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#YoonJin Labyrinth AU

Seokjin is the Goblin King. Handsome, clever, and charismatic with a cruel streak. The goblins adore him, but the rest of the kingdom is split. He is controlling and doesn’t like when people go against his wishes or plans.
Those that do tend to find themselves in precarious situations.

After taking away Yoongi’s baby brother, he becomes smitten with Yoongi. Seokjin attempts to seduce and entice him the entire time Yoongi makes his way through the Labyrinth.
Yoongi is a college student, living with his dad, step-mother and half brother. He’s having a hard time finding his place with his dad’s new family, maybe being purposefully distant even.
Yoongi also finds himself stuck babysitting his baby half-brother, Taehyung. He doesn’t hate Taehyung, but he finds himself woefully unqualified to babysit. A fit of frustration finds him saying the magic words to have Taehyung taken away to the Goblin King.
(This will be a relatively short AU thread. I got 3-days off in a row coming up this week though, so I'll probably knock it out then~)

#yoonjin #labyrinthau
1. The sudden silence had shocked Yoongi. Worried, he quickly went back into the room only to find the crib empty.

Taehyung was gone.
He pushed his panic down and looked all around, convinced that Taehyung had somehow crawled out of it. That was the only logical explanation, because he couldn't have just disappeared.
The rain was pounding against the windows, and as Yoongi truly started to panic—still unable to find Tae—the windows burst open.

2. A white owl flew into the room and before Yoongi could properly process it, a man stood before him.

Light pink hair, plump lips, broad shouldered, and absolutely beautiful. He didn't look real. His clothes were dark and intricate, like he came from a fairy tale.
Yoongi had to be dreaming and a detached calmness washed over him.

Until the man spoke.

"It's been so long since anyone’s called on me like this. I thought humans had forgotten about us,” The man’s voice was like a melody.
Yoongi must have said something about dreaming out loud, because the man just looked amused. He quickly proved Yoongi wasn’t dreaming by flinging a snake at him.
A quick nip before Yoongi was able to throw it away from him proved it wasn’t a dream. Though, the snake quickly turning back into a scarf left even more confusion.

3. ”Give Taehyung back,” Yoongi said, scared but angry.

He didn’t want anything to do with this, whatever this was. It was strange and no matter how beautiful the man before him was, he was eerie.
“Give him back? But I’ve only just gotten him. It’s been so long since I’ve had someone new join me, I can’t just give him up so easily,” The man mockingly pouted.
“Please,” Yoongi was starting to feel more desperate than angry. “I don’t know what I said, but I didn’t mean it. I don’t even know who or what you are.”

“My name is Seokjin. As for the what, I’m the Goblin King,” Seokjin smiled, but it wasn’t a warm one.
“Golbin King?” Yoongi repeated.

“Yes, and your little brother is going to be one of my new subjects,” At this, Seokjin smiled more genuinely.
“You can do that! He’s just a child! Please, you have to give him back!”

Seokjin looked at Yoongi in consideration.

4. In a blink, Yoongi was outside, in an unfamiliar place. The land looked dry and bare, save for a castle surrounded by numerous walls.
“Your brother will be turned into a goblin and become one of my loyal subjects. However,” A clock appears out of thin air. “If you can get through the Labyrinth and to my castle by midnight I will give him back to you.”

Thirteen hours from now. That was plenty of time.

Seokjin smiled cruelly, “Good luck, then. Don’t worry, I’ll be keeping your brother company in the meantime. I love children.”

Seokjin was gone in an instant. Yoongi looked over to the labyrinth.

How hard could it be?

5. Just getting to the entrance was tedious. It didn’t look far at first, but it took at least twenty minutes to get there. Something more frustrating than he expected, considering he had a clear view of it.
Yoongi didn’t dwell on it. Thirteen hours was a lot of time, but he needed to get a move on it. Quickly, he walked up to the big double doors to try and push them open.

He pushed as hard as he could, to no avail.
Frustrated, he looked around. There had to be some other entrance. He would climb the wall if he had to.

His eyes landed on a man with his back turned to him. His hair was red and he wore clothes that actually looked like they came from Yoongi’s world.
It was clear from the sounds that he was pissing into the pond in front of him.


6. Yoongi walked up slowly, waiting for the man to finish his business before he said anything.

Before he could, the man turned around and spotted him. Yoongi opened his mouth and the man absolutely screamed, causing Yoongi to jump.
“Oh my god, why would you sneak up on a person when they’re so vunerable?!” The man demanded.

Yoongi held up his hands in a placating way.

“Sorry, I just. You seemed busy and I didn’t want to interrupt,” Yoongi defended.

The man just frowned and Yoongi sighed.
“Look, my name’s Yoongi and I need to get into the labyrinth. Can you help me? Or at least point me in the right direction?” Yoongi asked.

Finally, he replied, “The name is Hoseok. Most people call me Hobi, though.”
“Hobi? Why Hobi?”

“Because I’m the only hope they have of getting out of here in one piece,” Hobi smiled.

7. Hobi, despite his positive name, was really anything but.

He continued his mediocre gardening, muttering to himself, mostly. Though it was definitely about Yoongi.
“Didn’t he offer you your dreams if you just gave up? I don’t know why so many people insist on trying to get through. None of you ever make it,” Hobi finally spoke to Yoongi.

He hadn’t. Not that Yoongi would’ve known what those dreams were.
For his family to still be normal? For Yoongi to actually feel like he belonged somewhere? Yeah, right.

“No. It doesn’t matter anyway, I need to get my brother. If you don’t want to help, it’s fine. I’ll figure it out,” Yoongi sighed and turned back to the doors.
“Ugh, you humans are always so dramatic. I’ll let you into the labyrinth, but don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Hobi rolled his eyes and walked up to the large double doors.

“Aren’t you human too?” Yoongi asked. He definitely looked human.
“Gross, of course I’m not human. I’m a dwarf,” Hobi answered, pulling out a key.

“Oh. I thought... Aren’t dwarfs shorter?” Hobi was even taller than Yoongi. He only shrugged in response.
“What can I say, I’m the tallest of my family,” Hobi answered, and opened the doors easily.

8. Hobi didn’t follow Yoongi in. He told him that he was on his own and gave his very ungenuine wishes for Yoongi not to get killed.

Yoongi walked and walked, looking for an opening to go further in. He was only on the outskirts still and there were no twists.
Frustrated, he began to lightly jog.

Before long he stopped and let out a frustrated yell. He wasn’t getting anywhere. Yoongi smacked the wall and startled when he hears a voice.
A tiny worm was right in front of him. Truly, this place was weird. Despite the oddness, the worm helped Yoongi. It told him that things in the labyrinth weren’t what the seemed and directed him to check the wall behind him.
Sure enough, it was an entrance that Yoongi hadn’t noticed, the opening blending in with the rest of the wall.

He thanked the worm and continued on.

9. The next part wasn’t as frustrating as the first. It was a maze, and at first Yoongi walked through without thinking. After realizing he had been turned around at some point, he remembered a trick he’d read about getting out of mazes.

Keep your right hand on the wall.
Initially, it led him right back to the entrance, much to Yoongi’s frustration. He kept on though and found himself at a dead end at some point. He frowned and turned around only to see the way he came was now also a dead end.
Panicked, he turned around and startled as he saw two doors were now in front of him. Even stranger were the two creatures in front of them.

They looked almost like cards, a head on the top and the bottom for each of them.
They told him that they were The Four Guards and that one pair was a truth teller while the other was a liar.

Only one door was correct and he had to figure out which one.

And well, Yoongi had never gotten perfect grades in school, but he wasn’t an idiot.
It wasn’t hard to trip them up and get them to give him the right answer.

Snorting, he opened the right door and walked forward only to have the ground disappear from under his feet.

That's all for tonight~ For anyone reading, especially those who have seen the movie, I hope you enjoy it so far!

#yoonjin #labyrinthau

10. Seokjin bounced the baby in his lap. Taehyung, was it?

He couldn’t be any older that two, but he was very mobile. The goblins were having fun with him until he accidentally pushed a whole barrel of booze over.
Seokjin mercifully decided to occupy Taehyung’s time for a bit.

It had been a while since the last human baby had come to be turned into one of them. The last time was maybe twenty or thirty years ago.
He remembered commenting on that fact to Hobi once. The dwarf kindly informed him that these days, it was quite frowned upon to send your child away to the Goblin King just because you were mad at it.
Seokjin thanked him for that information by having him redo the entire rooftop garden.

He picked up one of his crystals and tossed it up, turning it into an image of Yoongi making his way through the maze.
Yoongi was probably one of the more beautiful people to find his way into the labyrinth in recent times. And one of the more clever, if the way he was making his way through the maze was anything to go off of.

Suddenly, Taehyung started moving excitedly in his arms.
“Oh, excited to see your brother? You know, he could stay here as well,” Seokjin said, and immediately liked the idea. “Hm, maybe Hobi will finally be useful for more than just watering plants.”

11. Yoongi yelled as he fell, nearly choking as he came to a sudden stop.

Big gray hands were sticking out of the wall, keeping him from falling. Creepily, the hands spoke, asking if he wanted to go back up or continue down.
It was further up than it was down, and Yoongi really didn’t want these weird hands holding him any longer than necessary. He chose down.

By their mocking voices, he figured it was the wrong choice.
He continued his fall more slowly, all the while looking up. How the hell was he going to get out of this? Yoongi hit the ground with an unceremonious thump.
“Wow, you made it further than I thought you would,” Yoongi’s head snapped up at the familiar voice, only to see Hobi standing before him.

12. ”Honestly, I thought you’d just be stuck in the maze the whole time. Not that this is much better, of course,” Hobi commented, walking up to Yoongi. He didn’t offer a hand up.

Yoongi stood up and patted himself off, “Where the hell is this?”
“This is an Oubliette,” Hobi answered. Yoongi looked at him blankly. “Something of a dungeon. This is the way back out of the labyrinth. I’m here to lead you.”

“Back out? I can’t go back out. I need to go back in!” Yoongi argued.
“Ugh, just give up. If you keep this up, you’ll actually die. Seokjin doesn’t prefer to kill people, but I assure you that he’s not really all that against it either,” Hobi sighed.

“Listen, I couldn’t just leave a baby in a place like this, no matter who it was,” Yoongi pushed.
“You listen, people don’t just go against Seokjin and live a pleasant life afterwards! Once, a human was helped by complete accident, and he dumped the one who did it into the Bog of Eternal Stench. The human didn’t even make it far, and Seokjin was still mad!” Hobi yelled.
“Look, I’m not telling you to help me for free. Isn’t there anything I can do or give you?” Yoongi asked.

Hobi’s eyes immediately dropped to the silver bracelet on Yoongi’s wrist.
Without hesitating, Yoongi took the bracelet off and held it out to him. Hoseok hesitated before quickly snatching it out of his hand.

“Fine! But I’m only getting you back in, that’s it!” Hobi huffed.

13. They made their way through the Oubliette, passing by what Hobi called a series of False Alarms.

Hobi went back and forth with them as they kept telling them to turn around, that they were going the wrong way.
Finally, they made it past and a few turns later, Hobi jumped and let out a scream.

“What, what?” Yoongi asked and widened his eyes when he saw what it was that scared Hobi.

“Oh my, this is unexpected,” Seokjin smiled, not at all pleasant.
“Your highness, this isn’t what it looks like,” Hobi immediately started.

“And what does it look like? It certainly couldn’t be that it looks like you’re helping our dear Yoongi make his way back into the labyrinth. Further in, even” Seokjin pouted.
It would’ve been cute if it wasn’t somehow so sinister.

“I-I… why would I want to help him? He’s just another dumb human,” Hobi said and Yoongi ignored the stab of annoyance.
“Hm, that he is. You know, it’s amazing that you’re actually doing exactly what I wanted. I just worry that you weren’t really anticipating my wants, and were maybe acting in your own interest. That couldn’t be the case though, could it?” Seokjin asked, smile back in place.
“O-of course not. I would never do anything to go against you,” Hobi assured.

“That’s great. Otherwise, I was thinking, you know that abandoned castle in the middle of the sea? The one that’s so skinny, but is somehow a hundred stories high?” Seokjin asked.
Hobi nodded, looking nervous.

“I was thinking it would make an nice vacation home. You would be the perfect person to remodel. Especially the rooftop. I know you could do it all by yourself. It would only take, what? Ten years? You’d be done in no time,” Seokjin smiled again.
Yoongi doesn’t think he’s ever been more weary of another person’s smile.

14. Seokjin finally turned his attention to Yoongi which was exactly what he didn’t want.

“My dear Yoongi, you’re doing even better than I thought you would. You’re quite clever. Taehyung is a delight, you know. I’m sure he’d love to have you stay with us as well,” Seokjin said.
A small crystal ball appeared and idly, Seokjin began to play with it, rolling it around his hand.

“I’m sure he would love to stay with me. Preferably back at home though,” Yoongi answered carefully.
Seokjin looked him up and down, and Yoongi suppressed a shiver. His gaze didn’t seem very hostile. In fact, it seemed to be very much the opposite, and that worried Yoongi even more.

Seokjin walked closer to Yoongi, and he ignored the urge to take a step back.
“Is my labyrinth not to your liking? Are you maybe finding it too difficult?” Seokjin asked, and he tilted his head like Yoongi was some cute pet of his.

Yoongi considered himself smart. Right up until he wasn’t.
“It’s alright, I guess. Not very impressive. I’m pretty sure I’ve been through haunted mazes more difficult than this,” Yoongi answered and Hobi let out a strangled sound.

Seokjin face changed. It was a chillingly blank and suddenly Yoongi missed the creepy smiles.

15. ”I see. Well, I wouldn’t want to bore my dear guest,” Seokjin said and a crystal appeared back in his hands. In the blink of an eye, he threw it behind them.

Yoongi snapped his head around but all he saw was darkness.
He turned back around and Seokjin’s face was inches away. Before he could step back Seokjin reached a hand out to grasp his chin and rubbed his thumb along Yoongi’s lips.
“I hope this will add some excitement for you. If not, I can think of other exciting things to make your experience better,” Seokjin smirked and stepped back. He was gone in an instant.

Yoongi blinked out of his stupor at the sound of loud creaking coming from behind.
“Oh, you have got to be kidding me! Not the cleaners!” Hobi yelled, grabbed Yoongi’s wrist and started running. Yoongi chanced a glance behind and saw some type of huge metal drill. Only, it looked a lot more ominous and very much deadly.
“I thought you were smarter than the rest that have come through here! Clearly I was wrong! You’re just as fucking dumb as the rest of them! Are you an idiot?” Hobi was yelling as they ran.

“Look, I’m sorry but he was being fucking weird and I panicked!” Yoongi yelled back.
“Yeah, he was flirting, lord knows why! But if you were really smart you would’ve went along with it a little bit! At the very least, don’t antagonize him!” Hobi groaned in frustration when they ran into a metal gate.
Quickly they looked around and saw a wall that looked like it could give way to a door. The cleaners were gaining on them, and they pushed and slammed into the wall until it finally gave out.
Yoongi turned around just in time to see the cleaners pass by. There were four tiny creatures operating it almost like a bicycle. How fucking weird.

“Oh look, a ladder. Perfect,” Hobi sounded delighted and began climbing it. Yoongi sighed and reluctantly followed.

That's all for tonight! Will update before or after work tomorrow. This is actually longer than I thought it would be, heheh.

#yoonjin #labyrinthau

16. They climbed to the top and Hobi opened a latch. Yoongi crawled out after him and saw they had found themselves in a hedge maze.

"Where are we now?" Yoongi asked.

"Hedge maze," Hobi shrugged.
"Yeah, I can see that. I mean where are we in relation to the rest of the labyrinth?" Yoongi sighed.

"Hm, can't say I really know," Hobi answered. Yoongi groaned in frustration.

"Don't you live here? Why wouldn't you know?" Yoongi pinched the bridge of his nose.
"Hey, I don't have to go through the labyrinth to get around. It's been years since I've had to, and this thing changes all the time," Hobi defended.

Yoongi shook his head. He wanted to take his bracelet back.
"Oh, go ask him," Hobi pointed and Yoongi's gaze fell upon some odd looking old man with a bird head on top of his.

This place was so damn weird.

17. It was a wiseman.

The bird head told them that they could ask one question that would be answered in exchange for a donation.
Yoongi looked down at the wooden box in the old man’s hand and then down at himself. He looked at the silver ring on his left hand and sighed. It wasn’t that nice of a ring, anyway.

He took the ring off and dropped it into the box, noting the longing look Hobi gave the ring.
What would be the best question to ask? Everyone in the labyrinth favored trickery or half answers.

“How can I get out of the labyrinth with my brother?” Yoongi finally asked.
He didn’t really know if it was a question worth asking, but just asking how to get out of the hedge maze seemed like a waste.

The wiseman shook his box, the contents rattling around. Slowly, he spoke:
“No matter how lost you get, always remember where you belong,” His said and Yoongi frowned.

“Well, that was definitely a waste,” Hobi commented.

18. Hobi, of course, tried to leave immediately. Yoongi grabbed his shirt.

“Hey, I got you back into the labyrinth! You’re even further than you were before! Let me go!” Hobi demanded.

“What, so you can go piss in another pond? Come on, just help me out!” Yoongi argued.
“Do I look like I want to spend the next ten years in the middle of the sea by myself?” Hobi asked. Before he could get out of Yoongi’s hold, Yoongi grabbed the little acorn pouch around him and quickly twisted him out of it.

Hobi gasped in shock.
“How dare you! You give that back, it’s rightfully mine!” He made a scrambled for Yoongi, but Yoongi just ran away and onto the other side of a lower hedge.
“Listen, I could really use at least one friend in this place and so far, you’re the only one that could come close to that,” Yoongi said.

That seemed to give Hobi pause. He looked amazed?

“Friend? Really? You want to be friends?” Hobi asked.
“I mean, yeah? I’m not really trying to make any more enemies,” Yoongi answered.

“Oh. Well. I mean, I guess I could help a friend out,” Hobi said, and he almost seemed happy.
If Yoongi would’ve known declaring their friendship was the key, he would’ve done it a lot sooner.

A sudden roar sounded and both their heads snapped in the direction it came from. Immediately, Hobi booked it out of there.
“Nevermind! I don’t need any friends! You’re on your own!” He yelled and was out of sight in an instant.

“Dammit, Hobi!” Yoongi yelled, and looked down at the acorn bag in his hands. He shook his head and put it on.

19. Cautiously, Yoongi peeked around a hedge. He didn’t want to get involved in anything, but he did need to at least find a way around the commotion.
Ahead, he spotted a person hanging upside down by a rope. At least, they kind of looked like a person. They had dark shaggy hair with two horns sticking out. Other than the horns, he was a dead ringer for a human, though.
He was clearly in pain, probably due to these gross small creatures attached to sticks that were biting him. The sticks were being carried by what Yoongi assumed were goblins in armor.

Well, that was shitty.
As he was wondering how he was going to get around, the person hanging upside down made eye contact with Yoongi.

And wow, if he didn’t have the biggest doe eyes. Now Yoongi had to help him.
Not that he knew how he was going to do that. That guy looked a lot stronger than Yoongi and somehow they had gotten him. Yoongi definitely didn’t stand a chance.

Just as he thought that, he felt something hit his foot. He looked down to see a decently sized rock.
Yoongi had pretty good aim, having played basketball in highschool, and a little bit of baseball with friends.

Without another thought, he threw the rock at the head of one of the goblins. The rock hit it’s helmet and it ran into another goblin.
Somehow, rocks kept coming and Yoongi kept throwing them until all the goblins were tripped up and either hitting each other or running away.

When the coast was clear, Yoongi walked up to the person hanging upside down.
20. Yoongi maybe could’ve been more gentle in getting the guy down, but he just saw a rope and untied it. He didn’t mean for the guy to fall straight down to the ground.

“Shit, are you okay?” Yoongi ran over to him and went to help him up.
“Ugh, yeah. God, those guys are the worst,” The guy complained.

“Yeah, that seemed pretty unpleasant. How’d you get stuck up there, anyway?” Yoongi asked.

“Wasn’t looking down and got stuck in a rope trap,” The guy sighed. “My name is Kookie, by the way. Thanks for helping me.”
“No problem. My name's Yoongi.”

“You’re not from here, right? What are you doing here?” Kookie asked.
“My brother was taken by the Goblin King. He said I could have him back if I made it through this stupid labyrinth by midnight,” Yoongi explained.

“Oh! Man, that’s rough. Do you need help?” Kookie asked and Yoongi blinked.
“I mean, I would love help but… won’t you get in trouble?” Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows.

“Nah, I don’t follow him. None of the night trolls do. I don’t know if he thinks we’re too dumb, but he just leaves up be, usually,” Kookie shrugged.
“Oh. Wait, you’re a troll?” Yoongi was sure trolls were supposed to look a lot uglier.

“Yeah, I’m a bit of an outcast. Don’t really look like a typical night troll, you know,” Kookie said. Yoongi didn’t know, but he could imagine.
“Alright, well, it would be great if you stayed with me,” Yoongi said, and he really meant it. Kookie was definitely a lot stronger than Yoongi, and he imagined rocks weren’t going to be enough to take out any bigger creatures.

21. Kookie turned out to be very helpful right off the bat.

They had come across two doors with big metal talking faces for knockers. One of them, their ring went through the nose. The other, it was held in their mouth.
Yoongi pulled the ring out of the mouth so they could talk to both of them. The knocker was very grateful to Yoongi.

Unfortunately, when they figured out that they needed to put the ring back in to properly knock and get through that door, the gratitude was decidedly gone.
About a minute of Yoongi trying to convince the knocker to just let him put the ring back in, and Kookie lost his patience with it. He punched the thing in the nose and as soon as the mouth opened, he shoved the ring back where it was.
And maybe that wouldn't have been Yoongi’s first or second or even third choice, it did get the job done. He silently thanked Kookie’s muscles.

“Kind of weird,” Yoongi began as they made their way into a forest. “Can’t he just drop the ring back out of his mouth anyway?”
“Hm, probably an enchantment. Only other people take it out or put it back,” Kookie said.

That made sense. Slowly, he made his way further into the forest. It was getting more foggy and he worried that they wouldn't be able to find any way at all, led along the right one.
“Hey, do you know how to find your way throu—” Yoongi turned around and stopped when he saw no one behind him. “Kookie?”

Yoongi turned all around.

“Kookie, are you there?” No answer. Yoongi frowned.

Great, he was alone.

Time for bed, I'm tired as can be. Thanks for anyone reading along~

22. Hoseok hadn’t gotten too far from the hedge maze.

It hadn’t been a total lie when he told Yoongi that he didn’t know where they were, or the way to get around the labyrinth.
The thing really did change all the time, it was just that Hoseok knew the way to get around it regardless. One didn’t survive in a place like that without adapting.

Getting through himself and taking another person through was different though.
Hoseok may be able to get through the labyrinth himself and even help someone to a certain extent, but he couldn’t solve it for another person.

He often wondered if that was something written into his DNA, as someone essentially meant to serve whoever ruled the labyrinth.
Hoseok was startled out of his thoughts when Seokjin stepped in front of him.

The shriek he let out ended up startling Seokjin.

“Why do you scream so much?” Seokjin demanded.
“I’m sorry! You just appeared out of nowhere. Your majesty,” Hoseok tacked on as an afterthought.

Seokjin simply frowned before speaking, “I see you ran away from Yoongi.”
“Oh. Yes. See, I told you that I wasn’t trying to help him,” Hoseok said.

“While I’m glad to see your cowardice is as predictable as ever, you need to go back to him,” Seokjin said.
“Why should I go back to him? You don’t actually want him to solve the labyrinth, do you?” Hoseok questioned.

“Of course not. I want to keep him,” Seokjin said and Hoseok fought off a shudder. Somehow, having the Goblin King’s attention seemed like a very bad thing.

23. Seokjin handed Hoseok a peach and he looked at it curiously.

“What is this?” Hoseok asked.

“It’s a peach. Go back to Yoongi and give it to him when his guard is down,” Seokjin ordered.
Hoseok furrowed his eyebrows.

“It’s not… it won’t hurt him, will it?” Hoseok questioned.

Immediately, Hoseok felt the air grown cold.
“Oh Hoseok,” Seokjin began. He was one of the few people who called Hoseok by his real name, rather than Hobi. Hoseok didn’t really mind, but it somehow felt ill-boding to have his true name uttered by Seokjin.
“I do hope you’re not considering siding with Yoongi. Isn’t he just a lowly human? Yes you would choose him over me? Your own king?” Seokjin asked.

“O-of course not. Why would you even think that?” Hoseok asked, nervous.
“I saw how excited you were at him calling you a friend. I didn’t realize you were so lonely Hoseok,” Seokjin frowned as he said. “You should have just told me so. I would’ve helped you, you know. I could make you a deal, you know.”

“A deal?” Hoseok echoed.
“Yes, of course. You think me so cruel. You and Yoongi can be friends. Maybe lovers, perhaps. He could even give you a kiss. If he were to do that, I would make you a prince in your own right,” Seokjin said.

“A prince? Really?” Hoseok’s eyes were wide.
“Absolutely. You’d have a lovely castle. Right in the middle of the sea. Your room would be at the very top of the castle, over three hundred meters high,” Seokjin smiled cruelly. “Unfortunately, your dear new price would not be joining you. Nor would anyone else.”
Hoseok gulped and slowly held his hand out for the peach.

Seokjin smiled and handed the peach over.
“You know, you are very smart Hoseok. Just cleverly keep doing what you need to do, and you will survive quite nicely,” Seokjin smiled before disappearing in a blink.

Hoseok looked down at the peach and he felt sick.

24. The creatures before Yoongi danced around a fire with enthusiasm.

They all had bright orange hair and fluffy orange clothing. Somehow, they looked both birdlike and human.
“Come on, dance with us!” One of them called. Yoongi was no dancer, but that wasn’t really the problem.

The problem was that they were taking random limbs off and expecting Yoongi to do the same.
So Yoongi booked it out of there. A couple of the creatures tried to cut him off, but he just took their heads and threw them as far as he could. It was effective, though it did seem to make them a bit mad.
As he continued to run, one of them appeared next to him and grabbed his elbow. He panicked before the creature shushed him.

“Sorry, us fireys can get a little too excited. A lot of tend to forget that not everyone is born with detachable limbs,” The creature apologized.
His voice was light and Yoongi relaxed slightly, despite himself. The creature smacked one of his friends away when it caught up.

“Aren’t—” Yoongi cut off with a breath. “Aren’t they your friends?”
“Yeah, but don’t worry, they won’t take this personally,” The guy assured.

They reached a dead end and Yoongi cursed. They were at the bottom of a cliff and as he heard the rest of them—fireys, was it?—gain on them, he started to panic.
The one that helped him turned like he was ready to fend off the others.

Before it came to that, a rope appeared. They both looked up and Yoongi was happy as he recognized Hobi.

25. “Hurry up and climb the rope before they catch up!” Hobi yelled.

Quickly, both Yoongi and the one who helped him climbed up. A few of the creatures' heads flew up, but they weren’t able to follow.
“Oh god, that was so fucking weird,” Yoongi huffed.

“Who the hell is this?” Hobi asked, frowning at the one who had helped Yoongi.
“My name’s Jimin, for your information,” The firey, Jimin, answered with a frown.

“Ugh, a firey. You guys are so rambunctious,” Hobi huffed and Jimin frowned before lunging at him, Yoongi awkwardly between them.
“How dare you! Like you dwarfs are any better!” Jimin said, struggling with Hobi.

“Can… can you guys stop?! Or at least let me get from between you before you do this!” Yoongi yelled.
Before he could protest more, his face was squishing into Hobi’s. He faintly registered his lips touching Hobi’s cheek.

Very romantic.

Suddenly, the ground gave out beneath them and they all screamed.

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26. “Oh my god, this smell!” Hobi complained.

They had slid through a tunnel and out of an opening. All of them just barely managed to grab something in time. Yoongi’s something happened to be Hobi’s leg, but it worked.
“Where are we? And what even is this smell?” Yoongi asked, scrunching his nose.

"This is the Bog of Eternal Stench. It's like a combination of every bad smell in existence," Jimin groaned, climbing back up onto the ledge.
Yoongi looked down at the bog. It was brown and it sounded like it was making farting sounds. Who the hell made this thing?

Jimin helped Yoongi climb back up, much to Hobi's relief. They hugged the wall, the edge being too narrow to walk comfortably.
Hobi was in the middle, eyes tightly shut with a hand on Jimin and Yoongi each. It seemed he was not a fan of heights.

The Goblin King's threat to banish him to a one hundred story castle in the middle of the ocean suddenly made a lot more sense.
Yoongi felt a jerk on the arm that Hobi was holding and panicked a bit when he saw the edge giving out.

"Shit, shit, shit!" Hobi tried to scramble to the side but it was too late. The edge gave out and he pulled Jimin and Yoongi down with him.

27. Yoongi wasn't proud of the scream he let out, especially when he realized that it wasn't that far of a fall. Thankfully they avoided falling into the bog.

The fall didn't even hurt that bad. It felt like something broke his fall, even.
"Ugh. Can you guys get off? You're a little heavy altogether," A familiar voice groaned.

Yoongi scrambled up and smiled when he saw it was Kookie.

"Kookie! I was worried about you when we got separated!" Yoongj said, watching Kookie push the other two off of him.
"Yeah, I should've stuck closer to you. That tends to happen in that forest. I'm glad I found you again!" Kookie grinned, his nose scrunched and Yoongi wanted to squish his cheeks.
"When did you make friends with a night troll? And a firey even?" Hobi asked, standing up and brushing himself off.

"After you ran off," Yoongi scoffed.

"Hey! I came back didn't I? And saved you and you weird firey friend," Hobi argued.
"You're a dwarf. You're not any less weird," Jimin rolled his eyes.

"You're a firey? That's so cool! Can't you guys detach your limbs?" Kookie asked, eyes glowing.

They all looked at him for a moment before Jimin detached a hand. Yoongi made a face and Hobi a sound of disgust.
"Nice! Can I touch it?" Kookie looked like this was the best day of his life. Jimin passed his detached hand over and Kookie looked at it in fascination.

"Alright, let's. Let's move on," Yoongi muttered.

28. They made their way towards a small bridge, the only way across the bog. Kookie was still playing with Jimin's detached hand, much to Jimin's amusement. Hobi was looking very uncomfortable, which Yoongi chalked up to the smell.
As soon as they got to the bridge, they were stopped by a barking dog.

Yoongi and Hobi jumped and Kookie immediately cooed and bent down to pet it.
"Ohhh, what a cutie. What are you doing out here, hmmm? You want a snack?" Kookie asked, his voice pitched. He still had Jimin's hand and was wagging it in front of the dog.

Jimin quickly smacked him over the head and took his hand back.
"Rapmon, did you make some friends?" They all looked over to see a man walking up with a dimpled smile.

“Rapmon?” Hobi repeated.

“Yeah, that’s his name. He’s a good boy, don’t worry. He’s just helping guard the bridge,” The dimpled man said.
“And who are you?’ Jimin asked.

“My name is Namjoon. I was tasked by the Goblin King to guard this bridge,” Namjoon explained.

“Guard it from what, exactly?” Yoongi asked.
“Anyone crossing it,” Namjoon answered.

“That’s ridiculous,” Hobi scoffed and went to move past Namjoon. He quickly found himself on the ground.

Yoongi hadn’t even realized that Namjoon had a staff until he used it to knock Hobi over.

29. “Alright Kookie, you take care of him,” Jimin patted Kookie’s back and pushed him forward.

“What? Me?” Kookie frowned and looked at Namjoon. Despite having just knocked Hobi on his ass, Namjoon still looked friendly. “Er…”
“What, ‘er’? Are these muscles just for show?” Jimin frowned.

“Definitely not,” Yoong said, remembering the punch Kookie had delivered to the knocker.

“Whatever, he can’t take us all on,” Hobi reasoned, having picked himself up.
He could definitely take Yoongi on. In fact, Yoongi would probably not even properly contribute to the fight at all. And if Kookie didn’t want to fight, Yoongi was very doubtful that Hobi and Jimin could actually take Namjoon on.
He didn’t even know that Jimin was strong, so far he’d only seen him detach some of his own limbs. Hobi... well Yoongi had even less faith in him.

“I mean, there’s gotta be a way we can talk this out. Why exactly can’t we cross the bridge?” Yoongi asked.
“Because no one can cross without my permission,” Namjoon answered.


Yoongi cut himself off. It really couldn’t be that easy and obvious. He could still give it a try, though.
“I mean, can we have your permission?” Yoongi asked.

Namjoon blinked and seemed to consider.

“Oh. No one’s ever actually asked me. But I mean. If I let you guys pass, I’ll feel kind of useless. All I usually do is guard this bridge and tend to my bonsai trees,” Namjoon frowned.
“How do you ever tolerate it here with the smell?” Jimin asked with a grimace.

“Smell? What smell?” Namjoon asked. Jimin and Hobi looked disgusted.

“You could come with us! It would give you a purpose!” Kookie offered. Yoongi, Hobi and Jimin looked at him like he had lost it.
“With you?” Namjoon repeated.

“Yeah, we’re trying to get Yoongi’s baby brother back. That’s a good cause, isn’t it?” Kookie smiled and they all automatically smiled back at him.

Namjoon seemed to look down in consideration.
“I… I suppose that is a good cause. Alright, I’ll come with you guys,” Namjoon agreed.

Yoongi thanked Kookie’s doe eyes.

30. After getting through a forest, they found themselves at a cliff overlooking the city.

“Wow, I’ve never actually been to the castle. It’s a lot bigger up close,” Jimin commented.
“Mostly people avoid it for a reason,” Hobi muttered.

“How much time do we have until midnight?” Kookie asked.

“About eight hours. That’s a good amount of time. Maybe we should rest up for a couple of hours before we move on,” Namjoon suggested.
“It’d be nice if we had a way to start a fire,” Yoongi commented.

“You’re literally with someone who creates fire,” Jimin scoffed, lighting one of his fingers on fire.

“Oh, we should get some wood then,” Namjoon said.
“I’ll come with you!” Kookie immediately offered. He really seemed to take to Namjoon.

“Why don’t I come with you guys, to make sure you get the right kind of wood,” Jimin frowned, clearly not trusting them.
Yoongi sat down and leaned back against a tree. He looked at Hobi who seemed to be a bit fidgety.

Oh right, maybe he wanted his bag back.

“Hobah, here's your bad. Sorry I took it,” Yoongi said, pulling the small acorn bag over his head and holding it out to Hobi.
“Oh. Thanks,” Hobi frowned and grabbed the bag. After he put it on, he was still looking down. “Hey, are you hungry?”

Yoongi blinked. It probably had been a bit since he had eaten. He was the type to forget to, so he honestly couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a meal.
“Are you sure you don’t want it?” Yoongi asked,though he already felt his stomach growling at the thought of having food.

“Yeah, it’s not much. I don’t even really like peaches. I just picked one earlier,” Hobi said and pulled a peach out of his pocket, holding it out to Yoongi.
Not the most sanitary, but Yoongi was feeling a little desperate after realizing it had indeed been awhile since he’d last ate.

“Thanks, Hobah,” Yoongi said, and held his hand out for it. He took a couple of bites and stopped when he suddenly felt dizzy.
Yoongi looked up at Hobi and saw him looking nervous.

“Hoseok… what the hell is this? Yoongi asked, but already he was starting to lose focus.
“I’m sorry. I really am. Seokjin didn’t give me any choice.”

That was the last thing Yoongi heard before everything went black.

31. Yoongi slowly blinked his eyes open.

All of his senses felt muffled.

Things cleared more when he heard a piano playing. It had been so long since Yoongi heard a piano in person.
He stood up and walked towards the playing without thinking. It looked like he was in some type of old mansion.

As he got closer he started to hear singing. The voice was beautiful, light and melodic. Yoongi stopped in front of a door and closed his eyes as he listened more.
/Yeah, it’s my truth
It’s my truth
I will be covered with wounds all over
But it’s my faith
It’s my faith
Still, I want to struggle and fight/
Slowly, Yoongi opened the door to the room.

He wasn’t surprised to find Seokjin sitting at the piano, able to place his voice easily, much to his own dismay.
Still, he listened on. It was too beautiful not to. The notes, the melody, and Seokjin’s own amazing voice. Without thinking, Yoongi felt himself walking closer until he stood right behind Seokjin.

Yoongi listened all the way until the end, entranced by the song.
When it ended, Seokjin slowly turned around to face Yoongi.

And Yoongi, he was a fool. So when Seokjin stood and walked into Yoongi’s space, placing his hands on Yoongi’s waist, he didn't stop him.
And when Seokjin leaned down to softly speak into Yoongi’s ear to tell him how he’d been waiting, Yoongi didn’t push him away.

No, he leaned into Seokjin’s chest while his eyes fluttered. Faintly, he registered Seokjin pressing a soft kiss below his ear.
Yoongi fought to keep his eyes open, but as Seokjin’s kisses leisurely trailed along his jaw he felt himself giving in.

Seokjin’s soft lips met Yoongi’s own dry ones, and when Yoongi leaned into it, he knew he truly was a fool.

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32. Yoongi sighed and blearily looked up at the ceiling. He was laying on a couch, Seokjin tangled up with him. Seokjin’s mouth was working on sucking another mark onto Yoongi’s neck.
He closed his eyes, playing back all the “Can I?”’s that Seokjin had asked. Yoongi had said yes to every one of them.

Their jackets were off, and Seokjin had removed the cloth choker that Yoongi had been wearing. Other than that, they were still clothed.
They should really stay that way. Hopefully Seokjin wouldn’t ask, though, because Yoongi would surely say yes again.

Something was odd though. It felt so good and Yoongi couldn’t even remember a time when being with someone felt this right.
But he couldn’t help thinking that he wasn’t supposed to be there.

Wasn’t he supposed to be doing something?
As soon as he thought it, Seokjin moved back up and pressed their lips together once more. Their lips slotted together perfectly, with Seokjin dipping his tongue into Yoongi’s mouth. Yoongi only sighed into the kiss.
As Seokjin trailed his lips down Yoongi’s chest as far as he could go with the V-neck, his mind went blank once again.

33. He had a hand rubbing lightly into Seokjin’s waist. It was smaller than expected, considering how broad his shoulders were. Really nice, though.
Yoongi’s shirt had been untucked at some point and Seokjin’s hands trailed up and down Yoongi’s torso. It probably would be easier to just remove the shirt. It would be nice to remove more of their clothes in general. But there was no rush.
No rush.

That didn’t sound right.

Hadn’t Yoongi been doing something? Maybe it wasn’t important, though. Maybe it could wait. It could probably wait.
Seokjin lightly bit his ear and Yoongi turned his head to give him more room. As he did, his eyes landed on a clock.

Eight Fifty-Four.

Yoongi froze.
Three hours until midnight. He needed to do something before midnight. It was important. Very important. Slowly, Yoongi pushed himself up, causing Seokjin to sit up with him.

“What’s wrong, my Yoongi?” Seokjin asked, trailing his open mouth down Yoongi’s neck.
“I… I need to go. Don’t I? Yes. Yes, I need to go,” Yoongi pushed Seokjin back so he could look at him; Seokjin was flushed, and his pupils were dilated. Yoongi imagined he looked much the same himself.
Seokjin put a hand on the back of Yoongi’s neck and pulled him into another kiss. This was less slow and sensual than the rest they had shared. With difficulty, Yoongi pulled away.
Stumbling, he got off of the couch and rushed to the door. He heard Seokjin call for him and faintly registered him following.

Yoongi raced down the hallway searching for an exit, finding none. He turned around and saw past Seokjin that the other side was a dead end as well.
He turned back and looked at the large mirror in front of him. He caught his reflection and he certainly looked debauched. Seokjin was staring at him in the reflection with furrowed eyebrows.

“My Yoongi, where are you going?” Seokjin asked.
“I have to leave. There’s something I’m supposed to be doing,” Yoongi answered and he looked around. His eyes landed on a chair sitting against the wall and he grabbed it.

“Don’t leave, Yoongi. Everyone always leaves,” Seokjin said and Yoongi turned back around to look at him.
Seokjin actually looked sad and Yoongi hesitated.

Until a flash of Taehyung’s face went through his mind. Yoongi couldn’t be selfish so he just frowned and shook his head.
“I’m sorry, Seokjin. I can’t give up on Taehyung,” Yoongi sighed before he turned around and smashed the chair against the mirror.

All at once, the world fell apart.

34. Yoongi woke up in a bed and sat up slowly.

He looked around and startled when he realized he was in his childhood bedroom. Before his parents had split up. Yoongi stood up from the bed and looked around. It looked exactly like it had before they all moved.
They had waited until Yoongi graduated high school to divorce. It was an odd feeling for Yoongi, like he had been holding them back in some way. That feeling doubled when his father remarried within a year and had Taehyung shortly after.
His mother didn’t seem as inclined to tie herself down again. Yoongi had done his enlistment before starting college and often wondered if she enjoyed the freedom. Newly single with her son away as well. He didn’t really hold it against her if she did.
Both of his parents had a room for him in their apartments. When he was with his mother, they barely saw each other. Not on bad terms, but it seemed the both of them preferred to keep to themselves.
His father… Yoongi’s college was closest to his father’s place, so Yoongi stayed there almost exclusively during the school year. He couldn’t help feeling like an outsider, though. There was his father with his new wife, his new son, his new family.
And then there was Yoongi. His old son from his old marriage. It was hard not to feel like he was intruding on his father’s new life.
Yoongi often thought about getting his own place, but he knew it wasn’t viable. He’d need a lot more than a part time job to afford it. Best to just concentrate on finishing school and getting a stable job as soon as possible.
He walked up to a keyboard and pushed a key. His parents had gotten it for him on his tenth birthday when he had been the most interested in music. At a certain point his passion shifted to basketball, and then to photography. Yoongi was always more of a fan of liberal arts.
Suddenly, the door to his room opened and in waddled a goblin. Yoongi blinked as he realized the goblin had a huge pile of junk on their back.

35. Yoongi sat on his bed as the goblin continued to waddle around. It kept handing him things that Yoongi recognized from his childhood. A stuffed dinosaur his father had won him at a festival, the sketchpad his mother had given him when she noticed he liked doodling on things.
Things kept piling up and Yoongi looked around. It was strange because he felt like he should be doing something. But what was it? He continued looking around and his eyes landed on a stuffed tiger. Yoongi didn’t have that tiger anymore… he had given it to someone.
“Taehyung,” Yoongi said and his eyes widened and he stood up, the junk falling to the ground.

“What was that dear?” The goblin asked.
“I don’t belong here,” Yoongi said and immediately the room started falling apart. Yoongi dodged the debris and looked for a way out. He jumped onto his computer desk, and tried to climb out.

Before he made it, things went dark once again.

36. Yoongi opened his eyes to Kookie staring down at him.

“He’s awake!” Kookie yelled and looked relieved.

Yoongi knew he needed to sit up, but he didn’t feel he had it in him to.
“What happened to you? And where did Hobi go?” Jimin asked, eyebrows furrowed.

“I don’t know, last thing I remember was him giving me a peach,” Yoongi said, and he tongue felt heavy.
“He gave you that? It had a worm crawling out of it and we threw it away. I thought it was poisoned,” Namjoon frowned.

“I guess it was something like that,” Yoongi sighed and finally sat up. His head was killing him.
“What the hell happened to your neck?” Jimin asked, an eyebrow raised.

Yoongi immediately covered it.

“Did you get hurt or something? Or something?” Kookie asked with his own eyebrow raised.
“No, I thought. Seokjin was there but. I thought it was a dream,” Yoongi muttered the last part. Even though it had felt pretty real.

“Seokjin’s magic works in interesting ways. He has a way of bending dreams and realities,” Namjoon said and he also stared at Yoongi’s neck.
Yoongi didn’t even want to know what it looked like, he knew Seokjin had been working pretty diligently on marking him up.

“Wow so… alright. You and Seokjin. I mean, I get it. Who wouldn’t, if given the opportunity,” Jimin shrugged.
“Wait, hold on. I really thought it was a dream. And honestly, I know he’s beautiful, but it’s not like that’s why I stayed with him for…” Yoongi trailed off.

“Six hours,” Namjoon filled in.
“Six hours? Shit,” Yoongi stood up finally.

“Why did you stay with him then?” Kookie asked. Yoongi sighed and ran a hand through his hair.
“I don’t know. He just... He was singing such a sad song. It sounded so raw. And even when I did finally come to my senses and leave, he just looked so sad,” Yoongi said and then remembered what Seokjin had said. “Everybody always leaves…”
“What does that mean?” Jimin asked. “Did he say that? But he’s the one who leaves others. If they even get to him through this labyrinth.”
“Not necessarily,” Namjoon said, and they all turned to him. “I guess most people wouldn’t really know about him. I used to live in Goblin City though. He was different when he was younger.”
They walked the rest of the way to Goblin City, with Namjoon promising to tell them about Seokjin along the way.

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37. Seokjin was found as a baby right outside the gates of Goblin City, something not unusual for that time. Before, people would call on goblins to take their children away or they would deliver the children themselves.
Normally, Seokjin would've been changed into a goblin right away. But the one who found him sensed Seokjin was different. Magical, even.

So they took him to the other goblins that had gathered into the city and they decided he wouldn't be changed into a goblin.
Instead, they raised him to be their king.

Goblins can be mischievous or even cruel. They will take care of their own, though. Amazingly, Seokjin was raised with an almost spoiling love.
They still let him learn all the lessons one needs to in order to survive in their sometimes unforgiving world. But Seokjin never once felt like he didn't belong with them.
Seokjin grew to be clever, charming and perhaps bit mischievous. He was careful in his early years, keeping the lessons he learned early on close to his heart.
-Almost nothing in the labyrinth was what it seemed.
-Expect nothing for free. Even information has a price, and it should be a fair one.
-One shouldn't lie, but they didn't necessarily have to be truthful.
-Be careful who you trust and even more of who you give your heart to.
Maybe it's a curse of anyone when they're growing to, at some point, forget some of the life lessons they were taught.

Seokjin didn't ever completely forget, but he perhaps thought he found the exceptions of the last lesson.
The first person to tell Seokjin they wanted to stay with him in the labyrinth lasted five years.

In the fifth year, they told him they couldn't live amongst monsters. To Seokjin's surprise, he was the biggest monster of all in their eyes.
Seokjin dropped them into the sea.
The second person, Seokjin was wary of. He had learned from the first.

Seokjin didn't fully open his heart to them, but it wasn't long before he realized what they were after.
He locked them in the room that kept all his jewels and gold.

When he opened it again ten years later, he found their skeleton adorned with a crown, necklaces and rings.
The third and last one, they courted Seokjin for years. Told him how beautiful and clever he was. How he was the most fit to be a king.

But this person, they didn't like the goblins or any of the creatures in the labyrinth.
They had been together for a year before Seokjin caught them being cruel to one of the goblins. Kicking them and yelling obscenities.
Seokjin still doesn't know what happened to that person. Or rather, he can't remember. All he knew was that nothing remained of them.
After that, the labyrinth changed. Over and over it changed until no one was able to make it to the center again. People either took a bargain to make it back out, became one of the inhabitants or they died.
Some say the labyrinth is less protection for the castle, and more protection for Seokjin's heart.

38. ”So he just closed off after that?” Kookie asked.

“For the most part. He talks to others, but he’s really only open around the goblins in the city,” Namjoon said.
“Well, I guess he had the last laugh in the end. It’s kind of crazy how they ended so badly though. How’d he end up with them in the first place?” Jimin wondered.

“Probably because they liked him so much. At first, anyways,” Yoongi guessed.
“I always thought so, too. Really, it seemed like they adored what he appeared to be on the surface. At face value, he just seems like a beautiful person who’s brilliant and personable.
He was raised by goblins though, and raised all the way up to be their king. Of course he would have many of the same traits as them. If you think goblins are cruel, then Seokjin would be the cruelest one,” Namjoon said.
“Really,” Namjoon continued. “What sets Seokjin apart from a typical goblin is how calculating he is. He’s not mean and cruel all the time, and probably goes against his more mischievous impulses.
Not because he wants to, but because it’s smarter to. It’s wise for him to find a middle ground that makes him a king not to be trifled with, but also one people don’t want to overthrow.”

39. ”But, why is he suddenly interested in Yoongi then?” Kookie asked.

“No offense, but I was wondering that as well. He had his heart broken by those that apparently adored him and then closed himself off. Why is he suddenly acting so interested in Yoongi?” Jimin frowned.
“Why would I be offended?” Yoongi asked but none of them paid him any mind.
“I can think of a couple of reasons. He’s probably the most clever one to come through in a while. Maybe even ever, considering how far he’s made it. Also Yoongi, strangely enough, doesn’t seem to have any problem being around the inhabitants of the labyrinth,” Namjoon said.
“He is really nice,” Kookie agreed.

“All the other ones pursued Seokjin. Maybe he thinks if he goes after Yoongi first, it will set the tone,” Namjoon guessed.
“Realistically, he also probably thinks that if Yoongi fails to get his brother that he’ll be just broken enough to turn to Seokjin,” Jimin added. Namjoon shrugged, not disagreeing.
“I think he’s just sad,” Yoongi finally said. The other three looked at him curiously. “I mean, I’m not saying he’s someone to be pitied. Even the ones that wronged him got theirs in the end. But when you think about it… Seokjin is someone who is stuck in between.
He looks human but was raised a goblin. A king, but still a goblin. Even the goblins, they obviously adore Seokjin, but they just look at him as being one of them. Which in a way is good, because he feels like he belongs.
But it’s still not quite right. No one seems to see him for what he truly is, and he probably doesn’t even realize the toll it’s taken on him."

40. They came to a stop in front of the gates of Goblin City.

“You know, I see why he’s pursuing you, but he probably doesn’t realize why himself,” Jimin said.
“You seem to understand him a lot. But, Yoongi, you’re going to leave him too in the end. It’s kind of sad,” Kookie frowned.

Yoongi sighed.
“I can’t be selfish, and besides… I have a life to live outside of this labyrinth. If the circumstances were different…” Yoongi trailed off.

“You guys would suit each other well,” Namjoon said. Yoongi shrugged.
Yoongi shouldn’t even be seriously discussing it. If things had continued as they were going, Yoongi would’ve just kept thinking Seokjin was an awful creep, no matter how beautiful.
But the dream changed things. The raw Seokjin, singing out his insecurities, and drowning Yoongi with affections for hours on in.

He didn’t love Seokjin. Seokjin couldn’t love him. Not as they were. It was too soon. There was a connection though. A very strong one at that.
They stepped forward to the gates before rumbling gave them pause. The rumbling continued and Yoongi watched as the gates didn’t part. Instead, it revealed two large arms that picked up an ax. Apparently it wasn’t a gate at all, but a large suit of armor three times their size.
“Ah, I had forgotten about this,” Namjoon sighed.

Yoongi wanted to scream.

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41. Yoongi had never been particularly strong or athletic. Sure he had been on the basketball team in high school, but he had been best at aiming. For his enlistment, a shoulder injury kept him to serving the community.
That lack of athleticism was really kicking him in the ass while he tried his best to dodge this stupidly huge suit of armor.

The rest of them were dodging while trying to find objects to throw at it. Quite a bit more useful than Yoongi was being, not that he was surprised.
“What the hell are we supposed to do with this thing?” Yoongi asked Jimin, who had just landed next to him.

“Fuck if I know. Kookie is the strongest one here and even he’s having a hard time,” Jimin huffed.
“Someone’s controlling it,” Namjoon called. “If we could somehow get up there…”

He trailed off as they all probably wondered the same thing. How the hell were they gonna get up there?
Suddenly the armor stopped. They looked on as its movements chaotically resumed until a goblin was thrown off of it. The suit was still moving though, and they all stared in confusion until they heard a familiar voice.

“Dammit, how do you stop this thing?!” Hobi yelled.

42. It was almost in horror as they watched Hobi try to figure out how to stop the armor. Eventually, they heard a bunch of clanks and smashes before Hobi appeared at the top of it.
“Kookie, catch me!” Hobi yelled before jumping. Thankfully, Kookie did catch him, though he fell in the process. Hobi groaned and rolled onto his back while Kookie sat up. Yoongi walked up and frowned down at Hobi.

“I didn’t expect to see you again,” Yoongi said. Hobi sighed.
“I know you’re probably not happy to see me, and I’m sorry about what I did. I wouldn’t really trust someone like me either, after everything,” Hobi sighed and sat up.
“I’m not going to pretend I’m suddenly some brave person. I am a coward and Seokjin definitely scares me. But when you called me your friend, I felt happy. And when the others joined us, it was kind of cool even if they’re weird. So, I’d like to help see this through to the end.”
“I can’t say that I’m very happy with you,” Yoongi said and Hobi winced. “But, I also can’t say I blame you for what you did.”

Yoongi did mean it, not in a bad way. Seokjin was obviously strong and he ruled the place.
If Yoongi lived in the labyrinth, he probably wouldn’t be any better. In fact, given the odd draw he felt towards Seokjin, he’d probably be worse, even.
“It’s alright,” Jimin said and patted Kookie’s arm. “If you do anything suspicious this time, Kookie will be here to take care of you.”

Kookie looked confused for a moment before he scrunched his nose up in a smile.
“We should get as much help as we can,” Namjoon said and nodded at Hobi.

So, Hobi joined them once again, despite any trepidation. It was a good thing he did, because when they finally made their way through the gates, they were met with a small army of goblins.

43. If Yoongi thought a suit of armor was awful, a small army of goblins wasn’t much better. The only thing comforting was that Yoongi was taller than most of them. The weapons they carried didn’t bode all that well for him though.
Thankfully, everyone else seemed to have an easy time with them. Well, a lot easier of a time than they had with the armor. Namjoon was knocking the lot of them down with his cane, Hoseok was tripping them and taking their weapons, and Kookie was straight up throwing them around.
Jimin was probably the most interesting to watch. He randomly detached his body parts to whack the goblins with and let his head flight above the rest of his body.

They were doing well, but Yoongi worried about how long it would take to get through them all.
Suddenly, Yoongi heard the same odd call he heard from Kookie when he first met him.

Yoongi stared until he felt and heard rumbles. Boulders of various sizes started rolling into the city and Yoongi watched as those boulders rolled right over and took out countless goblins.
Smartly, Yoongi climbed on top of a house to avoid said boulders.

Between the boulders and everyone else, the goblins were taken out in record time. Yoongi silently thanked whatever entity that he had managed to meet all of them. With a grunt, he climbed back down the house.
They all walked into the castle and Yoongi didn’t know what to expect. Would there be another riddle? A trap door? Would Seokjin just appear in front of them and kill them all? Maybe the last was a bit dramatic, but Yoongi didn’t want to count anything out.
He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard several grunts behind him. Yoongi turned around to see the rest a bit behind him.

“What the hell?” Hobi asked tried to move his hand forward, only to have it stopped by an invisible wall.
“We can’t go any further,” Jimin said, and maybe it was obvious, but Yoongi really needed that confirmation.

“What? We can’t just leave him,” Kookie frowned.

Namjoon sighed, “We probably don’t have a choice. This is how the labyrinth is.”
They all looked regretful and for a moment, Yoongi felt bad.

“It’s alright, you guys have helped me so much. I couldn’t have made it this far without you guys,” Yoongi said. For an odd moment, he felt emotional.
It was such a crazy situation, such a crazy place, and somehow he’d managed to meet such amazing people.

“We…” Hobi started and sighed. “We can’t follow you, but you’re going to get your brother. I know you will and... afterwards... if you need us..."
“If you need us… we’ll be here,” Jimin finished,

“Or, wherever you need us to be,” Kookie added.

“Just like friends do,” Namjoon said.
Yoongi clenched his fists and will himself not to be emotional.

“I’ll see you all again one day,” Yoongi promised.

That's all for tonight! I WILL finished this before the end of the week, hurricane or no...

44. Yoongi was in a room that made no sense.

Stairs and archways all over. Up, down, left, right, diagonal. Gravity seemed to make its own rules.
He started walking up and down stairs until he found himself running. It got him no where. He stopped, frustrated. What the hell was he supposed to do?
There was a familiar babble, and Yoongi looked up to see Taehyung crawling up some upside down stairs. Terror ran through him. Whatever arbitrary laws of gravity were in place could change at any moment.
Panicked, Yoongi resumed his running, trying to keep his eyes on Taehyung. It was no use, every time he finished running up or down a set of stairs, Taehyung would be somewhere else. Yoongi let out of a sound of frustration.
“My Yoongi,” Came a melodic voice that Yoongi very much wished he could hate.

Yoongi climbed down a set of stairs and came face to face with Seokjin.
45. “You would be so much happier with me,” Seokjin started. “I can even keep Taehyung as a human, and he can stay here with us.”

Yoongi shook his head.
“Why? Why won’t you stay with me? I would make sure that you’d be happy. I know you feel out of place in your world,” Seokjin said.

Yoongi wanted to deny that. He himself wished it wasn’t true.
“I won’t ask a lot of you,” Seokjin continued. “All you have to do is love me and promise not to betray me. I will only look upon you in love. I would live and die for you.”

Something tugged at Yoongi’s heart and he looked at Seokjin. Really looked at him.
He looked so desperate and Yoongi felt sad. Almost the saddest he’d ever been. This couldn’t be the key to Seokjin’s happiness. To Yoongi’s happiness. To anyone’s happiness.
Yoongi heard Taehyung’s babble and looked down to see him a floor below. He looked back up at Seokjin and felt his eyebrows furrow.

“Seokjin. I wouldn’t betray you. And, I know I could love you, but…” Yoongi shook his head and thought of what he’d heard from the wiseman.
“I don’t belong here.”

As though the words triggered something, the room suddenly shifted, like it was beginning to crumble.
“Seokjin, you can’t help your nature. You’re not a monster, and,” Yoongi sighed. “Please. Try to be happy. There’s people around you that will accept you for who you are.”

Seokjin looked unconvinced and Yoongi wished he could talk more.
Instead, Yoongi turned and jumped down to the floor below.

He didn’t hit the ground, instead time slowed and the room gradually fell apart.

Before he blacked out, he reached out and grabbed Taehyung.

46. Yoongi woke up in bed with a start.

Immediately, his mind went to Taehyung and he rushed out of his room and down the hallway. He opened the door to Taehyung’s room and ran to his crib.

Inside was Taehyung, peacefully sleeping.
Yoongi pinched himself until it hurt, knowing it left a mark. Even with the pain, Yoongi worried whether it was real. Gently, he shook Taehyung awake. Taehyung frowned before opening his eyes. As soon as he saw Yoongi, Taehyung held his arms out for Yoongi to pick him up.
Without hesitating, Yoongi picked him up.

“Do you want to sleep in my room tonight, Taetae?” Yoongi asked, and Taehyung nodded his head while rubbing an eye.

Yoongi’s chest clenched and he cursed himself for ever even jokingly asking for his baby brother to be taken away.
Quickly, he walked them back down to his room and settled them into bed. Maybe a bit of paranoia had him leaving his lights on, but he assured himself it was fine. Taehyung quickly fell back asleep and Yoongi found himself keeping an eye on his brother until his eyes felt heavy.
Before he fell asleep, he thought of the friend he’d made in the labyrinth and smiled, wishing them well.

47. Seokjin sat on the roof of his castle, looking over the city.

Somehow, damage was minimal, despite the large boulders that had ransacked the place. Given how destructive the goblins could be, it wasn’t bad at all. He tried to let that thought comfort him.
Before he could get comfortable in his thoughts, he heard someone approach him.

“I hope this is important,” Seokjin said.

“I’d like to think that it is,” Hoseok said and Seokjin whipped his head around.
“I don’t know if I should be impressed that a coward like you would show your face after all of this,” Seokjin said and Hoseok shrugged.

“I think a little awe would in in order,” Hoseok said and Seokjin snorted.
“Is this some kind of final appeal before you end up in your new castle?” Seokjin mockingly asked.

“No,” Hoseok answered, his tone had Seokjin furrowing his eyebrows. “You can send me there. I did what I did knowing that would happen. I just. Wanted to talk to you before that.”
“Talk about what?” Seokjin huffed. “About how you guys helped Yoongi get his brother and escape the labyrinth?”

“We… did help him. But, you have to know that he wouldn’t have made it without his own cleverness and determination,” Hoseok said slowly and Seokjin frowned.
Of course he knew that, that’s why Yoongi was so special.

48. “You know… Yoongi called me his friend. He considered all of us a friend,” Hoseok said. Was he bragging or something?

“Isn’t that great?” Seokjin snorted.
“Having friends here doesn’t really make sense though, you know? Living here is so much about survival, so who has time for something as trivial as friendship?” Hoseok asked and Seokjin agreed without much thought.
“It’s nice though isn’t it? To have a friend. I thought about it after he said it, and then I thought of you. I know you probably don’t look at me as anyone significant… but after he said that I realized I kind of thought of you as a friend,” Hoseok said and Seokjin looked down.
What was this?

“I don’t want you to think this is some stupid last ditch effort to get out of my punishment. I get… why you’re big on loyalty and all that. And even if I didn’t necessarily want to hurt you guys, I ended up betraying both you and Yoongi,” Hoseok sighed.
“So, I’m going to go to this castle. When I come back, I’m going to come see you and try to learn how to be a proper friend. Maybe you can make some other friends in the meantime,” Hoseok finished and Seokjin refrained from looking back.
He heard Hoseok walk away and felt odd. Usually, he felt satisfied when he punished people who wronged him. Seokjin didn’t feel satisfied at all.

Friendship, huh?

That's the end of the main story! If you've seen the labyrinth, this has veered off in many ways. And this ending is definitely not the same, heehee.

There's gonna be an update with a sort of epilogue! I'll post that before the end of the week~

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