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Nomin NSFW AU💫

A wolf in sheep's clothing, that is what Na Jaemin is⁠—a vindictive and manipulative walking catastrophe hiding under the guise of smiles and kindness. When caught in the act of spending the school fund by Lee Jeno, he finds himself in an unflattering agreement.
NOTE: This is a tweetfic, and the updates will probably be slow bc I'm still writing the Jaeyong AU. This will ~probably~ have smut in every update.

WARNING: Insults, dubious con, kink (muscle worship & armpit fetish), explicit smut. Idk what else to add
Please, take the warning seriously.

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I will probably start this tomorrow or the next day!!!
Additional notes:

-i don't copyread my updates. i post them as they are. i do the editing once the fic is done and post them on ao3/aff.
-slow updates
-sorry in advance for the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and information inconsistencies
If people, student body and school faculty alike, at school were to describe Na Jaemin, they would, without a doubt, say that he’s kind, mellow, compassionate, sympathetic, thoughtful, selfless, and probably, all the positive adjectives one could find in the English dictionary.
People would probably bow down to him if he asks them to. He’s just that influential.

He has a large following of students who are willing to do everything and anything for him without asking. One word from him is all it takes for those people to do whatever he wants.
They would all be on their feet, begging him to be the one to do whatever it is for him.
People have always wondered why he’s even friends with the most vile people in their school with the likes of Lee Taeyong, Ten Leechaiyapornkul, and Xiao Dejun, considering how polar opposite he is to them.
Ten Leechaiyaporkul is a mean-spirited, foul, and spiteful person who always gets into a catfight with other students despite his disadvantage in height.
Xiao Dejun, on the other hand, is ambitious, cunning, and unsympathetic who is willing to throw anyone, excluding the people in their group, under the bus as long as it favors him.
Meanwhile, Lee Taeyong, notwithstanding with his celestial beauty, is a holier-than-thou, cynical, and passive-aggressive beaut who looks down on everyone and thinks he’s above them.
What everyone doesn’t know is behind his alluring smile, contagious laugh, and compassionate acts hides an evil Na Jaemin within him. Everything that everyone sees are a facade, a mere front to wrap everyone around his fingers.
Na Jaemin, in his realest state, is a scheming, vindictive, manipulator who always has his way with people in able to use them to his own advantage.
And when people see through him or don’t obey him, he’s like a thief in the night who moves stealthily not just with the intention of taking away something from you but also hurting you.
Na Jaemin moves under the radar, and he strikes in secrecy. The only people who know and are aware of that are the people who unfortunately crossed paths with him, including his ex-best friend, Haechan Lee.
It all stemmed from an insecurity . Between the two of them, Haechan had always had the nicer things, from clothes, grades, and achievements all the way to family, friends, and even love life.
Haechan had all the designer clothes, whereas Jaemin used to wear hand-me-down ones from his distant cousins. While Haechan had excellent academic performance, Jaemin was average and pretty stagnant.
There were even times when he flunked, hard. Haechan was often sent out to compete with other schools, whereas Jaemin waited for the class to end and tend to his cleaning duties, wiping the classroom floor and windows.
Haechan grew up in a loving and nurturing family, while Jaemin had to suffer from a dysfunctional home where he often felt like shit because of always being blamed for the things he had no control over.
Outside their friendship, Haechan had many other friends, which made Jaemin envious, considering Haechan was his only friend at the time before it all went down between. The final straw was when Haechan got into a relationship with Mark Lee.
Ever since he’d known Mark Lee, Jaemin had always had a teeny, tiny crush on him. To be fair, though, both he and Haechan had a thing for Mark Lee, but they were okay with it.
In fact, they would often talk about him in Haechan’s bedroom on their sleepover at the Lees and just talk about how perfect Mark Lee is.
Unlike the snotty kids with bowl cuts and round glasses in their middle school, Mark Lee stood out with his chiseled cheekbones, sharp as a knife jawlines, big, round eyes, and his pristine and pale complexion, the ex-best friends were enamored.
Add to those qualities Mark Lee’s deep, baritone voice, cool demeanor, and English fluency. No wonder he became an instant celebrity to their school in just a week.

Back then, Jaemin had often visualized Mark Lee as his savior, a prince, a knight in shining armor.
That all shattered when Haechan introduced Mark Lee to him in their freshman year of high school. Turns out that Haechan and Mark Lee had been talking in secrecy during summer, but Haechan hid it from him because the latter didn’t want him to get mad and taint their friendship.
Betrayed, Jaemin completely lost it and spread a bunch of rumors and threads of lies about Haechan, including how the latter had /stolen/ Mark Lee from him and threw their friendship over some guy Haechan barely knew.
Since Haechan was pretty outgoing and friends with everybody, no one believed Jaemin...until he used his sob story as a leverage to gain more sympathy from other people and paint himself as a martyr and Haechan as the villain.
Slowly but surely, everyone dropped Haechan as fast as Jaemin dropped him. He basicaly got cast out by everyone with a few exceptions. It completely changed Haechan.
If he was outgoing, friend, and sociable, now he could barely look anyone in the eye, and he always has his eyes downward. It doesn’t matter if he’d bump into a lamppost, a wall, anything, so as long as he doesn’t make eye contact with him.
Luckily, Mark Lee and a couple of their friends stood by his side and protected him from all the malice and hate toward him.

Due to that incident, people started praising Jaemin, often telling him how brave and gutsy he was for dropping such a snake of a friend.
He started gaining support from everyone and eventually found solace in his seniors, namely Lee Taeyong and Ten Leechaiyapornkul, and his classmate, Xiao Dejun. He told them what really happened, because the three weren’t convinced by him.
Initially, he thought that once the three found out the truth, they’d publicly humiliate him and tell everyone the real story. Boy was he wrong. Instead, he gained support from them, considering the three had a kind of similar experience as him. That was the start of everything.
His seniors, although infamous, are the ones he considers friends. After all, they had a somewhat similar experience to him, making them the way they are today. They were all hurt by the people and took advantage of them. So it just seems reasonable for them to do the same thing.
The feeling of having everyone wrapped around his finger, for Na Jaemin, is the best thing he’d ever felt. With just a little touch up to his choice of clothing, skincare, and makeup, plus his sob story, he had everyone doing everything for him.
He had people doing his homework for him, carrying his backpack, and covering him in his cleaning duties. A simple smile is all it takes and everyone would be down on their knees. He plays and manipulate them, play with their emotions into doing what he wants.
If they don’t, he guilt-trips them and make them feel bad. And if that still doesn’t work, he spreads false rumors about them and assassinate their character.
Using those strategies, Jaemin was able to build an empire and a large following of students who are willing to take a bullet for him. He was able to climb the social hierarchy and stay at the top along with the only real friends he considers.
Jaemin, together with the rest of newly elected student council, stood on stage in the school quadrangle, waving at the sea of students scattered all over, taking pictures of them. He stood proudly, internally laughing at the students’ naivety. What can he say? He’s a good actor.
The weather was fairly nice. There were not too many clouds floating in the pastel blue sky of Seoul.
In the quadrangle, students of all years gathered with their paper headband containing the name of the party they were in favor of, while the three parties occupied small areas located near to the stage. A quiet and soft music was playing in the background.
“Thank you so much for believing in me,” Jaemin stated as he held the microphone in one hand with the fakest smile he’s ever pulled in his entire life.
“I promise to the entire student body that I will do my best in running the treasury of the school. I will try my hardest to manage finances and liquidate the future expenses.
Aside from all the duties I will have as an elected secretary, I will also do my utmost best to be a role model to my fellow schoolmates, especially to my juniors who look up to me. Thank you for thinking that I’m capable of being one of the your representatives. Thank you.”
A loud collective clapping resounded in the quadrangle, making Jaemin smirk internally as he roamed his eyes, spotting the people he’d had beef with and feeling some sort of satisfaction from their distasteful expression.
The other elected students, Xiao Dejun and Lee Taeyong included, gave their speech before it all ended. A horde of students then rushed up to Jaemin as soon as he climbed down the stage, all of them congratulating him with a bow, smile, and a handshake.
He saw Huang Renjun, the student from one of the two other parties who was running for the same position as him, crying to his friends like a little kid who lost in a game.
“Look at him,” Taeyong muttered, his eyes piercing through the through the group of people he hated, watching some of them cry because of defeat,
-“he’s so pathetic. I can’t believe he’s delusional enough to run in the same position as you. He’s really nothing but a short, snaggletoothed, little skank who obsesses over stuffed toys.”
“True,” Jaemin responded, crossing his arms on his chest. “I bet you he probably knows he’s not gonna win but he ran anyway just to get Lee Jeno’s sympathy. What an attention whore, honestly. The way he acts like Lee Jeno is interested in him makes me cringe.
It’s clear that if Lee Jeno were to pick between being his boyfriend or getting crucified, the boy would probably order the thickest cross in Amazon. But I guess, they’d look good together because they’re both useless.”
“And if that’s not really the case, does he really think he’s going to win against you?” Taeyong huffed out a breath, his eyebrows sharp as a knife. “He’s friends with Haechan Lee. We all know that that guy only brings misfortune to those people around him. He’s a tragedy.”
While observing the Renjun’s party list, Jaemin noticed that the elected president of the student council, Jung Jaehyun, was making his way to them. The latter had his hands inside his pockets, striding his way with confidence and poise.
By the time Jaehyun was in front of them, he looked at Jaemin before staring at Taeyong intently. He then shifted his eyes back to Jaemin and offered his hand with a sly smile.
“Congratulations to us,” Jaehyun firmly said with an edge in his voice. Jaemin took it, smiling disingenuously to his senior before shaking the offered hand and congratulating him. “I hope we can work in unison for the betterment of our school.”
By the time Jaehyun had let go of Jaemin’s hand, he faced Taeyong, whose eyebrows were creased, giving him the death glare. But he didn’t falter and remained calm and composed instead.
He offered his smile and a hand for Taeyong to take, but the latter just stared at it and huffed out a breath incredulously.
“Cut the crap out, Jung,” Taeyong spat aggressively, to which Jaehyun responded with a light, mocking chuckle.

“Why are you so hostile, Lee?” Jaehyun asked in a taunting manner. “Why can’t you be more like Jaemin here?”

“Don’t drag Jaemin into this.”
“What, I’m not even saying anything bad about Jaemin. I don’t even get why he hangs out with the likes of you,” Jaehyun remarked, putting his arm around Jaemin and giving Taeyong a condescending smile. “Anyway, I just really wanted to congratulate you guys.”
“How thoughtful of you,” Taeyong cooed in pretense, crossing his arms on his chest before faking a smile.
-“Make sure to pass on my condolences to your ambitious, little goblins for losing the election. The only reason you and Kim Dongyoung won is because those who voted for you lack better judgment.”
“And the only reason you won is because of your pretty face,” Jaehyun retorted back, giving another condescending smile before turning his back on his heels and walking back to his friends.
With mouth agape, Jaemin watched the Jaehyun retreating figure, suppressing his laugh. “That was so weird. It’s like a combo of insult and compliment.”

“Fucking Jung Jaehyun.”
“Does he have a thing for you, hyung?” he asked in curiosity, his brows furrowed in wonder. “If you don’t like him, could you give him to me instead?”

“What the fuck?” came a vulgar question from Taeyong.

“What?” Jaemin asked innocently, blinking at Taeyong. “He’s hot.”
“Since when did you become such a whore?”

“When you took me under your wing.” Jaemin suppressed another laugh that was threatening to come out. He didn’t want to anger Taeyong further, knowing how little patience the latter has.
The students began to disperse, some of them on their way home while some staying within the school premises. Another horde of students walked up to him, congratulated him, and even took pictures with him. He gave them another charming smile before parting ways.
As he whipped his head toward where he thought his friends were, Jaemin saw Lee Jeno staring at him intently.
Lee Jeno was no longer with his friends. There he was, leaning against the wall, his one foot vandalizing it. His eyes were fixated on Jaemin, not blinking, not faltering. It was a gaze that of a predator patiently waiting for his prey, which made the latter unsettled.
Because of that, Jaemin felt uneasy. Could it be that Lee Jeno heard what he said to Taeyong? But that couldn’t be. Lee Jeno was meters away from him, trying to comfort Huang Renjun from an election loss.
In order to establish that he wasn’t afraid, Jaemin stared back, his eyes not leaving the figure several steps away from him. To be honest, he felt nervous, but he didn’t want Lee Jeno to think that the latter could scare him.
He has a hunch that Lee Jeno already knows his true colors, given that the raven-haired guy was friends with his former best friend and former crush, Haechan Lee and Mark Lee, respectively.
A couple of seconds later, Jaemin noticed Lee Jeno walked away without giving a single glance in his way. It wasn’t really the first time that raven-haired guy stared at him like that.
In fact, ever since their freshman year, Lee Jeno had been like that, always watching him, always observing him. Maybe it’s because of his and Haechan’s major fallout. After all, Lee Jeno is a close friend of Haechan.
But even then, when he and Haechan were still friends, he would always find Lee Jeno staring at him. The only difference is the stare is more of a friendly and longing one before the fallout. Nowadays, however, Lee Jeno’s stare felt sinister for some reason.
Jaemin couldn’t blame him, taking into account how he basically cast out Haechan.

Although they were both friends with Haechan before, Jaemin never really got to talk to Lee Jeno or hang out with him.
They were both too shy to actually to start a conversation with each other, and it wasn’t like they were constantly around each other, since Haechan would only hang out with Jaemin alone or with his other friends, namely Lee Jeno, Huang Renjun, and Lucas Wong.
Eventually, Mark Lee joined their clique when the latter and Haechan started dating.

But none of those matters now. Jaemin has already made friends with the ones he had a somewhat similar experience, the ones he can relate to for going through somewhat the same thing.
Still, it was hard, considering that he, Dejun, Mark Lee, Haechan, Huang Renjun, Lucas Wong, and Lee Jeno are classmates.

“Jaemin,” Dejunc called, gaining Jaemin’s attention, “let’s go. Taeyong-hyung and Ten-hyung are already outside.”
With another glance at the retreating figure of Lee Jeno, Jaemin muttered under his breath, “Alright.”

“Jaem, congratulations! I’m so happy our hard work paid off!” was what Liu Yangyang said first thing in the morning as soon as he emerged through the doors of their homeroom, carrying a toothy smile. “You won… D-Does that mean we can go on a date today…?”
With a fake, restrained smile, Jaemin shifted in his seat uncomfortably. He had promised the guy that he’d go out with him if he wins, which he did, only if Liu Yangyang helped him with the campaign.
Liu Yangyang was basically the one who did everything. It was as if the guy of Chinese descent was the one running for a seat in the student council.
He was the one who edited Jaemin’s campaign posters, which he and a few of his friends posted all over the campus, pamphlets that he tirelessly had given out to the students, and pubmats that he posted online using the Na Jaemin page that he himself created, as well.
With the desire to score a date, Liu Yangyang did everything to impress Jaemin; to show him that he is reliable and someone Jaemin can lean on in times of need.
So, even though it meant spending lunch going around giving pamphlets and staying longer in school to campaign for Jaemin, he did it. Even when Jaemin himself wasn’t even present in some of his campaign, Liu Yangyang was there to be his representative.
It was pretty early, with only a handful of students around. Some of them were either sleeping or talking to their seatmates. The sky was pastel blue, emitting a very calm and peaceful atmosphere, and the noise inside the room was more of a buzz.
The only thing that was bothering Jaemin was how he could possibly escape Liu Yangyang. He stayed silent, looking at the hopeful expression of Liu Yangyang that annoyed him very much. How could anyone be that smiley so early in the morning?
“Yangyang, you see...” Jaemin started, shifting his eyes from the guy before him to his desk, tapping his fingers in anxiety.

“Nana,” a voice resonated from the front. There Dejun was, his one hand carrying his tote bag while the other was inserted deep in his pocket.
“Dejun!” Jaemin immediately responded, smiling from ear to ear as he stood up, completely ignoring Liu Yangyang. “Are we still going to a noraebang later?”


“Noraebang,” Jaemin repeated, giving Dejun the signal using his eyes, “aren’t we supposed to celebrate later…?”
“Oh.” Dejun nodded slowly in fake realization, shifting his eyes from Jaemin to Liu Yangyang who watched the exchange cluelessly. “Yeah, it’s still on. You should be there, and you’re not allowed to bring anyone along. It’s strictly just you, me, Ten-hyung, and Taeyong-hyung.”
“Is that so…?” Jaemin trailed off, looking at Liu Yangyang with a fake, saddened expression. “Sorry, Yangyang… I don’t think we can go out today. You don’t want to go on a date with me with anyone around, right?”


“Maybe some other time?”
“M-Maybe some other time.” Liu Yangyang tried to smile, swallowing the lump in his throat as he turned away and went back to his seat, crestfallen.

Jaemin breathe a sigh of relief, slumping down to his seat. Of course, they don’t have plans.
He just wanted to get rid of Liu Yangyang at the moment. Annoyed, he rolled his eyes at the guy subtly. He knew that this would happen, but what can he do? Liu Yangyang was the one who offered to help. Does it mean that he’s indebted to him?
Of course not. But he didn’t say anything instead. Liu Yangyang is useful in all aspects, that’s why Jaemin is still dragging this on.
“You’re basically trapped,” Dejun taunted, chuckling to himself as he put his bag on his chair and sat beside Jaemin. “Why can’t you just get rid of him?”
“I need him for my homework and a lot of other things.”

“Wow, as if you don’t copy my homework.”

“Okay.” Jaemin faced Dejun in irritation. “But do you do the /other things?/”

Another chuckle resounded from Dejun.

“I figured,” Jaemin pointed out.
“Alright, alright.” Dejun held his hands up in the air, surrendering completely and not wanting to irritate Jaemin more. “But you should’ve just, I don’t know, use that sophomore guy, Park Jisung, or someone from your puppet collection to do the things Liu Yangyang did for you?”
“Liu Yangyang was the only one available.”

“As if you care about that though?” Dejun mockingly asked. “Don’t you normally talk them into doing things you want them to do?”
“Yeah, but Jisung wasn’t available, and I didn’t want to waste my energy convincing him to drop whatever it was he was supposed to do during that time period when Liu Yangyang was presenting himself.”
“Well, then take responsibility for your actions.”

“You know what, if I were you, I’d just drop him completely. I mean, you have a lot of people who are worshiping you. It makes no sense that you still keep him around when you get annoyed by him most of the time.”
“Although he is annoying most of the time and often asks me on a date, he’s actually very useful compared to my little minions who know nothing but to talk nonstop like the little shit they are. I have to utilize my resources.”
“There goes your enemy,” Dejun muttered, his eyes fixated on the figure that just walked in through the doors.

Jaemin glanced to see who it was, and there Huang Renjun was, looking like the latter hadn’t gotten an ounce of sleep.
Chuckling internally at the misery of Huang Renjun, knowing that the Chinese guy had been wanting to be a part of the student council, he stood up from his seat and made his way to Huang Renjun before the latter could even sit down.
“Hey,” Jaemin called softly, earning Huang Renjun’s attention. The latter’s eyes looked nothing like usual. He though, Huang Renjun’s eyes have always been fucked up but not as fucked up as they were at that moment.
-“Sorry, I wasn’t able to come up to you, but I just want to congratulate you for putting up a good fight. It’s sad that we had to go against each other. I hope that there’s no bad blood between us.”
Huang Renjun smiled through the pain, which Jaemin didn’t miss. “It’s alright. I should be the one apologizing. I wasn’t able to congratulate you 'cause I was crying too much. Congratulations, by the way. I know you’ll be able to fulfill the role. And no, not taking it personal.”
“I’m glad.” Jaemin pulled a sweet smile in pretense. “And I’ll try my best to prove to you that you didn’t just lose for nothing.”

But of course, Jaemin won’t. In all honesty, he didn’t really want to run for the seat.
Hell, it wasn’t even in his mind until he overheard Huang Renjun and his friends talking about how the latter how important it is for the boy and how he would surely win in the elections if he runs.
And because Jaemin is petty and hates anyone associated with Haechan, he thought that it would be fun to play with Huang Renjun’s emotions.
Jaemin knew how important it is to Huang Renjun, given that the latter would always talk about being in the student council, doing good deeds, and setting a good example to the entire student body. But Jaemin believes none of that.
Jaemin believes that Huang Renjun spews all those idealistic acts to push the agenda that he is a model student who should be looked up to. The truth is, he’s none of that, Jaemin firmly believes.
Huang Renjun is a useless piece of garbage who needs to be put in his place.

“Is there a problem here?” came a deep voice from behind. Lucas Wong.
Turning around, Jaemin was met by a pair of unwelcoming eyes, as if trying to dominate him. However, he just looked at the guy before him and offered a sweet, sinister smile. “Nothing, really. Renjun and I are just having a little chat.”
But it seemed like Lucas Wong didn’t buy what he said. “I don’t believe you.”

“Lucas, no—”
Jaemin tilted his head in innocence, looking at Lucas Wong with a slight pout playing on his lips. Making his voice a little louder for everyone to hear, Jaemin accusingly said, “Lucas, I’m not doing anything wrong. What are you trying to say?”
He made sure that his voice was quivering a bit, and that everyone inside the room could hear it. Subtly, Jaemin shifted his eyes from Lucas Wong to his surroundings. And just as he expected, everybody was looking at Lucas Wong like the latter was the bad guy.
“That’s enough.” Lee Jeno’s voice was firm as he emerged through the doors, dragging both Huang Renjun and Lucas Wong to the back of the classroom where their clique is seated, without looking back.
Jaemin watched as Lee Jeno sat in his seat, composed himself and looked at him like a detective trying to find the culprit in a crime scene. He couldn’t help the smirk forming on his lips, but he was still able to suppress it. Being in the theater arts club really pays off.
/What are you going to do, Lee Jeno?/
What are your thoughts so far?

ADDITIONAL WARNING: Blackmailing, lots of swearing.
The following days since winning the student council electing and being sworn into the tresorial seat were amazing. Jaemin felt a little more powerful than he already was.
A lot of his juniors would always greet him every time he passes by, but the number of them drastically increased in just a short amount of time.
As expected, those little minions are all over him, which means he has more people to control and manipulate into doing things that would benefit him. However, there’s been one person that’s bothering him: Lee Jeno.
It feels like Lee Jeno is keeping an eye on him, and it honestly bothers Jaemin. Everywhere he goes, Lee Jeno appears like mushrooms after the rain
—in the cafeteria, in the bathroom, in the library, at the school grounds, in the student center, in the faculty, in the hallway, you name it, Lee Jeno is always there.
For the most part, Jaemin is trying to ignore the obvious piercing gaze coming from Lee Jeno, although it’s becoming a little too inconvenient, like when he’s planning on doing something, he chooses to no longer do it because of Lee Jeno’s presence. It’s making him uneasy.
“I don’t really know what’s with him,” Jaemin whispered to Taeyong as they, Ten and Dejun included, sat at a table inside the cafeteria. “I know he’s always been a creep, but I never knew he was this creepy.”
A couple of tables away, Lee Jeno had his fixated on Jaemin. The guy wasn’t even being discreet. He was just staring at Jaemin with hardened expression as his friends laughed at something Jaemin couldn’t make out of.
“Well, did you do something for him to act that way to you?” Taeyong fired back. “I know Lee Jeno. He’s very reserved and calm. He wouldn’t be so worked up over nothing.”
“Sorry to break it to you, hyung, but I didn’t do anything to him. To his friends, maybe. But to him?” Jaemin asked incredulously. “He doesn’t get in my way, nor does he do anything for me to target him. At the very least, he’s actually the one I don’t mind in their group.”
“Maybe he has a crush on you…?” Ten chimed in, popping a mandu inside his mouth.
“If that’s the truth, I can’t blame him.” Jaemin subtly smirked, propping his chin on the knuckles of his intertwined fingers. “He’s like really hot. I’d consider dating him if he stops hanging out with those rats.”
And it was the truth. In all honesty, Jaemin would date Lee Jeno if the latter wasn’t friends with Haechan, Mark Lee, Lucas Wong, and Huang Renjun. The guy is smart, responsible, and handsome. He didn’t really mean it when he said Lee Jeno is useless.
He was just annoyed at how the guy is always with Huang Renjun and how Huang Renjun takes advantage of it. To be fair though, Lee Jeno is very reliable, especially when it comes to being the class monitor and representative of their class.
Lee Jeno looks cold, overbearing, and untouchable, but from what Jaemin have seen all these years, he is nothing along those lines. He’s thoughtful of those around him, helpful of those who need it, and friendly to those who deserve it.
It’s just too bad that he chose to be friends with those whom Jaemin thinks as enemies.

One of the things Jaemin also noticed is that Lee Jeno is very protective of his friends, which annoys him greatly because Huang Renjun seems to love the attention and take advantage of it.
What a whore. Every single time one of Lee Jeno’s friends is involved in something, the latter always makes a way for it to not escalate. Lee Jeno always kills the fire before it even spreads, and that’s something Jaemin admires about him.
But of course, Jaemin will never say any of those things to Lee Jeno.

The only thing that puts Jaemin off about Lee Jeno is that the raven-haired guy seems to have a deep hatred toward him for what he did to Haechan, hence the never ending saga of throwing daggers at him.
He tries to ignore it, really, but there are times when Jaemin is just so over it that he stares back and rolls his eyes.
“Don’t let Liu Yangyang hear that,” Dejun retorted, chuckling to himself. “He’s naturally happy-go-lucky, but he gets batshit crazy. I’m sure with the amount of things he’s done for you, he wouldn’t like the thought of you dating Jeno.”
“It’s not my fault he’s stupid,” Jaemin said with a laugh, staring back at Lee Jeno with a condescending smile.

“Since our discussion took almost the entire period, I’ll let you guys take home these worksheets. I expect you all to pass them by the end of our class tomorrow,” Mr. Ok told the class in finality as the last bell rang, signalling for the dismissal of the last period that day.
The rest of the class started packing their belongings, while Jaemin stayed rooted in his seat, mentally exhausted from all the numbers he had to deal with. He heaved a deep sigh, moving in a leisure manner as he placed his notebook and mechanical pen inside his backpack.
Beside him, Dejun was shaking his head.

“You act as if we just finished a major exam,” Dejun commented, noticing Jaemin’s tired expression.
“Shut up,” Jaemin retorted back, slapping Dejun threateningly as he rolled his eyes, “just because my brain doesn’t work as efficient as yours, doesn’t mean you can just drag me down anytime you want.”

“I never dragged you, though.”
“I may not be academically intelligent, but I’m not fucking dumb, you bitch,” Jaemin said in aggression, which earned him a laugh from his friend. When he saw Dejun stood up, looking like about to leave without him, Jaemin asked, “Aren’t you going to wait for me?”
“I can’t,” Dejun replied. “Our relatives just arrived from China, so my parents wanted me home as soon as possible today. Besides, it’s your cleaning duty today.”

“I can just ask Yangyang to do it for me.”

“You can’t always ask him to do that for you.”
“Shut up, just leave. You’re starting to annoy me.” Jaemin shooed his friend who waved at him in mockery.
As Dejun exited the room, Jaemin saw that Lee Jeno, together with his friends, also left the room but not before giving him another look that he’d gotten used to over the past weeks. Now, it was just him a few classmates, including Yangyang who looked like he was about to leave.
“Hey… C-Can you cover for me…?” Jaemin called softly, giving Liu Yangyang the most fragile look in his eyes that he could give. “I really need to get home right now... so, I would really appreciate it if you can cover for me.”
Liu Yangyang scratched his nape, finding the right words to say. “You see, Jaemin, I need to go down the building… I’m assigned to help building one of the booths for the foundation day next week. I really want to cover for you.
Hell, you don’t even have to ask me to do it for you, but not now… I’m really needed right now. I hope you can understand.”
“Is that so…?” Jaemin trailed off, purposely making the sound of his voice decline and smiling wistfully to convince Yangyang to change his mind. “Alright...but thanks anyway.”
“I gotta go now,” Liu Yangyang said, checking his wristwatch before giving Jaemin a smile and a wave and storming off the room.
As soon as Liu Yangyang was out of sight, Jaemin clenched his jaws in annoyance, clicking his tongue as he grumbled under his breath, “What a useless piece of shit.”
In the end, he had no choice but to do his duty. He, along with some of his classmates who were on duty that day, cleaned the entire room by wiping the floor, desks, chairs, whiteboard, windows, walls, and even the ceiling.
They also arranged some of the papers in boxes and documents inside the cabinets. Fortunately, the said classmates didn’t let Jaemin be the one to clean in the bathroom the dirty rags that were used.
Jaemin sat on one of the chairs as soon as he and his classmates finished cleaning, panting heavily as beads of sweat trailed down his forehead and sideburns. His classmates then bid him goodbye, waving at him and thanking him for working hard.
For a couple of minutes, Jaemin stared at the ceiling, just resting until he was no longer too weary to walk. His entire body was covered in sweat underneath his uniform, making him feel icky and sticky.
Shortly after he regained his strength back, Jaemin put the straps of his backpack on his shoulders as he emerged from the room to the hallway. It took him about several minutes by the time he managed to get out of the school premises.
Normally, he goes home with Dejun, sometimes with Ten and Taeyong when they aren’t busy which is a rare occurrence, provided that the two are in their senior.
Seven minutes into a walking, as Jaemin was about to turn into a corner, he was roughly pinned to a wall, his back hitting the cold, hard surface of bricks. Jaemin flinched at the sudden pain, his breath hitching when he came face to face with his attacker.
“L-Lee Jeno…?” came Jaemin’s wobbly response to the sudden attack. “W-What are you d-doing…?”
Unlike his usual withdrawn and self-contained self, Lee Jeno had seething eyes, almost as if he wanted to kill Jaemin right there, right then, which greatly frightened the latter. Nobody has ever had the guts to assault him like that, let alone in broad daylight.
Jaemin couldn’t really do anything. One of Lee Jeno’s hands was beside his head, propped against the wall.
The only resort was to run away, but that wouldn’t be a smart of a choice since Lee Jeno is part of the track team, and the raven-haired guy is probably one of the, if not, the best among the team. He had never been so scared in his life until that moment.
Nobody was there to help him, and he could only rely on himself.

“You did it on purpose, no?” Lee Jeno asked dangerously, his voice full of venom. Jaemin had never seen him like that. “You’re deliberately trying to fuck my friends over, aren’t you?”
“N-No,” Jaemin lied. It wasn’t like he had a choice to tell the truth anyway. If he did that, he’d be fucked. “W-What’s this all a-about anyway…?”
“You heard how much being part of the student council means for Renjun,” Lee Jeno said, his voice sultry. “Don’t you dare even try denying it. I won’t fall for your lies, you lying freak. You did it just for laughs, didn’t you?
You never even probably thought of being part of the council.”
“J-Jeno, you’re being irrational.” Jaemin tried to laugh, but it came out like he was trying to look tough but failing. Lee Jeno’s breathing became heavier, causing it to fan over Jaemin’s lips. “I-I did it b-because I’m very passionate about making o-our school a better place.”
“You really think I’d fall for that?”

“No, I don’t!” Jaemin suddenly cried out, tears starting to emerge from from the corner of his eyes.
-“I-I just really liked the thought of becoming a part of the council. I w-wanted to be a model student for other students. B-Besides, he could just re-run next school year, r-right…?”
His tears, matched by hiccups and sniffling, was pretty convincing enough that Lee Jeno let his guard down. Lee Jeno’s eyes softened for a split second, and there wasn’t any other time for Jaemin to act.
Taking advantage of Lee Jeno’s sudden vulnerability, Jaemin drew his foot before kicking Lee Jeno in the shin as hard as he could and pushing him to the ground, resulting in Lee Jeno scraping his elbows.
Jaemin ran as fast as he could even though Lee Jeno didn’t come after him. He ran and ran and ran until he could see the figure of his family’s apartment building.
It felt as if his heart had evaporated by the time he reached his home, and his legs were so sore he had to stay in bed all day to ease the pain he was feeling.

Of course, Jaemin wouldn’t just let Lee Jeno off the hook. He will definitely get back at him.
He stared at the wall of his room, fuming in anger, before he threw a pillow and screamed in frustration. How dare Lee Jeno do that to him?
The latter should be thankful that there weren't any students around, because if there were, that hot punk would probably be the talk of the school for messing with him. And Jaemin would’ve made sure that Lee Jeno will be castrated by everyone.
So, the next day, Jaemin sat on his seat all day long, thinking of different ways to get his revenge at the rave-haired guy whose eyes were resting at the back of his head. He’s decided that he’s going to give Lee Jeno a hard time until the latter breaks.
It was their last class, and he couldn’t wait to finally get out. He and the rest of the student council were to meet up for a meeting regarding the approaching foundation day and the school festival that was scheduled a week after the foundation day.
Since the annual festival is a week long, Jaemin couldn’t wait for it so he could have fun and not think about sitting in a boring class, waiting for the bell to ring.

“Na Jaemin,” Mr. Ok called, snapping Jaemin out of his trance.

“Y-Yes, Mr. Ok?” Jaemin asked in response.
“Collect everyone’s worksheets. I’m needed in the faculty right now, so I’m leaving you the responsibility. If anyone doesn’t pass their worksheets, tell me,”
-Mr. Ok told Jaemin, gathering his belongings from the teacher table, and shifting his eyes from one area of the class to another. “We still have thirty minutes, but I have to leave now. Class dismissed.”
As soon as those words were uttered, Mr. Ok left the room, while Jaemin stood up, brought out his own worksheets, and started collecting everyone else’s. Sometimes, he really hates how teachers turn him into a teacher’s pet just because he’s liked by everyone.
Just like now, he had to deliver all those stupid worksheets to the faculty. As his classmates passed him their worksheets, however, he came across Lee Jeno and his friends.
Lee Jeno’s clique handed theirs, but the latter just stared at Jaemin with those familiar dark, icy eyes boring into his soul.
Jaemin, not wanting to let himself be fall for Lee Jeno’s antics, stared right back, not backing down before Lee Jeno finally gave his own worksheets but without breaking eye contact. Jaemin snatched it from the older’s hands, turned around, and walked arrogantly away.
“What was that?” Dejun whispered with a laugh at his friend who looked like he was about to hunt down a wild animal. “You and Lee Jeno looked like you wanna have a go just now.”

“What the fuck, if you don’t stop speaking nonsense, I’m going to slap you out of this building,”
-Jaemin snapped, arranging all the papers in alphabetical order after sitting down beside Dejun. “I’ve been wanting to tell you something, but I can’t because reasons. You better come with me to the faculty. I don’t wanna be left alone.”
“Damn, is it serious?”

“Damn right, it is.” Jaemin slammed the bulks of paper on their desk, discreetly singling out Lee Jeno’s papers as he subtly wandered his eyes for possible witness of what he was about to do. “Come on.”
They both stood up and exited the room along with their classmates who were taking their leave. When they were halfway across the hallway, however, Jaemin looked both ways before dragging Dejun by the arm into the bathroom which took the latter by surprise.
He then gave to Dejun the worksheets before entering one of the bathroom stalls.

“What are you doing?” Dejun asked in confusion when he saw Jaemin clutching onto Lee Jeno’s worksheets with an evil glint in his eyes. “You’re not about to do what I’m thinking… are you?”
Jaemin just smirked, tearing the papers apart into tiny little pieces and crumpling them, and then throwing them into the toilet. He then used one of his feet in flushing the toilet, now all the possible traces of Lee Jeno’s worksheets gone.
With a sigh of relief, Jaemin ironically dusted his hands off.

“You’re so evil.” Dejun chuckled to himself, looking at Jaemin in pure amusement. “I like it.”

“Well, he shouldn’t have messed with me,” came Jaemin’s reply in triumph.
Before anyone could even enter the bathroom and see what they had done, they left the room, peeking sideways first upon departure. When they nobody, the two proceeded on their way to the faculty where Mr. Ok was waiting for Jaemin, typing on his computer.
“Sir?” Jaemin called softly, smiling at his teacher as soon as they made eye contact. “These are all the worksheets you told me to collect.”

“Oh, thank you, Jaemin.” Mr. Ok smiled, flashing his pearly white teeth, taking the papers from Jaemin’s grasp.

“Is that all, Mr. Ok?”
“Yes, you can take your leave now. Thank you.”

Jaemin took his leave, rolling his eyes shortly after he’d turned around and saw nobody in particular.
On their way out of the building, Jaemin told Dejun what went down between him and Lee Jeno the day before, which, in all honesty, shocked Dejun, considering Lee Jeno is fairly a cool-headed person and often stays out of trouble.
“You’re not shitting on me, are you?” Dejun asked, trying to find a single trace of lie in Jaemin’s eyes. However, he saw none. “Wait, you’re serious?”

“You think I’m going to make those shit up?”

“Well, for starters, you fucking would.”
“Bitch, there’s no point lying to you. We pretty much know everything about each other,” Jaemin pointed out which had Dejun nodding his head yes. “But yeah, I can’t believe it either, but he looked so fucking hot, I’m not gonna lie.
His face was so close to me, and I could feel his breath. I’m so frustrated. Sometimes, I wish he wasn’t friends with Haechan Lee and Haechan Lee’s ugly little gnomes.”
“Wow, you talk like you and his friends have a drastic height difference. Just a reminder, Huang Renjun is the only one in their clique whom you’re taller than.
You’re only a point meter or two taller than Haechan and Mark Lee, respectively, while Lee Jeno is taller than you by a point meter. And Lucas Wong is literally six feet in height.”
“Have you ever heard of figurative speech?” Jaemin sassily questioned. “But enough of that. He actually looks so scary, but he’s, like, really, really hot. His arms are so thick, and his veins are bulging! Don’t even get me started with his biceps. He makes horny.”
“Okay, let me get this straight,” Dejun said. “You want to shag him, but you also want him to leave his friends for you. Sounds like a personal problem to me.”
“Ideally, yeah,” Jaemin retorted back. “But I don’t really expect him to do that, because he loves sucking up to those bastards, especially to that whore, Huang Renjun. You have no idea how much that bitch annoys me. He always acts as if he is the second coming of Virgin Mary.”
“Mind your language,” Dejun scolded before pointing upward. “God is watching us.”


“Does Taeyong-hyung know this?”
“He doesn’t,” Jaemin replied, “because he doesn’t need to know. I’m sure once he finds out about it, he’d go batshit crazy at Jung Jaehyun for not teaching his favorite junior right manners. Honestly, I’m so over them. They find the tiniest reason to have a go with each other.”
“True, I wish they’d just have sex, so we can finally move on with our lives.” Dejun agreed. “Anyway, I’m sure you flushing Lee Jeno’s worksheets in the toilet isn’t the end of it. You probably do have a lot of things on your sleeves, don’t you?”
“I do,” came Jaemin’s response, smiling slyly as they hit the streets of Seoul.

“Lee Jeno, where’s your worksheets?” was Mr. Ok’s first sentence shortly after he entered the class, removing his messenger bag from his shoulder and placing it on the chair at the teacher’s table. “You’re the only one who has no worksheets.”
“Mr. Ok, there must be a mistake. I passed my worksheets to Na Jaemin before I left the classroom yesterday,” Lee Jeno said firmly as he stood up.

“Then, why can’t I find it?”
“I passed them, Mr. Ok. Actually, I was anticipating what time you would require us to pass them yesterday because I needed to get home early.”
“If you had passed it, then there’s no reason for them to be missing. I’m very cautious when it involves my students’ records. I can’t simply just misplace them. In my entire career, I have never lost anyone’s papers.”
“Could you check it again, Mr. Ok?” Lee Jeno asked carefully, his eyes shifting from their teacher to Jaemin who was trying to avoid his gaze.
Mr. Ok then slammed the worksheets on the table in irritation, his eyes nothing like usual friendly eyes he sports, before going through the bulks of papers once again.
“No, not here.” Mr. Ok heaved a deep sigh in annoyance as the rest of the class kept mum about the whole thing. Students collectively agree that Mr. Ok Taecyeon is one of the kindest teachers in their school, but he could be just as terror as he is kind.
It’s almost like extreme sides of the spectrum where he’s either gentle or frightening, no in between. “Try look for them inside your bag. Maybe you forgot to pass them to Jaemin yesterday.”
Nodding, Lee Jeno searched inside his bag, messing the neatly organized notebooks in the process. He looked for them in every secret zipper of his bag, but he found none.
Of course, he was a hundred percent sure he passed it, but he did play along just to prove a point that his worksheets weren’t in his possession.

“They’re not here, Mr. Ok,” Lee Jeno told his teacher. “I’m very sure I handed it to Na Jaemin before I left.”
“Is it true, Jaemin?”

“Mr. Ok...” Jaemin answered, his gaze shifting from their teacher to Lee Jeno’s deathly gaze. “I-I don’t remember… I mean, I’m sure I would remember if he really did…”
“What!” Lucas Wong interjected, pointing his index finger accusingly at Jaemin. “You liar! Jeno passed his worksheets to you! I saw it with my own two eyes!”
“Hey, man!” Liu Yangyang stood up out of nowhere. “Don’t say that to Jaemin. He only did what he was tasked to do. Besides, there’s no reason for Jaemin to single out Jeno’s papers now, is there?”
“Yangyang, shut up,” Lucas Wong fumed, his eyes switching from Jaemin to Yangyang and then back to Jaemin. “You don’t know anything. I’m seriously so pissed right now. I can’t take it anymore.
How can all of you not see how fake Na Jaemin is? He’s done a lot of shady things in the past that a lot of you choose to ignore!”
“Now, you’re just accusing him! Those things were groundless accusation just like what you’re accusing him!” Yangyang fired back, his blood boiling. How could anyone possibly say that to Jaemin?
-“If anything, it’s Haechan who spread those lies about himself to frame Jaemin the bad guy, but his plan backfired completely!”

“Leave Haechan out of this!” Mark Lee hissed, standing up threateningly.
“Pathetic,” Dejun muttered loud enough for everyone to hear. “Imagine protecting your boyfriend’s wrongdoing, I can’t relate.”

“Stop,” Lee Jeno dangerously low and rough voice, his face devoid of any emotion. “Jaemin, just please tell the truth.”
“W-What truth?!” Jaemin asked in a strangulated voice, his eyes moistening. He knew he had to force tears out of his eyes. It was the only diversionary tactic that would work in order for everyone to empathize with him.
-“Jeno, I-I don’t really know w-what you’re saying… I just-I just did what Mr. Ok told me to do… W-Why would I do that to y-you…?”

Lee Jeno stared at him, hard. As everyone says, if looks could kill, Jaemin would’ve been buried six feet under the ground.
He wandered his eyes to the rest of the class, all eyes on him. He hiccuped, sniffled, and wiped his tears, making sure that his actions weren’t too much of an exaggeration to the point that nobody would believe him.
Fortunately, everyone seemed to fall for it, even his teacher, Mr Ok. But of course, there were those who are immune to his acting, like Lee Jeno’s clique, Xiao Dejun who pretty much used to his antics by now, and lastly, Lee Jeno himself.
“Jaemin,” Lee Jeno started once again, “why would you do something like thi—”

“Enough,” Mr. Ok finally intervened. “You have no right to disrespect me in this class.
I’m already tired from all the things I need to do for our visitors on foundation day, and all of you are giving me more headaches. Let’s put an end to this. Lee Jeno, come here, I will give you extra worksheets, pass it to me tomorrow.”
Clenching his jaws, Lee Jeno walked up to the teacher’s table, accepting the worksheets with a slight bow and an apology. Jaemin was still crying, his hiccups and sniffling realer than ever. As soon as, Lee Jeno got back to his seat and sat, Mr. Ok cleared his throat.
“Lee Jeno, I need you to apologize to Na Jaemin. This is the only time I’m letting you off the hook. You are the class monitor. If anything, you should be a model to the rest of the class. You shouldn’t be involved in troubles such as this.”
“But Mr. Ok, it wasn’t Jeno’s—” Lucas Wong tried to butt in.

“You, too, Wong Yukhei and Lee Minhyung,” the teacher reprimanded them. “You can’t just accuse someone of something and expect to get away with it. It doesn’t work like that.”
With every ounce of unwillingness in their body, the three collectively muttered, “Sorry.”
As soon as Jaemin heard that, he wiped his tears, smiling as genuinely as possible in pretense, making sure that everyone could see it before saying, “I-It’s alright… I-I know you guys are j-just probably frustrated about the whole thing… Now, Jeno has to re-do everything...”
“See?” Mr. Ok denoted. “The rest of you, learn from Na Jaemin. Be compassionate, sympathetic, and understanding. If everyone can be, even just the tiniest bit, like him, the world would be a far better place than it currently is right now.”
Dejun silently snickered.

“Anyway, I’ll go ahead now. Use the remaining time to talk about your plans on foundation day. Have you started building the booth? Wait, have you even conceptualized what kind of booth ours will be?”
“Yes, Mr. Ok.” Lee Jeno bowed his head, to which their homeroom teacher nodded.

“Alright, then I’m leaving to you, Lee Jeno, the rest of the class.” Mr. Ok put on his bag. “Class dismissed.”
Everyone in class began to murmur among each other shortly after Mr. Ok left the room, side eyeing Lee Jeno and his friends. The latter, however, stayed rooted to his seat, his gaze burning holes at the back of Jaemin’s head, both fists tightly clenched in fury.
Slowly, Jaemin turned his head to Lee Jeno’s way, sporting a familiar smirk on his face, his eyes challenging Lee Jeno.

Jaemin’s eyes wandered the classroom to see if anyone was looking at him.
When he saw that nobody was and that everyone’s attention were on Lee Jeno, he winked at the raven-haired guy in mockery to infuriate him even more, not knowing that Lee Jeno has finally had enough and is willing to do whatever it takes to get back at Jaemin.

The incident spread like wildfire within twenty-four hours, resulting to Jaemin earning sympathy points from everyone. He even posted something on SNS of how it all went down and said that it was simply a misunderstanding. As always, reverse psychology always works.
Hours after posting it, he was bombarded with positive comments in line with him and negatives ones targeted toward Lee Jeno.

Over the remaining days of that week, Lee Jeno became the new target of the entire student body.
People vandalized his desk, calling him out for being a liar and a bully to Na Jaemin. He was a constant subject to everyone’s gossip, often lumping with his friends who are, apparently, full of shit.
If it weren’t for his friends, Lee Jeno would’ve probably lost his cool from all the side comments and the taunting he received. There was even one time where his bike got stolen, leaving without a choice but to walk home under the scorching sun.
And through all that, Jaemin just watched blithely.

“You’re so reliable, Yangyang,” Jaemin slurred, glancing Liu Yangyang’s way as he watched Lee Jeno kick the post where the bike was previously, while Liu Yangyang stayed behind.
“A-Am I…?” Liu Yangyang asked nervously under Jaemin’s seductive gaze. He took a step back when he saw Jaemin walking toward him.
“You are… Maybe, you should really be given a reward…” Jaemin looked out for a potential witness around, but when he saw none, he looked at Liu Yangyang’s lips first before darting his eyes on the latter and leaning in aggressively, capturing his classmate’s lips.
It took Liu Yangyang a second or two before kissing back, savoring Jaemin’s lips because it was what he’d always envisioned doing ever since they started talking. Jaemin, however, was acting like he was so into when in fact, he just wanted it to be over.
He had his eyes open, desperately wandering his eyes to spot a student in order to break the kiss. Liu Yangyang started being aggressive, biting his lower lip for an access into his mouth, but Jaemin kept it shut until he felt a squeeze in his ass which took him by surprise,
causing him to open his mouth. At the corner of his eyes, he spotted a looming figure, so he pushed Liu Yangyang quite harshly, receiving a whine from the guy before him.
Jaemin was panting, trying to catch his breath. And when he recognized who it was, he felt a sense of fright. It was Lee Jeno with a phone on his hand, looking back at him with challenging eyes.

On foundation day, students happily roamed around the school grounds with their friends. It was a very bright day without too much sunlight, so students weren’t afraid to wander around.
The school was blasting korean popular music, synchronized with the way the students from one place to another, talking and laughing, having the time of their lives.
It is one of the events that is looked forward to, considering it is usually the day where the students get to have fun without worrying about academics for the day.
The school grounds was decorated with bright pastel colors and characters from popular Japanese animations, while booths, which were separated by a meter or two spaces, had a different concept of their own.
Jail booth was a booth that mainly operated by capturing students who’s in possession of something the emcee announced. They get to get out of the jail by either paying a fine or staying inside the jail for half an hour.
Marriage booth, on the other hand, was a booth that weds two students and gives them a fake wedding certificate with wedding pictures while on wedding clothes by paying the supposed priest. Those were just two of the booths that operated.
They even had a noraebang section in one of the corners despite the loud music. Of course, there was a makeshift restaurants which are called Pojangmacha, a substitute for the closed cafeteria.
The student council facilitated everything, mainly Jung Jaehyun, Kim Dongyoung, and Xiao Dejun, while Lee Taeyong and Jaemin wandered around the campus, enjoying the foundation day as if it wasn’t their duty to make sure everything was going smoothly.
“Oh my God,” Jaemin squealed, pointing at a booth in which you could spin the wheel and either win a prize or pay a fine. “I want to try that one!”
“No, let me try that one first!” Taeyong exclaimed, pointing at a booth in which you could throw a penny on a rectangular board and multiply your money or you fail and they get it.
“No, hyung, come with me first!”

“No, Jaemin, we can go wherever you want. Let me try that one first and then I’ll go wherever you go.”




“Well, what about the two of you doing your duty, how does that sound?” Jung Jaehyun intervened, appearing from behind as he looked at the two. “You didn’t attend our meetings, and you have the audacity to enjoy the event. Have you no shame?”
“Jaehyun-hyung!” Jaemin cried out, clinging onto Jung Jaehyun muscular arm. “I actually wanted to attend our meetings, I swear, but Taeyong-hyung here told me that you guys can already handle everything, especially you. We know you can do it!”
“You won’t convince me with your sweet words. You have to tell me what happened between you and Jeno,” Jung Jaehyun scolded, pinching Jaemin’s cheek to which the latter pouted, before whipping his head at Taeyong who was looking at them with disgust. “You, come with me.”
“Who are you to tell me what to do?” Taeyong bit back, crossing his arms on his chest, his eyes fiery.
“Well, as far as I know, I’m the president of the student council and you are the vice president. You’re basically under me. Besides, you’re already neglecting your duties. Do you want me to tell the entire student body what kind of a vice president you are?”
“Tsk,” came Taeyong’s reply, letting out a breath incredulously. “You think I’d fall for that?”

“Not really, but I expect you to fall for me,” Jung Jaehyun retorted, smirking at Taeyong’s obvious repugnance. He then inserted both of his hands inside his pockets. “So, let’s go?”
“Leave me the fuck alone.” Taeyong turned around and was about to walk away when he was suddenly pulled by the arm. He tried to shake off the student council president’s grasp from his arm, wriggling and hitting Jung Jaehyun by the chest. To his dismay, however, it was of no use.
“Will you come with me or I’ll kiss you, which do you prefer?”

“Hyung, don’t say that,” Jaemin jested. “Taeyong-hyung will keep resisting if that’s the case.”

“Na Jaemin!”

“Go, go, go!” Jaemin urged. “Bring him with you! Have a wonderful date!”
“What date?!” Taeyong exclaimed. “Hey, Jaemin! You come with us, too!”

“You can go, Jaemin,” Jaehyun declared, looking at Taeyong intensely. “Just come to the student council booth after the event. Don’t even think of escaping. This will be my last warning.”
“Okay, hyung!” Jaemin saluted, giving the two a huge smile. “Please, enjoy your date!”

“What!” Taeyong exclaimed in anger, hitting Jaehyun once again as he glared at Jaemin. “You, brat! You can’t just leave me with this prick! Come back here, I’ll kill you!”
“Sorry, hyung!” Jaemin smiled, waving at his Taeyong-hyung who was being dragged by Jung Jaehyun.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Jaemin went on to enjoy the day, going to every single booth except those of which he needed a partner to participate in.
He also tried the rice cakes that one of his freshmen fans made. At one point, he was dragged into the marriage booth to wed Liu Yangyang who, mostly likely, thought that there’s something going on between them because of the kiss. Nonetheless, Jaemin just played along with it.
Almost an hour later, he decided to go to the bathroom on the ground floor inside their school building. It was, however, packed with students. Because of that, Jaemin decided to use the one on the second floor, thinking that there’d be no students there.
And he was right.

Upon entering the bathroom, he washed his hands and dried it with the hand dryer. As he was using it, however, the bathroom floor opened, revealing the person he wasn’t expecting to see.

Lee Jeno.
“W-What are you doing here?” Jaemin’s voice quivered in fear. His heart almost stopped when Lee Jeno closed the door and locked it. “W-Why did you lock it…?”
“You know what,” Lee Jeno started, stepping forward as Jaemin walked back, his eyes dark and sinister, “I’ve been holding back for so long. I genuine, genuinely hate people like you who play with other people’s emotions. You think you can do that to me and just get away with it?”
“O-Okay, J-Jeno, whatever it is I did, I’m sorry, okay?” Jaemin bargained, his back finally hitting the wall. Lee Jeno walked closer, trapping him in between his arms.
“Sorry?” Jeno laughed humorlessly. “You think sorry would be enough repercussion to all the inconvenience you’ve caused me?”

“O-Okay, then w-what do you wa—”
t*p!j*n* / b*tt*m!j**m*n

Before Jaemin could even finish his sentence, he felt a pair of lips against his own. It was harsh, almost unrelenting, yet the taste was sweet and something he could probably want for the rest of his life.
Three seconds—it was exactly three seconds before he realized what was happening. Never in a million years would he thought of actually kissing Lee Jeno. He was about to kiss back when he felt a pair hands roaming his body, as if searching for something like he was a criminal.
Seconds later, he felt his ass getting squeezed. Jaemin felt Lee Jeno’s tongue swiping down his lower lip, causing him to open up his mouth. Lee Jeno dove right in without, tasting every corner of his mouth, savoring the taste of his tongue, his saliva—everything.
Jaemin enjoyed it so much that he almost didn’t want it to stop. On instinct, his arms found themselves around Lee Jeno’s neck, pulling the latter closer to deepen their already sensual kiss. This time, Jaemin was giving the amount of passion Lee Jeno was giving him.
He then tried to stick his tongue inside Lee Jeno’s mouth, but the raven-haired guy fought back by having his own tongue meet Jaemin’s halfway, asserting his dominance.
In frustration, Jaemin leisurely put his hands on Lee Jeno’s hair, pulling on them because of the arousal he was feeling in his crotch area. He could already feel his cock trying to break free from the fabric of his underwear.
They exchanged saliva like it was the most normal thing in the world. Jaemin’s cock kept on hardening as Lee Jeno continued sucking not only on his lips but also his tongue.
Since it was only the two of them and the walls blocked all the noise from outside, the sound of them kissing was ricocheting against the walls, making the both of them hornier.

Jaemin whined when Lee Jeno broke the kiss, to which he earned a breathy smirk from the latter.
He was taken aback when he felt the raven-haired guy’s lips on his neck and arms around his waist, showering his neck with open-mouthed kisses first before nibbling, sucking, and biting on the kiss, leaving him with hickeys all over the place.
Lee Jeno kept abusing his neck as he held onto the older’s hair.

“A-ah!” Jaemin moans were restrained, afraid that someone could potentially hear them from the outside. “J-Jeno...”

“What?” Jeno whispered sensually to his ear. “You can moan all you want. Nobody would hear you.”
“I-I’m sorry!” Jaemin cried out when Lee Jeno nibbled quite harshly on his neck and biting it. “I-I p-promise I won’t ever do it t-to you again!”
“You can’t fool me, Na Jaemin,” Jeno responded, biting Jaemin’s earlobe after giving it a few taunting licks. “I have decided. I won’t ever fall for your antics again. I will make sure to avenge myself and my friends.”

“You better not do anything shady ever again,” Lee Jeno lowly whispered to his ear, making his spine shiver in fear, “because if you do, it may just be the end of you.”
NOTE: The updates from here will prolly be full of smut. I just began to spice things up with this update. + I'm not gonna add sex vids bc I might get reported lmao the french kiss is kinda okay

Anw, thoughts? Questions?
“Okay, seriously, what’s wrong with you?” Dejun interrogated. “You’ve been sorta off these days. Did you get in trouble or something?”

“N-No…” Jaemin pulled a forced smile, glancing warily around him. “M-Maybe it’s because of the upcoming exam...”
Seated inside the cafeteria, Jaemin couldn’t help but feel distracted. It’s been a couple of days since that incident inside the school bathroom between him and Lee Jeno. Truthfully, it’s been bothering him since then. Not the kiss, no. If anything, he liked the kiss.
No, he loved it. The kiss was so amazing, so sinful. In fact, Jaemin has been thinking about it every night.
He’s been thinking about Lee Jeno’s ragged breath, Lee Jeno’s lips molding against his, Lee Jeno’s eyes piercing though him, undressing him, Lee Jeno’s mouth latching on his neck, leaving him with hickeys for other people to see, Lee Jeno manhandling him, Lee Jeno dominating.
All he could ever think about is Lee Jeno, Lee Jeno, and Lee Jeno.

It’s making Jaemin crazy.

Earlier he could feel Lee Jeno’s stare. He didn’t know how, he just felt it. Their eyes met at one point when Jaemin turned around once.
The stare, this time however, wasn’t driven by loathing. Lee Jeno’s eyes were observant, full of scrutiny, as if the latter was reading his every move. And frankly, it made Jaemin feel things. Things he shouldn’t even feel inside their homeroom.
The previous night, he was so horny and couldn’t stop thinking about Lee Jeno that he got off with the thought in mind of what incident that happened between him and Lee Jeno. He felt so ashamed, but he just couldn’t help it.
Now, he can’t even look at Lee Jeno in the eye. At the same time, he’s on watch just in case the raven-haired guy is around.
“If I didn’t know you’re a picky one,” Ten started, popping a piece of pork belly into his mouth, “I’d think you whore yourself out and are afraid that you’d see the guy you slept with last night.”
“No, what the hell?” Jaemin exclaimed defensively. “Hyung, if there was a whore here, it’s probably you. You basically lead on Johnny Seo and Hendery Wong. At least Taeyong-hyung here has the decency to play hard to get to Jung Jaehyun.”
“I’m not playing hard to get to Jung Jaehyun, though?” Taeyong interjected. “I don’t fucking like that shithead, and he doesn’t like me either. He’s actually worse than all of you combined.”
“Okay, you didn’t have to come for us like that. You keep saying you hate him, but why did I see you with inside the marriage booth during the foundation day?” Ten then turned to Jaemin. “And you, hag, I’m not leading them on. They’re fighting over me, as they should.”
“Poor guys. I hope they hit their head with a hammer to realize you ain’t shit.”

“Whatever, we’ll see you in class,” Dejun said dismissively, dragging Jaemin to their homeroom.
“Don’t forget our meeting in the office later, alright?!” Taeyong yelled as Jaemin and Dejun disappeared into the hallway.

Not having the strength to pull himself away from Dejun’s grasp, he let himself be dragged to their homeroom before the bell even rang.
When he arrived, he immediately spotted Lee Jeno, earning his attention when he emerged from outside. Jaemin blushed when the raven-haired guy licked his own lips, his gaze boring into him.
As if on instinct, Jaemin gulped, quickly taking his seat beside Dejun, trying to brush off the feeling of someone staring at the back of his head again.

Jaemin tried to focus on the discussions.
For the rest of the classes he had that day after lunch, he searched for ways in order to focus and focus solely on whatever his teachers were talking about, even if they bore the hell out of him.
However, the incident in the bathroom kept clawing from the back of his head, distracting him. And the feeling of someone staring at him, who, by the way was the reason he was having those thoughts, wasn’t helping either.
So, he pretty much spent the rest of his day in class getting distracted by that memory, growing a tent inside his pants that, fortunately for him, nobody noticed.

“Hey... hey!”
With that, Jaemin snapped out of his own reverie. It turned out Dejun has been calling him, and that the last bell had rung. It was so unreal. He didn’t even hear the bell. Just how could you do this, Lee Jeno?
Leisurely, he turned his head, making eye contact with the person who’s the main subject of his inappropriate daydreams. Lee Jeno smirked before turning away and focusing his attention to his friends who were talking about going in a Noraebang.
“Hey, let’s go.” Dejun grabbed his bag, putting the strap on his shoulder. “You have no idea how mad Jung Jaehyun gets every time you and Taeyong-hyung aren’t present in our meetings.”
“...He probably just uses that so he can annoy Taeyong-hyung more...” Jaemin trailed off distractedly.

“True, come on. Let’s just go, and then we can go grab something on the way home. I feel so hungry again, ugh. I hate metabolism.”
Immediately after arriving inside the student council office, Jaemin took a seat beside Dejun. He settled himself comfortably, smiling at the other students.
There was a conference table with chairs around, occupied by the student council officers, waiting for the vice president to come. But that didn’t happen until a couple more minutes, and the president still refused to start with the meeting.
“Finally,” the president, Jung Jaehyun, exclaimed upon seeing Taeyong enter the room, “I thought you weren’t going to come. What a nice vice president we have. It’s your first time attending, right?”
“I got held up.” Taeyong rolled his eyes, placing his bag quite aggressively on the seat beside Jaemin’s.


“Some freshmen.”

“You must be pretty popular,” Jaehyun incredulously, smiling tauntingly. “After all, you’re a pretty responsible leader, right…?”
“Can we just get this done with?” Qian Kun, one of the elected sergeants at arms, intervened awkwardly, his eyes shifting. “I kinda need to go somewhere after this.”
“Alright,” Jaehyun muttered in finality, wandering his eyes to the officials, his hands propped on the table, “let’s start then.”
As soon as the meeting started, Jung Jaehyun talked about the well-executed foundation day, congratulating everyone who did their part, throwing subtle shade at Taeyong, who, in defense, just rolled his eyes in return.
According to the president council president, the school director was pleased with their first ever project, which was kind of difficult to handle, considering the previous administration of the student council left with low fund.
For that, they gave themselves a round of applause.

Jaemin tried to listen, but his thoughts kept on getting messed up. At one point, Dejun even had to pinch his thigh because he was in a trance when Jung Jaehyun called him.
“Na Jaemin,” Jung Jaehyun called. All the then turned to Jaemin. “I’m talking to you.”

“O-Oh, right.” Jaemin smile forcefully. “Come again?”
Jaehyun shook his head in disbelief. “We actually accumulated a lot money. For those of you who were not present in our previous meetings, we and the other clubs and organizations had agreed on a fifty-fifty percentage, which means whatever they’re revenue is, we get half of it.
Plus, we also get the entirety of the capital. So, we get the capital and fifty percent of their revenue.”

“How did you even manage to do that?” Taeyong berated. “Sounds like wishful thinking.”
“Well, if you only attended the previous meetings, you might have an idea.” Jung Jaehyun smiled mockingly. “And it isn’t just wishful thinking because Dejun has actually collected the money.”

That shut Taeyong up.
“Doyoung, are you taking notes?”

“Yes, Pres.”

“Good.” Jung Jaehyun nodded, tapping his fingers on the table. “How many clubs and organizations have submitted the money?”
“Out of twenty-seven clubs, twenty-one has submitted the capital and fifty percent of their revenue last week. There’s still six clubs and organizations that have yet to submit,” Kim Doyoung, the secretary, explained as he flipped through the pages of his notebook.
“Kun, any update?”

“Some of the presidents of those clubs and organizations said they’re having internal conflict, and that they’re going to submit the money as soon as possible. The latest would probably be on Wednesday.”
“Probably?” Jaehyun asked, pursing his lips in distaste. “Make sure the that Wednesday is the latest, so Dejun can have everything audited by the end of the week. By the way, Dejun, do you have a copy of every club and organization’s capital and sales?”
“Yes, Pres. For the capital, I got a copy from Doyoung-hyung, and then I went around to list the total revenue of every booth right after every single one of them closed. I’ll make sure to have everything audited by the end of the week.”
“Okay, good.” Jaehyun nodded, somewhat determined. “Jaemin, you will be the one to take care of our fund. And since you’ve been missing in action, you will also be the one to canvass a new speaker. The speakers we have for events like these are already worn out.
Some of them don’t even work anymore. Good thing some of the clubs lent us theirs last week.”

“Wait,” Jaemin muttered after a long while of just listening. “Why do I have to be the one to take care of the fund? Why can’t it be just Taeyong-hyung?”
“You’re literally the treasurer, just in case you forgot,” Jaehyun scolded. “I want you to buy a new speaker.”

“It’s just a single event. Why do we have to buy new ones?” Taeyong interjected all of a sudden.
-“Just say you’re trying to make it hard for both Jaemin and me. If the clubs let us borrow their equipment last week, I’m sure they’re going to let borrow them again. That way, we save more money. Plus, we get to spend it more on things that’s worth wasting money over.”
“First things first, we need working equipment. We are the student council. If anything, the clubs are the ones who should be borrowing from us, not the other way around.
People are going to see us as irresponsible if we don’t even have working equipment for events like this since we are in-charge of stuff like this. Secondly, I’m not trying to make it hard for you. I haven’t even given you a single work to do.
And it’s Jaemin’s job to treasure the organization’s treasury because, news flash, he’s the elected treasurer. Lastly, if you’re going to complain, at least propose something.”
At that, Taeyong grumbled under his breath, discreetly rolling his eyes at the president who just let it slide.
“Anyway, now that the foundation day is over, we’ll have to prepare for the school festival next. Mind you, this is the annual festival that everyone looks forward to. We have to do better than we did last week. Hopefully this time, everyone does their job,”
-Jaehyun declared, his gaze landing on the vice president.

There was a chorus of “we’ll do our best” among the officers in response to what Jaehyun announced.
“Is there any question?” Jaemin looked at the others, shaking his head. “If there’s none, then this meeting is adjourned. No, not you Lee Taeyong. You stay here. I need to talk to you.”

Thanks to that meeting, Jaemin was able to sit through almost an hour without thinking of Lee Jeno after he was pinched by Dejun. He let out a small sigh, tired from sitting through something he didn’t even want to participate in.
He’s starting to regret even running for a position. Now, he has to think about duties. He didn’t really think of the repercussions of getting elected. All he wanted to do was play with Huang Renjun’s feelings and emotions.
Why did Huang Renjun even think of running for this position? All it does is put more stress on Jaemin.

When Friday came, Jaemin had to stay after school again.
It turned out that Qian Kun had finally collected the money and gave it to Dejun, who began calculating all the accumulated money as soon as he got it.
Jaemin had no choice but to sit through all the counting because the money was supposed to go to him in order for him to buy a new speaker for the upcoming school festival that would last for a whole week.
Jaemin just enjoyed the festival before, just going around different booths and eating snacks that the students would cook and sell. Now, however, things have changed. He has duty to do now.
If he was able to ditch the meetings and just enjoy the foundation day, he can no longer do just that. For sure, Jung Jaehyun would get mad at him.
And even though the student council president treats him like a friend, Jaemin knows that there are certain boundaries that he can’t cross. Besides, getting in a fight with Jung Jaehyun would not be a smart choice, given that Jung Jaehyun is well-loved by everyone.
People might start speculating his true colors if that happens.
“The money is exactly ₩917, 243.91.” Dejun tied the plastic in which he placed all the money. “Sorry, Jaem. I can’t tag along with you this weekend. My parents want us to visit my uncles and aunts. Are you sure you’ll be okay?”
“I am,” Jaemin responded, taking the plastic full of money before putting them inside his bag. “No worries, I can do it myself.”

“By the way, has the president given you the SC debit card?”
“Yup, he has.” Jaemin fished out his wallet, showing Dejun the debit card in between his fingers. “Ugh, have you seen Taeyong-hyung or Ten-hyung? Maybe they can tag along with me.”
“Taeyong-hyung is with Jung Jaehyun, and Ten-hyung went out Hendery Wong. Johnny Seo was actually looking for Ten-hyung. That whore, I swear to God.” Dejun laughed, shaking his head in disapproval. “One day, karma will bite his ass.”
“Karma can’t bite something that doesn’t exist.”

“Don’t let him hear you say that.” Dejun chuckled to himself. “You know how much he takes pride in having the biggest bottom out of all of us.”
Jaemin and Dejun walked together until they were outside the school premises. Since Jaemin was to head to the other way, he bid his goodbye to his friend before turning his heel, heading to the nearest bus stop. But as he was walking, he couldn’t help but feel something weird...
like someone was staring at him. He even wandered his eyes suspiciously, looking around if there was someone watching him. The only one who does that is Lee Jeno, but the raven-haired guy was one of the first students who exited their homeroom that day, so it couldn’t be.
Coming to the conclusion that he was probably just being paranoid, he decided to just play a game on his phone as he patiently waited for the bus to arrive. When it did, he quickly hopped in, tapping his card and standing among the crowd.
Roughly about fifteen minutes, Jaemin climbed out, clutching the straps of his bag as he made his way to the direction of the bank minutes away from the bus stop where he got off.
There are automated teller machines near his school, but since those only let cash be deposited, Jaemin had no choice but to go to the nearest bank because the fund he was supposed to deposit had a lot of coins.
Prior to that, Jung Jaehyun had told him all the information he needed in order to deposit the money in the account so the transaction would run smoothly.
So, within thirty minutes, he was able to deposit all the money into the account. As soon as he got out of the bank, he immediately felt that someone was staring at him, like someone was following him closely behind.
But since Jaemin was tired, he ignored the feeling and got his phone out to search for an audio system shop near him. It didn’t take him long enough to find one that was just a couple of minutes away from him.
He decided to canvass that day because he didn’t want to do it the next day and then buy the items he needed on Sunday.

Upon arriving he saw a lot of headphones, speakers, DVD players, and whatnot.
At the counter stood an elderly man, welcoming Jaemin with a friendly smile, egging him to come in.

“Young man, welcome to my shop,” the old man declared. “What are you looking for?”
“Uncle, I’m looking for a speaker that’s good for huge school events and stuff,” Jaemin replied, eyeing the huge speaker displays. “Do you have those kind of speakers?”

“Of course!” the old man declared, exiting the counter to show Jaemin the speaker he was looking for.
-“This QSC K10.2 Ten Inches Powered Speaker 2000. It’s kinda pricey, but the quality is great. It comes in three huge speakers, and I swear, if you blast music through this, I’m pretty sure the whole school will hear it. It’s ₩1,400,000.00, but the price is still negotiable.”
“Uh… I actually need just one.”

“Oh. Then what about this Alto Ten Inches Powered Speaker TS310,” the old man offered. “It’s kinda similar to one of those QSC K10.2. The only difference is it’s alone. The price is about the same as the individual price. ₩520,000.00.”
Jaemin’s canvassing lasted for almost half an hour as the owner explained to him the qualities and the price of the speakers. And since he still wasn’t sure what to buy, he told the owner that he’d come back the next day in the afternoon.
Unbeknownst to him, a figure entered the shop and asked owners some things without his knowledge.


The following day, Jaemin woke up early, did his morning routine, and went out.
Since he was going to the audio shop anyway, he decided to go to the mall and kill some time first, window shopping. Jaemin has always liked clothes. Honestly, he dreams of becoming rich just to be able to buy high fashion and designer clothes.
He isn’t poor to say the least, but he isn’t rich either. His life is just okay.

That’s why he wants to be successful in the future. He isn’t an outstanding student, and he actually falls under the category of average to below average in the academic sense.
That’s the reason why he keeps the smart people around like Liu Yangyang and Xiao Dejun. Don’t get him wrong, though. Jaemin genuinely sees Dejun as a friend, but Liu Yangyang is merely a pawn for him to use.
By keeping the latter around, he gets to have a backup when Dejun isn’t around. And Dejun knows all of that.

Getting excellent grades is just as important as doing good in college scholastic ability test, but he’d worry about the latter next time.
For now, getting good grades is something he should focus on.

As Jaemin walked around aimlessly, he found himself in a Ralph Lauren store. He was tantalized by the clothes in there.
The brand itself might not be comparative to Balenciaga, Gucci, Saint Laurent, but the designs seemed to cast a spell on Jaemin, making his brain go haywire. Ralph Lauren might have lost its status as a luxury brand, but their polos are of high quality.
Their colors last for a while, and the collars don’t curl or harden easily. As long as their polos are not kept out of a dryer, they’d last just as long as those top brands.

Upon roaming around, Jaemin found a loose, pastel blue floral shirt.
He was immediately mesmerized by the design. As if on instinct, his hand landed on it, caressing the soft fabric of the top, making his eyes shine. Because of excitement, he removed the polo from its stall and headed to the fitting room to see if it would suit him, and it did.
It looked amazing on him. When he looked at the price tag, however, his face fell. It was more than ₩200,000.00. That’s more than a week worth of allowance.
If he doesn’t eat for the rest of the week and a couple of days, he’d be able to buy it, but he wants to wear it on the kickoff of the festival or at the end, since those are the anticipated days by the students.
Even if he doesn’t eat for the rest of the week, his parents won’t give him that much money, considering they know the tradition of his school.

Painstakingly, he placed it back on the clothes rack but no before giving it a one last look.
Jaemin then took the bus to the audio shop with the floral polo in his mind. When he came inside the shop, he was yet again greeted by the owner with a wide smile.
The previous night he’d thought hard about which one to buy, given that Jung Jaehyun didn’t really give him any instruction. He was going to trust his gut. He was about to buy the ₩520,000.00 speaker, but an idea came to his mind.
“Uncle…do you have the same item…” Jaemin trailed off, “...but a secondhand one…?”

When the owner said yes and that it’d be half the original price, Jaemin excused himself and told the old man that he was just going to withdraw in spite of the man insisting he accepts card.
He withdrew exactly ₩520.000.00 and came back to the shop, purchasing the secondhand Alto 10" Powered Speaker TS310.


Monday came and Jaemin felt accomplished because not only was he able to do his task, he was also able to buy the polo shirt that he’d wear for the festival.
He took a cab to school using the student council debit card in order to have the speaker delivered there. After school, the students were already preparing for the festival, building different booths that the ones they built last week.
When the student council president saw the speaker inside their office, Jung Jaehyun praised Jaemin, not having any idea of what the latter did.

The week then rolled around like a blink of an eye, and the festival kicked off gracefully.
Colorful animated banners were everywhere as music blasted loudly at the school grounds. Booths occupied both sides of the campus, leaving the middle for the students to linger around. The sky was friendly, as if trying to blend in with the mood of the festival.
The student council officers were stationed in different areas. Some were located in the east, west, south, and north, while others were stationed inside the ground floor of the building.
With a smile on his face, Jaemin smiled as he watched the other students having the time of their lives. There was a local band playing at the stage, and the students were jamming mindlessly, not caring about academics or anything else.
Jaemin was wearing the loose floral shirt he bought, and it made his look softer than he usually does. He partnered it with a pair of white pants and a pastel blue running shoes he got for his birthday. Everything was going fine until he felt his phone buzz inside his pocket.
/Nice shirt. How much did you buy that?/ the text read, which weirded Jaemin out.

/Um, sorry to be rude, but who are you? I don’t remember giving my phone number to anyone./ he replied, feeling his heartbeat faster for some reason. It was as if there was an impending doom.
/Does it matter?/ the first sentence of the text read. /What matters here is that you bought that shirt you’re wearing using the school fund. Have you no shame?/
Jaemin felt his heart drop in an instant. He aggressively turned around, his eyes wandering to see anyone suspicious who might be the one sending him text messages. Anxiously, he tried and tried to find the person, but everyone seemed to be occupied but what they are doing.
At first, he thought it was someone from his friends, but they were all pretty busy. Jaemin could see Ten from where he was, talking with Johnny, whereas Dejun was talking to some club representative, probably something about the revenue again.
Taeyong, on the other hand, looked like was having an argument with Jung Jaehyun again.

Another text message went through. /Looking for me? :)/

/Just who the fuck are you?! This isn’t funny!/
/Calm down, Na Jaemin. I thought you were a sweetheart? That kind of attitude doesn’t suit you public persona. What would other people think once they find out you curse?/ The next words almost made Jaemin scream in fear.
/Wait, they probably wouldn’t care as much. But I wonder what will people think if I tell them that you use the school fund for yourself? I could pretty much just announce it using the secondhand speaker you bought from that audio shop./
With trembling fingers and quivering lips, tears began to build up in his eyes as he typed in, /What do you want from me?/

/Meet me on the third floor of the main building, East side, storage room. Be discreet. Make you sure that nobody will see you,/ the text said.
As much as Jaemin wanted to bolt right up inside the building, he couldn’t have the risk of being seen, taking into account that this stranger wanted him to not be seen by anyone.
So, slowly, he looked around before disappearing from his spot, making sure that nobody saw him, and walked calmly to the direction of the main building. When he reached the lobby, he just smiled at everyone who greeted him who were mainly freshmen and sophomore students.
He then took the stairs when nobody was looking, sprinting as soon as he reached the second floor. By the time he reached the East side of the third floor, specifically the storage room, he slowly opened it, his heart hammering inside his chest.
The inside was dark, considering it was rarely ever entered by the students. Janitors clean it once a week, though, that’s why it was maintained to be clean at all times. He called for anyone, but nobody spoke. He then felt another buzz inside the pocket of his jeans.
/Go inside and stand in the middle of the room./

Even though frightened, Jaemin did as he was told. And as soon as he was in the middle, the door suddenly closed, startling him in the process. There was a figure looming, but he couldn’t see the face.
He could see, however, that they were the same height.

And when the figure revealed who he was, Jaemin had to gulp in fear.

“Lee Jeno…?”
“What did I tell you last time?” There was a dangerously low laugh that come out of Lee Jeno’s lips, his stare at Jaemin deepening. “I told you to not do anything shady, didn’t I?”
“H-How did you…?” Jaemin asked. Despite the frightened feeling, he didn’t take his gaze off of Lee Jeno. He wanted answers as to how the guy found out.
“As you know, Jaehyun-hyung and I are close. He asked me to trail after you because you were going to deposit money to the student council bank account, and since we had a fight weeks ago, he didn’t think you’d appreciate my company.”
“So, you followed me…?”

“Right,” Lee Jeno confirmed, taking a step closer that made Jaemin step aback. “I rarely ever hold a grudge against people, so he didn’t think I’d use this as a leverage to get back at you.
And he’s not wrong, I rarely indeed ever hold a grudge against people. But,” Lee Jeno said, pausing sinisterly, “the key word is /rarely./ I rarely hold a grudge, but that doesn’t mean I don’t.”
“Y-You’re wrong, though...” Jaemin lied, his gaze shifting anxiously. “I-I bought the brand new. I-If you want, I-I can show you the receipt i-if you wa—”

“What,” Lee Jeno cut off, “the fabricated one?”

“It’s not—”
“You think you can just easily fool me, Na Jaemin?” Lee Jeno let out a laugh of mockery, making Jaemin even more terrified than he already was. “Then, why did you have to withdraw first despite the shop accepting debit cards?
Because if you buy something using it, only the grand total and the name of the merchant will be on the bank statement, which means if that speaker you bought is just ₩260,000.00, the bank statement leaves you no room to steal because any purchase will be recorded.
Meanwhile, withdrawing ₩520,000.00 and spending only half of it for the speaker, you get to spend the remaining money, so as long as you fabricate the receipt and state there that the item is indeed ₩520,000.00.”
Jaemin took several steps back until he hit the wall, sliding down to the ground. The window gave them enough light, and Jaemin could now perfectly see Lee Jeno’s face.
Why did he even get himself into these kind of things? Why did he even think of buying something using the school fund just for a stupid shirt?
“The receipt is easy to manipulate,” Lee Jeno started again, towering over him, looking down at him, “but the people involved isn’t.”

“So, you were the one following me?”
“I was,” Lee Jeno confirmed, tilting his head and clicking his tongue.
-“And maybe you shouldn’t have told the owner of that shop what time you were gonna come back, because it gave me access to be able to trail after you more. I told him we're friends, and he believed it. I was able to know stuff like what you bought, how much it was, and whatnot.”
With tears in his eyes, Jaemin shook his head in disbelief.

“I actually followed you to the mall to see what you were going to do with the /excess/ money you had, and then I saw you bought this last stock of pastel blue, loose floral shirt in Ralph Lauren at the mall.”
-Crouching down, Lee Jeno’s eyes were on the same level as Jaemin as he touched the soft fabric of the shirt in a sensual manner, taking Jaemin’s breath away. “I must say, though, it looks beautiful on you. You look so pure, so innocent. It makes me wanna taint you...”
“Why are you doing this?” Jaemin just glared at Lee Jeno helplessly. “Just what do you want from me?”

With a smirk, Lee Jeno stood up, towering Jaemin once again and looking down on him, as his hands flew to his belt and the zipper of his pants. “How about you suck my cock, hm?”
NOTE: sorry to leave you guys hanging ~
Upon seeing Lee Jeno’s long and thick, veiny cock pop out, Jaemin couldn’t help but gape at it, not believing what he was seeing. His eyes then landed on the raven-haired guy, who was smirking down at him, before shifting his eyes back to Lee Jeno’s manhood.
It was hard and leaking of precum, its slit shining, tempting Jaemin to come for it. Gulping nervously, Jaemin wasn’t sure if he could fit in into his mouth. And if he could, he’d probably be out of breath within seconds of having it stuffed inside.
When Lee Jeno came closer, his sense of smell was invaded by the musky and manly smell of Lee Jeno’s pubic hair and manhood. For some twisted reason, he found it addicting rather than disgusting, like it was pulling him in.
Before he knew it, Lee Jeno closed the gap between the latter’s cock and his lips before pulling in, creating a string of precum.
“Have a taste,” Lee Jeno persuaded sensually, his voice sending shivers down his spine. Instinctively, Jaemin licked his lips, tasting Lee Jeno’s precum. “How was it?”
It was salty and tangy but not in an unpleasant way. Jaemin looked down, feeling ashamed of himself for liking it. He couldn’t look at Lee Jeno, couldn’t look him in the eye due to the embarrassment and humiliation. Suddenly, his face was lifted and he was met by Lee Jeno.
The latter was crouched down, their faces on the same level.

“So,” Lee Jeno started, “will you suck my cock or I’ll snitch on you?”
“I-I’ll do it...” Jaemin swallowed. “I’ll do it, but you have to be silent about the whole thing. Don’t bring it up to anyone, not even your friends or family.”

“But how can I be sure you’re going to stick to what we’ve agreed upon?”

“You just have to trust me,” Lee Jeno answered, to which Jaemin furrowed his eyebrows at. “Na Jaemin, I’m not like you. I’m a man of my words.”
Jaemin knew just that. Compared to him, Lee Jeno is a far way better person. The only reason the raven-haired guy is hated by everyone is because of what Jaemin did. Before that, Lee Jeno was, if not ignored, admired by other students, especially by seniors, like Jung Jaehyun.
Inhaling deeply, Jaemin straightened his back before getting on his knees, slowly reaching for Lee Jeno’s thick, meaty cock. Upon contact, he instantly felt the heat against his cold hand as he pulled tug on it delicately.
He looked up to Lee Jeno, whose face was contorted to that of pleasure. Hesitantly, Jaemin ran his tongue over the slit, licking the entire head of Lee Jeno’s cock and savoring the remaining precum.
Jaemin looked up again. This time, Lee Jeno was looking down at him with half-lidded eyes, eyes dark. While staring at the raven-haired guy’s eyes, Jaemin twirled his tongue, drenching the cock with his saliva while tugging on its body slowly.
After several seconds, he opened his mouth widely, wrapping his lips around it. Lee Jeno’s cock was so thick that Jaemin’s mouth was already tired just by opening it widely in order to fit Lee Jeno’s manhood inside.
Slowly, Jaemin began to bob his head, still looking at Lee Jeno, not breaking their shared gaze. He kept drawing long breath before going farther and farther each bob, sucking the life out of the raven-haired guy.
Lee Jeno, on the other hand, was in so much pleasure, his mouth forming an ‘o’ as his cock got sucked. Jaemin’s mouth was so hot, so sinful, and Lee Jeno was tempted to fuck it, but decided against it. He wanted to savor every second, and that would only happen if he held back.
“Yes, baby, like that,” Lee Jeno grunted, beads of sweat running down his sideburns, forehead, and neck because of the lack of ventilation and the heat he was feeling inside. “Yeah, suck it just like that.”
Hearing that, Jaemin was becoming just as excited, feeling his dick inside his pants form a tent. He decided to suck harder, vacuuming Lee Jeno’s cock using his mouth.
And when the latter moaned so loud in pleasure, facing the ceiling with closed eyes, Jaemin decided to be a little more daring by deep throating Lee Jeno.

“Fuck!” Jeno moaned. “Ah, Na Jaemin, your mouth is so fucking amazing. I’d love it if you suck my cock all day.”
Jaemin tried to reply, but because his mouth was full of Lee Jeno’s cock, his voice was muffled, sending vibrations through the thick rod stuffed inside his mouth, which seemed to send more pleasure to Lee Jeno.
Lee Jeno laughed mockingly, looking down at Jaemin. “You know, you should’ve just asked me to buy you that shirt in exchange of sucking my cock. That way, you wouldn’t have to risk anything by spending the school fund.”
In anger, Jaemin pulled out Lee Jeno’s cock from his mouth, creating a popping sound and a string of saliva between his lips and the manhood. “Shut the fuck up, you fucking pervert!”
“Damn right, I am,” Lee Jeno retorted back, chuckling at Jaemin’s upset expression. “In fact, you wouldn’t even wanna know the things I’d love to do to you.”

Before Jaemin knew it, he was pushed against the wall. He was now sitting on his ass as Lee Jeno towered him.
Lee Jeno then removed his long sleeve button-down shirt, revealing his bulging muscles and veins on his arms, his broad chest, and his rock hard abs that, glistening due to the beads of sweat. He threw the shirt over Jaemin’s head, chuckling at the whining sound the latter made.
Jaemin could smell the familiar and addicting musky scent of Lee Jeno through the raven-haired guy’s shirt that blocked his eyes. When he removed it, what greeted him was Lee Jeno’s mouth-watering, sculpture-like body.
Mesmerized, Jaemin didn’t get to react when Lee Jeno’s cock was forcefully shoved inside mouth. Suddenly, Lee Jeno fucked his face, not caring about the signs of protests from Jaemin. The wet, sloppy sound echoed through the walls, sending pleasure to Jaemin’s lower region.
Lee Jeno picked up his pace, pounding into Jaemin’s face by tugging on the latter’s hair, pulling his head in and meeting with his thrusts.

“Fucking take that!” Lee Jeno moaned as he slid his raging cock in and out of Jaemin’s hot mouth. “You like that, hm?”
Saliva dripped down Jaemin’s mouth and chin, choking on Lee Jeno’s cock every time it hits the back of his throat. And if he didn’t Lee Jeno could be any more violent, he was wrong.
The guy became more aggressive, picking up a more animalistic pace, thrusting into his mouth as Lee Jeno’s pinkish balls slap his chin repeatedly.
“The sounds you make just makes me hornier,” Lee Jeno muttered, before bending his body a little and hugging Jaemin by the back of his head, pulling him in and meeting Lee Jeno’s one violent trust. “Ah!”
Jaemin choked on Lee Jeno’s cock, pushing the latter by the thighs to be able to breath. He coughed several times, wiping the tears that built up in his eyes. When Lee Jeno saw it, the latter got alarmed.
“Shit,” the raven-haired guy whispered, “are you alright?”

But Jaemin only held his hand up in front of Lee Jeno, proceeding to crawl on his knees and sucking Lee Jeno’s cock, licking his balls, and jacking it off with one of his hands.
Jaemin suck continuously, only taking a couple of seconds break in between before sucking the life out of Lee Jeno’s cock.

Once again, unable to hold himself, Lee Jeno picked up his pace. His thrusts, this time, was faster and harder.
He began to meet the movement of Jaemin’s head with his thrusts, meeting Jaemin midway. Just like his thrusts, Jaemin’s sucking became more aggressive, rendering Lee Jeno weak.
“F-Fuck, I-I’m so close.” Lee Jeno closed his eyes, pounding into Jaemin’s mouth violently once again. “Fuck, eat my cum!”

White, sweet sticky liquid exploded into Jaemin’s mouth as Lee Jeno’s cock continued pulsating inside.
They stayed immobile for several seconds, gaining their strength back. Lee Jeno had his eyes closed as Jaemin continued sucking, swallowing every bit of his cum. When he pulled back, he saw Jaemin slumped his back against the wall, clearly exhausted from the activity.
There were beads of sweat running down Jaemin’s forehead, neck, and temples.
Only their ragged breathing could be heard inside the storage room. They were both drenched in sweat, breathing heavily. Mindlessly, Lee Jeno took the spot next to Jaemin, slumping his back against the wall as well.
“That was so good,” he said tauntingly, glancing in Jaemin’s way. “I didn’t know you had that in you.”

Hearing Lee Jeno joke, for Jaemin, was so strange, considering the guy always had a scowl on his face, always glaring at him.
For some reason, it was a breath of fresh air, but Jaemin shouldn’t really be thinking about that right now because he had other problems, such as the tent inside his pants.

“Nobody should know about this,” Jaemin uttered, “not your family, especially not your friends.”
“Are you kidding me?” Lee Jeno huffed a breath. “It’s only for me to keep.”

“And about me spending the school fund, it should be a secret.”

“Of course,” Lee Jeno answered. “As long as we get to do this all the time, I’m fine with keeping it a secret.”
“What?!” Jaemin exclaimed. “But you said—”

“I’ve changed my mind,” Lee Jeno cut off, staring at Jaemin straight in the eyes, not backing down. “I didn’t promise anything to you. I never even explicitly said that I won’t tell anyone in exchange of you blowing me.”
“Fuck you!”

Before Jaemin knew it, he was pulled by the waist by Lee Jeno into the latter’s sweaty body. His breath hitched when the raven-haired guy suddenly captured his lips, and then pulled back. “I’d rather fuck you, baby, but that’s up for another time.”
[note: short update! tell me your thoughts~]

Jaemin jumped from his seat nervously, putting his hand over his left chest and sighing in relief when he saw that it was just Dejun. It was the week after the festival, and everyone has gone back to their routine.
For the whole festival week, Jaemin was not able to enjoy the event, not only because he had to do his duty as part of the council, but also because he was distracted by what went down between him and Lee Jeno in the storage room.
Every night, Jaemin couldn’t help but get off at the thought of sucking Lee Jeno’s cock as the latter manhandled him.
Lee Jeno was all he could ever think about; Lee Jeno’s thick and long veiny cock, Lee Jeno’s bulging triceps, Lee Jeno’s veiny arms, Lee Jeno’s broad chest and shoulders, Lee Jeno’s six pack abs, Lee Jeno’s handsome face. Jaemin was going insane, and it was all Lee Jeno’s fault.
For the rest of the festival week, however, Lee Jeno didn’t bother him. To be honest, Jaemin was expecting the raven-haired guy to blackmail him into doing things with regards to sexual favors, not that he’s complaining.
He wouldn’t ever admit it out loud, but Lee Jeno fucking his mouth was one of the best things...ever. He just doesn’t want to sound so needy, to seem so into it, especially because he hates Lee Jeno’s clique.
“Don’t startle me,” he complained, throwing daggers at Dejun as the latter took the seat beside him.

“It’s not my intention to, though?” Dejun retorted back, placing his bag underneath his desk. “You’ve just been really jumpy these days.”
And because Jaemin didn’t want to go into that topic, he chose to zip his mouth instead.
Sighing in exhaustion, Dejun slumped his back. “I can’t believe we worked for the whole week, and we didn’t even get to enjoy the festival. The weekend wasn’t even enough to restore all the energy I’ve lost.”

“I know,” Jaemin replied. “We shouldn’t have run in the first place.”
As if on cue, there was a group of boys entered the class. Without thinking, Jaemin to look at the front, accidentally crossing gazes with Lee Jeno who subtly smirked in his way. Jaemin hastily avoided the raven-haired guy’s gaze, drifting his eyes on his desk, gulping nervously.
It wasn’t until Lee Jeno had walked past him that he was able to look up. And because he was tempted to see Lee Jeno’s handsome face, Jaemin slowly turned his head and looked at the subject of his wildest imagination, who, in turn, looked back, flashing his eyebrows suggestively.
Instantly, Jaemin whipped his head to the front, clearing his throat and straightening his back. If having Lee Jeno’s eyes on him was uncomfortable and irksome, this time, it brings excitement and arousal to Jaemin.
Lunch time rolled around, and since both him and Dejun had packed lunch for that day, they decided to stay inside their homeroom. Coincidentally, to Jaemin’s misfortune (read: luck), Lee Jeno, together with the rest of the latter’s clique, also decided to stay inside.
From the corner of his eye, Jaemin saw the clique had their desks merged together at the back of the classroom.’

“Hey, Jaem.” Liu Yangyang suddenly appeared in his line of sight, taking him by surprise, smiling widely. “Can I eat with you and Dejun?”
“Yeah, sure.” Jaemin smiled sweetly, glancing at Dejun knowingly.

Liu Yangyang grabbed the chair in front of Jaemin and Dejun’s table, placing it in their direction.
Once seated Liu Yangyang was seated, they all opened their lunch boxes, invading their sense of smell with the aroma of their respective packed lunch.

Wordlessly, Jaemin began eating his meal, the sunny side up and rice his mother packed for him.
“Here, Nana,” Dejun said, putting strips of marinated squid on his lunch box. “My mom finally had the time to cook this. I told her you love it, and she cooked for two people for you.”
“Really?” Jaemin smiled. “Your mom is so sweet. I miss coming over to your house and your mom’s cooking. Ugh, my mom didn’t even put any effort into my lunch. She literally just cooked sunny side up and rice.”
“You can also have some of mine, Jaemin,” Liu Yangyang intervened, also putting chunks of pork-belly inside his lunch box. “I actually cooked this myself. Actually, if you want, I can cook for you, too!”
“Uh, it’s alright.”

“Are you sure?” Liu Yangyang asked expectantly. “It’s free food. Plus, people tell me I cook amazing.”

“Yeah.“ Jaemin forced a smile, going back to his food.
At lunch time, Jaemin tried to ignore Liu Yangyang by talking to Dejun nonstop, cutting him whenever the guy would start to talk. By the end of school hours, Jaemin was gathering his belongings, putting them inside his bag. Most of the students had exited the room.
“Na Jaemin,” Lee Jeno’s sultry deep-toned voice sounded, ringing through his ears. Jaemin momentarily closed his eyes, taking a deep breath to calm his nerves. “Where are you going?”

Turning around, he plastered a forced smile on his face. “...Yes…?”
“Where are you going?” came Lee Jeno’s plain reply with his arms across his chest.

“Uh...” Jaemin trailed off, confused. “Home…?”

“You’re assigned to clean today.” Lee Jeno pointed at the cork board over his shoulder with his thumb.

“It’s alright,” Liu Yangyang interjected. “You can go home, Jaem. I’ll take over for you.”

“Really?” Jaemin asked in fake innocence. “Thank you, Yangyang.”

With a wink, Liu Yangyang summoned a wide smile that reached his eyes. “No problem. You owe me one, okay?”
Nodding in confirmation, Jaemin smiled in Liu Yangyang’s way, not noticing Lee Jeno’s piercing eyes. Dejun just smirked, shaking his head at Liu Yangyang’s naivety. Turning on his heel, Jaemin was yet again stopped by the class monitor.
“No,” Lee Jeno declared. “If you don’t do your duty, Na Jaemin, I will tell Mr. Ok about it. Actually, I will tell him all the times you let others do your duty. And you won’t be the only one in trouble, Liu Yangyang, too, considering he’s the one who does your duty for you.”
“Why now?” Jaemin tried to fight back. “Why didn’t you do it before, huh?”

“Because I’m a considerate class monitor,” Lee Jeno responded. “And because I’m a considerate class monitor, some people like taking advantage of that, like you.”
In fury, Jaemin let out a shaky breath, closing his eyes momentarily before telling Dejun and Liu Yangyang to go on. He bid his goodbye to Dejun who rolled his eyes at Lee Jeno in irritation. Meanwhile, Liu Yangyang muttered an apology before exiting the room.
Unwillingly, Jaemin grabbed a cleaning rag, proceeding to wipe the windows as Lee Jeno stood at the front, observing the students with cleaning duties in pretense. In reality, Lee Jeno’s attention was solely focused on Na Jaemin despite his eyes not being on the latter.
For several minutes, the students stuck to what they were doing. On the other hand, Lee Jeno watched like an eagle, his eyes wander around, but his attention was concentrated at Na Jaemin.
Another couple of minutes had passed when the ones who mopped the floor asked Jaemin to put the mop inside the bathroom. When he came back, however, the other students were already gone. Only Lee Jeno was there, sitting on one of the seats at the front.
“Where are the others?” Jaemin asked in confusion, a little frightened to step further inside.
“They left already,” Lee Jeno replied, checking his nails before looking at Jaemin. “I’m actually just waiting for you to come back. I mean, I can’t leave you. As the class monitor, I need to make sure that everyone’s gone home.”

Lee Jeno let out a chuckle—a reaction that still felt foreign to hear and see for Jaemin. “Is it bad I’m doing my job properly?”

“Cut it out.” Jaemin closed his eyes in annoyance at the subtle jab at him. “I’m no longer going to spend the school fund for personal gain.”
“I didn’t even mention anything about that.” A small laugh of mockery resounded through the empty homeroom, ricocheting against the walls, ringing inside Jaemin’s head.
-“Really though, I’m just trying to be a responsible class monitor. Actually, I should thank you. Mr. Ok told me to be like you, didn’t he?”

“Just cut it out, Lee Jeno.” Jaemin gulped, straightening his composure. “What do you want from me?”
“What do you think?” Lee Jeno finally rose from his seat, dusting off the imaginary dirt on his palms. Slowly, he walked toward Jaemin, who, in turn, took a step back each step he took. Before Jaemin could even storm off, he shut the door, locking it from the inside.
He then caged Jaemin, putting his right hand against the door just beside the latter’s waist and blocking Jaemin with his right hand above the latter’s head. Their faces were only inches apart, and they could feel each other’s breath fanning one another’s lips.
“What,” Jaemin snapped, glaring at Lee Jeno, “you want your cock sucked again?”

There was that low chuckle again. “You’re so vulgar. That’s bad for your public persona.”

“Don’t play with me.”
“You know,” Lee Jeno started, scrunching his eyebrows in thought, “seeing your aggressive side, I’m kinda conflicted which I like more, the sweet and charming Na Jaemin or the antagonistic and hostile Na Jaemin.”
“One thing’s for sure, though,” he retorted back, “I like neither side of you.”
“Feisty.” Lee Jeno’s right hand landed on his bottom lip, swiping it sensually. “But one thing is for sure, I like seeing you choke on my cock. I like seeing you on your knees, looking up at me as I fuck your mouth relentlessly. Don’t you like that, too, hm?”
Jaemin whimpered, turning his face away in embarrassment, unable to look at the raven-haired guy in the eyes. “S-Shut up...”

“Liu Yangyang,” Lee Jeno muttered under his breath, hitting Jaemin’s cheek, “what is he to you?”
Swallowing in fear, Jaemin said, “N-Nothing. H-He’s just one of those guys who likes following me around...”



“Then why were you two kissing that time when I saw you, hm?” Lee Jeno asked dangerously, his eyes darkening.
“Yangyang has always had a crush on me,” Jaemin gulped. “So I thought of it as a way for thanking him...”

“Thanking him for what?”

“T-Thanking him for campaigning for me during the student council election...”
“Is that all?” In a swift move, Lee Jeno moved Jaemin’s head by the chin, so that they were face to face, their gazes crossing once again. The former’s hand was back on Jaemin’s lips, caressing it before leisurely parting it open.
-“Not because you used him to spread rumors about me supposedly bullying you?”

“Oh, come on.” Lee Jeno let out another incredulous chuckle, shaking his head at Jaemin. “You really can’t be serious. You know, it’s best for you to just be honest to me. You’re at a disadvantage right now.”
“Y-Yeah, okay,” Jaemin finally admitted. “I used him to spread rumors about you, and I’m sorry for that, alright? I won’t do it again.”

“That’s cute, but I don’t really trust your words.”
“I can say the same about you, you lying piece of shit.” Jaemin attempted to push Lee Jeno by the chest, but the latter was stronger and did not even budge a little bit. “Stay away from me!”
Before he knew it, he felt an arm around his waist, pulling him closer in a swift move. He felt a pair of wet, luscious lips crash against his, rendering him breathless. It was aggressive, hungry, and full of lust, and Jaemin couldn’t keep up with where things were going.
He then felt Lee Jeno’s tongue slither its way inside his mouth, invading every corner of it. Not wanting to just back down, Jaemin fought for dominance, meeting Lee Jeno’s tongue halfway.
At the same time, his arms found themselves wrapping around Lee Jeno’s broad shoulders, his hands flying on the latter’s hair, pulling on it in pleasure.
Lee Jeno, on the other hand, slid his hands around Jaemin’s waist before lowering them and grabbing the latter’s round ass, making Jaemin whimper.

Suddenly, Lee Jeno pulled away, smirking. “Stay away from you, huh?”
With half-lidded eyes, Jaemin was the one who made the move to continue their kiss, capturing Lee Jeno’s lips for another make out session. With two hands massaging his ass, Jaemin couldn’t help but let out a muffled moan against Lee Jeno’s lips.
“Sh,” Lee Jeno hushed in between kisses. “People might hear you.”

Nodding in his horny state, Jaemin closed his eyes with a sharp intake of breath when Lee Jeno’s kisses traveled to his earlobe, licking on it as sensual as possible, making his lower region excited.
It continued traveling down to his neck, finding his sweet spot. Lee Jeno lapped his neck, kissing, licking, sucking, and biting its entirety until there were bruises and hickeys all over.
Jaemin was in too much pleasure to think straight, not caring about anything else in the moment but what he was feeling. He then felt Lee Jeno ground against him, the friction creating an immeasurable amount of pleasure, making him lose him mind.
“F-Fuck,” he whimpered, almost close to tears. “J-Jeno, p-please don’t stop.”

“Yeah?” Lee Jeno urged, trying to elicit more reaction. “You like that?”

Nodding, Jaemin said, “I-I can feel your cock… I-It’s so huge.”
Hearing that from him, Lee Jeno seemed to get excited even more. The latter started grinding against him with more force, which Jaemin loved so much that he started reciprocating the gesture, meeting the raven-haired guy’s hips halfway.
“Did you like sucking it?” Lee Jeno sensually whispered in his ear, giving him goosebumps and heightening his sexual drive. Jaemin nodded briefly. “I really love seeing you choke on my cock, baby.”
“I-I love choking on it, too...” Jaemin replied, whimpering, completely out of his mind. “C-Can I touch it…?”

Smirking, Lee Jeno whispered, “Of course, it’s all yours.”

But before Jaemin could do so, they heard the doorknob twist, startling them both. Good thing it was locked.
They both disentangled themselves from each other, fixing the creases of their uniform, acting like they didn’t just make out. Jaemin turned away in embarrassment, looking down with reddened cheeks, while Lee Jeno straightened his back, clearing his throat.
The latter then opened the door, revealing a clearly confused Jung Jaehyun in their midst.

“Jeno?” came the puzzled voice of Jung Jaehyun. “Jaemin?”

“Hyung,” they accidentally said in unison.
“Why are you two still here?” Jung Jaehyun asked, looking at the empty halls. “Why are you two alone?”

Gulping, Jaemin’s cheeks seemed to reddened even more at that, stumbling over his words. “W-We, uh… W-we were cleaning our room...”

“Just the two of you?”
“Well,” Lee Jeno started, standing too close to Jaemin for the latter’s liking, “Jaemin here hasn’t been doing his duty since the start of the school year, so I let the others go and have Jaemin clean the room.”
And because Lee Jeno’s arm was out of Jung Jaehyun’s line of sight, the fucker really had to do it. Jaemin felt a hand on his behind, startling him. He looked at Lee Jeno, who, in return, just smiled at him innocently. He could feel his ass getting squeeze, making him excited.
“Then, why did you have to lock the room?”

“Because he thought I was gonna storm off,” Jaemin responded with a nervous smile. “He locked the room because he thought I was gonna storm off.”
Side eyeing the two, Jung Jaehyun decided to drop the topic anyway. “Are you two done with the /cleaning?/”


“Yes!” Jaemin cut off, discreetly removing Lee Jeno’s grasp on his ass. “We are, actually.”
“Alright, let’s head out together,” Jung Jaehyun said. “I’ve been texting you, Jeno, but you weren’t replying. Since I’m roaming around to see if all the students have left their rooms, I decided to look for you here.”
“I thought you and Taeyong-hyung are going home together?” Lee Jeno asked in confusion.
“He left me.” Jung Jaehyun sighed in exasperation. “Seriously, I don’t even know what to do with him anymore. He’s such a diva. Good thing you aren’t like him, Jaemin. I don’t even know how you put up with him.”
“Why do you even feel the need to put up with Taeyong-hyung?” Jaemin asked suspiciously. “And why do you want to go home with him?”

“Because I like him?”


“What?” Jung Jaehyun retorted back. “I thought it was obvious?”
“Enough about that,” Lee Jeno suddenly spoke, carrying their bags. Jaemin didn’t even notice Lee Jeno went to get them. “Let’s just go home.”

When he was about to get it from Lee Jeno his bag, the latter held it out of his reach. “Give me my bag.”
“No, I’ll carry it for you.” Before Jaemin could even react, Lee Jeno grabbed his hand and left the room, Jung Jaehyun following closely behind them.

Good thing that there were no students around anymore.
Jaemin was afraid that his name would get dragged if anyone saw them together, hand-in-hand to top it all. In fear that Lee Jeno might bring up to the student council president what he did to the school fund, Jaemin let himself be pulled.
Behind them, Jung Jaehyun was shaking his head at them with a knowing smile the entire time. By the time they were outside the gates, Lee Jeno still held onto Jaemin’s hand.
“Let go,” Jaemin muttered under his breath in embarrassment, attempting to pull his hand away from Lee Jeno’s grasp but failing miserably. “I’m gonna head home now.”

“Come on, Jeno,” Jung Jaehyun said, motioning for them to hit the streets on their way home.
“You go ahead, hyung.” Lee Jeno gave a single nod, a signal for the student council to go first. “I’ll drop Jaemin off to the bus stop.”

“No!” Jaemin exclaimed, to which he earned a long, hard stare from Lee Jeno. “Y-You don’t have to do that...”
“I insist.” There was finality in Lee Jeno’s tone. “Hyung, you go ahead.”

“Just weeks ago, I heard you were in a fight. Now, you act like boyfriends.” Jung Jaehyun sighed.
-“You’re such a bummer, Jeno. You should’ve just told me you’re not gonna go home with me. I literally wasted my time.”

Jaemin blushed at the comment.

“I didn’t ask you to.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Jung Jaehyun dismissed, waving his hands off. “Anyway, I’ll get going. Take care of Jaemin for Taeyong and I, will you?”

Lee Jeno nodded wordlessly as Jung Jaehyun turned on his heel, proceeding to go the other way.
Jaemin’s palms began to sweat as he saw the student council president’s retreating figure make a turn, leaving him alone with Lee Jeno. Surprisingly, the latter didn’t say anything and started to walk toward the direction of the bus stop.
He followed suit, keeping a safe distance between them.

In embarrassment, Jaemin had his head down the whole time. He couldn’t help but blush at the thought of him and Lee Jeno going at it just minutes ago, in their homeroom at the top of that.
There was a looming fascination in the pit of his stomach at how Lee Jeno could walk so calmly, like their mouths weren’t latching on each other just earlier when Jaemin himself could still feel the ghost of the raven-haired guy’s lips against his.
If Jung Jaehyun hadn’t checked up on them, they probably would’ve fucked in there. And knowing how huge Lee Jeno is, he would probably have a hard time going home and coming to school for days.
It wasn’t until a couple of minutes later when they reached the bus stop. Lee Jeno stood under the shade of the stop, both hands inserted cockily inside the pockets of his pants. Meanwhile, Jaemin stood just close enough, staring ahead, glancing at the guy every now and then.
“I’ll pick you up on Saturday,” Lee Jeno blurted out out of nowhere.

“What for…?” Jaemin asked, indifferent.

“We’ll go out.”


“Do you want me to repeat it?” Lee Jeno then turned to look at him. “I said we’ll go out.”

“Or maybe I can just call Jaehyun-hyung and tell him about what you di—”

“No!” Jaemin exclaimed when Lee Jeno took out his phone, ready to call Jung Jaehyun. “I-I will go with you...”

“Good.” Lee Jeno smiled slyly, pocketing his phone. “There’s your bus.”
Truth to it, the bus stopped in front of Jaemin. “...See you...”
However, before Jaemin could even get in, he felt a tug around his waist, pulling him. In no time, he felt a pair of lips against his, rendering him breathless, speechless, and confused more than ever. “I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”
[note: hope you guys enjoyed! see you in the next update!]
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