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Pathan's Diary Entry:
I am very scared now. And everyone else is also scared. I never saw Qamar that scared in today's meeting. Two days we tried to avoid a fight with India. Qureshi asked Qamar to declare war two days before, Qamar asked me to declare war, and we all had to sit
together to decide what to do. None of us had the guts to declare war on India. And on top of that, India is provoking us to attack them. On the other side, the people. For 40 years we were teaching them Pakistani Army is the greatest in the world. They are confused why we are
not attacking. Let me do one thing. I will order the Bhangra ceremony at Wagah to be banned. May be, people will see how strong I am? I will do one more thing. I will ask their Ambassador to go home. Anyways, he won't go home. Physically dumping him across the border will make me
look good. Anyways, we don't have any trade - neither are we selling anything nor do we have money to buy. We will stop trade. Qamar was happy that we found a solution. And that Gandapur. He was playing games all the while. Even Fawad can be treated as a scholar before him.
Qamar is not happy. It's a clash between ego and common sense. But, he had to do something, that too after Pathan's plans to placate the people made them a laughing stock. First he brought Pakistan into NOTAM mode. Then, he ordered CAP on Karachi and spread a rumour that Indian
Navy is sighted. Using the panic, he expanded CAPs to all major cities. The fuel which he saved for months, will it survive the day? What if some planes crash because of no maintenance? He is trying hard to divert attention from Rawalpindi crash, but what if something happens?
That's not the end of the story. Qamar ordered Pathan to order him to attack India. After Pathan ordered Qamar, Qamar ordered Tamatar Bilal to pick a sector and concentrate all his force there. May be, he can pack enough a punch to open a hole and push through some Markhors?
Qamar's War Journal
Who is that idiot who ordered CAPs on Lahore? I told them explicitly not to because there is a very high chance the planes may cross the border and be shot down. Indians want one reason - just one reason to roast us. I am hearing of they ready to take Nankana
and Skardu. If they take Nankana and gift it to Sikhs, Khalistan will be collapse competely and if they take Skardu, they can use an advance on Jaglot as a ransom against China to do whatever they want. But, what option have I got if Indians are seriously planning to pick me?
Qamar's War Journal
Pathan called this late to tell a good news. It seems Bosnia is supporting us against India. But where is this Bosnia? Even I never heard of this country. Even I don't know if Bosnia is supporting us or if it is some person from Bosnia and Pathan was confused.
Qamar's War Journal
Bad news coming in. Bilal is thrashed yet again. And I lost count how many times he is thrashed. Even though there are rumours he is planning for a coup, the only reason why I am tolerating him is because no one wants to take command of X Corps.
Qamar's War Journal
Abbasi called me. He is panicking. His sources told him that Indian Navy is closing in on his ships and is scared and clueless what to do. Everyone knows he can't launch even a single shell against the Indian fleet without the whole of Pakistani Navy destroyed
Pathan's Diary Entry
I was thinking the problem is with me. But, it looks like the reason I am treated such is because of Pakistan's global stature. The new one. Maleeha tried hard to get an appointment from UN Sec Gen over Kashmir for days but had to settle for an assistant.
Shahbaz's Diary Entry
I never felt so helpless as I felt yesterday, not even when me and my family was hounded. But yesterday, when Pathan said in a broken tone "What do you want me to do? Attack India?", I had no words to say. For a moment I forgot he is my political opponent.
Suddenly I realised, there is nothing much we, as a country can do, except sabre rattling and bickering. Everyone made a statement - Buzdar, AJK Senate, Sindh Senate, everyone. But, to achieve what? There is no money, there are no bullets, what exactly is Qamar supposed to do?
Qamar's War Journal
Who is taking all these stupid decisions? Block Wagah - you closed all shops. Block Samjhauta. Anyways, Kashmir-Pakistan routes are closed. Now, we have closed all the routes we use to smuggle weapons and drugs into India. And then, share market crashed again.
Pathan's Diary Entry
I love these Pakistanis and their innovation potential. Due to high fuel prices, no one is using vehicles these days.The car cleaning services, out of business, came up with a new idea - we will clean your cows and donkeys for a token charge. It's really good
Money on one side and availability on the other side - both are wreaking serious havoc on Pakistan. On one side, sewage is seeping into drinking water pipes in Karachi and there is no money to fix, on the other side, ginger and chillis all but disappeared from the markets.
IMF confirmed no money will be given if Pakistan is not out of FATF Grey List. As if this isn't enough, America came heavily on Pakistan for not fixing its terror industry. An already broke Pakistan will face serious troubles and even decimation if it asks the Maulana for Pulwama
Pathan's Diary Entry
Why is Maryam arrested when my party is protesting against Kashmir? How is she related to PTI protest? Wonder what Qamar is doing these days. He never tells me anything. If I am lucky, he will tell me after some days. Even Gafoor is not talking these days.
Qamar's War Journal
As I was fearing yesterday. One plane didn't return from the border. There was a sudden silence - we don't know whether it crashed or it is shot down or the pilot ditched it, no parachute. And blackout in Indian Kashmir is not helping.
Tamatar Qureshi belled the cat which none wanted to. "There is only the diplomatic options what we are looking at and not a military optionto settle the dispute". What Qamar and Pathan were dreading to tell, he spelt it out directly. What are going to be the implications?
And the spate of banning trivial Indian things by Pakistan doesn't seem to stop. After banning Bhangra and the train which Pakistanis use to come to India, Pakistan now banned Indian movies in Pakistani theatre - very rarely you see Pakistanis opposing anything Bollywood.
Pathan's Diary Entry
People deride us by calling Porkistanis. I thought it is related to we being Muslims. Only today, I understood the true meaning - Pakistan Occupied Residual Kashmir (PORK). So, Porkistani means any Pakistani behaving irrationally regarding Kashmir.
Khattak's Diary Entry
I am seeing a helicopter from my office window. My assistant said me, it's called something like Lio..nado. Who will remember all these things? But the question is, is anyone running away from Pakistan, may be, Gafoor sir? Nah. It will be someone else.
Qamar's War Journal
Another bad news. Sensing that I am planning to raid Srinagar Jail(that will easily double my troops in Kashmir), India shifted all those I am interested into some other jail deep inside India. Even if I attempt a jail-break there, there won't be any use.
Qamar's War Journal
Today, Pakistan Navy captured almost 2000 kgs of drugs. That reminds me to tell Abbasi not to capture any drug consignments. Pathan cancelled Wagah and Rashid, Samjhauta, I need to have some way to send drugs out of the country without anyone noticing.
India is not happy at Pakistan's downscaling of diplomatic terms. India was of the view bilateral terms shouldn't be held ransom for trivial issues and any reciprocation is going to be ugly. After all, ISI hinted India can seize Pakistani Embassy to setup Baloch Embassy.
Qamar didn't saw this coming. While he was hoping to bring some Taliban contingents into Kashmir to create a situation, Taliban issued a public statement not to like Afghanistan and Kashmir. The best Qamar can hope now is a split in Afghanistan and that's again advantage India.
On the other side, Pathan is facing heat over his Pulwama comment and had to go overdrive to assert that Pakistan will not use it's terrorist-paramilitaries in Indian Kashmir. This comes on the backdrop of Pakistan chickening out of it's NOTAM mode and keeping Kartarpur open.
Pathan's Diary Entry
I don't understand.Why are people protesting against us in our Kashmir? Our Kashmir is one of the best ruled places, right? When we are treating them that well, why are they demanding to join India? We can't compare with India, but what aren't we giving them?
Qamar's War Journal
I am really depressed. We are fighting a war for our survival and I don't even know how many hours we can fight if India decides to fight; what support am I getting from the Iron Brother? Forget help, they didn't even ban a Hindu religious thing to Mt Kailash.
Pathan's Diary Entry
How much hopes I placed on Mahatir. And what did he say? He asked Pakistan to fulfil the terms of UN Resolution for peace? And then, UN Secretary General. He washed off his hands by citing Simla Agreement. Only Turkey is left now. Wonder what will they say.
Qamar's War Journal
World Sikh Parliament declared it's open support to Baki-stan's stand over Kashmir. I don't understand this. In spite of me ordering all these to shut their mouths, why are they revealing themselves? Khalistan is supposed to be a hidden asset. What now?
Pathan's Diary Entry
20 million is what the Italians gave. And we are celebrating here. Tomorrow, will will celebrate for 20 dollars? Why have we come to such a situation where we will have to survive on alms and act as if such pocket change should be treated as an achievement?
A Pakistani military post near Bolan is attacked by the Baloch. Multiple casualties are feared, including some deaths. This is the fifth such attack in the recent past but what exactly can Pakistan do to fix this? And it's looking as if everyone is waiting for India to attack.
Qamar's War Journal
I should beg India to stop rattling us. We proved our worthlessness by dithering over declaring a war on India. What's the need of Gen Ranbir to give that press-conference? Gafoor again had to go on an incoherent rant. How can we survive in Pakistan like this?
Pathan's Diary Entry
I am waiting desperately for today's Jumma prayers in Kashmir. That will confirm if we will be in a position to declare a war on India. As of now, hints are people will not riot and will accept the changes, but if they riot, we will have to lose another war.
Pathan's Diary Entry
Rioting is starting in support of Maryam. Suddenly, people stopped talking about Kashmir and the narrative shifted. So, that's why Qamar ordered her arrest. But, now what if the people march on GHQ and the jail she is housed and declare an open civil war?
Qamar's War Journal
Why are these people desperate to to topple the apple cart using infinite stupidity ? What's the need for Zardari to say Indira negotiated with Zulfiqar over land after 1971 dismemberment? Don't we all know Zulfiqar grovelled before Indira for that?
Don't we all know how he begged before her, if she isn't considerate, Pakistan itself will dismember? Isn't it the same reason why he took Benazir with him? Didn't we hang him for grovelled before India and shaming us, even though what he did was correct? Why dig all these out?
Qamar is shattered. He expected the whole of Kashmir to erupt in protest during the Jumma prayers, but what he got is the news of some ineffective stone pelting in Geelani's fortresses. Forget the world, even Kashmir is not supporting him, what exactly should he do now?
Qamar's War Journal
I have decided. It's time now to recall Qureshi and his whole corps. When the Iron Brother himself didn't bother about intervening in Kashmir issue even after Qureshi begged him in person, I seriously doubt anyone will support me. At least, I won't be shamed.
Khattak's War Journal
How much I wish to be like Ghafoor sir. No one can beat him in anything. No one asked him to counter protests; he ordered army units in Neelum to force people into a protest against India. The perfectionist he is, not even one soldier was seen in the video.
Demands are rising, especially in GB over the way India is magnanimous towards Ladakh. They too are demanding a similar status inside Pakistan, and if Pakistan is incapable of that, at least, allow joining India. The only thing in favour of Pakistan now is GB's low population.
Pakistani spree of banning things which it can afford to ban continues. Starting with Wagah border and then extending to both the trains, the Lahore-Amritsar bus, Indian movies in Pakistani theatres, it has now banned appearance of Indians in Pakistani TV shows and news debates,
though it showed reluctance to declare NOTAM or block Kartarpur. Declaration of war is a big no going by the stand of the government. On a side note, it is understood that Sherdil promoters decided to release the movie again to make use of the ban on Indian movies.
Even these simplistic, but foolish measures are hurting Pakistan devastatingly with people staring at sky-rocketing prices for daily essentials like Pyaz and Tamatar. It is understood that anger is slowly getting built up against these measures which are serving no purpose.
Qamar's conscription drive is not working. While his plan is to create at least 500 terrorists, not even a hundred joined his terror camps. A major reason for this is the speed with which Indian Army is picking off the terrorists and Pakistani incompetency in infiltration.
Immediately after UN declared Kashmir is a bilateral issue and should be settled under the ambit of the 1972 Shimla Pact signed in response to 1971 dismemberment, India ordered UNMOGIP to vacate it's office in Dehi and hand it over to India. Srinagar Office still stays.
Qamar's War Journal
As of now, no one except Turkey is supporting me. I am not even sure if Turkey will also support. But, if Turkey supports us, Erdogan Sahab has got a very good chance to become the head of the Ummah. After all, Istanbul is from where the Caliphs ruled, right?
Qamar's War Journal
Abbasi is in a continuous panic mode. Today, it wasn't about Indian ships. It's about a new missile for Indian Navy. Using that, they can destroy his whole Navy from Indian coast itself. I really pity him. At least, others have a chance to fight, not he.
Qamar's War Journal
The difference between reluctance and incompetency. Taliban was reluctance. Syed's Hizb, it is incompetency. How much he is trying, he is not able to do anything in Kashmir. Though I need him, if need be, I will have to make him the fall guy if I fail.
Qamar's War Journal
I tried to hold foreign tourists in Neelum as a ransom and provoked India - nothing happened and no one even bothered. What if I order attacks on some foreign assets inside Pakistan and blame India? Will the world fall for it? Is it something I can even risk?
The Baloch Government has come up with a new mining policy to exploit the mineral wealth of Balochistan. It is understood that Baloch are not eligible to apply for licenses due to obvious reasons and is going to help formalize the mining done by the established entities.
Pakistan is staring at one of the worst Eid al-Adha in it's history. After a drastic increase in the prices of essentials like Pyaz and Tamatar, it is now understood that the cost of slaughter animals almost doubled for every animal, with nothing available for less than 30,000.
Qamar's War Journal
This is getting too monotonous. Me trying to light up the border and India destroying the whole sector, my men sabre-rattling all over and everyone ignoring it by calling it Doodh Baat - nothing is helping. Army I can salvage, may be, but global insults?
Qamar's War Journal
This is getting too monotonous. Me trying to light up the border and India destroying the whole sector, my men sabre-rattling all over and everyone ignoring it by calling it Doodh Baat - nothing is helping. Army I can salvage, may be, but global insults?
The global stand is simple - a country which doesn't have the guts to wage a war and only begs everyone to intervene, what do I get in return for helping it, except angering India? Forget countries like Bangladesh or France, even the Iron Brother and Turkey are non-committal.
Qamar is happy. The Madarassas are refusing to give details of it's students to integrate them into Pakistani education system and are threatening country wide protests. With the whole army tied up on Indian border, he can now postpone this indefinitely and use them for terror.
Fauji Butchers opened a new wing - slaughter animal sales for Eid-Al-Adha Qurbani will be sold by Pakistani Air Force from now on. It is interesting to note that the parking is not free outside these butcher outlets and PAF will collect parking charges from customers.
Tamatar Qureshi's visit to China - should it be treated as a success or a failure? While he was not able to coax the Chinese to take the side of Pakistan(Balochistan mining rule change despite), he was allowed to shake hands with the chefs and waiters in the hotel he stayed.
Qamar's War Journal
News is just coming that Raheel Sahab's troops are withdrawing from Aden and the UAE troops are taking over. Is there any possibility that he will be helping me here in the war with India? Will the Saudis allow him to leave and order him to march back again?
Qamar's War Journal
I am still not able to come out of the shock of the Iron Brother not supporting us. Is it possible because they are fearing CPEC? If India aims for Jaglot through Skardu or Astore, I am sure, I can't stop the Indians and how will the Chinese react then?
Kashmir is not the only thing here. It's FATF branding as well. Of the 27 demands of FATF, I am sure, we won't fulfil more than 7 or 8. Will the Iron Brother help us overcome that humiliation? Anyways, we are accustomed to humiliation, but, then, we won't be getting aid.
Pathan's Diary Entry
Fawad came to me today with an interesting proposal - I was like, why not? Immediately, I passed orders so that only anti-India stuff will be displayed on our TVs, very of which still survived after World Cup till our independence day. Easy way to motivate.
Baloch struck again - was it because of the insulting law over mining or was it because of the general unrest arising out of the army excesses, a railway track was blown up near Mastung, clearly indicating the Baloch are gearing up for another round of fight.
It looks like the Baloch are celebrating their independence day in style - after demolishing the track, they attacked two military camps leading to heavy casualties. This comes amidst a new provocation - rumours of Baloch govt trying to legally separate Gwadar from Balochistan.
Qamar's War Journal
The Iron Brother is sending mixed signals. It looks he will stay neutral but is giving a go ahead for me to deploy. Even so, unless the Iron Brother intervenes, I am destroyed. Forget Indian Army, Chinar Corps itself is more than enough to tackle me.
And the Indian pressure on Pakistan coupled with domestic economic chaos is really telling. Defections and small scale mutinies have become a norm. They are not happy with the speed with which Pakistani units are expending their ammunition and the miserable living conditions.
The trial of the Waziristan MNAs doesn't seem to have any end even though they are booked as terrorists. On one side, the National Assembly is scared of issuing summons, on the other side, it is understood the judge refused to take up the cases and is adjourning continuously.
It now surfaced that Faiz asked Qamar not to go to the border. Though Indian conduct regd Musharraf and Nawaz during Kargil proved India is responsible, Faiz's idea is, this can be used to boost up the war hysteria. A rarer possibility is a disgruntled Pakistani shooting him.
There is a famous joke going around in GHQ - 90% of Pakistanis believe Pakistan can defeat India and the balance 10% are from Pakistani Army. Qamar confirmed it's a war to death by saying "Sacrificing life for the defence of motherland is highest sacrifice that one can make."
Pathan's Diary Entry
Did we err by going to UN? What if India says, we are ready to implement the resolution, and because Pakistan is not fulfilling it's part, give us permission to annex the disputed territories from them? Clearly they don't want the troop build up to go waste.
The financial chaos is telling at unexpected areas - while Sind is forced to spend billions to tackle the flood related damage, at least three universities have declared bankruptcy due to lack of funds. Punjab banned foreign trips of govt officials and ministers to save money.
Unable to digest the incompetence of Pakistani Army in avenging the Kashmiri insult, country is seething with impotent rage. While public protests have become a norm, people started attacking anything that reminds of India, most recent being Ranjit Singh's statue in Lahore Fort.
Fearing the anger will turn towards them, reminding one of a textbook example of Dhimmitude, the leaders of Sindh Hindus have come in open support of Pakistan over Kashmir. Simply put, they can't afford to take the side of India and be targeted by the whole of Pakistan.
Qamar's War Journal
I am not sure whether I made a mistake by selecting this incompetent Pathan over Nawaz and Bhuttos. Though they are better, to prop up Pathan, I am ruining them, both politically and personally, even to the extent of ending hospital stays and denying treatment
Pathan's Diary Entry
Chinese hate World War Japanese Occupation. What if I tweet something linking Indian Govt with Fascism when their Foreign Minister is going to China? News is coming, he is getting far better reception than Qureshi. I will do my part to create a rift.
Proving corruption and incompetency rules Pakistan, Pakistan's richest province Punjab announced another program to ensure basic facilities like water and sanitation reach public. Raising fears of further corruption, Buzdar declared machinery will be procured to achieve this.
Qamar's War Journal
What is this I am hearing? Kashmiri leaders are planning a long march into Pakistan? What if India allows them to cross over? I can't accept those rabble. But, if I reject, Kashmir on both sides will be angry. May be, I can hold them as human shields?
Pathan's Diary Entry
I was watching the movie Terminal. Suddenly I got a doubt. What if India invades Pakistan and erases it from map when a Pakistani is in a flight? What will he do then? And this is even more possible if Qamar provokes India through his terrorist-paramilitaries
Qamar is surprised of the news of a bomb blast in North Waziristan. Though it's a good thing he can use it to harass the people of annexed FATA, he passed orders to find out who did that - it should be either Faiz to divert attention from the spreading chaos or TTP-Daesh.
Indians are already linking Pathan's another Pulwama comment to the planned bomb blast in Delhi. The bomb ironically, targets a Muslim area and is defused by authorities and it's a matter of time the links to Pakistan - either logisctic or inspirational will be revealed.
Karachi is in a state of collapse with severe flooding in areas and disruption of connectivity. It has come to know that due to live electircity passing through overflowing water, at least ten people are already killed. A medical emergency is already issued all over Sind.
Unable to do anything on field as a response to Indian action on Art 370, Pakistan Army now decided not to exchange sweets with India for Eid-Al-Adha. Pakistan considers it as another decisive step it's going to take to bend India and roll back the changes it made over Kashmir.
Qamar's Diary Entry
No one is supporting us in UN. The Iron Brother ditched us, Turkey isn't issuing any statement, Malaysia told us to go to hell, may be, I should waste precious money to buy some countries to vote in favour of us? One in support of us is far better than zero.
But, attempts to find gaps in Indian defences and pushing terrorist-paramilitaries continue unabated. New launchpads are created, abandoned ones reactivated, terrorist-paramilitaries streaming from the interior to the borders, Pakistan is desperate to send some units into India.
Pathan's Diary Entry
India's sudden aggression - whole sectors are destroyed. What does Modi want, first of all? Is he doing so that his troop build up won't go waste or is it something else? Why am I feeling his slip of a tongue "Attock se Cuttack" is not slip of a tongue?
Qamar's War Journal
I am getting mixed reports that India is going for Skardu. This Faiz...I don't know why I made him ISI head. He is useless. Now I am in a situation, if I move some jets to Skardu, Sialkot-Rawalpindi-Multan will get weakened, but if I don't, Skardu will fall.
Qamar's War Journal
I never expected the Saudis to cheat me like this. First, when Qureshi went to beg them to intervene in Kashmir, they shooed him away. Now, they are buying a part of Jamnagar refinery which is one of my prime targets. But, if Saudis invest there, can I dare?
A major argument between the two bored PCBC Kashmiri leaders under arrest forced the irritated police to shift them to two different locations. It started as an innocuous discussion which soon led to each blaming the other for the current state affairs in Kashmir.
The recent overdrive of recruitment by Qubani Gafoor caught India's India, esp when Qamar was busy meeting them instead of looking into the Rawalpindi plane crash. That tells clearly that Pakistan, unable to put a dent on the Indian war machine is seeing hope only in twitter
propaganda. Indians have disparagingly called them 2 Rupee Goat Bots over their 2 rupee per tweet mode and are planning to close ranks to counter them. However, the task is becoming easier for Indians because these people deal over almost nothing except the Feb 27 F16 fiasco.
Tamatar Qureshi is breaking. After a supposed solidarity show with Kashmir by doing prayers in Kashmir, he told in no mean words that Ummah will not side Pakistan and asked Pakistanis not to live in a fool's paradise. Hoping against hope, he wishes UNSC will rule against India.
Qamar's War Journal
I shouldn't do such things again. I was on the border to celebrate Eid. The anger among soldiers was visible due to the beating they are taking. My bodyguard was hell scared someone will attack me. Happily nothing happened and told me not to repeat it again.
Qamar's War Journal
A welcome change - yesterday's mosque attack in Norway, it's lucky that a Pakistani is involved, but not as the culprit. But, I am lucky that no one is raising the real question - How do these military people have that much money to settle in overseas?
Pathan's Diary Entry
The sort of riot the political PCBCs are creating in India, they will overcome all the helplessness we are facing in the whole world. Even if Indian govt is closing in on the main ones like BBC and Tamatar Topi Zaid, this is the only welcome thing.
The anger over Kashmir is slowly being revealed at every location. The simmering anger against Maleeha blew in the open today with people publicly accosting her and asking, "What are you doing for the last 10-15 years what have you done?" over her stint at UN.
Pakistan hinted to America, it will redeploy troops from Afghan border to Indian border to reduce pressure reminding one of the subterfuge Pakistan committed years ago, leading to Osama bin Laden escaping Tora Bora. This time, Afghan Army will face serious trouble against Taliban
And unexpectedly, America responded by saying Kashmir is a bilateral issue and American has no role in it after playing with the thought of mediation for more than a week. It only needs to be seen what Pakistan will do now and how this is going to affect their FATF branding.
Khattak's Diary Entry
I am hearing rumours Punjabi officers who are deployed on Indian border are applying for leave and going home. Many helicopters are coming to pick them. I have a bad feeling. This is what happened before we were thrashed at Kargil. But, how can I confirm?
Pathan's Diary Entry
What's the sense in Fawad poking Indian Sikhs and asking them to rebel, that too when our people destroyed a statue of Ranjit Singh and the whole Khalistani ecosystem is maintaining a deafening silence? Why anger them even more and make them more vicious?
Qubani Gafoor is desperate. Nothing he is doing is working, the biggest block to him is lack of connectivity in Kashmir and Indian government taking on global behemoths aggressively on fake news. Now, he has no option but to make the PCBCs demand restoring internet in Kashmir.
The difference in body language of Qamar and Indian Army Chief Gen Rawat is starkly visible when they visited the forward posts. While Qamar was scared and wary of meeting his troops in fear of an assassination, Indian Army Chief was oozing confidence and inspiration everywhere.
Qamar's War Journal
I can't but laugh at what Mazari is doing. First of all she set her bar so low by picking an Indian of no stature and demanded UN action against her while she herself was a deathly silent when Baloch and Pashtun from annexed-FATA are being slaughtered.
Pathan is shocked. Reliance's market cap shot up by $10 Bn due to Saudi deal. It is more than the total forex Pakistan holds and a quarter of the total market cap of Karachi Stock Exchange. His only thought - is this the economic might with which Pakistan decided to pick a fight?
With the collapse of Qubani Gafoor's propaganda department, a desperate Pakistan now unleashed social influencers with more than 100k followers including threatened opposition leaders. The speed with which their lies are being caught is making the situation even more desperate.
Qamar is seething with impotent rage - nothing is working. The border is getting roasted, no country is supporting them - the recent being Poland, Bahrain arrested Pakistanis for protesting against India and now, the PCBC ecosystem was dealt a body blow by Indian Supreme Court.
Pakistan is in a national emergency due to severe rains and flooding with massive areas of Karachi, Hyderabad and even Skardu under water. Section 144 is invoked in Islamabad and Rawalpindi to ensure there won't be any hindrance in sending military convoys to the border.
Whatever Pakistan does regd Kashmir seems to be opposed by the world. Pakistan spoke with Saudi, Saudi declared it will invest in India. Pathan spoke to Bahrain, Pakistanis arrested for protesting against India. Threatened USA over Taliban, USA declared Kashmir is bilateral.
Bilawal and Shahbaz are morose for their own reasons - which ironically, is the same. Their whole families are in jail and under brutal treatment. Shahbaz was very angry that his niece is arrested before her children, that too, inside a jail simply because the police know they
can't arrest her outside. He almost broke down when he met his family in jail. And Bilawal. His father is both angry and scared - what's the need for a terminally ill woman to be removed from hospital using a coerced medical certificate and taken to a jail? What sort of human
beings are they? Without Maryam to coordinate and almost every big leader in jail, it is going to be a humungous task for Bilawal. He had to go to Muzaffarabad only for this - to stay out of jail and to help manage a sensible opposition. In spite of all this,
the opposition seems to be more responsible than Pathan towards Pakistan, with a prominent opposition leader asking Pathan to confer with Nawaz and find a solution to this. After all, Nawaz survived three coups and a defeat with India, an enviable track record inside Pakistan.
Pathan's Diary Entry
Nothing is working. No one, not even Saudi or the Iron Brother is bothered. Even though Qamar is not telling me, I am able to sense the strain. I don't know what to do. May be Bushra will give me some good ideas? But, how can I forget about her dream?
@MATRIBHUMISEVAK - as what you expected or can this be even better?
Rioting in Karachi as people were unable to afford naan. At least 12 people injured in the riots, a sad reminder of the recent scuffle in Karachi where a person was shot dead over Nimbu Sharbat. This raises another problem - no one is following govt orders over price regulation.
Gafoor is seething in anger due to the trend #GoebbelsGhafoora. But, what can he do, except to accept the reality that he doesn't have strength to counter? The next headache coming up is Solidarity with Baloch - the Indian retaliation for Pakistan's Solidarity with Kashmir.
The Baloch have decided to celebrate Pakistani independence day in style, by killing an intelligence agent in Panjgur, seven soldiers near Khuzdar and destroying the celebration preparations in Kharan. Rangers are being rushed to the affected areas to control the situation.
Pathan's Diary Entry
Fawad is impossible. He will come up with something or the other. Today, he was saying, his moon calendar is designed only till 2024 and that's because NASA will have a permanent moon mission there. How can a man on moon look at moon is his logic.
It is now understood Pakistan has ordered all it's resources to be deployed to create awareness over Kashmir in spite of the fact that the whole of the country is under an emergency due to the floods. A level of coverage is allowed for Karachi but other areas, it's a blackout.
Pakistan passed orders to declare 15 percent of annexed FATA as forest land. It's a matter of time that there will be restrictions placed on people staying there for centuries and eventually, they will be ejected out of their traditional homelands in the name of conservation.
In a sad reminder of what Pakistan is for minorities, the police officer responsible for the abduction and murder of a Punjabi youth near Rawalpindi is suspended from duty. No non-Punjabi can ever look towards their government to provide them justice in a similar manner.
Fourth accident in a week starting from the Rawalpindi plane crash - a plane skidded off the runway in Gilgit damaging the dwindling fleet of Pakistan Airlines and Airforce. On a sad note, Pakistan seems more interested in the insurance money for plane and not passenger safety.
Continuing with the trend, not even a single Pakistani is awarded Hilal-i-Pakistan yet again. It is to be noted that no Pakistani is awarded Hilal-i-Pakistan after 1971 dismemberment. Also to note is that including these four, Pakistan has already given 8 awards this year.
Pakistan has now removed the Financial Advisors to Federal Ministries and gave the powers for financial transactions to the ministries itself, on the orders of IMF. In a country rife with corruption, this lack of central body can spell doom to the already broken economy.
Pakistan, refusing to fight a war with India, deployed one of it's last weapons - President Alvi on Kashmir. Today, he exhorted Pakistanis to flood twitter with Kashmir related information, even if it is fake information and to try to create a sense of outrage over the issue.
Further information over the above says that it is DG ISPR's ploy to remove payments for tweeting in support of Pakistani Army. When the President himself is publicly asking people to run riot on Twitter, what's the need for Qubani Gafoor to maintain a separate department?
It is now understood that a prominent political PCBC tried to flee India but was caught. He was brought back to Kashmir and is put under house arrest. It is important to note he is one of the main sources of fake news emerging from Kashmir as hinted by a prominent journalist.
As a proof of an open betrayal of Kashmir cause, Pakistani Kashmir Assembly was forced to play Pakistani National Anthem when Pathan visited it along with his ministers in a purported show of solidarity for the Kashmir cause. It is not clear whether he will be visiting GB as well
An opposition leader was arrested today on sedition charges for making anti-army slogans while protesting on the arrest of Maryam from Kot Lakhpat. It is already known Pakistan doesn't care if someone questions the govt but doesn't tolerate even token dissent against the army.
Qamar's War Journal
Raja Farooq was saying Kashmiris trust Pakistani Army. Is he really in his senses? Is he not seeing all his hospitals full with mangled bodies of soldiers? Or is it that he is saying that for the people of Pakistan who will believe anything related to army?
Doctors in Pakistan warned people not to consume large quantities of meat as it is going to have long term impact on their health. As a by-product, it can also mean a part of this is due to slaughter and consumption of cows in a perceived show of defiance against India.
For the first time in days, protests against power blackouts have overtaken protests over Indian actions in Kashmir. The continuous load shedding, especially in KP is forcing people to use even mosque loudspeakers to marshall numbers to protest against govt Inaction.
In an outrageous move, KP Govt has opened up more than 150 Govt guest houses for public, all of them at five star hotel rates to shore up it's flagging revenues. People are not happy at this fleecing because it's a matter of time they will be asked to use the facilities.
Qubani Gafoor took his President's words seriously and is planning to launch a major Twitter campaign as a national duty. He is keenly following the timeline and is giving regular updates to make his troops ready for the campaign, which they believe is the ultimate war.
Qamar's War Journal
Who released that video of Pathan saying Pakistan was scared of Balakot and is fearing an even bigger attack? He was scared and fumbling in that video and his confused brain produced a tweet where he equated Modi to Hitler and is getting a thrashing even there
Everything over Pathan, and ironically, me as well, can be summed up in a single slogan which I heard today -
Modi se tu darta hai
Maryam se tu ladta hai.
Different thing, I ordered that person to be taken away as is the usual policy with anyone questioning the government.
Pathan's Diary Entry
Only today, I understood why India announced in advance, it will award that Indian pilot. It is to dare Pakistan to award the dead pilot whom we projected as alive. But, what can we do? Instead, I went into a brain freeze and blurted out Balakot.
As a follow up to President Alvi's clariaon call for a Twitter War, PAF is planning to launch "Operation Swift Retort Museum" along with a website to showcase what Pakistan achieved. However it had no answers when the pilot who shot down the Indian pilot was not awarded.
Qamar is seething with anger. The decorations Indians did in their High Commission for their Independence Day in spite of all the hurdles, they made even GHQ and President Palace a joke. If the Indians can insult him like this inside Pakistan, what is he going to do?
In an ironic twist of fate, an Indian singer who snubbed whole of Pakistani establishment by performing inside Pakistan using his personal contacts in spite of a govt ban on Indian artistes is banned from performing in India for performing in Pakistan, that too before military.
And the equation decisively shifted in India's favour. Pakistan summoned Indian Envoy to complain over cross border firing and it's understood that he asked for proofs which he can send to India so that India can establish if cease fire violations were initiated by India.
Qamar yet again issued a statement that Pakistani Army is ready to stand up for the rights of Kashmir and that no power on earth can change Pakistan's views on Kashmir. However, as like always, he didn't tell how and when Pakistan is going to invade India and address the issues.
The fear was palpable in Raja Farooq's voice and he betrayed the real reason why Pakistan is that desperate over Kashmir - according to him, Kashmir is the extra depth, which if lost means Indian flag will be planted in Islamabad clearly indicating what his interests are.
In synopsis, Pakistan's independent way was spent with every leader threatening India in his own manner and the minorities of Balochistan and annexed-FATA innovativing to avoid the celebrations as much as they can - both due to floods and their anger against Pakistan.
Qubani Ghafoor seems to be the only one really serious to engage India on twitter. He declared Aug 15 as Black Day(even though Pakistan actually became independent on that day) and changed his profile picture to pitch black, he is yet to get some support. He also tweeted black.
PEMRA has issued another circular inline with what Pakistan can afford to ban - the new circular bans advertisements of Indian products like Fair and Lovely, Surf Excel and Knorr Noodles. Non compliance will be strictly dealt with, with fine and potential arrests.
Qamar's War Journal
Finally, Maleeha got a hearing in UNSC with China asking other P-5 members to have a closed door meeting over Kashmir. However, even I am not sure if will India take it kindly if someone else deliberates over it's internal matters without involving itself.
Pathan: If there is a UN voting, there is a very high possibility France can vote against us. Can we cut off diplomatic relations with France?
Qamar: Are you mad? Do you know how many Pakistanis are reaching France and EU through Arab refugee lines? What if France targets them?
What if we provoke India? Or what if India crosses the border and while shelling Muzaffarabad or Jaglot, tells UN that to facilitate the UN resolution, we are bringing as much of Pakistani Kashmir under Indian control and it's upto you to bring the balance under Indian control?
Nepotism rears it's ugly head yet again in Pakistan. After the Senate Chairman survived a no-confidence motion by the opposition, a vengeful government decided to snub the opposition even further by appointing the Senate Chairman's brother as Special Aide to the CM of Balochistan
The sudden increase in accidents all over Pakistan, the most recent being the one near Mansehra where 17 are killed is a clear indication of the losses at Indian border - since the army is disinclined to show the deaths as battle casualties, it adopted this older tactic.
The Twitter clarion call of President Alvi goaded Indians into action and there is a sudden spate of hacking of Pakistani websites, even as critical as that of Pakistan Radio and Malakand Levies. Even banks are being targetted leaving the clueless Pakistanis clutching straws.
An unusually heavy day for Pakistanis at the border. From the start of their independence day till now, India retaliated every of their provocations inflicting more than 50 casualties all over the theatre of action. Sectors are changing by hours but the firing continues unabated.
The photographs released by Pakistani govt of soldiers killed on Indian border showed signs of starvation raising questions over the general conditions inside Army, a topic which is a taboo inside Pakistan. This comes in months of a Pakistani soldier crossing into India for food.
The protests planned by Pakistani expatriates over Kashmir before Indian Embassies turned out to be a damp squib almost everywhere. While they weren't able to gather sufficient numbers at any place, police action to disperse the mobs was noticed at least in four locations.
Qubani Gafoor decided to start another twitter campaign - India took massive losses in the border engagement with Pakistani Army. With Indian govt rejecting the claims record speed, Qubani Gafoor had to beat a hasty retreat, leaving his troops to fend off the blows.
Does Black Day means blacking out everything in the country? Twitter profile images are blacked out, air space is shut down, cities are blacked out and CAPs launched - is there anything left to be blacked out? Is this is the sort of Black Day which anyone in Pakistan wants?
The flood situation is turning dire inside Pakistan - at least five children are washed away - two in Islamabad and three in Gilgit. A massive part of Pakistan is battered by floods. Govt response is clearly not enough and the focus on Kashmir is only adding to the problem.
Corruption to the tune of 20 billion PKR out of 160 billion PKR was noticed in the expenses of Balochistan government during the formal auditing. Though cases are filed to recover the money, the general view is that the money is as good as gone. Token arrests will be made.
Qamar's War Journal
Though Qureshi calls it emergency session, the reality is, it's nothing more than an informal chat to discuss how to tackle India over Kashmir. The P-5+10 are not fools. They know what's in store for them if they oppose India. I can only pray for the best.
A Pakistani military officer was captured by ISKP-Daesh in Nangarhar and executed. However, Pakistan is completely silent on why it's govt agent is in Afghanistan, violating the territorial sovereignty of that country and on whose authority he was ordered to cross the border.
Twelve people are arrested in a raid for selling CDs of Indian movies in Pakistan after the ban on Indian movies and advertisements came into effect in Pakistan. It is understood that charges of sedition will be applied against them as is the norm in the country.
With no funding coming from the Federal Govt, Sind Govt is forced to launched a Blue Jacket Movement to outsource cleaning of roads to citizens. Now, people will be exhorted not to litter and pick up trash if they see it anywhere, drastically reducing the number of cleaning staff
Water tanker wars in Karachi reared their ugly head again with a prominent PTI leader and a local journalist, whose family is a part of tanker mafia is shot dead in full view of public. The culprit is yet to be apprehended and on the other side PTI branded it a political murder.
Serious questions are raised over Bhukkad Rashid who decided to use his UK to to shop in high-end shops in Manchester when he was asked to go to Manchester to lead the protesting Pakistanis over Kashmir Issue. Many an eyebrow was raised over his absence from the protest sites.
Qamar's War Journal
Why did Gen Ranbir issue a formal warning to my army? Indians are already pummeling my troops and any Markhor BATs these days are not for infiltration but suicide attacks on Indian posts. He knows we have almost conceded defeat; why this warning? Invasion?
On top of that, the half a billion reduction in aid by Indians is hurting me really bad. Very soon, I will be in a situation I won't be able to pay salaries to my troops. What then? It's not as if the picture is cozying now - defections and starvation has become common.
Slowly, Pakistanis are realising the lie called Qubani Gafoor. Surprised at how Pakistan is treated globally and the negative portrayal of it in Indian and American films, a prominent Pakistani actress vented her frustration over India and America. And one can't even blame her.
Qamar's War Journal
What's happening to these Indians? Why are they issuing statements which is scaring the hell out of me? As if Gen Ranbir's warning is not enough, why did their Defence Minister saying no-first use policy for nukes is off now? What's the need now for that?
Qamar's War Journal
Not good. Not at all good. Now, India passed orders to open all schools and govt offices in Kashmir. This, coming just before UN meeting, wonder how it is going to impact the discussion. But, however it is, it's going to be against me, whatever the case.
Tamatar Qureshi is waiting tensedly. Half of those whom he called didn't respond and rest half were non committal. If this is the situation even before the start of Security Council meeting, what should he expect by the end of the meeting? Is it even worth waiting for?
Qamar's War Journal
Pathan is losing grip on reality. The number of tweets he put saying Modi is a fascist is making him a joke by the minute. Even the references he is taking like Srebrenica is making people point fingers towards us - after all, we ourselves were involved there.
Though the SBP Governor Reza is saying economy is on right track, the reality is for everyone to see. Import cost has increased while exports collapsed, high inflation, taxes, surging national drbt and unemployment is harming both a common man and a job-giver alike.
Pathan's Diary Entry
Disney became the first film company to rake more than a billion in five movies in a single year. And here we are, struggling to run a country with no money. I don't know how everyone except us is making such money and waste it on such luxuries.
As expected, United Nations is not bothered about Kashmir. It is of the opinion Pakistan never had a case, first of all, and whatever is happening now is internal to India and refused to indict India. Protests are expected to intensify by Pakistanis all over the world over this.
It is understood Pathan tried to speak with American President Trump and hasn't received a patient ear. Was Pathan trying to repeat a Nawaz after Kargil, only time will tell. As of now, there is no end to the trouble Pakistan is facing on the border with India.
Pathan's Diary Entry
I just don't understand this. How is Indian Prime Minister Modi this unbothered? He didn't even bother taking the name of Pakistan even once on August 15 and now, he is going to Bhutan as if nothing is happening. Or is it that he is enjoying the situation?
Qamar's War Journal
How did Gafoor slip? He made silly mistakes but never allowed info leak. There is a sudden burst of news regarding dead soldiers everywhere - he declared only four dead, but people know about more than ten. I just hope this won't lead to a general strike.
Reports are coming that the Quetta blast today was carried out by ISI to ensure that a certain Taliban leader will not defect. There are rumours that he is in talks with Afghan Govt and ISI influenced a Baloch outfit to carry out the attack. No immediate fallout is expected.
Pakistan is celebrating the UN discussion on Kashmir that it has now become international and that means, it's no more bilateral. What they fail to notice is, it effectively means 1999 and 1972 are invalid and that means JK's accession into India is the last legally valid treaty.
Pakistan's share market collapsed to a five-year low due to the continued tensions with India. While flight of capital and losses due to Indian sanctions has become a norm, the beating army is taking on the Indian border is raising questions over Fauji and other defence brands.
Slowly, voices are rising inside Pakistan over the futility of being a part of Pakistani Army, at a time when it is staring at complete decimation in the hands of India - the standard message floating around is, in simplest words, "the salary you are getting is not worth it".
Qubani Gafoor called off the Twitter war, his resigned tone indicating defeat. A rebellion is expected. On the other side, President Alvi after declaring a war on Twitter, now asked his ambassadors to accost anyone and everyone in their countries and spread the message on Kashmir
Qamar's War Journal
As expected, UN also ditched us. Now, there is none left to side us. What option have I got? Surrender and live like a Dhimmi or go all guns blazing all along the border and disappear in a blaze of glory or open new theatres and try for a honourable peace?
Spooked at the retreat of broken local formations of Pakistani Army on the border, the President of Pakistani Kashmir met Qamar today and received a word of assurance from him. Though Qamar gave him his word, he himself is not confident if he has got the strength with him.
Pathan's Diary Entry
Did we win today at UN or lose? I am not able to understand anything. And if we won, will an angry India invade us? What if it takes Jaglot and sets up a toll booth for CPEC? Will we even have the money to pay for it? And if we lost, will Qamar do something?
"There is no appetite for open debate within the UNSC members at this stage" - nothing sums up the discussion in UN over Kashmir over this. Simply put, Pakistan has no diplomatic mileage to force countries deliberate over the Kashmir issue and no one wants to antagonize India.
After SBP refused to give loans to Federal Govt, Federal Govt is now coercing private banks to give loans. This has resulted in a situation where a private entrepreneur or a business establishment has no money available in the market and in banks to further his business.
After the diplomatic manoeuvres of Somalia and Bosnia failed to diffuse the tension between India and Pakistan, Pakistan is now planning to use the offices of Dominican Republic. Will India listen to the new mediator and deescalate is something which should be closely monitored.
Another attempt of Pakistani misinformation failed - after initially claiming an Indian Major General is killed, Pakistani defence analysts have confirmed it's a fake news. However, one can assume this news is a reflection of what's happening on Pakistani side of the border.
Though there are muted celebrations over sensationalising Kashmir issue, the angry rant of Tamatar Qureshi betrayed the pressure Pakistan is in, in the aftermath of the UNSC meeting. This also reflects upon the situation on the border where the losses are becoming unmanageable.
Qamar's War Journal
I thought I could have finished off the fight with India in a few days as like what happened at Uri - India will thrash us as like always and we will go home our own ways to repeat the show again. But, I never thought it will turn this long and critical.
Now the situation is, on one side, India is thrashing us non-stop and on the other side, nature. Whole Baltistan is flooded, our access to Pakistan from the border is getting destroyed through landslides, what exactly am I supposed to do if there is no way for my broken troop
formations to retreat? Does that mean I will have to surrender the whole territory, even including parts of Pakistan? If India stops there, it's still fine. But what if India doesn't stop and decides to go for the kill? After all, Rawalkot to Rawalpindi is just hundred kilometres
In an ironic twist, in the aftermath of the terror attack in Quetta yesterday, a terror alert is raised in Punjab but not in Balochistan clearly hinting where the priorities of the govt are. Also to add is, a very respected Baloch leader was killed in a separate terror attack.
It surfaced that Pakistan is now targeting expatriates with Pakistani citizenship who are questioning the government. In a specific case, it has surfaced that a passport renewal application was put on hold for months which may lead to arrest on expiry for an employee from FATA.
Pakistan refused to give permission to Wilayat Day celebrations in Lahore. This is in spite of the Courts asking the authorities to permit the National Wilayat to be organized for the benefit of the Shias. This comes in the backdrop of serial bomb blasts targeting Shias.
Qamar's War Journal
There is a saying in India - Modi destroys his opponents to the extent that they start behaving like cheap roadside trolls. That is exactly what has become of my govt now. Gafoor, Qureshi, Pathan - everyone is acting as if they don't represent a country.
Gafoor is acting like a child trying to gain attention, Pathan is stuck in Fascist Modi loop, Qureshi completely lost it. Yesterday, he was ranting in public and today, he is wanting Nehru's India. Lying in public became a norm. Wonder how long before they completely give up.
And a fourth day in continuation, unable to take the Indian fire amidst heavy casualties, Pakistani formations are vacating the posts, trying to retreat with reinforcements pouring in to support them. The heavy casualties and orders to hold back has already created minor mutinies
Pathan's Diary Entry
After Indian Defence Minister's threat over nuclear weapons, the core group is being called MARD(Modi, Amit Shah, Rajnath, Doval). What will be our equivalent? BAKI(Bajwa, Asif Gafoor, Khattak, Imran Khan). I don't like it but doesn't it reveal our true self?
Section 144 extended yet again in annexed-FATA by another month. The territory is under clampdown continuously for months and there seems to be no hope of respite to the people from the government brutalities and army excesses - neither movement nor essential provisions.
An innocent Afghan youth was charged with provoking general public and is remanded to custody for displaying his national flag on Pakistan's Independence Day on insistence of Pakistani Army. It is ironic to note that the same army advocates display of Pakistani flag in Kashmir.
Even Abbasi's men got awards, but for things which befit the stature of Pakistani Navy - for taking a video of an Indian submarine(it is not clear if the video is an old one or the one which they shot) and for staying a long time on sea. Some routine promotion awards were given.
A prominent Pakistani diplomat said in no mean words, the solution to Kashmir is only war or proxy war. Diplomacy is not an option. His opinion is that, even if the UN bent Indian Prime Minister Modi, Modi wouldn't budge because of domestic political compulsions in India.
Giving a death blow to Pakistani tourism industry and hampering the bilateral terms considerably, it is now understood that a prominent British Royal is planning to cancel his Pakistan trip. Coming immediately after Pakistani excesses in London and the UNSC meet is significant.
Baloch leader Akthar Mengal was very angry at the assassination of Amanullah Zehri and nothing can be more evocative than his words indicating the priorities of Pakistan -
Terayy qatal py wavela, mery qatal py khamoshi,
Tu kashmir ka musalman, main Kafir Balochistan ka.
Arrests are still being made in Pakistani provinces, especially annexed FATA, Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan over refusing to celebrate/not celebrating independence day celebrations on 14 August. In some areas, massive manhunt is launched to capture known offenders.
Qubani Gafoor became a centre of attraction for the fourth consecutive day, with Indians demolishing his narrative and Pakistanis tweeting in support of him with hashtags like #IAmAsifGhafoor. Qubani Gafoor thanked his troops but expressed his inability to stop account bans.
The false flag in Quetta is already showing it's repercussions - a major bomb blast in a Shia marriage led to the death of more than 20 people. The strengthening Taliban is only showing everyone, who exactly is the master in Afghanistan and how far it can go to assert itself.
With Tamatar Qureshi getting out of control and unable to take questions sanely, Qubani Gafoor had to personally invite himself into a press conference by Tamatar Qureshi and moderate it so that it won't go out of control. It's a just another meeting ratcheting Kashmir issue.
Qamar's War Journal
Today's slaughter at the border, if the information enters public domain, there is going to be utter panic. That means, of the dozens killed - both army and terrorist-paramilitaries, I can't even announce the deaths of the dead. They will be lost to history.
In a major blow to tanning industry, raw animal hide prices collapsed by almost 80% due to the lack of storage facilities in the face of incessant rains after the main season of Eid-Al-Adha. Though a total of 15 million animals are killed, this did not translate much into hides.
Pathan's Diary Entry
I am really angry. I saw an Indian news article, got curious and searched for the word Bhikari. I saw my photograph. I thought me being called a beggar is not known much. But, Google itself declaring me as a beggar by default? Can Gafoor do anything to fix?
As is it's usual policy, Pakistan is trying to divert attention from the carnage on border by using annexed FATA - after yesterday's rally, charges are filed against Manzoor and others under terrorism charges, 144 imposed and outsiders banned - hinting army is going for the kill.
The foolish decision of abruptly cutting ties with India is hitting Pakistan very hard. Stock for which letters of credit is already issued is stuck on the other side of the border and at customs checkpoints - the importers are staring at heavy losses unless govt acts.
The same is reflected yet again over cotton produce as Pakistan whose textile industry is dependent on Indian cotton is staring at insufficient cotton for it's domestic use. It is already noted, whether sufficient or not, Pakistan can't afford to stop exports to Saudi and China.
The daughter of a prominent Pakistani minister came down heavily on her mother by saying we lag behind India because we don't focus on tech sector but on targeting rights activists. This is in response to her mother's tweet complaining banning of the ID of a Pakistani handle.
Qamar's War Journal
Pathan is getting on my nerves. Modi, Fascist, RSS - is there nothing else to talk about? Now he added India is a rogue country and it's nukes should be secured by the world, that it's building concentration camps and all nonsense. I will have to cut him down.
Indian fears regd internet restriction turned true when Indian WhatsApp groups and phone numbers are flooded with fake Pakistani propaganda over Kashmir immediately after the internet connection is restored from unknown Pakistani numbers. The connection is disconnected again.
It is now understood that intense lobbying in Pakistan Hockey Federation forced authorities to increase the selector strength from four to six. Interestingly, the justification given is to increase the representation of Olympic winning hockey players to aid in better selection.
The chaos in administration of Karachi and political bickering has made the city completely unliveable with garbage picked from drains not being sent to landfills but is dumped everywhere - including parks, roads and everywhere. Accountability demanded by people is non-existent.
Pathan conceded Pakistan doesn't have the capability to become an Asian Tiger, though his predecessors tried for it and is aiming for an Islamic Welfare State. With 31% increase in national debt in one year, it is looking as if there is no observable progress even on that count.
Pathan's govt made a record of sorts with almost all of opposition leaders are imprisoned or killed. As of today, only a handful opposition leaders of note like Shahbaz and Bilawal are still available. Though sedition charges are also used, NAB seems to be the most common route.
A notorious Pakistani bandit on whom Sindhi police is closing in has offered his services to Pakistani Army to fight at the Indian border along with his men so as to capture and incarceration. The military is weighing options to deploy such freelancers to contain losses.
Finally, realisation dawned upon Qubani Gafoor that there is no Twitter Pakistan and India has decided to act - the fake news industry created by his troops is slowly getting neutralised both by Indian govt assets and by Twitter India. He is trying desperately to stop his losses.
Voices rising inside Afghanistan against peace with Taliban after yesterday's bomb blast killing more than 60 people - the bomber is a Taliban operative from Pakistan and people are already reminded of the bad old Taliban days where Pakistan ruled the roads and spread chaos.
Bannu today decided to boycott polio vaccination in response to the high government taxation, stating they don't need a vaccination as their children are anyways wasting away due to lack of food as a consequence of the economic terrorism perpetrated upon them by the governments.
Now that Qubani Gafoor's online campaign is fast becoming a joke and people deriding him and Pakistan, the govt, on the orders of the army passed orders to arrest the online hate mongers and those passing information over the losses from the border under anti-terrorism charges.
More than a 100 Hindus are turned away from a Hotel in a threat prone Thatta just because they are Hindus, a repeated reminder of how much Pakistan hates it's Hindus. The mistreatment of Hindus is actually aggravated during such instances where shortage of essentials is noticed.
Pathan's Diary Entry
I was reading some report over Pakistani economy today. Though I didn't understand anything, the number 31 occurring again and again is curious. Share market and PKRvsUSD both collapsed by 31%, debt increased by 31%, FDI decreased by 31%. It's curious, right?
Qamar's War Journal
Things are getting direr. I shouldn't have deputed those Markhors to Fauji Butchers. They lost their edge and the way they are getting slaughtered, shameful. 1 Shaheen is led by a jawan now. I can't hide deaths anymore. I don't know when they will go on a mass
mutiny. If the Markhors themselves will go on a strike, others will simply flee the border. ANd the loss is not just to soldiers - even transport is breaking down and I am forced to seize anything my men come across. I need to do something before there is a general desertion.
Did India decide to go for the kill? After Indian Defence Minister said negotiation on Kashmir will only be on Pakistan Occupied territory, another minister said, let's liberate PoK. What are going to be the implications and ramifications both sides of the border and elsewhere?
Qamar's War Journal
Indians crossing the border and picking my Markhor BATs assembling to cross the border is becoming common these days. I don't understand. How is it that Indians are inflicting that heavy casualties on us, that too inside Pakistan? Are they better than that?
ATGMs, heavy firing, sniping, India used everything against my troops. It has become a regular thing - destroyed posts, broken and fleeing formations. My troops are not spared even if they use human shields or operate from civil areas. I don't know how long we can hold.
Khattak's Diary Entry
Gafoor Sir ordered me to spend more time out of Islamabad. He said that I am the Defence Minister and I should go and meet the families of those who were killed on the border. But he ordered me to maintain a low profile as people are not supposed to know.
A fifteen year old boy was lynched to death on charges of theft. The brutal lynching episode is filmed and shared. The protests led by the family members of the victim, who claimed he came to collect butcher fees forced the police to apply anti-terrorism charges on the culprits.
Predictably, the deaths due to accidents and stray bomb blasts started to pick up in Pakistan - a bomb blast in Waziristan killed two troopers and five including a leader of a pro-govt militia were killed in Dir. Though there was a condemnation, there was no countermeasures taken
World cricketing bodies were surprised that Pakistan Cricket Board received a mail over a terror threat for Indian team during it's West Indies trip. Though it was shared with ICC and BCCI, the first question raised was, why PCB and if there is any Pakistani link to that.
Sarwar, the Governor of Punjab and ex-MP, Glasgow confirmed that the Federal Govt is on the same page of that of Pakistani Army giving another proof to who exactly is ruling Pakistan. The use of the word jugular vein for Kashmir hints at Pakistan's collapse if Kashmir is lost.
An angry expat community demanded explanation from Burj Khalifa, Dubai for displaying the Pakistani flag upside down - a style used only to display military surrender when displayed on 14 August. Burj Khalifa authorities are yet to respond over this - if it is deliberate or not.
Qamar's War Journal
Bad news. When the confidence of people in Pakistani Army is eroding slowly due to Indian border action, how did it that Musharraf Sahab's and Kayani Sahab's Swiss Bank account details are outed? Both contain millions USD and people are not going to be happy.
Pakistan passed orders to arrest anyone who celebrates Afghan independence day inside Pakistan. It is understood that the rule is applicable even to Afghans inside Pakistan and the application of Section 144 in parts of Pashtunistan is only making the situation direr.
Bhukkad Rashid was accosted by Pakistani protesters for not spending sufficient time with them at Indian Embassy. His focus more on shopping and other personal activities resulted in people throwing eggs and other projectiles at him in a meeting forcing security to snatch phones.
Pakistan's boycott of India is hurting Pakistan at unexpected places - it is now understood that Pakistan refused to take the message from India which resulted in not having advance information when India released flood water in Sutlej and Indus leading to sudden flooding.
Khattak's Diary Entry
I always had this doubt. Almost 70-80% of Kahsmir we hold is Gilgit-Baltistan. Then, why do we call Azad Kashmir and not Azad Gilgit-Baltistan? Or is there something which I don't know? Will Gafoor sir give me an appointment to explain why we did this?
Very rarely we see Afghans and Taliban on the same page. After Taliban slammed Pakistan for dragging it into Kashmir issue, Afghan govt today criticized Pakistan for linking peace in Afghanistan to Kashmir. This came immediately after Pakistan refused to own up the Kabul bombing.
Pathan: I am hearing too many civilian deaths from border areas due to firing. What if we shift them to the interior?
Qamar: Are you joking? They are our human shields. May be I will order Punjabis settled in those areas to be brought back. That should be fine for you, right?
With regular CFVs and frequent summoning of Indian envoy who doesn't turn up half the time and demands proofs for everything, a fed up Pakistan is planning to block an hour in Indian Envoy's calendar every week to ensure he is not busy in any other work and Pakistan is prepared.
The rioting all over the world by Pakistanis in the name of Kashmir seems to have created more enemies than friends. Many cities have seen riots at a scale unprecedented in decades making people angry and some governments are already planning to bring the rioters to book.
Many Pakistani experts have slowly started expressing doubts over the competency of Pakistani Army and are exhorting people to plan for their own weapons and rationing. Though people initially believed this is an incoherent rant by Tamatar Topi Zaid, it doesn't seem so anymore.
After the Afghans asked Pakistan not to link Afghan peace process with Kashmir, serial bombing involving at least six blasts ripped through Jalalabad, killing at least thirty four. Perpetrators are not known but Pakistani hand is suspected due to the timing and situation.
A report mentions that after India scrapped off 370, there is a sudden rise in the number of cyber attacks on Indian assets. India has now become the seventh most attacked country in the world and is asked to have additional checks to counter the cyber war against the country.
Three more Pakistani universities from KP have shut shop after declaring bankruptcy. They neither have the money to run the establishment not money to pay salaries. The future of the students studying there stands inconclusive as the government refused to lend a helping hand.
A youth was lynched to death in Lahore after his goat ate a plant of his neighbour. His neighbour, angry that the goat ate the plant, attacked the youth along with his family leading to the death of the youth. Atleast five persons are injured while trying to save the boy.
A prominent Pakistani expatriate told in no mean words that Pakistan is not attacking India because it knows it will lose badly. She said, for the first time after independence, a Pakistani citizen clearly understood they have lost and all the sabre rattling is to placate the ego
The minorities under Punjabi yoke, sensing the weakness of Pakistani Army seem to be going for the kill. Reports of anti-Pakistan protests coming from all parts of Pakistan stretching the already stretched resources of Pakistani forces. Number of arrests have also increased.
At least seven massive protests are noticed inside Pakistan today and as of now, even in Waziristan ignoring the restrictions. None of them have gone violent. The police is having a wary watch on the protesters and are doing their utmost to ensure the protests don't turn violent.
Pathan's Diary Entry
I am getting rumours of Qureshi and Qamar trying to negotiate a peace with India. I clearly understand it's not a truce but a pact of surrender, wonder what India will ask - an unmilitarized zone? Some land as compensation? They know we don't have money.
Qamar's War Journal
I have achieved what I want - an extension to tenure. Now, I will slowly deescalate the situation on the border. Who cares what happens to Pakistan? I will provoke India after two years again. But, what if India doesn't play my game and picks me now?
What should I do regarding Bilal now? He was already in a mood to launch a coup and going by the way he is getting plastered on the border with no one helping him, he has got every chance to use this to create trouble. I don't know who is siding him - I should be more careful now
Pathan's Diary Entry
I was expecting Qamar will move away and be replaced by Bilal. I planned everything perfectly but, finally, I am a just another PM of Pakistan. How he forced me to get an extension. I won't give my speech today. At least I can do that much independently.
Tamatar Bilal's Diary Entry
At least today, I don't have issues with Qamar getting an extension. After all, he will be known as the Traitor Ahmadi who presided over the dissolution of the Great Pakistan Nation. I may have thought about toppling him a few months ago, but not now.
The Federal Ministers, Chief Ministers and other high and mighty in Pakistan are competing with one another now to profess loyalty to Qamar and congratulate him on his tenure extension. Is it out of fear or is it out of genuine respect for Qamar is something to be seen.
However, the carnage on the border continues as if nothing happened - Pakistani Army CFV is responded by devastating fire from Indians in multiple sectors. As usual, Pakistan is taking heavy fire with losses with dwindling resources, with Mendhar being the worst hit.
Qamar's War Journal
This Qureshi, I guess it's time I should ask him to shut his mouth and go on a holdiay for a week. I told him many times not to talk about the referendum. Doesn't he know that referendum means India gets a blank cheque to annex Kashmir and GB from Pakistan?
Pathan's Diary Entry
What happened suddenly? Why did these people wake me up? Qureshi giving a speech at this time? What happened to him? Didn't he find some proper time or not? It will be Qamar or border. Why are these people wasting my time over such silly things?
I heard that some General who is going to the border is forced to come back? What sort of meeting is that, that people are forced to come from other places? I still feel it's Qamar or border. If it is something else, what can it be? Did Abbasi resign by any chance? Can it be?
I spoke with President Trump after Indian PM Modi spoke with him. The usual roasting and asking Pakistan to behave. It became that monotonous - everyone is telling me the same thing - I fell asleep immediately after. Wonder what they are planning to do. Why Qureshi, first of all?
Pakistan is forced to shut down two of it's gas fields and cut down by more than half, the production in the third so as to ensure that there won't be an oversupply amidst low demand - they don't have an option but to buy committed supply of foreign natural gas at elevated prices
On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, Baloch exhorted the global humanitarian organizations to spread word and involve on ground, over the human rights abuse perpetrated upon them by Pakistani Army. They also asked UNHCR to recognize Baloch as a valid refugee.
Nawaz's son-in-law openly called for stricter curbs on Ahmedis - to ban them for jobs - govt, private and army. This statement, though innocuous turned significant as Qamar's tenure as COAS was extended today and Qamar faced controversies before for having Ahmedi relations.
The abduction industry spread it's tentacles into Sind as well, with a prominent Sindhi singer Nabi Buksh Chandio or Jigar Jalal was abducted today near Larkana while going to a show along with four others including his brother. Police have expressed helplessness as of now.
The All Parties Conference convened to discuss the anti-govt stance turned out to be a damp squib as like always with no consensus reached on anything. Even, the proposed October Islamabad lockdown was put on back burner. A follow up meeting is scheduled in ten days.
Pathan's Diary Entry
For 30 minutes, I was scratching my head over what Qureshi said. Is it that important to say at this time? Can't this wait till tomorrow morning? His usual lies over Modi and his claims of the world supporting him, I don't know what should I do with him.
A prominent American foreign policy expert asked his government not to change sides now and start supporting Pakistan to make it a strategic partner. He further said, it's more important not to antagonise India than side Pakistan because India is the best bet against China.
Pathan's ex wife Reham came down heavily upon him by accusing him to be an Indian stooge and did nothing to control the Kashmir situation spiralling out of control. She accused him of being aware of removal of 370 beforehand and hinted Pathan walked into Trump's mediation trap.
Qubani Gafoor is having a miserable time. Daily, he is getting news of scores of Pakistani twitter accounts getting suspended because of Pakistan's Kashmir stand. Now, it has even extended to govt handles and handles of govt officials. And Twitter is not even bothered to respond.
American President Trump hinted that terms with Pakistan improved after America cut aid to Pakistan and that terrorism reduced drastically after aid-cut. It is also a direct indication that a considerable part of aid goes into terror industry and may have impacted it massively.
Questions are raised over the artillery exercises in Hyderabad at a time when the city is limping back to normal after inundation and when the whole area is facing another massive flood in Indus in a day or two - at a time when army should focus on relief and not sabre-rattling.
Qamar's War Journal
These Indians - they are not even allowing me to celebrate my extension. Nothing changed - another day, another sector, posts destroyed, Markhor BATs beaten back. May be, I should stop sending Markhors and send hordes in hundreds to infiltrate into India.
Anyways, I was able to send four into India on Afghan passports. Hope they will do some mischief, though I am sure they can't do anything of the scale I want them to. I still don't understand. How was a red alert raised on them in India? How did India zero upon them that fast?
Qamar's War Journal
India is not sparing us even when we are taking human shields. That school near Abbaspur where my men set up a command post, the school itself is completely flattened. But, one thing. If it is a civil place, they are firing only till my men are there.
Pathan's Diary Entry
I think it's time I ask Fawad to do something over SUPARCO. At least, we should prepare our own paint instead of importing it and painting over foreign stuff before claiming it as ours. But, he seems interested in everything except his ministry.
Islamabad traders are clutching at straws due to the sudden ban of polythene bags by the govt on 14 August. Almost 2.5 million bags are left unsold and are seized by the government in multiple raids, giving serious losses to the traders in the area. Protests are expected.
It is now revealed, the reduction in profits for Pakistani companies has got nothing to do with performance but with interest rates which shot up in the last few months. This new situation means bigger entities can survive the crash but smaller ones will go bankrupt in no time.
A same situation is seen in auto sector which saw a 42% reduction in sales - mostly because of reduced consumption power, increased prices, crashing rupee against dollar and additional government taxes. A price rise of almost 10-40% is noticed across the segment.
Subsequent to the murder of the Baloch elder Amanullah Zehri, Chief Minister Kamal Khan expressed his incompetence in maintaining peace and order in the province and asked the tribal elders to sort out the issues among themselves. He hoped that the murderers will be apprehended.
In a rare relief to the trader community, Karachi Stock Exchange shot up by 800 points. It's the first time it didn't crash in more than a week. This is attributed to the extension of the term of Qamar and a perceived stability in direction as a consequence of that.
After an open threat to the life of Pakistani Coach Mickey Arthur by a Federal Minister hinting the possibility of a fate similar to that of Bob Woolmer, Pakistan is now facing trouble in identification of a foreign coach as none is interested to work for Pakistan Cricket.
Looking at incompetency of the Chinese firm contracted with waste management in Karachi, Sindh Chief Secretary ordered scrapping of contract and asked authorities to add a few thousands more dustbins. However, it needs to be seen if his order over the Chinese will be implemented.
Qamar's War Journal
Today's fight was surprisingly brutal. Such things happen generally during Indian Markhor hunts in the night but not in the day. The troops had to flee after taking a beating and return back under flag to collect their baggage. Luckily, the Indians allowed us
Pathan's Diary Entry
US-PACOM is renamed as US-INDO-PACOM. What does that even mean? Why did they include INDO and not PAK? Or is PAC in PACOM is misspent PAK from CENTO days? It's all too confusing. Abbasi will know what it means but he is in a depression for the last few months
Tamatar Bilal's War Log
I was very lucky for not becoming the COAS. The sort of beating my troops took today, I never saw such a beating before. At least, during Pulwama days, we had bullets and ammo aplenty. At least in five sectors boys had to flee and take back the posts when
Indian firing slackened. Naeem and Majid refused to support me (one can't even blame them) and I don't know how long I can hold myself. May be, it's better for me to take a voluntary retirement and head some embassy or govt dept. At least, I will go before the hell breaks loose.
Qamar's War Journal
What is this Qureshi doing? Why is he provoking situation further in an area where there is no chance to win? If he goes to ICJ, India will first question separating GB from Kashmir. Then, they will ask CPEC. Them they will present Pathan's house papers. Then?
Qamar is happy. After long, he is hearing of an encounter by his terrorist-paramilitaries - even he wasn't aware if anyone is operating in Kashmir. Though he knows the end result will be speeded up because there are no OGWs to interfere with the operations, he still has hope.
The world formally accepted today, the Pakistani Markhor prominently seen in the photos of the captured Indian pilot - the one who assaulted him is killed. Going by the fact he is a Markhor, there is only one reason for him to be on the border - sneak into India like a terrorist.
Qubani Gafoor ordered PTA to write to Twitter asking it to remove the ban on the 178 handles which were banned because of their role in spreading Pakistani version of the story over the Kashmir Issue. It's contention is that only PTA has got suzerainty over Pakistani handles.
The situation in Waziristan is becoming direr by the day after the imposition of Sec-144. There is a shortage of essentials and with the imposition of restrictions over flow of traffic and provisions from outside and an unconcerned govt, the situation is on the brink of collapse.
Pakistan has formally announced closure of schools in the border areas - this is aimed both at safety of the students and at the availability of space fro setting new posts for Pakistani Army. Though Pakistani Army is taking over schools and hospitals, this formalises it.
A rattled Qubani Gafoor started to post complaints and the investigation leading to requesting ban of individual twitter handles. The recent report where not even a single Pakistani request was honoured by Twitter clearly spooked him and he decided to present a better case.
Understanding that every act against Hindus will be remembered in these dire days, Pakistan started a pro-Hindu campaign - renovation of temples and even temple visits by top politicians including Pathan. Even though the orthodoxy is going to create a ruckus, this is unavoidable.
A frustrated Pakistan, unable to do anything on the Indian border started targeting the Baloch - a whole village was burnt down by the army in Dera Bugti. After the lockdown of Waziristan, these barbaric activities in Balochistan is a new low for Pakistani Army.
Tamatar Topi Zaid has lost it completely - finally, reality dawned upon him that India is an unstoppable force with regard to Pakistan and there is a very high chance they can repeat a 1971. The only counter he is able to offer is to flood social media with old, fake propaganda.
On the other side, Pakistan is advancing into Kunar in Afghanistan without notifying Afghan govt in a hope to trap some TTP-Daesh terrorists. At least 200 missiles are fired by Pakistani military in the last three days. There is damage to property but human losses are not known.
Pathan's Diary Entry
Here I have Qamar who almost put a gun to get his extension. There, India has Gen Rawat, who asked the government to set up a commission two months before his retirement to probe for corruption if any. What can Pakistan do to have such an upright officer?
Handouts galore for government officers - while Federal Govt is giving executive allowances for bureaucrats following KP and Punjab, KP declared interest free loans to employees. Though this is against the policies of Pathan and PTI, this legal bribe hints only at corruption.
Tamatar Qureshi's decision to take Kashmir to ICJ was met with shock in Law Ministry which is not in a position to take any decision over this. While there is no guarantee if India will accept taking the case to ICJ, which is a compulsion, the expenditure is another problem.
Pathan: What is this party DMK in India? It has some unpronounceable expansion. Looks like they are protesting against Indian annexation of Kashmir in Delhi. We need to support them.
Qamar: Who knows? It's the first time I heard of them. But, who cares? Any support is support.
Though there were complaints for long, govt has now started to look into the excesses by NAB which has made conducting business in Pakistan impossible with almost every rich Pakistani or investor in Pakistan being targeted by NAB. New policy regulations will be brought.
A prominent Pakistani analyst opined that Pakistan is reluctant to wage a war against India not because of its precarious economic situation but unlike in the previous encounters with India, it won't be able to whitewash it's losses like 1965 or 1971 before the eyes of Pakistanis
Sher Ali, though he revealed an elevated number for civilian casualites - both dead and injured, he refused to share the same in the army. There are two reasons - the information is above his security clearance and the risk of potential sedition charges for demotivating the army.
In a clear proof that Pakistan is not interested in the welfare of Kashmiris, it is revealed that more than a half the phone calls to the Indian paramilitary helpline used by people staying outside to communicate with their family members in Kashmir are from abusing Pakistanis.
The 73% MoM reduction in current account deficit in Pakistan is not attributed to a robust economic situation but due to the crashing imports resulting out of a weakening rupee. Though there is a slight increase in imports due to normalisation post Pulwama, it didn't affect much.
Pathan's Diary Entry
Next insult for Fawad. While he is busy targetting India on trivial things, there, India is busy expanding it's spread - India will now launch the first satellite for UAE. ISRO may collect some money for this or not, but the fact is SUPARCO became a big joke.
Bilawal was booed by the people attending his rally in Astore for goading the people to support the struggle in Kashmir and the rally is termed a disaster. This is a clear indication of how GB is looking at mainstream Pakistani politicians from the angle of their interests.
In an interesting turn of events, the Sound govt blamed India for the rise in number of rabies cases in Pakistan - the health minister blamed tension with India and substandard Chinese vaccines as the reason fully ignoring the reason why there is a tension with India.
The poor economic and security situation inside Pakistan means that there are no takers for the tenders floated to supply LNG to Pakistan for the next 10 years. Clearly, the companies are preferring better and stable markets all over the world against Pakistan.
The poor sanitation situation in Karachi means that the spreading garbage is resulting in serious health disorders, with more than 3000 gastroenteritis and diarrhoea cases reported in the last ten days itself. The situation is expected to deteriorate even further.
The accounts of Federal Ministry for Steel and Industry are seized on the orders of Sind High Court. This is in consequence of multiple ordered to pay PF and gratuity for retired employees of Pakistan Steel Mills. This will lead to general chaos due to non-payment of salaries.
Curfew imposed in parts of Waziristan. This is on top of Section 144 imposed by Pakistani authorities in the area - which is crippling life and economy. On a similar note, a bomb blast in the area led to the death of three. Contrastingly, Indian Kashmir is fast becoming normal.
Pathan's Diary Entry
A major global firm had an accounting error due to which it over posted almost 30 billion USD into it's accounting books. Think about it, a private company's silly mistake involved 30 billion USD and went unnoticed, wonder how much we can do with that money.
Qamar's War Journal
This Nazi bug which Pathan invented seems to have bitten everyone. And they are only making a joke of themselves. Now, it's Mazari. A read at her letter, I was pulling my hair at her childishness. And what is this goodwill ambassador thing? Another joke?
Qamar's War Journal
Finally, some good news. Strike in ordance factories in India leading to stopping of production. Though that may not hurt India in the short run and with the money they have, they can simply bypass the factories, it gives a much needed moral boost to my men.
A Pakistani lawmaker came up with an innovative solution to fix the rising stray dog meance and large number of rabies cases - export the dogs to China. Sind Assembly is said to have taken the recommendation positively and it can set up a commission to this effect.
Rumours of imputed rent started making rounds inside Pakistan as the government is exploring new ways to earn money. Another 100k people are tagged by Shabbar Zaidi for investigation and he is fast losing people who can be investigated for financial irregularities.
International diplomatic circles have got a new headache now - Tamatar Qureshi. Unbothered over disturbing others at odd hours, he has been dialling his counterparts explaining his position over Kashmir and beseeching for their help to intervene in Pakistan's favour.
Unable to trust Abbasi with coastal defence, Qamar deployed some Markhor SSG units near Sir Creek and on the coast east of Indus. Though this is insufficient to handle any possible Indian action, it gives a message Pakistan is looking into the theatre and is doing whatever it can
Breaching all layers of security in the high profile capital city of Pakistan, two policemen were shot dead and at least five injured in a terror attack on the city. The attackers are still at large and a massive manhunt is launched. This is being treated as a terror incident.
In spite of the IMF employee Reza presenting the case personally for Pakistan, it is now understood that there are still gaps in the expectations from Pakistan to ensure it won't be branded by FATF. No level of one to one meetings were able to influence the member states.
Pakistan's Punjab bias came in the open yet again when the red alert issued for floods all over the country was because Punjab received a heavy inflow of water. Sukkur barrage received a medium flood and the flood levels are not going to rise considerably in the near future.
It is understood that Pakistan is desperately trying to extend the fight into International Border from Line of Control, especially in the highly populated North Punjab belt and use the disproportionate response from India to call for a ceasefire. India is maintaining a wary calm
Qamar's War Journal
Why is Sialkot becoming hot? I asked explicitly not to do anything in Punjab, that too Shakargarh, unless there are explicit orders from me in person. Or is it some major Indian action? I know there are some tank units nearby, I need to check if they are hit.
As if this isn't enough, these Baloch-Pashtun reached Islamabad itself. Regular attacks and deaths in Pashtun Hill areas or Balochistan is fine. But, in Islamabad itself? Some heads are going to roll, for sure. Morning, I will go for one meeting with these people. Let me see.
Pathan's Diary Entry
Iran is removing four zeroes from their currency. I don't get this. Why does one want to have less Rials in his pocket? That gives me a good idea. What if I add four zeroes after every rupee and make it my new currency? We will become very rich suddenly.
Balochistan is lit suddenly - multiple villages attacked by the Army from yesterday. Raids are happening everywhere - with army entering and picking innocent students from areas like girls hostels of medical colleges. Is this going to be the straw that broke the camel's back?
Highlighting the problem with Pakistan, the kidnapped Jigar Jilal whose failed rescue attempt led to death of a DySP, Jigar Jilal was made to give a statement by his kidnappers asking police to retreat and told that neither police nor army can reach them. Army for kidnap rescue?
Pathan's Diary Entry
Share market is rising like never before. What's the new confidence booster? Wait. Is it possible there is no war with India and the tensions are enacted only to ensure Qamar gets his extension? He got his extension, will things die off? Am I the joker here?
Qamar is depressed. Indian Prime Minister Modi snubbed him directly by flowing over Pakistani airspace. But, what can he do except watching his plane leave Pakistani air space? He can't even make a threatening posture now. More than India, the world is watching what he will do.
Two policemen injured in shooting by a fellow police in Sargodha. Investigations in progress to verify if this is personal enemity or mutiny of sorts or an act of terrorism. The perpetrator is taken into custody. Two attacks in two days is questioning the security picture.
Demands are fast rising in Afghanistan to give a befitting reply to Pakistan over the Kunar episode where Pakistan fired more than 200 missiles into Afghanistan, damaging life and property. How will Afghanistan respond and if there is a military retaliation is to be seen.
Sind govt identified an innovative way to mint money - don't give registration plates when registering a vehicle, don't tell the people when they will get their registration plates and make police to fine them for not having number plates or having fake plates while on road.
The nepotism in Pakistan raised its ugly head yet again with the government planning to scrap off loans worth more than 200 billion from some select people and on the other side, K-Electric decided to increase the cost, leading to an additional 15 billion pressure on consumers.
Unable to convince the people opposing polio vaccination and threatening the officials coming to administer the vaccination, Pakistan has decided to unleash the army on errant people and administer the vaccine and achieve the targets even if it means using brute force.
The flood situation is turning fire in Punjab with Sutlej swelling at a rapid pace, inundating villages all over the area. Evacuation and relief is being carried out. However, it is worth remembering that though only Punjab is facing a flood, a nation-wide alert is issued.
It now surfaced that the attack on Bhukkad Rashid in London is a response to him using unparliamentary language against Bilawal and for going on a high end shopping instead of participating in Kashmir protests. The journalist who was assaulted by his men has already filed a case.
The audacious Pakistani proposal for harmony with Afghans was countered by Afghans saying security and political relations should hold trade and other essentials ransom. It is already known Pakistan blocked Wagah and restricted much of Afghan trade for trivial reasons.
Further confirming the Indian stand, it now surfaced India didn't extend 1989 hydrological information sharing and confirmed India will only share data over sudden or abnormal release of water. India also confirmed IWT stays but India will not give Pakistan more than its share.
A US diplomat told that India didn't approach US for mediation but is ready to mediate. He also said, America is not happy at this cyclic arrest and release of terrorists from Lashkar-e-Toiba and others in order to fool the world into believing it's sincerity on anti-terror.
In a massive boost to Indian narrative over Kashmir, more than 600 victims of the 1989 Pakistan sponsored genocide in Kashmir, all of them intellectuals of note came openly in support of Indian govt's decision to scrap off 370 and hoped that the historic wrongs will be addressed.
Questions are being raised on the performance of Pathan even as an MNA. It has surfaced that of the 241 students from premium govt high schools in his constituency, only 8 students passed their examinations raising serious questions over the focus on his constituency.
The rise of Pathan coincided with the rise of polio in Pakistan, with 12 cases last year shooting up to 53 this year, with 41 from KP. A considerable part of it, though, is due to the army excesses, heavy taxation and government policies resulting out of it's Afghan interference.
Pakistan Senate rejected a bill which proposes to fix the minimum marriageable age as 18 citing it's against the ethics of the country. The seriousness of the issue can be highlighted from the fact that a quarter of Pakistani girls are married at an age less than 18 years.
Further helping the high and mighty, the Federal Govet decided to remove the investigative powers of NAB for investigating anyone except govt office bearers, helping many of the corrupt in good books of govt. Any complaints over them should be routed through a govt panel only.
A high level meeting was held in Bahawalpur headquarters of the Maulana under the chair of his brother to decide the future course of action in Kashmir. It is understood that terrorist-paramilitaries from the Pashtun areas will be recruited to carry out an agenda of terror.
Sri Lanka has decided that it will not be playing test cricket in Pakistan. However, it will play three ODIs so that it's presence on Pakistani soil will be for a short duration. It is already known that Pakistan is boycotted because of a terror attack on Sri Lankan team in 2009.
The tail started wagging the dog. After the Maulana's Jaish-e-Muhammad, Syed's Hizb-ul-Mujahideen threatened Pakistan in a protest in Muzaffarabad that, if Pakistan won't act against the Indian decision in Kashmir, it will be forced to pick up weapons and do it's duty.
Further confirming nepotism and army grip on the ruling govt, it is understood that the international media cell of Pakistan is run, not by Pakistani govt but by the ruling party. This helped ensure that any anti-govt news didn't percolate into the wider world due to govt handles
After the murder of a youth because his goat ate a neighbour's plant, Lahore saw another gruesome crime today, with two brothers stabbed to death after one of them scratched the sticker on his neighbour's car in spite of being told not to do so by the neighbour's son.
Strong parallels are being drawn between Iran and Pakistan for their unyielding attitude over talks - both of them are not ready to concede even an inch in the name of global peace and have threatened devastation. Both of them being neighbours is only complicating matters.
On the other side, Pakistan is being compared with North Korea - both of them being rogue nuclear nations, economic meltdown, survival on aid, provoking the neighbours to the extent of a serious stand-off and both being vassal states of China acting to check the regional theatres
Qamar's War Journal
I know Qureshi is beyond shame but this regular lying in public over diplomatic discussions and getting countered by the other person in the call with him is getting on my nerves. A country like Sri Lanka which has no weight, even it is calling us liars.
Tamatar Topi Zaid started to pitch in for a GhazwaeHind Fund to support the army and the flagging economy. However, such dangerous a proposition just before FATF branding is creating ripples inside Pakistan - with govt on one side and the terrorist-paramilitaries on the other.
Tamatar Qureshi got the second royal snub in as many hours - two days before he claimed the French Foreign Minister expressed grave concern over Kashmir situation and asked resolution peacefully; today, French President told not France, no other country should interfere.
Al Qaeda confirmed that a wife of their chief Al Zawahiri is arrested in Waziristan an year ago under the orders of America. This raises serious questions on whether Al Zawahiri himself is in Pakistan as it makes absolutely no sense for one to scatter his wives all over the world
It is understood that Pathan bargained with President Trump over Kashmir in return for using Pakistani influence to release the three American hostages in Afghanistan. Clearly, it's a proof that Pakistan's control of Taliban is the one thing which is blocking peace in Afghanistan
It is interested to note, in spite of Pakistan cutting off all links with India, it is spending extra effort to complete the Kartarpur Corridor and open it to common public. Serious questions are being raised over this overt zeal -has it got to do with Pakistan's Khalistan dream?
Now that no one is listening to Pakistan on Kashmir, a desperate Pathan is planning to go to United Nations to present Pakistan's case in person. However, no change in attitude is expected because of a single sales pitch and this may turn out to be a damp squib for Pakistan.
Qamar has got a new problem coinciding with the high pitched demands of his terrorist paramilitaries and Tamatar Topi Zaid - FATF branding. India and France have come heavily on Pakistan's support to the Maulana and the others and may throw spanners at the formal branding session
In an exceptionally rare case, a Major in Pakistan Army was given a life sentence for the abduction of a Baloch child. It is understood that he demanded a ransom and didn't return the child even after collecting the ransom, but demanded even more, leading to a public protest.
Qamar's War Journal
I told these people not to target India that shrilly and it's going to backfire. On one side, UN meet on Safety of Religious Minorities thrashed Pakistan, on the other side, Mazari was told even Goodwill Ambassadors have right to speak in personal capacity.
Pakistan didn't need an Indian lobbying to make an entry into FATF Black List. APG confirmed Pakistan failed to comply with 32/40 conditions put with a follow up meeting in October. With a miserable economic situation degrading even further, who will face the axe for this? Reza?
After the current spokesperson refused to give cover to Pathan anymore, Pathan appointed Fawad as his spokesperson. However, going by the fact that Fawad faced more controversies than Pathan because of his motormouth attitude, experts feel this move can boomerang.
Pathan's Diary Entry
What is this new thing? Pakistan FATF black-branded? But, we did everything. Is it because of that Tamatar Topi's open rants? I get it now. It's Indian conspiracy - else, why will IMF order it's employee to take over SBP? Didn't he go to present our case?
Pakistan has officially announced that it is not FATF Blacklisted buy it's placed in Enhanced Followup List. However, it refused to enumerate the differences between both the lists and is maintaining a guarded silence for the purpose of domestic consumption.
The miserable economic situation of Pakistan came to the forefront again when people were noticed running after a Biryani truck which came to feed them instead of staying at the political meeting which organised the truck for them as an enticement to join the meeting.
The govt has asked FBR to remove ban on wheat and wheat product exports like Suji or Maida in spite of the fact that the price of flour is increased two times in August itself, a consequence of high costs and low production to the effect that even cross-province sales are banned.
By saying Kashmir can turn out to be another Gujarat leading to slaughter of minorities, Raja Farooq hinted Pakistan is planning something big to provoke Hindus against Kashmiri Muslims. After all, its well known, Gujarat happened in retaliation to burning a bogie full of Hindus.
Thing are moving slowly to hand over Gwadar to the Chinese. The setting up of NCDA as a coastal regulatory authority is seen as the first step in that direction - NCDA will bring the coastal areas under the control of Federal Govt and it's a matter of time lucrative pieces of
coast like Gwadar or Qasim will be taken over by the Federal Govt. On one side, it gives a free hand to the Federal Govt to transfer the ownership of places like Gwadar, on the other side, it kills the financial muscle of Karachi and Sind, aiding Punjab directly.
Building upon Qubani Gafoor's orders to impose sedition cases for hatemongering, the Supreme Court told today, having such material, even without an intent to distribute in itself is a crime. This raises serious questions over freelancer OSINT community and others.
IN a clear case of Army's anger against Nawaz and Maryam, the courts refused to consider the video proof as evidence in spite of the fact that the video evidence clearly establishes that the judge Arshad Malik was coerced into giving a judgement against Nawaz and sentence him.
While Pakistan is spending massive effort to pump in terrorist-paramilitaries into India, India is trying to neuter it as effectively as it can. Two ISI operatives were arrested in Jammu seriously denting it's capabilities. It is already known two batches have entered India.
After trying to attack Indian actress Priyanka Chopra and getting snubbed, Pakistan has now zeroed in on another Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan. While the first case was about supporting India against Pakistan, the second is about a terror drama involving Pakistani terrorists.
Serious questions are being raised over the way Pathan is acting on Twitter - either his Nazi rant or over his clarifications of every Indian allegation instead of using a spokesperson. Though Fawad's selection after the older one quit can explain, that doesn't explain everything
Qamar's War Journal
This Gafoor. Why doesn't he stop talking about that F16 fiasco? New investigation by Indians clearly proved that we modified the records to make the two seater look at as a one seater, raising questions regarding the missing pilot again. Back to square one.
The frequent projection of minorities as vociferously supporting Pakistan against India raised serious questions over their safety from the analysts - is it a case of Dhimmitude or outright threats? That Hindus decided to boycott Janmashtami for Kashmir almost confirms this.
Pathan convened an emergency meeting over availability of dustbins and passed orders to ensure increasing number of garbage stations in Karachi. Parts of the city is still flooded and the rotting garbage on the roads has already caused a fly invasion and a medical emergency.
Pathan's Diary Entry
I held a formal meeting with Qamar to brief him on the discussion with President Trump. Then, I asked him what should I speak at the UNGA. He told me all the points. But, when I asked him what's happening at the border, he told it's none of my business.
Correction: Pathan is not going on a four day world tour. He is going on a tour to America and will be using the opportunity at UN to attempt to meet various foreign heads. That is being confused as visiting foreign countries. Also, he will be given a plane this time for his use.
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan came down heavily on Pakistan's treatment of Balochistan and feared suspension of media rights citing elections. It also noted that Shia Hazara faced a disproportionate deaths and identified at least 541 cases of missing Baloch in the last year
Qamar's War Journal
Today's Markhor hunt was, happily, not that severe. BATs were beaten down and posts destroyed as usual, but it's not as brutal as it was a few days ago. Wonder what mood those Indians are in, even after losing a soldier, a rarity for them when dealinh with us.
Pathan's Diary Entry
We are bombing Afghanistan like hell. It's a matter of time TTP-Daesh enters Pakistan to retaliate. What if Afghan govt gets an idea from them and crashes through the passes? Do we have sufficient forces to handle them if they force their way through?
Qamar is not happy. It now surfaced that the curfew in Kashmir is not because of police or army but his OGWs who are cut off from him but are creating a reign of terror when police is not around. The moment they are picked by the army, his whole support system will collapse.
On the face of Karachi facing an epidemic of bibilical proportions with a collapsing sanitation system and spreading diseases, blame game has already started with Pathan, ironically leading the charge. With no money to clean the city, it is but a matter of time Karachi collapses.
The anti-polio attitude in Pashtunistan is getting worser by the day, with more tribes joining the boycott polio unless facilities are provided movement. Mehsud tribe has demanded construction of bridges, villagers are punished in Chitral for threatening the polio workers.
It now surfaced that, in the face of a massive crash in sales of cement, Fauji Group's cement units are coercing the dealers to buy cement from them instead of other suppliers. One of the victims has already confirmed a decline in sales to the tune of 50%. Adding to this is
the partial shutdown of units due to lack of sales subsequent to Indian MFN block and rising costs. On the other side this has resulted in a cascading collapse of real estate where people, unable to pay their installments are selling off half built projects hurting cement sales.
The ripples of banning twitter profiles for spreading fake news is felt everywhere - while Qubani Gafoor and Senator Rehman have gone above the roof shouting shrilly, many prominent accounts, including those of actors and social influencers are also shut down, with no recourse.
Sind assembly is planning for a showdown with the Army when it passed an order to summon Faryal Talpur in spite of the fact that she is dragged out of ICU into jail, showing the intent of the army. This is in stark contrast of the attitude of NA over the abducted Waziristan MNAs.
Risking the health of common citizens, Pakistan decided to delay passing of rules to quality assess the solar panels which are imported into Pakistan in order to burn down the stock which is already shipped to Pakistan due to the pressure from the industry and cabinet members.
The financial situation in Pakistan means that the govt has ordered a complete ban on purchase of all kinds of vehicles and new recruitment in all ministries and other govt departments. The purchase is restricted to motorcycles only. However, a panel will be setup for emergencies
A prominent Pakistani thought leader declared that the reason for rising divorces in Pakistan is because of the refusal to make roti and not placing his shoes properly when the husband comes home after work, thereby pinning the blame only on women and not on the rising orthodoxy.
The twitter trolling of Pakistani leaders continue unabated - with people like Qubani Gafoor, Senator Rehman, Bhukkad Rashid and all of them falling to Indian pranks and sharing fake information with the wider world, becoming an even bigger joke than they are today.
The rise of India at the expense of Pakistan is not being taken lightly even by Islamic terrorist units like Daesh who called to target Indians, especially Hindus all over the world. It has issued a call to target and drive out Hindus and instil fear in them, especially in Arabia
Pathan's Diary Entry
Another clear proof that money tells. And it's also a proof that we don't have it. When I drove the UAE Sheik, I got a tip of some billions. And now, Indian Prime Minister Modi, without doing anything, is given the most exalted honour of the country.
Pakistan and Pakistani expatriates expressed shock and surprise at the award for the Indian Prime Minister Modi. Though scared of publicly criticise UAE in public, the noises they made stood on two aspects - why award someone who targeted Kashmir, why divert attention.
Qamar's War Journal
These people...I told them not to poke the Indians in Sir Creek and expect another heavy retaliation there. But, Pakistanis are Pakistanis. And they don't listen to anyone - today, they sent a few boats to test Indian alertness. I can only wait and watch.
Better sense prevailed on Pakistani Army at Chinari when the army stopped a rabble of Pakistanis trying to cross over into India to fight with the Indian troops. Pakistan clearly knows this is the sort of opening India is waiting for and allowing them can only lead to a slaughter
Pathan: What is this RuPay? Why is UAE talking about it?
Asad: It's something like VISA backed by Indian govt. UAE started accepting it.
Pathan: If we want to show ourselves powerful like UAE, may be we also should accept it?
Asad: Are you mad? Qamar will roast you alive.
Tamatar Qureshi's fast losing grip on reality is only fast making Pakistan lose friends internationally. After Maldives confirmed it told 370 is India's internal matter, Tamatar Qureshi countered it by saying Maldives lied. Or is it choosing countries of it's stature?
The anger in Pakistan due to Army's incapability to attack India is clearly visible from the war rhetoric and nuclear threats carried out by leaders like Bhukkad Rashid and Pathan is only adding to the confusion and despondency inside Pakistan, and is making people lose trust.
The rapid rise of remote freelancing market in Pakistan after the rise of Pathan is a clear proof of the miserable employment situation in Pakistan - the lack of jobs in the country is forcing people to migrate to online freelancing portals and work for anyone and everyone.
Another health scare in Pakistan surfaced with authorities scrambling to contain it - hospital waste is being recycled into regular household items like drinking straws and diapers. There are immediate demands to set up a mechanism to completely destroy the hospital waste.
An out of option Qubani Gafoor is now influencing expatriate Pakistanis, especially the high achieving foreign citizens to visit the Indian border from Pakistan side in an attempt to create a soft corner for Pakistan by highlighting the staged humanitarian plight on the border.
Qubani Gafoor is really angry. His plan of swamping G7 with Kashmir protests is torpedoed by anti-capitalist and more importantly, Amazon protesters. And going by the fact India is an invitee and not a member, his troops will be badly heckled for trying to hijack the protests.
Massive public protests in Karachi over the electrocution deaths and the apathy of K-Electric and govt over settling the issue and the courts over disinterest in fixing the issue. This is on top of the frequent price hikes by K-electric. Govt may be forced to intervene.
Pathan's Diary Entry
This is depressing. I get to be the driver and Indian Prime Minister Modi gets awarded by every country, even the best of the Ummah. I don't know what happens if Modi comes to Pakistan. Will I have to drive him too?What if Qamar awards him Nishan-e-Pakistan?
In protest for Indian Prime Minister Modi being awarded the highest honour of UAE, Senate Chairman Sadiq cancelled his UAE trip in protest. However, it doesn't seem Pakistan will return aid UAE gave to Pakistan over the years. It's reaction regarding Bahrain should also be seen.
Now, CM Mahmood of KP took the war mongering to a new heights to a new level - we will wage a Jihad over Kashmir. Is this an implicit acceptance of the fact that the presence of TTP-Daesh and Taliban is noticed in KP - they were invited by Pakistan to unleash a Jihad on India?
Suicides on the rise in Pakistani Army and Paramilitary and as like always Qubani Gafoor ensured suppression of facts. In a new case, paramilitary guarding CPEC is understood to have committed suicide, unable to take the pressure - both financial and job-related.
The abductions and executions continue unabated in Pashtun lands. While an innocent youth who came home for vacation was shot dead by the army when on an excursion, a prominent PTM activist is abducted by the army. The disappearance of Gulala Ismail is already well known.
For the first time in history, Pakistan is expressing it's fear of the Eastern Threat. Statmements coming from all levels of Pakistani establishment hints at the direness of the situation. A peaceful Kashmir, no news of terrorist-paramilitary etc only further add weight to that.
The Kunar campaign of Pakistani Army has already backfired - while the targetted terrorists became avowed enemies of Pakistan with at least three Pakistani soldiers getting killed daily, an angry Afghan govt has escalated the border situation pinning in the troops.
CNG pumps in Sind will be closed for 48 hours from Monday as is confirmed by Sui Southern Gas Company due to availability shortages. It is already known that Sui fields are operating under restricted capacity due to national commitments with suppliers of petroleum and natural gas
Tamatar Qureshi, by saying "Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts are gradually convincing the international community, including the Muslim world, that atrocities are being committed in IOK" confirmed why the world is siding India - they don't trust Pakistani narrative anymore.
Pathan's Diary Entry
Even Iran got an invite to G7 meeting. Iran's FM is now in France on formally being invited by French Govt. And then, us. No one invites us. Suddenly, I remember Maryam. She was saying once, "No one sends an invitation to us because they fear if we beg there"
She called me Bhikari-e-Azam but, even, that's secondary. The sort of ruckus we, especially, Qureshi is creating in the name of Kashmir is fast making us a pariah than what we are today in the world. Are people seriously think we can survive after angering UAE or Saudi?
Qamar's War Journal
How much I had to coax Qureshi not to curse UAE. There are lakhs of Pakistanis in UAE in all sorts of jobs, they are bailing us out every now and then, we just can't afford to ignore them. If these people try to replicate a London in Dubai, it will be serious.
Bhukkad Rashid's statement "If India attacked, map of Indian subcontinent would change" is being taken at it's face value, and not by the cloak he gave to it. Analysts opine that, if India attacks Pakistan, Pakistan is going to lose some land permanently. No power can stop that.
Though the world knows Pathan as a Selected Prime Minister and not an Elected Prime Minister, Ijaz almost confirmed it formally by saying he engineered the 2008 elections on the orders of Kayani - in 2018, Pathan was not even a contender for the PM post, it was always Shahbaz.
In a surprising note, voices are being raised inside Pakistan in support of the Hong Kong protests. After targeting one of their biggest aid givers UAE, targeting China is going to create additional headaches for Pakistan. Pakistan is fast deployng assets to contain the fallout.
Pakistan became a laughing stock yet again with people questioning, why are Pakistanis protesting against India in Paris when Indian Prime Minister Modi is in Biarritz. The protest details personally shared by Qubani Gafoor is forcing the Pakistani establishment to run for cover.
Again, Pakistani assets inside Kashmir struck - in the stone pelting, a truck driver is killed. It didn't matter to them that the driver is a Kashmiri and the only bread earner of his family. This may help Pakistani cause, but how does this help the Kashmiri cause is to be seen.
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