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This will be my thread on how the DNI sits on top of the NRO. Which is why Coates had to be removed before Declas.

Let’s Goooo!

The Director reports to the SECDEF who, in concert with the DNI, has ultimate management and operational responsibility for the NRO. The DNI establishes collection requirements and priorities for satellite-gathered intelligence.

Could the uncontrolled agency be the NRO?
From Q23: They knew our agencies would grow in power so much so they could/can hold the executive hostage or engage with bad actors.
Trump nominated someone new to direct every agency but one. He controls the top.
NRO Organizational Structure... Keep in mind. The NRO Director reports to the Director of National Intelligence (DNI).
Current DNI.
Q2791 2/16/19
DAN COATS OUT [FORCED] (SOON) - Source = Trump friend Chris Ruddy.

Interesting this leaked already.
In Q3347 Q Asks:
Why did POTUS circumvent DNI Coats (normal protocol for DECLAS) and give AUTH directly to AG Barr?

Hmmmm.... let's dig deeper.
NRO or the National Reconnaissance Office is in charge of designing, building, launching, and maintaining America’s intelligence satellites.

#QAnon often says Symbolism will be their downfall. Satellites? Downfall?
I first want to point out that the NRO (overseen my the DNI) has the BIGGEST budget with the LEAST amount of employees.

They do business via SAP's. Special Access Programs.
ALLQPOSTS w/ SAP inthematrixxx.com/qposts/sw2.php…
The traitor SOLD SAP 's!!

How do you break up something this big?
What happens if low/mid/senior (non corrupt) Patriots learn they were sold out?
What happens?
Who is waiting with open arms w/ a plan to reorg under a single entity with direct OS by trusted Patriots?
Q also asks, "Who are trusted Patriots who understand intel collection?"

@GenFlynn /Adm Rogers?
Let's get into the SYMBOLISM that could be the DOWNFALL of the NRO.

They call themselves "Wizards" as depicted here in pic one.

Q, please tell us who or what the Wizards and Warlocks are.

'Guardians' of intelligence.
This patch made me know that we may be on the right track. The latin roughly states, "Where we Float one, we Float all".

included All seeing eye looking at the globe, the 4 stars could mean S4 at Groom Lake.
Here is a patch that has a B2 Sealth Bomber and the Latin says "Tastes like chicken"

Deep dark occult symbolism.
Symbolism continued: Let them Hate as Long as they Fear. Favorite saying of Caligula....
Here we have the Pyramid with an Owl eye.
Never before, Never Again with snake/dragon symbolism.
Never, in our history, has a communications project such as this taken place.
>Return Power Back to the People
>Truth, Transparency, and Equal Justice Under the Law.
"All Your Base Are Belong to Us" or “All your base are servant to us”. But this phrase is also reminiscent of a geeky 2002 Internet meme based on a poor translation in an old-school Sega GAME.


AND this Q posts talks about CORONA!
Wizards controlling the earth through magic is a recurring theme in
PSYOPS patches. Is magick still a part of rocket launching like in the
times of Jack Parsons and the O.T.O.?
PAN stands for “Palladium at Night”, Palladium is a silvery-white metallic element that is probably present in the satellite. The mission is so secret, said that the name PAN actually stands for “Pick a Name” or PAN is also the name of an ancient horned god important in occultism
An unfinished pyramid topped by the All-Seeing Eye. This All-Seeing Eye requires help: it needs spy satellites to be even more all-seeing?

Note: Rocket trajectory is ABOVE All seeing eye.

Symbolism will be their downfall?
Other NRO spy-satellite launches have also used similar designs.
NRO patch of this mission features a creepy figure in a creepy hood looking over the earth with creepy eyes, staring creepily at the American continent. If you look closely at the contour of the black face, you’ll see another face, with pointy nose and pointy ears, looking left.
“Si Ego Certiorem Faciam … Mihi Tu Delendus Eris” is roughly translated to “I could tell you … but then I’d have to kill you”. That is cliché phrase, but considering these are the people who actually created it, they don’t think it is corny they’re probably dead serious.
NROL-66, the red Minotaur (as if hailing directly from hell) holding a street sign of the mythical route 66. It is rather difficult not to see an allusion to the devil & the number 666.

[ 666 ]
We Own the Night and Owl symbolism. I have also connected Y Head (China) to NRO.

We see the owls, do you see the Y in the Head logo?

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.
Follow the Owl & Y head around the world.
Now... to gain control of this ENTITY, here is waht @POTUS has done.
Did you know there was a NEW NRO Director confirmed on 8/5/19? Christopher Scolese was sworn in as the 19th director of the National Reconnaissance Office.
In August 2009, FOIA archives were queried for a copy of the NRO video, "Satellite Reconnaissance: Secret Eyes in Space."The 7 minute video chronicles the early days of the NRO and many of its early programs.

NRO has a Big Bird...

Here is the show we did to kick of the NRO dig. There are some extra tid bits in there. #GroupDig

What if NROC = CORN?
National Reconnaissance Operations Center?

Space is critical to our NAT SEC.

NRO: fas.org/irp/nro/harris…
The commercialization of space is harvesting technologies that
were formerly exclusively used by the government.
Hat tip: @MAGA_Hibbinz @POTUS
"Corn ready for to be cut!" @DevinNunes

NROC clue: "All your Base are belong to us."
[C] before [D].
[C]oats before [D]eclas.


Think Mirror CORN = NROC! Boom! @POTUS
Adding today's show to the thread. (Open tweet for more)


NROC & #Qproof
2011 Shuttle Program terminated by Hussein.
US loses space dominance.

IRAN Nuke deal.
NK Nuke/Missile Tech.
NASA Tech to?
HRC SAPs (private server).
$$$,$$$,$$$.00 (pockets).
Left eye [marker].
Could the DECLAS of the National Reconnaissance Office be DARK TO LIGHT?

Out of the Black: The Declassification of the NRO

Declassified Documents Depict Debates Over Whether to Declassify the “Fact of” U.S. Satellite Reconnaissance Organization
Some things must remain classified to the very end. NK is not being run by Kim, he’s an actor in the play. Who is the director? The truth would sound so outrageous most Americans would riot, revolt, reject, etc.

NRO!? Symbolism will be their downfall. @POTUS
It’s all of the sanctions. This was built. Starting to all add up. National Reconnaissance Office with the corrupts DNI has moved to NK. theguardian.com/world/gallery/… @POTUS
Mirae (“Future”) Scientists Street, located in the center of Pyongyang, directly next to Pyongyang Station adjacent to the Taedong River.

Built in ONE YEAR. “Pyongyang Speed,”.

“Pyongyang Speed,” ?

the idea that North Korean workers can produce miraculously fast construction speeds. “Pyongyang Speed” was first used in 1958 to commemorate the speedy reconstruction of the capital..@POTUS
Here are QPosts with Speed.
NRO Retweeted this. Confirming that the DNI has control of them.

Open this NRO thread for more! @POTUS

Has the President taken over the NRO? Space command has been dismantled for 17 years. It’s back!

How many years?

Oh,and nice patch. 💥


No more NRO? 💥
#USSPACECOM Commander @SpaceComCC in his first official directives, established two subordinate commands that will jointly provide support to the new Unified Combatant Command.

Read more at go.usa.gov/xVBcj
“should conflict extend to space, the NRO will take direction from the Commander of US Space Command and execute defensive space operations based on a jointly developed playbook and informed by a series of exercises and war games,” Maguire added.
breakingdefense.com/2019/08/tecton… @POTUS
The @NRO is now under control!
We see you.
From Q23: They knew our agencies would grow in power so much so they could/can hold the executive hostage or engage with bad actors.
Trump nominated someone new to direct every agency but one. He controls the top.
Does DORIAN have anything to do with the NRO?

@selvestekjetil bring this to the table.

Dorian, SIGINT, Corona 1-8, MOL (Manned orbital laboratory)

H/T @robbitcoin1627 #nro @POTUS
So Why is @POTUS referring to Alabama and MSM attacking him on this? NRO related? Let’s see.

Hat tip @CleopatraRawk

A secretive war game that examines combat in space kicked off this week in Alabama. #nro

Do you think this was a threat to @realDonaldTrump not to microwave, also known as “nuking” the Hurricane Dorian.

NRO DIA (anagram for DORIAN) .

We have control of the satellites. #NRO
Here is video of the MICROWAVE that stalled DORIAN.

Microwave=NUKE. #NRO

Note MI has the same SAPs as NSA, CIA etc as designated post 9-11.
Why is this relevant?

The NROC was created in response to the September 11th terrorist attacks.

(open thread for more)

@POTUS #NeverForget911 #PatriotDay #Honor911 #FactsMatter
Amateurs Identify U.S. Spy Satellite Behind President Trump's Tweet

Patch says “Better the devil whom you.”

npr.org/2019/09/02/756… @POTUS
#NRO #FreeMatrixxx
FIREWALL REMOVED.? “The intelligence community and Department of Defense have agreed to align U.S. Space Command and the [National Reconnaissance Office] into a new unified defense concept of operations at the National Space Defense Center,” Maguire said.
Chupacabra and NRO? Boom 💥

Hat tip @Pouissant1 @POTUS
Traitor JC aka @Comey sends a coded message regarding “Star Wars”.

Help me Obi-wan, you are my only hope.
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