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Lupron, the famous “puberty blocker” drug used to “treat” gender-non-conforming kids, has been used for a long time for various other purposes, including gynecological issues.

I had a shot of it 36 days ago for such an issue.

It’s a good time to talk about Lupron. 🔻THREAD🔻
- What does Lupron do?

It stops the pituitary gland from releasing GnRH, the substance that acts on the gonads and other tissues to cause them to produce (after a series of biofeedback chain reactions) estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.
Seems simple, right? An “off switch” for the sex hormones. SCIENCE!

Except those hormones aren’t just for reproduction or sex characteristics. Both men and women have both estrogen and testosterone circulating in their bodies. It’s physiologically necessary for human health.
In both men and women, testosterone spurs sex drive. It also helps build and maintain muscle — including cardiac muscle. Low testosterone in BOTH sexes causes osteoporosis, depression, cognitive impairment, hot flashes, weakness, fatigue, and “disabling frailty.”
(Pausing here to say that I welcome factual corrections which are accompanied by a suitable source. I know enough, but I don’t know everything. I’m not citing sources unless I make an assertion that isn’t commonly agreed upon in medical texts.)
Estrogen is also vital to basic physiological functions in both men and women. It works in the brain to control body temperature, protect against memory loss and other cognitive impairments, and protects nerve cells from damage. New studies show estrogen may prevent Alzheimers.
Our skin needs estrogen to adequately produce and maintain collagen and to provide adequate circulation to the skin. Without estrogen, our bones lose mass, and our connective tissues weaken.

Every system in the body utilizes estrogen in one way or another.
An imbalance in estrogen also affects thyroid function. Many peri- and post-menopausal women are found to by hypothyroid, and it’s because the thyroid is full of estrogen receptors that need feeding. And the thyroid... Well, Google it. The thyroid is a critical organ.
Progesterone plays a big role in reproductive health, but it also is necessary for skin elasticity, nerve tissue maintenance, respiration, and bone health.

The non-reproductive functions of “sex” hormones are still being actively discovered today. This is a VERY partial list.
My Lupron injections (I had two, 30 days apart) happened at the intersection of improper mental health and reproductive health treatments. The shots were supposed to help my anxiety by “calming down” the hormonal input. They did not do this. They made me much worse.
In addition to spiking my anxiety, hopelessness, depression, and irritability, the treatment made me extremely foggy and forgetful. I lost all energy and focus. The smallest tasks were exhausting. I broke out in rashes, and my joints and muscles began to burn and ache.
I’m a grown woman who isn’t developing new bones. My brain has already grown & matured. And this medication absolutely wiped me out. I laid in bed and sobbed, desperately wishing I’d never gone down this road. And this was with a fully developed body, & after only two treatments.
The experience left me astonished that children are maintained on this drug for YEARS, their bodies deprived of the hormones necessary for basic development and function. NOT just sex characteristics. Brain & nerve health, bone growth, joint & heart tissue, all are compromised.
Before Lupron was used to “pause” puberty for kids suspected of being transgender, we were using it to make sure girls weren’t going to be too short. Suppress puberty, keep the bones growing a bit longer. Girls were deprived of hormones for an inch or two of height.
It didn’t work out for those girls.…
But what about the grown women, like me? I’d known about the issues with giving it to children before I started the protocol, but I didn’t know Lupron’s long history of disabling and sometimes killing healthy adults.…
The mental fog isn’t as bad as it was two weeks ago, but I’m still in pain every day. I’m taking replacement estrogen, but nothing stops the relentless heat. My memory is terrible, & irritability, the biggest issue I was hoping the Lupron would help, is still going strong.
Knowing what I do now, I can’t believe Lupron is used so casually for so many indications. It was developed as a palliative treatment for advanced prostate cancer. That might be justified. But in other cases, I don’t see how prescribing it is ever compatible with “do no harm.”
When people talk about giving trans kids medical treatment, this is what they’re talking about. This drug. When they make it sound benign - just “buying some time for the kid to grow up and decide” - realize this means subjecting that kid to the effects of hormonal starvation.
I imagine that finally beginning cross-sex hormones DOES make the child or young adult feel a LOT better -their body systems are finally being run by SOMETHING, even if it’s not the hormonal mix ideal for their sex. So how do you distinguish THAT effect from “gender affirmation”?
Lupron’s effects are often irreversible for adult women. They’re ALWAYS irreversible for children who’ve been “treated” during periods of critical growth (brain, heart, muscle, bone, nerves) and development. A body robbed of critical growth factors can’t develop normally.
There’s no such thing as a “pause” button when it comes to puberty. You can delay or prevent the development of some secondary sex characteristics, but that estrogen isn’t just for growing breasts. It’s for growing bones & brain cells. That testosterone is making a healthy heart.
We’ve been lied to, told that a time machine comes in a syringe. But there is no halting the machine of human development. The body is still being built. Lupron just takes away necessary materials, forces the systems to struggle and make do.
Even if you will never agree with me on gender ideology, transgender public policy, or the role of the LGB community in trans politics —

Please research Lupron before you give it to your child. A mastectomy later will be a lot less damaging than destroying her bones now.
As an adult, she can choose a mastectomy. She’s not old enough to make an informed decision about Lupron, which will permanently affect her health.

As an adult, he can choose estrogen therapy and surgery. He can’t know what it means for his heart to grow without testosterone.
Seriously, this is a topic that is 100% about lack of awareness. Don’t believe me. Don’t agree with me. Don’t trust me. —

Just please look into it before you buy into the magical thinking of attempting to “block” puberty.

Puberty is more than boobs and body hair.

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