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This thread is dedicated to information on #Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine is a French name and can be pronounced two different ways. Maxwell prefers the pronunciation "Ghee-lane", as confirmed in this unlisted interview:
Ghislaine founded the TerraMar Project (to protect oceans) in 2012. She traveled the world doing TerraMar "business" w/ government agents & members of global high society. The "save the oceans" company may have been a front to allow Ghislaine to gain entrance into elite circles.
In July 2019, TerraMar was made to appear that it was shut down after new litgation against #Epstein began. The main page has been changed, but I have found several hidden pages and entered them on the internet archive for preservation. A few examples below...
Maxwell said TerraMar was dedicated to creating a "global ocean community" by issuing digital passports for citizens of the world to be a part of her land known as "TerraMar". Citizens of TerraMar could pretend to own and name parcels of ocean - for a fee.
Maxwell ran the TerraMar nonprofit out of her 7,000 square foot New York Beaux Arts townhouse located at 116 East 65th Street. She sold the mansion for $15 million in 2016 after asking for $19 million. Shari Scharfer Rollins of Douglas Elliman handled the sale.
Maxwell used her 7,000 sq foot NY townhouse to hold parties for high society and wealthy elites. Despite living alone, the townhouse had 8 fireplaces, a 4 person elevator, a chef's kitchen, a media/library room, an office, a furnished basement, and a 1,000 foot additional floor.
After Maxwell sold her NY mansion, the new address for TerraMar became 150 Presidential Way Ste 510 Woburn, MA 01801. But she didn't work there. This is the adr. of the accounting company that does her books - Dicicco, Gulman & Company. In other words, TerrMar had no real office.
TerraMar's new address belonged to the accounting firm that also handled the books for Maxwell's private foundation, "Max Foundation TR". The CPA in charge of Maxwell's books was Laura Barooshian (please be civil and do not troll or harass her!)
Ghislaine traveled the world on TerraMar business, claiming to work 60 hours per week. Here she is giving a TedTalk in 2014:
In 2014, Ghislaine spoke on behalf of the TerraMar project at the United Nations:
In November 2014, Ghislaine Maxwell spoke on behalf of TerraMar at the University of Texas at Dallas.
In 2013, Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton recognized Ghislaine Maxwell's TerraMar project, announcing a Sustainable Ocean's Alliance partnership with her at the Clinton Global Initiative Conference. Maxwell had previously been a guest at the 2010 wedding of Chelsea Clinton.
While Ghislaine Maxwell may have had a sincere interest in saving the ocean, her TerraMar Project nonprofit gave her a platform to rub elbows with wealthy global elites within the global warming cause célèbre. Infiltrating high society was Maxwell's longtime modus operandi.
I pulled the tax records for Ghislaine Maxwell's TerraMar Project. Every single year, it operated in the red, racking up huge deficits relative to the nonprofit's income.
Form 990, Schedule A for fiscal year ending Dec. 2017 shows TerraMar Project brought in $196K in public support. But the 990 EZ shows net assets as -$550,000. Schedule L shows that the way TerraMar stayed afloat was through large personal loans from Ghislaine Maxwell herself.
TerraMar Project had an operating budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars. But Form 990 Schedule A for 2017 shows that this nonprofit was barely bringing in gifts, grants or contributions. TerraMar Project had an annual operating budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Grant funding is the lifeblood of most non-profits. I used to run a big hunger & health relief agency, so I've got experience. If Ghislaine's TerraMar was a legit nonprofit operating in the red, why was nobody doing any grant writing? Where was Ghislaine getting all her $ from?
I was alone overlooking the tomb of Ghislaine's father, Robert (MOSSAD), on the Mount of Olives when a group of Jewish men pulled up to try to intimidate me & make me leave. I refused. Also a group of teenage Jewish teenage boys encircled me twice. (The nighttime pics are mine).
Ghislaine's bio: helicopter and submersible pilot; EMT; fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Bio fails to mention she is a sadomasochistic pedophile for some reason.
Maxwell is a diver & a deepwater submarine pilot. In 2014, she wrote: "I helped to count shark populations around remote rocky outcrops, mapped new underwater mountains, picked up discarded fishing nets, collected marine debris, chased illegal fishermen..."
Jan Hoch was born in 1923 to Jewish parents in Slatinskey Doly village (in modern Ukraine). He participated in WWII and afterward was offered a job by the British MI6 Secret Service. MI6 gave Hoch a new name: Robert Maxwell. He later worked with Soviet Intelligence & for Mossad.
In 1986, Robert Maxwell, publisher of "The People", exposed British conservative MP Keith Proctor for having sex with males ages 17-21 in his London flat. Was Maxwell, an MI6/Mossad asset running a honey trap to control British politicians?
In response to Robert Maxwell's articles on parliament member Harvey Proctor, someone threatened to reveal that Ghislaine was having an affair w/ David Manners, the then Marquis of Granby & now the 11th Duke of Rutland, unless Robert stopped the series on Proctor.
Now that the media has caught up, I'll go ahead & show you where Ghislaine Maxwell has been hiding out. Can't give you the street address, but the property is in Manchester, Mass, owned by her boyfriend Scott Borgerson. The Daily Mail has some photos here:…
Scott Borgerson is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He denies that he has a romantic relationship with Maxwell or that she has stayed at his home.
Scott Borgerson married his now ex-wife in Palm Beach. According to divorce papers, he was accused of alcoholism and assaulting his wife. Of course, divorce papers are generally fraught with false or exaggerated claims & I'm unaware as to whether the claims were proven in court.
After a close neighbor of Scott Borgerson reported that Maxwell has been at his home in Manchester, MA for the last few years, reports of "Ghislaine sightings" have been popping up all over. The NY Post says these photos were just snapped at an In and Out Burger in Los Angeles.
According the NY Post, the book Maxwell was photographed reading is "The Book of Honor : The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives". Looks interesting. I've added it to my public wish list here: Maybe Ghislaine will buy a copy for me!
According to Scott Borgerson's neighbor, Maxwell moved out of the Manchester house when Epstein was re-arrested in July and court docs from the Virginia Roberts vs. Maxwell defamation case were ordered to be unsealed.
It's odd that an elite socialite who is trying to hide from the media would be sitting out in plain sight at a burger joint with her little dog, reading a book about dead CIA operatives - & who poses for a photo, saying: "Well, I guess this is the last time I’ll be eating here!”
I texted Ghislaine tonight to see if she is interested in opening up a dialogue. I think it's important to hear all points of view. I try to be very fair-minded and look at evidence dispassionately, despite my own biases. Hopefully, she'll respond.
The NY Post lied about the #Maxwell photos. They are at least a month old & were staged & photoshopped. The Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch, 1 of the 8 Genie Oil board members. Murdoch is a publisher/Mossad asset who fills a similar publishing role as Maxwell's father Robert.
So many bad photoshopping mistakes in these photos. Either the person manipulating the photos was a bumbling moron, or it was botched badly on purpose to ensure it would be noticed. #Epstein #Maxwell
The New York Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch, published outright lies about the circumstances of the Ghislaine Maxwell In N Out photos. In 2003, NY Post named #Epstein one of NY's most eligible bachelors. Murdoch has used his rags to promote Epstein/Maxwell for years.
This side by side shows how poorly the photoshop job was. The editing job is so bad that it may have been done on purpose to raise the public's suspicions and to create controversy surrounding the photos. #Epstein #Maxwell
Maxwell's In-N-Out photos purportedly taken by her attorney, Leah Susan Saffian, who lives in CA. The dog w/ Maxwell is Saffian's dog Dexter. The dog's photo appears on Saffian's various social media accounts. #Epstein #Maxwell
Maxwell's friend-attorney Leah Saffian's le.ah254 is following 126 accounts, including several belonging to Maxwell family members in the UK and the UK royal family. #Maxwell #Epstein
More inconsistencies I see that indicate photoshopping. #Maxwell #Epstein
This was an attempt to photoshop out the second food tray that had been set down on the bench. You can see the where the tray wasn't completely erased from the bench. Plus, the bench is smudged on the end. Terrible work.
For a high society, multi-millionairess - Ghislaine Maxwell is sporting some worn out shoes. The toes are scuffed badly, the shoestrings are old and dingy and the soles are coming unglued.
EXCLUSIVE: I have discovered that Ghislaine Maxwell is secretly using multiple Instagram accounts in the names of attorney Leah Saffian & her dog Dexter to connect to the Maxwell family in the UK. #Maxwell #Epstein
Ghislaine is using le.ah254 to follow her sister in law. Pandora #Maxwell used to be married to Ghislaine's brother, Kevin.
Pandora's husband, Kevin Maxwell & Ian (another brother) founded an anti-terrorism academic "think tank" in the UK called "Combating Jihadist Terrorism". It has links to intelligence.
Ghislaine's brothers, Kevin and Ian, were faced criminal charges of helping their father Robert (Mossad) to plunder 120 million pounds from the UK Mirror's pension fund. They were acquitted in 1996.
Kevin had a heated argument with Robert on the night Maxwell was killed by Mossad. Robert used the Mirror & other publications as propaganda outlets for Israeli interests. He was deeply in debt & was using the Mirror's money as his own slush fund.
Using instagram le.ah254, Ghislaine is following her nephew, Thomas Maxwell, son of Kevin and Pandora.
Using instagram le.ah254, Ghislaine Maxwell is following her niece, Chloe - who is the daughter of Kevin & Pandora Maxwell. Chloe and her brother Thomas are both adults - otherwise, I would not be referencing them.
Pandora said that her husband, Kevin, confided that his father, Robert Maxwell, abused Kevin throughout childhood. "He used to beat Kevin with a shoe or a belt whenever he had a bad school report or even one implying that he could have tried harder. Kevin was terrified of him."
Kevin Maxwell was hated by the same people who hated Robert for fleecing people out of over 100 million pounds worth of pension funds.
At one point, Kevin Maxwell held the record for the largest bankruptcy in Britain.
This is a picture of Pandora Maxwell in 2017 visiting Texas. She was probably visiting her sister-in-law, Isabel, who teaches at the University of Texas. Isabel set up speaking opportunities at the university for Ghislaine while she was running the TerraMar scam.
Using Leah Saffian's name, Ghislaine Maxwell is following her niece, Eloise - the daughter of Kevin & Pandora, and sister to Thomas & Chloe.
Ghislaine Maxwell (using le.ah254) is following and is followed by Marc van der Linden, a journalist with the biggest Royalty-celebrity magazine in the Netherlands. This guy has some freaky stuff on instagram, kind of like James Alefantis.
Ghislaine Maxwell is using 3 Leah Saffian Instagram accounts: le.ah254 leahsaffian & dexterxdexter All 3 are followed by Maxwell's friend, marcvanderlindenm, who has press connections to the Royals in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, etc.
It is preposterous to believe that a journalist connected to royal families in Europe has a reason to follow the Instagram account of an American lawyer's dog. Marc Van Der Lindenm knows he is following Ghislaine Maxwell - who also has connections with the UK Royal family.
Maxwell's friend, Marc van der Linden, reminds me of James Alefantis.
More Instagram photos from Ghislaine Maxwell's friend, Marc van der Linden.
More Instagram photos from Ghislaine Maxwell's friend, Marc van der Linden.
More Instagram photos from Ghislaine Maxwell's friend, Marc van der Linden.
Why is famous Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis 1 of only 56 people following the Instagram account of Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyer's dog? Could it be that Greg knows he is following Ghislaine? And why is Louganis following HER???
1 of the 56 people following Dexter the Dog (aka Ghislaine Maxwell) is 80's model/actress Toni Hudson. It seems strange to me that she displays nude pics of herself publicly on Instagram next to "sexy" photos of her young boy who she calls a "stud". NXIVM cult vibe going on here.
1 account following Maxwell on Instagram/le.ah254 is simpleesme - a young woman w/ a profile pic that looks like a child. In other pics she is a bit older but advertises herself as a "big booty". Maxwell has a history of sexual abuse of young women.
If anybody knows what "MyPensa" refers to, let me know. Several accounts referencing "mypensa" follow the Maxwell/Saffian Instagram accounts & they appear sexual in nature. I sent requests to a few of the accounts to see if they'll give me access to the private posts.
Maxwell's attorney/friend Leah Saffian lists her law office as the same address as her husband's urology clinic where he treats erectile dysfunction. I wonder if he worked on Epstein's junk, which several victims reported as being deformed.
Turns out that Ghislaine & lawyer Leah Saffian go waaaay back. Saffian used to practice in the UK and represented Ghislaine's brother, Kevin, when he was sued for helping Robert to raid 100+ million pounds in pension funds.
Here is Leah Saffian's dog Dexter's FB page... and there is Marc van der Linden again.
Meet Leah Saffian - the California attorney who represented Ghislaine's brother Kevin in the UK. Leah's dog is in the California In-N-Out photo with Ghislaine & is likely the person who sold or leaked the photos to the New York Post w/ a bogus cover story.
If the Saffien/Dexter accounts are controlled exclusively by Leah, she has some explaining to do - starting with why she is connected to so many people who display deviant interest in juveniles. Is she involved with Maxwell's dark activities?
Maxwell told Hello magazine in 1997 that she believed her father was murdered in 1991 because there was no evidence of suicide or autopsy confirmation of a heart attack.
This is a photo taken by Palm Beach police inside the Palm Beach home of #Epstein in 2006. This woman is believed to be Ghislaine Maxwell. Hundreds of photos of nude, underage and young adult females were also recovered.
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