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Time to REWIND!

Blood Riot Thread, but this time: Bakugou's POV!

(probably not AS long/detailed but... yeah ;) )
Bakugou is doing paperwork in his office when his phone rings.

With a sigh, he answers it.

It’s the prison.
Apparently Blood Riot is acting up again.

Bakugou has to drop all his work to make his way to the prison. For the third time since he had defeated Blood Riot. He was always making some kind of scene, dragging Bakugou down to the prison.
They always called him because he was /Ground Zero/. The hero who caught Blood Riot.

Like that somehow made it his fucking responsibility.
Even behind bars Blood Riot was torturing him.
When he got to the prison, a guard approached him, “Prisoner 0753 was acting very strangely today. Different from the usual strange.”
“You can say his name, you know. Kirishima. Blood Riot,” Bakugou rolls his eyes.

“Right. Well, we have him in interrogation room 4. You can go in when you want.”
Bakugou nods, squaring his shoulders. And he pushes the door to the room open.
Bakugou isn’t about to let this fucker toy with him, “What the fuck are you playing at?” He slams his hands on the table, hoping to get his point across. He wasn’t taking shit from him.
But he just receives a silence in response. Bakugou couldn’t do this anymore. He couldn’t deal with this, he deserves more than to be a glorified babysitter for the person who—“I’m supposed to be done with you!”
Bakugou looks him in the eye and Blood Riot opens his mouth for the first time, but what he says doesn’t make sense.

He croaks out a broken, “I’m sorry.”
More than anything else, that makes Bakugou’s skin crawl. Kirishima Eijirou has mocked Bakugou. Taunted him. Hell, he’d even /flirted/ with Bakugou before.

But never. Never. Had Blood Riot apologized to Bakugou. Let his voice break. Sound weak.

Not one damn time.
It doesn’t matter that the man in front of him is wearing power suppressing handcuffs. Bakugou picks him up by the clothes and throws him against the wall, his blood boiling under his skin, “Who the fuck are you?” He activates his explosions to threaten him.
Because whoever the hell that was in front of him staring in shock at his quirk couldn’t be Blood Riot.

And all the asshole in front of him just says, “I’m… me.” Like that’s a fucking answer.
“What’s your name?” Bakugou needs to make sure that this is just another trick. Because if it’s just a trick, it means that he’s here. But if he somehow got out—what if he got someone with a shape-shift quirk to take his place or—
“Uh… Kirishima Eijirou.”

But the name wasn’t enough. Everyone knew his name, “You don’t sound very sure about that.” He needed more. These games were going too far.
The response is more certain, delivered with confidence. Something close to a glare. But it doesn’t come close to any look Bakugou had received from the /real/ Blood Riot. And makes Bakugou fucking pissed.
He goes in closer, staring the man in front of him dead in the eyes. And the body—the exterior— looked like Kirishima Eijirou, but he didn’t know who it really was. “I don’t think so. I know Kirishima Eijirou. And you’re no /Blood Riot/ Where is the real Blood Riot?”
And before he can hear any lies, Bakugou makes sure to emphasize his anger, “Don’t lie this time.” He lets the heat from his hands get dangerously close to the man’s face.

“I don’t know! I don’t know, okay!”
It’s more of an answer, but also less. “Explain.” Bakugou’s mind is racing trying to find the truth. To find out what the fuck is going on.
“I don’t know what’s going on! I just woke up here, in a prison cell! I’m me, but I’m also /not/ me. You want the truth—I have no fucking idea who or /what/ I am.”
And Bakugou has heard enough. Enough to be sure that something was wrong. Some way. Somehow. Blood Riot did it to him one more time.

Bakugou got outmaneuvered one more time. Motherfucking shit.

He drops the person standing petrified in his grip and Bakugou storms out the door.
But not before he glances back at the person sitting on the floor behind him one last time.

What the fuck is he supposed to do?
Bakugou returns to his office and tries very hard not to blow everything in there to fucking smithereens.

He feels angry.

And he feels like an idiot. He isn’t sure what to believe.
He makes a valiant attempt that first day to focus on work. But how the hell is he supposed to focus when Blood Riot is on the fucking loose?

Not to mention how to deal with whoever was sitting in that prison cell.
Bakugou ends up going to sleep by 6 PM.
The next morning he goes to the agency and thinks about what to do next. Even if he hated to admit it, he needed help.

He asks two heroes he trusts to come into the office.

“You don’t often call upon others for advice,” Tokoyami notes.
“Just shut up and listen.”

As he breaks down the situation, he can see their disbelief and confusion.

Worst of all, he can tell they’re worried.

Luckily, they know him well enough to not try saying anything.
Once he’s done, they take a moment to process it all.

“Well. What do you think?” Bakugou asks impatiently. He didn’t call them there to stare uselessly into space.
Shouji creates a mouth, “I think the first step should be to confirm the story.”

“I already looked through all the camera feeds, there’s no signs of what happened. One day he’s acting normal, the next day he wakes up hitting himself and throwing up.”
“And apologizing,” Shouji adds.

“Yes, that’s what I fucking said.”
“Have you considered an alternative method of confirming the story of the imprisoned person to be the truth?” Tokoyami asks.

“Be specific,” Bakugou is irritated, because he’s sure that if his mind was calmer, he probably /would have/ thought of a better solution.
But his brain was too busy freaking the fuck out.

Which was annoying as shit.

Bakugou was supposed to be a calm and calculating hero. One that people could count on when shit hit the fan.
But all that just went to shit when it came to Blood Riot.
“There are lots of quirks out there. Maybe someone has something that could help you.”

Shouji’s suggestion reminds Baukgou of something. Of someone.

“For example—” Tokoyami starts, but Bakugou cuts him off.

“I got it now.”
The two of them exchange looks and nod, taking that as their cue to exit.

Before Bakugou can slam the door shut, Shouji catches it in one of his hands, “We know you don’t like getting help, but we’re glad you called us. You know you can always ask us.”
Tokoyami nods solemnly, “It is our honor to help such a worthy friend. Especially in trying times such as these.”

Bakugou gives them a sharp head movement in acknowledgement. He can’t manage more than a gruff, “Sure.”
But it’s enough for them, and the two leave.

He picks up his phone, making a conscious effort to not crush it. His secretary had chewed him out for exploding his last 3 phones.

He calls his contact in the police force.
“Do you still have the one interrogative assistant?
Yeah that one.
Tell her to be at the prison tomorrow morning.
Yes, that prison.
Fine, the day after tomorrow works—the sooner the better.”
He hangs up and throws the phone against his wall.

He’ll have the secretary order a new one.
The day of waiting to go confront ex-Blood Riot was completely excruciating. Every second that Bakugou had to endure set each individual cell in his body on fire.
He needs answers.

So when the next day arrives, he’s ready. He has questions to ask.
At the prison, he meets the woman with the quirk “lie-detector.”

Fucking useful. Especially to Bakugou right now.

He gives her a small warning talk. He tells her exactly who they were dealing with—or who they /weren’t/ dealing with.

She was petrified.
Bakugou assures her that he would never let anything happen to her because of this. He isn’t sure if it works. But she’s on board, so they go in.

To talk to whoever was sitting in the cell.
Bakugou takes a seat across from the body of Blood Riot, “Are you ready to talk today?”

For Bakugou, that isn’t really question, it’s a command.

But he says it like a question anyway.
““I’ll answer any of your questions—if you answer some of mine.”

This isn’t a reverse interrogation.
But still, Bakugou has the power here; he doesn’t have to answer anything he doesn’t want to.

And letting the body snatcher ask a few questions might make them more likely to properly answer his questions.
So Bakugou agrees.
Bakugou gestures behind himself, “But you have to be completely honest. Her quirk is to detect biological signs of lying and brain signals. She’ll know if you’re lying or not.”
The person closes their eyes—Blood Riot’s eyes.

Bakugou isn’t sure why.

Whatever is going on in their head, they make a decision, “I’ll be honest, I swear.”
With that confirmation, Bakugou is ready for the truth.
(will be deleted probably unless one of the ao3 option wins)

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