, but of the living: for all live unto him." Luk 20:38; Mar 12:27
The Eagle Gate in Salt Lake City is Nisroch (2Ki 19:37); Saturn/Satan symbolized as an Eagle). The Eagle stands on an inverted 5 point Star “Baphomet” clutching a Beehive; in Chaldean, Word (Dabar) means “Bee”; the Beehive Hexagon is the Star of Saturn aka Chaldean Star.
Kolob the Mormon Star which generates “Mormon Embryo Souls” is the Cosmic World Soul “Hecate” in Witchcraft & the Arab Star al Qalb aka Star of Isis “Sirius” (Prince) aka “Dog Star”
or “Orion’s Dog” brought to Israel (Samaria) by the Avites as Nibhaz, a Dog Idol (2Ki 17:31) along with the Donkey Idol Tartak.
Sirius, the brightest Star leads Orion “Heavenly Light” whose belt stars are reflected in the Great Pyramids of Egypt, pointing at Sirius on the Horizon.
Quraysh bedouins of Mecca (Muhammad was a Quraysh bedouin) also revered Sirius, the SW wall of the Kaaba aims at Sirius.
Sirius is the Star of Annunciation of the Gnostic Christ in Theosophy; Egyptians called the Christ Horus “KRST”.
Sirius is considered the “Controller of Destinies”, “Axis of the Universe” & producer of all Worlds & Souls; Mormons are therefore taught to believe they will become God’s of these Worlds & physical vessels of Souls created by Sirius.
Jesus was God of this World for Mormons, the Star of the Magi? Sirius.
“And he (Ishmael) will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren” Gen 16:12. Ever wonder why the Democratic Logo is an Ass?
New bible versions change “Man” to “Donkey” or “Ass”; Mormon Lehi brought the Ishmaelites to America; Lehi means “Jawbone of an Ass”, specifically the Jawbone of an Ass Samson used killed Philistines at Beit Shemesh.

Revenge? You bet, Balaam’s She-Ass may ring a Baal; Num 22. Israel didn’t invent the Donkey, Canaanites did, Tartak is the Avite “Ass” referring to the Philistine “Prince of Darkness”.
Christus Idol in the Mormon Visitor’s Center has its back to the Sun; the Illumination comes from the Dark Star, Primeval Sun “Saturn” at Saturnalia aka Christmas/Hanukkah. That Christ is not Jesus Christ.
The Essenes “Priest” are the Cult of Saturn are called “Melchisedekians”; Mormon men claim the title “Melchisedek Priest”, Melchisedek means “Priest of the Most High” & “King of Jerusalem”;
Melchisedek is the title only Jesus is entitled to, it originates in Gen 14:18; Psa 111 & Heb 7 represents the Covenant God (Melchisedek) Abraham, King David & the New Covenant.
Jerusalem & Jesus are in Heaven (Gal 4:26); this Jerusalem is “Spiritually, Sodom and Egypt” (Gal 4:25; Rev 11:8 KJV) 11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek Scroll” was written by the Essenes 2100 years ago & calls for the arrival of Melchisedek after the 10th Jubilee;
2017-18 was the Rabbis 10th Jubilee.
“Christmas” Annular Solar Eclipse “Halo” or Q will form around the Sun on Boxing Day aka St. Stephens Day Boxes/Cubes represent Saturn, aka Baal Berith “Lord of the Fir Tree Covenant”; Christmas Trees & Hanukkah Bushes serve the same purpose;
the Boxes seen as Phylacteries worn over the Pineal Gland by Saturnian/Sabian/Chaldean/Chabad-Lubavitch, Crypto fake Jews.

Christmas (25 Dec) & Hanukkah (25 Kislev) are Saturnalia celebrations; Saturn seen in the Six Pointed Star of Saturn aka Black Star aka Chaldean STUR (Gematrically 666) & Saturn, the Supreme God of the Chaldeans.
The Six Pointed Star is in the stained glass windows of the Salt Lake City “Zion” Temple for this reason.
David Bowie’s Black Star features the Dec 26, 2019 Annular Eclipse “Halo” as does the promo trailer for the AT&T pseudo-documentary “The Sign”.

Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication” 2019: Dec 22-28, 2019: Daniel’s 70th Week? Dan 9:23-27 describes 70 Weeks to bring an end to sin & anoint the Most Holy; Hanukkah 2019 may falsely fulfill this.
Chaldean Crypto fake Jews await Geula (Redemption) with the return of HaShem aka Melchisedek (Melek + Tzaddiq) or Tzaddiq (Righteous); not Jesus, but the Rising Sun.
An Annular Solar Eclipse will form a Halo (Annulus) around the Moon “Midweek” on Dec 25-26, 2019 beginning in the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at Sunrise & whose midpoint is centered on the Royal Hashemite Kingdom of Sulu & Sabah.

Sabian/Chaldean Priests went by the title Rba, today’s Crypto fake Jewish Rabbis are Sabians have infected every religion on Earth, awaiting Geula (Redemption) of HaShem whom they teach is Melchisedek (King of Salem).
Rabbis teach Melchisedek (Gen 14:18) was Shem; this is a Lie; Jesus is Melchisedek (King of Jerusalem, Priest of the Most High) in both Old & New Covenants (Hebrew 7).
Hashemites originated with the Alternative Korahite Priests of Mecca “Quraysh” God buried in the sand (Num 16; 26:10); the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Jordan means (Going down the Dan); Jordans were for Sabians “Living Water” necessary for Baptism; Jesus provides a Baptism of the Holy Ghost, the only Baptism necessary for Salvation.
Transjordan is since 1917 the land of Edom, Moab & Ammon (Dan 11:41) the 3 peoples who escape the hand of Antichrist during the Great Tribulation (Dan 11:38), the “Little Horn” who enters the Golden Gate (East Gate) peaceably (Dan 11:24).
The Jordanian Waqf was given a perpetual donation to control the Temple Mount for this reason.
Hanukkah “Feast of Dedication” is very big deal to Chaldeans; Saturn is their Supreme God, seen in the Six Pointed Star of Saturn, they are the Cult of Saturn aka Melchisedekians.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Cult of Melchisedek.
Tartan Day Mormons claim the anniversary of the birth of “Jesus the Christ” is April 6, 1 BC; the Mormon Church was founded in America on April 6, 1830 & its 1st 3 Temples dedicated on April 6.
April 6 however is not Jesus’ birthday but Tartan Day, a celebration of Assyrian Captivity. April 6, 1 BC was 13 Nisan, Passover Eve, the day Jesus Christ was Crucified.
The northern 10 Tribes of Israel were taken captive via Ephraim’s treasonous pact with Tartan, the Assyrian Army Commander under Sargon II & his son Sennacherib whose “House of Nisroch” was Nineveh, the capital of Assyria.
The Mormon Church originated in Scotland as the Restoration Movement; in this doctrine, Jesus failed His mission & the Mormon Church came to America (Amurru=Serpent; Land of Amorites) to complete it.
Jesus’ real birthdate & restored Gospel was provided to Joseph Smith by Angel Gabriel, according to Mormons.
The organization of the Church of Latter Day Saints aka Mormon Church corresponds to their claimed birthdate of “Jesus the Christ” in 1 BC; the Eve of Passover ie Crucifixion Day in 1 BC aka Year “0” was April 6.

The Mormon Christus statue at the Visitor’s Center is Antichrist aka Lucifer; the illumination of this “Christ” is the Black Star “Saturn”.
If Mormons really believe Jesus Christ was born on April 6, why on Earth do they place such emphasis on celebrating Christmas?
Look at the lighting on the Christus statue; Saturn is opposite the Earth on Saturnalia/Christmas.
Christ Mass in fact means Death & Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
How many Mormons are aware of this? Not enough.
Anno Domini “Year of our Lord” has nothing to do with Jesus Christ; it has to do with Edomite “Dominion”; Jesus Christ was a “Young Child” when Herod died in Spring of 4 BC; you do the math.
April 6 is National Tartan Day;
Tartan is the Assyrian Army commander, #2 in line after King Sargon II whose treasonous pact with Ephraim (White Mormons claim descent from Ephraim) led to deportment & captivity of Israel whose 10 tribes were replaced with Canaanites, Babylonians, Medeans listed in 2Ki 17:30;
Yes, they are still there!
April 6 “US Army Day” commemorates the US entry into WWI in 1917.
Woodrow Wilson campaigned “Re-elect the man who will keep your sons out of war in Europe” He lied.
The Declaration of Arbroath “Scottish Independence” was signed April 6, 1320.
Knight of St John (Oannes) Rev Pat Robertson’s “700 Club” may ring a Baal; by 2020, all this will be easy to see, unfortunately, that may be too late to establish a one on one personal covenant with Jesus Christ; after the “Strong Delusion” it’s all over but the crying.
“Every 700 years the Laurel grows green again”- Gnostic Cathars
Tartan means “Phoenician Cloth”, a once outlawed piece of cloth used by Jacobins & Jacobites of Canaanite ancestry to instigate revolutions in Scotland, England, America & France. Like Mormons who also claim descent from Jacob, it’s all a Lie.
Mormons are taught (D&C 88:111-16) the battle of Gog & Magog is before the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ; A Lie, but one that Jon Huntsman Jr as Russian Ambassador was in place to help fulfill.
“Gog their king shall lead the armies of Magog in a last great battle before the 2nd Coming of Christ” Not Jesus Christ, but Antichrist. Eze 38:2; Rev 20:7-8 spell out Gog & Magog is “After the thousand years”; when King David & Jesus Christ rule in Jerusalem.
The Mormon White Horse Prophecy calls for elders of the Mormon Church to step up when the Constitution is hanging by a thread as thin as Spider’s Silk; Blood will run down the streets from Ogden to Salt Lake City as water down a storm drain.
Mitt Romney was elected Utah Senator in 2018 & is in Washington “To save the Constitution”.

The Oath of Vengeance from the Nauvoo Endowment came out of Extermination Order #44 & the Masonic killing of Joseph & Hyrum Smith (Brigham Young was a 33rd degree Luciferian Freemason managed by Jesuit Pierre-Jean De Smet)
in the Carthage (Phoenician outpost of Carthage in North Africa may ring a Baal) Jail calls for Mormon men to exterminate Gentiles until the 4th generation (Mitt’s generation) until the last drop of blood is spilled in vengeance for the death of Joseph Smith.
“You & each of you do covenant & promise that you will pray & never cease to pray to Almighty God to avenge the blood of the prophets upon this nation, & that you will teach the same to your children & to your children’s children unto the third & fourth generation.” Pleasant eh?
Donald Trump is the 44th person selected US President, likely for the same reason Israel’s King Zedekiah was the 44th person & final King of Israel.
Executive Order #44 was issued by Missouri Governor Lilburn Boggs after The Mormon War.
“Extermination Order #44 as it was called states “Mormons are enemies who must be exterminated of driven from the State if necessary for the public peace”.
The Order referred to Mormons as “Drags of Society, Seditious, Lazy, Idle, Vicious, Deluded Fanatics, Weak, Designing Knaves needing to be exterminated”;
the exact same description given in the Apache Chief Newspaper concerning Mitt Romney’s great grandfather, arrested & held in St. John’s AZ jail on corruption & fraud;
the same description Cretan Priests gave of themselves in Titus 1:12
Why? Because they are of the same spiritual Chaldean (Caphtorim Gen 10:14) stock.
Vengeance was attempted on Boggs by Danite Porter Rockwell using a Revolver with heavy gauge buckshot, ie a very close range weapon. Rockwell is called the “Destroyer of Mormondom”.
Mormon Mitt Romney has been told since 1979 he is the rider of the White Horse “Faithful and true, clothed in light, chosen to usher in the Christ”. Utah “Zion” Senator Mitt Romney has a very colorful history.
“Vengeance is mine and I have taken it” 33rd degree Freemason Brigham Young pulling down the Cross at the Mountain Meadows Massacre Site on the anniversary of the 9/11 1857 Massacre of 120 Fancher-Baker Party pioneers.

According to the interpretation of Doctrine & Covenants #20 by Elder James E. Talmage, Jesus was born April 6, 1830 corresponding to the date the Church of Latter Day Saints was organized.

April 6, 2019 corresponds to 1 Abib “God’s New Year”. The Return of the Mormon “Christ” will correspond to that date in the 120th Jubilee (6000th year); Jesus Christ? Not on your eternal life.
Soon after Joseph Smith founded the Mormon Church, newspapers began calling him “American Mahomet” “Yankee Mahomet” or “Modern Mahomet” & for good reason, Smith like Muhammad claimed they met Angel Gabriel at 14, each wrote their respective testimonies;
Quran & Book of Mormon, which differed significantly from Word of God & each religion worships the same god “Saturn” aka Satan in the form of the Canaanite god “El” or “Elohim” for Mormons seen in BabEl & “Allah” for Muslims, the Arab god “Sin” seen in Bab Ilu “Gate of Allah”.
Mormonism is Zionism; WWIII will pit Islam against Zionism to the point of physical, moral & economic exhaustion according to Albert Pike’s plan for 3 World Wars; what a coincidence Freemason Albert Pike & Jesuit Giuseppe Mazzini were both mentored by Jesuit Pierre-Jean De Smet.
BOM even has Ishmaelite women traveling with & marrying the family of Lehi on their journey the Americas.
Lehi is the Jawbone of the Ass Samson used to kill Philistines at Beit Shemesh aka Site 911, or Project 911, today a radiation hardened bunker awaiting the arrival of Satan/Apollyon/Abaddon to Jerusalem at Rev 9:11.
Apostle James Talmage passed a 4 yr curriculum at BYU in 1 year in Chemistry & Geology; imagine that!
He believed the Americas to have been populated by Jaredites from the land of Nimrod who met with Jesus Christ just after the Flood who traveled to the Americas in Wooden Submarines traveling underwater as Whales,
presumably around Africa & diagonally across the Atlantic to the mouth of the Mississippi River, considered the real site of the Euphrates & Adam-ondi-Ahman (Land of Nod) Adam & Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden in Jackson, MS.
Nephites, sons of Lehi (Jawbone of Balaam’s Ass Samson used to slaughter Philistines) later followed, which conflicted with findings of near eastern peoples in the Americas (Ref Scotford or Soper “Frauds”) which Talmage vehemently decried as forgeries.

Utah was originally called “Deseret” meaning “Honey Bee”; Bee means Word in Chaldee; Honey refers to Nectar of the Gods; Priests of Cybele “Melissa” also mean “Bee”.
The Christus Statue is not Jesus Christ, it is an idol of the Alternative Christ; shown illuminated by the Light (Sin) eclipsing or occulting the Earth.
Jesus Christ was not in the original church title “Church of Latter Day Saints” because He replaced the Aaronic & Melchisedek Priesthoods which Mormons are endeavoring to continue.
Tokens of the Aaronic & Melchisedek Priesthoods, are passwords & handgrips; the passwords are “sign of the nail”, & “sure sign of the nail”.
Not only did those nails hold Jesus to the cross, Mormons assume He died, & are attempting to replace the only Melchisedek Priest in history. Melchisedek authored the Covenant of Abraham, became the authority of King David & replaced the corrupted Levite Priesthood.
Mormo means “God of the Living Dead”; one of the names of Satan in Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible.
Accepting the title Melchisedek Priest is the first lie told to Eve & then Adam in the Garden of Eden; “Ye shall be as gods”.
“The Lord of heaven and earth dwelleth not in Temples made with hands” Acts 7:48; 17:24
Mormons worship the “UNKNOWN GOD” NOT JESUS.
The Temple has 6 Spires, 28 Moon Stones, 12 Sun Stones & inverted 5 Point Stars of Baphomet over the windows & doors. The entrances feature the All Seeing Eye of Horus (Son of Osiris/Saturn) & Masonic Handshakes because Mormon Rituals are derived from Freemasonry.
Mormonism is the American branch of the Scottish Campbellite Restoration Movement.
Mitt Romney’s gggrandfather & former Russian Ambassador Jon Huntsman’s ggggrandfather is Parley Pratt, the real author of the Book of Mormon who converted Sidney Rigdon to Mormonism.
The Book of Mormon is plagiarized from Congregationalist Preacher Solomon Spalding’s fictional 1812 romance novel called "Manuscript, Found" a story about Mound Builders of North America & the “Record found buried in the earth”;

"Mormonism Unveiled" 1834, was the 1st Anti-Mormon publication claiming this.
Spalding traveled to Pittsburg with the manuscript & was killed before publication by Patterson & Lambdin Publishers.
Spalding-Rigdon theory of Mormon Authorship claims Ridgon & Oliver Cowdery stole the story; Rigdon an acquaintance of Patterson had Spalding killed in 1816 before publication.

Adamson Bentley said 2 years before anyone had heard of Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon “Sydney Rigdon told me a book was coming out from a manuscript found buried in the ground on golden plates”.
Parley Pratt was jailed with Smith several times for leading insurrections & land fraud, called the “Apostle Paul of Mormonism” he was later tracked down & killed by Hector McLean, the husband of Pratt’s 12th polygamist wife Eleanor.
Jon Huntsman & Mitt Romney have an ex to grind & are now in the position to do so.
Nisroch the Assyrian Eagle is Saturn

The Eagle Gate sits to the north of the Mormon Temple as a symbol of Esau who “Exalted himself as the Eagle” in Obadiah; it stands on a Beehive denoting Gnostic Essenes “Essen” means Priest of Artemis “Queen Bee”; Bee means “Word” in Chaldee.
Under the Beehive is an inverted 5 Point Star venerated by the Knights Templar called “Baphomet” (Baph=Spirit + Metis=Wisdom), a symbol of the Creator Goat called Shamash (Sun; Black Sun=Saturn “Sol Invictus”), famous for being the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah.
As will be seen, this symbolizes Bab=Gate; el the Phoenician creator god; “Babel”.
Joseph Smith claimed descend from the Tribe of Dan “Judge”;
his private police force the “Danite Band” became 33rd degree Mason Brigham Young’s “Avenging Angels” which murdered Fancher-Baker party on 9/11/1857 & finally “Mormon Mafia” which kidnapped and later murdered Howard Hughes & used his estate to build “Sin City” aka Las Vegas;
Mafia is an acronym for Mazzini Authorizes Theft Fire & Poison; Giuseppe Mazzini was the Italian Revolutionary counterpart of Albert Pike, the Confederate, Sodomite head of Scotch Rite Masonry; Mormonism’s Endowment Rituals are Masonic.
Young visited the Mountain Meadows Massacre site; pulling down the Cross, he stated “Vengeance is mine & I have taken it”; a line straight from the bible attributed to God.
In 2000, remains of the Fancher-Baker Party were unearthed during construction of a new “Mountain Meadows Visitor’s Center” Gov Mike Leavitt had the remains illegally entombed in concrete as part of the walls.

Entering the Mormon Temple, one will pass under an inverted 5 point Star of Baphomet; Republicans Mitt Romney & Jon Huntsman know the Stars on the Republican Elephant Logo were turned upside down when Reagan’s Neocons took control;
the Baptismal Fount inside Temples & Stake Centers, is supported by 12 Oxen symbolizing the sexless, yoked, beast of burden.
As Jesus was Immaculately Conceived, Zeus, the White Bull who mated with Europa to form the Minotaur came to be symbolized by the Egyptian Apis Bull, the Golden Bull at Beth “House” El (Phoenician god ie Satan) & Dan (Judge), Brahma (Priest Caste of India), Wall Street Bull etc.
Only Jesus Christ can produce an Apostle. The Quorum of 70 Apostles symbolizes a return to the Law under Moses & 70 elders; the Roman Catholic counterpart is the College of 70 Cardinals;
the Arab counterpart are the 70 Budela in Dervish culture; Dervish led by the Qutb “Pole”, Mormons have a similar Pole on top of the Ward Houses.
Palo “Impalement” is a form of Crucifixion (Pagan means To Fix or Nail) utilized by Ottomans such as Vlad Dracul “Dracula” & the Khazars led by the Kagan;
Speaking of Kagan, Elena Kagan was essentially confirmed by Mormon Orrin Hatch as Chairman of Judiciary Committee; she was Obama’s mentor at Columbia during his “Missing Years” & again at Harvard & then became Solicitor General to protect his ineligibility to become president.
In myth, Ino, the counterpart to Zeus raises Dionysus & becomes the wife of Tammuz. Women wept on the porch of Solomon’s Temple in Eze 8 which is why women have no priesthood positions in the Mormon Church;
Ino saves Tammuz in the form of a Sea Gull; Sea Gulls appear in early Mormon history of Salt Lake City saving Mormons from Locusts, one of the 10 Egyptian plagues.
Ino becomes mother of the Phoenician Melqart “Lord of the City”; MLK, the Arabic word for Lord/King in Marduk, Molech, Melqart, Melek Taus & Melchisedek “King of Salem” is thus a Satanic copy of Jesus Christ.
A final aspect of myth with respect to the Mormon Church is Zeus & Europa (Europe) the Western Mother.
This myth originated on Crete; Cretans are self admitted liars, evil beasts & slow bellies in Titus; Cretans became known as Hyksos “Foreign Shepherd Kings” of Egypt & Philistines who migrated to Europe, impersonating the tribes of Israel after their Assyrian captivity in 700 BC.
The Mormon Church claims descent from either Joseph or Dan; Joseph divided between his eldest son Manasseh for Polynesian, American Natives & Blacks & Ephraim for Whites.
In myth, Melqart fertilized the earth with his blood to grow the new world tree “Yggdrasil” as it is called in Norse countries; this is why many Mormons claim Scandanavian, Swedan & Danish descent.
Native Mormons claim descent The Lost Tribes of Israel promoted by Arthur Koestler & Yair Daviday (Brit-Am-Israel) is a lie expanded on by the Mormon Church.
Essentially, all this is Aryan mythos; Arya means Noble Caste/People; Mormons use the phrase “White & delightsome” to obscure this fact.
The 6 spires on the Salt Lake Temple refer to Adam, made of kneaded red clay on the 6th day.
Mormons regard Jesus as the 2nd Adam & await the arrival of the 3rd “perfected” (made white) Adam; supporting the spires are 28 moon stones.
The constellation Big Dipper (Ursa Major) adorns the walls; the 7 stars in the handle representing the thigh of the Great Bear who heralds the Golden Age of Aquarius “Water Pourer”; biblically the start of Great Tribulation.
The revealing of the 3rd Adam “666” will renew the Garden of Eden once Jesus removes the flaming cherubim guarding the gates; this occurs at Rev 6:14 when “Heaven departs as a scroll when it is rolled together”;
symbolically the revealing of Adam (Red) is the removal of the mask of the Red Kachina in front of the “uninitiated” as told in Hopi pictograph form at Prophecy Rock near the 4 corners monument.

Mormons call this the “Blood in the Streets” prophecy attributed to Joseph Smith (doubtful as he was dead for over 25 years).
At this time Adam-ondi-Ahman, the reputed but false location of the Garden of Eden will attract faithful to Jefferson City, Missouri near the geographic center of the US.
America (Amurru=Red=Edomite Shepherd & Serpent god) will then become the Gate of Antichrist Bab=Gate; El “Babel” as a suitable Scape Goat for Rev 18 “Babylon” Confused? Satan meant it to be; he impersonates God & this is how he intends to do it.
The Cult of Saturn “Melchisedekians” stem from Saturn, the Black Star, Primeval Sun; the primal Lie “Ye shall be as Gods…”
Most Mormons receive Patriarchal blessings of genealogy from the Tribe of Ephraim; the Aaronic Priesthood was exclusive to the Tribe of Levi, it is impossible for them to hold this office.
Jesus is Melchisedek! He (Ref Heb 7) replaced the corrupted Levite Priesthood with the Melchisedek Priesthood which sprang from the Tribe of Juda; that’s not a misspelling, because Jesus is Melchisedek.
The “h” in Hebrew designates “God is with us” so when Jesus assumed the Melchisedek, the “h” had to go with Him out of the Tribe of Judah. This was identical to Abram becoming Abraham only after he was willing to sacrifice Isaac and retrieve Lot from Canaanite captivity.
Melchisedek then is the Priest of the Most High God who refreshed Abraham & was given his tithes (Abraham was tithing to God).
Genetically, native people in the Americas are not of Israelite ancestry; they are Asian.
Mormons should note there are 2 Enoch’s in the bible. The first was in the family line of Cain, the world’s first farmer & murderer who lied to God about his deed.
Cain’s Enoch built a city and fathered Tubal-cain, the instructor of all future metal workers & weapon manufacturers, Jabal, the first cattle rancher, & Jubal, the father of music.
Proud accomplishments, just not acceptable sacrifices to God; these became the basis of “Works” based religion & originated the lie that God is capricious & promotes the survival of the fittest.
The meek shall inherit the earth, remember?
Tubal-cain became the god of esoteric Freemasonry equivalent to the Canaanite fire god “Vulcan” & the later Persian fire god Ahura Mazda.
The 2nd Enoch was the 7th descendant from Adam, who did not build weapons or a city and was bodily translated directly to Heaven in order to protect him from a world gone mad & the impending flood.
This Enoch will (I believe) be sent back to earth with Elijah as the 2 witnesses during the last 3 ½ years of the Tribulation Period “Jacob’s Trouble”.
The Book of Mormon tells of Jesus introducing Himself to Jaredites about the time of Tower of Babel & Jaredites travelling to the land of Nimrod.
Archaeology speaking, I believe Nimrod is confused with the Akkadian/Assyrian “Scorpion King” Sargon the Great.
The Authorized bible does not say Nimrod built the Tower; the builders came from the east, not to the east. Sargon means “Legitimate King” & the timing would be within a few hundred years after the flood (ca 2200-2100 BC).
Why Legitimate? The Vernal Equinox sunrise at the time of the Flood was in Taurus;
very soon after, it precessed into Aries; it has precessed into Aquarius 2 X 2160=4320 years later on or about 12/21/2012; I believe the significant event in Sargon the Greats’ life was his birth at this astrological marker.
Adding 1656 years from Creation to Noah’s Flood & one can see the Earth is quickly approaching 6000 years of age (2 Pe 3:8)
Mormon Jaredites (Noah’s forefather apparently survived the Flood) met Jesus shortly after the Flood & traveled by underwater, corked, wooden submarines to America from the Land of Nimrod.
American natives called the Americas “Amurucu” after the Serpent god Amurru; Druids called the land to the west Amorica.

Long before Columbus set off the land of the Amorites was well known. Amorite (Canaanite) King Hammurabi “Code of Hammurabi” placed vengeance in the hands of men rather than God.
From this basis of man-made vengeance came the Mormon doctrine of the Blood Atonement arose.
Limited Atonement is the Calvinist belief that Jesus’ blood is insufficient to cover all sins.
From this doctrine came the Danite Band, a private police force commanded by Joseph Smith, the Avenging Angels commanded by Brigham Young & today’s Mormon Mafia commanded by the current prophet.
By 700 BC, the Assyrian King Sargon II would be making deals with a false Samaritan Priesthood and the Tribe of Ephraim. This is why most Mormons receive Patriarchal blessings of descent from the Tribe of Ephraim & why they refer to others as Gentiles.
God pronounces judgment on the “Bee in Assyria” (Isaiah 7:8), so Mormons being the “Beehive” seem to be filling these roles in modern day. The Assyrian “Bee” later became the symbol of the Merovingian Kings in France; the claimed offspring of Jesus & Mary Magdalene.
According to the Book of Mormon (Ether 4:2; 6) Jesus is said to have given instructions for building of rafts, sealed like a submarine & set off on about a 10,000 mile voyage to the Americas with animals & honey bees; since Jared fathered Enoch, he did not survive the flood.
Joseph Smith later claimed to have seen God & Jesus. The apostle Paul said “No man has seen God” (as the Trinity; in human form we cannot behold God in Spirit) at any time.
If any of these stories were to be true, the entire Old Testament concerning the coming of Jesus would be false; likewise, this would be the only way for Mormons to continue the Melchisedek Priesthood.
The Book of Mormon Jaredites are fictitious survivors of the flood because the flood destroyed all of Cain’s descendants & all of Seth’s but Noah’s family.
Cainites intermarrying with Sethites corrupted the DNA of the entire world that had perhaps as many people as today’s.
Jaredites did not meet Jesus before the rest of the world & make it to America in a barge/submarine.
If Jesus had actually introduced Himself to the Jaredites, all of the prophets He sent to foretell of His coming would be wrong; thus all prophecy would also be wrong & therefore everything in the bible would necessarily become a fictitious story.
1 John 5:7 says the bible is God in written form & both are the same as Jesus & the Holy Ghost.
Prophecy is defined as pre-written history. It is not educated guessing & the last book of prophecy “Revelation” ends with a strong warning not to add or subtract from it.
This book was written just before the end of the 1st century, so by definition, all prophets since then are liars & in fact any incorrect prophecy given by anyone defines them as a false prophet.
Mat 11:13 & Luke 16:16 “For all the prophets and the law prophesized until John” There are no modern day prophets of God.
Jeremiah 52:10 & 2 Kings 25:7 record that all of King Zedekiah’s sons died at the hand of the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, because he defiled God’s house, the Jewish Temple.
Why on Earth would God found another church based on one of his dead sons named Mulek? (Ref Helaman 8:21)
Once again, the bible must be wrong to accept this teaching.
Lamanites & Nephites traveling to America at the fall of Babylon is not exclusive to the Mormon Church;
the Irish are taught Zedekiah’s daughter Tea Tephi was taken by Jeremiah to Tara where this dynastic marriage of pagan Irish kings with a daughter of the last King of Judah produced a line of rightful kings to the throne of Jerusalem.
Aside from being unbiblical & mythological, God does not use a matriarchal line of descent; Satan does.
Mormons teach that Lamanites were cursed with black skin by God for remaining neutral in the War in Heaven; Nephites being “White & Delightsome” were God’s chosen people to establish Zion.
This phrase comes from Laban which means “To make Bricks” as in the Tower of Babel & “To make White” ie Sinless. This teaching makes God out to be prejudice against a very large percentage of His creation, so why would He create them?
The bible does not say Ham was cursed. Only his son Canaan was cursed; why? Ham violated his father Noah’s marriage covenant with his wife by having intercourse with his mother, thus Canaan’s bloodline was “Cursed” by incest.
The punishment was that he would be a servant of his brothers. Skin color is determined from adaptation to climate, not from a curse.
The Golden Plates were never used with the Seer Stones, Hat or Magic Spectacles Smith claimed to have used to translate the Book of Mormon. They would have been far too heavy & bulky to contain the Book of Mormon & where are they?
Smith claimed he gave them back to Angel Moroni (hard to see I Moron eh?) If the Book of Mormon is the most perfect book ever written, why has it undergone over 3000 revisions, the last one being 2007?
The bible says “no man hath seen God at any time”, so why would He show Himself to the Jaredites & Joseph Smith? Jesus said “It is finished” from the cross, so why would He condone another testament of Him? What, He didn’t get it right the first time?
Mormons are dedicated Temple builders. The entire birth of Jesus is given to illustrate defiled Temples made of stone would be replaced by Human Temples called Born Again Christians.
It’s not likely you will ever meet a Born Again Mormon because they reject Jesus, preferring instead to replace His failed Melchisedek Priesthood.
John the Baptist came to make the way straight for Jesus by teaching baptism for the remission of sins. He was likely born at Passover (deliverance to Salvation through Jesus).
Mary became the new human Temple on earth during her pregnancy through Immaculate Conception, thus the date the angel Gabriel told her of this honor was probably Chanukah “Feast of Temple Dedication”.
Jesus had no place to lay his head; not quite what the Jews were taught to expect from the King of Kings, so eventually He was rejected, however, Jesus was probably born on the “Feast of the Tabernacle” (September on our modern calendar).
The date was commemorated with illuminating the Temple & was known as “Festival of Lights”. This was the festival which caused Mary & Joseph to have no room at the inn.
The lighting of the Mormon Temple with lights at Christmas (Christ Mass means death of Christ & distribution of the body & blood in the sacrament) is, ignorant or not, a celebration of the birth of the unconquered Sun known for over 2000 years as Yule.
Many religions make this mistake!
The foundation of Christianity is the Bible; the Authorized Bible aka KJV. Here is the power contained in this book.

When Jesus came to the age of His ministry at 30, John the Baptist took Him to the Jordan River saying to people, I will baptize you with water, but He (Jesus) shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, & with fire.
John was not Jesus’ mentor; he said this to illustrate the necessity to accept Jesus as God.
In 3 days, He would return to Heaven & His blood would baptize humanity to make an atonement for every persons sin who accepted Him as Lord & Savior.
His baptism in water did nothing for Him, & it does nothing for you until you accept the blood of Jesus Christ as payment to God for your sins, & you owe Him a lot! After baptism, the Holy Ghost descended on Jesus. In other words, He became the first “Born Again” Christian.
As it states in John 3:3 “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Why listen to a man talk about salvation, who is not headed for heaven himself? Jesus then fasted 40 days & was tempted by Satan.
Here is what the King of Kings said 3 times: “It is written” This is the primary error with every religion including Mormonism; to have faith in them, one has to reject the infallibility of the Bible.
In Mathew 4:5-11, notice the power Satan has in the physical world: “Then the devil taketh him up into the holy city, & setteth him on a pinnacle of the temple.”
Jesus said “It is written…thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.” “Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain…”
Jesus said “…Satan, for it is written. Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, & him only shalt thou serve. Then the devil leaveth him, & behold, angels came…”
Satan had the physical power over Jesus while He was on the Earth to “Take him”, but quoting the bible alone, Jesus was able cause Satan to leave. Notice also, that when Satan left, God’s angels could then minister to Jesus. This applies to every human being as well.
When people let Satan in their lives through crystal gazing, necromancy or rejection of the Word of God (all practices of Joseph Smith), God’s angels stay away.
The bible is a spiritual weapon that is not subject to change, revision, or alteration because “In the beginning was the Word, & the Word was with God, & the Word was God.” John 1:1
Here is how the Book of Mormon tries to change God. And in doing so, leaves believers in it on a foundation of sand.
God’s plan of salvation has never changed. It has always been Love God & Love your neighbor. Period. Only Israelites were subject to the 10 commandments, everyone else could be saved by worshipping God alone, & not killing anyone.
Salvation is attained by submitting to God’s will, abiding by His instructions in the Word of God, & accepting His punishment of sin.
The 1st error in Mormonism is believing Enoch’s (Cain’s descendant) city was translated to Heaven. It was not, & his descendants began killing everyone with metal weapons.
The 2nd error is believing Jaredites could have made it to the Americas in a barge. Jaredites all died in the flood. They had to because only Noah & his family of 8 survived. This has to be true because it is in the Word of God.
The book of Mormon states that the Jaredites were introduced to Jesus 2000 years before the rest of the world & didn’t have their language “Confounded” at the Tower of Babel. This part is true, because there weren’t any Jaredites at the Tower of Babel; they all died in the flood.
The 3rd error is believing Mulekites escaped the destruction of the Jewish Temple. God had the Babylonians destroy the Temple because King Zedekiah was defiling it.
The bible states in 3 places that Zedekiah & all his sons were killed. This has to be true because it is in the Word of God. If Mulek had escaped this punishment, he would have escaped God’s wrath.
The 3rd error in the Book of Mormon is the teaching that marriages are sealed for eternity. “But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world (heaven), & the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage.” Luke 20:35
This is true because it is in the Word of God. Notice also the phrase “resurrection from the dead”. Rapture teachers say the righteous will be taken to heaven before anything bad happens. This is false because the resurrection happens to the dead.
Read 1 Th 4:15-17 & 1 Co 15:51-52 again because bodily resurrection of Born Again Christians happens at the 7th Trumpet, not at the beginning of the Tribulation.
Mormons look forward to the 3rd Jewish Temple being built, but notice the first resurrection happens just prior to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, & those who reach heaven are “…souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, & for the word of God…” Rev 20:4
Only sons of Moses’ brother Aaron could become Levite Priests. Most Mormons receive Patriarchal blessings of genealogy from the Tribe of Ephraim. Nobody in that Tribe was eligible to even become a Levite Priest.
Melchisedek is described as the King of Salem & Priest of God; the Melchisedek Priesthood is the priesthood of Jesus Christ!
This is the very same lie that the serpent (no not a talking snake; she merely communicated with demons who lied to her & convinced her to rebel against God) beguiled Eve with 6000 years ago.
Mormonism is extremely dangerous because to consider it viable, adherents must reject the Word of God as being infallible.
The bible is God in written form (ref John 1:1 or 1 John 5:7) so rejecting the bible is Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, the only unforgivable sin.
Originally, Joseph Smith claimed God delivered the book of Mormon to him “No man hath seen God at any time” 1 John 4:12 “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, & the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” 1 John 5:7
If you believe the bible is not translated correctly, get an Authorized Version (KJV) because it is God, & your eternal life depends on it!
If you believe the book of Mormon restored the true Church why did Jesus say “It is finished” from the cross?
If you believe the book of Mormon is another testament to Jesus Christ, why is it so much different than His book?
The Mormon Enoch, & Mulek rejected God; He did not save them. Ezekiel, Isaiah & Daniel all described the attributes of the coming of Jesus Christ & the time of His arrival in about 600 BC.
They too had to be wrong if Jesus introduced Himself to the Jaredites. Right? Why would the Son of God introduce Himself to people His father had just killed?
God warned humanity 120 years in advance that He was going to flood the world. Plenty of Jaredites must have heard it & seen Noah build his Ark, but they didn’t build one, so how did they survive?
If eternal salvation is your goal, are you willing to be beheaded for the Word of God? If you aren’t, you had better re-evaluate your faith because Jesus died for you, & you will likely die for Him if He is your Savior.
Essen means “Priest”; devotees to the Mother Goddess in Ephesus (modern Turkey) were devotees to the Queen Bee as were the Essenes “King Bees”, the sect who wrote Gnostic bible texts from the Caves of Qumran “Beehives” on the shores of the Dead Sea.
2017 is the Satanic Jubilee Year (50 Years after the 1967 6-Day War, 6th Tetrad & capture of the Golan Heights & Temple Mount.
A Jubilee is a reversal of Slave & Master. 2017-2018 is the 10th Jubilee planned for the arrival of Prince Melchisedek in 11Q13 Prince Melchisedek Scroll written in in 100 BC by the Essenes.
April 6, 2019 is 1 Abib “God’s New Year” & anniversary of the founding of the Mormon Church in America, the date Mormons believe is the birth of “Jesus the Christ”.
Mormo is a 2300 year old descriptive term from Erinna in the Greek poem “The Distaff” meaning “Terrible One” of “Frightful One”; describes as either Lupine (Werewolf aka Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes) or Equine as in the “White Horse” conquering.
Stealing & Consecration of property (money, assets, real estate) to the “Sons of Israel” is the purpose of the Mormon Church.
After the Battle of Hastings in 1066, Bastard Norman King William & his royal Bankers including George Romney commissioned the “Domesday Book”, an accounting of everything of value claimed by the Normans aka Vikings or 6 Kings,
soon to become known as Knights Templars & today’s International Bankers aka Cult of Saturn “Melchisedekians”.
George Romney was one of the Domesday Book Bankers; Mitt Romney, a Melchisedek Priest laundered the enormous profits (175%/Year) from the Iran-Contra Weapons for Drugs scheme during the Reagan administration, stashing the ill gotten gains in the Cayman Islands National Bank.
“Knowing, brethren, beloved, your election of God” 1 Th 1:4 New Bible versions including the 1599 Geneva Bible change this scripture to conform with John Calvin’s (Samaritan Cohen) idea of Fixed Pre-destination.
For those who accept the blood of Jesus as remission of Sin, the sacrifice is over. For those who believe in Limited Atonement or Blood Atonement, the sacrifices are never enough.
The Satanic Bible lists 77 infernal names of Satan “Mormo” means “God of the Living Dead” & is one of them. Gnostics have 77 names of God they claim originates in the Bible; Wrong!
There is one Name JAH or JEHOVAH in the Old Covenant & JESUS, in the New Covenant; JESUS is JAH (Psa 68:4 matches Mat 1:25.
JESUS is Alpha & Omega, the first Word & the last Word. He is Melchisedek (Priest of the Most High & King of Jerusalem); no Mormon can ever hope to claim that title, yet Mitt Romney does exactly that.
Church of Satan initiate & Temple of Set founder NSA Gen Michael Aquino manages the Spy Facility in Salt Lake City “Zion”.
33rd degree Mason Brigham Young’s & 33rd degree Mason Albert Pike’s Jesuit handler Pierre-Jean De Smet decided “This is the Place” for Zion & soon “Blood will run down the streets as water down a storm drain” when the “White Horse Prophecy” (Plan) comes to fruition.
Mitt is the Rider of the White Horse; in America at least.
His 4th generation grandfather Parley Pratt, called the “Apostle Paul of Mormonism” swore Vengeance on the killers of Joseph an Hyrum Smith to the 3rd & 4th generation; if this sounds like the words God used in Ex 20:5 it is by design.
Mormons are a Kenite Cult who believe the lie Men can become Gods.
What every Mormon needs to know is it was Masons who killed Joseph & Hyrum Smith in the Carthage Jail & that Mormon & Masonic Oaths are derived from the same Satanic source.
Mitt Romney laundered Iran-Contra drug profits through Bain Capital; today Mitt launders LIBOR Hedge Fund profits through the Cayman Islands & Marvelous Investments, managed by John Kerry, George Bush Sr, Hillary Clinton & Mitt Romney.
Mitt is a world class criminal Money Launderer; insignificant as a person but representing “They”, the builders of the Tower of Babel, the Akkadians “Gypsies” from the East.
His primary adviser is also Barack Obama’s, Henry Kissinger a world class mass murderer with a list of Masonic titles as long as your arm.
“Control oil you control nations; control food you control people” Henry Alfred Kissinger (Heinz Alfred Kissinger)
Monsanto & Bain Capital; quite a combination.
Mitt Romney: Amalekite Hyksos “Foreign Shepherd King” of Egypt & Priest of On (Heliopolis) in one man claiming the office of Melchisedek “Priest-King-Judge”.
Gnostics refer to Molech or Melek (Iranian version Melek-Taus is the Yazidi Lord “Melek-Taus”) as Lord & Zedek/Tsaddiq as Jupiter “King Star” hence “Melek-Tsaddiq” an Avatar of Set (Satan), High Priest, King, Warrior, Messiah & Judge rolled into one; Mitt is their man.
“Because the LORD hath sworn that the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation” Exo 17:16 Think Jews & Christians are done battling the Amalekites? Guess Again.

Who are they? Balaam's “1st Nation”, Ruthless, Tricksters, Tyrannical, Residents of Mecca, War Mongers. They have no fear of God because they believe they are gods.
Mitt Romney began his criminal career at Bain Capital in 1977 when Monsanto & Bain teamed up to control world’s Food Supply through Genetically Modified Seeds & Glyphosate “Round Up”, a Class III toxin known to interfere w/ food starting bacteria & pollute ground water aquifers.
A fortunate Vietnam Draft deferment by the Mormon Church kept Mitt away from Monsanto’s Agent Orange defoliant, responsible for a million deaths & birth defects.
Mitt has enough Black Mail to form a black hole, he will stay in line toward war with Syria & Iran because he is the King of Iran-Contra Drug Money Laundering through Bain Capital;
$Trillions of fake wealth were made & stashed in offshore tax havens at the astonishing rate of 173%/Year over 10 years; that & his ineligibility to become President are his “Achilles Heel” aka “Blackmail”.
Mitt believes Adam-ondi-Ahman “Land of God where Adam Dwelt” is in Jackson, MS near the confluence of the Missouri & Mississippi Rivers & that Noah’s Ark carried survivors from there to the Gulf of Mexico & across the Atlantic;
preposterous, but the Mormon “Gates of Hell” version of the Garden of Eden will be re-established there nonetheless.
High level Secret Society Oaths made in Private to groups such as Jesuits, relieve the person of Oaths made in Public; essentially the person becomes a “Citizen of the World”.
This is why Mitt Romney listed USA as a “Foreign Nation” on his 2011 Federal Tax Return, filled out after he announced his candidacy for US President.
Mitt considers himself a Foreigner, evidenced by his initiation in the Council on Foreign Relations & the Mormon “Oath of Vengeance” against America & the “Gentile Race” sworn to the 4th generation by his 4th generation maternal grandfather Parley Pratt.
Mitt doesn’t even consider himself part of the same “Race” as most people on earth. Deluded? Man has tried to become a God for 6000 years; This is nothing new!
In Egypt, Hyksos were called “Foreign Shepherd Kings”; they led Egypt to ruin & were forcefully ejected just before the Exodus;
on arrival in Thera (Santorini) God encased them & their Lupercares (Wolf Brothels) in Lava; the resulting Tsunami hit Crete, the ancient Minoan homeland of Cretans (Liars, Evil Beast & Slow Bellies) like Mitt Romney.
Romani Gypsies entered Sumeria “from the east” as Akkadians just after the Flood (2348 BC); in Sumerian language Akkad means Gypsy; Sargon of Akkad the first King of the World.
Abram’s day (b. 1960 BC) the land was called Ur of the Chaldees or for Celts in Wales “Culdees”. Gypsy Priests “Konn-Torrs” (Priests of the Toroid) were known by their more famous title “Chaldean Magi”.
Sargon the Great claimed the title “Sharru-Kinu” (True King) as the Vernal Equinox Sun rose in Aries (Remember the Ram in the thicket as Abram was just about to sacrifice Isaac?) roughly 100 years after the Flood;
he was pronounced “Sargon” (Legitimate King) by virtue of a mother termed a “Changeling”, a Demon possessed Chaldean High Priestess (Temple Prostitute) of Babel (Babel means Gate of El “Elohim”, On “Osiris”, Marduk, Molech, Allah) presiding over “Sacred Marriages”.
Sargon the Great married his sister who became High Priestess in Nineveh, the first post flood city built by Shem’s 2nd son Ashur. Notice Ashur was idolized as Assur; the missing “h” means he rejected God as did Hagar (Agar of Gal 4:25), Ismail (Iranian Shia “Twelvers”) & Esau.
Sargon the Great was an illegitimate heir to the Sumerian Kingdom of Ur as was Sargon II of Assyria, who in 722 BC took the Assyrian throne, Assyria refers to Assur their King & National god (Chrysler uses the Winged Solar Disc & Archer as its logo);
he is equivalent with Shamash the god of Hanukkah (Center candle is Shamash “Shining Lord”).
Sargon II & his military commander “Tartan” (Tartan is Phoenician Cloth used by pagan “Scotti” & celebrated every year in the Presbyterian Church, a Jesuit creation) made a treasonous pact with the Israelite Tribe of Ephraim
& deported the northern 10 tribes en masse, replacing “Israel” with a combination of mixed blood Samaritans, Babylonians, Canaanites, Cuthites, Medes listed in 2 Kings 17:30.
He too was an illegitimate usurper given an air of legitimacy by Solar Priests of Harran (Abraham’s elder brother) “Sabians of Harran” (Sabah means Sunrise; again, the missing “h” refers to people who ritually reject God) & Priests of Assur in Nineveh.
A reading of Rev 7 will reveal the Tribe of Ephraim is not listed; Mitt claims Ephraimite lineage as do most white Mormons. Mormon prophets claim Danite lineage; notice Dan is not listed as “Saved” either.
Romani Gypsies became known as:
Chaldean Magi
Brahmins of India
Sabians of Harran
Medean Magi aka Priests of Zoroaster, Egyptian Priests of On (Ephraim’s mother Asenath was the daughter of Canaanite priests of On)
Phoenician Priests of Dagan (Catholic, Orthodox & Anglican clergy wear the Mitre of Dagan)
Essenes of Qumran
Therapeutae of Alexandria Egypt
Curetes (Priests of Cybele)
Kabbalists in Turkey & Romania
Boii (Bohemians such as at Bohemian Grove today)
Celtic Druids (Knowers of Trees)
& Romanichal Kale (Kale means Black as in Light absorption aka God Particle or black holes etc) Gypsies in Wales.
Mitt is a Chaldean Gypsy Usurper sworn in blood against America & Gentiles. Make no mistake about this.
Mitt Romney has the hallmarks (in my opinion) of being Sargon III. The Romney family begins in Cistercian Abbey of Dalton in Furness (Wales) at the grave of George Romney.
Mormonism & especially Romney claims to be the “Sacred Bloodline of the Chosen Seed”.
Dalton aka Daltune in the “Domesday Book” commissioned by Norman King William the Conqueror (Mitt’s claimed ancestor allowed Amalekites posing as Jews aka Knights Templar to initiate Usury under Royal protection in 1066;
they were expelled in 1290 AD, 700 years before Bush Sr started the Gulf War) was a survey of all assets & land claimed by the Normans (North Men; God’s Throne is in the North);
for the sake of simplicity, the entire world west of Jerusalem “Occident”; the eastern land “Orient” is claimed by the counterparts of the Knights Templa “Nizari Assassins” who today follow a multi-billionaire named Aga Khan IV.

It should come as no surprise Iran-Contra Arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi was Mitt Romney’s business partner in Bain Capital (currently run by Mossad/IDF asset Orit Gadiesh) & Clear Channel Communications.
Adnan also owned the Triad Building where Mormon owned KSL has its broadcast house.
Knights Templar were & still are Norman/Cistercian Order of Monks called “International Bankers”, (Vikings, Cossacks, Corsairs, Pirates, Conquistadores etc) acquiring & consecrating the world’s real estate & assets to “Sons of Israel” through Usury.
The band of Medes, Babylonians, Canaanites & mixed blood Samaritans (2 Kings 17:30) who replaced Israel in 722 BC during the reign of Sargon “Legitimate King” II & Ephraim’s Treason.
Mitt Romney, a claimed Ephraimite has been told for 40 years he is “The One, Strong & Mighty, clothed in light” who will usher in the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ as one of his progeny “Holy Grail” bloodline.
There is no Holy Grail or Royal Bloodline! King Arthur, Zedekiah’s “Grail” line, the “Spear of Destiny”, the “Stone of Scone” (Jacob’s Pillow), Joseph of Arimathea’s Crucifixion “Grail Cup”, Mary Magdalene’s “Sangreal” (Jesus Baby) is all fabricated nonsense!
Mormo means “Gates of Hell”, Mormon means “God of the Living Dead”, the same meaning as “Babylon” (Gate of Osiris, On, Allah, El, Elohim, Marduk, Melek, Moloch).
Romney is the Samaritan Melchizedek (Melek Zadok) Priest, the Tsaddiq “Righteous One” & “Chief Priest” of Moloch “Lord” who will usher in the Pale Horse.
There is nobody on the planet who could fill this role better than Mitt Romney.
Remember, Mormons claim the lineage of Joseph whose wife was the daughter of the Chief Priest of On “Heliopolis” Asenath.
This Knights Templar “Red Cross” is paired with Paul Ryan a Knight of Malta “Black Cross” (Knight of St John of Jerusalem, Malta, Cypress and Rhodes) aka “Hospitaller”.
SMOM “Sovereign Military Order of Malta” are sworn to serve a man called the Black Pope aka Jesuit General. Jesuits were & still are the Militia of Zeus & Minerva”.
Capitol means “Womb of Zeus” & Minerva (Athena) stands on top facing East tower the Rising Sun with her back toward the Nation.
Austerity means “To Shine”, so does “Lucifer”; these men are his “Light Bearers”.

NSA 512 Qubit Quantum Supercomputer in Bluffdale, Utah aka Mormon “Zion” is called “Vesuvius” together with the “Beast” Supercomputer in Brussels; a match made in Hell.
Pompeii & Herculaneum were preserved 24 Aug 79 AD when Mt. Vesuvius erupted; a nearly identical fate as Santorini (Thera) destroying the same Cretans.
Bullshit means “Well crafted Lies”.
Zeus (Lucifer) was born on Crete & suckled by a She-wolf (Lupercares are She-wolf Brothels found on Santorini & Pompeii; the calling card is Priapus).
Hyksos (White Foreign Shepherd Kings) aka Amalekites came to Egypt by way of Crete, & later from Phoenicia to the Americas using Solomon’s Ships; their goal is a 3rd Temple in Jerusalem to house Satan’s Seat.
Zeus (Marduk, El, Jupiter, Shamash), the mythical ruler before the Flood turns into a White Bull, mates with the Cretan Europa (Europa rides the Bull at the European Parliament) the wife of King Minos
& creates the Beast “Minotaur” kept hidden in the Labyrinth which is then worshipped in Egypt as the Apis (Apis means Word) Bull, Golden Bull, Wall Street Bull & the Bee (Bee=Word in Chaldee);
The Beehive State houses Vesuvius Computer; the Beehive carried by the Eagle forms the Eagle Gate leading to the Mormon Temple.
Mormons are called “Elohim”, as sons of El (Saturn), they are the Zionist “Cult of Saturn”.
On Jan 3, 2018 Mormon Prophet Thomas S. Monson died “The law and prophets were until John” Luk 16:16.

Dieter Uchtdorf assumed role as 1st Counselor “It is our Birthright to take the liberating path to our Divinity”

Bluff means “Blindfold or Hoodwink”, the 3rd Degree (Death-Re-birth) Ritual in Freemasonry; Bluffdale, Utah is just west of Mt. Olympus, at the man-made head of the Jordan River no less (Baptisms in Utah Lake? Disgusting); Mia Love lives there.
Zeus, as an Eagle, took the Cretan youth Ganymede to Mt. Olympus for a little Pederastic one on one.
Bluffdale is home to the Vesuvius Computer as well as the Apostolic United Brethren, the real heart & soul of Mormon Doctrine.
AUB believes the Bullshit “Adam-God Doctrine”.
Luciferian Mason Brigham Young said “Adam is our Father and our God, and the only god with whom we have”.
He also said “This is the place” referring to the Salt Valley being much like the “Slime Pits” used to build the Tower of Babel & Salt Lake much like the Dead Sea created when God rained Fire & Brimstone on Sodom & Gomorrah.
Adam-God aka “Heavenly Father” is a Gnostic Doctrine which shocked the early Mormons, as it should.
Adam-God teaches that Adam is really Archangel Michael who with one of his plural wives, Eve, arrived on Earth from another Planet and became Mortal after partaking of the Tree of Knowledge.
Adam & Eve then gave birth to the human race (Cain’s Enoch and the entire City of Enoch were taken to Heaven in the Book of Mormon; bible says only Seth’s Enoch), died, resurrected, exalted & returned to Heaven on the Star “Kolob”
aka Arab “Qalb” or Egyptian Star of Isis “Sirius” Siriusly, Kolob/Qalb is the Star nearest Heaven!
Why Arabs? Ishmaelite wives came with Lehi to the Americas in the Book of Mormon.
Why Lehi? Lehi means “Jawbone of an Ass”, specifically the one Samson used to kill 3000 Philistines at Beit Shemesh “House of the Sun”; Israel has Site 911 there, a radiation hardened bunker ready for the arrival of Satan.
Ismailis worship a god they call “Old Man of the Mountain”; no wonder the Apostolic United Brethren have a Temple in Ozumba, Mexico at the base of Popocatepetl “Smoking Mountain”.
Ozumba was invaded by Franciscans in the 1500’s, founding the Monastery which became “Parish of the Immaculate Conception”.
This Gnostic gen of Satanism infects the Catholic Church claiming Mary was Sinless in life & after by her yet unborn son Jesus. Mary becomes the Sinless “Co-Redemptrix” according to this doctrine.
The plan is to cover Mexico City with ash; explode the Yellowstone Caldera; split the New Madrid Fault, create a Tsunami in the Northwest & destroy most of California with an Earthquake. The Americas “land of the Amorites”, sacrificed as a Phoenix “House of Enoch”.
BOM is called “Another testament of Jesus Christ”. Nobody can have 2 Testimonies; one by definition is a Lie. Think the Authorized Bible (Textus Receptus/Masoretic Text) is translated incorrectly? Tell it to JESUS, He is Holy Ghost & Word Made Flesh (Jhn 1:1;14; 1 Jhn 5:7 KJV).
Mormons didn’t invent this Bullshit, Gnostics taught Adam, Jesus (2nd Adam) & a 3rd Adam-Kadmon will finish “The Work” via “The Priesthood”, an Apostolic laying of hands from God (Adam) to Levite Priesthood of Aaron (Aaronic Priesthood) to Melchisedek (Melchisedek Priesthood).
In the Melchisedek Priesthood endowment “Pey Heylel” is “Wondrous Lucifer”; Hilal “Crescent Moon” begins the Islamic Months.
When does all this “Work” (Gravity is the God of Forces creating all this Work by the way) start & finish? CERN & the UN called “2015: Year of Light”; the UN calls “2016: Year of the Pulses”.
Pulses are Slips & Tares aka Born Again followers of the real JESUS. “2017: Year of Sustainability” 2016-17 is the Satanic Jubilee, you can see the Antichrist casting a shadow over the Earth at the Mormon Visitors Center.
FEMA is preparing for “Social Unrest” caused by a 4X increase in Food Prices which is why United Nations Pit-Bull VX SWAT (made by Ford no less) armed vehicles are arriving by the dozens all over the US.

Now you know why the Mormon Church has perhaps the world’s largest supply of food “Deseret Land & Livestock” “Deseret Farms” etc. Deseret means Honey Bee.
Mormons believe Adam holds the Keys to the Universe & the Priesthood; Adam means “Red”, the name God gave Esau (symbolized by the Eagle) when he rejected Him.
Don’t make the same mistake.
“Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel…Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, O my people, I will open your graves, and cause you to come up out of your graves, and bring you into the land of Israel.
And ye shall know that I am the LORD, when I have opened your graves…Son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions:
then take another stick, and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel his companions…” Eze 37:11-16.
“Nothing in politics happens by accident; if it happened, you can bet it was planned” FDR
“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists.” J Edgar Hoover
The Red Scallops on the Romney Coat of Arms is the Edomite (Esau=Edom=Red=Debt) “Dominion” (Gen 27:39-41 KJV) in the Age of Aquarius (Water Pourer), the Golden Age of Saturn.
Mitt Romney is a Satanist “Money Changer” who rejects the atonement offered by Jesus Christ at the Crucifixion; the Black Yarmulke replaces the Veil torn top to bottom separating Man from God through the Holy Ghost.
The Human Temple replaced by the fervent desire to rebuild the Edomite King Herod’s Temple on the spot where Jesus overturned the tables of the Money Changers.
Similar pictures of Donald Trump, George Bush Jr & Barack Obama wearing the Black Yarmulke are available; this is an outward rejection of Jesus Christ, the Unforgivable Sin & Mitt Romney knows it.
The Red Scallop on the Romney Coat of Arms refers to Venus aka Lucifer “Light Bearer” & “Enclosure” of the Sun. Lucifer is the Edomite (Red) and Chaldean god; the symbolic outpouring of his spirit is the Age of Aquarius.
“Burning Man” festivals mimic the Druid “Wicker Man” rituals & the Yetzirah “World of Formation” in Kabbalah.
Burning Man is a mix of Science & Neo-paganism, set up as the Yetzirah (66.6% of a Circle; actually a Toroid) inside a Pentagram constructed with a 6/5 meter fence to mimic the “Perfect Fifth” in music & Venus’ motion 5 point path around Sun in 8 years forming the “Enclosure”.
The central axis points to Santiago de Compostela. The Catholic version of the Hajj is the annual pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela “Field of Stars” in Spain;
the American version of the Hajj is the pilgrimage to “Burning Man” in Black Rock City, Nevada & the Islamic Hajj, a pilgrimage to the Black Stone of Jupiter in Mecca.
Joseph Smith was buried with a Talisman of Jupiter. Maybe this will help you understand the reason.
Kabbalah “Enclosure of Allah”, Kaaba “Enclosure” are simply modern day manifestations of the original Akkadian Konn-Torr “Priest of the Enclosure”.
By the way, Mitt Romney is an Akkadian “Gypsy” of Romani origin; specifically a Kale “Black” Gypsy.
Mitt Romney will essentially turn America into a giant “Wicker Man” after the election to ‘Purify by Fire”, the very meaning of the word Tammuz.
Mitt Romney is an initiate of the CFR sworn to bring an end to US Sovereignty; the cover of Foreign Affairs Magazine has the Pale Horse above the slogan Ubiquitous, meaning Omnipresent.
The world’s largest NSA Data Collection “Spy” facility was completed on the Jordan River just south of the Mormon Temple for this reason.
On the eve of Eid al-Adha “Feast of Sacrifice” Oct 25, 2012 Mitt Romney’s CFR advisor Max Boot wrote an article “5 Reasons to intervene in Syria now” calling for a nationwide “No-Fly Zone”; this overt act of War goes along with an article by Brooking’s Inst “Time to strike Iran”.
Mitt will lead America into War with Syria & Iran without hesitation. The amount of Black mail on this man will ensure this monstrous plan leads to WWIII & the revealing of an Alternative Messiah.
Man’s war against God is the “Monstrous Conspiracy” & everything relating to it is meticulously planned. The foot soldiers are Amalekites whose Lord is Melek;
their 6000 year conspiracy began in the Garden of Eden & will end at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ when Creation is precisely 6000 years old.
3 ½ years before that happens, Prince Melchisedek will arrive to make Man “Free of God” (Gen 27:39-41 KJV spells this out as the Yoke of Jacob removed from Esau & his Edomite descendants) & usher in the “Great Tribulation” riding a Pale Horse called Death.
From Cain to Noah’s wife, to Ham (Black) to Canaan to Chaldean Magi to Priests of On to Phoenician Priests of Baal to Druids & Mormons, Amalekites aka Gypsies & Bohemians have attempted to become Gods by harnessing the spirit world.
They lost that war 6000 years ago, but they just don’t realize it.
“…the LORD hath sworn that the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation” Exo 17:16
Mitt Romney is a Gnostic Melchisedek Priest. Jesus is Melchisedek! He is the only Melchisedek, Prince Melchisedek is the Gnostic Priest, Judge & King impersonating God.
11Q13 “Prince Melchisedek” is a Gnostic Scroll found among the Dead Sea Scrolls which states Melchisedek “King of Salem” & “Priest of the Most High” is due to be revealed at the “Trumpet blast of Freedom” (This is yoke of Judah being removed per Gen 27:39-41) after 10 Jubilees.
2013 was the 10th Jubilee after Jesuits installed their Black Nobility Pope Leo X in 1513 AD; Mitt Romney believes he is Melchisedek. The Trumpets begin in Rev 8; Jesus seals the “Book of Life” at Rev 6:14.
Vote means “To Vow”
“No matter who people vote for, they always vote for us” Order of Perfectibilists

Mitt Romney is America’s 1st ineligible candidate for President & the 1st to control the voting system from top to bottom.
Scytl, a Barcelona based investment capital firm will count the votes. E-Voting is controlled by Bain Capital, whose President Orit Gadiesh works for Mitt Romney & is the daughter of an Israeli General.
Hart InterCivic makes the machines, H.I.G. Capital owns Hart InterCivic & Bain directors are now H.I.G. directors. Bain made 173%/year for 10 years laundering $Trillions in Iran-Contra Drug & Weapons money. Why waste your time voting?
Romney is a lifelong Corporate Raider; TPP (Trans-pacific Partnership) & TAP (Trans-Atlantic Partnership) will bid on America’s Public, Private & Corporate Assets in an operation called Blue Seed.
Converted barges & cruise ships will be anchored offshore in International Waters managing & bidding on America’s assets during what will amount to as a Bankruptcy Court ordered “Fire Sale”.
Dan 4:17 tells us God puts the “Basest” (Morally Corrupt) of men in charge.
America was designed to be “Scuttled” & Scytl does exactly that.
Barcelona is named after Sodomite Pederast, father/son Generals Hannibal & Hamilcar Barca who coerced Rome to Scorch, Salt & piss the ashes of North Africa aka “Barqa”.
The US will receive the same treatment; Rome & Mitt Romney are no coincidence; they both refer to Romani Gypsies aka the Chaldean Magi who created this worldwide Bee (In Chaldean Bee means Word) & WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) Sting.
The New Covenant is purely “Spiritual” through a Baptism of the Holy Ghost & there is one source in Jesus Christ as God in Flesh.
Physically, God will ensure “They” win as stated in Gen 27:39-41 & Dan 7:6-7, but Spiritually, “They” lost 6000 years ago.
Mitt Romney represents the false restoration of Israel. Israel means “One who wrestles with God”; the real restoration of Israel happens at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ (Judah); the fake restoration of Israel happens at the “Rapture” & start of the “Great Tribulation” (Joseph).
“Rise and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months” Rev 11:1-2
God’s “2 Witnesses” Enoch (Seth’s not Cain’s; Mormon’s claim Cain’s Enoch & his “Holy City” were taken to heaven; a Lie) & Elijah will return at this point.
Mitt Romney is Amalekite & Chaldean.
“They” (Chaldean/Akkadian) came from they East to build the Tower of Babel in Ur (Sumeria); Mitt came from the East (Land of Nod; “Rising Sun”) & will finish the Gate of the Sun God (On, Ilu, Marduk, Molech, Allah).
Mitt Romney started at Bain Capital in 1977, turning Bain into a worldwide controller of Food through Monsanto. In 1984, Mitt Romney started Bain Capital to laundered $Trillions in Iran-Contra Drug money; 2 Bain Capital companies? Both are CIA fronts.
Bain Capital, returning a profit of 173%/Year for 10 years during the Reagan-Bush Sr presidencies (reported by the LA Times).
Essentially, Mitt is a financial “Black Hole”.
The scheme worked like this: A nominal $10 in Panamanian, El Salvadoran drug money is given to Bain which records the investment as $1;
the original $10 is returned in just over a month, the remaining $9 is used to buy drugs, transport them to Mena, AK where Bill & Hillary Clinton control the shipping & Black Budget weapons (WMD’s) for the Iran-Iraq War;
those Chemical Weapons are not in Syria & will be used as the pretext for WWIII.
Mitt is a Criminal far exceeding Bernie Madoff or Ken Lay.
Mitt was at FBI HQ on 9/10/2001 planning the press release for 9/11/2001; his adviser Rabbi Dov Zakheim announced $2.3 Trillion was missing from DOD accounts on 9/10 & FEMA was in place with a full contingent in NYC & Washington DC;
the money, CIA whistleblower Susan Lindauer claims, is actually $9 Trillion that came from Mitt’s Iran-Contra money laundry machine (over 10 years, a $100 investment returns $1 Billion),
a CIA front company used to launder drug money, & exchange the enormous profits made in drugs for weapons such as the Chemical weapons said to be in Syria.
Mitt’s Benghazi (biblical Cyrenaica, the original home to Libertine Jews) attack press release was 2 minutes after Hillary Clinton’s;
CBS News reporter Sharlyl Attkisson witnessed a Predator Drone flying overhead the compound meaning the attack was not a spontaneous reaction to Innocence of Muslims; it was in fact planned by the US & Mitt is well aware of this.
Worse yet, there is no such movie! All of this was stage managed. Barack Obama, Hillary & Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr & Mitt Romney are working in concert & have been for over 30 years.
Mitt’s father George, a Mexican citizen, aided the Nazi War machine as George Bush Sr’s father Prescott did.
George’s mentor was Edward Bernays the father of PR (Public Relations) aka Propaganda as was Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels & Obama idol Saul Alinsky. Both men were planned far ahead for their respective roles.
Barcelona (Catalonia) foreign vote counting firm Scytl will ensure the plan succeeds. Mitt’s son Tagg & fundraiser, Spencer Zwick plundered $8.5 Billion in pension funds through Solamere Capital, now a major investor in H.I.G. & Hart InterCivic, the voting machine maker.
Mormon means “Gates of Hell”. There is no more Satanic, Chaldean, Akkadian, Pharisaic, Gnostic religion than Mormonism; a “Whited Sepulchre full of dead men’s bones”.
Mitt is “Amalekite”. His Israeli (Israel is not Jewish) counterpart is Benjamin Netanyahu; both men were initiated at Boston Consulting in the 1970’s.
Mitt’s Iranian counterpart is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; he was the lead captor of 52 American hostages in Tehran during the Green Revolution.
Romney has been told he is the “One, mighty and strong, clothed in light to usher in the Christ”. Light refers to Lucifer aka Mlk or Molech; check out the Ox feet Baptismal Founts in every Mormon Temple if this is hard to believe.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been told his “Divine mission is to usher in al-Mahdi”; he is nominally a Shia “Twelver”.
Romney’s Messiah is “Prince Melchisedek”; Ahmadinejad’s is “al-Mahdi”.
The Crescent “Hilal” represents “Lucifer”; Mormons like Romney use the phrase “Pey Heylel” meaning Hail Lucifer.
“I will utterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven…the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation” Exo 17:14-16.
Obadiah 1:20 declares “the house of Joseph will be a flame and the house of Esau for stubble…none shall remain of the house of Esau and the fields of Ephraim repossessed”.
There is a description of the Mormon Church & the reason Ephraim is not “Saved” in Rev 7, the stick of Joseph & Ephraim if you will in Rev 11:1. Jesus is the Stick of Judah.
Zedek or Tsaddiq means Jupiter; Joseph Smith was in fact buried with an Idol of Jupiter. Gnostics called Zedek/Jupiter the “Avatar of Seth”; the Gnostic “Satan”.
Capitol means “Womb of Jupiter aka King Star” or “King Planet” where Planet means “Wanderer” as in Cain or Arab “Vagabonds”. That’s right, Mormonism is an Arab religion!
America was founded on July 4th, 1776 according to Planetary (Sabian; Sabah means Sunrise) Astrology & it will end similarly.
Mitt has sworn to avenge the blood of the prophets Joseph & Hyrum Smith on America & the Gentile “Race”.
America is to be declared “Babylon” of Rev 18 in order a false Messiah can be revealed.
There are 313 ! in the Authorized Bible; the first is Abraham’s plea concerning Ishmael (Mormon religion is based on Mulek taking daughters of Ishmael to America. The last ! concerns “Babylon has fallen!” Mitt was from Detroit, Area Code #313; Coincidence? Don’t bet on it!
Mitt claims the title Melchisedek Priest, an office held by Gnostic Melchisedekians.
Capitoline Hill in Rome simply moved to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.
At Mecca, is the Black Stone described in the bible as the image that fell from Jupiter (Acts 19:35).
Talmudic Rabbis claim Melchisedek is Shem which is why Mitt claims Semitic (Israel) lineage; he is not.
Mitt will hammer the Golden Spike that ignites WWIII between Zionism & Islam & like Melchisedekians who claim Jesus’ Priesthood, Mitt is also a Foreign Usurper, illegal to be President under the Constitution.
“My father was born in Mexico of US citizens living in Mexico at the time” Mitt’s Great Grandfather Miles skipped bail on charges of polygamy, perjury, corruption & false land titles; he fled US where Mitt's grandfather Gaskell & father George were born Mexican Citizens;
they fled the Mexican Revolution to the US, & sued the Mexican Government, winning a Judgment of $9,613.
An accused Felon does not flee the country & whose son & grandson become US Citizens who win lawsuits in Mexican Courts.
On Mitt Romney’s 2011 Federal Tax Return, he lists USA as a Foreign Country. An oversight? NO! Gnostics (Jesuits, Illuminated Masons etc) view themselves as Citizens of the World; their Private Oaths relieve them of Oaths sworn in Public within the Nations they reside.
Mitt is Usurper & a Liar ineligible to run for US President. Mitt Romney fills the same role the Hyksos “King Shepherds” did in Egypt at the time of the Exodus (1492 BC).
He claims the same title “Melchisedek” (Priest-King-Judge) & claims descent from Joseph & Asnath, the daughter of the “Priest of On”.
Read Rev 11:1 & Eze 37:16, the “Stick of Joseph” has arrived with the same disregard for God & human life, the Hyksos had. The Hyksos were a War machine as is America.
The Lord of the Hyksos at the fortress of Avaris was Set; it is no coincidence NSA Gen Michael Aquino runs the largest Spy facility in the world from Zion aka Salt Lake City where Mitt Romney’s Mormon Temple is located or that he is Chief Priest of the Temple of Set.
Mormon means “Gate of Hell” in Chinese & Mormo is an infernal name of Satan in Aquino’s co-founder of the Church of Satan Anton LaVey. Got it? You will.
Romney is a Foreign Druid Romani Gypsy sworn to end US Sovereignty & avenge the blood of his Mormon prophets on America & Gentiles.
Brigham Young was a Jesuit handled (Fr Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ) 33rd degree Luciferian Mason & Witch; the BYU Cougar Club has told Mitt he is “The One, Mighty and Strong, clothed in Light to usher in the 2nd Coming of Christ”. Jesus? No way.
Mitt Romney started at Bain Capital in 1977 when Monsanto (Genetically modified food, Agent Orange) was their largest client.
In 1984 Mitt used Bain Capital to launder money at 173%/year for 10 years, resulting in $Trillions profits during Iran-Contra drugs for weapons scandal, & the Iran-Iraq War during the Reagan presidency.
Initial seed money came from elite El Salvadorans Francisco, Orlando & Herbert de Sola in Miami funding Death Squads in El Salvador guarding the Cocaine pipeline.
Iran & Iraq WMD’s were delivered under the table using these profits; Bain made 173% per year for 10 years, only possible through drugs like Cocaine & its highly profitable Crack derivative (Gary Webb’s expose’ in San Jose Mercury News can be researched for details) or Heroin.
After the Iran-Iraq genocide, these WMD’s were used as a pretext for George Bush Sr’s Gulf War I invasion. These same WMD’s were later used as the main pretext for George Bush Jr’s Gulf War II.
Saddam’s WMD’s were in fact US WMD’s because Saddam & George Bush Sr were both business investors in Carlyle Group as well as 33rd degree Freemasons.
Iraq’s WMD’s were shipped to Syria ahead of Gulf War II & will be used as the pretext for World War III, set to begin in Syria & Iran.
The Romney family ends the Amalekite-Cathar legacy; Catharsis means “Discharge of Pent up Emotion”.
The grave of George Romney is at the Cistercian Abbey of Dalton in Furness. Dalton aka Daltune in the “Doomsday Book” commissioned by William the Conqueror (Mitt’s claimed ancestor) was a survey of all assets & land claimed by Normans; for sake of simplicity, the entire world.
Knights Templar were & still are Cistercian Order International Bankers acquiring & consecrating the world’s real estate & assets from “Gentiles” to “Sons of Israel”,
the band of Medes, Babylonians, Canaanites & mixed blood Samaritans (2 Kings 17:30) who replaced Israel in 722 BC during the reign of Sargon “Legitimate King” II.
Mitt Romney has been told for over 40 years he is “The One, Strong and Mighty, clothed in Light” who will usher in the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ as one of his progeny “Holy Grail” bloodline. There is no Holy Grail or Royal Bloodline!
King Arthur, Zedekiah’s “Grail” line, Joseph of Arimathea’s “Grail Cup”, Mary Magdalene’s “Sangreal” is all fabricated nonsense!
Mormo means “Gates of Hell”, the same meaning as Babylon “Gate of On”; Romney is the Samaritan Melchidedek Priest, the Tsaddiq “Chief Priest” of Moloch who will usher in the Pale Horse “Death”.
Mitt Romney is not eligible under the Constitution to be President. Both President & Vice President must be Natural Born US Citizens.
The US is Illegitimate on every level. If you don’t believe this is important, it is because of Public Relations aka “Spin Doctors” in the “Media”.
Media comes from Medes whose Priests were “Magi”, the hereditary caste of Priests of Zoroaster “Star Seed”.
Magic & Media have 3 parts: Pledge, Turn & Prestige; WWIII is the Prestige, the collapse of America & presentation of the “Alternative Messiah”.
The Latin expression of the “Natural Born Citizen” Constitutional requirement is “Jus Sanguinis”: Born to parents who are US Citizens at the time of birth & “Jus Solis”: Born in the US. (There are exemptions for Foreign Service or Military deployment).
Mitt Romney’s father George was born in Mexico & never Naturalized a US Citizen (records need to be made public & dated prior to Mitt’s 1947 birth);
George like George Bush Sr’s father “Curious George Scherf” (Nikola Tesla’s lab assistant Prescott Bush) aided the Nazi Reich through Alcoa Aluminum; George Bush Sr’s father financed the Nazi Reich through the Union Bank.
A bit odd Stalin lost the war & received 12 time zones of land isn’t it?
Barack Obama’s claimed (Lelo Soetero, Barack Obama Sr. Frank Marshall Davis & Malcolm X aka Bari Malik Shabazz are all contenders; I believe the latter to have more proof) father (Soetero) was not a US Citizen;
doubt also exists as to his birthplace and citizenship (Indonesia does not have Dual Citizenship). Obama has stated his father served in WWII; Obama Sr would have been 6 yrs old.
The point? This shouldn’t be a mystery when the legitimacy of the Commander in Chief is in question.
Obama did not bow to Saudi King Abdullah by accident, nor did he proclaim “A new beginning for Islam” in Cairo standing next to Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak (Barack means Lightning) by accident.
Public Relations aka “Spin” was handled by Joseph Goebbels for Hitler’s Germany & by Talmudic Zionist Edward Bernays in America, the nephew of Dr. Sigmund Freud.
George Romney supplied Nazi aluminum through IG Farben as intern, lobbyist & later executive at ALCOA (Aluminum Corp of America), & w/ Bernays, ALCOA’s “PR Adviser” convinced American Dental Association & Municipal Governments such as NYC “Water Fluoridation” was safe; it is not.
The purpose, was to create a more compliant populace, riddled with diseases such as bone fluorosis & ADHD. The first thing Hitler & Stalin did was fluoridate water supplies for this reason.
ALCOA was the world’s largest Fluorine producer; what better way to dispose of this industrial toxin than in making Atomic weapons & fluoridating Water supplies.
“Manipulation of public opinion is a necessary part of Democracy” - Edward Bernays in his book "Propaganda"
“Tell a big lie often enough and people will begin to believe it” - Joseph Goebbels
If you believe the Mormon Church is based on teachings of Jesus Christ, it is because of “PR”.
“For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” 2 Co 11:13-14
Ever heard Jesus & Lucifer are brothers? Good PR eh? Mormons believe that nonsense.
FDR & Sodomite FBI founder J. Edgar Hoover were 33rd degree Sovereign (Sovereign means “no higher rank” ie free of all laws) Freemasons, exposing a monstrous plan called Zionism.
In Hebrew, the phrase Tikun Olam means “Repair the World”, a restating of the Hermetic Axiom “As Above, So Below”.
The monstrous plan is set in stone at the Georgia Guide Stones, calls for the elimination of all but 500 million persons from earth.
This Satanic Monument in Stone was erected in 1979, coincident with Iran’s “Green Revolution”.
“In 700 years, the Laurel will grow Green Again”.
The Gnostic Cathars (Catharsis means “Discharge of Pent up Emotion”) & their military order “Knights Templar” were condemned, executed & their International Banking (Usury) assets confiscated & given to the “Knights Hospitallers”
aka “Knights of St John of Jerusalem” aka “Knights of Malta, Cyprus & Rhodes”.
Cathars were executed by fire in 1244, 700 years before D-Day in 1944. International Bankers “Normans” were expelled from Britain in 1190, 700 years before burning Man began in San Francisco & George Bush Sr began the $16 Trillion Gulf Wars in 1990.
Knights Hospitallers & Templars were rounded up on Cyprus & sent to Turkish prisons 700 years before the Afghanistan War began in 2002.
Knights Templar were tortured & executed in 1307, 700 years before Knight of Malta/Rhodes Scholar Gen Wes Clark (nee Kahne=Cohen) illustrated the 5 year plan for America to invade 7 nations: Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Syria, & Iran.
Iran has not been invaded yet, but America has 45 military bases encircling the modern day nation of Iran, a name derived from Aryan “Noble Caste”.
Note: the Society of Ormus settled in this same Persian Gulf region;
in Egypt they were called “Therapeutae” in Heliopolis, an identical meaning as “Hospitaller”, they were also called the “Order of Perfectibilists”, the same name given to the “Illuminati” under Jesuit Priest Adam Weishaupt in 1776;
they used the same symbol as the Utah Kennecott Copper Mine for a reason! Cathar Priests were called “Perfecti”;
in 1312-1313 the Catholic Church under Pope Clement V & King Phillip V (The movie “V for Vendetta” illustrated the Jesuit obsession with Vengeance; Mormons also have an Oath of Vengeance) of France conducted the Council of Vienne in Langue d’Oc confiscating Templar assets;
700 years later we were looking at the collapse of PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain), the collapse of the Euro & collapse of the US $.
Langue d’Oc means “Language of Occitane”; called “Language of Yes” (Oui), Language of Oil (Old French version of Oui), “Green Language” or “Language of Birds”.
The “Green Revolution” is named after the Templar “Green Man” known as Dionysus in Greece or Bacchus in Rome; this originated in Southern France (Occitania) where the Mary Magdalene myth of the Merovingians began.
Why? Magdala means “Tower” as in “Tower of Babel”; Merovee is a mythical ½ Goat ½ Man Sea Beast. It is no coincidence the Iranian Green Revolution is 33 years old exactly 700 years after the Council of Vienne.
Ever wonder why the price of Oil is so high when America is sitting on over a Trillion Bbls in the ANWR, Bakken Formation & Gulf of Mexico?
Ever wonder why Obama’s campaign motto was “Yes We Can”?
WWIII will pit Political Zionism (Crusader mentality) against be the Mede-Persian Ram; the Grecian Rough Goat of Dan 8 is the same ½ man ½ goat “Merovee”, the Sea Beast rising out of the Sea is Lucifer.
The Super-carrier John C. Stennis (Freemason, Knight of Pythias=Pythagorean “666” Brotherhood) is stationed near Iran’s Naval Exercise at the Straits of Hormuz.
Stennis, a 40 year senator from Mississippi said “I want to plow a furrow straight to the end of the row”. We may very well be getting to the end of the row.
33rd degree Freemason, Sodomite, Confederate War General Albert Pike & fellow 33rd degree Freemason) Giuseppe Mazzini spelled out plan w/ 3 World Wars, culminating between forces of political Zionism & Islam, after which true light of Lucifer could be exposed; question is when?
Mormo means “Terrible One” & “Gates of Hell” + Man; Romney means “Man”.
Joseph Smith was martyred by Freemasons at the Carthage, Illinois Jail (Illinois means “Tribe of Superior Men”).
Carthage is the original Phoenician (Phoenix, the mythical self-immolating bird means Pa=House of Enoch) outpost, created by the mythical Dido & Anna when Assyria overran Phoenicia in 666 BC.
The Punic Wars, launched by father/son Sodomite Pederasts Hannibal “The Cannibal” & his son Hamilcar Barca caused Rome to Scorch, Salt, & Piss in the ashes of North Africa then called “Barqa” where the Arab Spring Revolutions began in Jan 2011.
Joseph Smith was martyred in Carthage Jail by Freemasons who built the Mormon Cult around him. Mormo means “Gate of Hell” in Chinese; Babylon does as well; Bab=Gate; On=Osiris, Molech, El or Allah; Six Pointed Star is the symbol of Molech, usually represented as a Bull like Zeus.
Mormo also means “God of the Living Dead” referring to people without the “Holy Ghost”.
Mormons are taught they are the restoration of Israel; why would Jesus give people who believe that the Holy Ghost?
The Eagle Gate, symbolizes Zeus/Jupiter; Aryan, Edomite & Muslim false gods impersonate JEHOVAH who carried Israel across Red Sea as an Eagle; Eagle Gate stands across the entrance to the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City much like the Eagle or Phoenix became the symbol of America.
This particular Eagle stands atop a Beehive because this is the symbol of the “Womb of Zeus”; in Chaldean (Romney came from Culdee=Chaldee, aka Cornwall and Wales, the Druid stronghold; Dru=Tree; Druid means Men of Trees) language,
Bee means Word an Alternative Word to that of Jesus Christ who was “The Word made Flesh”. Make sense?
An example is Mt. Olympus in Salt Lake City (named after the Salt Valley of Sodom near the Dead Sea) is named after Mt. Olympus, the abode of Zeus who whom the youth Ganymede was abducted & carried on the Eagle to Olympus to be raped and initiated;
immortalized in the famous painting “Rape of Ganymede”; Plato’s Academi in Athens (Black Water is now called Academi; Athene the Green goddess of Love & War) was based on this type Pederasty.
Another example in movies is “Star Wars”, where the Jedi warriors initiate Anakin who becomes Darth Vader; Sons of Anak were “Giants” of the Bible; Anakin was born, later initiated a Jedi from Carthage in modern day Tunisia where the Arab Spring Revolutions first began.
Jedi is derived from the Egyptian Djed Pillar called the “Backbone of Osiris”.
Mormons buried Joseph Smith in a Diamond (Diamond means Adamant referring in the bible to a hardened heart similar to Pharaoh's during the Exodus & Red Sea crossing) shaped coffin with a Ritual Athame (Dagger) & Talisman of Jupiter (Janus Pater means 2 Faced Father),
called the “King Star”; the planet represents Zeus (Zeus=Day=Light) & the astrological age of Aquarius “Water Pourer” which began 12/21/2012.
This day has been planned & rehearsed for 2000 years in Mayan “Ball Court” Games, such as the Teotihuacan’s Pyramids of the Sun & Moon; the day has been known since the days of Sargon the Great (ca 2300BC).
Carnival Cruise Lines “Costa Concordia” symbolizes this date; Costa=Constantine; Concordia means “In league With”; Carnival is Lent “40 days weeping for Tammuz”;
it is no coincidence its 13 decks were named after EU Nations, or that Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee was 2012; 60 years ago she proclaimed herself “Queen of Jerusalem”; oh, & I’m Santa Claus!
The symbol of this date is called the “Chi-Rho” “Labarum”, “Rx” or “Px” all meaning “Crowned Osiris” or “Sol Invictus” the “Un-conquered Sun” & “Solar Christ”. The Sun rising through the “X” formed by the Milky Way (Galactic or Stellar Womb) & Ecliptic-Zodiac.
At the center is the so-called “Dark Rift”; Science refers to this area as the Stellar Womb or Black Hole which of course is the nonsense theory of Creation.
In 2013, the Vernal Equinox (note Vernal ie Spring is a town in Utah where Dinosaur National Park is located) sun rose in Aquarius for the first time as it left Pisces “Labarum”; Make sense yet?
The Fish Symbol is not Christian, it is the Phoenician symbol of the “Fisher King”. This same “X” is made public in themes like “X Games”, “X Men”, the mythical “Planet X” & the 5-6 level in Kabbalah.
Mitt Romney represents the most ancient plan on earth “Gnosticism”; for man to become a god. Is he Antichrist? No, just a Gnostic tool. Gnosticism is the “Tree of Knowledge”;
the Kabbalah “Work upon the Sacred Tree”
Freemasonry (founded by Hellenes, people of Free Stones)
Zionism (Judaism is not Zionism)
Chiliasm (putting a man on the throne of King David; Pergamon is the Throne of Zeus, currently residing in the Berlin Museum)
Mormonism (Mormons claim descent from Joseph & mostly from his son Ephraim; only sons of Aaron from the Tribe of Levi could become Levite Priests; Jesus was from Judah not Ephraim; He alone is Melchisedek “King of Salem”; not Mormon men)
Zoroastrianism (Zoro=Seed; Ashta=Star “Star Seed”)
Bahai (Olympic Rings are Bahai Ring Stones)
“Twelver” Shiite Islam (al-Mahdi “He who rises” is their final Imam)
Buddhism (Buddha means World Pillar as does Qutb a title of Dervish Clan leaders)
or a host of other names; the plan is the same: “Squaring a Circle”. Irrational? Of course that’s what Pi=3.14… is; the tools of the “Craft”, both Masonry & Witchcraft are the Square & Compass.
The Earth mapped as a “Plan”; the “Circle of Heaven” brought to Earth so Man can become god.
Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels said “With enough repetition, people can be made to believe a Circle can become a Square”;
He Lied, & was aided by George Romney, Mitt Romney’s Mexican born father & Prescott Bush, father of Iraq War liars George Sr & Jr.
Lucifer is the “Light at the end of the tunnel”; Jesus told us we would see “Antichrist revealed”; occultists call this the “Golden Age”; it is no coincidence the Transcontinental railroad was connected by the ,Golden Spike” in Salt Lake City between Engines #119 & the Jupiter.
The area code for Iraq & Iran is 119, the reverse of 911, Emergency Phone number in the US, the scripture in Gen 9:11 establishing the Covenant with Noah
(Noahide Laws have nothing to do with this; they are the Satanic alternative; Reagan was the first US President to recognize Chabad-Lubavitch & Noahide Law)
& the scripture in Revelation describing the arrival on earth of Satan aka Apollyon or Abaddon, 18 months & a day before the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ at the 5th Trumpet.
Mitt Romney is a CFR member; Foreign Affairs magazine features a cover with the Rider of the White House, hand uplifted & the inscription “VBIQVE” which means “UBIQUE” for “Ubiquitous” the quality of being “Omnipresent”.
On the cover of the Jan 2012 issue “TIME TO STRIKE IRAN”.
It is no coincidence ex-NSA Chief Gen Michael Hayden is Mitt’s Counter-Terrorism adviser or that the largest NSA Data Collection facility is being built in Salt Lake City at the headwaters of Utah’s Jordan River in Zion;
Israel’s “Sion” is also at the headwaters of the Jordan River at Mt. Hermon.
Mitt will fulfill the Mormon White Horse Prophecy; not Prophecy (pre-written history) but Gnostic Plan.
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