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1/ THREAD: The crumbs I’ve gleaned about the #8Chan takedown.
2/ To me, both 8Chan and 4Chan represent one of the last remaining pockets of free speech on the internet. It’s like the Wild West, in the sense that liberty and freedom thrive amongst unsavouriness. You’ll find nuggets of gold in a big pile of cow turds.
3/ Anonymous speech is free speech. This hails back to the earlier days of The Republic, when the Founding Fathers debated using pseudonyms to help buffer against potential wrath from the King. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_p…
4/ As George Washington said:

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”
5/ The main reason we are given for the shutdown of 8Chan is because mass shooters were (allegedly) posting their manifestos to the site. In the case of Christchurch, this is likely true. In the case of the most recent events, it’s less likely.
6/ Watch Jim Watkins make his case that someone other than the Wal Mart Shooter uploaded his manifesto to the site.
7/ Another possible (and more likely) reason why someone would want #8chan down is because it was the main hub for #QAnon . Incidentally, that also made it a huge hub for Epstein related research.
8/ I’ve been following #QAnon since day 1. Honestly, I’ve tried to remain objective, even agnostic. I have a keen interest in, and a layman’s knowledge of, psychological operations (PSYOP), open source intelligence (OSINT).
9/ #QAnon is likely a psychological operation and unlikely to be some neckbeard larper in his mom’s basement. Even if it is a PSYOP, not all PSYOPs are inherently bad. They can be done by either white hats, black hats, or grey hats.
10/ All along, Q has repeatedly said things like:

“Attacks will intensify”

“Learn how to archive offline”

And here we are.
11/ I’m guilty of burying the lede and my threads only get interesting at about the 10th tweet. At least you know my biases.

So... this thread is dedicated to Bill Cooper.
12/ Our analytical framework is Bayesian Inference, which answers research questions against the data. We approach the data with prior assumptions. We test the data to see if it supports or fails to support our research question. We update our prior assumptions based on new data.
13/ Theory 1: Someone wanted to see #8Chan go away for [insert reasons here].

Follow The Money.

In March 2019, Franklin Templeton Investments (FTI) parked $150 Million in Cloudfare.

14/ When investors park that much cash in a company, it makes sense for them to request that the company hires representatives who are trusted by the investors. It’s basic due diligence and accountability.
15/ At this point it’s unclear if FTI asked Cloudfare to appoint Eitel and Meresman to its Board of Directors.

But they are interesting folks, so let’s go digging.

16/ Here she is with Slick Willy.

17/ so far: Cloudfare hired the person who saved Nike from a PR disaster. Cloudfare hired her on their own accord, or FTI investors reccomended her as part of their investment.
18/ If you are a tech company considering an IPO when the world is concerned with online hate speech, you’d rely on someone like Eitel as to which actions to take to fend off potential controversy.
19/ I appears that just after the IPO rumors started to fly, we had two shootings, 8Chan was mentioned, which posed a liability for Cloudfare, because this could impact negatively on a future IPO, so they took action and denied service to 8Chan.
20/ What the heck os Cloudfare, anyway?
21/ and what is/was Project Honey Pot?

22/ I’m not convinced this means Cloudfare or 8Chan are/were honey pot operations, but it’s possible.
23/ If you’re really blackpilled, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking 8Chan was a giant honeypot operation to get the IP addresses of patriots and so-called white supremacists, and now everyone’s on a list somewhere.
24/ I don’t quite agree with that assessment, at least as far as 8Chan goes.

But I *would* make that assessment against the Zeronet version of 8Chan. (glow nigs are alphabet agencies).
25/ the Zeronet 8Chan could be seen as a honeypot operation by black hats to attract 8Chan refugees and doxx them.

The FBeye once used a similar tactic:
26/ and this is where things get spicy, because of a memoryholed bit of legislation known as Rule 41. fortune.com/2016/11/30/rul…
27/ Now pretend you are Slick Willy, and assume Q is legit. Epstein could squeal and hordes of Anons are digging on 8Chan. You get a quick rundown from an advisor on what 8Chan is, and ask:

“Who hosts the site?”
“Do we know anyone there?”
28/ so, you consult the CFR roster (The Globalist’s Rolodex) and see if there’s anyone you know who could help make this problem go away.

29/ Thanks to @highvibesliving for this.

HUGE Irony alert: blog post by Matthew Prince on Cloudflare’s Project Galileo, meant to protect free speech online from the very forces that brought down #8Chan. 🤡🤡🤡


Archived: archive.is/bSw4A
30/ Just a recap. So far we have established that:

1. Maria Eitel is connected to the Clinton Foundation.

2. CEO Matthew Prince and Bill Clinton are both members of the Council on Foreign Relations.
31/ Now, all you need is the right crisis or pretext to justify the takedown of #8Chan
32/ Guess who was head of the FBI when all this funny business began?

33/ Is it possible that the never trumpers in the alphabet agencies, are simply using the same tactics once used on muslims to drive a particular narrative, and instead of foiling these plots, they simply allow them to proceed?
34/ I’ll leave you with this thought.

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