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1. I proposed the perspective that Trump could be using the #RedFlag laws as a means to start checking out the other influencers of mental illness that leads to shootings. #Q agrees...there are REASONS behind shooters and they need to be investigated.

2. Law enforcement should investigate the therapists. That's quite the leap, isn't it? When everybody is about blaming guns, a true and sensible voice enters the room.

A good research project would be to discover just how many external influences were reported by the shooters.
3. This is where the #RedFlag law discussion would truly get results. Start mandating certain criteria be met by therapists and that each patient be given a dependable and trustworthy evaluation process. Insist on recorded sessions and documentation of findings.
4. As most of you know, @nivensmctwisp1 is my back up account. I've written a few big pieces on that account, this is one of them. A detailed history of American psychology and it's 3rd Reich, Nazi beginnings, headed up by a Scottish rite free mason!

5. Still, even the most depressed or mentally unstable person does not just decide to go kill innocent people. If that was truly a problem, when looking at these numbers, we should see a TREMENDOUSLY higher number of violent killers on our hands.

But, we don't!
6. Who's most credited with working to destroy America? The [C]lowns [I]n [A]merica. Is it a coincidence that the same 3 letter agency that manipulated and controlled foreign powers to harass the US for 65 years is also responsible for activating MK Ultra shooters inside the US?
7. Gina Haspel definitely has her work cut out for her. I personally believe at least part of the MK Ultra program is being operated out of Broward county, Florida. I believe Scott Israel was protecting the secret until his termination recently. I have no's my hunch.
8. The mind is powerful. This article talks about training the mind to automate artificial limbs on human bodies and its from #QDrop 2663. I don't know if it's the example of brain training Q's referring to or if it's pointing at the Dr's doing this work?…
9. The other article from that drop is much more menacing.

"DISTURBING details of secret mind-control experiments carried out by the CIA have been revealed in newly released documents - that officials have been trying to hide for decades."…
10. Weaponizing a mind may be subtle. The New Zealand shooter showed all the signs of being a John Podesta project. Yet, Tarrant's own notes on his visit to Pakistan showed he had zero conflict with fact, he was impressed by them.

The shooter was opposite the man.
11. So, did Tarrant and others just flip? Or, were they coerced into their bigotry and hate? Did their paranoia develop naturally or were they triggered into a psychotic rage that was uncharacteristically capable of intense pre-meditation, organization, and plan adherence?
12. If Donald Trump is doing what I think he's doing, the red flag laws will delve into all the questions I've posed in this thread and more. The possibility of exposing a mind control program that develops killers and uses them for political means is very possible.
13. In reality, if we know someone who has true mental illness and they are a threat to society, there needs to be an avenue to keep that person from injuring other people. However, the likelihood of abusing #RedFlag laws are so high that the 2A stands to be seriously infringed.
14. Trump was with Mike Pence and law makers when he said to take the guns 1st, worry about the court later. He was speaking in regards to Nicholas Cruz and the shooting in Florida. In that situation, the courts failed to take Cruz's firearms.

15. Why would so many notices to law enforcement and the courts go unheaded? Why would beurocracy prevent taking guns from a man who had threatened so many lives, spoke of killing so many times? Would you vote to take Nicholas Cruz 2A rights? I think I would.

That's a #RedFlag.
16. I do believe that Trump has plans for this conversation. These atrocities continue to be committed against our country but they're always lied about by the press. As @POTUS pushes for investigating shootings, watch democrats backpedal. If that happens, were over the target!
17. If democrats want gun bans, they need to acknowledge the real problems 1st...which will all but fix most gun problems!

Trump can cause the RIGHT conversation to be had. Pray for @POTUS as he protects our constitution!

God bless y'all



- End
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