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BOMBSHELL: I've prev. uncovered #Epstein-Maxwell connections to the 8 member Israeli Genie Oil board of directors. Newly unsealed court docs now implicate former Gov. Bill Richardson (board member #4 - he is accused of having sex w/Virginia Roberts). Retweet!
I've added 55 pages of newly unsealed #Epstein docs to my website. Find them here (Unsealed Virginia Roberts Docs Aug 9 2019): blackstoneintel.com/epstein
Virginia Roberts Guiffre (Deponent) testified that she and #Epstein flew to the island while Ghislaine Maxwell flew a black helicopter (gift from Epstein) to pick up former NM Gov. Bill Richardson to bring to the island.
Virginia testified that after Ghislaine Maxwell brought former presidential candidate Bill Richardson to the island in her black helicopter (with a Secret Service member), Richardson commented on Maxwell's good piloting.
Virginia denies a report that Donald Trump had flirted with her, though she had met him a few times at Mar-a Lago. She testified that Jeff Epstein told her that he and Trump were "good friends".
Virginia testified that the "pedos" loved her because she (at 17 years old) would do whatever they wanted her to do.
Virginia said that #Epstein started to pimp her out to his friends after about 4-6 months, following her sex "training" that she received.
Virginia testified that Epstein told her he had a "good friend" who would be staying on his island that he wanted her to pleasure. He would tell her to make his friends feel the way she made Epstein feel.
Virginia said that the FBI contacted her following the publication of an article by Sharon Churcher and agent Jason Richards told her that #Epstein had hidden cameras everywhere recording her - even when she went to the bathroom.
Virginia confirmed that she was a "teen sex slave".
Virginia agreed to be identified by name in the Sharon Churcher article, in part with the hope that it would give more legitimacy to the claims being made against Epstein and raise public awareness.
During this deposition, Virginia had been given a list of statements from Churcher's article and was asked to place check marks next to statements that she felt needed some form of clarification or correction.
I've uploaded Part 2 of today's unsealed court docs to my website here: blackstoneintel.com/epstein
Johanna Sjoberg recruited by Defendant Maxwell. Tony Figueroa contacted by Maxwell to recruit high school girls & that she had sex with Virginia. Butler testified of 15 yr old girl crying as Maxwell tried to force her to have sex with #Epstein.
Flight logs prove that Ghislaine Maxwell flew WITH Virginia Roberts at least 23 times but Maxwell said she only remembered 1 trip. Virginia says Maxwell was trafficking her around the world.
Maxwell lived with Epstein for several years. She actively recruited minors for sex w/ Epstein, scheduled their sex visits & maintained a list of the girls & their phone numbers to call to come service Epstein.
Joanna Sjoberg testified that Maxwell recruited her from local college to "answer phones" for Epstein. Maxwell then got her to give massages & ordered her to bring Epstein to orgasm so Maxwell "wouldn't have to do it".
Sjoberg testified that Epstein had Emmy Taylor, both nude, give him a massage while Sjoberg watched. Then he had Sjoberg get on the table naked while he & Taylor massaged Sjoberg. Ghislaine Maxwell referred to Emmy Taylor as "her slave".
Sjoberg testified that #Epstein told her he got massages from so many different girls because he had a "biological need" to have 3 orgasms per day.
Maxwell had purchased a camera as a gift for Sjoberg, but refused to give it to her because Sjoberg had not brought Epstein to orgasm during his last massage. Maxwell complained that she had to "finish the job" for Sjoberg.
Another BOMBSHELL 💥 - Joanna Sjoberg also testified that she had sex with Prince Andrew, including in a threesome with Virginia. One part included Andrew using a puppet to touch Virginia's breast while he groped Joanna with his other hand.
Epstein's former bodyguard, Tony Figueroa, testified that he knew that Epstein, Ghilsaine Maxwell and 17 yr old Virginia Roberts had threesomes with all three participants using strap ons.
#Epstein bodyguard Tony Figueroa testified that Prince Andrew had sex with Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell used a strap on to have sex with Virginia.
#Epstein bodyguard Tony Figueroa testified under oath that Epstein's female assistant and Ghislaine Maxwell both called him to bring girls to Epstein.
Rinaldo Rizzo, butler for one of Epstein's friends (Eva Dubin), testified that Ghislaine Maxwell brought 15 year old Swedish girl Joanna Sjoberg to Dubin's house. Joanna was weeping b/c she had refused to have sex with #Epstein so they took away her passport.
Rizzo testified that 15 yr old Joanna Sjoberg told him that on the island, Maxwell & Sarah Kellen took away her phone & passport for refusing to have sex w/ #Epstein. They threatened her. (I've been digging into Sarah Kellen. Her in-laws live half an hour from me).
Rinaldo Rizzo testified that 15 year old Swedish child Joanna Sjoberg was in fear of Maxwell & Epstein and shook "uncontrollably" as she tearfully told Rizzo & his wife about Epstein's attempted rape.
Palm Beach lead detective Joseph Recarey testified that #Epstein lawyer Gus Fronstin refused to allow Recarey to interview Ghislaine Maxwell.
#Epstein pilot David Rodgers provided flight logs showing that Ghislaine Maxwell flew on Epstein's private Lolita Express jet with Virginia Roberts 23 times while she was underage. Maxwell had previously testified that she flew with Roberts only once.
#Epstein butler Juan Alessi testified that he knew of "over 100" girls brought to the Palm Beach home as "massage therapists" and that they were brought in my Ghislaine Maxwell & a network of recruiters.
Virginia's attorneys ask: Other than for the purpose of sex trafficking, why else would Maxwell be taking an American child, to whom she is not related, to international homes owned by a convicted pedo? Why does Prince Andrew have his hand on a minor child's bare waist?
Palm Beach police obtained several nude photos of children in Epstein's home, including this one of a pre-pubescent girl's bare bottom.
Hospital records support Virginia Roberts' claim that while in New York, #Epstein & Maxwell committed an act of sexual abuse the 17 year old sex slave that necessitated them taking her to the New York Presbyterian Hospital for treatment.
Treatment records from a psychologist show that in 2011, Virginia Roberts sought counselling for her sexual trauma. The notes show that she identified Ghislaine Maxwell as her recruiter for sexual abuse by #Epstein.
Coded message from famous modeling agent Jean Luc Brunel to #Epstein references a 16 year old blonde Russian girl available for sex. (Brunel is an international child sex trafficker).
Samples of messages to #Epstein related to his child "massage therapists" scheduling. These are from carbon copies recovered by Palm Beach PD from Epstein's garbage. The message pads prove Maxwell was lying about being involved in the Palm Beach trafficking.
Jean Luc Brunel leaving a message for #Epstein about having "good" sex with an 18 year old girl who had previously serviced Epstein.
Amazon receipt from #Epstein's account shows he purchased: "Sadomasocism 101", "SlaveCraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude" & "Training w/ Miss Abernathy: A Workbook for Erotic Slaves & Their Owners". You can see Epstein's remaining "wish list" here: amazon.com/wishlist/39FVX…
Ghislaine Maxwell sent Virginia Roberts to Thailand for "massage school" & to recruit Thai girls, including "JoJo". Roberts was supposed to bring JoJo back to #Epstein. Instead, Roberts fled to Australia. (I worked w/ sex trafficking victims while I was living in Thailand.)
2011 FBI interview with Virginia Roberts Guffrie. The person who's name is redacted in this report is Prince Andrew. 17 yr old Virginia was introduced to Andrew at Club Tramp by Ghislaine Maxwell - a longtime friend of the prince.
When asked under oath if #Epstein sexually abused minors, Ghislaine Maxwell dodged the question. I discussed this deception behavior & other deceptive "tells" in detail in my last Epstein podcast. You can find it here:
#Epstein employees Alfredo Rodriguez and Juan Alessi both testified that they personally saw photos of naked children on Ghislaine Maxwell's computer. Virginia Roberts testified that Maxwell frequently took photos of naked children.
#Epstein files 3 & 4 are now up on my website. Find them here: blackstoneintel.com/epstein I've read through 129 of the 448 pages of material I've uploaded so far today. I'll be reading through the night! If you can support my research & reporting, tip at: paypal.me/endtimesnewsre…
Johanna Sjoberg testified that in 2001, she (21), Virginia Roberts (17) & Prince Andrew (41) were at a party at Epstein's NYC mansion. She sat on Andrew's knee. Maxwell produced a puppet in the likeness of Andrew. He used it to grope Johanna's breast while posing for a photo.
Virginia Roberts testified that she had sex with Prince Andrew in Ghislaine Maxwell's London apartment, including sex in the bath. #Epstein paid Roberts $10,000 afterward.
President & First Lady Trump accompanied by Prince Andrew during a tour of Westminster Abbey during a recent state visit. Virginia Roberts was recruited from Trump's Mar-a Lago resort by Ghislaine Maxwell. She claims to have had sex with Andrew on three separate occasions.
"Epstein's purposes in 'lending' [Virginia Roberts] (along with other young girls) to such powerful people were to ingratiate himself with them for business, personal, political, and financial gain, as well as to obtain potential blackmail information," the court documents said.
This is Johanna Sjoberg - the Swedish woman who testified that she was sexually groped by Prince Andrew at Epstein's NYC mansion in 2001. He also groped Virginia Roberts at the same time (with a hand puppet in his own likeness).
Virginia Roberts testified that #Epstein "offered me a mansion & ... a monthly allowance for me to bear one of his children... if anything ever happened between Jeffrey and I, that I would have to sign my child over to him basically & that the child would be his & Ghislane’s..."
Virginia Roberts passport application so she could travel around with Epstein / Maxwell to foreign destinations.
Jeffrey #Epstein was found dead this morning in cell 4 in the 10 South wing of the Metro. Correctional Center. He was in solitary confinement on suicide watch. Whether he "fell on his sword" to prevent a worse fate or was snuffed out, his death was the will of powerful people.
For weeks, we've gotten conflicting reports as to whether #Epstein was kept alone in his own cell or if he was housed with with former cop/murderer Nicholas Tartaglione. The NYT says that they've been unable to get a straight story from the prison.

#EpsteinSuicide #EpsteinDead
If Metro Correctional had #Epstein on suicide watch as was claimed previously, federal Bureau of Prison policy would have required him to be visible to guards 24/7 so that he wouldn't be able to carry out a suicide. Why wasn't he being monitored? bop.gov/policy/progsta…
Bureau of Prison (BOP) policy requires that an inmate displaying suicidal behavior be removed from Special Housing Units (SHU) such as Epstein's 10 South wing and be placed on suicide watch.
BOP policy requires that inmates on suicide watch be monitored under "direct, continuous observation" by prison staff. Based on the previous incident, #Epstein SHOULD have been on suicide watch - which means staff would have been able to see him attempting it again and stop him.
Prison policy states: "Once an inmate has been placed on [suicide] watch, the watch may not be terminated, under any circumstance, without the Program Coordinator or designee performing a face-to-face evaluation." #EpsteinSuicide
Prison policy states that if a suicide does occur, the location of the death must be locked down and processed the same way as a crime scene.
After reading the 25 page BOP policy, I believe that Epstein's prior incident & other factors mandated that he be on suicide watch with 24/7 observation. His "suicide" means the prison was either very negligent, or they looked the other way while something else was carried out.
Yesterday, Trump flew to his NJ golf club to begin a 10 day vacation. The timing is suspect. The day he left, over 1K pages of #Epstein docs were released & the next morning was the #EpsteinSuicide ... Did #Trump take this vacation NOW to avoid having to speak to press?
It is speculated that #Epstein shared a cell w/ former cop Nicholas Tartaglione, who is awaiting trial for a quadruple murder as part of his involvement in a cocaine trafficking conspiracy. He buried the 4 bodies in his back yard. #EpsteinSuicide
After Epstein's 1st incident, Nicholas Tartaglione was questioned. His attorney Bruce Barket said NT & JE got along well & any suggestion NT attacked JE "is absolutely not true." Barket confirmed the 2 were in the same unit but wouldn't say if they were cellmates. #EpsteinSuicide
Bureau of Prisons press release: “On Saturday, August 10, 2019, at approximately 6:30 a.m., inmate Jeffrey Edward Epstein was found unresponsive in his cell in the Special Housing Unit from an apparent suicide." Staff tried to save Epstein. At 6:39 a.m., the Fire Dept was called.
Epstein was pronounced dead at NY Presbyterian Hospital. The NYC Chief Med. Examiner confirmed they have Epstein's body. "Cause & manner of death are pending." The FBI has begun an investigation out of "an abundance of caution.” #EpsteinSuicide www1.nyc.gov/site/ocme/inde…
Attorney General William Barr, whose father hired #Epstein to teach at the prestigious Dalton school even though he didn't have a college degree, has asked the Inspector General to open an investigation "into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein's death." #EpsteinSuicide
In July, two sources told NBC News that Epstein was on suicide watch following his first incident. However, multiple sources familiar with the incident this morning have told NBC News that Epstein was no longer on suicide watch. #EpsteinSuicide
In a statement, Attorney General William Barr said he was "appalled" to learn of Epstein's death while in federal custody and that it "raises serious questions that must be answered."
If you've not already listened to my Epstein podcast series, you can find it on your favorite podcast platform or at this YouTube playlist: youtube.com/playlist?list=…

#EpsteinSuicide #EpsteinUnsealed #Epstein
This is the photo of Jeff Epstein as paramedics wheeled him out of Metro Correctional this morning to take him to NY Presbyterian Hospital - where he was pronounced dead.

#Epstein #EpsteinSuicide #EpsteinMurder
A close up appears to show Epstein's face blueish-purple.
His left ear is unusually swollen. His arms appear sallow compared to his stomach.

#EpsteinSuicide #EpsteinMurder
Alternate views of #Epstein as he was taken from the prison to the hospital. #EpsteinSuicide #EpsteinMurder
Source: #Epstein had a cell to himself, that it was a typical 10 South "pig sty" & that he was "constantly requesting more toilet paper." He asked other inmates for their inmate numbers, probably to put money into their accounts to ensure his safety. #EpsteinSuicide
Victims Lawyers: “The fact that Epstein took his own life within 24 hours of the unsealing of detailed & devastating documents... which informed the public of the scope, scale & sophistication of the international sex trafficking operation Epstein conducted, is no coincidence."
Profile comparison. #EpsteinSuicide
Friends of #Epstein told the Washington Post that they fear he may have been murdered. #EpsteinMurder #EpsteinSuicide
Statements from victims indicate they are angry at Epstein's death because it spared him decades of prison time. #EpsteinMurder #EpsteinSuicide
Reuters news service spoke to a source at Metro Correctional who said that 2 separate guards are required to do checks on each prisoner every 30 minutes but for some reason that procedure was not followed last night. #EpsteinMurder #EpsteinSuicide
At the rate things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if the next thing we hear is that the government plans to bury #Epstein in a watery grave next to Osama bin Laden in some undisclosed place in the ocean. #EpsteinSuicide #EpsteinMurder
WaPo reporter @CarolLeonnig has been covering the Epstein story for a while. She says Epstein told police someone tried to kill him in the previous incident. #EpsteinMurder #EpsteinSuicide
As the #EpsteinSuicide story spreads around social media, more and more misinformation and outright disinformation is being spread. Be cautious about sharing unverified, unsourced information. Getting off track by following salacious rumors is not helpful. Fact check.
News reports are now saying that Epstein had been on suicide watch and was removed prior to his death. #EpsteinSuicide
Now that #Epstein is gone, it's time for the victims to turn their wrath on the other people involved: Ghislaine Maxwell, Nadia Marcinko, Sarah Kellen, Jean Luc Brunel, Haley Robson, Prince Andrew, Bill Richardson, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz ... #EpsteinMurder
#Trump retweets #QAnon / #Mossad conspiracy theory that the Clinton's are responsible for the #EpsteinMurder #EpsteinSuicide
On July 23rd, #Epstein was found unresponsive on the floor of his cell with marks around his neck. Initial reports that he had been screaming for help disappeared. Neither attorneys nor MCC has clarified what happened. Was it a suicide attempt or an attack? We demand answers!
Law enforcement officials have confirmed to the New York Post that no cameras captured the death of Jeff #Epstein because MCC cameras are only trained on the outside of the cells, not the inside. Rumors of a "malfunctioning camera" are not backed by credible sources.
The New York Post confirmed that #Epstein had been moved to 9 South to a 2 man cell, but he had no cellmate at the time of his death. #EpsteinMurder #EpsteinSuicide
New York Attorney General Letitia James said, “My understanding is that he should have been on suicide watch and the people on suicide watch are placed in a type of jumpsuit that wouldn’t allow them to hurt themselves or others". #EpsteinMurder #EpsteinSuicide
The New York Times reported that both guards on duty were working overtime but didn't check on Epstein for hours. I reported previously that the MCC violated procedures by not having 2 guards check him every 30 mins. #EpsteinSuicide #EpsteinMurder
Epstein was taken off suicide watch 11 days before his death. Policy requires that the person then be housed with a cellmate for safety. But 2 prison officials told the NYT that Epstein's cellmate was just recently transferred out, leaving Epstein alone - which was a violation.
My research found that the bed sheets given to prisoners on 9 & 10 South are almost "paper thin" so that they will not be strong enough to support the weight of a person who tries to commit suicide by hanging. How did Epstein get the resources to hang himself? #EpsteinMurder
Chief Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson's office has concluded Epstein's autopsy. It was attended by private pathologist Michael Bade, hired by Epstein's lawyers. Sampson said her belief is that Epstein died from suicide by hanging, but no official determination has been made yet.
Dr. Barbara Sampson, the chief medical examiner whose office conducted the #Epstein autopsy says she is confident he died by hanging. The official determination will be released after additional information has been reviewed. Did he hang himself? Or did someone help him?
The president of the national council of local unions, Eric Young, that represents the MCC prison guards said 9 South has cameras in hallways & common areas, but none that see inside prison cells. The rumor that cameras "malfunctioned" is completely baseless.
I don't know why the MSM isn't picking up on this! Epstein was originally in cell #4 in the 10 South wing where security & surveillance is much greater. He was moved to 9 South & put in a cell w/ Nick Tartaglione. Afer being taken off suicide watch, MCC removed Tartaglione. WHY?
MCC had Epstein in 9 South where there were no cameras. They prematurely removed him from suicide watch. Afterward, he had a cellmate for safety. But MCC removed his cellmate just when all the docs were being released. MCC didn't just goof up, they broke every suicide protocol.
Who had more access to Jeff Epstein than anyone else on the outside? His attorney Alan Dershowitz. I pulled Palm Beach jail records that show AD had a history of visiting Epstein in prison during his Palm Beach incarceration. #EpsteinMurder #EpsteinSuicide
Alan Dershowitz was furious over the allegation by Virginia Roberts that he had sex with her multiple times, including on Epstein's island. He said it was his goal to see Roberts put in prison for lying.
The Dershowitz strategy was to enter the Virginia Roberts defamation case vs. Ghislaine Maxwell as an intervening party to get a small selection of docs unsealed that he thought would clear his name, including an email from author Sharon Churcher telling Roberts to name Dersh.
But in 2018, Sarah Ransome became the 2nd woman to claim to have been pimped out by Jeff #Epstein to #Dershowitz. Ransome claims to have had sex with him on Little St. James. Dershowitz says she is a "crazy woman" who he has never met.
The 2nd accuser against Dershowtiz, Sarah Ransome (aka Jane Doe 43) was recruited by Maxwell & held captive on Epstein's Little St. James as a sex slave. She tried to escape by swimming away, but was recaptured.
Sarah Ransome sued #Epstein for trafficking her between 10-06 to 04-07. Epstein paid her a very large sum of money to settle the case without going to trial. She also came forward to say that she had sex with Alan #Dershowitz Dershowitz on the island. She now lives in Spain.
#Dershowitz was caught lying. First he said he never received a massage at Epstein's residences. The next day, he had to amend his claim and say he DID have a massage, but it was an "old" Russian woman & he had his underwear on.
Dershowitz is a hardcore Zionist. He buddied up to #Trump strongly encouraged him to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's undivided capital. Dersh attended the US Embassy relocation ceremony in Jerusalem and can be seen standing with Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner.
Dershowitz has very deep ties to the Zionists in Israel and has written several books promoting the Israeli geopolitical agenda. His next book will be released in September 2019, entitled: "Defending Israel: The Story of My Relationship with My Most Challenging Client"
Dershowitz was friends with Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak. They both traveled on the Lolita Express. Both frequented Epstein's New York home and his Sex Slave Island.
Dershowitz friend, Israeli PM Ehud Barak, denied ever meeting Epstein. It was a lie. Photographs were leaked and shared by his enemy, Benjamin Netanyahu, showing Barak entering Epstein's home, along with young women.
Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak, friend of both Epstein & Dershowitz, photographed with an Israeli intelligence officer, leaving Epstein's mansion. Young, attractive women also photographed entering/leaving.
Alert! Last night while posting Intel on Maxwell's TerraMar intelligence front, I was knocked offline and couldn't get back on for the night. Just now as I was posting about Israeli intelligence connected to a hood Barack I got hit with this virus that locked my computer!
I'm tweeting from my phone now, but I'll try to get around this virus that has locked my PC. I brushed off the crazy activity last night and try not to be paranoid. But this has cross the line. I'm definitely being targeted.
When Barak challenged Bibi Netanyahu for power, Bibi publicly linked Barak to Epstein. Bibi's, Yair, also viciously attacked Barak. In 2018, audio was leaked of Yair, talking about hiring strippers and prostitutes & offering another man sex w/ one of his girlfriends for money.
After current PM Netanyahu linked former PM Barak to #Epstein, Barak called it "blood libel", suggesteing that Netanyahu participated in the incitement against former PM Ytzhakh Rabin that led to his assassination & that Netanyahu was tyring to incite violence against Barak too.
Dershowitz & Barak were both in Epstein's little black book. Despite their history together, Dershowitz attacked Barak in 2010 on Israeli Army Radio, accussing Barak of being a "traitor of the Jewish people" and "the most dangerous man in the state of Israel."
The photos taken of Ehud Barak, Jeff Epstein, & young women outside Epstein's home came from a secretive, for-hire company: Probe Media. Their website says they are an: "elite agency that offers a bespoke service to... intelligence agencies..."
2014: Israeli defense industry company Reporty Homeland Security formed. 2015, Ehud Barak created a limited partnership w/ himself as sole shareholder & used his company to invest millions in Reporty as major shareholder. Reporty became Carbyne w/ Barak as new chairman.
Where did Ehud Barak come up with millions to invest in Reporty/Carbyne? #Epstein bankrolled him. Carbyne is an Israeli tech company whose service overrides caller id blocking to identify sources that don't want to be id'd. It has application in emergency response svcs.
The man who encouraged (then-Israeli Defense Minister) Ehud Barak to invest millions in Reporty/Carbyne was the director general of Israel's Defense Ministry: Pinchas Buchris.
Epstein ran the finances of Victoria's Secret billionaire Les Wexner. Epstein used a Wexner Foundation program to give Ehud Barak $2.3 million in 2004 - but nobody knows why. And Barak refuses to explain what the money was for.
Netanyahu knows his political foe, Ehud Barak, is vulnerable due to his Epstein connections & ridiculed Barak for not explaining why he got millions from Epstein through the Wexner Foundation for "philanthropy".
1. In early 2000s, Ghislaine Maxwell recruits Virginia Roberts from Trump's Mar-a Lago. Dershowitz allegedly had sex w/ Virginia Roberts & Sarah Ransome. In 2004, Epstein used Les Wexner's foundation to give former Israeli PM Ehud Barak $2.3 million for mysterious "philanthropy".
2. Over the years, Epstein, Dershowtiz & Barak collaborated. Dershowitz & Barak both admit to going to Epstein's sex slave island. In 2006, Dershowitz helped kill the Epstein case by state attorney Krischer by hiring private investigators to intimidate the victims.
3. In 2007-08, he helped kill the case by US attorney Acosta. Acosta was told to back off Epstein b/c he was "intelligence". FBI docs reveal Epstein was informing for them. Dersh visits Epstein in jail.
4. In 2010, Dershowitz threw Ehud Barak under the bus, calling him a "traitor" and the "most dangerous man in the state of Israel". In 2015, Epstein provided millions to Ehud Barak to invest in an Israeli defense-intelligence linked company.
5. In 2015, victims sue Ghislaine Maxwell. Dershowitz tries to intervene in the case to attack Roberts & Ransome. In 2016, a mysterious for-hire group that does contracts for intelligence agencies photographed Barak entering Epstein's NYC mansion same day as multiple females.
6. In 2016, Dershowitz backed Trump's support of Zionist efforts pushed by Netanyahu, including the US embassy move to Jerusalem. He says he won't be satisfied until V.Roberts goes to prison b/c "That's where she belongs."
7. Between 2016-2018, Dershowitz backs Trump's ongoing efforts to help Netanyahu, including Trump's claim the Golan Heights belongs to Israel.
8. Epstein/Maxwell are linked to 4 of the 8 Genie Advisory Board members, including NM Gov. Bill Richardson who went to the island & is accused of sex w/ minors. Genie is an Israeli company & all board members are geopolitical Zionists.
9. Author Michael Wolff writes that over dinner at the White House Dershowitz told Trump he would be his "aggressive advocate" on TV against impeachment (Dersh appears on TV frequently) for $1 million. Trump allegedly declined.
10. In July 2019, Dershowitz abandons his long-time support for Donald Trump and announces that he will "gladly" vote for Biden over Trump.
11. In July 2019, Epstein goes back to prison awaiting trial. New investigations are opened. Elites panic & deny connections to him. Dershowitz ally Netanyahu exploits Epstein case against foe Ehud Barak. Everyone expects that Epstein will be killed to protect the powerful.
12. In August 2019, Epstein dies under very questionable circumstances. Epstein's attorney's hire Former NY chief medical examiner Michael Baden, known for investigating celebrity deaths, to observe the autopsy. He was likely brought in by Dershowitz. Both worked for OJ Simpson.
13. Michael Baden made a fortune getting paid to spin stories in favor of the party that hired him. Worked on the JFK & MLK assassinations (did an autopsy on MLK). Helped get OJ found not guilty by claiming Nicole was in a fight for 15 minutes (threw off prosecution timeline).
14. Many wanted Epstein dead - including Israeli intelligence. Dershowitz is intimately tied to powerful people with connections to Israeli intelligence including Barak & Netanyahu. He has a history of throwing people under the bus when it serves his (or Zionist) interests.
15. Did Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz help to arrange & cover up the murder of Jeff Epstein? Many allege that the Epstein/Maxwell scheme was a Mossad honeytrap. Is Dershowitz part of the team?
16. To be clear, Alan Dershowitz is considered legally innocent of all claims until proven guilty. I'm not making formal allegations against him. I'm merely gathering data and asking questions based on that information that I believe is in the public interest.
A dozen FBI agents have swarmed Epstein's little st. James pedophile island. They arrived in speedboats and are traveling around the island in golf carts. Nice job @FBI. All the evidence has probably been scrubbed by now. Why didn't you do this back in 2006?
Strange but true: #Epstein had a picture hanging on his NYC mansion wall of Bill #Clinton in the oval office wearing Monica Lewinsky's blue dress. For the younger crowd, the "blue dress" had Clinton's DNA that helped lead to his impeachment. ML got the stain under his desk.
NYT: MCC guards falsified logs to make it appear they checked on #Epstein the night of his death. But surveillance cameras allegedly show they didn't make the checks. Source claims they fell asleep b/c of extended mandatory overtime hours. #EpsteinSuicide #EpsteinMurder
The 2 guards who were supposed to have been watching #Epstein have been placed on leave & the MCC warden has been temporarily reassigned, pending the outcome of an investigation into their potential infractions.
MCC warden Lamine N’Diaye has been temporarily transferred to the Philadelphia BOP office while the FBI & DOJ investigate whether the warden's poor staffing practices require punishment.
Alan Dershowitz & Chris Christie are squaring off in a mock trial of the brothers of Joseph. So the story goes, Israel had 12 sons. His favorite was Joseph. The jealous bros were going to murder the boy, but instead sold him into slavery. Dersh loves defending child traffickers!
Two US flags on Epstein's Little Saint James island have been lowered to half-staff, an insult not only to America but to the victims he abused on the island.
Today, NY chief medical examiner Barbara Sampson ruled out "foul play" and declared that #Epstein definitely hung himself to death. Wink. Wink.
When the Palm Beach law enforcement raided Epstein's home in 2006, they found a fully functional dentists chair and equipment, including drills, in one of the bathrooms.
New victim: Chauntae Davies - was raped several times by #Epstein. Served as an "air hostess" on the Lolita Express. Traveled on jet w/ Bill #Clinton to Africa & shopped w/ him for a bracelet for his daughter Chelsea. We now have a connection between Bill & an Epstein victim.
Mainstream news is referring to this as a dentist chair. But on further review, it appears more likely to be a esthetician chair with a facial machine. Here is one machine: lclbeauty.com/md77-968-13-in…
Here are side by side photos...
FBI studies two broken cameras outside cell where Epstein died.
Continuing to file FOIA requests/appeals for information on the FBI's mishandling of #Epstein abuse cases over the years. Maria Farmer & her sister were both molested by Epstein. Maria went to the FBI, but nothing came of it. I'm trying to get records from the report.
Regardless of third party status, records that are of significant public interest, especially related to serious questions of government impropriety, can be released if approved.
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