Here's how you debunk idiots on the internet who fall into the same stupid trap every time. They can't just leave the factual evidence alone, they have to embellish. So bear with me while I explain these stupid anon tinhats and I'm done.
Everyone has seen the players, take your pick they are all selling the same stupid shit. There are a couple of variations but still the same lame shit.

Take your pick
First off, they're either being willfully stupid or willfully deceptive and think you're willfully stupid or vice versa. but let's take it one step at a time.
First it would help if you're going to compare profile of an ear for instance, it would help if you'd use the same ear. Your right ear and left ear on your very head are completely different. Ears are formed from cartilage that never stops growing even after your dead.
Here's what I mean about the comparisons being made.

Exhibit #1 and #2

they've been depicted both was as I displayed above in the tweets.

One is a shot from the gurney in the Presbyterian ER and the other from a photoshoot with Dershowitz.
Okay let's take the gurney shot first. That shot from the gurney is Epstein's left ear. How do we know this? Let's look at the original not the cropped crap.

Here's the original showing the left side of the body, and we justify that because if the FDNY on the uniform is correct
See how the cheap parlor trick works, easily explained, simple right? We I have idiots arguing this point right this minute, but I can't fix stupid, so I will leave it alone.
Let's look at the other profile. Here's the original with Alan Dershowitz, that's Epstein's right ear and we justify it the same way, Harvard is spelled correctly on the hoodie he's wearing, and here's the mirror trick they've used to compare it to his left ear.
This photo is from 2004 at a gathering in Boston here's the original photo posting so it not only being mirror manipulated it's 15 years old.
So the are not only comparing right ears to left ears they are comparing ears 15 years apart, in a stage in a man's life where aging is in hypermode. After 50 years old a human aging process goes into hyperdrive.
Here are frontal shots 15 years apart, aging is real.
And these brain surgeons claiming ears are like fingerprints have never taking a forensic analysis class in their life.

Fingerprint don't change unless physically altered regardless of age.

Ears and noses never stop changing even after you're dead, as well as fingernails.
If you have ever been involved in an investigation where a body is exhumed by court order for further destination, the first thing you notice is the hair and fingernails continue to grow after they are dead, as to the nose and ears. Cartilage tissue continue to even after death.
Don't believe me look it up or ask a pathologist or any physician as far as that goes. It a fact and conspiracists rarely deal in those.
Why do our ears and noses never stop growing, while the rest of our body shrinks as we get older, our noses, earlobes and ear muscles keep getting bigger. That's because they're made mostly of cartilage cells, which divide more as we age, and don't stop dividing after we die.
Here's another that has used the same lame attempt I just explained in length, only they used a different alive photo, but same trick.

Same 2004 gathering only it's with Marvin Minsky and not Alan Dershowitz, do I need to explain the process again? Mirrored image yada yada yada
Ever wonder why the hollywood types that get massive plastic surgery done to look the part for the industry, then they get old, and they become freakish, unless they keep having surgery. Cartilage never stops & the cell division accelerates as we age, it's a physiological fact.
Here's one that literally used the same ear, how original, but they forget to mention that this is a screen grab from 1992, 27 years apart, and then try to use the ruse about fingerprints

Too many episodes of CSI
Go find pictures of your grandparents when they are young and when they were say 25 years older. Look at their ears and nose. And these are people that you know haven't had plastic surgery. There is our test case baseline, and if you are honest, this argument is over.
This is why on older people, ears & noses appear much larger than they would on a young person. If one does not like the appearance of larger ears & nose, they have plastic surgery such as rhinoplasty to correct it.
The bones of the body stop growing after puberty, and fat and muscle cells division slow down. Cartilage cell division accelerates as we age. With age your excess proteins show up in your hair growth and fingernail growth. You may lose hair up top but it grows elsewhere instead
And the actual appearance of growth of the ears and nose is most affected by gravity. Cartilage expansion is actually one of the forensic aging markers a pathologist uses to gauge aging since it's a very consistent 5 mm per year on humans.
As I've said already it all has to do with cartilage. In our bodies, we have four different types of tissue. Epithelium, nervous, muscle and connective. Cartilage is a part of the connective tissue. As we age, the cartilage in our ears and our nose gets heavier and less elastic.
Because it doesn’t receive any blood, it can’t heal itself. This makes it start to sag as time goes on. Throw in the earth’s gravity, and our ears and nose slowly begin to droop. And the heavier our ears get do to cartilage expansion, the more gravity brings them down.
That should have been .5 mm per year, left off the decimal
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