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Seriously, how many people still buy into the narrative that Michelle Obama is biding her time andwaiting to jump in at the head of the circus?
OK let me run down the reasons Michelle is not going to run:

1) Look at Biden already **struggling** like a mofo to defend Barack Obama's 2 awful terms. Everybody else except for Yang is scoring points by attacking Obama.

Michelle jumps in, what's she gonna have to do?
She's gonna have to go THERE...and defend her husband's 8 year record.

How's that going to play to a base where currently 20+ candidates are eagerly trying to OUTLEFT each other on every issue?
I'm told the strategy in play is for these 20 idiots to wipe each other going far far FAR Left & then just when it appears disaster looks, here will come Michelle Obama on her....white charger [pun totally intended!] to the rescue!

The Dem base will suddenly SNAP OUT OF IT...
...and realize "OMG we'll lose this 2020 election if we don't nominate a middle-of-the-road MODERATE!" and thus they will enthusiastically endorse Michelle.


Let's dig into this.
WHY are the current 20 idiots up there fervently trying to out-Left each other?


Wait, let me be more accurate:

That's where they've been led to BELIEVE the Democrat base now is.
By the time some....dark horse...like Michelle arrives on the horizon [pun once again totally intended!] just HOW far Left will they have gone?

The herculean task facing any such late-arriving dark horse will be to PULL the base back to the middle.
I've watched Michelle Obama on the campaign trail for her husband. She may be even MORE socially awkward around average Americans than the most awful candidate ever at this: Hillary Clinton.

She's not a campaigner. She reads scripts others write for her, just like her husband.
Trump isn't vulnerable at all right now.

Yes, these people had a script back in 2017 about how things were going to go in 2019, maybe back then this was the plan, who knows?

But as I love to point out, 2019 has gone COMPLETELY OFF SCRIPT FOR THESE ELITES.
Trump was either supposed to be impeached or forced to resign by now.

At worst, from the elites point of view, he was supposed to be 'enjoying' record low approval ratings, besieged by scandal, unable to govern, headed for electoral defeat in Nov. 2020.

These political elites can't quite believe what's happened here.

This is why they are in a full scale, full blown, four alarm FREAK OUT of a panic right now in which their strategy is to endlessly shriek WHITE SUPREMACY to try to get the other side deplatformed by next November.
There are several things that account for the abject panic you're seeing.

First, far from having history-making low approval ratings, did you know that Trump currently TIES Obama for approval rating at this point into O's own first term?

Imagine how it burned the asses of the people at Newsweek to actually have to report this.

OK sure, that's bad news for our political elite class who are hoping Trump loses the election next year for sure, but why am I claiming this fact is causing them to PANIC?

Well, 1 simple amazing fact, that's all.

Obama had a MSM that was CHEERLEADING for him in his 1st term.
Trump, on the other hand...has NOT had an MSM that has been relentlessly covering for him, hiding his mistakes or cheerleading for whatever he's doing.

Far from it!

Trump has had an MSM using scored earth, Sherman-marching-thru-Georgia negative coverage against him.
Now, why would THIS contrast be causing the political elite class to be panicking right now?

Because they threw EVERYTHING they had at this guy over the past 3 years, even when he was a candidate, and he ate it all and he's STILL COMING AT THEM WITH A SNARL.
These elite class types, especially in the MSM, are incredibly impressed with their own supposed powers to INFLUENCE THE COUNTRY and DRIVE THE POLITICAL CONVERSATION and BRING ABOUT THE RESULTS THEY WANT.

And it's an illusion.

Let me give you a **current example** of this.
Yesterday a famous pedophile who ran an international human/sex trafficking ring for decades that specialized in underage girls appears to have killed himself in federal custody.

Two competing narratives immediately formed: TrumpBodyCount & ClintonBodyCount.
Today ClintonBodyCount is nowhere to be seen and TrumpsBodyCount is the #1 USA trend...according to the staff here on Twitter.

Here's the fact on this. Look at the graphs about where each hashtag is coming from.

And today ClintonBodyCount has magically disappeared while the TrumpsBodyCount narrative that is the preferred narrative of the elites is the completely ARTIFICIAL #1 trend on Twitter.

These people are still FOOLING themselves.
Here's what the doom criers will never admit: MOST people figured out the 'national conversation' on political issues being driven by these political elites & the MSM is 100% FAKE NEWS. It's all artificial and programmed.

The gatekeepers can't control the gates any longer.
Why am I not panicking?

Because most of the American people are not idiots.

The doom criers stock in trade statement is "Most Americans are so stupid it's a miracle they don't hit themselves in the face trying to open a door."
The evidence most of America woke up long ago to the fact the elites and the media are trying to BS them is all around you.

Many Democrats kept voting Democrat **because** they saw no hope, no real alternative.

Trump changed the game.
He's STILL changing the game.

Let me remind you all again how Trump won in 2016 and how he's going to win again in 2020 while all the usual doom criers and gore crows pound their chests & claim it was THEM who dragged Trump over that finish line.

Democrats elected Trump.
To be more precise, Democrat **defectors** elected Trump.

And they're going to do it again in 2020 and this is why you see the mass panic amongst the elites right now.

Everything they've done for 2 1/2 years was calculated to PREVENT this from ever happening again.
The fake RussiaGate scandal, the relentless negative coverage, the Mueller Special Counsel investigation, the House investigations, now screaming 'White Supremacy!' every other sentence, it was **all** calculated to make Trump & his base so **toxic** it would freeze defectors.

It all failed. The elites & MSM's own carefully crafted poll numbers ARE SHOWING them they've failed.

IF in MSM polls Trump is **matching** where Obama was in his 1st term, you can rest assured Trump's **real** #'s are MUCH, MUCH HIGHER.
So that's the FIRST reason these political elites are in a mouth foaming FREAK OUT right now.

Trump is WELL ON HIS WAY to a landslide victory next year when millions of formerly Democrat voters cross the aisle to pull the lever for him.

What's the second reason?
The second reason is that in the past 6 months it's been shown to the political elite class that Trump is 100% serious about exposing **everything the elites were doing**.

With RussiaGate, U1, Epstein, all of it.

He's not playing. HE'S SERIOUSLY GOING TO DO IT.
Both Dan Coats and Sue Jordan leave this week. A new DNI will be appointed & Trump won't say who it is.

Mifsud has apparently resurfaced & is cooperating with both US Attorney John Durham's investigators & the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Bruce Ohr's 302's went public.
The political elites just spent TWO & A HALF YEARS using their MSM hacks to relentlessly push the Russia Gate hoax while simultaneously attacking & hiding the SpyGate scandal as being some stupid, wild, far out lunatic conspiracy theory straight from the right-wing fever swamps
These elites went 'all in', they completely invested themselves in the Russia Hoax; which meant that OTHER narrative, SpyGate, had to be attacked, belittled, debunked and dismissed.

So they dismissed SpyGate over and over.

For 2 1/2 years they did this.

That 'conspiracy theory' they've been refusing to cover & dismissing as only being held by crazy people or right wing zealots is about to be shown to be **what actually happened**.
"Wait...you mean the Hillary Clinton campaign DID use Perkins Coie as the cutout man to hire Fusion GPS & Steele to create that dossier? And none of this stuff was verified, the FBI knew it was coming from paid political operatives working for Hillary & they USED IT anyway?"
Of course, they'll only be **pretending** to admit based on the evidence that's going to be coming out that they know 'see' this is what actually happened.

Many of them knew all along that was what happened.

They deliberately spent the past 2 1/2 years pushing FAKE NEWS.
All of these political elites, especially in DC & in the MSM are going to spend the next year in the run up to that election being BRUTALLY EXPOSED for all the lies they told about RussiaGate while they were trying to kill SpyGate & keep SpyGate from becoming the real scandal.
Trump **vowed** he would declassify it all. You're watching the final moves taking place.

The declassification of the Ohr 302's is a huge thing, all this stuff isn't dropping at once, it'll come out 1 at a time.

These 302's = documentary evidence of mass perjury.
People still @ me that they think Trump is just bluffing here, this declassification will never happen or it already would have. We'll never see the full unredacted Carter Page FISA warrant, unfortunately, like Nunes and Jordan and Meadows, it's claimed to me.

Really sad!
As I often say, you either believe Trump knows what he's doing or you don't.

There are people that have gone 'all in' on the narrative Trump is a clueless idiot, or he's just given up and stopped fighting the Deep State or whoever.
This narrative says Trump & his team will completely expose SpyGate, put the evidence out there what all these corrupticrats did, and then...let all the perps walk.

Yes, that's why all these elites are IN A FULL SCALE MOUTH FOAMING PANIC RIGHT NOW, because they're walking. 🤷‍♂️
The arrest of Epstein and the revelation of the SDNY's Public Corruption Unit's investigation into the corrupt officials who let Epstein & his numerous co conspirators off the hook in 2008 woke up a whole lot of people to the fact Trump is SERIOUS about exposing these people.
And in a panic about what's happening, now that the useless Epstein is now dead & SDNY & the DOJ & **other state AG's** are going to continue their pursuit of the corrupt officials **AND** the co-conspirators who were allowed to walk away, we get this artificial "TrumpBodyCount"
Far from being OVER, the full exposure of the Epstein scandal is just getting underway.

THAT'S part of the second reason the elites are rushing the endgame in a panic, and every 4th word of their mouths is 'white supremacy!'.
SpyGate is going to be completely aired out, so will the Epstein stuff, along with other things having to do with the Clinton Foundation & how Democrats were looting the gov't to fund themselves, at that's just at the FEDERAL level.
At the STATE level we'll see things exposed in places like Baltimore, Chicago and LA.

Coupled with the fact Trump is going to be getting the Democrat crossover voters the elites were desperate to prevent him from having, the picture is an absolute nightmare for the elites.
So now you know why the elites are going around wailing "White Supremacy!" every other sentence.

They've got a year and a half or so to deplatform the other side and win the election by default.

It's not going to work, but I suspect they'll get A+ for effort!

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